Black Girl Who Brutally Assaulted White Girl and Baby Arrested, Faces Felony Charge


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

The Black girl who viciously assaulted a White girl and her 3-year old niece in a Texas park was arrested by police as she finally turned herself in, after nearly 2 days spent “hiding” from police with her “guardian”.

And the shocking fact is her age – she’s only 13 years old.

After investigating the brutal act, police in this Dallas suburb of Rowlett have given few details, but did say the act was “premeditated,” which squares with local accounts that the two girls pictured above planned the attack on the victim, and that it may have been part of a “gang initiation.”

Here is the video of the brutal, unprovoked assault:

Violently thrown to the pavement, the 3-year old niece suffered a serious cut and bruising, requiring medical attention (see below)

[graphic photo removed at request of third party]

Local citizens have questioned the police department’s disjointed process of informing the public, and whether the perpetrator was given special treatment.

That is because the attacker reportedly went into “hiding” after learning she could face felony assault charges, as the police announced on Saturday:


Since she was identified on Friday, she had been fleeing police for nearly 48 hours, before the police issued and update to their Facebook page on Sunday afternoon:


Will the “guardian” face charges for aiding a fugitive? Police won’t say.

Police will not release the young thug’s name as she is a minor. She was immediately processed into the Dallas County Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center in Dallas on charges of injury to a child and assault. It is up to a judge on whether she will remain in custody.

There is no word on whether hate crime charges will be added.

None of the three other individuals, including the teen who filmed the footage, and egged her on, her friend who threatened the two White girls, nor the boy who danced over the victim, have been charged.

As the girls talk before the attack, a male voice can be heard saying, “Take the baby, the baby’s the reason she’s not getting beat up.” That voice reportedly belonged to the boy filming the incident, who Top Right News has identified as Ernest Irizarry Jr., 14, of Rowlett, TX.

One online group, who analyzed the audio of the video clip, said the second Black girl threatened the second White girl, warning her not to get involved:

Please share this article, as the mainstream media is avoiding it like the plague. Only ONE (local) media outlet has even reported this story at all. We all know why. Please share it with everyone with know.

  • Ed Woodson

    Will they charge her with a “Hate” Crime?

    • lexingtonnchick

      Hell no- they said the victim is mixed race so it can’t be “racist” which is a load of bull.

      • John McDonald

        Obama is a mixed race and he is considered black.

        • lexingtonnchick

          How convenient huh?? Many mixed kids are victims – especially women by black women because they hate their hair and light skin.

    • William Bush

      They never are.

    • BuckTard

      Not a chance


      no they will not..that’s reserved for WHITE PEOPLE ONLY

      • Darren Robinson

        I agree… us poor white people have had it SO tough over the years, decades… When will it be OUR turn to get a break?

        • Byron Shutt

          Hey fucktard, you make your own breaks. You are the racist along with all the other whiny liberals who feel blacks are unable to help themselves. The majority do but you and your comrades perpetuate the soft racism of low expectations and enable uncivilized behavior with all kinds of excuses…..mainly that of ‘white privilege’. Go back and slap your teacher who uttered those BS words. Try redistributing my work ethic….like I do to employees that want to achieve.

        • Cody

          its EVERYONE’s turn for fair justice. As has been said if the roles were reversed this story would be on every major news outlet.

        • Lanky Nibs

          Shut up nig.

        • ngcsu

          I thought it was about equality. Not putting one group over another.

    • John Smith

      No. She has black privilege.

  • Goodforall

    Just give me 5 minutes with this animal. Justice would be served and I can promise she’d never do this hate crime again.

    • underthepalms

      Let’s carpool. Can you imagine what these lovely thuglets will be like in 5 years? I guess their grandmas will be taking care of their 5 kids while they do more of this crap.

      • frank

        You can bet, they don’t have fathers, that is fathers that stay around and raise their children!

      • Meryl Kos

        Correction. Their grandmas will be taking care of their 5 kids while they’re sitting in lockup for the latest crime they committed. Because i doubt they’re going to learn and become pillars of their community. Ghetto trash begets ghetto trash and stays ghetto trash.

        • Mary Romero

          Unfortunately you’re right. These people have been doing this for the past 3 generations, never getting out of or moving on from the ghettos that spawn them.

