Big Bang Theory Star Just Made Comments That Will Make Liberals Heads Explode


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Oh no…she didn’t.

Kaley Cuoco just made some comments that will cause Hollyweird liberals — especially feminists — to go nuts, but to which millions of American women (including the one writing this) will say “right on.”

In an interview with Redbook, the February cover girl — and Big Bang Theory megastar — revealed that she agrees with traditional gender roles — which Hollywood tries to undermine at every turn. This despite being one of the highest-paid actresses on television.

Kaley even said something profoundly un-feminist: that she loves taking care of her man and it’s not something she’s ashamed to admit.

Parade asked Cuoco if she was a feminist.

“Is it bad if I say no?” she asked, mischievously. She then went on to explain what she meant, and her comments are going to shoot some major holes in the anti-male feminist propaganda.

“It’s not really something I think about,” she said. “Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around… I was never that feminist girl demanding equality.”

She also said she cooks for her husband, tennis player Ryan Sweeting, at least five nights a week.

It makes me feel like a housewife,” she said. “I love that.

I know it sounds old-fashioned,” Cuoco continued. “But I like the idea of women taking care of their men. I’m so in control of my work that I like coming home and serving him. My mom was like that, so I think it kind of rubbed off.”

Ka-boom! That was the sound of a hundred liberal heads exploding in L.A. and N.Y.

Will this cause blowback that might affect her career? We shall see.


And it’s not just her husband that Kaley feels responsibility to take care of. Cuoco makes nearly $1 million an episode for her role as “Penny” on the Big Bang Theory, and says she says she wants to take care of her family, without who, she says, she could not have been such a success.

“My parents spent 16 years hauling my butt to LA for audition after audition,” she said. “Every day they were helping me learn my lines, dropping me off, waiting for me, picking me up, giving me pep talks when I didn’t get the jobs, taking me to tennis and horseback riding lessons. I remember always hoping I could help take care of them because they took such good care of me.  Knowing I’ll be able to just brings tears to my eyes.”

Wonderful humility and traditional family values. Can we be forgiven for thinking Cuoco is pretty likely a conservative living in ultra-liberal Hollywood?  It sure sounds like it.

Hopefully, Kaley Cuoco will inspire other like-minded actresses to reveal their anti-feminist beliefs.

What do you think about Kaley’s comments? Do you think she will pay a price for her beliefs?


  • Tim McGraw

    Conservative women are better looking.

    • Chuck

      Being a bitchy feminist is hard on the skin LOL

      • David L

        …and the eyes.

        • A Patton

          But especially the ears!

          • KingObama

            Most definitely the ears and the heart.

      • ElmerJFudd

        It’s the perpetual sneer.

      • Heather Vance-Nelson


    • TheG

      If only the same could be said for conservative men… Blech!

  • Miki

    It is not a crime to be old fashioned, traditional, nor conservative! I commend her for knowing herself & being honest in her interview!

    As for will it hurt her career; that is unlikely considering she’s at the top of her game.

    • SKG

      I totally agree with Kaley. I’m so tired of having everything shoved down my throat from the LGBTXYZ group. Maybe for now the comments won’t hurt her. It might when the series ends and she can’t find work. We shall see.

      • Scott Blackwell

        What made you bring on the LGBTXYZ Group.. (obviously in reference in large part to the gay community)..the groups discussed by the article were liberals and feminist. .. I strongly support what Kaley said and I miss the time when you had roles with in the family.. like parents were parents, and adolescents were adolescents, not telling their parents what to do.. I personally know 10 couples that have been together for 50 plus years.. only 1 couple is straight, the other 9 are gay….in all relationships you have roles that must be taken.. one may be better with finances, the other may be better at the tough decision making. .. and it doesn’t matter if gay or straight.. in a relationship it takes two to make it work, that means give and take.. it isn’t the gay community that straight marriages should worry about… the greatest enemy for straight marriages ( which over 50% wind up breaking up) is DIVORCE.. if you want to save the traditional straight marriage , outlaw DIVORCE, take care of your home before you tell someone else how to run theirs..

        • Sid

          Scott, congratulations, you made absolutely no sense. We ALL pounce on the LBGTXYZ crowd because we are tired of them shoving their ideals down our throats! Prior to it being “okay to come out,” the American society did fine. Every person, Man Woman and Child in their respective role, did as they were supposed to do. It wasn’t until “the coming out” when traditional family values became a societal crime by the multi lettered group. Don’t jump these people’s behinds for backing traditional values, as we know, that’s how this all began and WE want it to STOP!

          • Heather Bradley

            I don’t think the majority of the LGBTQ community has issues with family values at all. It’s sad that people see the ones in the media and believe that’s how every LGBTQ person in the world is. Get to know more people in this community and maybe your stereotypes will go the hell away.

          • SKG

            You assume I do not know many people from that community. You would be wrong.

          • jerome h.

            ahhh, yes. gay people caused straight couples to not care about their marriages any longer. makes perfect sense.

          • SKG

            No one said heterosexual people don’t care about their marriages and I have never heard anyone blame homosexuals for the break-up of heterosexual marriages in general.

        • SKG

          That group has become synonymous with liberals and feminists. In recent years the feminist movement has become hostile and mean to homemakers and often pushes a lesbian agenda over equality for women. I don’t care about a person’s sexual preference and believe all women should be given the same opportunity but I don’t believe they should get special treatment because they are lesbians. I also don’t think women, like Kaley, who take pride in taking care of their husbands should be attacked for it.

      • debhendriks

        SKG, I totally get what your saying….not sure what set Scott off

        • Jjb


      • lexingtonnchick

        What set him off was the LGBTXYZ- because God forbid you mention those groups shoving things down our throats, they get offended (but have no problem telling everyone else what to believe). And don’t go crazy Scott- my daughter is gay and I support her & her family- but I also support those who have different beliefs and respect their rights to those beliefs which many of the LGBT community has a problem with (respecting others- yet they want respect). Luckily my daughter is not part of that and neither she nor her partner want any part of that either. I think if there more more women like Kaley-adopting traditional roles as wife/mother kids wouldn’t be so screwed up these days.

        • Devon Sean Mulcahey

          “What set him off was the LGBTXYZ- because God forbid you mention those
          groups shoving things down our throats, they get offended (but have no
          problem telling everyone else what to believe).”

          I have never once met a gay person in my life that had some agenda to push upon anyone other than basic human equality. Yet countless religious groups continue to visit my front door and badger me about joining their organization and then berate me for turning them away.

          If you are all about traditional family values, then by all means, practice them in your home. If you are open to new values, then by all means, practice them at home. This country would be a lot better off if the so called left and the so called right would stop waging war on each other (or making everything into some political battle) over which side is correct. You worry about your own household and keep your nose out of everyone else’s. How difficult a concept is that to grasp?

          • lexingtonnchick

            How about the lesbians who want wedding cupcakes from the ONLY Christian bakery- they even filmed it. It was blackmail. And don’t say they don’t shove it down our throat because they do. Christians are entitled to their beliefs even if they don’t support gays lifestyle and marriage doesn’t mean they hate gays. Plenty of my friends and family don’t believe in it but they are always respectful of my daughter her girlfriend and my grand daughter and they respect others values as well without calling them haters and such. We all don’t have to believe the same thing but we have to respect OTHER RIGHTS TO BELIEVE SOMETHING DIFFERENT THAN YOURS.

    • Sharon

      I agree. I am trying to picture how her “Old Fashioned” views and beliefs would harm her career. They must be doing SOMETHING right; they are still married.

    • Dodging bullets in Salinas

      I am all three of those things! And that is how things should be and they work out the best for the family! People stayed together and mom was home for the kiddo’s after school, maybe she had a small part time job during the day, like my mom did. Now parents might stay together just s few years if they are even married, more like girlfriend bangs with ten different dudes and the kids grow up in gangs or druggies! With a few exceptions, and daycare costs are CRAZY! The traditional “fifties” family unit I really think was the best way to be! Happy New Year!

  • Monica Brown Henriksen

    I hope that there is no back lash. She should be paid for her talent and admired for her willingness to speak her mind. If she was a pedophile I’d say career be da**ed but what she is talking about is having good values.

    • Sean

      Lena Dunham from Girls basically admitted to sexually abusing her sister…and her career hasn’t taken a hit at all. So even something like that might not damage a Hollywood career. Don’t get people started on Woody Allen and Roman Polanski either.

      • zoomwhat

        Big difference… Dunham ‘ s career is not mainstream, and her fans as well as those who employ her are all liberal nut jobs anyway. No matter how abhorrent her behavior they’re going to support her. Cuoco has just proven herself to be gloriously un PC. Hollywood hates that.

        • Mel

          That’s exactly why Dunham will never be anywhere near the level of success that Cuoco is already able to show. Besides, Dunham is nothing short of disgusting in every way possible.

          • Jon Weiss

            Shes having success now, but that show will not last forever. Look at Kevin Sorbo, word got out that he was an unapologetic Christian and after the Hercules series which was a very successful show, he barely gets enough work from Hollywood to call himself an “actor”, and much of what he plays in these days, are produced by himself.

