Black Protesters Storm NYC Restaurants to Target and Harrass White Customers

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Black protesters targeted White people eating brunch today at multiple New York City restaurants in a sickening, coordinated racist action they called #BlackBrunch.

On the same day that the NYPD buried two of its officers who were executed by anti-police protester Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, his former brethren joined hands and screamed racial epithets at White customers, even bringing one woman to tears.

Why does he have “no right” to be there? He is a paying customer. Oh yeah, he’s an evil White male, so he must be automatically guilty of something.

Hundreds of protesters stormed the restaurants simultaneously to harass both customers and staff of at least 6 eateries around the city.

What does that have to do with “White people” eating lunch?

Here is a shot of how the mob surrounded and harassed White eaters at popular brunch spot Penelope on Lexington Avenue just after noon:


As Top Right News, Powerline and others have exposed, the anti-police protesters are backed by Communist and Muslim organizations.

And some of the Commies made their presence known today:

Disrespectful? Sure, I always extend a kind word and welcoming hand to people surrounding my lunch table screaming racist screeds in my face.

One patron was so rattled by the screams and even pushes and shoves that she was moved to tears — and even THAT was ascribed to racism!

UPDATE: We heard from a source that this woman was actually slapped in the face by a protester after accidentally elbowing them while turning around. Hence the “don’t touch our people” quip. Disgusting.

Of course, these racist thugs denied they could ever be racist because…well, you know:

Black people lack power…um, ok.

Tell that to these “powerless”, “oppressed” Black men:




[h/t Twitchy]

  • JPM

    They need to call the police and have only black officers show up and arrest everyone of these racist blacks that are causing problems.

    • azboltfan70

      Unfortunately, that would also escalate matters as these protestors can’t comprehend common sense!! Any black law enforcement agent that does not tolerate this lawlessness, would be dubbed racist white sympathizers.

      • Giantslayer

        So what! Let them say whatever they want to say. The reason these people have any power at all is because good people don’t want to stand up for what is right. STAND TALL, STAND STRONG…or you are going to have bigger problems than a little protest in the end. I’m not saying be violent. I’m saying stand for truth and together (all races, religions) can put this issue to rest.

        • Chriistiine

          This is beyond letting them say anything as well as beyond harassment!!
          Surrounding people, confronting people ….. Strangers no less while their minding there own business, not bothering anyone……Is crossing boundaries and invading people’s space. They are basically attacking them by inciting racism, making people uncomfortable and fearful.
          They’re pushing this as far as they can go. They want a war and not going to stop until someone retaliates …. Its going to be an excuse for them riot again.
          When that happens…..they’ll be after whites instead of police. Police are prepared for this kind of thing. Most of us normal white, respectful loving women are not ready for this. It’s really scary!!!

          • jody garrett

            Yeah–that’s the black panther mind set of this fiasco…… the people want revolution. Idiots.

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          • YelowJezamin

            Then, Chriistiine, you had better GET ready for this, because they are purposefully escalating with the intent of causing violence. This is what communists DO.

          • Christopher McLellan

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          • Kira Sasaki

            @blackbrunch So your answer is to come into a business establishment. Disrupt people minding their own business. People who have probably done NOTHING to you. Yeah, this will pull people on your side.

            When we elected President Obama, weren’t we promised “hope and change”? It seems like his years as president have only torn our nation apart.

            We now have race riots in our streets. I’ve never seen a country more divided. We all hate each other now.

            They say a good economy cures all. Many of our citizens have had their jobs taken away along with their health insurance. The middle class is shrinking and its not getting any better.

            Obama and Co have destroyed everything they’ve tried “to fix”. My health insurance is $450/month, my taxes are closing in on 50% (in NYC), and even my subway pass is now over $100/month (in NYC). Stuff that is still private enterprise is super cheap. Car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), cell phone ($22/month from T Mobile), and gym ($15/month from Planet Fitness).

            As for these brunch protesters, what a bunch of low-life thugs. You pay lots of money for an expensive Manhattan brunch, and that’s what you get? Arrest these people for trespassing and throw away the key.

          • josh


          • Testeecleeze

            Christopher, you lie like a rug.

          • Brett Tucker

            they should be protesting DC but nope, they dont understand it was their leaders who tricked them, The white man isnt out to get you. the Al Sharpeton Black man with get you.

      • JPM

        As sad as it is, I would have to agree with you, Which is a real shame because I know many blacks that do not and can not tolerate this type of ignorance by their race.

        • jody garrett

          Because they’re NOT black panthers and communists….

          • Ronnie Nichol

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        • Chriistiine

          I was told today by a nice black man with different views he loved me. It was out of fear of what was going on and said he would be punished by his own race if they heard him speak to me like that.
          He agreed the black community is out of control and he clearly was not like that. He said he could not control them, but wished me luck as well as stating he gets out Alive. It was so sad and so scary.
          In that race it’s all or nothing……you either follow along with criminal activity and bullying or you’ll be called an uncle Tom or worse attacked and treated the way we are being treated now.
          The problem is these good black people will have no where to go. They are not allowed to make up their own mind. They need to follow and obey.

          • jody garrett

            wELL I TALK TO PEOPLE ALL THE TIME WHEN I’m OUT AND ABOUT. People here in Memphis don’t know anything about communism; no one I see has a blk panther attitude….so far. I don’t see events like this/NY happening here…

          • Ronald Yunis

            Lemme think a minute…are guns legal in Memphis?


          • Where the HELL do you live to write something like that?? Good lord, no one is speaking like that across the country and lots of good people work well together every single day no matter what color. Maybe it is because I live in an area where color does not matter, people are educated and there are jobs? Maybe because here, there are so many ethnic groups we all just get on, and go to work every day not bothering each other? Here is a hint southerners- there is only one race. Maybe you start there.

          • JUde

            Where do you get off with a hint to southerners asshole, the riots are happening in the north, not south,, We live and work side by side with people of all races and only a handful of Blacks has that black panther attitude. Of course here in the south EVERYONE own guns and have short tempers to violence, I think our Black , Hispanic, Asian neighbors will stand with Whites to stop aggression by the likes of Communist organisations, and black panther like idiots sheep listening to outside communistic idiocy. And we are smart enough to know what is going on, Obama and Holder started this crap because they want to declare marshal law and a race war is how he plans to do it.Why do you think he has fired over two hundred Military high ranking officers who said they would NOT fire on Americans.

          • Ginger

            Don’t act like southerners are the problem bc guess what, this happened in NY! I love how ppl stand on their high horse believing racism is a southern, only, problem when clearly by the fact that Ferguson is in the Midwest and NY is in the north, ppl don’t see that the south isn’t the problem and has been branded the problem falsely by the media and history books that were written by the victor (the north). Time for everyone to wake up and realize this is a NATIONAL issue and stop blaming the south for what our entire country has created! I grew up in the deep south, lived a decade in the Midwest and returned to the south so I speak with knowledge that this isn’t just a southern issue. And to be honest with you, I’ve seen less racism in the south than I saw in the Midwest. And I’ve seen less racism coming from whites in the last 20 yrs and an increase in blacks being racist towards whites.

          • Fed up!

            Amen to that. If I started the United Caucasian College fund or the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People I would be immediately stamped a racist yet both of those organizations are alive and well today and discriminating against white people…..

          • underthepalms

            Exactly! I had thought about seeing what happened if I tried to establish a TV station called “WET” (as vs. BET). Bet there would be a WHOLE new epidemic of looting in response to that move.

          • Crystal Bruce

            So true and if we had a television channel for Whites such as BET Black Entertainment Television it would be shut down real quick but BET is not considered racist. Such double standards!

          • mogul264

            Truly. While stationed in Fla in the military, I met one of the most racist people ever! He was from NJ, and was positively VIRULENT in his condemnation of black people! He complained of their intelligence, cleanliness, odor, attitudes, and every OTHER trait possible.Me, I was from Texas, supposedly one of those “racist Southern states, and I was SHOCKED! I must say, in my 60 years’ travels across the U.S. (coast-to-coast-to-coast), Canada, and Mexico, I have observed MORE active discrimination and racism in the U.S. NORTH and West, than in today’s South! Just sayin’~!

          • The reason why there is more racial discrimination in the north than in the south is because people from the north have first hand experience of dealing with these violent, white-hating, black animals.

          • Hogs Head

            Ginger that’s not all true. Do you not remember the Zimmerman crap in Sanford Fl. when Black Panthers actually stated on tv that they had a hit put out on Zimmerman for 10,000. Law did nothing. to me that’s conspires murder. Population never did anything. It’s getting to sway over the median. What is going to happen is run some one that feels Too threatened and has a firearm or worse and strikes back, right or wrong there will be blood shed, and a lot of it. It will be too bad because the whites will be blamed for this also…sad state of affairs fueled by our leaders..

          • PeacenHarmony

            The place you are living is dreamland….there is racism everywhere…and NYC isnt in the south.

          • Bluequest53


          • Turbo73

            I’ve lived in the North (my first 22 years) and the last 37 years in the South. As far as “relations” go, I’ll take the South!

          • plusaf

            I lived in NJ for 33 years, 27 years in Silicon Valley and the past 9+ years in NC. I’ve felt that ‘the South’ has some of the nicest, politest, friendliest folks… except for the Extremists, which exist everywhere, including here.
            Beware of ALL ‘Generalizations,’ as I love to say… 🙂

          • thomas

            Ms. Barber, It saddens me to say it, but this type of attitude is everywhere. From what I have seen, in some places you just have to scratch the surface a little deeper to see it. I would just about guarantee that if the right subject or issue is brought up, you will see it, even in your own perceived “utopia”

          • Scotty Stegall

            Southerners?come on man from what ive read and seen this is all happening in NYC by the “aka” northerners

          • duddly63

            Southerners? ??? These “events” are not happening in the south. …SMH

          • chickief

            Nobody follows them into the voting booth! They enter only with their conscience.

          • rose528

            LIAR LIAR LIAR

        • Tim Thomas

          JPM, you know many blacks that don’t tolerate this ignorance ? Wow. Do you ride a unicorn to work ?

          • JPM

            Tim, way to put how ignorant you are right out in the open for the whole world to see. Yes not all black people condone this type of behavior, Grow up and quit being so ignorant.

      • jody garrett

        Tough $hit. You can’t HARRASS PEOPLE like that.

      • Rye

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      • Robert L. Fennell

        It doesn’t matter. Black policemen should arrest them. Moreover, laws must be enforced because those protestors are dividing this country..

        • Dana Davis

          That’s a really racist comment. What difference does it make what color the arresting officer is? These people are committing a crime (in NY) called “Harassment in the 2nd.” And, as per the usual, they are apparently too ignorant to know that. But when people commit crimes, they get arrested, and color has nothing to do with it.

          • Kenny Amos

            because if a white officer arrests them they yell that the cop is racist and they resist so the cop has to struggle arresting them,, so then its all over youtube ect saying the cop is assaulting the guy

          • Tammy

            Agree Kenny Amos. Sometimes you have to match your solution to the perpetrator. It’s no different than needing a woman officer present to help de-escalate a domestic dispute. A woman in distress may not talk to a male officer. It’s more about doing whatever might be necessary BECAUSE of the racist attitude of the perpetrator.

          • jody garrett

            No it’s not; just wise in this climate.

          • Chriistiine

            They are the ones saying white cops must die.
            They want black cops, more black cops …. give it to them. They need to be confronted by good black people. This sitautaion is too fragile to send in white cops.
            They won’t listen to whites and they act out more, their pushing them to limits noone wants to see and witness.
            Black people need to stand up to these hood rats. Send the black cops in.

          • crystal

            I live on the Indian Reservation, and they do have the BIA policman that handle a lot of the problems that go on in this town……..and sometimes it’s both… have to do what you gotta do…’s not a racist comment, it’s just the truth……..

          • rbrittne

            If you really believe that color has nothing to do with it, than you got your rock-filled head up your keister!

      • jody garrett

        Disagree~~~ How it works here in Memphis. We are minority in our neighborhood and wait forever for them to send us a white cop. We finally figured out what they were doing. Besides…..this is not just lawlessness…’s communism on the march. Cops know it.

