Bad Ass: Jordanian King Personally Leads ISIS Bombing Mission to Avenge Murdered Pilot


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

UPDATE: The Jordanian strikes on ISIS were devastating. See details at end of article.

One day after one of his hero pilots was burned alive by ISIS, and broadcast for a horrified world to see, King Abdullah of Jordan took swift and decisive action.

First, he executed the two ISIS prisoners who the group had sought to be released, hanging them by the neck at dawn this morning.

Then, in an unprecedented act of personal vengeance, the King, a trained pilot, was said to be planning to personally lead a combat mission to bomb ISIS positions in Syria.

And hours later, it was confirmed:


Above: Photos of King Abdullah’s first personal air attack on ISIS, courtesy of @AlArabiya.

That is seriously bad ass.

Many heads of states around the world have paid lip service to fighting jihadists and standing against the monsters of ISIS. King Abdullah is walking the talk.

The King addressed members of the U.S. Congress yesterday, and reportedly quoted Clint Eastwood from his film Unforgiven in declaring his resolve to avenge his pilot’s savage murder on ISIS:

Hunter would not say which part of “Unforgiven” the king quoted, but noted it was where Eastwood’s character describes how he is going to deliver his retribution. There is a scene in the picture in which Eastwood’s character, William Munny, says, “Any man I see out there, I’m gonna kill him. Any son of a bitch takes a shot at me, I’m not only going to kill him, I’m going to kill his wife and all his friends and burn his damn house down.

This man is seriously pissed, and determined to avenge his pilot’s savage death.

By contrast, Obama refuses to call ISIS “Islamic extremists” or “terrorists.” And he freed 5 key Taliban leaders from Gitmo in exchange for traitor/deserter Bowe Bergdhal — and added insult to American injury by inviting Bergdahl’s father to recite a Muslim prayer in the Rose Garden ceremony announcing the betrayal.

Today, Obama welcomed illegal aliens and the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House.


By the way, King Abdullah is a secular ruler, whose (gorgeous) wife Queen Rania does not wear a veil or hijab.


It’s good to be King. We wish him well in his fight against ISIS radicals and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Unfortunately, our own would-be king is not exactly up to the task.


UPDATE: The strikes led by King Abdullah were devastating to Islamic State positions and personnel.

According to the AP, The Jordanian air force killed 55 ISIS fighters, including a top-level Islamic State leader known as the “Prince of Nineveh” in air strikes carried out Wednesday, according to Iraqi media.

A Jordanian government spokesman told Reuters that the Middle Eastern kingdom will increase its role in the battle against ISIS and that they are “leaving all options on the table”.

Obama could not be reached on the golf course for comment.

  • Mark Muylaert

    obama is a disgusting POS.

    • Redsharin

      the 0 would have to come up in the world to be a POS

      • Dixiebug

        Oh, that’s good. LOL

      • Penny Duignan Stoneheart

        He slithers through the butt cracks of scumbag terrorists. That snake must be impeached and arrested.

        • Atticus82

          That’s going a bit too far Penny.

          • Tim Chase

            To far? The only thing I don’t agree with is impeachment. That would be letting him off easy.

          • Atticus82

            It’s t-o-o far. You forgot one letter. Don’t water down the effect of your venom with sloppy grammar champ.

          • dmac

            I say ship obama the douche to the middle east and let’s ee how much the jihadist like his no back bone, weak policy,welfare sharing ass.

          • Atticus82

            Good insight there dmac. You elevate all humanity with such pearls of wisdom.

          • Tim Chase

            Ah, a slip of the finger and I get called out? That would be too far I agree. Let me be clear, impeachment would be too good for the great King O. That would leave him free of criminal charges. Bye champ, you have nothing further worth commenting on.

          • Lou

            Gas under 2$

            Stock Market doubled

            Unemployment under 6%

            GDP growth up to 5%

            yeah the guy that got voted in twice is no good…

          • Tim Chase

            Spin the numbers any way you want, I’ll pick one. As for unemployment guess again. Those whose unemployment has run out don’t count. Those underemployed don’t count. Nor do those working two or three jobs to get by. I’ll throw in another. An 18 trillion dollar debt. More than all presidents to date. As for $2 gas? I don’t see it. I could go on but won’t bother.

          • Lou

            18 trillion isn’t just OUR president’s doing no matter how hard you try to pin it all on him. He had to clean up after Jr. I forget only the right can claim responsibility for good numbers. When FACTS do not fit your echo chamber’s narrative they are “no good”? Funny but sad. I didn’t vote for OUR president, I just like to be factual.

          • dmac

            Lou……you just repeat the crap they spin off cnn? How is it that you get uo daily and function. Or does someone help you with that too?

          • Lou

            Am a stay at home dad. I care for 4 children without any help. Am on call 24 hrs a day. It doesn’t make me bitter that others need help. I want good for all, not just a few. You tell me that things are worse since Jr left? I don’t see it. Like I said i didn’t vote for Obama however I do like to be factual.

          • markvin

            In other words Lou, you are a bum who sits around watching The View and believing everything out of the mouths of O’Donnell and Goldberg. Get a job and wake up to the real world.

          • MJean

            I don’t agree with Lou on much regarding politics. But your remark is so insulting to parents every where who put raising their kids as a top priority and responsibility. Especially in today’s society of absentee parent(s)

          • didntvoteforamuslimnotonce

            Thank you

          • MJean

            Kudos on being a hands on Dad! Our society today needs more “parents” taking responsibility for the raising of their children.

          • Connect The Dots

            Well Lou…Good for you raising your kids… let me give you a clue… things are alot worse under Obama… I’m 60 yrs old and I have never seen America this bad… if the truth was told about unemployment, we would be in a depression… Obama is doing nothing to stimulate provate sector job growth… everything is worse… national security…he’s gutted our military in the most dangerous time in world history….and it is deliberate…

          • MJean

            You are right, ( I vomited in my mouth by saying that) Bush was responsible for 6 trillion of that debt. This was approved by a Democratic House & a Democratic Senate in Congress and Obama called this unpatriotic.

            Obama has added $13 trillion to our deficit in just 6 years and is now asking for a spending bill that will add $8.5 trillion more.

            He calls this a budget Lou. Do you live outside your means and rack up debts knowing your children will spend their lives and their children’s lives paying off this horrible wastefulness? Where does it stop?

            The Bush excuse is like beating a dead horse. We knew ahead of time the Iraq war ( which was approved by both parties) would cost a lot. Bush had to have the approval of Congress for a war.

            When Obama took office he had the same Democratic Congress that controlled the House and purse strings for his policies & agendas. The same Congress that Bush had.

          • rickne

            How much debt did Ronnie Raygun leave? Did he pay it back before he left office? How about Bush? Please elaborate

          • MJean

            You have missed the point, which is Congress especially the House of the People’s Representatives hold the purse strings. Both Dems & Repubs voted to fund the Iraq and Afganistan Terrorist campaigns and our Leadership of the 60 nation coalition. You see you can’t blame just Bush for all of the $6T because after 9/11 most Americans wanted retribution even me.

            Don’t know about Regan as I’m not in the habit of blaming past Presidents after the current one has been in office for a whole 6 years with control of the Senate during that time. No excuses to be had.

          • markvin

            Yup Lou, you continue to blame past presidents. You must live in a home with no windows. Wake up and see what is going on around you. You are delusional.

          • Scotty

            Still Bush’s fault 7 years later LOL.

          • Damnyankees

            Obama rung up more debt than ALL the previous Presidents combined.

          • LukeJohn

            Budgets, spending and deficits originate in Congress. Whichever poor sod sits in the Oval Office has little impact on them – look at who held Congress at various times and you will see that deficits invariably CLIMB when Democrats are in power and drop or at least hold steady under Republican majorities.

            Obama missed a HUGE opportunity to truly turn the country around in 2009, instead pushing his ego-driven agenda (and that of his rich and powerful backers). For that he blew his chance of going down in history as anything more than a footnote.

          • Bo

            He’s added more debt than all the other presidents combined odumbanaught 3 , hows that fact burn your butt?

          • MJean

            Tim, stats are proving only 44% of American citizens have full time jobs and 30 million are unemployed. Sad days ahead.

          • Scotty

            The Great Unreported Depresson.

          • MJean

            Unreported by mainstream media. Still doesn’t mean we haven’t suffered through every day of it.

          • teriod54

            We have gas selling @ 1.80/gallon
            The economy went to hell under Dubya, who also brought us into two wars because of 9/11 with two countries that had nothing to do with 9/11. In fact, before leaving office he publicly declared that he didn’t “even think about bin Laden anymore”.

          • Tim Chase

            $2.39 when I filled up yesterday. The price increased under O, now he takes credit for the drop. I don’t remember the discussion being about the previous admin.

          • Aaron Hanson

            Low gas prices are a bad thing. Baker Huges alone laid off 7000 people. Our good friend the Saudis are driving down the price to duck with Iran as soon as that is done I bet we see $200 a barrel and$5 a gallon at the pump.

          • Connect The Dots

            Probably so…especially since Obama refuses to build the Keystone pipeline…He wants to keep us dependent on foreign oil from countries that hate America…because Obama hates America.

          • tina0011

            I cant stand Obama with all of my being.With that being said the keystone pipeline would not help us.It would long enough to put it in but in the long run we would not benifit from it really

          • independant


          • Chuck Jarvi

            Canada is a foreign country.

          • MJean

            Yes they are but they are our good neighbors. I’d take Canada any day over Meh he co.