          • Darren Robinson

            Yes… ‘those people’.

          • Hotsawse

            Yep. Black folk. 100% historically accurate. He wasn’t talking in “code.”

          • Mary Romero

            Would you prefer I use the N word?

          • Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa

            The funny thing is you wetbacks complain about this being racist but then want our support when y’all boycotting Donald trump.

  • akcita

    Hmmm isn’t Ernest Irizarry Jr. conspiring to commit kidnapping and mayhem?

  • Lawman

    Ghetto c—-nt.

  • keeferzjr

    Wouldn’t even take me 5 minutes.

  • tinker_thinker

    I hope these two girls are removed immediately from their homes, it may save their lives. The parents/guardian need to be charged with child neglect.

    • Heather Michelle Kopp

      they are too late to be saved

    • Tuscany01

      you’re right they should be removed from their homes.. str8 into the juvenile jail

  • Charles Edward Brown

    Looks like a Hate Crime to me. Where is the FBI and President Obama when a white girl gets beat up by a black girl? Seems racist.

    • lexingtonnchick

      According to police the victim is mixed therefore its not a hate crime- seriously- they said that.

    • Tuscany01

      White people are the only racist in this country.. obama said so

      • Darren Robinson

        Can you point me to where he said that?

        • John McDonald

          Are you actually saying the woman and baby had the beating coming because they were white? You racist SOB.

          • Mark Jones

            Actually John, no he actually didn’t say that or anything close to it. Do you actually know how to read or do you just actually like to spew BS and ask people if they actually said that?

        • Byron Shutt

          He doesn’t have too. It is implied in every breath he takes.

    • Mary Romero

      Don’t you know? It’s only a “hate” crime if it’s white-on-black.

      • John McDonald

        Did you notice Darren Robinson had no problem with your statement? Its because that racist SOB agrees.

        • Mark Jones

          Maybe he knows that when bigotry combines with stupid, there’s just no reason to try to comment.

      • Royce Ziggle

        Seriously MariA?…..Really?

        • Shawn Jones

          time to go home to africa.

          • Royce Ziggle

            Africa is no more home to black Americans than Mexico is to Supreme Justice Sotomayor.

          • buxton

            Or time for you whites to go home to Europe

          • Shaarinya

            send twice as many half as far.

      • Jjxjfnnf

        As you can see she has a warrnt out for her arrest if she was white she would no even be arrested

    • John Smith

      Hate crime law doesn’t protect whites, Eric Holder said so.

    • oldwhitewoman88

      Not a hate crime unless victim is black. Come on, you know the drill!

    • jackichin03

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      • OCMichael

        Drop DEAD!

    • Truth

      She’s biracial. Her father is black and mother is white. So there is no black on white crime, cause she’s not fully white.

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      • OCMichael

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    • Fed up with liberals

      It doesn’t seem racist, it IS racist!. But the hypocrite double standard of the left thinks this is fine.

      • Royce Ziggle

        Oh look! Ted Nugent agrees with you.

        • Shawn Jones

          so do the tanks we are gonna use to crush yout skull

  • Lori

    Make an example of them and prosecute them as adults…she knew perfectly well what she was doing with no remorse. It’s time to hold these kids responsible and stop slapping them on the wrists. Next she will be picked up for assault with a deadly weapon or murder.

    • Joseph

      This is Texas, girl better watch out. We treat everybody like an adult here.

      • ngcsu

        You need to stop calling the law and start taking care of some of this stuff yourselves. Apparently the law isn’t preventing anything.

  • Ron Williamson

    Hate crime and child abuse. The baby had a terrible gash over the eye. Of course the nigs will probably get off scott free. I say jail time. I don’t care how young she is. All of them present should be charged. No reason why they shouldn’t.

    • Joseph

      This is Texas. She’ll end up in prison. Remember, we give the death penalty to people 15 years old here. Texas justice is swift.

      • Mary Romero

        God bless Texas! She belongs in jail for a long time so she can think about what she did. I hope they charge her with a hate crime. They would if the roles were reversed and it was a white-on-black crime. I’m so tired of these pieces of crap getting away with crimes that would be classified as “hate” if the roles were reversed.

