Black Teacher Makes Horrible Racist Statement to Special Needs Child; Media Silent


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

If a White teacher said something racist to a Black child, it would be all over the news for days, with panel discussions, perhaps even protests, riots and a visit from the “Reverend” All. But let a Black teacher say something cruel to a White special needs child and you can hear the crickets, as the media runs the other way.

The Cincinnati Enquirer placed public records with several schools in Ohio about disciplinary incidents and found some terrible things that had been swept under the rug.

Conservative Tribune reports (via Rachel Alexander),

In one particularly shocking case, Pamela Bullock, a Wayne Local Schools intervention specialist, was investigated for mistreatment of special education students.

Bullock purportedly belittled students with racial comments, removed the safety wheels from the wheelchair of one White student and threw a marker at another’s head.

The day Bullock allegedly threw the marker at the student, “a racial comment was directed toward the same student,” assistants wrote in a letter that detailed her mistreatment, according to the Enquirer.

“After applying a bandage to the student’s leg, (Bullock) said, ‘Anything else, your highness? … My people fought for years, so we wouldn’t have to serve white people like you.’”

Her remarks are entirely unfitting and beyond shocking as this child did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment.

Since the news of the report, Bullock has resigned from her position — and not a moment too soon (H/T EAGnews). She should have been fired long ago.

What has our country come to, that some racism is worse than other racism? All racism is bad, and never warranted. Some people are not more equal than others.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., fought for equality, not superiority. Until the mainstream media starts reporting racism fairly, we can expect more needless racial conflicts. That poor little special needs child didn’t deserve that tirade and wouldn’t even understand the cruel remarks.


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