      • chickief

        Thank the mayor.

    • Since the NYPD threw out their entrance standards long ago in order to hire physically and mentally inferior minorities, if only black officers showed up to those restaurants, they would probably side with the anti-white racist protesters!

      • J.R.

        I don’t think so. They are SWORN to uphold the law! If they (black officers) don’t, they ought to be put on an unpaid administrative leave until further investigation can be had.

        • Byron Shutt

          You mean like Eric Holder?

          • Matthew Arthurs

            I think the NYPD hold them selves a lot higher than holder.

          • Philip Averill


        • Chriistiine

          Oh yeah that would give them a reason to not freak out.
          They would thrive on a black officer being held accountable for not abiding ny the law.
          They say white cops get away with everything that’s would make matters worse.

    • jody garrett

      They are commies and black panthers…

    • jody garrett

      My #PEPPERSPRAY would be tested widely….. When you’re in a situation like that–you don’t know WHAT”S gonna happen. It could get violent at any time. They cannot “allow” this $hit.

      • William McDowell

        Pepper spray in this situation would likely get you an ass whopping by those who were not sprayed. Solution here is for all law abiding citizens to be legally armed and as one, confront this group of terrorists with force.

        • basspig

          If only this wasn’t NYC, where gun ownership is prohibited.

          • norman

            Piss on NYC.

        • jody garrett

          And then they’d go to jail with all those witnesses…. No, I’d have my big old bass ass husband with me; he wouldn’t let me anyway. But I would be going for management and calling the cops. If they got up on me–they’d get the spray. It has tear gas in it and UV marker…and anyone else coming my way would get it. BUT I’m in TN, so…there are alternatives ….

        • jody garrett

          I can see that….yep.

        • jody garrett

          How bout this? Start carrying ear plugs. If this happens, just go around distributing THEM TO EVERYONE. they’d GET PISSED WHEN THEY REALIZED NO ONE WAS LISTENING OR BOTHERED. HEHE

        • hooligansailor

          I would just have to get the ass whooping then. I am not ready to be ground under ANY heel, black or white. They might get steak out of my ass but I would be getting hamburger out of my attacker’s.

        • Chriistiine

          William that is exaclty right…..
          But don’t think you’ll be the only one with a gun either.
          That’s what makes it so scary.
          Innocent people are going to die because this is not going to die out until total destruction takes place

          • jody garrett

            Define total destruction. Look, if they don’t have anyone to fight with…..Americans don’t want violence. We have cops, state guard…..we’re good. They are a tiny % of reality.

        • heatherlynn

          Really William? ! Using force against them as “united armed citizens” ?!! Dont you know that that is what they want? They are proving to the enitre country that they are no better than the generation of whites that first persecuted and oppressed them. I say let them continue making jackasses of themselves, then when they get arrested give those people a polite smile. This group of people remind me of children throwing a temper tantrum. Do not feed into the fit, ignore if possible then walk away. Violence will solve NOTHING.

          • Bryan

            “Violence will solve NOTHING.” Yeah sure. These groups MUST be met with violent response. It is precisely the refusal by people that has emboldened them. Political pussy-Mayors order police to let them break the law, loot, and even attack the police themselves. THIS aggressive hostility is THE RESULT of your “ignore if possible then walk away” nonsense. Confrontation is ugly- and a must.

          • joe

            bryan, you are 100% right here about what you said.

        • Tammy

          AMEN and AMEN to that William McDowell!

        • Bryan

          A violent response is both inevitable, necessary, and what these anti-White leftists want. Bring it.

        • norman

          This is the only workable solution.


        wasp spray is the BST.

        • jody garrett

          But doesn’t wasp spray only come in one size–HUGE? my brother could use some; he’s stuck in the people’s republic of Md.

        • jody garrett

          BTW~~Sick of it too….these photos and

    • Robert L. Fennell

      That is one solution. The other is to arrest all of them. Those protestors are being paid by someone to create racial divide. But, the majority of Black Americans do not support those protestors, for example I do not support them. I want them arrested and charged with a Hate Crime.

      • JPM

        I couldn’t agree more with you, I just feel personally if they would have sent white officers total pandemonium would have ensued.

      • Paulie Chambers

        it’s not going to stop. they are the slavish work horse for the communist who will stop at nothing to spark a full blown “revolution”. they are being used like whores and can’t even see who their real master is or what their real master is doing to them. It’s up to you to show them before it’s too late. go comment and talk to them on twitter, please.

        • Dana Davis

          It’ll stop because eventually people will start losing their tempers. And then we will once again be reminded that being disrespectful has a price.

      • Diane Frank

        GOOD POINT WHY did the restaurant not call the police and have them arrested? This sends a message its ok to do this and get away with it! Does it make you want to eat out in NY and not feel protected?

        • jody garrett

          Surely someone there called police; I sure would have. They probably moved on quickly, after damage was done.

          • C@THY cope

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        • plusaf

          Restaurant probably hesitated because in the People’s Republic of NYC, it would be VERY un-PC to complain about blacks or any other ‘group’ doing Anything that upsets Anyone Else.

      • Tammy

        Yeah, I wonder what happened to front page news about hate crimes? Where did that go? It’s not hate in this situation?

      • Anubis13

        Totally agree with you Robert. This IS a hate crime being orchestrated by people we probably know very well. Whites and other non-black people are eventually going to fight back if this continues. Then in that case watch martial law be the next thing that is imposed. This is what they who are conjuring this up want. I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so.

        • MJean

          You are so not wrong.

      • Tim Thomas

        Well, your a real man & unfortunately, you are a minority in afroamerican circles. Best of luck & I’m sorry that you have to suffer consequences because the majority of people who share your heritage are complete asshole, racist, good for absolutely nothing pieces of trash.

      • demented

        then stick them on a plane and drop them all off on a deserted island

    • Juliet

      Here’s her page with her nasty comments.

    • Diane Frank

      ARMED guard at the door should work nicely

      • Tammy

        I don’t understand why there aren’t armed guards at every door of every public place in a large city like that. I know I’d feel safer.

        • Kenny Amos

          who has money to do that EVERYDAY?? If you got the money,, bring your own security..

  • Bob

    When you have a racist black (half black) president whose buddy is Al Sharpton just what do you expect?

    • Gabriel Collins

      Al sharpton is a political black THUG. That’s all these people are. This reminds me of the trailer for Selma the movie. But point is a bunch of black thugs that’s all they are

      • annie Mae

        I’ll guarantee you I won’t waste my money on that trash just as I didn’t on The Butler. My money is for important things and certainly not trash!!!! Hey!!! Maybe I’m a racist and I don’t give a flying donut!!!!

    • matwood17

      Whoa!~ You can’t blame Obama and Sharpton. After all, he sat in front of the camera last week and said race relations are better since he’s been in office. And EVERYONE knows Obama ALWAYS tells the truth.

  • When are White-Americans going to realise that segregation was the best thing? Stop hiding behind Uncle Toms and fight for your rights.

    • Vance Marquis

      There is only one race, the human race!

      • Biologically speaking, there are multiple races (breeds). That’s like saying that there’s only one breed of dog! The dog breed! It’s scientifically flawed.

        • Samuel

          You know what else is scientifically flawed? Science itself.

        • matwood17

          So we are all HOMO SAPIENS regardless of our minor genetic differences. What is really awful is that JUST like the other moron that posted with your little picture here, hiding behind anonymity to spread YOUR OWN mental deficiencies, you should just go away. YOU are part of this problem. Recognize it.

          • JTTRI

            Buts eyes just gots an A inz englash, just ax Travontashaquenza.

          • Jerry Scott Bailey

            Your funny…I already like you ….

      • John Halpin

        When they act like animals no matter what their cause or skin color they are animals.

        • Simon12

          That is offensive to animals. I don’t know about you but I never saw elephants or toucans harassing other animals because of their differences

        • Alley Kat

          Please don’t insult animals…they “people” are monsters.

        • The Choice Is Clear

          Genetically, they are not human. Their brains are smaller, their skulls are bigger and thicker, their hearts require special medication that all other races do not, they get sickle-cell anemia which all other races do not, and they sink like trash if you drop them into the ocean because even their density is different from every variety of human from the human race.

          Blacks aren’t humans, and the only ones who qualify morally and deserve to be considered and treated as one are usually part white, asian, or hispanic anyway. The rest are just trash that needs to be put in a pine box. Bury the blacks and you bury the trash of the world causing problems, hate, violence, and murder upon everyone else.

          • Sob

            This is why there is so much mistrust amongst the races. You have idiots like this spouting debunked “racial realism” rhetoric.

            All sorts of humans do shitty things. If you are so stupid to see that it doesn’t have anything to do with race then get fucked.

            To all you “christians” who upvoted this and share similar sentiment, BURN IN HELL! Because that’s exactly where your God would send you for spreading such bullshit.

          • Canyoudigit

            FYI, A REAL “Christian” will not upvote that hate.

          • annie Mae

            Thank you for the sermon oh sin less one!!! As far back as I can remember “hell” is the grave, so I guess we’ll all have a big kubayah moment!

          • Chris

            Sorry to butt in here, but it has everything to do with race. I’ve never considered myself a racist, but I’m leaning that way these days.

          • gofer1

            Along with a lot of people who don’t want to feel that way, but reality says a certain segment of the black community just has no sense of humanity. They are their own worst enemy.

          • matwood17

            These thugs don’t represent the black race. They are professional, communist and radical agitators. Don’t lose out to the racists among US. They are mindless trash just like the people they hate so much here doing these acts, and the rest of us are just like the black Americans that do NOT support them.

          • mindy1

            me too sadly 🙁

          • Lenny Dudley

            same here..was dating black women…now starting KKK chapter

          • The Choice Is Clear

            Nah, we have idiots like YOU who are nothing but mentally deficient ANIMALS pandering to and pretending you’re human when you’re not. You talk dishonestly about mistrust among the “races”, when you’re too stupid to understand that they are not a different race, they are an entirely different species! Racial realism is truth, not rhetoric you incompetent spout.

            You are so stupid that you can’t even understand the difference between a separate race an a separate species, can you?

            I think all the Christians who upvoted it should send you back to your beloved third-world country where you would be burned with tires aroun your neck or pulled apart by two trucks going in opposite directions, since those other species that you call “races” are sooooo civilized. Your god is Satan Sob, and that’s not the real God of Christians who did agree. Get bent and go apply for an affirmative-action job, loser.

          • The Choice Is Clear

            There’s a lot of non-Christians who also upvoted it because the truth is not religious, it is simply honest. And if you can’t take the heat of that honesty, then get out of our kitchen and stop trying to fry your okra there.

          • J.R.

            I don’t think that is going to work … at least not here in America.

          • matwood17

            And YOU are part of the problem.

          • The Choice Is Clear

            No, I’m just honest. Honesty is part of the problem to you? I’d say you’re part of the problem then. A big one.

          • Michael Laudij

            If blacks are not human, how do mixed race couples produce fertile offspring? Because, and i’m sure you know this, two closely related but distinct species like a female horse and a male donkey can produce a mule, but male mules are unable to procreate… that is not the case with mixed race children, because both there parents are human, this isn’t conjecture, it is fact.

        • Don Williams

          These are feral animals in human skin created and enabled by the welfare state. They need to be treated as such.

        • jo

          You do an injustice to the animal kingdom when you compare these pieces of black slime to them.

      • Bill Pittman

        Mr. Marquis, What is that supposed to mean?

      • JTTRI

        God you are dense. The American negro is a sub race.

        • matwood17

          And again, YOU are part of the problem. And again, you hide behind anonymity when you spread your garbage. YOU are the one who is flawed BUBBAH. And LOOK Vance Marquis, you just changed from “Love Your Race” to “JTTRI” to support your own racist argument. ROFLMFAO. What a mental giant we have here.

          • JTTRI

            Nope, I and millions of others are the solution. Better stock up Nancy.

      • bobfairlane

        White humans!

        • matwood17

          And again, change your name in an attempt to hide behind anonymity Vance Marquis.