        • Royce Ziggle

          Well…’s not like we have a country we can to run to, that happens to border the states, if we get into any real trouble…..o.0….>.<….0.o. I guess we all can't be so…lucky.

        • batch

          You can throw her in prison all you want, but I can assure you that she will NEVER think.


          I agree such bullshit

    • BeckyPMack
    • Darren Robinson

      The ‘nigs’?

      • Joe Momma

        Short for ‘niggers’.

    • Carolyn Bernal

      I agree

    • Adri Goodson

      Nigs?! Excuse me? Way to perpetuate ignorance and bigotry

      • Ron Williamson

        Since white people cant say the N word, I guess nigs is what they are to us. It’s o.k. for the blacks to call each other niggers, but don.t let a white person be heard calling the kettle black, then we are the racist. Grow up and get with the program. They (blacks) could care less about you and what you think.

        • Tarfiel Archelone

          Pretty sure they teach context early on in primary school… maybe home school skips that lesson.

    • Husabceuoa Cieabcueoa

      But you’re a 60 year old cracker calling 13 year old a nig???

  • Behning Brad

    Black on white attack? Random violence. Nothing to see here, move along…..

    • paul jones

      That’s what Sharpton want’s us to think ! I don’t buy it .

  • lexingtonnchick – this is the girl who started the fight. Her sister is the other girl in the video- she is 16.

  • Rebecca Syma

    The boys in the video and the one filming as well as the 2nd young woman threatening the other woman “not to get involved” need to arrested also and at least be assigned to do some community service responsible young American Citizens they should have stopped this violence or called the police or an adult who would call police. This definitely looks like a hate crime to me – gang bangers or not this needs to stop and they should be punished to the full extent of the law, really a shame that this 13 year old child is so misguided and now a Guardian evading the police and arrest, too?

  • Theojob

    She and her friends, the other girl and boy will get off Scott Free. DISGUSTING!

  • Joe Tokoph

    shes a 13 year old street thug, this wasn’t the first time.

  • dan52d

    Punks watching and not doing anything need to be charged too.

  • frank

    The cops are to scared to arrest the 13 year old CRIMMINAL, Prosecutors are to scared to Prosecute because they know OBAMA will make it a federal crime to prosecute! Well this time around, THE NORTH WILL NOT PROTECT AND SAVE THESE people like we did IN THE FIRST CIVIL WAR!

  • RichmondVaCane

    Welcome to 21st century America.

  • George J. Bereckis

    A nig is a nig is a nig is a nig !!

  • farrell

    sic the texas rangers on them . they might get to sue with backing of the rangers . just ask the killer cop . the ranger back him .

    • frank

      What are you TRYING to say? Nothing you have said, makes any sense!

      • farrell

        don’t worry about it then .

  • Amy

    I am SO SICK of this crap! The police aren’t saying if this is a hate crime….????? Are you kidding me? Why else would this take place? In two heartbeats this would be labeled a hate crime if this were the reverse situation. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be hosting riots because of this act if it was a white on black crime. Instead of fueling the fire, wouldn’t they serve a better purpose by working WITH the black youth and trying to educate them to not get into the life of crime ??? I am sorry, but no one but the blacks themselves are CAUSING racism towards them. Before all this nonsense intensified – starting back with Trayvon Martin, to Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. I didn’t think negatively about anyone of any skin color in general. Thanks to their behavior, I do now. No sympathy for these girls…they are going to act like criminals, they need to do the time. Lock ’em up.

    • Meshuggah666

      “I am sorry, but no one but the blacks themselves are CAUSING racism towards them.” You can’t be serious. If so, the world must be an incredibly difficult place for you to figure out.

      • lindasdf

        Amy is right. I never thought negatively towards anyone of any race. I was just a little girl, but I remember the last time there was this much racial division, and that was the ’60’s. It’s almost like Obama and his ilk are mad that they missed the Civil Rights movement, and want to start all over again.

        • Meshuggah666

          Yeah, it’s ALL Obama’s fault. Makes sense. LOL


      I agree!

  • Wiggle D

    Premeditated, hate crime, gang ties, injured two underaged children, one of them an infant with a massive gash…I really hope this b!tch fries.