          • Craig McDonald

            Actually, Hollywood tried for years to get Kevin Sorbo’s career to take off, but their attempts were hampered by the fact that the man is only capable of playing one role: Kevin Sorbo. Hercules was a great show, and it was made do by Sorbo. But he simply cannot act, and that is why his acting career went into the toilet.

          • Jon Weiss

            The fans of “Andromeda” and his movies would disagree. I hear that “God’s Not Dead”, has done quite well in recent sales, as did “Meet The Spartans”, two movies with roles very divergent from “Hercules”.

        • Rebekah Daniel Kelleher

          Since when is it un-PC for a person to be in control of her (or his) own career and personal choices? She is not condemning the choices of others or attempting to impose her choices on others – THAT would be un-PC

      • susanjmaki

        You know there’s a double standard though.

  • M60A1

    Crankiness is a life sentence for the idealogues.

  • Robert Lott

    Maybe more will start speaking up.

    • TheG

      You will know when they do because of the deafening “Meh” from almost all liberals. Nobody’s head exploded because of this This is just a conservative trying to get everyone outraged about a group manipulating the public narrative because he would rather be the one telling people what to believe.

  • Chitcago

    My mom still cooks and does laundry for my dad but my dad mows the lawn, shovels snow and pretty much all the outside work. Next Monday they’ll be married for 52 years.

    • David

      Nowadays being married for several decades is usually the exception rather than the rule. That is sad. Congrats on your parents’ upcoming 52nd anniversary! Next month my Wife and I will celebrate our 42nd anniversary.

      • fdup2

        We have been married 46 in May, He is disabled, and he does the cooking and laundry, I work and do the yard work. But we are still together.

        • Michael Roe

          I’m in the situation as you, fdup2, just opposite. I am disabled and though I am unable to work I try to be the best house husband as possible. I take pride in the idea I do what men expect from women as a “stay at home wife”. It took awhile to get past the ego thing. The “man being the bread winner” aspect. A marriage is a partnership. So anything I can do to make her home lie easier is my part of our partnership.

          • RobertVMcNeil

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        • Mick

          I am disabled with a stroke and I do the yard work, the in door stuff, and work 2 jobs while my wife which has a broken back and even lift herself from bed!

          • Dawn

            Sir, I salute you…and pray for you both.

      • Robert Kunsman

        Congrats Me and mine 34 years

        • Conservative

          Same for and mine 34 years

      • Herman Vogel

        We are having our 35th and my parents were married for 67 until death parted them. We need more of that and less Tomcatting around. Our future depends on it.

      • Jim Little

        38 years for us , and looking for the 50 year mark !

    • Andi

      Right on! Traditional values are just that… tradition! I’ve been married 42 years. Some years I made more than my husband. It never mattered what we earned, how long it took to get my degree, or which one of us was home with the kiddos. What did matter is that I’ve always treated my man like a real man. And he still is.

      • Genia Wheeler

        That is the true meaning of being a feminist. The traditional value is the wife is at home and the husband has to make the money period. The fact that you could make more without your husband being a baby about it and you could earn a degree is a feminist value. You and your husband are model feminist. A women who says she isn’t going to college because she want to find a man to work and take care of her is a traditional 1950’s view.

    • Sharon

      My husband and I have been married for 19 years, but have been together for over 20. We have also been a part of each others’ lives for years before that. I have known my husband for over half my life and couldn’t imagine what my life would be without him. Taking care of him is part of my vows, and I am true to my word and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • Rob Winburn

      WOW- Congratulations to the both them

    • stan25

      Congrats on the 52 years. My parents just about made it to 60, before my mother passed two months before the day.

  • David D. Davidson

    Those who hate/disagree with what she said whose haven’t explode will probably puff their chests out and berate her from behind the safety of their computers via social media. Beyond that though I highly doubt that her un-feminist views will come back to bite her.

  • Dave Dawkins

    I don’t get this malicious glee at the fantasy that someone will be outraged over nothing. Not a week goes by that I don’t see some article about atheists’ heads exploding…and when I read what’s allegedly supposed to make my head explode, I simply don’t see any reason to care about it at all.

    Seriously, we all need to grow up, and do it in a big hurry.

    • KingObama

      You are rational. That’s why your head doesn’t explode. We live in a grievance ridden nation where every other person suffers from false outrage syndrome. They are easily offended by anything and everything. The atheists protest something they are sure doesn’t exist while the anti-death penalty people really do want you to be able to “terminate” your unborn child if you so desire. The feminists are just against anything that men like.

      Sometimes I really think my head will explode.

      • Dave Dawkins

        The thing about the people you mention, is that they’re a very tiny and overly-vocal minority, not representative of the majority. They’re like the Westboro cult, which doesn’t represent the majority of christians.

        • Reality

          Unfortunately, it’s the “westboros” of every fringe group that gets the loudest publicity.

      • Katie

        I’m a feminist, I didn’t mind what Kaley said because it’s her life. She wasn’t speaking for every woman. Radical feminism does not speak for all of feminism.

        • DGlassCook

          That’s exactly what I was thinking. True feminism is in the ability to choose whatever path one wants to tread, regardless of gender, and to be treated equally in all facets. This continued bashing of homemakers, male or female, is what is undermining the strength of American society today. They have done severe damage to the value of the homemakers, thereby making the act of nurturing and emotionally providing for others somehow less essential than that of a traditional materialistc provider. Sad.

          • William Braddell

            If that is the case then I’m afraid I see very little of this “true feminism.” Right now, there are feminist organizations in the U.S and U.K lobbying for female prisons to be abolished. I don’t see how that is a movement for equality.

          • Paceride

            I’ve never heard of this William. Interesting how I consider myself a feminist and I’ve not heard of that but you have. Not saying it’s not true. Where do they think female criminals should go? Male prisons?

      • Paceride

        “We live in a grievance ridden nation where every other person suffers from false outrage syndrome.”

        That is correct, including Christians who think they are persecuted.



  • GlockG22shoots40s

    Smokin hot and she cooks… sign me up!!!!

    • KingObama

      I’ll bet she can push the heck out of a vacuum cleaner too.

      • GlockG22shoots40s

        Hopefully, more than the vacuum sucks.

  • Hao Ngo

    Her hotness factor just went up…

  • 1Melody1

    Who cares what the liberals think. This is her life and what she wants, and I agree with her wholeheartedly

    • Dave Dawkins

      Well, let’s not forget, it’s just an assumption at this point that they care at all.

      • KingObama

        They care and they take notice. There are many people in Hollywood who are openly shunned for the things they say about their values. That is why when you see things like this it stands out like a turd in a punch bowl.

        • Dave Dawkins

          Ok, whatever you need to believe.

        • Durwyn Mason

          yeah kevin soboro was massively harassed by hollywood when it became known he was a conservative and believed in small government..omg they went crazy on him and still do.

          • snookie calhoun

            The only thing Kevin Sorbo has been harassed of is being a crappy actor. He just thinks it’s his politics that keeps him from getting gigs. It’s interesting they make the claim that liberals are going crazy but don’t actually cite any comments of liberal going crazy. Kind of reminds me of then that country chic came out with another song about god and the claim was made that atheists went crazy but no one actually provided any evidence of that. Manly because it never happened

          • Robert Kunsman

            a libtard speaks

          • Misha Carnley

            Using disparaging language to describe a group of people you don’t agree with makes you look like you have a low IQ and are of high school age.

          • snookie calhoun

            LOL look how simple you are.
            You’re so incapable of thinking for yourself that anyone that has a
            thought different from your own must then be whatever negative label
            your little mind can create. Kevin Sorbo is a shitty actor, I have a
            feeling you’ve never been brought to tears by a Sorbo performance. And
            liberals aren’t going crazy about these comments. You don’t actually
            site any examples of a counter argument you just think you’ll hurt my
            feelings with your internet tough guy routine. Hows that working out for
            you? LMFAO

          • Jon Weiss

            Sorbo’s acting ability is a matter of “the eye of the beholder” but during his time in Hercules and Andromeda he was one of the most watched actors on television, and he won the Most Inspirational Actor Award for 2011 and a Lifetime achievement award from the Riverside Film Festival, not bad for a “crappy actor”.

          • snookie calhoun

            Popularity doesn’t mean someone is a good actor. I know you don’t
            actually believe that. I don’t believe for a second there aren’t movies
            or TV shows that are popular that you think suck or actors that are
            popular but you think are terrible. Of course there are so you don’t
            really believe that. Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the most popular
            actors from the mid 80’s to the early 90’s, he’s a great movie star but he has always been a terrible actor. What was that moment in either Hercules or Hercules in space that you sat back and said “wow that was powerful stuff”? He was a model that was cast for his looks but as he’s gotten older and started losing his looks and now can’t find work.

          • TheG

            Yeah, it was almost as bad as when The Dixie Chicks… Wait, those are people made to go away because of a belief that conservatives didn’t agree with. What about Bill Maher? Wait, another person who lost his entertainment job because he angered conservatives. Hmmm. Maybe you should not go shouting about how unfairly a styrofoam cup of an actor got treated for his beliefs?