          • Nathan

            OPEC is responsible for low oil prices, not PO

          • Warren Mcguffin

            The price went through the roof under Bush fool

          • Tim Chase

            Then it bottomed out didn’t it? The highest sustained prices in recent history have been under Obama. Who’s the fool?

          • Warren Mcguffin

            Perhaps but then again if they were low you would say he had nothing to do with it. So there ya go. Obama has no control over gas prices. Take your hate elsewhere

          • grace

            gas is going back up pretty quickly though. it’ll be back over $3 soon at this rate

          • Connect The Dots

            Went up 22cents/gal today where I live..

          • tina0011

            Same here!!!

          • MJean

            The only reason it went down in the first place is the 35-40 cent federal tax they want to add. They need to cover up where the administration stole funds from this dept. So, when gas goes back up it will increase higher than before because the new tax willbe included. Sneaky b*sturds

          • markvin

            What does this have to do with the story? The price of gas? You must be joking.

          • doughall

            Markvin: when Tea Party, right wing idiots turn on the stupid, it’s hard for them to stop. It’s like they get mesmerized by the sound of their own voice. It happened to Palin recently…

          • Byron Shutt

            Happens to Obama daily.

          • doughall

            Yeah, a Harvard Law graduate who headed the Harvard Law Review is probably not that intelligent…. (that was sarcasm – not sure you could have determined that on your own…). Where did Palin get her mis-education?

          • Byron Shutt

            Funny….not sure what Obama did in college…..can’t see his transcripts. Either way Obama says misguided things, or out and out lies, continuously. And you can blow all you want….just makes it obvious who is to blame for this mess.

          • doughall

            When McCain was going to rush back to Washington to “fix the economy,” who was President? Bush? You’re right. It’s pretty obvious.

          • Byron Shutt

            Do you guys EVER get tired of blaming Bush? Or other people for YOUR deficiencies?

          • doughall

            Does the party of “legitimate rape” EVER take responsibility for its stupidity? Obama has made his share of mistakes, and after he’s left
            office he should be accountable for as long as those actions have an effect, but he had nothing to do with creating
            the country’s 2nd worst financial disaster in history, and it will take
            many more years and some luck to fix. And I voted for Gary Johnson the
            last two elections, so don’t tell me about ‘you guys.’ Republicans and
            Democrats made this mess and Americans are too pathetic, stupid, and apathetic to let a viable 3rd party participate.

          • Byron Shutt

            So you stereotype a whole class of people because of ONE MAN”S mistake. I don’t argue with idiots that project like that. Oh, so you are so high and mighty because you are a Libertarian?….smirk. You will never defeat the party of ‘Unintended consequences’ from an outside party. If you think what has happened to the Democratic party is not alarming and their effect on all Americans (especially the lower class), I guess you can keep the dilution of a ‘liberated’ populace. By the way, I used to be Democrat, actually I like the true liberals from the the Libertarian slant, but am a realist to this present and imminent threat to our country.

          • doughall

            No stereotype, just a lack of reading comprehension on your part. Never said I was high and mighty. That said, I no longer wish to engage someone of your…special education. Be well.

          • doughall

            This legitimate rape legislation appeared in a new bill that Republicans wanted to put forth on abortion, THIS YEAR, only to be exempted when the female members of Congress revolted. “If Democrats have been looking for the next Todd Akin, one Missouri lawmaker just made their search very simple.Following in the footsteps of Akin’s infamous “legitimate rape” comment in 2012, another Republican from his state reportedly used the exact same terminology to speak about a new abortion bill up for consideration.
            “Just like any rape, you have to report it, and you have to prove it,” state Rep. Rick Brattin, author of the legislation, told Mother Jones. “So you couldn’t just go and say, ‘Oh yeah, I was raped,’ and get an abortion. It has to be a legitimate rape.”

            ONE MAN’S? Apparently you can’t count either. And I’m an independent not a Libertarian – another dumb assumption on your part.

          • Byron Shutt

            Here is an assumption…..and I’m probably not far off… are obsessed with Fing yourself…..and you are quite good at it. What happened to the done with talking to me? Oh yeah ….like the sounds of your own voice echoing in your head…..Independant….smirk, laugh, puke.

          • Scotty

            7 years later, Bush’s fault LOL. Cant let it go.

          • teriod54

            Facts are facts. Face it.

          • Connect The Dots

            You’re a lying turd if you can’t see how Obama is deliberately destroying this country…Everything and I mean everything Obama has done has been a detriment to America…
            And if you voted for Obama twice, you’re too stupid to be worth another second of my time…

          • mastermind

            So true, what a coward scum ball Obama-turd is!!! he is an embarrassment to this once great country and a enemy sympathizer who has caused the world to not trust us or respect us anymore!!!

          • simon

            Too short sighted for words

          • Warren Mcguffin

            How about some examples

          • Scott

            wow american fascists – you know you are all really hated by europe!

          • Charlie

            Nope I hate obama to.
            //Charlie Sweden. See how we have it here ;)……

          • Don Messer

            Why would i care what Europe thinks? They are already sunk

          • Rachel Brent

            TheJordanian King is some kind of hero, we should be so lucky. let me tell you something Mr. Messer, you should have the guts the Europeans have, but, instead you look at Mr. Obama like he is some kind of great leader, boy does he have you all fooled. I think you have lost a bunch of brain cells, like i said, smoke and mirrors.

          • INDEPENDENT

            Here are some facts for you teriod54:
            First President to apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.

            First President to have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.

            First President to preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States .

            First President to violate the War Powers Act.

            First President to be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico .

            First President to require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.

            First President to spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.

            First President to abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.

            First President to by-pass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.

            First President to order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S. , including those with criminal convictions.

            First President to demand a company hand-over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.

            First President to tell a CEO of a major corporation (Chrysler) to resign.

            First President to terminate America ’s ability to put a man in space.

            First President to cancel the National Day of Prayer and to say that America is no longer a Christian nation.

            First President to have a law signed by an auto-pen without being present.

            First President to arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.

            First President to threaten insurance companies if they publicly spoke out on the reasons for their rate increases.

            First President to tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.

            First President to file lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).

            First President to withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.

            First President to actively try to bankrupt an American industry (coal).

            First President to fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.

            First President to appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.

            First President to surround himself with radical left wing anarchists.

            First President to golf more than 150 separate times in his five years in office.

            First President to hide his birth, medical, educational and travel records.

            First President to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.

            First President to go on multiple “global apology tours” and concurrent “insult our friends” tours.

            First President to go on over 17 lavish vacations, in addition to date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayers.

            First President to have personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.

            First President to keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.

            First President to fly in a personal trainer from Chicago at least once a week at taxpayer expense.

            First President to repeat the Holy Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth

            First President to side with a foreign nation over one of the American 50 states ( Mexico vs Arizona ).

            First President to tell the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they “volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences.”

            Then he was the First President to tell the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at the last suggestion. (Thank God he didn’t get away with THIS one.)

          • joe

            He is also first president to be re elected as a black man and you cant do anything about it.

          • aussie

            He’s half white and you can’t do anything about it..

          • pittsinatl

            Its always a race issue you limp excuse of a human….

          • Chuck Jarvi

            From what orifice did you pull that bullsh*t out of?

          • Lou9999

            That is all you got for a rebuttal? That is some weak $%^t. You have got to do better than “oh yea?”.

          • zonoz

            Read the news for the past 6 years. Plus he left two off that I can think of.

            First President to never pass a budget during his entire term, and working on the 2nd term.

            First President to nearly or completely double all previous Presidents total national debts in less than two full terms. No talk about deficit decreases, talk about real dollars spent that we did not have to spend that we now owe to somebody else! In his first full term (4 YEARS) Obama increased the deficit $5.6 TRILLION while the whole 43 president’s BEFORE him had only amassed $5.3 trillion in debt in about two hundred thirty years!

          • doughall

            And first President to inherit 8 years of the Bush disaster.

          • Lou9999

            I could sit in the WH for the last 6 years and do nothing and it would still be better than Obama. Christ, you can teach a dog to ride a bicycle in 6 years. Tell Obama to have business friendly policies and let capitalism take over. It is not that hard. But Obama’s policy is tax, tax, tax. A killer for the economy. He is the 2nd worst president since 1900. And the old “Blame Bush is like wearing bell-bottom pants…… is old and nobody wants to hear or see it again.

          • doughall

            Really bad decisions have really bad consequences often for quite some time. Should I tell my friend who enlisted in the army because of Bush’s lies to get over losing two legs, and “don’t blame Bush.” Now that Obama is president, should he be walking now. The CBO says it will take $4 trillion and through 2043 to completely pay for Iraq and the aftermath. So who should we blame for that wasted money, Lou? Oh, by the way, the Dow reached an all-time high under Obama’s horrible tax policies, while the rest of the world’s exchanges have labored around post recession lows. Blame that.

          • Lou9999

            Doughall-don’t ever confuse the Dow with how good the economy is doing. Neophytes do that all of the time. Thinking that the DOW is a measure of the economy will bite you in the @$$. Obama’s unemployment stat of 5.6% as stated in the SOTU speech is an outright lie (among the many others) as stated by the Gallup Poll editor. He said it is more like 12.6%. People have given up looking for work and have either went on welfare or just stopped looking. People on Food Stamps was at 32 million in 2008. Now there is 47 million (stat by US Dept of Labor). WTF? I thought the economy was good? US debt went from about 5.5 trillion to 10 trillion under Bush. That was bad. Under Obama, we are 18 trillion and climbing. There will be a day of reckoning on this my man. The economy is tough and Obama’s response is to tax more and more. That my friend, is a killer.

            Your friend is a hero. You comparing Obama’s “Blame Bush” campaign with what happened to your friend is pure lunacy.