  • altos

    Where is Obama on this? Sharpton? Why are whites rioting? A hate crime is a hate crime. Come on liberals…let’s hear your excuses…

    • Sally Smith

      Taking the Libtard vs. Rethuglican angle out, it’s not a a hate crime because they were not using racial slurs, and they didn’t attack her because she’s white. She was attacked because the little asswipe had a personal issue with her. And after what she did to that baby, I hope she gets her ass kicked daily while she’s in Juvie.

    • Darren Robinson

      They’re in the same place that Conservatives are when i’s the other way around. But that doesn’t bother you. Republicans and Democrats behave the same, just as people, like you, who are biased and in favor of one party or the other are all exactly the same. Why aren’t you out there doing something instead of griping on the internet?

      • Semper Fi

        Uhhhh…you’re griping on the internet…

      • altos

        Darren…is that the best you have? Come on, you’re liberal dogma can do better than that… and…as Semper Fi noted, you’re griping on the internet

    • Tuscany01

      Darren Robinson just gave you one

    • Meshuggah666

      Where is the right when the roles are reversed? Oh yeah, and whites do riot …but it’s when their sportsball team loses.

  • Military Spouse

    They both should be charged with a hate crime, and I don’t care their ages, it should be held in adult court.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    This did NOT happen in a vacuum, this was taught to them at home…And the “Village” is part of this problem too.

  • Pamela Wilson

    i really feel that all of the “kids” involved should be charged and (as adults often are)charged with the same crimes as the first “girl”. since it (appeared) to be a gang initiation, those charged should also be incarcerated in a juvenile system that makes it’s charges go to school, and keeps them busy so that they don’t feel the need to get into the gangs that they are entering into…in other words i feel that our system needs to be re-done

  • William Matthes

    Nothing but “crickets” from Obama and Sharpton!

    • Darren Robinson

      Just like the crickets that come from the right when the roles are reversed. But you’re doing your part… keeping the racial divide alive in the best/easiest way you know how…

      • hotblastman

        Is that you Al ?

      • William Matthes

        Darren Robinson- Like a true liberal, the truth about B.O. and Sharpton upsets you! You libs are ALWAYS offended by something. Too damn bad it isn’t your own stupidity!

  • TheresaLynne

    That was a RACIST HATE CRIME, They were all involved and all deserved to go to Jail for at least a year or more, then probation with ankle monitor and house arrest!

  • walter

    the video of this crime was passed around on email, the senders called her a “hood-rat.” By 13 she is already a pathetic excuse for a human. The victim, after the beat down, asked “Why?” Laughter and grunts from the peanut gallery.

  • Kathy

    EVERY ONE OF THESE THUGS DESERVE TO BE CHARGED FOR THIS PREMEDITATED ACT!!! Please everyone, contact the DA and Police Chief in this city…..even the Governor. DON’T let these subhumans get away with this crime.

  • Cindy Naquin

    Those black thugs, and I mean every one of them that was there should be charged in this crime. The ones that stood there were egging it on too! This is disgusting

  • jb80538

    The “child” committed a pretty adult crime and needs to be charged as and adult!

  • Bobinms

    I have never heard of hate crime charges being made against a black.

  • HardySR

    I see very poor upbringing here and a racist ignorant incentive. I can also see by some of the comments how this behavior is feed to the ignorant .Yes I believe these girls should do time and than some. I feel for the in juried parties and considering the victims ages the girl should be put away for a long time. On the other side of the coin , look at some of the comments from supposed adults ? NIGGAS please is that how you post. You are addressing people that have been around in the world who are more than likely well educated and brought up in various forms of good solid homes , you are not addressing your friends at your BBQ in your back yard . ME ? Marine four years , veteran ,over twenty-four medals from two countries single parent raised , Sargent and all my kids are productive in their adult lives .

    • adamh2o

      Really? If you were a “Sargent” then how come you don’t even know how to spell Sergeant?

  • Stan Bryars

    Here;s the problem I see
    If this had been a Black baby neighborhood justice could have been swift and decisive
    White people have to stop being pussies

  • Andrea Bardem

    Horrible, senseless act. She deserves jail time for the assault. By the way, they are not calling it a hate crime because the victim was also half black. I think Texas has a law that if you have a drop of black blood you’re black.