    • Robert Kunsman

      Well Said

    • Rebekah Daniel Kelleher

      I am a liberal and I wholeheartedly support her right to make her own personal and career choices. She is neither trying to impose her choices on others, nor criticizing other people’s choices, nor holding her choices up as the best for everyone.

  • Tom Burgess

    I think at $ 1million an episode, plus the income from Fox and TBS, she can say whatever she wants. But it’s always good to be right and to be respected by level-headed people, so kudos to her.

  • Lauri Cunningham-Ray

    I really hope her business life doesn’t tank. I am going to believe that it won’t, because I want to believe that hollywierd kinda likes having conservatives around, makes them look good.

  • Michele Zetusky


    • Flaming Liberal female

      I’m a flaming liberal and am not offended in the least by her comments. She has the choice to do whatever she wishes with her free time and energy. That’s the point. She has the choice and no one is imposing their standards on her.

      • Al Parsons

        Then why don’t libtards let the REST of America make their own choices without having liberalization jammed down our throats? You call yourself a “flaming liberal” when, in fact, you are a modern day conservative.

  • Michael Ruocco

    love her

  • Mike Putrow

    If they mess with her the series is done.

  • Eric

    I really don’t think this is a big deal. She likes being a housewife. Good on her. Any liberal true to their stripes will recognize that she can do what she wants in her marriage.

  • Renee

    I completely agree with her!!! In fact regardless of it being feminist or not, if more couples (straight, gay or otherwise) would spend more time “taking care” of each other and caring about making them happy, there would be a whole lot less divorces and cheating!!

  • Vince Quaresima

    Bravo, Penny!!
    Now – go marry Leonard !!!! 🙂

  • Robyn M Bostic

    I spoil my husband. And in turn he spoils me. I am a stay at home mom and proud of it.

  • LB

    Honesty is the best policy I think it is just what humans do follow what we have seen work. Mom and dad did it and they are happy today and were happy yesterday. We believed in God and the pledge to the flag.

  • shoehorse

    She should be applauded for her honesty and good will.

  • Dellburt

    All conservative women are beautiful. Now I know why I really like her.

    • TheG

      You ever been to a Wal Mart? Yeah, I don’t think you’ve got a leg to stand on when you claim that “all conservative women are beautiful”. Unless you’ve got some sick fetish.

  • Richard Cranium

    It’s only wrong to take care of their man when it really is a man. It’s ok for the woman to be feminine if she’s taking care of her girlman husband.

    • Lolly


      • Richard Cranium

        Think about it. If a man is the husband then the libtards get upset that a woman would be feminine….if there’s a wannabe man playing husband, then the dumbocrats are ok with “the wife” being feminine.

      • Richard Cranium

        It’s only ok for a woman to take care of the woman acting as a man…you know Butch….then, of course, the man haters will support an old fashion gal.

  • Katie

    I am a feminist & I don’t care about her statements because that is HER life. Feminism is about letting women do what they want. She didn’t say she thinks all women should be like her.

  • LuJohnson

    I love her.

  • David Carpenter

    With that kind of money, if she has handled it well, she can anything and not worry about anything that happens. I think what she said is admirable, most of us could live a lifetime with two or three episodes worth of money.

  • Kerry Woods-Relf

    Actually, feminism isn’t anti male and doesn’t despise women who chose a more traditional life (which she really hasn’t done, by the way). It’s about being able to make your own choices and being treated fairly and with respect no matter which you chose. Furthermore, a single issue doesn’t tell you a damn thing about her political leanings and jumping to the conclusion that her views on her own marriage and family mean she must be a conservative makes you look pretty desperate.

  • Joseph

    I like women that like to be women.

    • Taylor Harman

      And I like women who like to be what they want. Weird how people of the same gender happen to like different things, huh?

  • Lenore

    being a feminist is about women making their own choices … to cook for her husband is her choice!

  • Dave

    she needs a metal as long as she aint a obama fan or a anti hunter

  • meesh

    Feminism: belief that women are equal to any other gender, that women deserve equal rights.

    What kaley and the author of this article fail to understand is that they are criticizing extremeists…not feminists. If kaley, and the author of this article, believe that women have the right to choose whether they become single career driven women OR stay at home housewives then, they are in fact, feminists.

    Plenty of feminists are stay at home moms, traditional, conservative women who love to take care of their families and love their traditional gender roles (i’m one of them) the point of feminism is that a woman can choose whether or not to live that lifestyle. Ms. Kaley and this author apparently do not know very much about feminism and do not sound very educated on the subject (Which is sad, because i love kaley!)

    • Reality

      I appreciate mesh’s comments as I feel far to often conversations happen around assumptions. We all know what that leads to. The most disturbing part of this article and commentary is the tragic leap that the article’s author makes on behalf of Kaley. I do not sense any hint of anti-feminism in anything Kaley says, even under her misguided view of feminism. It is neither fair nor ethical of a journalist to leap from “is it ok if I say no” (regarding her view of herself as a feminist) to “anti-feminism”. Come on Gina, do you really think Kaley is anti-feminist?

      • meesh

        Very well said

    • William

      So if they believe in equality then why are there Feminist organizations lobbying for female prisons to be abolished?

      • meesh

        In cade you did notbfully read my comment…”extremeists”

  • Patty Stone

    Good for her! She should be the type of woman she wants to be and not kowtow to the world.

  • Blake Middleton Winchester

    Good for you, Kaley. I’m in a rough patch now. Can’t find work. Without my Wife I’d be on the curb. We’ve taken care of each other for 20 years, If I don’t find work this month we are on F-Street.

  • Corinne Friesen

    “Feminism” in its purest sense gives women the power to make what they want of their lives. If what she wants is to take care of her man, then she’s claiming her feminist right.

  • gary

    As long as they keep rerunning that episode where she is wearing a Hillary Clinton t shirt, she`ll always get a pass.

  • eric

    I think it’s great that she believes in taking care of her husband and family this is the way to United States family was raised and this is the way it should return to I’m not saying that the woman cannot do what a man can do cuz they can it is just great to know but she is woman enough to omit that she is old fashioned and likes being that way there is nothing wrong with that she is a strong woman and proud of it she brings home the bacon and fries it up in a pan this is awesome way to go

  • S. N.

    I think she’s great. I love the show & now love it even more because of this!!

  • Robert Kunsman

    Way to Go Kayley

  • Pat Hollingsworth

    she’s not only beautiful but is refreshing in her beliefs. A good old fashion girl next door image never hurt Doris Day and several others. she has my respect.

  • Sue Surace Diruzzo

    She is an amazing young wonen. My12 year old admires her which I am proud of. She is a great role model for young girls.

  • Freedomrequiresresponsibility

    She is free to have her beliefs just like the liberals are free to have their beliefs, the difference is that the liberals think people should only be free to have the same beliefs as the liberals……

  • Don

    I think a true feminist gets to choose whatever she damn well pleases. If she chooses a so called traditional role in her marriage and it makes her happy, I think she’s acheived real freedom.

  • Geno Tanna

    She sounds like a wonderful woman! She’s not doing what she does because she has to or because it’s expected of her. She does it because she WANTS TO! And THAT is the only kind of woman I would ever want in my life. I have one now and I am so grateful for her. She is my queen and I treat her as such. I get no complaints from her, ever. So all of you frustrated, feminist bitches could take a lesson from this lovely lady!

  • Bob Ickrath

    Sounds like a nice girl…..the kind you bring home to Mom. I bet her husband retaliates in kind by taking care of the lawn,running errands, and working on the cars. The douchebag producer of Big Bang may have different feelings, since he is an off the wall liberal a-haole Obama supporter.

  • Connie Colson

    Good for you, Kaley! Everyone has to make their own decisions as to what makes them and the people around them happy. You’ve made your choice out of love for the special people in your life; I’ll bet you have a very happy and appreciative husband and family.

  • Barbara Whitley

    No ..she will not pay a price for her beliefs .she didn’t say anything wrong. She said she us balancing work and marriage. ..that is the feminine norm for the 21st. Century. The art of feminism and being a complete modern woman is doing having and succeeding in both worlds. Being liberal at work and conservative at home says she is truly the modern wonder woman. Women – by nature – want/ need and love to care take for their husband and family. Men love to protect and serve as responsible mentors and guiders. These genetic roles will never change regardless of political or social organizations. Man and woman – the human animal species is ingrained to be their respective genders without knowledge of the politically correct fortitude or spewing.

  • bobfairlane

    She’s probably the only reason people watch that stupid show. Of course they won’t fire her immediately.

  • AynRandWasRight

    I think many women share these sentiments.

    The real problem, though, is that there are so few men willing to do what it takes to earn the respect of such women. 45 year old men who spend hours a day playing video games and watching TV are scarcely worthy of such treatment. Too many men are all too happy to do as little as they can get away with, making little effort beyond the minimum to care for their wives and family. It’s sad what has become of men.

  • Al

    Good for Kaley. If thats what makes her happy then so be It. Who’s to say thats wrong. My wife and I are married 30 years(33 years after a blind date)3 great kids, we both work and both share the inside chores. I do all of the outside chores, but my wife and kids picked the slack when I had cancer and a heart attack 10 years ago. Remember, 100%/100% , divorce is 50%/50%!!!!!!! It’s ok to help each other, and guys remember, you live inside too!! Help out!!!!

