Black Men Shout “We’re Gonna Kill All White People” on the Street… Media Silent


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Race relations in America are the worst in decades, with rabble rousers like Al Sharpton, and even Barack Obama and Eric Holder looking to take any incident, no matter how small, and conflate it into “proof”‘ of White racism. And the media breathlessly reports these incidents in that light, convincing the nation — and even the world — for months, that Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson because of racism, and not his own thuggish actions — until the evidence proved otherwise.

But that charge of “racism” is a one-way street, with blatantly racist language and behavior by non-whites overlooked or dismissed.

Recently, a group of Black and Hispanic men who call themselves “Hebrew Israelites” but are better referred to as the Blackboro Baptist Church, took to the streets of ultra-“tolerant” San Francisco to spread their strikingly hateful message to anyone who doesn’t look like them.

Mere “harrassment” doesn’t come close to describing the verbal terrorism in which these creeps engage, as they make specific threats of violence and mayhem against those they attack.

Wounded American Warrior, which exposed shocking video of this group, said they are quite possibly the most hateful and racist group in America, if not the world.

They issue threats of violence to accompany the vile racism and slurs slung at the Whites, Asians, Jews and gays walking nearby. Most of the people simply walked past the hate-mongering group as they threatened to slit throats, rape and enslave women and kill babies.

Incredibly, some tired to engage them in a civil conversation, to no avail.

Warning:  NOT SAFE for work, without question. This is truly vile.

Where is the media decrying this outright and blatant display of hateful racism and violent rhetoric? Why isn’t MSNBC showcasing this? Where is Al Sharpton?

None of them are saying anything, as this little episode goes entirely against their preferred narrative — you know, the one that presumes that all white people are racist and all black people are simply innocent victims of racism.

These men expose the lie of the false narrative perpetuated by the media, and as infuriatingly disgusting as this hateful display is, it must be shared widely to further reveal the equal opportunity racism exhibited by members of all races and groups.


[h/t Conservative Tribune, Wounded American Warrior]


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