            Obama is out of his league and it shows. And after the National Prayer Breakfast where he chastened Christianity, he is now the worst president since 1900. I don’t understand how you can back a guy that outright lies to the public time and time again. His Obamacare will cost the US much more than 4 trillion.

          • doughall

            My friend blames Obama. And most of those people on food stamps lost their jobs under Bush (he was still President in 2008, friend). And Obamacare… says healthcare costs while rising, are doing so more slowly than under Bush. So keep misinterpreting the data. You can calculate but you can’t analyze. I have an MBA and have worked in investment banking – don’t need a lesson from a neophyte like you who repeats information that you can’t possibly explain.

          • zonoz

            Oh, so you’re one of the guys that should be doing jail time for what happened on Wall Street! You do nothing to MAKE money, you only push papers and buttons and create the illusion that you are making money.

            Go start a company that builds houses or washing machines or something tangible and that has some worth. Investment bankers might as well call themselves Vegas gamblers or card sharks. You do NOTHING to improve the country. You do nothing to create jobs. The only thing you create is pretend wealth on the backs of real workers because you can’t do anything yourself.

          • doughall

            If you don’t like capitalism, move. And plenty of my clients are thankful that I raised money for their growing businesses, and helped them fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams. Capital employs people. I don’t do mortgages, so if that’s your point of reference then you’re simply ignorant of the many facets of investment banking. Card sharks…I’m going to give you a pass and assume you don’t know how stupid you sound. Oh, and I’ve donated over $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity. Build that.

          • doughall

            And the Gallup poll editor is now the authority on unemployment? Obama quoted the same numbers from the Dept. of Labor, based on the same formula that past presidents have quoted. When you go around and count every single American, let me know. It’s clear you’ll believe what you want to believe. And Obama’s debt is mostly inherited from Bush’s war, and his $900 billion unfunded Medicare add-on that comes out of Obama’s budget. And Christianity deserves to be chastened along with all religions in general. God didn’t create Christianity, man did.

          • Lou9999

            So you have an MBA and don’t know that Gallup conducts polling and (research and strategic consulting) to major businesses? Dude, that is rich. Let me see, who would I believe….Gallup or the Department of Labor? Hmm…let me see…Yea, I think I will go with the organization that doesn’t have Obama’s whip over the top of them.

            Concerning your Food Stamp statement above. Go to the “Food and Action Center” website. They will give you some nice yearly stats….not a Newt Gringrich video from over two years ago. Dude, you are rich…. I love it. It is so funny.

            Your statement that Obama’s debt came from Bush’s wars? Some of it…yes, but go look at the budget….heavily favored in Social Security and welfare.

            Your remarks about Christainity are true. It has blood on its hands. However, the last major events were in the 14th and 15th century (Northern Ireland is not a major world event). Come on….do you still brag about your participation trophy in soccer? No…because that was old history and we are talking about current events. Currently, Islamic extremists (and there are a lot of them) are beheading, raping, torturing, and now burning innocent men, women and children in the Middle East, Northern Africa and now in Central Africa. And Obama criticizes Christianity?! And here is a last tidbit of info….I am not Catholic, but the Catholic church shelters, feeds and clothes more people than any organization or country in the world. You badmouth Christianity for its dark side, but I didn’t hear you give them a pat on the back for the vast goodness it does. Typical Democrat.

            By the way, God Bless your friend. Give him an OOOrahh if he was a Marine or a HOOOaaaah if he was Army.

          • Warren Mcguffin

            Here ya go again, Bush spent the money pal, he spent it killing Americans. The debt he rang up will never be easy to pay off. Obama also spent money to end the bullshit Bush started for us. Obama is a Statesman unlike the rootn’ tootn’ cowboy Bush. Bush doesn’t have sense enouigh to pour piss out a boot. You are lying to yourself by not recognizing the FACT that Nazi Germany not 70 years ago considered itself a Christian movement. But hey your not a Christian anyway.

          • zonoz

            You seem to forget that Bush had a democratic controlled House and Senate for almost the entire term of his Presidency. And ALL of his actions were approved by them both. Whereas, Obama has bypassed both of them on most of his actions by using his pen and questionable Executive Orders.

          • doughall

            You continue to be well-misinformed.Beginning on January 20, 2001, Republican Vice President Richard Cheney held
            the deciding vote in the Senate, giving the majority to the
            Republicans. The Republicans held control of the Senate until 2009. At one time their majority was 55-45. The
            House was dominated by Congress from 1997 until 2007. Educate

          • doughall


            The Republicans controlled Congress as well.

            Read more: Composition of Congress by Party 1855–2017

          • zonoz

            And you think a President is going to quote REAL numbers using a real formula? Just because other Presidents used it doesn’t make it right.

            And your BIOB (blame it on Bush) pet answer just gets old. EVERY President inherits the problems left over from the previous one. You think Bush didn’t get some from Clinton? Try 9-11 for starters.

          • doughall

            Yeah, Bush inherited that awful surplus. Zonoz, you obviously climaxed intellectually shortly after you learned your ABCs. Clean yourself off and go home…your simple world view has exceeded your own simplicity.

          • doughall

            And your dubious food stamp claim…..wrong again.

          • Warren Mcguffin

            If the economy was this good and Mittens had been president you would be singing a different tune as to how wonderful he was as a president. YOu are just a hater and can’t handle the truth. GFU

          • Warren Mcguffin

            Lou Lou Lou…Bush was waaay out of his league and without the proper number of grey cells operating. He lied about WMD caused the deaths of more Americans than Al Qaeda. He is a war criminal. In this article the King is said to be flying a airstrike. It is a lie he did not do that. Secondly our President has others spending the money and lives to go afer these terrorists who call themselves Isis and not putting a single boot on the ground. I call that pretty smart. I suggest you try a little harder to justify your hatred for Obama. So far you seem like just a liar.

          • Bo

            Hey dum dum, did you miss that isis used some of those WMD on the Kurds? Do you realize they had plenty of time to move them because all of the set backs and bickering by the democrat held house and senate? Do you have any grey matter left? Isis was a result of odumber pulling out of Iraq? Do you question Benghazi? Did you also miss that the terrorist odumber by the second let loose from Gitmo went back to being terrorist? Now when you pull your liberal dong out of the glory hole, you will see the light. Then again maybe not. Odumbanaughts have never shown any improvement other than kissing the hiney that gives them freebies.

          • doughall

            And the facts are, Abdullah did not lead any missions, and the picture the Kingdom released is old. It’s pure posturing and propaganda, which means the article is a lie.

          • Lou9999

            He could suck his thumb and hide under the desk and still have more spine than Obama.

          • doughall

            And if he did it with a uniform on you’d suck his you know what….and swallow.

          • Lou9999

            Dude, there is no way you have an MBA. A person with an MBA would have way more class than your above statements. You are a liar and now you went straight to creeps-ville. Go take some more selfies…..Mr. MBA……Ha. Ha. Ha.

          • Warren Mcguffin

            Get a gun and go fight ISIS then chicken hawk

          • Lou9999

            Didn’t fight ISS, but 29 years in uniform D-bag. Iraq and Afghanistan (9 months in Iraq and 20 in Afghanistan). Retired in 2013.

          • Warren Mcguffin

            You do realize you spent all that time fighting for someones assets not our freedom. There hasn’t been a military life lost since WWII for my or anyone elses freedoms

          • Lou9999

            I guess you have a masters in national policy or international studies. And the South Koreans, Kurds and the people of Grenada would disagree with your last statement.

          • Lynn Kirk

            thank you for your service!!

          • Lou9999

            It was an honor to do it. Not a hero, but a lot of time away from the family.

          • Jeanne

            Thats what dems do blame the former President Obama knew what he was dealing with when he ran for office. Dems had control for years and did nothing, just kept up the blame game. If they had balls they would have done something.

          • Byron Shutt

            Also note that under Bush there was unequaled prosperity, especially for Blacks, until the Dems gained control of Congress then all hell broke loose.

          • doughall

            Unequaled by what measure? Over-inflated home values?

          • Byron Shutt

            You mean Frank-Dodd?

          • doughall

            You continue to be well-misinformed.Beginning on January 20, 2001, Republican Vice President Richard Cheney
            held the deciding vote in the Senate, giving the majority to the Republicans. The Republicans held control of the Senate until 2009. The House was dominated by Congress from 1997 until 2007. You call that “Dems had control.” Lucy needs to do some ‘splainin…If Dems want to blame, it’s because Conservatives won’t take responsibility. Educate yourself.

          • Phimes

            Thank you for enlightening these kook-aid drinking zombies that blindly follow this fool and take his word (and the word of media) as gospel rather than looking at FACTS… Such as the so poetic chuck jarvi.

          • INDEPENDENT

            facts are facts FACE IT

          • doughall

            You’re right. It is Bush’s fault. He destabilized the whole region when he destabilized Iraq. Actions have consequences, and some consequences take years to correct, and turn out to be very costly. But on the bright side, Republicans are trying to fix things by taking over 40 votes on the Affordable Care Act…

          • pittsinatl

            Haha.. that is funny right there… still pointing the finger at W. What about when he promised (lied) about pulling out in 90 days after office.

          • zonoz

            teriod54: I have two quotes for you in reply.

            “The trouble with too many people is they believe the realm of truth always lies within their vision.” — Abraham Lincoln

            “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” Ronald Reagan

            What you may consider facts may not necessarily be the truth. There are always two sides to a story, and then there’s the truth. And if you don’t carefully consider both sides and everything in between; you’ll NEVER find the truth.

            I learned long ago that what people tell you at first blush is rarely the truth.