    • bowie1

      Because it’s illegal and immoral. Besides, you can’t keep people restricted to a certain area since they will still move around whether you like it or not. Even the Natives are not restricted to the reservations.

      • No wonder why White-America has allowed itself to be beaten to a pulp. It has a weak attitude like yourself. The America I watched on the TV has gone, it appears.

        • matwood17

          Spread your racist hate somewhere else. You are as bad as the people you despise.

      • The Choice Is Clear

        Natives? You mean the Vikings, or the Chinese? I see no “natives”, except a bunch of lying degenerate polynesians that used to rape settlers and slit the throats of people from all other tribes and places that tried to drink water from the river. But um, yeah……..those “poor” non-native natives, right? Please.

        • bowie1

          I refer to the American Indian who lived in North America long before the white settlers came over and drove them off their land.

          • vdetillion

            I don’t see them doing what the race baiters are doing

          • matwood17

            I hate that response to anything. You want us to go back to when the Indians were here and we were the immigrants? You want to live in that time under those laws? You realize that slavery was legal then as well, so you want us to reinstate those moral privileges? Go away with that argument.

          • Heather Hufschmid

            But this group of African Americans are using the persecution that whites gave to them…..why not be “politically correct” and say that the Native Americans were in North America first. (Before white settlers) and guess how the African race came to be part of North America in the beginning? WHITE SETTLERS BROUGHT THEM HERE.

          • matwood17

            Then I can say just as I have in the past to that ridiculously STUPID logic that sure, go back to those laws and those times when slavery was legal as well. What an absolutely ridiculous and stupid argument. Times change, and laws change. They do so for a reason.

          • Heather Hufschmid

            Its is not an argument at all. IT IS FACT. Fact based on the history of our country; what it was founded on. However, I do NOT agree with the behavior of our founding fathers and those who followed the notion that enslaving ANY person, no matter race, is EVER okay. You need to understand that my point is that this particular group of African Americans are using that notion as a means to justify their hideously insane actions as a means of “justice” for their entire race! Most African Americans are shaking theirs heads and feeling stuck between a place in society that this group has forced them into. Its absolutely NOT acceptable. PERIOD.

          • Kenny Amos

            umm you do know the so called native Indians came from asia right?? just so you know

          • bowie1

            That’s the theory, although that was thousands of years before the Europeans. The Inuit, for instance, are thought to have come from Mongolia over the Bering Strait.

    • Another rascist idiot ^

      Yes, heil hitler and all that.

      • Sons of Liberty

        Well, our current admin wants total government control like that national socialist in Germany did.

        • bobfairlane

          If they wanted anything like what National Socialists did, they would have to deport themselves on trains.

      • Heil your mother, nitwit!

    • Sons of Liberty

      It looks as if there are elements in the black community that are advocating segregation…or apartheid. Of course, they would still want payouts.

    • HannaH43

      that’s idiotic, but also let black racists get away with this is ridiculous.

      • Who’s going to stop them? The self-hating, anti-white, communist Mayor Bill “Big Bird” De Blasio?

    • jody garrett

      It’s not about that. These people really WANT revolution–they are communists and black panther party people.

    • bobfairlane

      Segregation wasn’t enough. That’s why Lincoln started shipping them to Liberia!

  • 1Melody1

    Sick people, sick and disgusting. You are born whatever race you are. People are just that, people, it is no damn crime to be white, and it is supremely racist to be singled out just for that reason. I know God is watching, I hope they know that! Hands off everybody people, every life is important, white black yellow and whatever. Every life. Go harass an abortion clinic!

  • SoCalCop

    I’ll bet if those cowards lived in a shall issue state they would of never did that.

    • Wolfpaw

      Yes, seeing the business end of a Glock is an instant respect creator.

    • johnwes

      I would love to see them try that here in Arizona where every other person is carrying. Wouldn’t this fit the “Stand Your Ground” rules of engagement? It seems to me that if thirty or forty people (black, white, green or purple) attached me and my family while I was trying to eat lunch, I would probably be dropping the closest ones to me.

      • Orion Games

        in Az. too bud. let them come.

        • Sons of Liberty

          Well, they would wind up in the Maricopa County Jail wearing striped suits and pink underwear. Sheriff Arpaio wouldn’t tolerate it.

          • Orion Games

            I know it. Somehow I think Tent City would be the least of their problems. We both know Arizona isn’t somewhere you want to act a fool. The fact that a good portion of Arizona residents conceal carry will make them think twice before they harass or put their hands on someone. This isn’t a Blue state. And no, not a republican either. Libertarian all the way for me.

          • Sons of Liberty

            We two RINOs in the Senate, but we do have strong Republican Governor…or we did…hopefully, Ducey follows in Jan’s footsteps.

          • Sons of Liberty

            And I’m hoping Jan Brewer decides to run against John McCain for his Senate seat in 2016. John has been hard to beat in Arizona, primarily because he runs against primary candidates who tend to be very leftist…and democrat opponents who are extreme left. But Jan would be a very tough match for him because of her immense popularity in the state.

    • JUlie Thomas

      ‘done’ that

  • Dianna Davis Jones

    and why shouldn’t she feel threatened when the black person grabbed her arm or slapped her? She needs to file charges on them.

    • Sons of Liberty

      It wouldn’t go anywhere. DeBlasio’s henchmen have the attorneys and judges on their dime.

    • jo

      No, she needed to stick a stun gun up his ass!

    • matwood17

      Personal pepper spray would disperse the mob, Guarantee it. So would personal TASERs. Available and legal in MANY states. The problem here is that those same people sitting around getting harassed are also the same people that allowed DeBlasio to get into office in the first place. Let them suffer at their own stupidity. Now they have to go to their NEXT ELECTION and fix the error they made in the last one. IF they’ll get off their lazy, lethargic arses and do so.

  • Charlie Rock Collins

    This is the true meaning of niggers

    • Robert White

      so say N…..PLEASE! maybe that will help. certainly, the so called leaders are not telling them to stop.

    • jody garrett

      No dummy— commies and blk panthers.

    • seeserpent

      rock on dude

    • matwood17

      Go away. You have the right to say it, but it also makes you JUST as bad as them. YOU are part of the problem.

      • Heather Hufschmid

        She has every right to stay here and comment to anyone’s comment. Stop telling people that their opinions are not valid. EVERYONE is entitled to their owm opinion. We should be sharing our opinions, stsnding together, learning new ways to compromise, and learn to be more tactful than our counter parts. They are dividing us at this very moment. Some of you should be ashamed of the things thst are being said about these human beings we refer to as blacks. They SHOULD NOT be behaving in the manner, however, us ‘white’ people should not be encouraging them by spreading hateful words amongst ourselves! Smh

        • matwood17

          “You have the right to say it” lady, that doesn’t mean that what they say isn’t JUST as racist and makes THEM just as racist as the protestors they are talking about. So, I say to them GO AWAY, just as I say to the racist protestors GO AWAY! They are BOTH part of the problem. Jeesh should I have to spell it out to someone?

      • Heather Hufschmid

        Touché (spell ✓ ). Some people should use more tact and thoroughly think about what they are about to say. Otherwise you may potentially and perhaps unintentionally cause irreversible damage to your self image. People wont take you seriously when you conduct yourself in an immature manner. That is just some friendly advice. ; )

  • damifinoone2

    When are we going to quit putting up with this sh*t? The war is coming.

    • Ferrari fan

      The war is here, only one side has been firing the shots though.

      • damifinoone2

        Yes you’re right. The black on white crime is getting out of hand.

  • Kachina

    So far Whites have been cool and calm under the pressures brought on by Black Professional Agitators but when it comes to harassing or beating or killing whites in protest of what Police Officers did to a couple of black men that is an entirely different ball game. Blacks are declaring war on whites across the nation.

    • SoCal-Ex Dem

      Not all blacks. Your as bad as the racist lumping everyone together. Plenty of peaceful God loving black folks that aren’t part of this crap.

      • Orion Games

        oh yeah ? where ? because at this point it seems like I should categorize them in the same group as Werewolves and Unicorns. I hear about them all the time , but i never see one.

      • Just my opinion

        Yes not all black people are racist, but I don’t see many black people telling these thugs to stop. It has gone to far!

        • LInda

          Even if they told them to stop, they wouldn’t listen then they would attack the blacks telling them to stop.

        • DogWithoutSlippers

          Sort of a mirror image of muslims.

        • Sons of Liberty

          Yes…guys like Allen West are…but they call him Uncle Tom.

      • Tammie Mills

        That’s true, SoCal. Unfortunately, the tiny minority of vicious animals who happen to have brown skin like to pretend that they represent the vast majority of decent human beings who happen to share their skin color.

      • The Choice Is Clear

        Well, I’ll tell you what SoCal-Ex Dem: you and any peaceful, God-loving folks who are not part of the negro animal bullshyte need to get an identifying symbol really quickly.

        Because it would be a shame for any of you good people to become a casualty to the majority of blacks when they get taken down for this.

        If you’re not one of them, then you shouldn’t be treated like or given the karma they have earned.

        But when the reaper comes, no one that blends in without some way to distinguish will be spared from that situation.

        • sop

          May God have mercy on your fucked soul

          • The Choice Is Clear

            May God damn your fucked soul to hell where it belongs, sop.

      • chris

        The good ones are standing down and keeping quiet and this makes them irrelevant. The same as the good Nazis, Muslims Chinese, Etc…..If the good ones don’t take a tall stand against the bad then they don’t count. You must do something to be counted.

      • matwood17

        I live in a SOUTHERN city of 400,000 people. Guess what, with a LARGE representation of black people living here, we have NOT seen a single action. People here actually get along for the most part.

      • Kachina

        You are absolutely correct and this was not my intentions. I also have kind loving friends who are black that would not harm anyone. I stand corrected. I am talking about the radical blacks, Black Panthers, Louis Farrakhan threatened to “tear this godd*m … of protesters aren’t met, “we’ll tear this goddamn country apart!”. Sharpton, ex Black Panther, Holder and those harassing whites during breakfast in restaurants and those beating and killing whites and Officers across America. Declaring War on Innocent White Citizens is also equally as bad! Would you not agree?

      • Kachina

        I totally agree with you, SoCal~the Peace loving ones need to step up…

  • Rick

    Thank You Mr. Racist in Chief.

    • and what is your identity Rick Mine is clear and as to your comment here is mine – you are an idiot.

      • Rick

        I have read the messages of a lot of trolls here however you are all over the board on your comments. Numerous replies to the same comments yet completely different replies. And by the way, your identity is no more clear than anyones on these boards.. You must have been looking in the mirror when you used that term idiot above. That is clear to everyone Mr. Troll.

  • Gordon Harvey

    These fukin communist backed morons are pushing for an all out race war.
    I have no problem defending my family.

    • jody garrett

      It’s not gonna happen I hate it for em….Americans do NOT want violence

  • Jenn

    A simply disgusting display of racism by all those that harrassed white people having brunch. If their beef is against how black folks are treated by police, they would do better demonstrating to other black folks on how to behave themselves and obey the law so they won’t have to have interaction with the police. That’s the demonstrations I want to see – when good folks tell the bad folks/thugs to stop being criminals.

    • Robert White

      i agree, jenn. they are saying we are racist, for even discussing things. racism, is now the total ass cover. it wasent because he got in trouble for breaking the law. it was becasue the racists think that laws pertain to others besides them. and ohbama, holder, and al, all have insinuated, they dont! so. we cant win. best just let it come to what it will. keep your cool. do not fight back. defending yourself, is also racist. and next week, any white person caught “breathing” will be double racist. only dead whites, will be exempt.

    • one who cares

      brunch? you mean lunch dont you

      • Jenn


  • Orion Games

    i would be laughing at their sheer ignorance. I’m unafraid. Plus i live in Arizona and own multiple firearms of various sizes. Come get it. You’ll get into my house, but you won’t get out.This isn’t a Wesley Snipes movie Bruh

  • grumpy

    Open season has been declared

  • PhilinIN

    These people are pushing for a race war and if the black community doesnt step in and stop them thats whats going to happen. And I think its what they want.

