Black Mob Swarms WalMart to ‘See How Much Damage’ They Could Do, Throw Disabled White Veteran From Wheelchair

Ringleader Kharron Green led a mob of 50 youths to ransack a Macon WalMart

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Gangs of Black youth have been targeting Walmart departments stores and other outlets all across the country since Ferguson — in targeted attacks while terrorizing on shoppers and perpetrating retail theft and property damage, police say.

The latest black mob was a planned attack on a Walmart in Macon, Georgia on Tuesday where several White shoppers were injured — including a disabled White veteran who was thrown from his motorized wheelchair — merchandise was destroyed and stolen, and at least one arrest was made.

The group of about 50 blacks ransacked the Macon Walmart causing an estimated $2,000 in damage, all in an effort to “see how much damage” they could wreak.

During the 1:45 AM attack, mobbing blacks pulled a disabled veteran from his wheelchair and threw him to the floor.

A black suspect who was later arrested reportedly told a Walmart employee: “This was a planned event, and that they had planned to see how much damage they could cause.”

You can see one of the teens riding the scooter after he threw off the disabled vet:

Police arrested 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green, of Ashton Drive in northwest Bibb County, when he returned to the store to look for a cell phone he had dropped. Store employees identified him to police.

Well at least they were able to count on one boneheaded thug who actually came back to the scene of the crime he organized to fetch his iPhone.

This isn’t the first time a store was targeted for a black mob assault. It’s a criminal phenomenon that’s becoming increasingly common.

To name but a few instances, last year a Memphis Kroger was besieged by a mob of Blacks who ran through the store stealing and damaging merchandise. And in that case, Blacks targeted and brutally beat a White store employee.

In February, a Florida shopping mall was swarmed by hundreds of rampaging blacks. Despite that hundreds participated in the attack, only one suspect was arrested.

For several years, mobs of black teens have targeted and swarmed convenience stores, small clothing stores and gas stations, while destroying, stealing from, and attacking employees and patrons.

Last year’s Kroger attack was horrific, and an embarrassment to the local Black police chief who refused to charge the assailants with hate crimes — despite being caught on camera calling out White employees to target:

  • Joe Ehrfeld

    Civil War is over 150 years old and STILL a hot topic TODAY!!

  • CanisRattusImperator

    Don’t you know that pointing out crimes committed by black folks is racist?

  • Roadtramp

    Like to see them try that in Oregon. Quite a few people carry and are not hesitant to protect life & property.

  • Wiggle D

    Another reason to carry. Nail one and the rest will scatter like roaches.

  • NancyCPalmer

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  • OnlyLoveKeepsUsTogether

    AND THEY WONDER why people feel the way they do about them…STOP this mass destruction , violence and disrespect for the sole reason to just be a THUG , as your actions have NOTHING to do with what you claim you are protesting …THIS IS NOT A PROTEST, it is Thievery , Threatening, Vandalism, and Violence …..and rather START BEHAVING like respectable US CITIZENS if you want your race to be represented in a positive way . IT has been this kind of long term representation that has gotten your race the reputation you have earned on their behalf. This punks smug face tells it all .

    • Let’s get it RIGHT, it is NOT only the WHITE PEOPLE that are going to RISE UP and put an end to this B.S. ……… IS the AMERICAN PEOPLE that will come together and secure the Here and Now for Our Posterity …….. ” … We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. …”

      • David J Michel Jr.

        I agree there are plenty of Americans of all races that are sick of this.

      • LOL

        • Lincoln was swayed by the disparate groups that held the belief that the freed blacks would seek to repatriate to their respective homelands and those remaining would either immigrate to the caribbean or South America. There was also a group that held plans to introduce the freed blacks to the indians not taxed reservations.

          The establishment of Liberia on the west coast of Africa was the only plan that had any effect, minor as it was.

          By the time hostilities of the Civil War began he came to the realization that he was being naive.

          But your attitude is confusing given that you were a GOP County Party official.

          You find the Preamble to the COTUS and out-takes of Lincolns campaign rhetoric a source of humor….???

          • Don’t worry about it honey. Go back to baking cookies. Some big strong White men will take care of this little problem for you.

          • It’s moron instigator groups like this phony web-site all-talk-no-connection to reality that make honest Americans ashamed of BOTH sides that engage is this B.S.

            The fact that you took the trouble to put that B.S. on a web-server proves that you don’t have a lick pf common sense or SHAME of being such a moron.

            You are every bit as much the problem as the Nation of Islam and New BlackPussy Panthers ……… take your sorry self further north and become a Canadian problem.

          • Connie

            The Aryan Gang ? Thats what you are pushing here? They do pretty well in prisons don’t they?

    • karim


  • Dadfish58


  • oldwhitewoman88

    Not white on black crime, move on people, no story or racism here! You know the drill!

    • AngryConservativeMillennial

      thats the way the media sees it anyways…..sad, really sad. White people are going to rise up very soon if this continues. they will see what a white riot looks like….