  • MBN550

    This shouldn’t be considered anti-anything. She is doing what she wants to do. Is it bad to want to be a good wife to one’s husband? She is a sterling example of a sensible woman who has family values. Too many Hollywood air-heads are obsessed with being ‘in the spotlight’ and will do any outrageous thing to be noticed. Kaley is obviously head and shoulders above the vapid idiots idolized by so many other vapid idiots. Congrats to her for daring to be herself, being grateful to her parents and speaking her mind. You ROCK, Kaley. Keep it up.

  • Opal

    You Go Girl !!!

  • Apiti D’fu

    Gina Cassini is a tool for writing this.

  • StormRavn

    I am so fed up with the stereotyping on this and other sites like it. I am liberal, but I also have some conservative tendencies. I also believe in equal rights for women, but by the same token I see nothing wrong with taking care of my husband. I like cooking for him and my family. We have been together for 23 years. WE BOTH do things, cooking, cleaning, laundry and yard work and vehicle repair. Just because a person is a liberal and believes in equal rights doesn’t mean we don’t also value one another. For years I made twice as much money as my husband it’s not an issue. We both worked and our money went in the same account, we paid bills and then treated ourselves with whatever was left. Stop stereotyping and quit buying into the propaganda…people are people. We all want a fair and just world not one that is just for one section and not others. Wake up people before idiots like the ones the write this paper, keep you so distracted from the real issues that you wake up one day and find everything we have all worked for, is gone.

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    All I can say is ” You go girl! “….Love her! She loves her husband and family and that speaks volumes!

  • Kav

    Wanting to take care of your man isn’t anti-feminist, though.

  • Pamela Kay Sorensen

    First thing that struck me was the comment that feminism is ‘anti-male’ Nothing could be further from the truth. Feminism is about being equal with men in jobs, pay and status in society. It has nothing to do with anti-male. If a woman chooses to be a helper to her husband, more power to her. If this young woman feels fullfilled taking care of her man, this is her life. Her journey. There is no anti-male edict to feminism Right wing bullshit again.

  • Gary C Johnson

    I applaud her for her ability to be forthright in her discussion of what she believes. Hollywood should take a lesson from a person such as this. Truth will out. If they seek truth in HW they won’t mess with her. You go girl. Your brand of truth is what’s up.

  • Jon Weiss

    Sadly for the stars of BBT they are all on limited career tracks, like many people who start out in ultra successful TV shows, they are now all “Typecast” and will very likely never see any work other than playing the same characters they now play.

    Take a look at the casts of the “Star Trek” franchise movies/series, with few exceptions, none of the actors in those shows did much in TV or movies outside of Star Trek, and the few that escaped were those who have a sizable portfolio prior to Star Trek, such as Scott Bakula, but most of the actors who started out or took on ST roles early in their careers have seen little work in acting outside the ST franchise.

  • Maggie

    It definitely shouldn’t! Values like this are important and scarce now. Many girls my age are all about being independent. But I know that without my husband I wouldn’t be who I am today. And it is my full intent to treat him like the wonderful man he is with my wifely duties-in the same way that he treats me like a lady every day by opening doors, taking care of me financially when I can’t and respecting me in the utmost of ways!

  • Marne Ernstsen Newton

    I think its pretty cool.. The family has been under attack too long and so has womanhood/femininity.. ITs absurd.. Men and women DO have different roles in a relationship and in the world. ITs nuts to think otherwise.. Can a woman do the same stuff as a man. sure I do.. but that does not mean I dont like doors opened for me nor being treated like im special cause guess what I AM.. and the same goes for men.. iF they treat a woman well they get treated even better.. or should.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    she rocks.

  • spent

    My aunt and uncle, married 67 years and she took care of the home, and he brought in the money to care for the family. Children, 2. Grandchildren (9) and Great Grandchildren 7. They were happily married, enjoyed life and she passed on this past Easter, and my uncle is 92 and loves her now as much as he did when they first met. So, in passing…..somethings are worth holding on to as well as traditions. She was a lady, wife, mother and grandmother, and nurturer.

  • Anna Abbott

    She will probably pay a price for it, but I like her all the more for it.

  • mary

    I knew I liked her. God placed a nurturing tendency in wemon. It doesnt make us any less to take care of those we love. Many of us sucessfully juggle much more than our husbands. In my mind it makes us a bit better than men. Lol

  • debhendriks

    Good for her, I have a feeling she wouldn’t be too upset if it did come back to hurt her. She sounds like a strong person and good thing she is making great money while she can!

  • Ross RoscoRulez Pool

    What a REAL women! Too bad there are so few who appreciate this lifestyle and understand the need for it in today’s world. There would be alot less divorce and generations of children raised in proper 2 parent homes.

  • Joseph Kerns

    Good for her.

  • Sierra Kriston

    Despite being same-sex. My girlfriend and I have traditional gender roles as well she makes my breakfast, packs my lunches for work(I’m a bricklayer) and often makes dinner.. We live with my grandparents to care for them.. I get tired of hearing feminist rants about equality where it isn’t necessary.. I still don’t think you can or would classify me as conservative.


    I think that it is commendable to be normal. God bless you Kelly. I will always support the normal and Pray for continued success with your marriage and life.

  • kirkpatrick

    She is the real genius on the show!

  • Kath

    Choosing to fit a more conservative role as a woman doesn’t make her an anti-feminist, nor do her comments. It means she’s found where she’s comfortable in life, accepts it, and assumes everyone around her will accept it.
    Just a heads-up, that’s kind of what feminists want to achieve: Being allowed to pursue goals and be taken seriously–regardless of gender. We’re not out to take over the world, or hate men into their graves, contrary to popular belief.
    This feminist would honestly love to congratulate an awesome actress on finding what truly brings her happiness. I hope that someday soon, no one will be looked at crosswise for seeking that same comfort.

  • WerewolfVm

    What a fine wife and woman! Any husband would be so proud of her! As a father, my daughter fits into that role model as well! Good for her! Unfortunately, it may affect and limit her ability to find roles layer on for going public with her beliefs. Sadly that is the way it is in Hollyweird!

  • Herman Vogel

    Eating meals together makes for a stronger family. It shows that you care for and respect each other. Some people will never understand that,,sadly.

  • Jim Lentz

    I knew there was more I loved about this woman!!!

  • Mike Brasher

    I think she’s actually got her head screwed on pretty tight!

  • Veritas

    I identify as a feminist and a conservative. I don’t see how or why the two have to be exclusive.

  • Heather Wildey Fallon

    Good for her !! I believe each gender has their place. .. and I feel great knowing my honey is taken care of, clean laundry and a hot meal… that’s how I was raised too.

  • Fedup N. Frustrated

    Why does caring for her family make her conservative? Do ultra-liberals not do these things? No wonder the world is such a mess, if being nurturing somehow makes you “less than”. I think this generalization is insane. Just my 2 cents…

  • jo roberts

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions whether they be right or wrong ,and Kaley’s views certainly don’t affect my enjoyment of her programme. Personally I like to hear of people who know who and what they are ,good luck to her ,why it should affect her career? ,I hope not !

  • Craig McDonald

    As a card carrying liberal, I must say I don’t understand why my head is supposed to explode? She’s an adult, and if she wants to take care of her husband and family, then I completely support her decision to do so. That’s what being a liberal means: people have the right to make their own decisions that affect their own lives. I don’t see how her desire to take on a “traditional marriage role” is any threat to my freedom, or that of my children or wife. I’m very glad that she feels comfortable expressing her opinions freely, and that she acknowledges the feminist women who paved her way to success.
    This is a non story, and I really can’t imagine any actual liberal (as opposed to the “straw man liberals” that the right wing media likes to set up) being inconvenienced in the least by someone else’s choices. Just as long as she’s not getting to legislate that all women must do the same, then there’s no problem.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    her answer is not anti-feminist it is just not the anti-masculine response that we associate with feminism. And trust me her having conservative family values does not make her a conservative. She is probably still pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion.

  • Charles Fontanello

    Great way to think Kaley, I think all things should be shared in the home , but she’s doing right by her parents.

  • Carebear111

    I believe that this article misses the point on Feminism. It’s not about telling a woman that she can’t be a stay at home mom or care for her significant other, in fact, it’s just the opposite. To me, Feminism is fighting for the choice to do what you feel is right without having someone else tell you otherwise. It’s OK to cook for your man or clean up after him; it’s also OK to be a 40 year old business woman with no kids. It’s your choice and only you can make it. No one should ever tell you how you should live your own life.

  • Call me Al

    The only thing wrong here is Kaley being labeled as `anti-feminist` by the author of this story. She didn’t say anything against anything or anyone. I am very glad she is secure enough in her beliefs that she feels comfortable expressing them.

  • Meh

    Why is this conservative and old fashioned as opposed to being loving and caring? This is obviously how she shows these things, and good for her, may she have a long and happy marriage!