    • Robert White

      they got two years to do it. and, it will be ohbamas reason to assume marshal law, then, stay in power, with all his buddies. see what you elected, america?

      • Margaret Lynn

        That’s where you’re wrong, even if a sitting president declares marshal law, the populous can still forcefully evict him. Don’t let anyone tell you any difference, remember, once marshal law is declared, the constitution is suspended, and guess what that means. No constitution, no citizenship, no citizenship, you don’t have to obey marshal law.

        • Margaret Lynn

          Any American that would tolerate marshal law under this animal, doesn’t deserve to be called, an American, let alone continue to ride the coat tails of the original patriots.

        • Ferrari fan

          except that he has been replacing military commanders with “his” people., I think he will have military support when he declares martial law. It might be divided, but we’ll see. Best you can do is stock up on your ammo and magazines, you’re going to need them.

    • Carmela DonVito

      it’s what the government wants….how else does one declare marshal law???

  • bryan james

    Keep running your mouths, MF’ers…..220 million of US / 42 million of YOU, and YOU are ALREADY killing EACH OTHER…..DO THE MATH, DIPSHITS

    • sop

      What makes you think the other 220 Million white Americans are as stupid as you idiot?

      Jesus you neo cons are really afraid of black people huh?

      • bryan james

        Afraid? Hardly…..Well, 65 million of YOU stupid idiots voted for Obama, didn’t you?….’nuff said.

      • mindy1

        I am afraid of stupid assholes like those protesters

  • William Dean Sr.

    Blacks like these just continue to prove that they are the low life scum many races believe them to be. Yes, go ahead and act the fool by holding criminals up as your gods.

  • Joe Tokoph

    So it looks like civil war is going to start in NY huh?

  • Viet Vet 67

    Screw these black racist pigs.

  • Rich

    This won’t be tolerated for long. Surprised the people having lunch didn’t defend themselves.

    • why was it tolerated at all

    • Ferrari fan

      because when violence breaks out, no one wins. The ones defending themselves would not only be overwhelmed by the number of “protesters” but would also be painted as the racists they are being accused of. It’s really a no-win situation. And believe me, my first instinct is to confront them, but it would be a losing battle.

  • Crunch

    Try that here in Charlotte. You’ll catch a bullet. Come on protesters.

    • Daryl Ann Guy

      Love living in the South. …

  • Nutbar Mcloony

    “Black people lack power dynamic necessary to be racist 2 [sic] whites”, one of these thugs says. So by that logic, if a member of a white supremacist gang murders people purely because they’re not white and goes to prison for it, he’s suddenly not a racist anymore because he has no power. Or as Thomas Sowell has said, this “logic” seems to imply that even the Nazis weren’t racists until they were the dominant party.

    • bdub

      These people can’t do basic math. Logic is an unknown concept to them.

  • bdub

    Anyone wanting to know what true racism is, just check out Kat Yang-Stevens Twitter page. This piece of work is the definition of delusional. On the other hand, they are doing a pretty good job of showing their true colors to the New York liberals that support this crap.

  • Guest


  • fwf

    I bet these thugs and thugess would not do that down South. I just don’t understand why white people just stand and let this crap go on? Time after time!! Maybe it will stop when Obama leaves office and civil order can be restored.

  • redsquare76

    If this is not brought under control, I fear something awful will happen again….

  • Hans

    People will stop going out to spend money.

  • 950

    What is really going on here?We are in a battle and for what a thug who attacked a police officer,there is more to this than that,this has been pushed by Obama and why?I think maybe he wants a racial war so he can call Marshall Law,is this the beginning of the book of Revelation,is Sharpton a patsy of sorts being used,everyone knows Sharpton has a IQ of 70 are below not the sort Obama would ever pal up to,my way of thinking is we are being lead into the pit of hell,I’m not falling for it,I know wonderful black people that thinks this is deplorable,I will continue to stay abreast of this but at the same time looking up because my redemption draws nigh…..

  • RooforLife

    Abortion the real genocide that most blacks ignore


    Maafa 21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America is a 2009 pro-life
    documentary film which draws a connection between the targeting of
    African Americans by the eugenics movement in the United States in the
    19th and 20th centuries, and the modern-day prevalence of abortion among
    African Americans……

  • Mich John

    this is just making them look like all the stuff that they claim is being done to them see more real. i would have just kept eating and not reacted. thats all they wanted , reaction. they piss and moan about them having it so hard and that they dont get any respect. sorry but your getting what you deserve when you do crap like this. no matter who you are. I am not racist at all. i dont look at someone and think omg look . i see human. but when i see a human acting like an animal i say oh look a stupid animal . if your life is so hard , try fixing it. oh wait, you cant or you will be called a sell out. you have it a hell of alot better then “your people” did in the 50s. you can go in a restaurant. you can drink from a water fountain. you can go to school. you can ride a bus. were they able to in the days of true hate towards blacks. blacks are not the only ones that have it the way they claim they do. i do too. being what i am doesnt give me anything special. i still cant do what i want. but i dont go bitch about it. i find something else. I have less rights as a white gay man then a black straight man. so get over it and move on already

  • Mark Muylaert

    are seeing why racism is ever present in our society. Black leaders
    encouraging this type of behavior and white leaders too afraid to say a
    damn thing.

  • bowie1

    Sounds like something out of an old cowboy movie when the gunslingers start storming in and harrassing the customers there.

  • Jane Pfeiffer

    It is a shame that these Marxist communist blacks are pushing hatred for their race and the innocent blacks will suffer for it…Obama’s parents among others of his close friends were marxist communist..They are already in the W/H

  • Simon12

    They should have them all arrested, beaten, what ever it takes to stops these uneducated, ignorant people. I’m white and I have more black friends than white so I should be beaten and harassed… no. People are people, they’re not black, white, Mexican, those are all labels. These protesters are going to blame every race but theirs for their problems when they usually have no drive to fix themselves They’re like a plague, Detroit used to be a beautiful city and now it looks like an apocalypse swept over it. People like this need to have done to them what needs to be done, and by this I don’t mean African Americans, I mean the people who are harassing others because now the protesters are becoming more racist then the people they’re trying to fight. If this is allowed our country is going to spiral, crash, and burn.

  • Tammie Mills

    Here’s an idea. Come on, you bigoted fools, and try this crap in Texas, or anywhere else with an armed populace. You’ll find out how we treat criminals.

    • HarryTheCat

      I like my criminals “well ventilated”.

  • Just_me_and_God

    If it were not for some of us White folks you would still be a slave!
    So how does that make us all “guilty”?

    Some of your fellow African blacks put you in slavery in Africa!
    The very FIRST Black slave in America was another Black Man!
    How is it that White folks are “guilty” because of those facts?

    Irish Catholics were imported as slaves to “The New World” long before the first African!
    Irish History —
    The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves
    The Slaves That Time Forgot
    Also see:

    The Black Irish of Montserrat – Irish accents in the Caribbean
    A Radharc report from 1976 about the Black Irish of Montserrat. Irish people exiled by Cromwell and African slaves arrived on Montserrat at about the same time.

  • People need to defend their right to freedom and peace. There is something really wrong here. The restaurant, the staff, the people eating here put up with this Why?

  • HarryTheCat

    New York has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. How’s that workin’ for ya?

  • Paul Hosse

    I think they really want to go there with their racist antics. As for the white chick crying. She needs to grow a spine. She doesn’t appear to have doen anything wrong. She needs to stand up for herself, and the one that was slapped needs to file charges.

  • James Thomas

    SOB come disturb me during lunch and we will be having a funeral

    • Walter Hewitt

      ‘Tough talk is a dime a sentence…’the justice system may not protect you when you act to protect yourself…and the funeral you mention could end up being yours…

  • Just my opinion

    WTF is this all about? All I see are a bunch of thugs looking to be arrested!

  • phonograf

    Anyone doubting that this is an opportunist action by communists, democratic socialists, African People’s Socialist Party members, Black Liberation Theologians, and New Black Panthers needs to look no farther that the tweet from the lovely kat yang-stephens… “disrupting bourgeois brunch”. Karl Marx at his finest.

  • Susan Lenard

    WTH, why didn’t the customers stand up to these thugs? Let them surround my table and slap me in the face while yelling racial slurs, I will give them another dead black thug to martyr! I have no problem shooting anyone that is a threat to my safety, that is my right, so says the constitution! Acting like animals does not further their cause, all it does is incite violence, and I for one, will return the courtesy!

    • Walter Hewitt

      Susan, you should know that our federal govt has “ZERO” respect for the US Constitution. Don’t expect to be supported by so-called “Constitutionally-protected rights”…Obama, Holder, Sharpton…they are all in tacit support of this kind of racist division…I truly hope you never have to exercise your Constitutional right to protect yourself under such circumstances —

      • Susan Lenard

        I do understand and I also hope and pray I never have to either. I am just a grandmother , who usually has her grandchildren with her, and I will not allow a terrorist to attack me and sit back and do nothing. Thus my concealed carry permit! I will protect myself, and suffer whatever the consequences are.

  • chaloner

    What did you expect from Communist Pigs!

  • Mark Allen

    I just don’t have words for the despicable acts of these worthless bottom of the barrel slugs. This never was about skin color and all about sharpton and obama manipulating the black community. How does it feel to be his pawn black man?

  • Angry white man

    Time to bring back the old game of cowboys n n*****s I suppose.

  • dawne.cussetaGA

    These people are stupid. Standing around yelling at people who are having lunch is the lamest thing I have ever heard. I am sure that those who fought for “civil rights” would be so proud.

  • carlhoffman

    They see how Al and Jesse get away with shaking down whites and now feel they can do it too. When no one stands against evil it grows. Ones who pay Al and Jesse are to blame and need to be held to account or soon every establishment will be paying to keep the peace. King Obama has ruled the police are racist and so are most whites in his eyes, so he too encourages this behavior.

  • Jon Weiss

    For Blacks to target and harass Whites in NYC is not all that shocking, since such actions are based on a group claiming “victim” status and in liberal utopias like NYC every liberal claims (falsely) to be a victim of one thing or another. Personally, I don’t really give two hoots what goes on in NYC, for all I care they could wall the city off and let the protesting activists have the dump. Within a year it would resemble the movie set of “Escape From New York” anyway.

  • 44219

    the uneducated will vote for whoever gives them the most bread and circus …

  • Do they REALLY want a race war? Is that the goal? they better do the math… #shamefulblackracists

  • Brian McMichael

    Niggers niggers and more niiggers

  • LInda

    Where was ‘rev” Sharpton,? not in a church preaching the gospel, that’s for sure.

  • Bill Pittman

    Nine out of ten white Americans will allow themselves to be beat to death with reacting. They have become to accustomed to not causing or getting into trouble. They do not want to risk their jobs or businesses.

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Then they are not going to make it unless they have other Whites to protect them and re-teach them how to stand their ground and bury some negroid crap where it belongs as necessary.

  • RD

    The best thing the country needs is whites to start killing nigers PERIOD, go back to slaves and whites with whips beating them to death for looking at them wrong.

  • nay51756

    This is what our current government wants.It distracts from what is going on .At a time when we should all unite and pay attention.The old divide and conquer method.So far it’s working.

  • Brian McMichael

    Come to az and touch my wife. CCW baby

  • 44219

    The uneducated will vote for whoever gives them the most bread and circus …As the country gets more and more flooded with illegals that will get US citizenship they will add their numbers with groups like this and control the country…

  • Jarrad Williams

    How disgusting is it that we now live in a society that permits the harassment of innocent people trying to enjoy a meal at a public restaurant. Equally disgusting is the mindset that doesn’t see racism in their own actions to protest something they supposedly detest. Racist/Racism is a label that is indiscriminately applied these days by people who believe the now broad brush criteria used doesn’t apply to them for displaying behavior that is often worse than those whom they accuse.

    Anyone who participates in this type of “protest” understands neither the concept of peaceful protest or articulating a true grievance…..if they actually have one. These bozos should ALL be jailed!

  • IheartSarahPalin

    Give them all one year of welfare upfront and drop them off in Liberia so they can know what a black run country is really like or simply drop them in Detroit, but they already ruined that city.

