‘Bikers for Trump’ Make HUGE Announcement in Response to Left-Wing Protests of Trump Inugural


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States on January 20th…and the left-wing planned to ambush him with protests all weekend long.

But Bikers for Trump just threw a wrench in their works, and the Soros sock-puppets are furious about it.

The Washington Times reports (via US Herald):

Professional agitators for the left thought they had pre-empted the permits for all public spaces in Washington D.C. during inauguration weekend.

But a bikers group outsmarted them and secured a location for their own demonstration in support of the president-elect as he takes the oath of office on January 20.

The founder of Bikers for Trump, Chris Cox, was forced to negotiate with staff at the National Park Service after learning that the necessary permits for gatherings had been given to the anti-Trump groups aiming to disrupt the inaugural events.

Cox says the Obama-appointed permit manager discouraged him from applying for a permit.

“She was telling me that they had already given all the permits out to the anti-Trump movement — permits for maybe 100,000 or 200,000 people. I wasn’t happy.”

Bikers for Trump, the largest pro-Trump organization to request a permit, was allowed to submit a request to gather in John Marshall Park near the U.S. Capitol building, which is not far from the official parade route.

Cox said the permit is for 5,000 people, although he expects as many as 10,000 bikers to show up, many from as far away as California and Florida, and the permit is necessary to prevent confrontations between the anti-Trump disrupters and the pro-Trump bikers.

“I told her I had thousands and thousands of bikers coming into town, and if she didn’t give me a spot, they were going to be just mingling around and would end up hanging out where all the Trump protesters are, and there’s going to be big problems and then people are going to wonder why.”

Motorcycle clubs often formed human barriers between anti-Trump protesters and the candidate during the campaign, becoming almost a political movement on their own.

Anti-Trump groups bent on disrupting the inaugural, including the actual oath of office on the steps of the Capitol at noon will far outnumber the Bikers for Trump, with some requesting permits for tens of thousands of protesters.

The Gathering for Justice’s “Women’s March on Washington” to be held the day after the inauguration, January 21, expects 200,000 demonstrators to “come together in solidarity to express to the new administration and congress that women’s rights are human rights and our power cannot be ignored,” according to its official permit request.


And the violent extremist group Black Lives Matter has also reportedly obtained permits to protest Trump in D.C.


Mr. Cox says he isn’t worried about violence.

“I’m confident the police have learned from Arizona, Chicago and a lot of other places where things got out of hand. I think it will be a lot like Cleveland and they will have beaucoup police presence.”

Cox isn’t just talking idly. In Cleveland, at the Republican National Convention, the New Black Panther Party had threatened acts of violence against police and Trump supporters.

But after Bikers for Trump announced they would send 10,000 bikers to the RNC — which they did — the Black Panthers backed down, and did not even show up.


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  • Peter Brown

    To: losers
    From: The Winners
    subj:You lost…bigtime.
    Grow up snowflakes. You might discover that dissolution of the free cell phone distribution program has been changed to the alarm clock distribution program. Right?
    The oenema regime has created so many new jobs!

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  • Greg

    “Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States on January
    20th…and the left-wing planned to ambush him with protests all weekend

    The easiest thing to do to keep the protests orderly and civil is to simply play our National Anthem, repeatedly, over loudspeakers. The protesters will sit down or take a knee and stay put during the entire ceremony.

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  • Robert Chambers

    Bikers will not be alone. There are plenty of other Trump supporters going to be there among the protesters who will blend in along with militia dressed where no one will know who they are. For everyone against Trump there will be five for him

  • PATRIOT1688

    Even if these lefty liberals and illegal immigrant protesters show up in large numbers , they will keep their asses in order as these little shits are bully type cowards who when confronted by a stronger presence they back down !, Donald Trump will have a peaceful Inauguration and the law abiding Citizens and Police will make sure of that.

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  • richard bergman

    YouTube latest Bikers for Trump on now with Chris Cox!
    Moslems being imported!

  • jen7048

    I wonder how many of those “Wall of Meathead” Bikers for Gropers actually have jobs? Most of the bikers I’ve met over the years are pretending to have disabilities and collecting stolen money from the taxpayers.

    • Random person

      That’s ok snowflake. They will have jobs once Trump takes office. Those “meathead gropers” are Americans and care a hell of alot more about this country than you. How does it feel for “meatheads” to be more valuable than you?


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