  • ken

    I like her more now…

  • Ladybug

    If being grateful to others that have helped and supported you and unselfishly taking care of others gets you labeled a “conservative” then I hope I will never be labeled “liberal.”

  • mark

    I don’t think her comments are nearly as polarizing as this story tries to make them seem.

  • Dave Don

    wonderful to hear

  • What’s really sad is it is so rare for a celebrity to be normal that it’s actually news.

  • Popper

    I liked her before this article and now I adore her and her conservative attitude. You go girl!

  • Terrye Soto

    Good for her and I agree. If it works for her and others, liKe me then hooray. This world is big enough for everyone.

  • J.M. Harrison

    Kudos to her!

  • George

    This was a joke, right? Who would even think this was worth a paragraph of news? Oh wait, I can’t write any more because my liberal head is exploding because an actress likes to cook.

  • Barb

    I have been a feminist since I was 8. Being a girl with two older brothers was not fun. Why did I have to do the dishes when they didn’t? Why did I have have my bed made and they didn’t? I just feel that women are still trying match dollar for dollar in government with men. The White is one such place. I grew up with a traditional mom. She took care of my dad. I did the same with my husband too. Some times it is nice to have a little role reversal. Someone who takes care of my needs. Everyone has different beliefs let us not make her wrong for hers. We just might want to agree to disagree. That is a much easier pill to swallow.

  • Guest

    So why on earth would any liberal person have a problem with this? The problem is how liberals are stereotyped. Just because we believe in equal rights for women, doesn’t mean we are against women having a choice of playing a more traditional role if they so choose. The key here is choice.

  • William Morris

    So why on earth would any liberal person have a problem with this? The problem is how liberals are stereotyped. Just because we believe in equal rights for women, doesn’t mean we are against women playing a more traditional role if they so choose. The key here is choice.

  • Sarah

    I am a stay at home mom. I love to take care of my children and my husband. I am a hard core feminist. Feminism does not equal man-hating. This article is obnoxious.

  • Boo hoo

    Isn’t she the exact thing feminist want? While she COULD do one thing, she really has the choice to do what makes her happy. How int he world could someone be mad at that. She is a woman who is able to and makes her own choices. You have to respect that or it undermines the entire movement.

  • Tammy Thompson

    Bearer of bad news here, I’m guessing the so called “liberals” you think that have exploded heads are non-existant. Being Liberal I would think that they would hold her right to choose her path above all else, and nowhere did she expouse that this should be every woman’s choice. A true anti feminest would have said that “all” women need to ditch the career and devote themselves to caring for a man. That is not what she said.
    Nice try though, but what you have here is a fail. Happy New Year, better luck in 15! lol


    As a person who has been with their husband for 23 years (since I was 17), RIGHT ON KALEY!!! all the more reason to absolutely love her

  • bbroome62

    Her attitude toward marriage is clearly the result of free thinking. Yes, the libs heads are certainly exploding.

  • Sharon

    She is an inspiring ray of hope for like-minded people like myself. I don’t watch anything too liberal minded on television, because the gist of what liberals are selling goes against what I believe, but I will watch Big Bang …!

  • Independent

    I think the headline for this article is what is wrong with America. Why does everyone have to be put in a box?

  • Goofy1954

    Good for her

  • brassmonkey


  • Sisse

    She is going to be even more popular, bless her …

  • Excalibur Sport Horses

    My mom loved to take care of my dad and in turn, my dad loved to take care of my mom. What is wrong with wanting to do things for people you love. It isn’t taking a new role. It is called respect for those that care for you as much as you care for them. Though it may be shown in different ways it is still caring for.

  • Jessy

    The only thing that makes me angry is the writer of this article. The actress can do what she pleases. Why does it matter? And I would like to point out that not all, in fact not even the majority, of feminists are “anti-male.” They are the minority. Most feminists simply want gender-equality. Equality. We want men to see that they deserve better rights, that men do not need the stereotypical muscles or fast cars to succeed in the world. We also want women to know that yes, they can do what they want. I myself would love to be a housewife, after my career. I want to cook dinner for a future husband and care for him, and yet I am a feminist.
    So why does it matte what someone chooses to do? If a man and a woman want traditional gender roles, then let them have it! If they want to reverse the roles completely, fine! And by gosh if two women want to get married, yes! The list goes on and on with the possible combinations of genders and sexual preferences.
    Just let people do what they want in the “pursuit of happiness.”

    • William

      You do realize that the largest Feminist organization in the U.S openly opposes equal custody rights for fathers on their website? Seems like the majority don’t want equality at all or at least I’ve never seen any compelling evidence for this.

  • Mark Muylaert

    Bravo Kaley.

  • Pamela Herring

    She sounds like the perfect wife to me and I bet she’ll be a great mother too. There is NOTHING wrong with combining traditional female gender roles if a woman wants to do this. I don’t understand how anyone could criticize her for making these statements. She didn’t say others should do it – she said SHE likes doing it. That is HER choice and I for one agree with her 100%. It doesn’t make us less of a human to take care of our families. It makes us happy – and if you don’t like it – that’s okay – but you don’t have the right to tread on our happiness. I congratulate Kaley for being truthful in her responses to questions asked of her and I commend her for sticking by the values which make her and her family happy.

  • CallMeDirtyFilthyLiberal

    There’s nothing anti-feminist about her wanting to take care of her man. It’s something she chooses for herself, and that’s great. It’s only anti-feminist if she’s expected to be in the kitchen and subservient to her husband when she doesn’t want to be. And to assume that liberals don’t value their families show’s that the author here doesn’t really understand feminism or liberals at all.

  • Kathy Priest

    Good for her. I am not a Big Bang watcher but I admire her beliefs. Good for her.

  • Dennis

    Her mind is as beautiful as she is!

  • Ian Jorgensen

    This article makes no sense to me. How is wanting to cook and take care of your man super duper anti feminist? It that’s what you want, great. You should have the right to do it. If you want to work, without being harassed and get treated the same as everyone else, you should also have that right. This article makes it seem as if all feminists are lesbians who hate males and if you act nice to a male you’re part of the problem! Wrong. And…..kaley obviously works, she’s an actress, so that’s kind of not inline with uber traditional gender roles, but hey, feminism doesn’t have a problem with that. I think the author seriously doesn’t understand the definition of feminism, and is really pushing this as a liberal fight, which just doesn’t make sense. It shouldn’t be a battle between liberals and conservatives, its just a battle for human rights, you either support women being able to do what they want, get treated equally, and not be afraid to walk down the street for fear of being raped, or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re a POS, not a liberal or a conservative.

    • Ana

      Yup. The article is completely contradictory.

  • Already loved her as an actress, but now i respect her too for not being afraid to be honest and unapologetic about her beliefs. Well done

  • Me.

    How is this NOT feminism? Feminism is about equality sure, but it’s also about a woman taking hold and being the woman she wants to be, using the path she chose to better her life. If she wants to be a housewife and cook for her husband and support her family, then rock on, that’s feminism. If she wants her husband to stay home while she works, and her husband is on board, boom feminism. It’s not just equality. It’s compromise. It’s doing the things you want without being told “Well you don’t have that much of a say because you’re a woman.” Whether she realizes it or not she’s a feminist. She chose her path and she chose what made her happy, without someone leering over her telling her what to do. That my friends, is feminism.

    • Ana

      Exactly. Lol. I scoffed at this article’s contradictions.

  • Nadean Hall

    i consider myself a feminist and i take care of my boyfriend too. feminism is not about being anti male its about women’s rights. i don’t understand why people can’t see the difference.

  • alexandria

    As a feminist I’m not offended at all. The point of feminism is the ability to choose. She enjoys cooking for her husband and so do I. Now if she didn’t like doing that and was being shamed or bullied into that role then it’s a different story. She makes 1 million dollars an episode. Wow thank you feminism. However I’ll say the almost cartoonist way the liberals head are portrayed to be exploding really amused me, I can reassure you though I’m still firmly sitting on my neck.

  • Taylor Harman

    Oh, man. This argument is so bad, I wanna cry. The point of gender equality is not that you’re not allowed to fit into your gender role and be happy with it, or even take pride in it (however, there is the argument that your pride is not worth their sorrow). But the point is that you will not forced into it, in the case that you happen to be a man or woman who doesn’t enjoy that. Her argument basically waters down to, “I like being a housewife. Every woman likes (or should like) what I like, therefore, all women like (or should like) being housewives.”

    That’s obviously illogical for the “all women like (or should like) what I like” part.

    She also pretty much lost all credibility as soon as she said “it’s just not really something I think about.”

  • Misha Carnley

    This article is amazingly stupid. Let me point out all of it’s flaws, but lets start first with my situation. I am a homemaker. My husband is the bread winner. I enjoy my job and my husband enjoys his. This is our choice in the United States of America to conduct our lives this way,
    but part of the reason we have this choice is because of the amount of our income. And, because we live in the United States of America I believe that someone else who does not choose this lifestyle is free to do so without criticism or judgment from me. It’s all good and well
    that this celebrity has had the freedom to choose what it is she likes to do with regards to her own personal life and marriage, (a million dollars per episode gives someone access to lots of choices) but to assume that works for everyone and all should follow her example is
    amazingly stupid and is exactly the type of mentality that extremist groups like the Taliban want to impose on all people. They want people to live exactly as they do without freedom of choice. So, basically this article is promoting lack of freedom (very anti-American), and that people who don’t follow this lifestyle deserved to be ridiculed, (bullied).