      • GuyBB

        I truly fear that is exactly what Obama has been working towards…

        Then, and only then, will he have a thinly veiled excuse for his Racist crackdown on Whites.

        Gun ownership will be sufficient “proof” of criminal intent.
        Any anti-government, anti-black, or anti-Islamic commentary on social media will be “proof” of terrorist leanings…
        Then, he can make his all black, heavily Islamic “National Police Force”, to “Fight the racist threat”…

        • AngryConservativeMillennial


        • David J Michel Jr.

          I can’t wait I have had a good life I don’t want to die in a nursing home.

      • David J Michel Jr.

        they won’t see it coming.

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  • Stephanie Cusic

    Everyone needs to be patient. Obama is causing this just so he can start a race war. He want to enact Marshall law and stay in office. Before we fight back we need to make sure he is out of office and cannot do so. Please be patient!!

    • AngryConservativeMillennial

      He has a plan to push white people over the edge and I think it will be a ditch effort to grab guns. For most white people that will be the last straw.

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    Wow where is Obummer on this one and his racists clowns Jackson, Sharptounge, Holder, etc. These cockroaches should be locked up. Where is the mainstream media on this one? And black people wonder why Caucasians don’t like them because of animals like these POS punks. Great black parenting skills in action.

    • imwithstoopid

      You really think this is under the table, you should check you tube for Muslim Detroit you will be very scared what’s happening and not reported in the major media.

  • Les K

    More poster children for #BlackLivesMatter. Once again proving their worth to society.


  • David J Michel Jr.

    they make great wind chimes.

  • Bren

    Only three words…..KILL THE BASTARDS!!!

  • gregorianchant

    Subhuman scum! Security armed with flame-throwers would have been effective with the vermin!

  • Lady_styna

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  • Ken Darby

    Stock up on ammo!

  • Just because you dress them up in clothing and teach’em to make word sounds does not make them “people”. We need to enforce leash laws for all Negroes.

  • tim

    fire the black police chief if he won’t enforce the hate crime laws

  • ArmandoARogers

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  • Whiteeagle

    Oh … I Seen This On The Evening News …. NOT !!!!!

  • Jerry Yax Jr.

    a bunch of worthless scum

  • Tony Rader

    Funny these cases are not an issue for the DOJ to address, but police officers doing their jobs in areas like these are targets as if they are racially profiling. How twisted.

    • Forrest Cheyenne Medecke

      if i were the cops i would say they don`t want us to do ther job we were hired for just like this weeked in chcigo i would just stand back and say fuck`em let it burn

  • LaurineEBailey

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  • John Doe

    So where is this on CNN? Not surprised. This is getting out of hand, and has been out of hand for awhile. Every time they group up and start crap police need to stop being easy on them. Rubber bullets and tear gas? Forget that, every time they group up and start violence police need to start just using live rounds and grenades. Just waste em. Not like the thugs will amount to anything but criminals.

  • KennethCCampbell

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  • joe


  • Funk Doppler

    Susan Goodman.

  • Chester Reinhardt

    this kind of crap makes white people into racists

    • Forrest Cheyenne Medecke

      not just white folks i know quit a few good black folks that hate niggers like this too

  • Ken Elkins

    the look on the face of the head thug says it all

  • Forrest Cheyenne Medecke

    i hope it happens at a store i`m at they well need a few body bags they well not knock me out of my wheelchair with out paying a heavy price

  • Private_Eyescream

    28.75% of Blacks are on welfare compared to 5.13% of Whites

    USA 2013
    – 29 million people are on welfare
    – 39% white: 11,661,000
    – 38% black: 11,362,000

    US population: 313,544,041
    – White: 72.4%: 227,005,885
    – Black: 12.6%: 39,506,549


    Whites: 11.661,000 / 227,005,885 * 100 = 5.13%
    Blacks: 11,362,000 / 39,506,549 * 100 = 28.75%

  • ngcsu

    Lock the doors so they can’t get out and then go aisle to aisle mowing them down. Last time that will happen.

  • phil box

    our enlightened, educated, black brothers are so smart they are playing right into obama’s hands. when martial law comes down they will really know who played and who got played. their blood will fill the streets cause “big brother obama” had them in mind when he wanted changes. the change will be from a sponge to a blood spot.

  • cassie1655

    When are whites going to say enough is enough and begin to actually fight back? That’s what it is going to take!

  • White Devil

    Should have left them all inside as the doors were locked and tossed in a couple of Molotov cocktails ! Get out the best way you can. Freaking animals !

  • Iatemine

    The age of Obama….his people….

  • TK


  • GlocKittyXe

    bring back sickle cell.

  • lostvyking

    degens will be degens

  • Ronnie Strapp

    Hmm…$2,000 in damages…kinda stupid for that small amount of damage…guess,they weren’t very motivated….wonder how many worked there


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