            Or as a Judge in a court case told an opposing attorney he had found was telling the truth ONLY as it favored his client, my opponent; Sir, may I remind you that as an officer of the court you are here to tell the truth and the WHOLE truth! At which point the case was decided entirely in my favor.

          • JEFFDUBE

            Another Brian Williams?

          • Bo

            Braindead Odumbanaughts. I bet the dinosaurs extinction is Bush fault? Look around you… unless you’re a piss in your pants occupier that gets everything for free this country has become a dung heap under the lawless criminal dipsheets in charge now. At least Bush kicked terrorist ass, Odumba created a vacuum filled by isis that history will reflect as among the worst of genocide. All that suffering that started with Benghazi is on his head, hillarys head, and on all the head of the stupid tripe and prostitutes wanting a freebie that voted for him. Furthermore the gas has been at record high until recently, and its decline has nothing, repeat-nothing to do with him. Now go back to class for Braindead 101 continues!

          • independant


          • Chuck Jarvi

            Never forget Ben Kenobi! And never forget that gas hit well over four bucks a gallon during the summer of ’08.

          • Lou9999

            The day Bush left office, the price of gas was $1.78. Look it up there Stallion.

          • Phimes

            We were fighting Taliban who backed al Qaida who were responsible for the attacks. Sadam also helped fund them, but regardless of Sadam we still fought the enemy we set out to fight.

          • Lou9999

            It was a $1.89 the day Obama took over. And Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11? Where do you think the training camps were? Unbelievable. This is why our country is so F’ed. No facts and just blabbing on something they don’t know anything about……but should. Teriod54… are part of the problem.

          • Lou9999

            I always love it when libbies try to rewrite history. Afghanistan is where the terrorists trained prior to 9/11. Christ, you would think that everyone would know that.

          • 4True

            If O and his supporters continue the road to nowhere, it won’t matter how much gas costs. There may not be a US to need it. Wake up.

          • ladywriter24

            Right on Tim. And I’d
            like to see gas under 2.00. here in
            vegas it just went up 19 cents overnight.
            Lou needs to stop smoking crack.

          • Nutbar Mcloony

            And let’s not forget the labor force participation rate, which is steadily declining.

          • Mrt

            you’re right Tim

          • simon

            Don’t then

          • Tim Chase

            Don’t what? Your comment makes no sense.

          • Derek P. Wimmer, PA
          • Lou

   I know most Americans don’t have a clue how to look past their BELIEFS instead of using FACTS.

          • MJean

            Factual doesn’t get any better than with gallop.

          • Lou

            People’s opinions are not facts.

          • MJean

            Yeah Lou, that’s what we keep telling you!

          • Lou

            Don’t turn this around. You are telling me that opinion trump facts. Just like a GOPer. Turn a subject around when caught on low ground.

          • markvin

            Lou is loosing big time in this conversation. But then again he doesn’t work and doesn’t know how the real world works. He is a stay at home dad who is either on welfare or is counting on his wife to provide for him.

            He denies fact and will continue to argue his senseless point until his fingers wear out. He is a typical Obama blogger.

          • Atticus82

            Again, l-o-s-i-n-g. You seem to like calling other people losers so maybe write it down somewhere. Or better maybe tattoo it somewhere on your body. Seems like it’d be a good fit there.

          • Economist

            Kinda like economic facts that heads of state do not directly influence markets except by giving speeches….. right?

          • Lou

            Hey that didn’t stop you guys with Reagan, did it?

          • teriod54

            Sounds exactly like what you and the GOP are doing. And I doubt that you know “most Americans don’t have a clue”.

          • Jake

            The metrics used to determine the unemployment rate haven’t changed since Reagan. Amazing that the CEO of Gallup is seemingly unaware of this fact…. Of course, the low information voters will see this as an opportunity to bash Obama.

          • Economist

            Yea cause Chief executives of nations have the ability to move money from corporations stock markets, and banks to improve the economy…….

          • Lou

            I’ll wait for you to argue that point if and ever YOUR guy or gal gets into office.

          • markvin

            Yup, you have just exposed yourself Lou. Obama is “your guy” and I don’t doubt it that you are an Obama blogger.

          • mike

            18 trillion in debt and the laughing stock of the world cause we are cowering from every fight and illigal Mexicans got a free pass taking jobs away from us Americans… yup he’s a hero

          • tjsna

            Lou, You need to step back from the Kool-Aid obummer is offering.
            $2 Dollar gas you can thank private businesses drilling in the Bakken over the adamant objections of the obummer administration-They are pumping off private property.
            Unemployment-Books are cooked and that is a fact. If one no longer applies they are not counted.48 million on food stamps.
            18 trillion in the whole and growing.
            Lou people like can you not understand the USA is BROKE and yet you think it is ok to borrow more money.
            GDP–Which day of the week did it go +5%—-gdp IS TANKING and the stock market is propped up by obummer printing more money with nothing to back it. It will all fall down soon.
            Not voted in twice but PAID the ignorant to vote as in I’ll give you FREE chit if you vote me in—-One more Fact Community Organizers do not make a President.

          • Paula K. Pacente

            Lou, You are obviously ill-informed or an obama plant. He had NOTHING to do with lower gas prices. Even CEOs are calling him on faking the unemployment numbers, and GDP means nothing to the millions who have lost jobs or become under-employed since he took office. If you’re a plant, I hope they’re paying you well, as the money will eventually run out.

          • HerculesLoadmaster

            GDP growth 2%, but what is 3% among friends. I don’t own stocks, so I don’t give a farte about stock market rises or falls. Unemployment at 11%. Gas prices rose to 2.11 yesterday.

          • kjenkinsaf

            It is nearing an election. So naturally the prices are falling. Oh, then there’s the proposed huge federal tax increase on petroleum, by whom you ask? D-Murphy and RINO -Corker. For God’s sake don’t cut spending! This is the bunch that is stealing from your children, grand children, and great grandchildren. Yeah the guy who gained office by fraud is no good.

          • JoeB

            6 years ago gas was at $1.85, under current admin prices soared to $4 and now we have a short term reprieve and we should celebrate???

          • Groucho7

            Comrade barry and his marxist minions have done all they could to slow down America’s oil production yet a dhimbulb Lib wants to take credit for “fracking”? LMAOAY. Then you take credit for the rising wealth inequality the propped up stock market is causing? LMAO Bonds are manipulated down, RE is still suffering from the Dem-caused housing bubble so the stock market benefits.

            We have a RECORD low workforce participation rate, new stuff has been added to fudge GDP numbers higher and the greedy, ignorant or perverted that voted obama in have little to brag about…

          • Baineblade

            And it’s fairly obvious you have no idea how market economics work. Congratulations.

          • kristofer155915

            Those figures are BS. The unemployment rate is estimated closer to 9.5-10%. The figure you quote leaves out those who are no longer seeking benefits or who have taken part-time or low-pay positions out of desperation. The fact that fuel is so cheap is in spite of Obama’s policies, not as a result of them. It is due in part to the entrepreneurs in the shale oil fields who made massive investments of money, time, and effort to take advantage of a resource that the government said couldn’t be profitable. The majority of the responsibility for the low price belongs to the Saudis who have flooded the market with oil to drive the price down. They want oil to be cheap enough that shale extraction is not an economically viable option. If they can do that, they maintain the control they’ve become accustomed to. If we can produce our own oil, we don’t have to pander to OPEC and they couldn’t stand that. Stop pretending that the few positive points that exist today are a result of Obama and his policies. Even if they were, it doesn’t excuse his total lack of action in regards to the religious genocide that’s occurring as we speak. Nor would it excuse his blatant disregard for the constitution. Time to admit that the hippie live and let live foreign policy strategy has failed. This administration has the blood of thousands of innocents on its hands.

          • JR

            Gas under $2 is not because of the President. If he had it his way gas would be $7. But the POTUS doesn’t control that regardless if it is expensive or cheap.

            Unemployment under 6% seriously you need to stop watching MSNBC.
            Stock Market Doubled. Cool, so the rich get richer while the middle class gets screwed! You don’t have to believe me check out this article linked below. I hope you read it. So you can understand how you are being lied to.


            GDP Growth up to 5% that’s not the only thing that’s up. So is our debt from 10 trillion to 18 trillion in 6 years. He doubled G.W. Bush 8 year term in 6 years. Good Job!

          • Damnyankees

            Like he had sh!t to do with any of that

          • Mark Leonard

            He has nothing to do with gas going down. In fact he has slowed it with regulating the US companies producing oil making us a competitive supplier. If you don’t understand how this works and why open has not cut production I shouldn’t even go any further.

            Unemployment is not under 6% as its reported. The number is so fucked due to changing the rules to what’s considered unemployed. Even the head of the gallop polls just called the administration out on this.

            Growth…… yea small business and the middle class are doing great. Your delusional.

          • Wayne Hicks

            Come on Lou….your embarrassing yourself here.

          • Richard Schmier

            Unemployment is down because full time jobs have been cut in favor of part time jobs thanks to obamacare. More people than ever are on government assistance like food stamps, welfare, and even free cell phones. Gas prices have nothing to do with anything Obama did. They are low in spite of his best efforts to keep them high. Spin the numbers however you want. Any positive numbers we have now are completely artificially high and will not last.

          • Connect The Dots

            Obama had nothing to do with gas prices..and it went up $.22/gal today…unemployment is NOT 6%…you’re a liar… 30 million working age people are out of work… that’s well over 10% of working age people (blows your 6% away)… The treasonous liar Obama’s unemployment number doesn’t include people that hv stopped looking for work..but it counts part time jobs…and you know this…you liar! You and your lying Obama belong together… Take your bony lying butt and get off this site.