    Next point: the fact that this article about a celebrity’s view on how she chooses to conduct her personal life has been twisted into conservative political propaganda is doubly amazingly stupid. First of all using disparaging language like “Hollyweird” is amazingly immature
    and just makes you look like your IQ must be very low. (I am NO fan of Hollywood, don’t see many movies or TV, don’t follow celebrities, etc.) This promotes a high school type of mentality that uses immature tactics for persuading people to turn against someone they don’t like.
    “You can’t like them because I said they’re weird.” Give me a break! And, then using a ridiculous title like yours: “Liberals heads explode…” One word, “generalization.” Suggesting ALL liberals just by virtue of they’re political persuasion must be living exactly the
    opposite than stated in this article. Again, this is the United States of America where open-minded people are supposed to have freedom of choice and not pushed into a category where they must do certain things a certain way so they neatly fit into the little box by the small-
    minded. It makes no sense whatsoever that gender roles and the choices people make thereof have anything to do with politics.

    It amazes me that even Christian conservatives would agree with and/or promote such an article that clearly is nasty, mean-spirited, and promotes hostility. This article doesn’t promote dialogue about opposing viewpoints or intelligent conversation. It’s purely a propagandistic piece of garbage for those who possess no critical thinking skills and are easily persuaded by the hostility they must be hiding in their own hearts.

    Lastly, I see many, many articles like these that use disparaging (low brow) language and these same hostile, antagonistic techniques for bashing liberals. I don’t see the same coming from their side. Please stop making conservatives look so mean, shallow and stupid. Creating
    hostility doesn’t help anything at all and goes against the Christian doctrine supposedly upheld by the party.

    • Ana

      Love this. I would be embarrassed if I were this article’s writer.

  • Alisonjh

    I think it’s a great! I feel the same way.

  • Robin

    Funny thing is the women’s liberation was all about knowing what you want and going for it… be true to yourself….do what makes you happy…..whatever that is. Whatever, that is. If you don’t want to stay in the home and raise children, you are free to get a different sort of job. If you are happier staying home and raising children……go for it! Women were free to make choices for themselves….not locked in some stereotype role. Unfortunately, as so often it is, many people misunderstood the message…..and went off to the far left radical extreme, placing women in new stereotype role boxes. The liberation movement was supposed to free women (as well as men) from those boxes that society cages us in. It was supposèd to free us to be us…..the unique individual us’. It was to free us from the guilt and shame that society tends to place on individuals. It was supposed to allow us to feel good about ourselves and our choices.

    • Ana

      Rock on Robin!

  • Laura Holmes

    This is stupid, equality means you have the CHOICE to be like this. Wanting this does not mean your against feminism, there is nothing wrong with wanting traditional roles as long as its not forced on you and its your only option.

    • Ana

      I am so happy to read this. You are the forth commenter to support what I said. I am saddened how many people are ignorant about feminism and what old fashioned really is.

  • Christina

    She’s clearly too ignorant to pick up a dictionary and read the actual definition of feminism (as is the author of this article). Feminism is about EQUALITY, not “anti-male propaganda” – that is misandry. Feminism is about the ability for a woman or man to CHOOSE how they wish to live their lives, whether a woman wants to cook dinner for her husband 5 nights a week or if the husband wants to cook for his wife 5 nights a week. Feminism is about not forcing people to conform to one “role” or another simply because of the gender they were born with.

    • Ana

      That’s exactly what I said. It is ignorant of anyone to think Penny is anti-feminist including herself. She is one of the highest paid actresses on tv because she demanded it. That isn’t an anti-feminist approach to get paid your fair share. And I think that’s GREAT. But she is far from old fashioned. An old school housewife was usually forced to cook which I am sure you already know. She chooses to leisurely cook for her man which is a choice she is personally making that has nothing to do with being old fashioned. Enjoying to take care of your partner in whatever way that may be makes you a loving , contributing partner in a relationship, not an old fashioned housewife that had no options.

  • Juanita Green

    my husband and I have been married for 36 years. I still do all the things like keep house cook laundry and wait on him when I can. Do not worry about what Hollywood thinks just look at them divorce is a second way of life for most of them. You are a real women and know what to do and that is between you and your husband he is a lucky guy these days. Keep up the good work honey.

  • deb

    Good for her, and I totally agree. I am sure there are many more that feel the same but don’t have the guts to say so, like Kaley did.

  • Ann

    Marriage is a commitment and legal and moral binding contract between you, your spouse and God. What is yours is his, what is his is hers, what each earns separately belong to both completely and is shared equally because money is not the only way to separate lives. How much is cooking dinner worth? How much is a loving glance worth? How much is mowing the lawn worth? How much is reaching to the top shelf for your partner worth? How much is cleaning up poo or puke when your loved one is ill? God made Man and then took his rib and created his partner (a man with a womb) i.e. woman. God said they will be one. Fact is fact and no liberal can change God’s rule. Current society can change the current meaning of “marriage” but any true Christian knows the truth and the true definition of marriage.

  • A Real Feminist

    Umm… sorry to pop your ignorant bubble, but she doesn’t know what feminism is and neither does the person that wrote this article. It’s not “anti-feminist” to want to assume traditional gender roles. I like to cook and clean. It’s anti-feminist to assume every woman should want that or only be valued for those roles. And I don’t know what television shows you’ve been watching, but Hollywood does anything BUT undermine traditional gender roles. I beg everyone to please educate yourselves on feminism, the history of it, and what it means to you today before you write an article perpetuating myths about feminism. You owe it to yourselves as women. Feminism is so much more complex than who does the cooking.

    • Ana

      Thank God someone on here can comprehend what’s going on.

  • Rebekah Daniel Kelleher

    The writer of this article does not understand either feminism or liberalism. Few in either of those groups would object to a person being in control of his or her own personal and work choices. The actress is not imposing her choices on others.

  • Scott Sandberg

    It is funny that the republicans make this article political. She is actually an independent woman who voted for President Obama.

  • Ana

    Marriage means taking care of each other. It doesn’t matter who does what chores. Both partners have to contribute in some way or you have a one sided relationship.

    There is obviously some feminist in her or she wouldn’t be a highest paid actress on tv which she demanded to be. She hasn’t quit her role to stay home and take care of a family. So there’s motivation and passion for her to work. And that’s great. That’s what feminist is all about – allowing women that opportunity.

    Cooking for your man doesn’t make you old fashioned. It means it’s something you enjoy doing for him and there are things he enjoys doing for her. She isn’t forced to cook like many old school housewives were. She gets to choose to do that.

    Feminists get a bad rep these days and Penny wouldn’t be making any of these choices freely without them.

  • Larry Tomovich

    My wife and I have been together for 17 yrs. I handle the repairs and maintainance inside and out and she does the cooking and cleaning and we have never had a fight and shes my best friend.

  • Susan George Brown

    Good for her!

  • Brandi

    The difference between her comments and the “career ending” comments others may have said in the past is, that she was just stating how she feels and believes. She wasn’t trying to push or force her choices or opinions on anyone else! I commend her for that and think she will continue to have an awesome career!!

  • Mike B

    She’s awesome unlike the idiot Liberals in Hollywood.

  • ADRoth

    I’m pretty sure most people who identify as liberal live by the idea that people should do what makes them happy. It’s conservatives who like to tell people how to live their lives (i.e. who you can and can’t marry, whether or not you have a baby, etc). If Kaley likes to cook for her husband, then she should do that, no liberals’ heads exploded over this notion.

  • Heather Bradley

    I don’t think it’s anti-feminist of her to feel this way. Everyone’s gender role is different, it just depends on the person. She likes to cook for her man 5 nights a week – that’s her preference. She’s not saying “Every woman should cook for her man 5 nights a week.” THAT would be anti-feminist. Repubtards.

  • paul hanson

    well that’s just like our schools now,, they don’t teach cooking or sewing and most don’t even have shop class or mechanic classes or welding any more,, now they have kids on computers in4th 5th and 6 grades,, its like all these kids running around at malls or with cell phones,, the parents are to blame and the schools and our government follow suit

  • Susan

    I don’t think that taking care of your family is a bad thing. You can be independent and still do the things that make your family happy. I worked, took care of my home, my children and still did the things i wanted to do. I get joy from taking care of my family and that does not make me anything other then a caring person.

  • Michael Wilson

    If she likes doing that, that’s awesome for her. Feminism isn’t about demanding that every woman behave a certain way. It’s about allowing women the choice of what roles they want to fulfill. And about allowing men those same choices. I’m a feminist and I think that it’s great that she’s able to make that choice for herself.

  • Barbara Lindsay

    She’s awesome. 25 years from now she’ll be celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary.

  • Jodiekay

    I certainly hope that her career isn’t compromised due to her answering a reporter honestly.

  • kim

    i think people should be able to express their feelings n matter where they live or work! isn’t this the United States where we have freedom of speech!?

