Ben Carson Just Uncovered MASSIVE Fraud Under Obama’s HUD

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Liberals called President Trump’s selection to run HUD “unqualified.” That’s right. For Leftists, a brain surgeon wasn’t qualified to understand housing.

But Ben Carson has just created a nightmare for Democrats…revealing massive incompetence and possibly corruption in Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development, with over half a trillion dollars improperly accounted for.

And now House Republicans are calling for hearings to find out what happened to the money.

The inspector general (IG) for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) revealed this week that for three straight years, Obama’s HUD staff cooked the books. These morons wouldn’t know a balance sheet from a fitted sheet, reports Blacksphere.

HUD’s books are in such bad shape that the IG can’t complete an audit on their second try.

Here’s what happened on the first try:

According to the IG report, after the first review, Obama staffers had to correct a whopping $520 billion in bookkeeping errors.

When the IG remained unable to issue an opinion for fiscal years 2015 or 2016, he gave Obama staffers a three-month extension. Thus, their reprieve allowed them to fix $3.4 billion in 2015 errors and $516.4 billion in 2016 errors.

After HUD’s re-submission of paperwork, 11 material weaknesses, seven significant deficiencies, and five instances of failure to comply with laws and regulations remain unresolved.

The continued problems “were due to an inability to establish a compliant control environment, implement adequate financial accounting systems, retain key financial staff, and identify appropriate accounting principles and policies,” the IG said.

If the Obama team hired qualified staff, the unresolved issues below would already be resolved:

  • HUD lawyers repeatedly refusing to sign a management letter listing all HUD litigation
  • HUD’s improper accounting methods
  • Failure to correctly measure assets and liabilities
  • Discrepancies between general ledger and sub-ledger accounts
  • Lack of sufficient support for an audit of $4.2 billion in loan assets from Ginnie Mae’s financial statements.

The Fix was simple. Obama’s HUD needed to “comply with generally accepted accounting principles.”

Yet, Obama’s HUD lackey, Brian Sullivan said otherwise.

In December 2016 he claimed:

“HUD does apply generally accepted accounting standards,” despite the IG report that we do not.

Ironically, Senate Democrats rushed to condemn Dr. Ben Carson, the former neurosurgeon who President Trump tapped to be his new HUD Secretary. Further, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) argued:

“I have serious concerns about Dr. Carson’s lack of expertise and experience in dealing with housing issues. Someone who is as anti-government as him is a strange fit for Housing secretary, to say the least,” Schumer said in a statement. 

And House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called Carson a “disconcerting and disturbingly unqualified choice.”

As we say of Leftists, they accuse you of what they are.

Dr. Ben Carson is undoubtedly qualified to run HUD or anything else in the government. Now the distinguished doctor must clean up billions of dollars in sloppy accounting left undone by his predecessors.

However, the real question may be, “Where’s the money?”

Regardless, you can bet that Dr. Carson and President Trump will follow the money.

  • Gary Quesada

    A democrat that can’t spend wisely and keep proper books! No way!

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  • schr8er

    So a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED brain surgeon isnt qualified to see that the Democrats pilfered billions of dollars from the HUD and the people at HUD cant keep accurate records ??? Pelosi and Shumer should get married as each has their heads up the others butts anyway…. Those are two of the most dishonest, egotistical, arrogant and PARTY PREFERENTIAL people on the planet…

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  • Mike G

    What’s it matter?
    It’s just the public’s money………..

    • Carolyn Burton

      As part of the public that pays taxes, it matters to me

  • Charles Jerrell

    !!! Responsibility Matters for All Lives !!!

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  • Itsjusme

    Thieves…….Democrats are thieves.

    • Kan She Me

      By Definition, you are right !

  • Michael Cowan

    Unfortunately the Democrats are correct. A corrupt political institution can only be properly run by another corrupt Democrat politician, otherwise there will be chaos. Go Ben!

  • Oingo

    For sure he is qualified neurosurgeons do the most extreme and precise surgery which is exactly what HUD needs.

    • Chandrarcoleman

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  • Aylin Kantarcı

    Paykwik ıts Obama number one

    • FreedomFighter

      You fucking spam trash.

  • Abby Sapp

    I’m sorry, but smart is smart. It is what your mama taught you about right and wrong that is important in many cases and education hasn’t got a damned thing to do with it.

    Obama thought he was being smart by stealing the money (and thought that because he won as the first black president, it would be overlooked, bypassed, swept under the rug, WHATEVER …….)

    Another smart man comes up behind him. His mom taught him to find the error and FIX IT.

    Well, here we are. I’ve got two popcorn poppers, two pounds of kernels and five pounds of butter. Anyone bringing bowls?

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  • Ramesh Chandramowli

    We public pays taxes, it matters to me & all.
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