  • The Choice Is Clear

    Too bad Charles Manson wasn’t on the outside having brunch with his wife in NYC. He would have “axed” these negroes one final question.

  • Domenica Stone

    Where’s the video? Race-baiters.

    • John Urban

      We’ll post it when we get it

  • Regina Boutwell

    Those were not black people who were going to the restaurants causing all that commotion. Black people have respect for themselves as do white people. Those people are Niggers.


    How is that progressive life style working out? You voted for this Sh!t deal with it. Funny how they don’t try this crap in an armed county.

  • rsolid

    This crap is and has been out of control. Do these fools think they are helping there cause? I know not all black are even ok with stupid things like this but (they) are the (only) ones that can stop it. If your ok with this thing your stupid because those people had (every ) right to be there. These fools are dividing a Nation because of fabricated racialism by All whites.

  • Dave

    Haha wow I don’t agree with what my brothers and sisters are doing but look at the white people commenting. Most part, you’re proving our actions right. See, calling us animals and saying “they’re not human” or “their brains are smaller” honestly proves your own ignorance. White people in history have been good for ine thing only and that is stealing. Music, sports, land or even people have succumbed to white influence you guys never have an original idea. I say this though if we gotta handle this we gotta handle it right and thats by boycotts. Said my peace now peace

    • John Urban

      Um, what? So where exactly did “White people” “steal” classical music, Western art, baseball, science, mathematics and economics from?

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Blacks brains are so small as animals that they never even invented the wheel. Knowing this proves our own awareness, and your inability to understand the definition of ignorance itself and how your species is the epitome of it only proves your ignorance (in the correct context entirely).

      Your species, in their native habitat, make and eat MUD pies as if they were cookies, shower in the piss of cows and rub feces all over their bodies to “cool down” instead of using WATER! All the while, eating your own kind like fried chicken and beef jerky as if they were food.

      Your animal relatives had no toilets, running water, or anything else before the British, French, Germans, and other Europeans came to help their dumb asses. But oh yes, surely the White people who did all the things that blacks didn’t and still cannot makes imaginary accusations of “copying” them legit. Keep dreaming, nignog.

      You DO agree with what your “brothers and sisters” are doing, otherwise they would just be other blacks to you, right? But they’re not. They’re your “brothers and sisters” because you go around pretending you’re not a violent yard ape in order to play on the sympathy of Whites while trying to cut them down with bs and lies. Sorry buddy, but don’t you think that Whites who are smart enough to make all of the things you blacks cannot are also smart enough to see through you and what you are trying to do?

      Here is another fact you hate: Whites are THE MOST CREATIVE IN THE WORLD with the most original ideas that have ever been conceived, while you negroid pieces of BLACK POO are INCAPABLE of doing anything that even white INFANTS can do without even being told! Every time I see protests on TV it’s like watching National Geographic in the city.

      “Youknowutahmsayin dawg?”

    • commonsense

      Sorry Dave, I don’t know what planet you live on but 90% of all inventions and innovations have been created by Whites and Asians. At one time in history North Africans contributed, but since then, not so much. What Whites and Asians have created has benefited all races, nationalities and genders. Give credit where credit is due.

    • Domenica Stone

      It must suck for them to try so hard to feel superior to people they fear down deep..

  • Ed Woodson

    It has begun!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    And muslims are instigating these near violent incidents.
    Yes, these muslims are here to help bring America down!~

  • 44219

    you can bet that you will not hear anything from the Mayor …then again he does not have to because you will vote him in next year too

  • commonsense

    Hahaha, their pitiful little movement now relies on disturbing someone’s breakfast. Hey jackazzes, you’re done, stick a brunch fork in you. You are so stupid you’d be first to die in a race war anyway so it’s probably for the best. Oh, and BTW, if you are stupid enough to live in that rathole (NYC), you deserve this kind of crap. #nojusticenoquiche

  • Michael Joiner

    What would these people have to do for us to consider the remote possibility that maybe our ancestors knew something…#theysureactliken#$#ers….

  • Kara

    I am soooooo sick of people acting like this sort of nonsense makes a difference!! All this sort of thing does is make people who are racist, more racist and people who aren’t racism fearful!! This is not showing power or showing the mistreatment of people of color. This is showing ignorance. None of these protestors know what any of these diners stance is on racism. They have no idea who they have surrounded and are harassing!! All this nonsense is doing is drawing attention to the unintelligent rantings of people who think if your white your racists!! They needed to be arrested and charged and jailed, not because they are black but because their actions were criminal!! IGNORANCE plain and simple!!

  • Gary

    Get a job, you worthless scum!

  • cavemansback

    I love it. The people who were attacked have been quietly enjoying the police doing their dirty work while they pretend to be liberal yuppie progressive hipsters. Now that they see what the filthy animals do they can wake up and vote the DiBlasio pukes out.

  • Texasnana

    Disgusting thugs.. Never been to NYC nor do I ever plan to visit NYC.. ever…

  • Sons of Liberty

    Let them come down here to Arizona and try that.

  • alflorida

    These black racists are just asking for help to meet the Lord. Time to pack concealed carry and, if the situation warrants, consider “helping” them

    • Ferrari fan

      They’ll be meeting someone, but probably not the one they are hoping for.

      • The Choice Is Clear

        Satan will give them all the grape drank and fried chicken they want as long as they keep doing dark work.

  • sugarandspice

    My silverware would have come in handy!

  • This is why I am armed at all times.

  • HannaH43

    who ever the morons are thought up this action are suicidal

  • Bill Catz

    Why is it that these blacks can not and will not do anything to better society. Destroy is all they know and worse than that, it is all they want to know. Nothing will get better for them until they better themselves.

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Because they were created by and serve the will of Satan. That’s where blacks come from. Let them prove it to you with their actions. They always do!

  • UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall

    “What better way to concur a country, than to first, separate it’s people?” Wake up & stand TOGETHER!!!! Do you not see what is going on here???

    • Ferrari fan

      I believe the word you are searching for here is “conquer”, not concur.

      • UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall

        Thank you. ; )

        • Ferrari fan

          no problem, I do concur with your point, though 🙂

          • UnitedWeStandDividedWeFall

            Got a tad excited and missed the typo. lol

  • Ken Darby

    F- these People. Animals need to be exterminated. Mike Brown, and that Fat A$$ in NY got what they deserved. So, should these pigs

  • wowlikewow

    F these racist bastages!! Touch me and I pull my gun and start blasting all you n*gg**s, and your commie supporters!!! I had a GREAT meal in peace this morning, Served by a very pleasant black person!!!!

  • Robert Cale

    Let them have them nasty cities, I bet they won’t step out of line in the country. Only idiots still live in highly populated areas.

  • ste8875

    This is what happens when you vote Democrat. Still think you will never need weapons in NYC. Another reason I will never visit this cesspool. They did this because they feel they can get away with it. After all Sharpton is an advisor for the mayor for race relations.

  • Jesse

    This is the problem as I see it with this country right now. Everyone started out in the suburbs. Then we started building cities. In the suburbs, it was easy to pay attention to everyone around you b/c there weren’t that many people and you had space to be yourself. In the city (and they’ve done NUMEROUS studies on this) people really don’t pay that much attention to their surroundings. It’s more common to zone out and not care about the people around you, in an attempt to reclaim that private space which we humans crave (even though the Earth will run out of food before it runs out of space to house us all, we still crave cramped city life for the social nature.). Because of this, it’s also more common for people from the cities to not be as involved with one another. Want proof? Go to a few of the countries where it’s considered impolite to ask people how they are and not expect an answer. That actually insults most foreigners who come here. Try Germany. It’s pretty much all cities and it’s common for restaurants to seat you with random strangers and strangers to talk to you on the street. Americans are so self-righteous to assume that they have the right to be a nice person, by not caring about other people but showing a superficial front in those peoples’ direction. It’s not the Taliban or the Muslims or the CIA or the NSA which is destroying this country. It’s Americans. United We STAND. Divided We FALL! Oldest quote in our books but we still cannot comprehend it. Wanna know how to fix this? Give you a clue. It has nothing to do with being black or white. It has to do with listening. Read up on Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Listen to what the protesters are saying without crying about every little thing. (that’s another thing we forgot when we transitioned to the city life, we forgot how to let things roll off our shoulders and take things standing up), then CALMLY present your case. Stop assuming that b/c someone is upset or not acting in a manner which you deem appropriate, that they’re a crazed lunatic. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself, “What would make me so upset that I would act in this manner?” if you cannot comprehend what they’re saying, you desperately need to work on your people skills. Read some old westerns. These aren’t fairy tales. They’re how people actually act when they’re on their own and forced to take care of themselves. They’re core emotions at the center of EVERYONE. Until this country learns how to relate and be PEOPLE again (not just machines which take in facts and act all PROPER), we’re going to keep going downhill and it’s no one’s fault but our own.

    • commonsense

      So you are okay with what these protesters did? Seems to me they are the ones not acting civilized. If you had been in that restaurant, would you have “understood” them? No grievance calls for this kind of harassment. The blacks are the ones behaving the way you have described in your rant. When they attack you, just tell them it’s okay and see if they treat you as a brother.

      • Jesse

        I’m not saying it was right. I’m not defending them and if the lady was slapped (seemed to miss that part). She should have called the cops (when she wasn’t scared for her life). The guy who did it should rot in jail for a few nights as a cool off. What I am saying is that crap like this is going to keep happening until there’s an open discussion on the table. They’re going to keep escalating. We’re going to keep escalating. Then the race-war begins (if it hasn’t already). Personally I don’t want any part of it. I cannot deny that any of what took place in those restaurants wasn’t racism. Problem is, racism + racism = more racism. Open discussion is the only key to solving the whole thing. That involves listening and speaking. I don’t condone what they did. I condemn people sitting around in fear and thinking that getting upset about it is going to solve anything.

  • John

    Lock and load

  • armed grandpappy

    At the end of the day I’m still white snd they are still ni66ers. I always win! END WHITE SILENCE

    • Domenica Stone

      At the end of your sad life being born white is going to be all you ever really had and you are the real N*gger…..

  • DO’Riley

    Anarchist not protestors!

  • Glenn Drake

    Why did the management call the police.

    • vale

      Police officer’s need to just go in there an whoop some ass!! I’d love to see these ass wipes – get their ass kicked!!

  • come on dude

    It does not matter the color. There are idiots everywhere. This is not the way to protest, not by any means. Its what the terrorists do, attack the innocent. There are those who wish for a race war on both sides. We have problems in our country, serious ones. War is serious, people use that word too casually. Death, bloodshed, violence……this isn’t the middle east. I live in the dc area, totally mixed area…..this would not happen….. because most of us, regardless of color, went to school……we know better, we know how to act….all the races. Stupid to talk about war and stupid to be prejudice.

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Color? Oh, you mean you don’t know it’s genetics. Ok. Well, their color is just one genetic identifier for their actions which are inseparable once you see the correlations. But carry on with your miconceptions ‘dude’. Some are not races, they are a separate species, and they will only withhold their animal nature for a certain duration of time before they revert to where they should have never left: the jungle.

  • Brett Davis

    These alleged protesters — more like assholes looking to cause trouble
    — need a lesson, both in manners and on history. The former is
    self-explanatory, while the latter involves the fact that while slavery
    and Jim Crow are undoubtedly part of America’s history, servitude in the
    form of slavery is not unique to peoples of African descent; in fact it
    was somewhat common around the world in the distant past. (The
    etymology of the word “slave” itself is somewhat telling in this
    regard.) Also, the Islamic world had established an African slave trade
    long before any European started taking slaves from the Dark Continent.
    African tribal states cooperated wholeheartedly in the African slave
    trade as well. Some blacks in America owned black slaves. Finally, these
    protesters seem strangely unaware that the word “genocide” has a
    specific meaning. The point being, that history is not so — you’ll
    pardon the pun — black and white on the issue, and this constant
    wallowing in victimhood does nobody any good.

    • gofer1

      75% of Africans, during that period were slaves and servants to the kings and nobles. They were already slaves when they were sold. Cannibilism was common. You can read the history written by British explorers in “Negros in Negroland”. Its very gory when it comes to how they lived and what they ate. Love was unknown. They just as easily consumed family members as strangers.