  • Oshey Mama

    As a happily married and pregnant (family-oriented!) liberal, feminist working on a PhD in feminist, gender, and sexuality studies studies, I take very little issue with Kaley’s comments, because it is her CHOICE and what makes her feel happy and fulfilled in life, and I know that most feminists would agree with me. I would absolutely disagree with Kaley’s definition of feminism because I highly doubt she’s against equality between the sexes and a tolerance of difference (the basic tenets of feminism). I would, however, like to point out that the antiquated definition of man-eating, bra-burning feminism that you are ranting and raving about died off several decades ago. Welcome to the third wave ladies, where feminism means celebrating your womanhood, equality, and a tolerance for difference while realizing your own sense of self in all its complexity (stay-at-home moms and female CEOs are welcome!). Most anti-feminists that I encounter, such as yourself, have absolutely NOOO understanding of what feminism is and what self-identified feminists today stand for, and as a result fall back on outdated criticisms that are rather meaningless.

  • Margi Butler Sturm are a wonderful wife! If you want to pamper your man..Do it!! Grow up you feminist people..a woman/wife has a RIGHT to do whatever she feels makes her marriage better!

  • Shane Azzopardi

    I think seeing I’m a school teacher and make 3.5% of what she makes PER EPISODE in a year she could be a little generous and help pay for my wedding in May. Thanks Kaley.

  • John L. Battey

    Sadly, honesty and integrity these days always seem to have a price when they run counter what is considered by Liberals to be Politically Correct.

  • Deckla Ritter

    Marriage/relationships are about taking care of each other regardless of who does what. I like traditional gender roles to a point. However, my belief is both are responsible for everything and who does it is whoever has the time and ability to do it at the time it needs to be done.

  • Karen

    I think it is great! I have always dreamed of being a stay at home mom, taking care of my husband and children, which I do currently. I think women do their families and themselves a disfavor when they try to do it all (working and taking care of the home). We spread ourselves too thin trying to do it all and something or someone always gets shorted.

  • lulu

    Love her! Go Kaley!! I serve my husband…cook, clean, etc. He works hard. Call me old fashioned but I enjoy it too. Thank you for standing out and standing tall! Love your character on BB, and I’m proud of you for remembering who helped you get where you are! !
    *excited fan from Wisconsin ♡

  • disgruntled marine

    This just shows how petty our society has become to think that her personal beliefs could affect her career success. I don’t recall ever being asked about my personal beliefs on a job application. Kaley was funny in 8 simple rules and she is funny in the Big Bang theory. Her personal beliefs should not affect her career. I applaud her for sticking with her beliefs even though it may not be what everyone else around her believes. Anyone who stops watching this show simply because they disagree with her beliefs makes me sick.

  • Lauren Paige DeCarlo Armstrong

    It’s something she’s doing because she wants too, not because she has too. 🙂 Some women are wonderful at maintaining a career and the traditional housewife roles at the same time. More power to her.

  • Gwen Siert Wrich

    Let me guess….*her* freedom to choose will be scorned….

  • John Wheeler

    The Leftits won’t be happy because she fell off the Agenda Bandwagon. She needs to be “re-educated” 🙂

  • CharlesMcGrath

    Kaley just became my favourite actress. I love how she’s not afraid to stand up for her conservative views and proud of who she is. This article is awesome.

  • Ann

    “It’s not really something I think about,” she said. “Things are different now, and I know a lot of the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around… I was never that feminist girl demanding equality.”

    Well how would she feel if she was paid less because she is a woman? The typical gender wage gap between men and women is 23.5%, so instead of making a comparable salary to her male co-stars, she would make about $750,000 for the same work. I guess gender equality does matter. I am all for someone ascribing to typical gender roles, but I think she is missing the point.

  • Unless her husband screws up and sleeps around, they will have a long marriage.

  • ladyunicorn

    I like taking care of my man too. There is nothing wrong with that. We take care of each other and our relationship in different ways. It all boils down to taking care of each other.

  • Paul T Reed

    I sure hope it doesn’t hurt her. I think she has a. good head on her shoulders as well as good family values. Luv u Kelly.

  • Thomas

    I just married my Husband December 6th I say thank you to the Supreme Court for allowing us to be married after 16 years together. My husband has always taken excellent care of me. Many other gay spouses feel the same way.

  • Conservative Believer

    Love her comments, who cares if Liberals explode over her values. She is entitled to believe and say whatever she feels and believes.

  • Suzy

    She rocks.

  • Tarilyn

    This is part of what equality and feminism are about, and most people don’t get that. She is a housewife and ‘old-fashioned’ because she wants to be and that makes her happy. Feminism means giving every woman the ability to make that choice for themselves rather than having it forced upon them.

  • kat747

    What is truly great is that Kaley has the “right” to not only express her individuality as a woman but to identify her role as the woman she wants to be.

  • Sylvia Surratt Johnston

    It is refreshing to have a young Hollywood starlet speak her mind and have it be something of value and morals rather than the usual tripe heard from the whores that Hollywood holds up as examples.

  • traditional housewife

    What’s wrong with having a traditional marriage and roles if that’s what both want? Who has the right to interfere with that? If that bothers liberals, then they are not really liberal at all, just part of the mass labelled intolerant.

  • Zaph

    Speaking for libs I can say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Katie Cuoco enjoying being a housewife. Hell, one of the the most hardcore gender equality activists I know is a stay at home mom. The key factor that this article so clearly makes a point of not mentioning is choice. Katie could just as easily choose to be a career actress and eschew the traditional family role but she enjoys taking care of her man and so that’s what she does. There’s nothing anti-feminist about it, Hell if anything it’s an extremely pro-feminist statement because she’s choosing her own lifestyle, not letting it be forced on her by societal expectations. The only people who’d get up in arms about this interview are extremist third wave feminists who think that equal rights and tending to a home and family are mutually exclusive

  • sunshine4848

    Sounds to me , she is NOT anti American

    something Hollywood is and loves to spew their hate for the USA and what it stands for .

    Good for her !

  • Brenda Sue Hartnett

    Tell it sister! I am right there with you!!

  • Anthony Caputa

    Sounds like a NAWALT to me.

  • Bree

    Uh…I’m a liberal. I still cook my husband’s meals. I’m a feminist. I don’t bash men or their roles and I know how hard we both work. It has nothing to do with your voting status…it has to do with respect. You respect my contribution, I’ll respect yours. You respect my opinions, values, and beliefs – I’ll respect yours. You do a load of laundry, I’ll do the folding. I do the cooking, you load the dishwasher. I’ll pay half the mortgage, you pay half the mortgage. If you’re husband works and you’re a housewife & mother – you’re job is just as important as his (or vice versa). It’s not about gender roles…it’s about respect equality. I do the same work at the same pace with the same hours – I deserve the same pay with the same benefits/bonuses/titles/compensation. It’s not a difficult concept.

  • Danny Byard

    Good for you Kaley

  • Kailen Lee Mitchell

    You ever hear of mountains out of mole hills. Nothing she says here is overtly conservative. She didn’t just spew hate for free thinking individuals. She stated how she likes to behave. She did not act like a conservative and say every woman should act like her. Then liberals heads might explode. As presented in this article the only people who might be offended are uber men hating feminist. And I bet they probably already hate her for the character she plays.

  • Mike

    GOD BLESS HER for what she says and does ! ! My Mom cooked and cleaned for my Dad and until I started to take care of the lawn and shovel snow, my Dad did that too ! ! In fact, until he had shown me the best way to take care of both (living in Massachusetts, you did both) I did things wrong ! ! Once….with his help…..I got it right, it lessened his work load ! Two thumbs up for my parents even though they are no longer with us.

  • Mobocracy

    Jim Parsons takes care of his man too. WTF people get a life.

  • Kevin Blankenship

    Wow her sexy factor just went way off the chart!!!

  • Same way in Phoenix

    I think it’s wonderful! I feel the same way. The Big Bang is one of my favorite shows but if they give her grief about how she feels I will quit watching.

  • Halo

    My wife loves to ‘take care of her man’ and says it often. I also love ‘taking care of my woman’ and she loves just hearing me say those words! There’s not a thing wrong with it, except to liberals.

  • memame

    I dont think what she said was bad at all. As feminists one cant discreditwhat another woman wants to do with her life, regardless of whether or not it assumes a traditional gender role. We are creating equality and freedom for each woman to be who they want to be. Kaley did not shootd own any feminist ideals but merely honestly answered a question in regards to how she lives her own life.

  • Linda Corbin

    If you love your mate and want to care for him/her go for it, it’s part of nurturing and a good woman will do that.

  • Anna Rose

    On the 23rd of last month my husband and I had our 56th wedding anniversary. He was 18 and I was 17 when we married in 1958. We did something rather strange: we took our wedding vows seriously! I have cooked 6 days a week unless I was sick. Sunday was – and still is – my day of rest and the only day we sometimes eat out. Most of the time we eat leftovers. Good for this young lady. Her husband is a lucky man!

