BOMBSHELL: Donald Trump Jr. Reveals Identity of LEAKERS…

by Ben Callen | Top Right News

Ever since CNN broke a fake news story on December 6th accusing Donald Trump, Jr. of email communication about stolen DNC-Hillary Clinton documents, people got very suspicious that the story was a result of a leak that came from Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.

The CNN story was almost immediately debunked…but the network refused to divulge who its lying source was…so the hunt for leakers began.

Now, thanks to Trump Jr. and his lawyers, it looks like the guilty party has been BUSTED.

ANH reports:

Fox’s Ed Henry is reporting that some are pointing the finger at Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) as the most likely leaker.

Trump, Jr. testified last week and provided his emails to the committee. But as he was testifying, he and his lawyer observed Adam Schiff intermittently leaving the room. And then leaks started appearing on CNN throughout the day as the testimony was going on.

Listen as Ed Henry describes it.

Trump, Jr and his lawyer are now complaining about the obvious leaks out of the committee. Then, just coincidentally, Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) began appearing on shows trying to say Trump, Jr. did something wrong.

ANH continues:

Had their conspiracy theory about Trump and the email not imploded, they apparently anticipated that they’d have that ‘bombshell’ to spread all over the media.

What’s also interesting was that CNN refused to give up the leakers. CNN said that multiple sources (read: leakers) ‘mistakenly’ told them that the email was from September 4 when it was from September 14, after the information became public. They have refused to explain how they could have accepted this or how multiple sources could have been similarly wrong about the date on the email.

CNN said they believed the sources were not being deliberately misleading because they were reliable sources in the past.

Putting that all together, it means that this isn’t the first time that Democrats on the Committee have leaked to CNN, they leaked to them before. And it’s not just Schiff under suspicion because CNN said they had multiple sources. So people need to investigate Speier and Swalwell as well.

This isn’t even the first time that Speier and Schiff have come under suspicion. Judicial Watch called for an ethics investigation of them for allegedly disclosing classified information about the Kislayak-Flynn conversations.

Meanwhile, Schiff, Speier and other Democrats are trying to stoke a rumor that Trump is about to ax Mueller to fire up the base and deflect from the leaks and the bias of the FBI, DOJ and Mueller team.

The best response to the rumor?

Ty Cobb, the President’s counsel denies that there is any intention to fire Mueller.

Democrats on the committee are constantly screaming about Trump. But while there hasn’t been any collusion shown by the Trump team and they have been completely compliant, Democrats have used them being compliant to leak phony stories to a waiting media and attack them.


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