  • vdetillion

    do you know this shows absolute ignorance people like this who want to blame others for their plight when what would they do for welfare if white people didn’t pay taxes.

    • Domenica Stone

      Did you know the Presidents BLACk lmao oops sucks for you.

  • Jim Van Riper

    These “protesters” are just looking for trouble and an excuse to riot again. They’re not “protesters” – they’re ass holes. You can take these individuals out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of them.

  • Jim Van Riper

    Get in my face or the face of my family, there will be a high price to pay. How about a bit of pepper spray to the ones that try to ruin my meal?

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Some of them are used to mace and pepper spray. They get it in the face all the time from raping women, so it doesn’t really effect or phase a lot of them. You need to hit them fast and hard in vital areas to take them down and use any hard objects or weapons available to do that as quickly as you can. Fighting them is sometimes like fighting a wild animal, but you can destroy them when you have to. Trust me.

  • Daryl Ann Guy

    Hope that kat whatever doesn’t reproduce.

    • mindy1

      horrible thought D:

  • new Texan

    And all the white pansies probably just sat there and did absolutely nothing. If that be the case, then they deserve to have their dining experience ruined.

  • Kal Vintorrez

    I would have laughed at all these porch monkeys trying to ruin my lunch… off a name, i’d eat a french fry and say “Good!”

  • mtin

    Get in my face like that and there will more black peoples deaths to splash across the front page of the news papers and TV..

  • Brian McMichael


  • Brian McMichael


  • Brian McMichael


  • jwyoming

    Problem is you liberal left wing New Yorkers don’t have the gumption is stand up and fight back. You just sit there and let the “Trayvon” Thugs take over. If one of you had hauled off and busted a few of these thugs in the mouth they would have shut Up

  • Night Owl

    This country is being ripped apart by Obama and his Hippie radicals as well as well known racists who revel in wielding a double edged sword. They will openly decry the white man while they pick his pockets when he buys their records, movies and patronizes their businesses. Thisa is not about Racism it is about irresponsibility, the freedom to commit violence and the will to hate anyone with more of what they want but refuse to earn. And this is all sanctioned by hateful people throwing these puppets under the bus. What do you think will happen once this goes too far? Martial Law will be decreed and these people causing this mess will be placed under tightly controlled house arrest complete with militarily enforced curfews. Keep it up tools. While you are doing the work of “The Man” in government, you are destroying everything that you are demanding and already have.

  • Scott Mohr

    They try that garbage here and they would be met by bunch of pissed off CCW White Men and Women. Some reason “Shock the Monkey” comes to mind.

  • colonelkilgore


  • Bumpdo Knutz

    Ghetto trash. Par for the course.

  • LadyScot

    Because white New Yorkers play into that crap. Try that in the south and you will get put in your place with a gun in your face.

  • babbs1029

    Please do this in KY. We have conceal carry permits. The woman that was slapped had every right to defend herself.

  • jr

    If they want to protest the so-called white space like that they should have just gotten a table and sat down and ordered lunch. Though I am sure they would have been upset when no one torented them or disturbed their peaceful repast in any way. Would have blown their delusional ideas to smithereens.

  • Just imagine if white people entered black restaurants in Harlem and tried this bullshit!

    Big Bird De Blasio has lost control of New York, and by alienating the police, he only has himself to blame.

  • Don Williams

    Few in NYC conceal carry. It would be interesting to see them try this in Seattle, Louisville, etc.

  • JNobleDagget


  • Ken Darby

    Please, Oh, Please start Crap like this in Arizona. The 1st one who even brushes against me, will learn the true meaning of Stand my Ground, Signed. A United States Marine Corp Vet with a concealed Carry permit!

  • Imtoooldforthis

    What a bunch of disgusting, bigoted, unemployed losers. Nothing better to do than try to start fights with the white employed enjoying lunch at a restaurant these losers can’t afford to eat at. Blacks are the racist bigots.

  • Billy Beacham

    blacks just showing how freaking stupid they are when the whites get feed up wwith their bull crap , an azz kicking they will get

  • LadyScot

    People please. The word is MARTIAL law. Not MARSHAL. Thank you.

  • Snow White

    The beginning of the long awaited race war? We can only hope!

  • Joe Smith

    At times Blacks can be the Lowest form of man that walks the earth.

  • Joe Smith

    The Black man well never better himself because he wants everything for Free. Just like a Little Child that cant get his way and WE have to baby sit him.

  • Tracie Holladay

    ALL of the white people there should have walked out of the place without paying for their food. Let the management eat the cost. They can charge it to the “protesters.”

  • Ed Woodson

    Both my Wife and I carry Wasp Spray with us. Should we be at a Restaurant and these thugs try to disrupt our peace and quiet, a couple of shots of the Wasp Spray will send them on their way. Guarantee, they’ll be disabled long enough for you to finish your meal and leave at a leisurely pace.

    • jody garrett

      3 part pepperspray will do it… HAS TEAR GAS AND A UV MARKER IN THERE TOO…

      • The Choice Is Clear

        Pepper sprays and mace aren’t always effective. Some negro monsters actually spray themselves in the face with it repeatedly to build up a resistance to rape victims and people they want to mug or attack in the streets before doing it.CS (what you call tear gas) as a liquid spray is a lachrymatory agent that is only partially better than your pepper spray or mace if made with other ingredients or substitutions.

        So if you do have to spray them with something, you are probably better off with Ed Woodson’s Wasp Spray above, because with wasp spray, it will seal a negro’s eyes shut and swell them from the chemical reaction, requiring them to go to the hospital to get the antidote for it…whereas CS/pepper spray may not be as effective as that (or in some cases hardly at all if they are used to it).

        Fortunately, they cannot do that with wasp spray since it works differently on them in a way that resistance isn’t going to be built through repeated use of it. If a black beast can’t see you, then he can’t fight. So at that point, even a frail woman will be able to pick up a large object to do some major damage to the black criminal attacker trying to hurt her or her family.

      • Ed Woodson

        True! But, I can get you from ten feet away with Wasp Spray.

  • kukulkan

    Looks like harassing people needs to be punishable with a felony…

    • The Choice Is Clear

      No, because then you eliminate and make allowances for Obamaites to extend their attacks with false “racism” accusations, and other liberal misuses of it.

      What needs to be punishable by a felony or worse is black behavior period, be it harassment or anything else. Yes, I said it. Bring back the segregation laws, and APPLY THEM to put an end to black savagery. Blacks would not be getting away with rape, murder, or harassment if there were still hangings of them in the streets when they did it.

  • J.R.

    It’s up to the owner’s/managers to ask the black’s to leave. If not, well, the “whites” will just have to leave and won’t come back!

  • Marie Hicks

    Black lives matter! Black thugs DON’T!

    • The Choice Is Clear

      You suggest there is a difference. Where? A handful of blacks that should have been born white, asian, etc because they are decent? The 1% or less of blacks that aren’t hostile do not justify the 99% of black lives that only exist to rob, rape, steal, and destroy.

  • vdetillion

    first of all I would demand the money back or would not pay my bill unless the harassers were prosecuted for disturbing the peace.

  • DAG

    ignorant assholes.

  • JHL

    The great and terrible day of the LORD is coming !

  • kukulkan

    Boycott black businesses and hoods, while avoiding businesses that employ 90% blacks like fast food spots. Avoid businesses that are a majority latin as well unless you want spit in your food and your kids molested.

  • Joe Smith

    Give them more Food Stamps

  • bik

    Try that in a “shall issue” state.

  • Josephine Earp

    Hey NYC. How about the BAN on guns?

  • Jack Hammer

    This is not helping their cause.

    • The Choice Is Clear

      They have a cause? lol

      • Jack Hammer

        Yes, police accountability. Holding them to the same standards the rest of us are required to follow. These shenanigans aren’t helping. They;re making them look like blithering idiots.

  • JP2012

    The NY brunch crowd has been looking down its nose at “ordinary” people for years while accusing us of homophobia, racism, sexism, misogyny, etc. Sorry to say but it looks like they are reaping what they have sewn.

  • FAAQ2


  • Leona M Phillips-smith

    the black people who do things like this need to be educated. It is partly the fault of the schools in this country for not telling the complete history of this country. As someone who has native american and irish blood running thru my veins, two peoples who were slaughtered and enslaved but yet i dont get free stuff and hand outs nor do i want them, i am disgusted by their actions. Yes the irish were the first slaves in america.

  • nancyj1922

    Why did the place they were eating not call the police? Wrong on every level.

  • Jennifer

    Over the last several weeks, we have watched civil uprising to an very dangerous extent. War is being declared on police, and now white people, probably thee least racist kinds and its disgusting. Tyranny does not triumph. Posing physical threats to random people just displays the ignorance of the “black drama stomp” – cant resolve problems with words might as well physically harm….I admire many black leaders, ect…..they dont act like animals out of a cage to get results. maybe this is WHY people struggle with race, 10 steps forward and criminals like this moonwalk 15 steps backwards. Micheal Brown was a criminal, get over it. Unless you are like, into having criminals represent you. I do think black officers need to address the issue, but who is going to listen…if your as mindless as these people. Bullies.

  • Xerocky

    Obama will remain silent on all of this, no matter how much of it there is. Therefore, as POTUS, he’s complicit.

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Kenyan Senator Obama is NOT our president.

  • mindy1

    OK this crap is getting out of hand….stuff like this is pushing me towards hating people. 🙁

    • The Choice Is Clear

      Don’t worry, blacks aren’t really people. So hating them won’t make you hate “people”, just them.

  • T Keern

    Useless ghetto trash.

  • gofer1

    Homocide is by far the leading cause of death among young, 18-24 yr old, black men. More than all other causes combined. Otherwords, its other black men who do the killing, not cops or white people. Sharpton could point this out and tell them the truth instead of encouraging them in a lie. Another 1784 die every day from abortion.

  • It would have been on like donkey kong… wait, was that racist?

  • Ed Woodson

    This happened on Both Coasts. Who’s organizing this? That was no coincidence.

  • tax man

    The owners of these places need to take charge and have the racist thugs removed and permanently banned from their restaurant. We will not tolerate this criminal behavior by ignorant fools!

  • Sarah Mahala

    HAS THE WHOLE BLACK RACE GONE CRAZY???? They all seem to think the laws and rules do not apply to them. I know that there are good black people but the thugs are giving them all a bad rap.

  • guest

    I guess it is time to end the Great Society – end welfare and Blacks will be too busy working to protest.

    • Wiggle D

      The problem with ending Welfare is that the higher ups are afraid that people who need the system will die without it. Nobody wants that blood on their hands. Honestly, they should drop all services and force everyone to re-enroll. After we clean house, of course and research into all applicants.

  • Someone

    Another attempt to start a race war by the Attorney General and the people that pulled the Sandy Hook Hoax to get the WHITE man’s guns.

  • guest

    Hey all you hope and change morons – how’s all this race troubles workin’ for ya. Elect a racist that appoints nothing but black racists to high office and this is what you get.

  • Black Twitter is just evil. Scum of the earth-type people who don’t see themselves for what they are. All they inspire is hatred between blacks and whites. Pay them no mind.

  • Whiteeagle

    HERE’S WHAT We Need …. An ‘Army’ Of Black Men & Women .. Of Integrity, To ‘Stand-Up’ AND Declare ‘Zero-Tolerance’ To THIS Brutish Behavior …. (As Opposed To The Black People With NO Integrity, Whom Are Being ‘Subversive’ In Intentions And Deeds In ‘Concert’ With The Agitators) … BUT, I’m Somewhat Concerned That Like The Radical Islamists …. The Black Population Might Be Too Fearful To Appear To Be Resisting The ‘Momentum’ That The Black Thugs Feel Like They’re Building … NO Easy Answer Here … I’m ALSO Concerned About ‘IF’ And ‘WHEN’ The Well-Armed White Populous DO Experience ‘Their LAST Straw’ … WHAT The Consequences Of THAT May Be ….