  • MMarie

    Opinions are based on one’s life experiences and current situation. I work two jobs totaling 65+ hours a week outside of the home. Due to changes in his job my husband works 25 hrs week. Guess who is doing most of the cooking? Not me and truthfully he is better at it. And he enjoys cooking. Division of household responsibilities needs to be adaptable to the situation and people involved. Equality is not based on who does what only on each doing the share they are able to do and having the choice to decide how to divide the work as well as the respect deserved for their contribution to the household.

  • duh

    How is this some kind of major blow? Just because we fight for equality doesn’t mean we hate housewives. We’re simply fighting to give women THE CHOICE to do more than just serve their husband and make babies. If that’s what she wants, then that’s great. We’re not men hating monsters, we just want to be treated as equals which really has nothing to do with wanting to cook and clean for your husband. This especially moot coming from a career woman, who already has the privileged the rest of us are fighting to have.

  • Diana Musual

    I did the same for my husband. We hauled paneling together. We paint walls together, we’ve mowed grass, built a deck etc. I know what a joist hanger is and a wood chisel. I tiled our basement floor in the 70’s and re tiled our bathroom walls in 2001. We both took turns with a air hammer/chisel removing old tile that had concrete and wire mesh underneath. My point is, I enjoy helping him, and he helps me. He does all cooking now. Never a complaint from me. We’re married 46 years! When he worked shift work for 30 years, I cleaned, cooked, and took care of 2 children. When we married, my goal was to teach him how I ran the home so if I ever had to go to the hospital I knew my home was run as I would do it. Heck, after my h.s. Graduation, I tiled my parents basement floor! We both have done the banking, paid bills, grocery shopped etc. I don’t think there is one thing that we only do ourselves! Kaley is just doing what she wants. There are no political issues here. It just doing what a woman or man wants to do.

  • michaelaugustschmidt

    It’s kinda depressing to realize this country has become so liberal and so enamored with the feminist agenda, that a beautiful, famous, young woman expressing traditional values seems like a big deal. I hope Ms Cuoco continues to hold these ideals and share them, and more young women do the same…who knows, maybe the anti-feminist movement will grow to a point where Hollywood starts to accept and even embrace–ah, who am i kidding?

  • ann

    I love taking care of my family. I love taking care of my husband and he takes care of me. That’s what its all about. I cook and do laundry and so does he. I agree with Kaley.

  • Reagan

    Yeah I hate to break the news but nothing that she said was “anti feminist.” There is nothing in feminism that says women can’t follow traditional gender roles and stay home and cook and clean if THAT’S what they want to do. If a woman wants to be single forever and be an empowered business woman and achiever that’s GREAT she can be a feminist. Additionally, if a woman wants to marry a man and stay at home to raise the kids that’s also GREAT because feminism never says you have to be a dominant and independent woman.

  • Jennifer Lynne Salins

    I just love her even more now. On the outside, I appear to be a “modern” woman. I am a store manager, two degrees, etc. Inside, I love the traditional gender roles. I love cooking and cleaning and crafts and volunteer work and spending time with the kids. Maybe I appreciate all of that because I work so much. I love it that my husband is so “manly” and works on cars and mows the lawn and does the other “manly” things of the house. True feminism is the idea that we can do whatever we want–because we want to–and not because we are a female and have no choice.

  • Neva White

    I marched & burned my bra wanting “equal pay for equal work”. Kaley’s neither anti-feminist nor anti-women because she enjoys making her loved-ones happier. If she’s good at and enjoys doing what was considered women’s work, so what? I know many men who enjoy doing the cooking. So what? If a task requires brawn, it seems natural to let the stronger partner do that job- likely the man. Really, who the hell cares about whom does what if everyone’s happy with it. Unless, of course, someone (liberals?) is trying to create strife.

  • Genia Wheeler

    I don’t think it is anti-feminist to say you agree with housewives. It is about a choice. The real question would have been do you think you are a feminist and then say so what if some man says you shouldn’t work but only be at home. Then her answer would change. Feminist doesn’t mean you are against anything thing but being told by a man what you will and will not do with your life. It is for the right to choice. The fact that she can work and make as much as the men on the show and still go home to cook for her husband is because of feminist.

  • Ryno Lascavio

    She doesn’t make “1 million” per episode. The three main stars make 1 million and they divide it. She makes about 325k per episode.

  • andy flores

    I knew there is something special about Kaley, now I know why. Your the best Kaley!

  • TrueGrit

    What a lovely lady , she knows what the fems don’t have any knowledge of and she under stands the fulfillment of being a wife and a mother. We are all glad for her .

  • ConservaDave2

    Now I know why I’ve always liked her….

  • Max Espinoza

    It never occurs to conservatives who think statements like Miss Cuoco will offend liberals that we Liberals understand there are privileged people in the world who go through life unscathed, unaffected and totally oblivious of the struggles of others. She is not evil because she was lucky and no liberal would chastise her for that — It’s when over privileged and over paid pundits on Fox News try to convince their mouth breather audience that poverty and inequality don;t exist and to mention it is political correctness,

  • Devon Sean Mulcahey

    Let’s see, I’m definitely on the liberal side and I don’t see anything wrong with her desire to be a housewife to her husband, nor do I care. That is what she wants to do and it makes her happy. I don’t how you people manage to turn everything into a political farce.

  • Jose Juan

    Barefoot , submissive to her man, blond, and dumb .. she has to a Republican

  • BriDog

    I’ve always liked Kaley Cuoco, now I love her even more knowing she’s a down to earth realist with traditional values. Way to go Kaley!!! P.s. My wife has the same values and that’s why I love her so much!

  • RedSoloCup

    Have always been a fan of TBBT, now this is further proof why.

  • My wife cooks for me an my kids, she is also stay at home mom because i can afford for her to stay home and she enjoys it. I am sick and tired of this small minority trying to determine what Woman should be vs. what they shouldnt be because these feminazis feel they know what is best for women.

  • JamalZ

    Well isn’t that a beautiful thing. Love seeing the sisters embrace the perfection of what God intended. Being a traditionalist is not anything to ever feel ashamed to admit. Living your life under the book of truth that the creator smiles upon the love of a man and woman who are helpmates to one another. Proud to see that this sister happily embraced her conviction. Now let’s let her be who she wishes to be. I wish her love and happiness in her role as the woman she sees womanhood to be. If the noise makers wish to lambast her, so be it. She knows she has friends who quietly support her and send silent encouragement.

  • pullmanwa

    Apparently Kaley is not allowed to express herself “IF” it goes against the Hollywood liberal doctrine. Now that’s Hypocrisy in action.

  • Arlene Peters

    My parents were married for 71 yrs. and were still so so close… My Dad passed away last year at the age of 92 and Mom will be 91 this Month… She always waited on him and did all of the chores inside of the house except for flower planting outside.. My Dad would never let her lift anything heavy and constantly would come up behind her and cover her eyes and say “guess who?” They never got tired of that, then she would turn around and they would kiss… From what I believe, marriage these days are NOT considered a “commitment” to a life long relationship, but merely a “let’s play house for a while”….

  • Mike Allario

    Feminists see the world as win or lose; everybody else understands that life is a moving target and by “giving-forward” to those around you, you in return shall receive an equal or even greater response. I’m sure Ryan goes out of his way to make Kaley feel special, but again, Feminists are animals; either eat or be eaten.

  • debralee

    You go Kaley. Always knew you are a sweet person. Be happy. You worked for your success, enjoy!

  • OpinionsProfile

    Liberal here. Head not exploding.

  • raypal45

    Real love doesn’t say “This is mine and that is yours”. My wife and I just celebrated our 44th anniversary and she had four children and worked alongside of me in our business for twelve of those years when the kids were grown. We have lived in three countries and lost and rebuilt and she’s been there for me all these years. She still does the cooking and I do the outside work. We are old together and we still enjoy one another’s company now that our four children have lives of their own. I wish that Kaley had exercised better judgement however as I don’t think much of her husband as I have been a tennis fan all my life. He has no skill whatsoever as a professional tennis player..

  • Penelope Pitstop

    To each their own. She’s not hurting anyone. What’s the big deal?

  • Leizel

    I did not like her on the show (dumb and un appreciative of science) now I do not like her as a real person. I take care of those I love but I´m no robot everyione needs to pitch in. Like helloooo women do not get extra batteries for doing house shores on top of a full work day!

  • Billy

    Liking traditional female roles and caring for your family is not anti-feminist. Feminists believe that men and women are equal and should be paid equally for the same jobs and have the same sort of opportunities in life. If you believe that men and women should have equal rights you are a feminist. People need to get the definition right already! I am so sick of hearing people say I love men and believe men and women are equal that is why I am not a feminist! It’s so stupid that’s exactly what feminism is believing in: the equal treatment of the sexes. Feminism supports women doing what they want with their lives whether it is being a scientist, a stay at home mom, a hair dresser or a lawyer. It is not a man hating club and does not hate on women who like the traditional gender roles!

  • ilCorago

    Neither the author nor Ms. Cuoco have the foggiest idea what feminism means. It’s about making sure that being a housewife is a choice and NOT the only occupation open to women. Ms. Cuoco has the luxury of making a million dollars per episode and still cooking for “her man” because countless struggling feminists over the past 40 years made it possible.

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