Ben Carson Called a ‘Moron’ for Believing in God… This Is How He Responded


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Ben Carson is gaining momentum in the GOP presidential race.

The retired neurosurgeon is tied with Donald Trump in a recent Iowa presidential poll, although he still distantly trails the real estate magnate in national results. But Carson is winning hearts in the Hawkeye State with his soft-spoken style and deep faith.

But not every shares this admiration.

Check out this meme about a quote the doc gave in response to an atheist who called him a “moron”…


The atheist is stubborn, and relies on emotion in order to live life the way he wants to.

The believer in God lives life the way the Lord wants him to.

I choose to side with Carson on this one.

[h/t: YoungCons]

  • Scotty P

    Strong. Witty. Intelligent. Soft spoken. Educated. Conservative. Black man.

    A liberals worst nightmare.

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      • David Davis Sr.

        another Obama

        • Caroline Hawbaker

          You don’t know what you’re talking about. I hope you don’t vote!

    • Mateo On Mongo

      Carson is a good example of how black folks can get ahead in the GOP… as long as they ‘mind their place’ and ‘do as they’re told’ (unlike certain “uppity, muslim Kenyans” currently in office).

  • zoomwhat

    An intellectual gentleman. So many could take some cues from Dr. Carson.

  • LaFlare1017

    I believe and God and evolution, the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

    • ssn708

      Exactly. God, if he exists, could very easily be guiding evolution. That seems to escape most people. Rather than wipe out humanity and start again, perhaps He is guiding our evolution to adapt to His changing plans.

      • Grobanite33

        But that goes completely against the Bible. The Bible states that God created the animals, and man in His own image. No evolution was used then. Why would it be necessary, since God literally spoke things into existence? The Bible also says that the last time God chose to “wipe out humanity and start again,” He saved pairs of animals and 8 humans to continue life on earth. So, again, no evolution used there. We are exactly today the same as those humans that walked off the ark thousands of years ago. Lastly, we know from the Bible that evil will continue to exist on earth until the next time humanity is wiped out, after the Second Coming of Christ…after which a completely new Heaven and earth will be created for Christians of the past, present, and future to inhabit. So no evolution there, either.

        • ssn708

          Oh. You actually believe the bible is literal. OK. I have news for you, God did not write the bible. It was men who said that God created man in his own image, men that lived 3,000 years ago and thought ptomaine poisoning was the work of ghosts. If the bible is to be taken literally, both with Adam and Eve and with Noah and his family, we would be so horribly inbred the species would not have lasted 6,000 years. We certainly would not have lasted the over 200,000 years that modern man has actually walked the Earth. And yes, mankind has in fact physically evolved even in the last 6,000 years most Christians believe to be how long we have been here.

          • Grobanite33

            The Bible is called the Word of God because God told men what to write. God also created, and creates, every single human being…so if we do take the Bible literally and believe that He made the universe to work in perfect order, we also must believe, logically, that He allowed the human race to flourish instead of becoming inbred, according to the same power of design. The human race is exactly the same today as it was 6,000 years ago, except for shorter lifespans and fatter people. That’s not “evolution,” though, as we’re discussing here–one species developing into another.

            I’m curious, I have to ask…what does food poisoning have to do with it?

          • ssn708

            Really. Which men, exactly? When, exactly? You have no idea. No, the bible is not literal, it is a moral tale, created by men to explain what they could not comprehend. You yourself talk about the power of “design” to keep us from being inbred, but can not grasp that evolution would be part of His design? Interesting. No, the human race is not exactly the same as it was 6000 years ago. We have in fact physically evolved since even then. And actually we have considerably longer, not shorter, life spans. The average life span of a human 6,000 years ago was about 30 years. And you ask what food poisoning has to do with it? Again, you are talking about a book written over 3000 years ago, I am simply stating what beliefs were at that time, the lack of knowledge and actual understanding of the people who wrote the bible. Evolution has been proven quite conclusively, the only question is whether it was directed by God.

          • Grobanite33

            We know exactly which men God chose to write the Bible, as well as when they lived. There are several, so I’ll only list a few for you: Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezra, Paul, Peter, John, and several more. You say they lacked knowledge and understanding, but they were powerful, intelligent men, which history shows–leaders in Egypt, kings of Israel, skilled doctors, and so on.

            We also know, thanks to the detailed genealogical records, that in the earliest days after the creation of the world, it was common for men to live for hundreds of years, especially before the great flood in Genesis (which was actually about 4,000 years ago). Creationists speculate that the shortened lifespans that followed have to do with effects from the flood itself.