          • tina0011

            Hey Mr I am soo damn smart what about the numbers of people who have lost there unemployment benifits?Ahh you do know that is not accounted for in that under 6% dont you? The gas part dosent have a damn thing to do with him!! If you do then you have to make him account for all the oil and gas jobs lost do to it.You libtards dont know how to keep score anyway so go figure

          • PatriotFreedom

            Gas = 60% market growth because of drilling on private land. -5% growth on government land.
            Stock market doubled = Due to bond issuing by the Fed. In other words printing money (long term effect is inflation).
            Unemployment = Don’t be fooled by the lie about what constitutes employed. THe real number is over 10% See the op-ed by the CEO of the gallup organization this week.
            GDP growth 5% = What dog-gone lie is that ? Because that dog won’t hunt here.

          • INDEPENDANT


          • Dave

            The Saudis control the oil production keeping it steady …not the president of the US

          • mastermind

            Your right he is no god damn good, he is a traitor to this nation!!!! race wars going on!! Illegals coming in at all times!! No one respects this country anymore!!! Long live the great KING OF JORDAN!!!! Wish we had a great man like him here!!!!!

          • dustin reed

            National debt- doubled. I can explain all the rest on this number.

          • Jim

            well you asked for it. Unemployment is down because Obama cut benefits from 36 months to 12 months so people would not apply, lowering the number of requests. He had nothing to do with lower gas prices, Stock market doubled because conservatives swept the elections so that business can now hope for real opportunity to grow. Obama has spent more money in six years than the total money spent by all presidents before him.

          • Carl Hartman

            Gas priced dropped because OPEC is trying to ruin our oil business and foul our economy. Not because Obama is a hero.

            The stock market increases had nothing to do with Obama or his policies, but in spite of them. His communist style policies do everything to destroy business and business bounces back.

            Unemployment is at an all time high, with close to 26% of people out of work. People have given up looking for jobs. The way the Dept. of Labor calculates unemployment does not show all the people starving or underemployed because of our communist in chief.

            Bill Clinton actually changed how the Dept. of Labor calculates their numbers to make his lackluster performance look good. When progressive/communists get in power, they need to trick the uninformed voters into thinking they are seeing some kind of improvement. Make no mistake, any business improvements are because businesses are doing it in spite of the failing policies of our communist dictator.

            Barack Obama’s fiscal and social policies match closely those of the national socialist agenda of Germany in the 1930’s. Why not? The Nazi party took most of it from communists in the US. Barack Obama should embrace is Nazi leanings, right down to the genocides he is encouraging.

            You can lie to the lemmings and tell them the rich are being taxed more because of their wealth or that now, everyone has free health care, and somehow our sad, POTUS is the friend of the poor. Great lies. Nazi’s had that same kind of propaganda machine, telling them things were improving when their feckless leader fiddled and Rome burned.

            Meanwhile, what the lemmings do not understand is that the wealthy pass ALL those taxes on in higher product prices. The poor, so foolishly voting for their savior are being screwed. They are the only ones baring the burden of all the free stuff. The poor and working middle class, the fools that voted for Obama two times are getting what they paid for.

          • dridata

            Except for the gas price, all BS made up and fictitious numbers! Believe everything you read do you?

          • pittsinatl

            You are as blind as the rest of the dumbocrats

          • rob

            Why are you all such hateful name callers? You all sound like children arguing, instead of acting like grown ups. Division, hate and greed are the true problems with the world. No one wants to work together, just to spite someone and see them fail.

          • Lou9999

            Lou….you have fooled by the numbers. The Gallup Poll call it the Biggest Lie of the year. They said the actual number is over 12%. According to the Department of Labor, we have the lowest workforce since the 1970s. Food Stamp usage went from 32 million in 2008 to 47 million today. People have left the workforce and either went on welfare or just stopped looking for work. You sir, have been fooled by the biggest liar of the new millennium. And don’t ever be tricked by the stock market. It is never a true indicator of the economy.

          • stay away from sheep shears

            You do realize that:

            Obama has nothing to do with 2$ gas, right?

            Stock Market doubled due to QE1, 2 and 3…artificially inflating it (think bubble) right?

            true unemployment figure is near 20%, right?

            GDP growth up due to misdirection efforts of Govt. influenced QE1, 2, and 3 – and of course the sheeples belief that govt is being good to them.

            W Bush was also voted in twice, Right?

            …sigh, turn off main stream media and do some educating.

          • JEFFDUBE

            Worst President in our history according to the world.

          • teriod54

            That’s not grammar, Professor, it’s spelling.

          • Tim Chase

            My apologies. I missed a key and didn’t proof. It gave a grammar-spelling nazi a platform.

          • Jules

            Tim is that your excuse for your statements that are factually incorrect? (“didn’t proof”)

          • Tim Chase

            I don’t need to make an excuse Jules. As far as being incorrect prove me wrong.

          • Atticus82

            Does anyone else feel that by carefully extricating ourselves from the region this administration deserves some credit for what we’re seeing in Jordan now? Instead of the US fighting everyone’s battle, people in the region with more at stake, might now take the lead in wiping out this ISIS cancer and building something that lasts in it’s place. Seems like a better idea.

          • Tim Chase

            When an American journalist was beheaded? When an American was beheaded in her own workplace? I could go on. When the same administration is trying to get Americans currently held as hostage released? I don’t agree.

          • Jules

            This looks like an excuse:Tim Chase teriod54 • 2 hours ago
            My apologies. I missed a key and didn’t proof. It gave a grammar-spelling nazi a platform.

          • Tim Chase

            My apology was for a previous commenter not knowing the difference between grammar and spelling. As I said, no excuses.

          • Atticus82

            Speaking of giving nazis a platform, take a look around. Well done Top Right News!!

          • Atticus82

            Speaking of giving nazis a platform, take a look around you. Well done Top Right News!!

          • markvin

            What does grammar have to do with it looser. Who are you, the spelling police?

          • Atticus82

            L-o-s-e-r. One less letter.

          • Wayne Hicks

            Good grammer was never useful in killing the enemy, thank you for showing how smart you are though…..we should just focus on getting it done.

          • grammer profesonal

            I hate when theres a arguement, and someone goes off topic to act superior about grammar. ant’ nobudy care. u aint cool, champ.

          • Mrt

            where did you learn your grammer Atticus ?

          • matrix

            Comma after “grammar”. Idiot.

          • Atticus82

            Well played. Jerk.

          • American Vet

            You’re a typical liberal, Obama-loving moron, champ. Get Obama’s package out of your mouth. Then again, by the looks of that broad you’re with, you might wanna keep slurping on it.

          • Atticus82

            And you, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. I feel like a better person for having met you. Keep up the good work, ace.

          • Carl Hartman

            When all else fails and communist sympathizers have nothing else to say, make fun of grammar or the effects of autocorrect. Good form.

          • Atticus82

            No need to make fun of the majority of the comments on this page. They are stand alone comedy.

          • Carl Hartman

            Comedy? Don’t flatter yourself.

          • Atticus82

            What we have here is a failure to communicate. There was nothing flattering intended or implied.

          • JEFFDUBE

            ISSA is inside the US now it is reported….keep your Bibles and guns ready.

          • markvin

            You may feel it is going a bit too far for your bro Obama but Penny’s statement is true. 114 thumbs up for Penny. Two for you. You are in the wee minority, son.

          • Atticus82

            Wait…Penny’s statement about the president slithering through terrorist’s buttcracks is true? So you must have been there. That’s sick dude. You need to find a better hobby.

          • Lewis Isenberg

            No thats not going far enough.He should be locked up for what he has done to this country.

          • Mrt

            No Atticus82 Penny is right on the money in fact she a little bit mild on him……….

          • JEFFDUBE


        • independant

          You didn’t go to far Penny. There are not words disgusting enough to describe this fool, coward POS.

        • doughall

          You climaxed intellectually after learning your ABCs.

    • Seabass120

      Holy fark! My wife and a few friends just had bets as to how soon the comments section would go Anti-Obama….you didn’t disappoint my friend. Keep pouring it on the progs.

      • crazybitch

        So are you and your wife saying …..our president is a good one?? please clarify

        • old motorcycle enthusiast

          Read his last line “Keep pouring it on the progs.”

          I’d like to clarify what I HOPE he meant by ‘pour’, I think he meant “boiling oil.”

        • ScottinVA

          I’m pretty sure Seabass is anti-0bama too.

        • Lou

          Gas under 2$

          Stock Market doubled

          Unemployment under 6%

          GDP growth up to 5%

          yup no good alright..

          • Kim Ford

            You think that’s obamas doing…….you’re clueless Lou!

          • Lou

            and you thought Jr was fighting Bin Ladin in Iraq. Who’s clueless? haha

          • dmac

            Gas under 2 dollars because Saudi Arabia is punishing Russia, unemployment closer to 8 because they aren’t accounting for the the people who just quit looking for jobs. Lou is a douche.

          • Jules

            dmac – The unemployment is measured the same as it has been for years! If you want to use another measurement for your argument, compare apples to apples, DON”T CHERRY PICK! Unemployment (U3) is what is used. If you want to change the factors, use U4, U5, or U6 and you will see that they are all relevant and still VERY good when comparing to previous years! U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics measurements are U1, U2, U3, U4, U5 and U6.

          • dmac

            It’s sad you are as clueless as you are….it’s a shame. America is screwed with your generation.

