Bombshell: Member of Oklahoma Beheader’s Mosque Blows the Lid Off Its Radical Teachings

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by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Workplace violence. That is the manta of the Leftist media, the Obama Administration, and the FBI with regard to Oklahoma jihadist beheader Alton Nolen.

To believe that, one must willfully ignore hundreds of posts from Nolen on his Facebook page extolling Islamic terrorism, beheadings, the right to harm women who don’t wear hijabs; as well as witnesses who said he tried to convert co-workers to Islam, and shouted prayers to “Allah” while stabbing and beheading Colleen Hufford.

This was a jihadist act, an act of terror.  And where did Nolen learn the vile beliefs he posted on Facebook? We may know a lot more about that after a stunning interview last night.

An attendee of the same Oklahoma mosque that Nolen attended appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File last night to discuss what was taught inside that “peaceful” place of worship.

Calling himself only “Noor,” and blacked out for his safety, the man explained to host Megyn Kelly that after two years of worshiping in the mosque, he became convinced that Islam actually promotes radical jihad – violence against the “infidel.”


His description of the teachings give new insight into how Nolen became so radicalized that he beheaded Mrs. Hufford on September 25.

Noor explained that the mosque wouldn’t ever tell the public that they support radical Islam, however, behind closed doors they were told that the suicide bombings in Israel, along with other radical acts, were fully supported.

He also said they were taught that even if Osama bin Laden himself were to appear at their door, they should welcome him in because “he’s a fellow Muslim” and they “must protect” other believers from those who don’t practice Islam.

Share this everywhere, especially to those you know who are buying into the Obama/New York Times/MSNBC/CNN mantra of “workplace violence”.

  • Michael Van Nuland

    Well no shite…

  • Herman Vogel

    And STILL our FBI, DHS and DOJ are MIA in all of this,,,Remember in Nov and find a Term Limits Petition and SIGN IT because the morons that allowed this to happen are Still in OUR Congress

    • erick__williams

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      • Rick D Psyclown


  • alnga

    We have known this for 1400 years aprox. so why now are we surprised, because we do not read History with understanding nor do we even begin to understand that Islam is not a religion of any sort but simply the purposeful plan of a 6th century pedophile that olanned to take over the known world. His history is interesting because he came so close to being a Christ follower and then reverted to his Family’s pagan god or idols for worship.

    • Patrick Hillis

      the reason most young people and even some of us older ones were never taught this is because these idiots who are now trying to ram thru this common core crap, they want us uninformed, so they can enter “like a thief in the night”

  • Lexipro

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If there is an open season then it should apply equally. Thanx Uncle Sam for all the help in securing our safety…….NOT.

  • Kris Lowell-Furman

    All the more reason to rid this country of all mosques. You just don’t know who is not an extremist. One minute they could be talking to you and the next they lob of your head. Kick em out and close our borders!

    • Guest

      yes—-agree with you.. close borders after kicking out ALL Muslims and closing all their places of Satanism. (no I didn’t mispell it —-it’s a cut of Satan.

      • teejcee44

        It is a CULT, and it is SATANISM.

    • Dan Thompson

      Any other parts of the Constitution that we should just toss out the window?

      • allison hunter

        The 14th amendment

      • SoonerJay

        Oh look, a sane person.

  • Bill Mattingly

    I’ve known this since 1979 when those STONE AGED ANIMALS took our EMBASSY and we did NOTHING !! We’ve been kissing their asses ever since and they keep telling you “”””NONE BELIEVERS MUST REPENT OR DIE “”””” and those dumb shits in DC keep think or act like they’re kidding !!!!

  • Jana Sprick

    The teachings of Islam condone lying in the name of Allah. So…

    • Sharpshooter

      The teachings of congress condone the same thing!

  • Korban Dallas

    This is news. It’s wriiten right in the Koran. Can you imagine how fast they’d try to outlaw Christianity if the Bible taught violence against unbelievers?

    • a__friend

      it does … read it Mathew chap 5

      • Michelle Majalca

        Where does it say that???? It talks about Love for our enemies and turning the other cheek!!!

        • Korban Dallas

          I think a__friend giving that just scripture was making a point that Christianity is just the opposite of Islam. If a NT scripture did say that there’d be so much uproar on every front page headline and the lead story of every main stream news station crying about the double standard of people call terrorist ‘radical’ and violent.

  • Bobby Austin

    Saudi Arabia funded the building of over 300 mosques in America. Why? What do they gain?

  • anthony delmonte

    govt sucks and our sheeple are too dumb to vote them out

  • Laurie Yanda

    OK, This is OUR COUNTRY, it is high time that if you are NOT a citizen, YOU do not have the right to do what ever you want. MY GOD ….Mexico has better laws on immigration than we do because OURS are not being followed. MUSLIMS do not and should not have the same rights as we do in our country…nor Britain, or any other country for that matter.

  • Scooter Tramp

    The government uses RICO laws to go after gangs. What are they waiting for? i-slum is a MURDERING friggin GANG!!!!

  • Bob Petersen

    I see when he listed the enemies of Islam there was no mention of Obummer. At least SOMEONE likes him!

  • SoonerJay

    Of course, you realize that FOX pulled this off their website after they discovered this guy was a fake. You know that, right? I watch Megyn Kelly, but this was poor journalism, and if you don’t acknowledge what FOX has acknowledged, you’re just a liar.

  • William Stevens

    “The saying that good men are the same in all religions is profoundly true if
    it means that the attitude of doing one’s best is the same everywhere. But if
    it means that they will all do the same thing it is not true; it is not
    common-sense. A man from a distant continent or a remote century may be as
    good as any of us–self restrained, aspiring, magnaimous, sincere. But we
    must not complain if he has a slight penchant, let us say, for human
    sacrifice. It will altogether depend upon the nature of his philosophy. And
    that is how the case stands at the root of the horrors of the Near East. The
    Moslems are not without credible qualities in the least–courage, sobriety,
    hardiness, hospitality, personal dignity, intense religious belief. These are
    fine qualities. The thing we will not face is the enormous fact that they
    have along with all of this, not merely from personal sin, but by ingrained,
    avowed, and convinced philosophy another quality, a total disregard of human
    life, whether it is their own or other people’s. Therefore our civilization
    is and must be at war with them, and that war is a religious war, or if you
    prefer the term, a philosophical war.”

    G.K. Chesterton, “The Nature of a Religious War,” Daily News, September 19,
    1903; collected in The Chesterton Review, Vol. XXVIII, No. 3, pp. 313-14.

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