  • Bobby Rizzo


    • Darren Robinson

      True… because this never happened before Obama got elected. And white people never did anything bad before Obama got elected. And there was never a terrorist attack while George W. was in office-just like Dana Perrino AND Rudy Giuliani stated on Fox news, to the nodding approval of the Fox News hosts.

      • Bobbi

        Every race has done something bad in the past, and our country has just continuously gotten worse since Obama has been in office. Why does it upset you that people are upset at this video and the attackers? The point is that blacks commit crimes against many many white people yet it’s rarely reported because the media chooses to only report white on black crimes. Google the recent black on white crimes it happens way way way more then you want to believe. White AND black commit crimes against eachother that is true but white people are supposed to turn the other cheek when being attacked because black people claim everything is white peoples fault. Nobody deserves to be attacked black or white but it should also be noted and recognized that black people hurt and assault whites every day it’s not a one way street. If the roles were reversed you would be saying “oh those evil white people. Crackers!” Etc but bc it’s a black person you don’t feel sorry for the CHILD who happens to be white. That girl should be put in prison for this crime. This was not a fight. It was a assault. The girl and baby were sitting there clearly not “fighting back” clearly trying to ignore them. It’s not the skin color we hate it’s the crimes and actions. Who do you think taught these attackers to act this way?

  • Denise

    Amazing! If this were an attack on a black girl by two white girls, this would be all over the news. This is a hate crime pure and simple. Charge this animal, and stick her a$$ in Juvenile Detention until she is 18. If she could do this to a little girl and child, think what she could do to an animal, or what she would do if a weapon falls into her hands.

    • Andrea Bardem

      Horrible, senseless act. She deserves jail time for the assault. By the way, they are not calling it a hate crime because the victim was also half black. I think Texas has a law that if you have a drop of black blood you’re black.

  • Tim

    I hope those little nigglet bitchs are charged with a hate crime…

    • Meshuggah666


  • Reader

    I asked on a similar case, and I ask again. Why is attempted murder apparently not on the table?

  • sammie dee

    this is a hate crime and the family member should also be charge treat her like a adult 13 or not she knows better so much crap going on in this world all I know is this if it was my child I would be in jail

  • Billy Kaae

    obama and al will make it a federal crime to charge blacks with a crime. the girl will get off with a slap on the hand. just watch the judge will be black and he or she will let her go home scott free.

  • yourmotherbeyatch

    Sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade.

    • Darren Robinson

      Aren’t you the classy and brave one. I bet you’ve never in your life done what you allude to doing. Yeah, you do it on the internet, thinking you’re witty… But you’re just a coward, hiding behind a fake ghetto username. A grown man still making ‘your mama’ jokes and using the word ‘beyatch’ in the year 2015. Sometimes I start thinking the evolution deniers might be right.

      • yourmotherbeyatch

        How’s that for witty? Please make yourself look more ignorant than you already have. You make it easy for the rest of us.

  • TommyR

    Has anybody posted a reward for putting the boy in the hospital, yet?

  • Wil

    Good! arrest and book that trash!

  • Wingbert

    Why didn’t this make national news and where the White people rioting?

    • Darren Robinson

      Exactly. I agree with Wingbert’s vague assertion that white people weren’t rioting because we’re just better people. We’re just a better, more well behaved race… right Wingbert?

      • Wingbert

        I’m not even white…

      • Crypt

        Nice try with the racist bait, Mr. Racist.

    • Meshuggah666

      Oh for crying out loud. Don’t you know, the only thing white people have to riot about is losing a sportsball game.

  • Gemini

    I in now way consider myself racist but if anyone of any color caused this to my child I would murder that bytch

  • John Smith

    She has black privilege, if anything, she may get probation. She’ll be committing more hate crime within a week. The upside is she may f with the wrong person’s child and end up disappearing. Kids run away from home all the time.

  • stynegale530

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  • Joykiller

    Yep this is a hate crime pure and simple.

  • bardofoc

    Wow. Just like a $#$% monkey!!!

  • Sue


  • Dr. Karl Stalin

    Girls will be girls but hate is hate.