          • Jules

            DMAC – Is that all you can come back with? At least I post real information. Not meaningless noise…

          • Josh Gray

            Jules, this may be correct. I am no expert on the subject but would it not be mathematically correct that by having such a large number of ” non job seeking” individuals removed from the equation that the number is more largely skewed than when compared to other points in time? I haven’t crunched the numbers but this seems to be the case. In other words, if the population of working aged people was 100 but 10 were not seeking work then the working aged pop becomes 90. Now let’s say 80 are working so that is 88.88 employed or 11.22 unemployed. Now let’s change the number not seeking to 20 and with 80 working you could then say that employment is 100%. Using the same metrics we have described 20% unemployment as both 11.22% and 0%. I trust that your information about how we compute is correct but think I have shown how the data can be drastically skewed and therefore be misleading and an untrue representation of the economy as related to employment.

          • dmac

            You’re cluelss….absolutely clueless. Lmao

          • Jules

            Great comeback! lol

        • Seabass120

          Hell no! Otard is easily the worst President in modern history. Everything he’s touched has gone to sh1t.

      • Stephen Menzies

        Simple, SeaAss, it’s sycophants like you that turn a blind eye to the Great Leader’s incompetent performance. The rest of the world is frankly tired of Barack Hussein Obama’s spineless actions. Go back to worshiping the Barack Hussein Obama poster you have hanging in your closet converted to shrine (ala Carrie). LOL!!!

        • Toby Kirkby

          The rest of the world live the guy, don’t put the rest of the world in to your backwards, redneck, racist viewpoint. Thanks

          • Bobinms

            A lot of name calling. Must be a liberal.

          • Daniel Douglas Pllm

            The most upvoted post as of right now is “Obama is a disgusting POS”…must be a Republican

          • Tom Medicine Man Strayhorn

            Why? Are republicans the only humans with eyes and ears? I’m FAAAR from being a republican and think Obama is the worst president this country has ever had since it’s creation. So, what say you?

          • Jason Harris

            Obama is worthless

          • A lot of stupid. Must be the Internet.

          • RobotPirateNinja

            So all the people name-calling the President are hardcore liberals?

            Either that, or maybe you’re just dumb? Stuff to ponder.

          • AngryPatriot

            All the people “name-calling” the “president” are upset because of how terribly he’s acted in and out of office.

          • eddie

            He right the whole world hates him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Except his terrorist buddy’s

          • Jason Harris

            Obama is worthless .

          • MJean

            Jason, now you just need to keep cutting and pasting this comment over & over. LOL

          • MJean

            Jason, now you just need to keep cutting and pasting this comment over & over. LOL

          • Lou

            He’s cleaned up the last GOP mess

            Gas under 2$

            Stock Market doubled

            Unemployment under 6%

            GDP growth up to 5%

          • Paula K. Pacente

            A broken record Lou. I get it now—just keep lying like the dems always do, and hope someday everyone will believe the nonsense you are pushing? Sorry, America has wised up. Remember 11/04/14?

          • Lou9999


            1. Gas was $1.78 when Bush left office.

            2. Don’t believe that the stock market is an indicator of the economy.

            3. Unemployment is under 6% because we have the lowest work force since the 1970s. People are on welfare or have given up. Food Stamp usage was 32 million in 2008, it is now over 47 million.

            4. GDP was revised down to 2.5%.

            All governments lie….this administration is no different.

          • ScottinVA

            The “rest of the world” believes he’s a weak leader and more a problem than a solution to islamic terror. So get your facts straight, prog.

          • Jake

            When the rest of the world was laughing at GW Bush and the trillion dollar mistake that was the iraq invasion, the typical republican response was ‘who cares what they think’. Amazing how their attitudes have changed now that a Dem is in office…

          • AngryPatriot

            Just disliking oabama and his terrible decisions doesn’t make someone racist race baiter.

        • Tea Idiots

          Stupid is as stupid posts asshole.

        • Lou

          He’s just a politician however

          Gas under 2$

          Stock Market doubled

          Unemployment under 6%

          GDP growth up to 5%

          not bad with what he was left to work with.

        • Seabass120

          Bro, you’ve got me pegged as playing for the wrong team. I absolutely loathe the pigfucker and his dumpster of a wife. I’m thrilled people are taking it to the Progs and finally seeing what they are.

      • Please Delete Me Let Me Go

        Ever wonder why?

    • Lion Heart

      I thought u people didn’t like Muslims

      • dru

        I have a Christian friend in Jordan..There are MANY Christians in Jordan!

        • Lion Heart

          Lol The King isn’t

          • biff

            Lol lion. Retard. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

          • old motorcycle enthusiast

            Comparing Apples and Oranges? Nice, if presumptive and illogical. We know where your coming from, tiny, tiny, Mouse With A Megaphone. There are far more of us…think before you yap next time.

            Oh and thank you for not backing down thus drawing our our voters in 2014. How much did you lose, in States and in the Fed?

            Turn on MSNBC for your news..before it goes away.

          • Chuck Jarvi

            2014 had the lowest voter turnout in 72 years. Just over a third of eligible voters cast votes. Hardly a landslide.

          • ScottinVA

            Why didn’t Obama and the sainted Hillary have better success with their campaign appearances and endorsements? Only one of their endorsed candidates won on Nov. 4. Those who don’t turn out for an election are pre-approving the result. The elections were generally in line with polling data, so that “low turnout” excuse doesn’t wash.

          • old motorcycle enthusiast

            Ah! So just like your flaccid pResident, you can read minds. How sweet! Read MINE…..are your ears red?

          • Byron Shutt

            Yea right….like it had nothing to do with race? Like the ones who voted for Obama strictly because he was black. Fool.

          • Biff

            Lol, read the article, Doofus. Stop when you see the word “secular” then google it.

          • Stephen Menzies

            You just confused Lion Fart, that’s all. His anger will intensify from here, in other words more troll bait will be thrown from the bucket of Lion Fart

          • chopper

            The King is secular, but will protect his people no matter their religion, THAT is a true leader. Something the U.S. has not had for some time.

          • Hannah

            Nice one! Keep up the good work

          • Jecko

            Something Malaysia never had and will never have.

          • Stephen Menzies

            Your point being? Oh, I forgot, your point is that you failed again at another troll. Your fat ass must be calloused from the kicking it is taking. LOL on that, assclown.

          • Lion Heart

            Lol why the insults Bubba ?

          • MrBillinTX

            Frustration with ignorance breeds bad manners!

          • John Best

            I guess you’re buds with the king so you would know.

        • bulla

          Lol I’m from jordan yes there many and u can’t tell the difference because we’re not brainwashed

        • Sam J Craven

          Jordan is the site of the baptism. Where Jesus was baptized. Also Mount Nebo is a protected site in Jordan. This is where Abraham climb to so he could see the Promise land. Jordan has protected these Christian sites. Jordan is a neirghbor to Israel.

        • James Lee Kennedy

          So you are only friends with them because they are christian ,Wow How stupid.

      • Byron Shutt

        Who are you calling ‘u’ people, kitty litter?

        • Max

          The right wing nutters i presume aka hicks aka rednecks aka sister fuckers. Much like you, sir.

          • Penny Duignan Stoneheart

            Hey u scumbag ass licking Obama lover , ur an absolute moron. Sheeple. ….Ur embarrassing yourself u libtard idiot . Keep believing in this terrorist supporter, liar, and thief of our tax dollars to live it up….let’s not forget he’s raping the very Constitution that gives u the right to run ur dumbassed mouth. Shame on u for voting for that scum. May karma blissfully kick ur ass Between ur shoulders. ..oh wait, it’s already there!

          • king nut

            Cant wait til you say that to someones face

          • Dave Martina

            Never happen. The loudest-mouthed keyboard warriors are the biggest pussies.

          • Byron Shutt

            How is your sister? Has she come up for air yet?

          • Byron Shutt

            Speaking of sisters…has yours come up for air yet?

      • Stephen Menzies

        No, only MSNBC, CNN and racebaiters like yourself say we hate Muslims. Get your facts straight you scumbag. btw, nice troll, too bad it backfired on your dumb ass.

      • Daryl Lee Posey

        It’s not about hating Muslims asshole. It’s about hating people who steal our freedoms like progressives and the “muslims” who support murder of innocents which sadly is most. Muslims like this king are heroes.

      • Jason Kulisek

        We like Muslims just fine. We just hate terrorists. Apparently you can’t tell the difference.

        • Becky Eassey

          That’s because there is no difference. ALL muzzies are terrorists.

    • RobotPirateNinja

      What did you think of Reagan when he was funding the Taliban?

      Obviously you hated him more, right?

    • Lou

      Gas under 2$

      Stock Market doubled

      Unemployment under 6%

      GDP growth up to 5%

      Yeah he’s doing an awful job….

    • Heather Vance-Nelson

      Hey Mark, have noticed people replying to your comments and it’s not showing on your feed?

  • Joelyn Carter

    quit calling him the king. there is only one king. on the other hand im glad someone is pointing out everyone is outraged EXCEPT for out president. i will keep praying.

    • Tim Bender

      That’s right, there is ONLY one king, ELVIS! 😀

    • Alex Richmond

      While I love what you are saying, He is a king, and I do not recall Jesus ever not calling a king by his title, nor do I recall him saying we should not. He may not be your king, our ours, but he still leads a country and has that title by right.

      • Teresa Hobgood

        The only king I recognize is the King of Kings! The rest don’t mean much to me.

        • David D. Webb

          Oh get off the soapbox!! President, King, Prime minister, each country calls their top leader something. It’s a title he deserves to be called by. Yes Jesus is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords I don’t disagree there, but that doesn’t mean countries can’t still have a king or that we should disrespect them.