    Conceal and Carry would stop this nonsense! DiBlasio is toast! Those isolated liberal whites now know how these people always act! This is not anything new. What is new is that they hit liberal whites this time!


    Seriously! Where were the cops? Did DiBlasio give them a stand down order?

  • annie Mae

    These vermin need to be exterminated as quickly as possible… They are an embarrassment to the human race. Yeah! New York is the best city to visit if you’re gutless and have no self respect. Come out here where our weapons will drop you as you go to open your mouth or touch one part of my body. Big and tough when your policemens’ hands are tied. Big brave rubber lips now but your days ae numbered.

  • guest01

    think liberals will start to get it now? yea me neither.

    black folks are about to come full circle. half a century of easy street and theyre about to go right back to where they were.

    • Paul MacKay

      Easy street? Really? I suppose if not being kept as slaves and just being kept in poverty is easy street you’re quite right.

      • Wiggle D

        We keep no one anywhere. We the tax payers pay for their needs, their kids’ needs and the thuggish, baby-daddies in our prisons. Many of them choose to live life either in prison (because of their poor judgement) or permanently on Welfare. ‘Poverty’ loses it’s meaning when you are handed to something every day and choose to be a parasite, when you choose to do nothing about it.

  • Matthew Arthurs

    Perhaps they should be taught what real genocide is.

  • White man standing

    They are what they are you will never change trash why dont they go to their native country is and live there if they are so repressed here and forced into labor.

  • DanaLanders

    getting real tired of this…if it continues I may not be held responsible for my actions! Just wish they’d show up where I am, it would get ugly in a hurry and I just don’t give a damn!

  • ACV2233

    This “brown” person think these protesters need to move out of their parent’s basements and find jobs – do something useful for a change.

  • lewpubco

    This is why whites move out of cities to more acceptable places. Leave them behind and let them wallow in their own muck.

  • poetwarrior

    Are they giving classes on how to create hatred where none existed?

  • basspig

    There are almost 300 million guns in the hands of white people. Imagine when they’ve had their fill of this nonsense. No one will be able to stop the ethnic ‘cleansing’ once it begins.

  • ED Lippiett

    well when cain was kicked out of the garden of eden he met a ape had sex hense the black race half human have ape

  • savethepelicans

    Assholes,the true bottom of the barrel.

  • Stephen Tate

    Race relations have never been better in this country. Thank you Obama, the great healer!

  • Bucky

    Back the patty wagon up and cart their dumb asses to jail, this is 2015, I have plenty of black friends and none of them would act like this, this is pitiful and lame. grow the hell up

  • I don’t understand…There you eating with sharp utensils and some undesirable comes up and harasses you verbally or pushes you and you do nothing. It’s perfect opportunity to prove that it is not good to come to a knife and fork fight only with the sound of your voice. A few hard jabs with a knife or fork and the noise from their mouth will stop and you can resume eating. I’m sure the restaurant will provide clean silverware. Done as a group this can stop even the loudest voices from interrupting your meal. I’m not mentioning any race here as I’m speaking to those that were eating no matter their race and how they should handle those nonpaying non customers who are bothering them.

  • bill557788

    Funny that never happens in Alabama they know better .

  • krjfla

    All these f-in protesters are the low life scum of our cities. No morals, little clotted brain cells that never allowed them to grow past 8 years old in development. Little followers of the communist brigade. Sad representation of the cities youth. Learn some manners,dips—s! Your color means nothing! You want everything on a free fricken platter and you’re not gonna get it! Grow the h*ll up! Earn your RESPECT! This won’t get it!

  • Chosun1

    I’ve heard some of my African-American friends tell me that it is impossible for them to be racist b/c of the same argument about lack of power. As a white man who lived in Flatbush Brooklyn, I will tell you that I never had the power there. Black people did — end of the story. When I got my head beat into the concrete by one of my black neighbors and his friends simply because I was white, I certainly didn’t have the power. They had the power and they were certainly acting in a very racist way. Nothing happened to them. In this case, these racist agitators are not helping their “cause” but simply acting like racist punks.

  • shareit

    Whites give more money to charity than any other race. I say stop supporting any charities that help black people and let them see how little their own people will support them.

  • Cliff_Skridlow

    The “In your face” aspect is not surprisingly familiar – it’s been used by the leftist agitators for years now…the LGBT, environmentalist whackos, the illegal immigrant enablers, ad nauseum. It would actually be funny if it wasn’t so tragic what these clueless idiots are ultimately doing to themselves. Still can’t fix stupid…

  • shareit
  • Kenny Amos


    • jody garrett

      We can multitask

      • Kenny Amos

        now a days not as much as we used to be able to..
        kind of like what happened to common sense.. LOL

  • sherimac56

    This is why we have conceal and carry laws. Touch you; take them down.

  • Guest

    The Giant Needs To Awake And End This Animal Circus!

  • disqus_ffJw1TiF6G

    You know how to fix their asses? You see them walk into a establishment wait until they are all in a circle and start talking their shi* then start throwing what ever food you have at them and make sure they walk out of there with cole slaw in their hair and wigs and make sure their clothes all have nice food stains on them then walk out without paying the bill since the eatery can not protect their customers.

  • Guest

    Damn, Obama is a real Bitch! The Giants need to awake and finish this Animal Circus if the Police Can’t/won’t……..

  • Ted Fiorito

    Obama, Holder, Sharpton and NY Mayor are behind this crap by holding back the police. I wonder why Black Police don’t want to hold the Law up on these scumbags causing chaos.

  • Wish these protesting neegrows would protest for hours at the ritziest restaurants in NYCity and Beverly Hills …… for hours especially at the prime business hours.

  • Clami Bordolis

    Dear United States – you people look like a bunch of loud, blow-hard, uneducated racist, morons to the rest of the world. I’ve never seen such idiocy in my life. Grow up for crissakes. Your beautiful country is going down the crapper right before your eyes.

  • MacIndy

    Sad thing is, this action has been accelerated by a racist president, racist activist (Al Sharptongue) who are going to push things back all that has progressed the past 100 years for equality. Sorry, but seems the blacks don’t seem to have the insight to see what is transpiring. In the meantime the militias are preparing, because Obama wants Marshall law via race riots , etc. And he will lose and a lot of good people will be caught in the crossfire. I, myself, have been cleaning the necessary hardware needed to protect family when the time comes! Oh, I just read where one celebrity just said, 300 million people in the USA and 300 million firearms. His number is probably a little short on the firearms issue. Too many hunters out there…. hmmm… majority of them are white. Just a thought.

  • Jeff Claiborne

    These self-righteous racists are deluded brain washed irrational reactionaries and if they think this kind of idiocy is going to cause people to be sympathetic to their cause they are deluded and living in a fantasy world. They are blind to their own racism and the arrogant self-righteousness by which they exempt themselves from civil thought and behavior is despicable. It is unfortunate that they so blatantly and arrogantly stir up my anger and the anger and opposition of most Americans. They need to grow a brain and use it.

  • Alan Brown

    start shooting them down

  • Bob Simpson

    Good. White people need to be reminded of what a racist country this is.

  • lenny

    Better arm yourself, it’s better to be judged by 6, then be carried by 6. These scumbags only terrorize in groups, the sad thing is that the head pos has their backs. obama-bin-laden sent a nice condolence message to the black sports caster’s family but nothing to the families of the 2 police officers that were gunned down in the line of duty, by a sneaky scumbag that should rot in hell. The prick mayor d-lousy-o better get the message.

  • Strange1

    can anyone even begin to fathom the outrage if the races were reversed? Can you even grasp the rage that would be felt if I gathered up even two white men and walked into a restaurant and harrased just one single black person for even so much as one minute?

  • Crystal Lynn Davis

    I’m sorry but if there were a load of white Hungarian people that entered the restaurant and started racist comments at me I’d be just as intimidated. Not everyone reacts with violence when attacked, most are stunned (I sure as hell would be). And exactly what WOULD have happened to one of those customers had they stood up and joined their mass racist, terrorist group? Because lets face it, that’s exactly what it is. There’s one other group I remember learning about that was also a mass racist, terrorist group but we’ll not talk about that because that would make me racist.

  • Doug Lauzon

    Open season

  • Jerry Colon

    cup of hot coffe in there face will make them leave
    jam a fork into there knee works too.
    how about a plate tossed into there head and have it hit on the edge…
    the fun i would have……..butter on the floor

  • Jerry Colon

    i bet out of all of them they is not one with an I.Q. higher than a single digit

  • YelowJezamin

    Why are they doing this? Because they can. No shopowner will call the cops or close their doors, out of fear of reprisals. No cop will stop them or arrest them out of fear of being labeled ‘racist’… plus the NYC cops are not arresting for ‘minor’ infractions now. No individual will draw a gun or even pepper spray because they won’t get backup from other white people, and could go to jail for a felony. Their black-panther, commie-leaders know all this, and are provoking a race war on purpose. They WANT their own black followers’ blood in the streets – so that they can increase their terroristic hold over the cities.

  • Stephen Moniz

    Wow what a bunch of racists

  • Porphyry

    Fothermuckin’ commiesuckers! Makes one think of creative uses for dining chairs. Any steak knives lying around? If not try a fork…

  • Tommy Cool Cat McGee

    These people are MORONS. Do they think there won’t eventually be a backlash ?

  • Tommy Cool Cat McGee

    Just plain foolishness. I don’t agree with what they did.

  • Tommy Cool Cat McGee

    And kat yang-stevens just needs to chill out and stop being such a hater

  • stone8

    Bring that act to Texas and find out what happens to you.

  • Kristen Tina Means

    I am just sick to death about all of this, yes black lives matter, anything that has a heart beat matters 2 legged or 4 legged. Do these so called protesters not realize that they are the ones taking this country back to the 50’s and 60’s, hell O bet the majority who protest have no knowledge or education on the way things were. They are doing nothing more than tarnishing their own people. It is the year 2015 race should be a non issue. I think the protests are nothing but angry black men and women (a very small percentage) hell bent on destroying and looting and killing the GOOD cops. If you are going to act like an animal expect to be treated as such. I have had to fight and work my ass off for everything I have. It was my choice to educate myself and get to the point I could survive. So these supposed oppressed black people can kiss my ass, because they have the same opportunity as I did. Make a choice to better yourself to plan for a future. Criminals never win, and that os what you all are becomming

  • Tom Saltzman

    Bring it, this white boy’s ready.

  • Anubis13

    Eventually this is going to explode when whites finally say enough is enough and these racists and their top level supporters are to blame for it. Had enough of these racist events.

  • Pat Warden

    And I thought they entered those restaurants to buy some white folks a meal for a change!

  • briy

    sad because more people are actually now becoming racist due this kind of behavior. Please get a job and find something intelligent to do.

  • akcita

    Amazing hypocrisy. The only Black Genocide being carried out is by the Liberal Left. 17+ million Black Babies destroyed since Roe V. Wade. I wonder when they will figure out that they should be more than 11% of the population.

  • Conservagrl

    The thing I find amusing about this is the brunch protests happened in NY, and most likely in areas where white people are progressives and these same white people pretty much talk the talk of progressivism but never walk the walk of it, then they get confronted and they burst into tears? why? these protesters are the same people you’ve fueled over the years by telling them that the white man has suppressed them, has kept them down, when in fact progressives have kept them down. This type of protest would never of happened at a redneck brunch.

  • Ginger

    And the woman needs to file assault charges for the person slapping her.

  • crystal

    I agree with you JPM…..There are enough Black Cops that should take them and haul their asses to jail…..who is being racist here?? Who is keeping this going??? and Why????? What are they gaining from this?? I have a lot of black friends……and it makes them feel embarrassed, in fact my one friend said he doesn’t even want to be called black…….It needs to STOP…….Step up OBAMA and DO SOMETHING BEFORE MORE PEOPLE AND POLICEMEN DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jim

    These nasty blacks won’t come to rural areas

  • Testeecleeze


  • Arthur M.

    They just need to start arresting these trouble makers that are obviously crossing the line with some of their antics. They’ve been given more than plenty of time and slack to make their point. (although, their protests about Ferguson were misguided and wrong in the first place) A lot of these fools are nothing but, ill-informed lemmings that don’t care about facts.