  • a person

    Where is all the media hype about this??? Looks like a true hate crime. I hope they put that ghetto-rat under the prison

  • Melony

    What a horrible thing to see played out on video. First of all this girl should face stiff penalty for this crime. Second who raised these boys that are videoing and commentating the entire event? Why and how could someone stand back and allow this to happen. Today’s youth are a sad picture of how adults are taking the responsibilities of raising children. Unfortunately until we make parents responsible for the acts of their minor children this and other crimes committed by minors will continue.

  • Mike P

    For the record The Ernest boy who is recording is NOT 14, he is 17 years old!

  • Amazed

    have people forgotten the fast there was a baby involved? i’m not downplaying the racism but is the baby ok? Justice should be served but i think there may be riots following the girls sentencing because that’s what hateful people do best. I swear the only way we will ban together worldwide is if aliens colonized here because they’d be so different then just the shade over our skin … Like the Green people trying to save our world i think there should be a anti hate organization that cleans up instead of “sweeping it under the rug” they REALLY deal with it any means necessary. and yes it’s come to that because people just can’t help themselves and must direct their hate somewhere either because they are unhappy or just plain stupid

    • Joltin Joe

      I’ll take an alien over a savage

    • hotblastman

      The 3 year old suffered a serious cut and bruising. Maybe if you read the article before commenting your post would make sense. I doubt it though.

      • Andrea Bardem

        This article is not accurate. You need to read other articles and/or call the police station.

        • hotblastman

          How is it not accurate? Enlighten me please. Did you watch the video?

  • Carolyn Bernal


  • Lynn

    This is all part of a repetitive cycle that will continue until someone breaks it with intelligent responsible parenting ! It saddens me to see how easily people are manipulated into self-destructive behavior, and their willingness to pass it along to their children ! Will it ever stop?

  • Joltin Joe

    would love to have been there, that dancing fool would have no teeth, if he lived.

  • Joltin Joe
  • Murphy’s Mom

    Looks like there should be several more arrests for complicity in the attack. Like the girl next to her, the ones watching and the idiot with the camera as well. This isn’t going to stop until the consequences HURT!

  • blacklablover

    And ANOTHER thing: the filmer/commentator and the “happy dancer” kid watching the assault need to be dealt with as well!

  • Hash_brown

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  • Kourtney Pringle

    Hate crime you say . white man who beats up a black man it’s considered a hate crime . black girl beats up a white girl and it’s considered a assault well I bet if it was a white girl beating a black girl FBI would be all over that s*** this is a hate crime they should be treating as one !!!!

    • Andrea Bardem

      She’s not white. She’s half black.

      • hotblastman

        But if she identifies as white? Then what?

  • Fritzer

    why wouldn’t they press charges of a hate crime? They would definitely throw the white to the lions if the situation were reversed. The boy should also be charged & the guardian as well. Racism at its best

    • Andrea Bardem

      The investigator said that it is not a hate crime because the victim is also half black.

      • Fritzer

        quite sure the 2 girls were completely unaware of that fact at the time. Such hypocrisy. (thanks for the info though- appreciate it)

  • Bill

    #whiteLivesDontMatter. Roles reversed this is all over the news and Internet and Al Sharpton is instantly on the scene. I’m sorry but love clearly isn’t winning

    • Andrea Bardem

      The investigator said that it is not a hate crime because the victim is also half black.

  • Hack


  • oldwhitewoman88

    Where is Jackson and Sharpton? This story was not on any of my news channels! My bad, victim was not black!

    • Andrea Bardem

      The victim is black. Half Black.

      • hotblastman

        Obama, they identify as black.

  • Square

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  • Meshuggah666

    What she did was wrong and can (and will) be punished accordingly; however, as a white male I’m flabbergasted by all these comments suggesting a racist double standard. Last time I checked, whites were not on the losing end of centuries of institutionalized racism and inherently oppressive economic and law enforcement policies.

  • Cody Barden

    Forced sterilization before she has any children

  • Mario Parish

    Hate crime make an example

  • Mark Jones

    This scum website should be ashamed. You mis-reported this event in an effort to increase racial tension in a time when people of all colors are looking for increased understanding. Media is reporting the event, and the police say, after investigation (which toprightnews did NOT do) that the attack was not racially motivated. Your bigoted organization can go join Dylann Roof and dream up more delusions about how unfair us white people are being treated. He got a gun and you got a keyboard – you are scum.

