BOMBSHELL: Comey REFUSES To Turn Over Memo, Says He DELETED It

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Mouths are dropping in D.C. at the latest stunner from fired FBI Director James Comey.

After Comey testified on Thursday, the Senate Intelligence Committee naturally asked Comey for a copy of the infamous memo in question that he had leaked through a friend to the NY Times.

During testimony, Comey testified he felt he needed to take notes to protect himself in his conversations with President Donald Trump and then being so concerned about going on record with facts after a Trump tweet that he supposedly had his friend, Daniel Richman, leak the contents to the NY Times.

Problem? When the committee asked for the memo, Comey claimed he no longer had copies.

The committee was then required to request copies from the Richman. Here’s the relevant excerpt of the letter to Richman noting this.

Wait what?

So this was so important for Comey to take the notes to protect himself, but then he deleted the memo from his FBI laptop?

Something here smells and it isn’t the fish I’m cooking for dinner.

As Nicorama of YoungCons reported, the NY Times reporter who broke the story never even saw the memo. Indeed the information he got from Richman was recounted to him over the phone from what Richman supposedly remembered. Richman didn’t have the memo when he spoke to the reporter. So would he even be able to turn it over to the committee now if he didn’t have it then?

As YC also noted, Comey appears not to have been lying under oath about his motivation for leaking. The reason one might conclude that is because the NY Times had information contained within the memo in a story on May 11, a day before the Trump tweet.

Here’s a good breakdown of that, except that it is inaccurate in saying Comey turned over the memo to the committee.

But the NY Times reporter noted that before he ran the story actually mentioning the memo on May 16, he had already been aware of the memos “for a few days.”

So obviously Comey leaked to someone who leaked to the NY Times before his ‘waking up realization’ in the middle of the night on May 15.

So why did Comey delete the memo? Or does it even exist?


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