  • Thomas Zychowski

    They just made fifty supporters into fifty enemies. lol Good job.

  • Gwakka Mooley

    This type of behavior is WHY racism against blacks exists.

  • elizabeth cohen

    There will be a day of reckoning and all of these fools will pay for there ugliness. They will never get anyone on their side by being violent or morons. I tend to believe they are the latter.

  • mike d

    I’m starting to think their getting paid for this. The issues are real but the movement has been hijacked.

    • imyourshadow

      Some are…

  • unsi

    I would class that as terrorist actions, arrest and class them as terrorist sentence them as terrorist that will sort the real trouble makers out.

  • Heavenly Traveler

    Hypocrites, while they slaughter each other for a few dollars or the latest gym shoes or the best corner too sell dope. They are thoughtless fools if they cannot see were this will go.

  • Gaetano

    some day enough will be enough, then the real mayhem starts

  • rbrittne

    WHERE were the police? I’m sure someone called them…..But I bet in typical NYC fashion so as not to get the blacks angry they told the cops not to respond..(This technique goes way back to mayor Lindsay days during riots) Can you imagine if whites did this same thing to blacks??? I guarantee you that the national guard would be called out!

  • LibertysSon

    Sadly, The only real genocide I see is the Black abortion rates and the Black on Black murder rates.

    “If you base your life on falsehoods then you will lead a failed life.”

    ” None so blind as those that refuse to see…”

  • Brenda Kay Cookson

    I like how they blame everyone else for their issues but dont accept the responsibility for their own bad choices. Simple mindedness

  • TheOldMan

    I bet all but perhaps 2 of the restaurant patrons voted for The Dear Golfer.

  • Vincent Vega

    Concealed carry diners could have made a difference and a statement

  • Pogo

    These are just racists like any other racist group out there plain and simple. Their closer to KKK members than to the MUCH, MUCH larger community that they CLAIM they represent. It’s just time to call it what it is. A bunch of racists going into a place and harassing another group of people because of their color.
    It’s time to call it racism and stop accepting that “Boo hoo hoo, I’m a victim” crap that they try to pass off.
    In my eyes, they are guilty of committing a Hate crime, but our politicians are still afraid to prosecute it as such. They’ll come around.
    Their too dumb to realize they did more to hurt the black community’s cause that to help it.

  • Pogo

    I wonder how many customers were protesters before this event. : )

    • imyourshadow

      by the looks of them probably quite a few. They can pull that crap in yuppie-ville may not be as effective elsewhere.

  • Not Anonymous

    blatant censorship on this comment board..

  • Kinnison

    Downtown Manhattan, right? The protesters are right about one thing: It is full of white male wimps, which is probably why they picked the venues in the first place. I invite them to try this tactic “outside the gate” in any Service Town near any major U.S. military base and see how well their “protest” works on Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. They would be opening up an entire can of whoopass that they really didn’t want to empty…

  • Guest

    Really not sure how they get away with doing this on private property. If that was my restaurant I’d call the police and demand these people be removed. Then I’d comp the meals of all the customers and ban every protester from ever entering my restaurant.

  • WSW

    What gets me is if it was people of color sitting at that diner and white people came in doing the same thing the white people would be attacked and sent to jail. Sharpton and Obama would talk then wouldn’t they. You can come and ruin my breakfast, lunch, or dinner because this is the UNITED States of America! But I can’t do it to you….. who is racist here? By the way I am a 61 year old white woman.

  • tdlauburn

    Really not sure how they get away with doing this on private property. If that was my restaurant I’d call the police and demand these people be removed for trespassing. Then I’d comp the meals of all the customers and ban every protester from ever entering my restaurant.

  • Domenica Stone

    You should have made the headline what you really mean…”take a look at all these uppity N*GGERS”. Whats the difference?

  • Viking_61

    I am getting tired of these Orcs trying to destroy civilization…

  • Cathy Jones

    These protesters, concerned about their rights don’t give a dam$ about infringing on everyone elses rights.They make me sick. People are resenting their pushiness more and more,

  • Glynis Sakowicz

    You know, that idiot KatYangStevens really should read up on the history of this country before she flaps her fingers over the keypad of whatever phone she is using. “happening now & white fragility is on full display. When confronted with complicity in genocide most whites brains melt” Say what? “Right now black&brown folks disrupting business as usual AKA white complacency w/ genocide & response largely disrespectful #BlackBrunchNYC” Ok, so let me get this straight… these protestors, who obviously know nothing about the history of this country, storm into resturants, where people are paying some serious bucks to eat. They yell, they crowd around them, bellowing out rude comments, and then they say that the Whites who were dining were largely disrespectful? Really???
    Little girl, if you want to save the world, start with the woman in the mirror. Screaming at annoyed people who just wanted to eat their meal in peace, is not making any points for anyone. My hope for you, is that you live long enough to realized how idiotic, small-minded, and warped, your sense of right and wrong is..

  • byebyebigred

    Bang, bang!!!

  • Wanda Walker

    This needs to stop its horrible perhaps if they got jobs and didn’t have all that time on their hands Because the African Americans I know don’t act out like that.

  • Dave Edmonds

    She’s lucky someone didn’t pop her one. Would be interesting to see this attempted in many other not so tolerant neighborhoods. It would matter if you were green, purple or polka dotted if you tried this in the area I live in it would last about two minutes.

  • radikalrednek


  • RON

    race war created to further chaos. O’bummer is making headway.

  • Carllj62

    These protesters should go back on their made up plantation. MLK would be appalled at their actions.

  • Roy Earls

    I AM SO SICK of this BS …. that is precisely what it is ….. go to any neighborhood of one race/color and you will find neighbors that do not like or help each other and would not give them the time of day and because they are all the same, you cannot call them some name for a Political agenda. I will never support thugs or lawbreakers of ANY race because you “THINK” they have been cheated. GROW UP !!!

  • sjm

    They will eventually if not already too late create the exact thing they are complaining about…Racism. Racism takes all forms and travels in all directions….
    Targeting white folk having lunch simply because the are white is RACISM. ..this is pointless…hate makes hate wake up world.

  • Guest

    This is what tolerance has lead to. It’s time to stop being tolerant of idiocy

  • Vincent Sherrill

    Since this is what tolerance has lead to. It’s time to stop being tolerant of idiocy

  • Michael

    needs more pepper (spray)

  • Ozzy Osgood

    Harass my mother and you will die.

  • Straightwhitemale

    All they’re accomplishing is making people hate them more. Attacking innocent people is not the way to go.

  • Beedogz

    Time for a massive backlash!

  • Concetta

    Boycott N.Y. Who needs that crap

  • PoliWach

    de Blasio can have fun making this situation right. He deserves any upheaval resulting from his support of black criminals. He blatantly took sides with the bad guys which gave them the idea they can get away with anything (including murder). Now they are. A smart leader would have stood by his police force. Not very bright is he?

  • Tricia Quinton McIntosh

    Oppressed my ass,not going to apologize for being white. Starts happening in Massachusetts i will be getting a gun to protect my family. This is out of control

  • irish7_1sg

    Following the Communist playbook, Barry and his lapdog Liberal media move America closer to Civil War every single day. A divided nation (rich vs poor, old vs young, Moslems vs Christians, black vs white) is so much easier to conquer.

  • Say What?

    A bunch of uneducated, ignorant jobless blacks with nothing better to do. Hey at least it’s keeping them away from smoking pot on their front porch. This doesn’t go for all black people just those who “choose” to be ignorant.

    • Evolution of Devolution

      Dont kid yourself, they smoked on the way there.

  • Lynxbaby

    Kat yang-stevens: your self loathing is showing. Only by lashing out at people that have nothing to do with your life makes you feel better? Try your restaurant BS at some biker hangout and see what happens. Why don’t you find someone with good communication skills from your communities and run them for political office. Work through the system to help change things for yourself. What were the people having lunch supposed to do to make the protesters feel better? Hand over their wallets and purses?

  • Gary Patty

    Break some more laws….

  • Kayleigh

    Unfortunately this behavior is truly the reason why racism continues on within America. This behavior which labels people as Black or white separates everyone into groups and makes it impossible to get beyond it. For racism to stop people need to stop separating onto sides and start focusing on unity and working together to stop the racism.

    • Evolution of Devolution

      Youre right. But that doesnt pay very well.

      “There is a certain type of race problem solver, who doesnt want the patient to get well. Because as long as the disease holds out, they not only have a means to make a living, but a means to make themselves prominent before the community.”
      -Booker T. Washington 1911

  • Pam from WA State

    My co-worker, who is black, told me the worst racism she encountered was from blacks. It seems she wasn’t black enough for them! She had a light to medium skin color!

  • Ronald Yunis

    Come to Arizona. Please.

  • loftonian

    In this day and age , most all racial accusations are made by people that are themselves racist .

  • rex freeway

    Doing exactly what Obama want’s. He is truly the worst president ever. And we have 2 more years of this race baiting riot starter. In 2 years Whites will be guilty of just being in America.

  • Kmeares

    I’d ask what sitting and eating a meal one paid for had to do with questionable actions by the police but then I’d probably get labeled racist.

  • disqus_Xlj7cJ9k8c

    Typical “Pity me, I’m the victim” mentality. Why don’t these deadbeats do something beneficial, like get a job?

  • Danny Baxter Jr.

    Notice they didn’t pull that crap in the Italian neighborhoods.

  • Charles Bean

    There are significant parts of this story that are missing. Top Right News has picked out tweets and made accusations that no other news outlet has made. Where is the part where some restaurant owners (like The Forge) stated they thought it was “beautiful” or the images of the patrons who stood up in solidarity as the names of the deceased were read? If a woman was slapped in the face, according to a “source” where is the police report? This is some real half ass journalism here.

  • RJR69

    I know that it is practically impossible in New York, But I am guessing one person with a concealed carry permit would have gotten rid of this swarm of stupidity fairly quickly.
    See how many of these animals want to die for their cause.

  • Jeffrey Lee Pennington


  • Evolution of Devolution

    Wow, well there is no accounting for stupidity.

  • 1911a145acp

    This is racist hate crime that borders on domestic terrorism. At BEST it is trespassing, terroristic threats and organizing and inciting a public disturbance.While I am on the side of people unfairly treated by Police and the Government- THIS is NOT the way to fix it.

  • David Pendleton

    If you want to stand in a public place and hold up a sign, you can do that as long as you do not disrupt business or traffic. You are not allowed to harass people in the process.

    You cannot “protest” on private property or within a business. For example, you cannot go into an office building and raise hell in the lobby because you are unhappy with one of the tenants in the building.

    With that said, why are these people not being arrested for trespassing and unlawful assembly?

  • Bumpdo Knutz

    Nigcompoop, please. They should’ve stayed at “Apple, Bees.”

  • XianJamesLee86

    Keep it up, nig-nogs. My taser is gonna tase, and the rest gets the pepper-spray. If that’s not enough, I’ll be armed no matter what the stupid libs of NY says. That is all.

  • skarvika

    That twitter account HAS to be a joke…it HAS to be…but then again, most Tumblrkin are actually like this. “Queer 1stGen Asian Am* smashing colonialist imperialist capitalist white supremacist cis-hetero patriarchy” waaaat the faaaak; social justice warrior is just another term for mentally insane.

  • Craig Bass

    The sound of a .45 being racked might would have cleared out the trash. If not, there is always the alternative. They are worthless anyway.

  • wombat247

    Racism is alive and well in the Black community in America.

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  • Jerome Jafarock Regalado

    Now read names of whites wfonge raped and murdered by blacks it will take more than a morning brunch

  • Jamie

    More Fing scum bags. Come by my table you stupid bast*rds and I will plug your throat – get it?

  • robert

    I think it’s funny NYC is a liberal rat hole. They always vote to give these people more and more and then they turn on them. HA HA HA HA.

  • Ruth Austin Ikramov

    I wish the hell some idiot would try that while I was sitting there eating Breakfast/lunch/dinner/any damn meal!!!!!! I won’t be quiet and I won’t sit still & take none of that bullcrap period.

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