            I certainly don’t deny that God is powerful enough to use evolution in order to create–but as I originally stated, evolution contradicts everything that we know about Him and about how He DID create the world. The Bible says He spoke everything into being, and formed Adam from dust and Eve from Adam’s rib–not that He just created a mass of organisms that eventually turned into humans and animals. There is no solid evidence that conclusively proves evolution is true or possible–it’s still only a theory.

          • ssn708

            Nope, Moses did not “write” any part of the bible. Others wrote about him. And yes, those men lacked knowledge and understanding, these “doctors” you suggest believed maladies were caused by too much blood in the system and such. And no, there is no “geneology” whatsoever to suggest that men lived for hundreds of years at any time in Earth’s history. Nothing whatsoever to back your erroneous fantasy of centuries old people. Evolution counters everything we know about Him? We know nothing at all about Him, as He would be so far beyond our comprehension. Yes, there is TONS of verifiable evidence that proves evolution, and literally NOTHING whatsoever to support the fantasy of creationism, outside of writings of story tellers thousands of years ago.
            So, let me ask you a question about your infallible bible. If several men came together to say that God Himself spoke to them, and gave them new commandments and a new law of His universe, would you abandon the bible of old and believe these men?

          • Grobanite33

            According to every source I’ve ever seen, Moses wrote the Pentateuch (the first five books, Genesis-Deuteronomy) up to the passage about his death, which was written by his successor, Joshua. Do you have a source you can share with me that conclusively proves this is incorrect?

            Of course we wouldn’t believe someone who claimed to disprove the Bible. The Bible we have today contains first-hand accounts of those who were led by, and spoke to, God and Jesus. It’s a book that has never been proven false in 4,000 years. We can be secure in our belief that it is the absolute Word of God. We can also be sure that God will not alter His Word. The Bible cannot be changed and God can never contradict what He, or His Word, says. There are many today who DO try to preach different ways for Christians to live, which is why it’s so important to study the Bible and separate man’s word from God’s.

          • ssn708

            Of course you would not believe someone who claimed to disprove the Bible. Those who said God talked to them and everything you knew was wrong, would be labeled insane. And yet, that is EXACTLY what happened! It’s called the “New Testament”. Jesus Himself said the law of God as written in the bible will stand as long as heaven and Earth. Yet decades after His death, suddenly the laws that Jesus said would last until the end of Heaven and Earth were no longer applicable. The “New Testament” came about. Because a bunch of men said so, they said God inspired them and they re-wrote the rules of His kingdom and the old “bible” was considered null and void in favor of their writings regarding Jesus and what they said His message was. The New Testament is considered a “correction” of God’s laws by Jesus, a man who said himself that the bible as written would stand forever. “The bible can not be changed”????? WHAT? That was the entire point of the New Testament! Changing the bible, changing the rules, that MEN decided was the word of God even though CHRIST said the laws would never change.

            And Moses wrote Genesis? That is hilarious. Moses, assuming he existed, is only believed to have taken the earlier documents of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Enoch, Isaac, and Jacob and combined them into the book of Genesis. He did not write it.

            Evolution does not go against anything other than a fairy tale written by people who yet had any factual understanding of the actual origin of the Earth. Now that the true origins are becoming known, through what we can scientifically prove, the existence of God is being shown in ways we can actually comprehend instead of the mysticism contained in the equivalent of Aesop’s Fable you consider the word of God. The bible is a collection of moral tales, translated time and again from dead languages, not remotely the truth of history. In order to understand the word of God, you must first separate it from the design of MAN. And in such you see the fatal flaw in believing the bible is the word of God. It is not. It is the translation of the words of persons who lived thousands of years ago, to explain things beyond their comprehension.

          • jcd0101

            well i look at it this way
            I can believe either GOD and the bible whom GOD inspired men to write

            or a simple man like you who doesnt have a clue
            as too how anything was made and simply spouts off useless liberal CRAP..

            hmm gee let me think this one over for about 1 ms
            I choose GOD
            you can go back to quoting the liberal toilet paper talking points..

            have a nice day

    • sgb1

      When I was in college, many years ago, I was in great angst about this issue. My father looked at me and said,”Why can’t it be both ways? Why can’t God be causing evolution? You don’t know how God works any more than I do.”