          • Donna Lyons

            Your right! No one should disrespect him. But he is a human being who was hired by the people for the people, who is not doing his job. Anyone anywhere in the world would be fired for not doing their job or upholding the law.

          • flw

            that would be “you’re” right. and I agree.

      • Redsharin

        Actually, he admonished his followers to follow the law…”Render unto God what is God’s and unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.” The original separation of faith and government.

      • ailurophile1

        I don’t remember – did Jesus even refer to himself as a king, or was that label applied by others?

      • Mo

        Absolutely! I completely agree! He holds the title of a King, and he is honorable enough to be referred to as such. I just read this in the bible the other day, about those who are in these leadership roles, and who live by core principles and values, and who are fully deserving of such titles. When I find the biblical reference, I will come back to post. Great point made!

      • John Best

        She never mentioned Jesus, so who knows who or what she is referring to.

    • Beth

      He is the King of Jordan, how else should he be referred as?

    • Linda

      He most certainly is a King just as Elizabeth is Queen. One day her son Charles will be King. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We as Christians shouldn’t be so religious that we make no sense!

      • Eric Hutton

        Very well put Linda. You are a wise women. GOD BLESS.

      • Dave Martina

        Speaking as a non-Christian (non-Atheist), you are most correct Linda. Evangelism only works when you use credible arguments. While Joelyn’s enthusiasm is admirable, she comes off as a whack job, and that’s not going to convince anyone to join your cause.

    • ailurophile1

      He is a king. Sorry if you don’t like it, but that’s what he is, and he is not the only king. Refusing to call him a king doesn’t change that.

      • Stephen Menzies

        Ah!!!! But Barack Hussein Obama refusing to call terrorists “terrorists” does change something in Barack Hussein Obama’s eyes as well as the sycophants that worship The Great Leader with gusto and fervent devotion.

    • Rick Thomas

      Jordan is a monarchy, do us all favor and keep your religious fervor down. You sound like a member of ISIS

    • Frederick Allen

      Your so wrong Joelyn. He is The King of Jordan. My God you speak of is quoted in my Bible as The King of Kings so maybe you need to read more.

    • Frederick Allen

      Your so wrong Joelyn. He is The King of Jordan. My God you speak of is quoted in my Bible as The King of Kings so maybe you need to read more.

    • John Best

      Elvis is dead. Also, he is the King of his country and that is a title for their leader, nothing more, nothing less.

  • richard e austin

    maby we could get him to make a run on the whitehouse, to blow up our terriest in chief!!!

  • disqus_lJapfzCIUh

    AND…after he met with these “illegals”…Obama met in secret with a bunch of Muslims….Aren’t we lucky to have this great president…

  • Jim Gose

    All I can say is Napalm!!!

  • country girl

    ovomit should get him a pen and paper and take some notes

    • Diane Reeves


  • Johnny

    Damn, we’re gonna need to step up our requirements for President. Sadly once this POS is out of office he’ll be replaced by either a POS Democrat or POS Republican – basically more of the same crap. Washington DC doesn’t produce leaders anymore, just leeches.

    • francesca9

      now i want a president that can fly a plane and lead us into battle.

      • Ice2ice3ice

        We’ll as I remembered there was one, he led all able-bodied men who can fly a plane to retaliate against the alien invaders, and it earned millions of dollars at the theaters ^_^

      • Parvez Iqbal

        Well Dubya got a plane ride and declared “Mission Accomplished.”

        • MrBillinTX

          Actually, “Dubya” was a fighter pilot in the Texas National Guard.

          • The Knight Who Says Ni

            Actually, Dubya was permanently suspended from the National Guard in 1972…and it’s exactly what he wanted because he sure as hell didn’t want to go to Vietnam. He’s a coward.

          • Jake

            Yes, he was, until they pulled his ‘wings’ for being AWOL. Until that time though, he and the rest of the ‘Champagne Unit’ (rich, connected kids flying jets that were never going to be used in Vietnam) did one hell of a job defending the Gulf of Mexico.

          • MrBillinTX

            Can’t argue that, although I don’t remember if it was AWOL. But the fact remains he could operate a fighter aircraft whereas the current CinC cannot operate an umbrella! And of course, the problems with the Gulf of Mexico and the southern border did not commence on his watch, so yes he did indeed do a hell of a job in defending the Gulf of Mexico and the Texas portion of the southern border! Thanks for the recognition Jake! And by the way, congratulations on refusing your membership in the ‘Champagne Unit’, I was never invited.

          • Jake

            He could operate a fighter jet, but not a segway… As for the problems of the southern border, Bush did nothing to stop the flow of illegals. In fact, he tabled his own amnesty plan in 2004. As for the Champagne Unit, have a read:

            You had to be a ‘Fortunate Son’ to get membership in the Champagne Unit. Unless your parents were politically powerful enough to pull strings, you were never going to be invited.

      • itslykebutterbaby

        then watch independence day

      • Lou

        Maybe he should carry a sword and ride on a horse also…geesh

  • Most badass leader ever. Now that’s a real leader. Much respect King Abdullah.

    • doughall

      You fell for propaganda again. ISIS has been in Jordan’s back yard and they did nothing about it until the U.S. put together a coalition. In the process, he begged for more U.S. non-military foreign aid in order to join. Maybe he’ll land on a Destroyer later and claim “Mission Accomplished.” Put a uniform on a guy and Americans will fall for anything.

      • bandora

        ISIS has been in Jordan’s back yard? Where? I don’t see any ISIS terrorists anywhere in Jordan (other than the ones that are captured)..

        • doughall

          The back yard of the Middle East. Do some research. This King had to be begged by the U.S to join the coalition. He cited not wanting to alienate those in his country who might sympathize with ISIS. Then the U.S. threw a huge aid package at Jordan and he joined. He quoted an actor because he’s doing what actors do – act. And you’re doing what Americans do – fall for symbolism.

          • Yazeed Tawil

            doughall, obviously you have no idea what our king’s speeches were about. Im a Jordanian living in Jordan, and his speeches were about not to get involved in a war against the Syrian regime coz its not our war, but when it comes to terrorism, Jordan has been in the front lines for more than decades, Al-Qaeda before and after till ISIS “a newbie terrorist organization” messed with us, we were always on the brink bankruptcy due to many refugees fleeing from occupations or terrorism acts in the region “so YOU do some research”, America is one of the few who gave us support for this manner and aid against terrorism. We appreciate that much, but believe me all aids coming to us added to our annual GDP barely covers those expenses. Now plz respect yourself and dont mention our truly devoted king!

          • doughall

            I’m glad you asked. My neighbor two doors down was a University professor in Jordan, but now lives in the U.S. and provides intel to the State Dept. He says Abdullah has failed to implement anything of the National Agenda, designed to fulfill his pledge for political, social and economic change. He says Abdullah likes to act like a big man, and loves the spotlight. By the way, he was going to lead the attack on ISIS, but ended up in the slain pilot’s home. Maybe he should land on a naval vessel (probably paid for with U.S. tax $$$$) and proclaim “Mission Accomplished.”

          • Yazeed Tawil

            Im glad you revealed the secret of the deep research you made, “your neighbor gave u his opinion”. Well its his word against mine, DO a research, or COME to Jordan and see yourself or be quite! Ill tell you what Abdullah made:

            – Jordan is ranked the best health resort and political refuge for many in the region, Don’t forget its advanced education compared to all Arabs and Mideast countries “Jordanians are the most skilled and educated in the region” no one denies that.

            -Took the economy from a total disaster to at least a standing up sort of dependable on itself, switched energy consumption from totally depending on Egyptian gas to a mix of resources including renewable energy and built a mass storage for gas from different countries, two projects on the way to take gas shell from Jordan to support the economy and at least not last carrying out a nuclear reactor to be the first in the mideast “except for Israel”. Making Jordan independant on others when it comes to energy, securing the most important aspect of any economy.
            – Made major infrastructure projects in the main 2 hubs for Jordan Aqaba the sea port, and the Queen Alia airport, were both are competing Turkey and gulf countries for being the No. 1 Mideast hubs.

            – And based on the second point, energy will by consumed to desalinate ocean water to secure drinking water in Jordan where it is now depending on foreign water and is one of the most poor countries in the world of water resources.

            – Major political changes on democracy path in the country, were the current PM in Jordan was the first not to be assigned by the king but the parliament with most privileges under him more than any other in the history of Jordan. Changing the country from a benevolent dictatorship “which is the best rule ever” to a more democratic forms.

            – Extreme professionalism. in dealing with the major conflicts that struck the region in the last 5 years making Jordan on of the most stable countries in the world when it is located in the middle of devastating conflicts, a country that has not even one natural resource it can depend on with lots of enemies mostly radicals and terrorists.

            – And don’t you ever mention his love amongst his people, thats our king and our country, u speak only with respect about our king or country.

            – I can go on if you want..

            Now Jordan has the most educated nation and advanced services and military in the whole of middle east and has the strongest passport, “A stable, open minded, secured, high level of freedom and human rights with a good economy that is advancing, that is a country in the middle of major conflicts with no resources” THAT IS JORDAN UNDER THE RULE OF THIS MAN.

            Now WTF did that guy tell u!! Obviously you did not catch much of my first reply.

          • doughall

            My neighbor who is probably older than you, well educated and from Jordan gave me his opinion. You gave me yours. Not much difference…no one is saying Jordan hasn’t done wonderful things. This thread is about Abdullah and his posturing, not the country as a whole. Take a deep breath and read with your head not your heart. I have two Masters degrees – not that it matters. Has Abdullah lead any missions yet? Let me know when he does.

