Black Girl Who Brutally Assaulted White Girl and Baby Arrested, Faces Felony Charge


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

The Black girl who viciously assaulted a White girl and her 3-year old niece in a Texas park was arrested by police as she finally turned herself in, after nearly 2 days spent “hiding” from police with her “guardian”.

And the shocking fact is her age – she’s only 13 years old.

After investigating the brutal act, police in this Dallas suburb of Rowlett have given few details, but did say the act was “premeditated,” which squares with local accounts that the two girls pictured above planned the attack on the victim, and that it may have been part of a “gang initiation.”

Here is the video of the brutal, unprovoked assault:

Violently thrown to the pavement, the 3-year old niece suffered a serious cut and bruising, requiring medical attention (see below)

[graphic photo removed at request of third party]

Local citizens have questioned the police department’s disjointed process of informing the public, and whether the perpetrator was given special treatment.

That is because the attacker reportedly went into “hiding” after learning she could face felony assault charges, as the police announced on Saturday:


Since she was identified on Friday, she had been fleeing police for nearly 48 hours, before the police issued and update to their Facebook page on Sunday afternoon:


Will the “guardian” face charges for aiding a fugitive? Police won’t say.

Police will not release the young thug’s name as she is a minor. She was immediately processed into the Dallas County Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center in Dallas on charges of injury to a child and assault. It is up to a judge on whether she will remain in custody.

There is no word on whether hate crime charges will be added.

None of the three other individuals, including the teen who filmed the footage, and egged her on, her friend who threatened the two White girls, nor the boy who danced over the victim, have been charged.

As the girls talk before the attack, a male voice can be heard saying, “Take the baby, the baby’s the reason she’s not getting beat up.” That voice reportedly belonged to the boy filming the incident, who Top Right News has identified as Ernest Irizarry Jr., 14, of Rowlett, TX.

One online group, who analyzed the audio of the video clip, said the second Black girl threatened the second White girl, warning her not to get involved:

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