    • hotblastman

      By your logic, the three year old got what she deserved?

      • Mark Jones

        I’ll answer any questions that make even ONE lick of sense.

        • hotblastman


    • Meshuggah666

      Well stated. Finally someone calling out these racists on their bullshit….

      • hotblastman

        Your racist comment is quite racist, don’t you think? Show your true colors.

        • Meshuggah666

          How so? Please explain (logical explanation preferred).

          • hotblastman

            Don’t call Johnny back for an interview, call Jamaal. Sound familiar?

          • Meshuggah666

            Coherence is a real struggle for you, isn’t it?

          • hotblastman

            Coming from a person who goes around calling people racists is…well racist. It’s a matter of perspective. I know you can’t grasp that, simple minds say simple things. Cheers!

          • Meshuggah666

            That doesn’t even make an ounce of sense. Logical discussion is definitely not your forte.

          • hotblastman

            What are you, ten years old? Get off mommy’s computer and go outside to play.

          • Meshuggah666

            That’s cute. That’s exactly what I’d expect from you as you’ve proven yourself incapable of any degree of intellectual ability or coherent thought. 😉

          • hotblastman

            Yes, making allegations without any empirical evidence is your strong suit.

          • Meshuggah666

            I’ll re-ask the question. How does calling out bigoted behavior and obvious racist comments make someone a racist? I’ll only entertain further discussions with you only if can attempt to make even a microgram of sense, which thus far you have failed to do.

          • hotblastman

            Bigoted because you say so? I think not. Your opinion is exactly that, your opinion. Not everyone thinks and feels what you do. I grew up during the civil rights movement. Did you?

          • hotblastman

            Your comments so far have not made one iota of sense. Just mindless drivel in my opinion.

          • Meshuggah666

            So you won’t answer the question. LOL. Why am I not surprised?

          • hotblastman

            Lol? You are ten years old, maybe less. Grow up and we’ll talk later.

          • Meshuggah666

            I’m sure you can relate to that, LOL. At least I’m staying on point. Answer the question without deflecting or GTFO…

          • hotblastman

            Because you are calling out yourself. Your attempt to prevaricate is specious reasoning at best. I answered your question. You are a racist, bigoted, pig. No deflection, just the fact. Can you deal with that? Thanks for your narrow minded silly comments, no discussion. I should have known you had nothing to say.

          • Meshuggah666

            U mad bro?

          • hotblastman

            Not half as “mad” as you, bruh.

          • Meshuggah666

            That’s cute, hotairman. I had fun embarrassing you on this thread. Thanks. 😉

          • hotblastman

            I’d call that a white flag.

          • Meshuggah666

            Also, you might want to study up on fallacies and logical reasoning prior to commenting in a discussion. That will help you in your struggling efforts to stay on topic and avoid “foot-in-mouth” syndrome and/or procto-cranial insertion. 😉

          • hotblastman

            No discussion here, just a simple minded fool like you trying to justify being a racist. Sad…..

          • Meshuggah666

            You’re right, there is no discussion here, because YOU have yet to develop an argument that makes any sense. Here is a recap of our exchange: I make a comment observing the fact that people are making racist, derogatory comments in regard to African Americans on this thread. In response, you try to claim that I’m being racist for making an observation about the antics of said bigots. So, basically what you’re attempting here is a Tu Quoque Fallacy, but even that falls square on its ass because your accusation doesn’t even hold water. I award you zero points.

          • hotblastman

            Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. You simply feel you are superior to others and believe your opinion supercedes all others. Thanks almighty god.

          • Meshuggah666

            LMFAO. How am I “calling myself out” in any way that’s racist? All you’re doing in this discussion is prevarication. Are you “calling yourself out” on that via your own comments, bro?

          • hotblastman

            I read your comment, full of hate and dripping with sarcasm. The mirror is an ugly object to people, who hate.

          • Meshuggah666

            You still haven’t explained why it’s racist. Your “argument” can basically be summed up thusly: “I know you are, but what am I?” Still in third grade, are we?