      • frgough

        Knowing the two belief systems were not compatible, I started doing a lot of digging into evolutionary theory and found that it’s not even really a theory. It’s more of an hypothesis, and a very poorly supported one. About the only thing supporting it is that people have assembled a bunch of fossil pieces and discovered a pattern of apparent progression. Countering that is a whole lot of mathematical and laboratory work showing that creation of new species by random mutation and selection pressure almost certainly DOESN’T occur.

        The most damning condemnation of evolutionary theory is that no one has actually re-created a pathway in the laboratory. Using a fast breeding bacteria, it should be possible to re-create a known pathway (say, evolution of a nucleus) in ten or twenty years. You can breed 150,000 generations in 20 years, the equivalent of 2.6 million years of human evolution.

        • ssn708

          You are delusional and factually incorrect.

          • frgough

            In actual science, there is general excitement at the possibility of a theory being proven wrong. Physicists were just as jazzed at the possibility of NOT finding the Higgs Boson as they were of finding it. More jazzed, even. Not finding it would turn a lot of our understanding of physics upside down, and that is an exciting thing. To a real scientist. Only in evolution are critics of the theory attacked, insulted and persecuted.

            If evolution were real science, finding DNA in dinosaur bones would have been monumental. Because the chemistry says DNA can’t survive intact for millions of years. That means our dating is all wrong. In true science, that would have scientists so excited they wouldn’t be able to stop talking about it, and they would have started re-analyzing everything we thought we knew about dating techniques.

            Instead, the non-science evolutionists pretend the chemistry doesn’t exist or say the laboratory work is all wrong, and that DNA must be able to last for millions of years because we found it in dinosaur bones, and we all know that dinosaur bones are millions of years old.

            That is not science. That is religion.

        • Trs

          A scientific theory, by definition, means that it is well supported. People seem to think the word theory means the same thing in science as it does in the colloquial usage. If you read nothing else, look up the definition of “scientific theory”

          The problem with christianity is that nearly everything about the creation can be traced to earlier religions. The virgin birth and the belief that a messiah will arrive are found in many religions that were around prior to christianity. Every society has built their beliefs on the people who came before them. Except theirs was wrong, and ours is right. I grew up very religious and my father was a minister. I hold nothing against religious people and i do not consider myself an athiest. I just think it’s important to question things. I also think far too many people think they are following the word of god, when they are actually following the word of man.

      • Cedric Ian Anthony

        I agree. God is bigger than your issues with evolution, and your problems with the religion that is based on Jesus Christ’s teachings. Humanity will never know all the answers. at least not right now.

    • frgough

      In order to reconcile evolutionary theory and Christianity, you have to deny a lot of things in the Bible as actual events and make them allegorical instead, even though the plain reading has them as literal.

      Adam and Eve can no longer be real people, which means the statement “As in Adam all men die, in Christ shall all men live” can now no longer be taken literally.

      The idea of death entering the world through Adam and Eve has to be taken as an allegorical reference to some stage of evolutionary development where hominids suddenly realized they were mortal. Which again, causes problems with the atonement and concept of resurrection from the dead.

      What is now the purpose of the atonement of Christ? To counter the results of evolutionary development of hominids to the point where they could suddenly comprehend good and evil and began sinning?

      This seems to be a lot of work to try and hammer Christianity into a theory, that, frankly, has more holes in it than a brick of high-quality swiss cheese.

    • common-sense-needed

      Aren’t you glad we still live in a country that you can choose to ‘believe or not-believe’..
      I believe in
      – the virgin birth
      – Jesus is the son of God
      – Jesus died and rose again on the third day
      – Jesus will come again
      – There will be a Judgement day
      Peace be with you.

  • Chris Falcos

    Its funny that he thinks thats an insult….

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    thats great!

  • independent_az

    After reading that it is quite clear that Ben Carson really is a moron.

  • jcd0101

    I really really like ben carson
    but the real reason isnt just because he is a christian NO

    He actually is smart and thinks unlike most politicans of both sides

  • KevinC

    It’s amusing to hear all these people that believe in the invisible sky daddy try to explain its intention.

  • cheatara

    A scientist who doesn’t even understand the theory of evolution he doesn’t believe in is bafflingly terrifying. No one believes we came from monkeys, literally no one.

  • Stu MacKenzie

    Only creationists insist that evolutionists believe we came from monkeys. We have shared ancestry with modern apes. In fact if you go back far enough, we have shared ancestry with insects, fish and every other living thing on the planet. The evidence of that is in our DNA, and it is solid and irrefutable.
    The difficulty here is the stubborness of the creationist when it comes to accepting established scientific facts. Ignorance is a choice they made long ago.


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