Black Teacher Makes Horrible Racist Statement to Special Needs Child; Media Silent


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

If a White teacher said something racist to a Black child, it would be all over the news for days, with panel discussions, perhaps even protests, riots and a visit from the “Reverend” All. But let a Black teacher say something cruel to a White special needs child and you can hear the crickets, as the media runs the other way.

The Cincinnati Enquirer placed public records with several schools in Ohio about disciplinary incidents and found some terrible things that had been swept under the rug.

Conservative Tribune reports (via Rachel Alexander),

In one particularly shocking case, Pamela Bullock, a Wayne Local Schools intervention specialist, was investigated for mistreatment of special education students.

Bullock purportedly belittled students with racial comments, removed the safety wheels from the wheelchair of one White student and threw a marker at another’s head.

The day Bullock allegedly threw the marker at the student, “a racial comment was directed toward the same student,” assistants wrote in a letter that detailed her mistreatment, according to the Enquirer.

“After applying a bandage to the student’s leg, (Bullock) said, ‘Anything else, your highness? … My people fought for years, so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.’”

Her remarks are entirely unfitting and beyond shocking as this child did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.

Since the news of the report, Bullock has resigned from her position — and not a moment too soon (H/T EAGnews). She should have been fired long ago.

What has our country come to, that some racism is worse than other racism? All racism is bad, and never warranted. Some people are not more equal than others.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought for equality, not superiority. Until the mainstream media starts reporting racism fairly, we can expect more needless racial conflicts. That poor little special needs child didn’t deserve that tirade and wouldn’t even understand the cruel remarks.

  • Grizman

    B ITCH!

  • WhatMeWorry

    Wow.. so How much to buy her? She for sale? I’m willing to trade for her. I have 5 goats, 2 camels and a Mercedes. I’m looking for something to till my fields and be locked in my basement and be treated like this wench deserves to be treated for her INFLAMMATORY RACIST COMMENTS!!! See, I see people being up in arms over this post, because of what I said. I’d be labeled racist. But this… thing clearly shows racism works both ways. I can’t stand when the liberal left and blacks deny this clear clear fact.

  • FedUpAmerican

    Bad enough when adults are subjected to racism, but a helpless child can’t begin to understand or deal with such hatred. The woman should face charges and never be allowed to teach again. What a nightmare!

  • Kevin Wall

    According to Obama and Sharpton actions, it is impossible for black people to be racist. The special education student must have been exhibiting white privilege.

    • White Devil

      Well it is kind of a privilege being white I guess…or a blessing ! However you choose to look at it. I know I’m proud to be white. Oh no I just said that out loud. I guess that was a racist comment

      • Kevin Wall

        I think the whole white privilege concept is a joke at best but is really politically correct racism. I oppose it at every opportunity.

  • John McDonald

    Happens everyday in every school in every city in America. The fact that you are telling people constitutes your anti african american hate speech.

    • Ferrari fan

      what? do you even read what you type?

      • I hope it is sarcasm.

    • formercanuck

      I think the issue of this story is that ‘some racism is more equal than others’ – with special thanks to Al and friends at the BGI/media.

      A teacher that posted on his facebook blog about support for a police officer in McKinney Texas gets immediately fired, while blatantly stating that ‘her people fought so she wouldn’t have to “serve white people like you”‘ is deplorable.

      He gets fired, ripped by media.
      She gets ‘nothing’. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Wiggle D

    MLK Jr. and ‘our ancestors’ (I am Finnish/Cherokee) fought for ‘your ancestor’s’ rights because it was the moral and just thing to do. If ‘we’ wanted, ‘we’ could still have you in chains with the Irish. You made the choice to be a public servant when you chose to be a teacher. You chose to be a slave, so shut your b!tch mouth.

  • Larry Newkirk

    It’s entirely possible that a highly qualified non racist white person was denied that very same job due to supposed equality measures utilized by the human resource department at the school

  • Square

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  • KansasGirl

    Maybe it’s time to segregate the races? /sarc

  • Gary29

    Just because she is special needs doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand hatred. If that teacher doesn’t want to serve white people don’t become a teacher. The child’s parents should bring assault charges against the teacher and the school for not firing her ASAP!

  • Mike Martin

    She actually doesn’t’ look that freakin’ stupid!

  • lonewolf1211

    Well, let’s all remember, blacks can’t be racist according to the liberal mainstream media, so it is of no shock that this story will never be reported anywhere.

  • Geoptants

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  • Thomas Ross

    That is OK she is protected by Al, Jessie and Obama. It is OK to degrade white and children especially the elderly and handicapped.

  • brenda Wright
  • oldwhitewoman88

    Not white on black You know the drill…move on!

  • rick lovejoy

    i think it’s about time that people lose their titles( irish,german,french,african ,ect) and all start being americans, or just leave this country, find somewhere else you like better.

  • USN Veteran

    I want special treatment for something that happened 200 years ago to someone else.
    This phenomenon of blacks alive today latching onto the suffering of slaves from the 1800’s
    is ridiculous. I’m sure that some Roman soldiers mistreated my ancestors in Switzerland & Germany 900 years ago. I demand that Rome ease my pain with a very large check.

    • Tony Rader

      You are right…but they are just getting started…watch and see how they play the racial card after 2016 elections … Ferguson, Missouri was just the start of their hissy fit… Holder, the DOJ clan, along with the NAACP are plotting more unrest. What a bunch of hacks, what do they call their New movement? My little brother or something like that, isn’t that some sort of black privilege crap. Its all about the brothas that can’t make the grade in school or at home or on the job. Most need to have special programs to even get into secondary education and if they are good athletes they get even more special help to stay in with tutors and more. This whole sports thing has gotten way out of hand too. Sports was a recreational activity not a way of life and should be turned around. I have refused to attend anything after high school as it has gotten to be a added expense for the academic students to bare. Professionals athletes are over paid and whine about their short career years… The real world is calling us all to wake up and be ready for serious change not some fantasy football, baseball world or a video game.. Real responsibility lies ahead of us all.

    • White Devil

      I’m part German as well. When you get that check would you mind splitting it with me ? Maybe we can have enough to my a glass of tea. That’s probably how much we would end up with. It basically ends up being they are all looking for a free handout. They all want something for nothing. And this country will continue to give it to them. They basically get paid to stay home and have more babies that they don’t even know who the father is most of the time.

  • USN Veteran

    “My People” this b!tch is too stupid to realize that there’s almost a 100% certainty that “her people”
    are the ones that sold blacks into slavery at the African ports. & there’s a much smaller, but still
    possible chance that when “her people” got to America, that they were owned by another one of
    “her people” as some blacks owned slaves.

    • White Devil

      This C U N T needs to go

  • Dawn Walker

    She is a disgrace to the human race. I don’t care what her color is or the color of the disabled child, she should have been fired & never allowed to work in education again. As you see Rev Al Crapton is nowhere to been seen or heard on this incident. He also is a disgrace to the human race and with him around all people in the United States will never be united.

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  • Tony Rader

    Sadly her record is unblemished and will go on to further employment unhampered by her racism.

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    In the end somehow they will blame the white child for provoking this dumb bitch
    And she will win a lawsuit for being wrongly accused. But if the tables were turned all hell would break loose.

  • Mary

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  • Mike Smith

    Untill we have worldwide white history months,this will continue afterall only n%#ggers,jews phedifiles and indians can say/do what they want


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