          • hotblastman

            It’s a blade that cuts both ways.

          • hotblastman

            It’s racist because you automatically paint all dissenting opions as such. Are we clear, or do I have to dumb it down a shade?

          • hotblastman

            I just answered your question, you can’t read? Read the answer for crying out loud! !!!!!

          • Meshuggah666

            Haha! I take that as no. You can’t answer a question by steering off topic with another series of questions. Moron.

          • hotblastman

            Because my answer doesn’t fit your simple minded narrative.

          • hotblastman

            You would do well under Sharia law, easy to brainwash and very easy to manipulate.

      • Mark Jones

        It is truly repulsive. I should pray for an ounce of the grace and forgiveness that the victims of Charleston showed last week, but someone (most preferably someone white) needs to call a bigot a bigot. Most of these f-yards probably whine about why Muslims don’t clean up their religion of terrorism and have never bothered to think about what problems they themselves are participating in. Toprightnews fans, go look in a mirror and repeat “I am not the solution to racism, I am the problem.”

  • Geoptants

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  • Truth

    But the two girls sitting down father is BLACK. So it’s not a black on white crime, cause both of their fathers are black. Something happend with the biracial girl and the black girl at school, and just so happend they both decided to go to the park that day. Which did not go well at all..

  • Jared Costa

    These black people are out of control they are to vicious and they are always putting the blame on someone else and Moines going to put this on the news or anything cause a white person got beat up by a black person smh

    • Meshuggah666

      “These black people are out of control.” SMH. Racist much?

  • NancyJZebrowski

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  • Oingo Boingo

    The total disregard for the child’s safety and the viciousness of the attack and the behavior of the onlookers only serves to prove that stereotypes. biases, prejudices whatever you want to call them have fact as there basis. The fact that these are young girls to me shows that this is a culturally acceptable behavior.

  • Fed up with liberals

    Where is Holder and Obama whining about race now? I’m sure they would figure out a way to make the white girl out to be the aggressor.

  • OCMichael

    The filthy little Savages should
    Face a Firing Squad – of FLAMETHROWERS.

  • Fig Newton

    It is a racist hate crime and child abuse. The baby had to have stitches and was really hurt.


    Frigging worthless POS blacks in action. Something has to be done with these animals. Not a hate crime huh

  • Bast Adams

    How can it be a hate crime since the attacker was black and the victim was white? It’s obviously a hate crime, but no one will have the balls to call it that. If the attacker was white and the victim black – you’d have Al Sharpton inciting riots. Fed up with this crap.

    • Meshuggah666

      White people often riot, of course it’s usually over trivial nonsense like losing a sportsball game, and not protesting institutionalized racism and cultural bigotry (because you know what, they don’t have a reason to).

  • Ronald Swift

    This only becomes a race crime of an innocent little black girl if the white women pulls out a gun and shoots the teen.

  • jessie james

    Typical niggers this is why niggers dying is good for the rest of us

  • AnnieAStepp

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  • Joanna

    13 years old, I don’t care how old the two dark girls are, they should be tried as adults, you don’t attack someone, especially with a child!!!! The guy with the camera filming, should also be tried as adult too and the dark guy in the background dancing too, should be tried as an adult. I say everybody who was involved in this plan attack, is in for a rude awakening, now that the video is online, news travels fast, and i hope the government does something about it.

  • kwkiki7562

    Acting like a bunch of monkeys jumping around from side to side from right leg to left leg Just like they do in the Jungle. Useless Trash Monkeys Just like the obama Monkeys

  • courtney.

    “gang initiation” WHAT?

  • Priscilla Pope

    There are goods and bads in every race, there are hoodlums every color. This black girl here is one of those low life trouble makers. And if she is locked up she will never learn her lesson. She will come out still the hood rat she was. These hood rats come in all colors. I am white, and know many wonderful black people. I also know many nasty low life whites too. It is all about who and how a person is raised. This girls family probably TAUGHT her to hate.
    And our government is encouraging the race war. I get sick of hearing this BLM and WLM,….. ALL lives matter, even the precious unborn babies.
    God help us..


    I agree if these were white girls on black this would be a hate crime! How many times are they going to get away with this kind of behavior and the moms who raise these girls should be so proud smh


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