          • Yazeed Tawil

            Sorry to mention your education level. Now this page says he did lead, offical announcement from Jordan he didn’t, Im not waiting for him to lead personally a fighting jet. he is a real king for what he stands for and for he achieved, Im really amazed why this issue whether he lead or not is the topic to judge him! for What he did for Jordan so as his father and his grandfather made this country great achievements, you read about that and I’ll guarantee you you won’t mention his adventures, noting that he really did lead a mission when he was a prince against drug dealers in Sahab-Jordan, as you may know he is the son of the Army. But accusing him of playing an act of a big man is very degrading for his people who want him as a king and for himself the big man with great achievements.

            Hope you got my point.

          • doughall

            I don’t care if you mention my education level or anything else. Now here’s my point. Imagery is very important in today’s society. George W. Bush (who in my opinion destabilized the Middle East), jumped off a U.S. Destroyer in battle gear proclaiming Mission Accomplished. It was anything but that. So when leaders, or in this case it appears to be the kingdom releases a photo and makes him out to be such a badass and floats rumors that he will be leading the fight it encourages the masses and only leads to more loss of life. Not Abdullah’s life, and not George Bush’s life, but the life of the common man who doesn’t have any kingdom to come back to, who struggles every day…who in the case of Abdullah, wasn’t elected or made king but appointed. That’s my point. If leaders are going to act like soldiers then they ought to die like soldiers, and they never do. Someone else dies for them.

      • Sounds like you’re creating some propaganda guy. I don’t know what you’re talking about with this “again” nonsense since you don’t know me…but whatever. Believe whatever conspiracy that floats your boat but I see no reason to doubt this story. Flounder away.

        • doughall

          The propaganda is that he is a “BadAss.” He’s a begging King in the middle east who didn’t want to be in the coalition until the U.S. heaped more aid on him. He made several speeches in his country saying that ISIS “wasn’t their fight.” But he puts on a uniform and starts quoting actors and people think he’s got some resolve. Actors quote other actors. He’s acting. Jordan has been roundly criticized by several U.S. Secretary of States in the past for receiving a lot of U.S. military equipment but rarely wanting to get involved in the heavy lifting. King Abdullah has been forced into a corner, and now he’s going to act his way out of it…on our dollars.

          • Yazeed Tawil

            wow, u seem to be an in-depth researcher mate, get your info right and check my replies up a bit, plz

  • David

    Hey King, come take care of our pus-in-chief…Apparently our patriots have left the room…

    • Stephen Menzies

      lol, pus-in-chief, LOL!!!! So true.

  • Diane Reeves

    Maybe he’ll bomb the White House while he’s at it.

    • crazybitch

      “The election of Barack Obama was a major victory for the Taliban…Allah Akbar” – Mullah Omar. ….

      • crazybitch

        our enemy loves him. Smh ..very sad!!

  • disqus_6npiJ7fVP4

    Makes me wan to move to Jordan. Well, not really. But I wish our pos potus had balls as big as King Abdullah…

    • Stephen Menzies

      Will never happen, Barack is a community organizer that has learned all kinds of sneaky tricks from dirtbags like Ayers, Jackson, Sharpton. Acting like he has a pair is not one of the tricks. One of the tricks he has mastered though is how to suck up his testicles inside his body cavity when confronted with challenging situations.

  • megablesst02

    This King loves his country & respects his people & his troops. Something our wussy prez knows nothing about. What a waste of skin – the black half AND the white half.

    • cooleyez

      And what is your opinion of GWB sending troops in and not fighting alongside them himself?

      • chopper

        He may not have fought beside them, and that would be ridiculous and you know it, however he gave them his full support, visited the wounded, mourned the losses. This president does not even support them, nor does he even name the enemy. He is a coward that will never admit that he was wrong and should have listened to his military advisers when they told him not to pull out until Iraq was ready to take over the defense of their country.

        • lars

          We have a history of Presidents joining the battle. Oblamer would be of no use of course as he is a woosy and couldn’t beat up a cripple on crutches. GW was a great and brave Prez. He understands what is going on and I wish he was back in office to take the bull by the horns. We need to get our asses back on the ground over there to wipe ISIS out, These tactics of debiel of the existence of the enemy has got to cease before we are all deceased. This is WWIII. Who doesn’t get that ? A moron would recognize that we are at war with the world and Oblamer is on the enemies side. Kick him out ASAP !

  • Lori Farnsworth Cooper

    He’s going to do all the damage he can before he leaves the White House!

    • ladywriter24

      What makes you think he’s going to leave? Watch…he’s going to declare martial law and
      say the country is too unstable, THANKS TO HIM, and he gets to stay in office
      as long as he wants to and no one will stop him. American people need to wake up.

      • Karl A. Innes

        Think the Joint Chiefs would have something to say about that.

        • ladywriter24

          I hope you’re right

      • kringlebertfistyebuns

        You’re not supposed to wear your pants on your head, sweetie.

        People said the same thing about Bush. They also said it about Clinton.

        • ladywriter24

          I’m not wearing anything on my head, sweetie.

          And neither bush nor Clinton did as much damage as the
          golfer in charge has and he’s not done yet.

          • kringlebertfistyebuns

            You clearly don’t remember the unhinged rhetoric, particularly during the Clinton Administration. I do.

            Seems like a lot of people on the Right would just love a chance for there to be chaos in the streets. Wonder why?

          • ladywriter24

            I remember it just fine. I remember clear back to JFK.
            you don’t think there is chaos in the streets now? what do you call Ferguson? and the current occupant encourages them to keep it up.
            and check your spelling. it’s THERE not THEIR

          • kringlebertfistyebuns

            I’m talking a situation without the rule of law, or martial law. Rioting happens all the time. (Funnily, when it’s idiot sports fans or idiot college kids doing it, it’s never viewed as a referendum on all “those people.”)

            Some “conservatives” seem to quietly root for such a situation.

            and the current occupant encourages them to keep it up.

            I will donate $20 to the charity of your choice if you can show me an unequivocal instance of the President egging on the rioters. I’m serious. I’m pretty certain my money is safe.

            I corrected the spelling error. Thanks for pointing it out.

          • ladywriter24

            I don’t ‘root’ for riots and violence. It’s a waste of time and energy and proves
            nothing besides the fact that they looted and burned down the very areas they
            call home.

            I can’t show you an ‘unequivocal instance’ of him egging on
            the rioters because it becomes a case of he said, she said. It’s more a case of
            which do you believe. ‘snopes’ says the claim:

            Claim: President
            Obama secretly met with Ferguson protesters and urged them to “stay on
            course.” MOSTLY FALSE . mostly, not

            The white house confirms “ Some of the national leaders met
            with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation
            about Ferguson.

            According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared
            frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr.
            Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course
            in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating.”

            The president, sharpton
            and holder are all race baiters and that is a fact.

            So yeah, your money is safe but if you feel like it you can
            make a donation to the Paralyzed American Veterans (

          • ladywriter24

            I don’t ‘root’ for riots and violence. It’s a waste of time and energy and proves
            nothing besides the fact that they looted and burned down the very areas they
            call home.

            I can’t show you an ‘unequivocal instance’ of him egging on
            the rioters because it becomes a case of he said, she said. It’s more a case of
            which do you believe. ‘snopes’ says the claim:

            Claim: President
            Obama secretly met with Ferguson protesters and urged them to “stay on
            course.” MOSTLY FALSE . mostly, not

            The white house confirms “ Some of the national leaders met
            with President Obama on Nov. 5 for a gathering that included a conversation
            about Ferguson.

            According to the Rev. Al Sharpton, who has appeared
            frequently in St. Louis with the Brown family and delivered a speech at Mr.
            Brown’s funeral, Mr. Obama “was concerned about Ferguson staying on course
            in terms of pursuing what it was that he knew we were advocating.”

            The president, sharpton
            and holder are all race baiters and that is a fact.

            So yeah, your money is safe but if you feel like it you can
            make a donation to the Paralyzed American Veterans (

  • CheriCAL

    President Putts a lot who is our CIC coulnd never comprehendive what a F16 Pilot has to go through to achieve the wings never mind the training and focus it takes. Sadly, he doesn’t care.
    Obama will keep releasing terorrist from GIMTO while Jordans” king takes action

    • TXSense2

      He also trained with the U.S. navy SEALS…

  • GH

    Back in the day we the sheep wouldn’t allow him to continue this Presidency…. Baaa

  • Toni

    Kudos to Jordans King Abdullah

  • Allan Montgomery

    this king has my respect… what he has done in a single act resonates .. it is a true showing of leadership, loyalty to both his military and his people.. active participation in the world in a responsible , measured manor… i would gladly call this man friend if he would have me for his.

    that said , i am too independent to be called a subject.. nor would i bow to any man.. but i would show respect for men with his integrity.

  • DJack Klingler III

    obama is too much of a pussy to ever do that.

  • Al Parsons

    Obozo is a traitor and needs to be eliminated—BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!! While King Abdullah talks the talk, walks the walk, and has brass balls the size of basketballs, the only balls Obozo has are golf balls. WTG King! Now can you teach Obozo to be a man instead of the wimp he is? PLEASE!!??


      I think you give Obuzzard to much credit. I’m thinking more like the size of peas! Baby peas at that.

  • Dixiebug

    I happened to notice while scanning the comments that pos can be found in ‘progs’. The joke is on them!

  • Evan Rofheart

    Obama is so discussing and weak willed, but I think it is because his mom was off looking for new men every moment she had, pretending to be an “anthropologist”, to get into as many beds around the world as she could. Yuck!

    • seeingwhatisthere

      Evan, It’s ok. Being gay is not wrong. It’s ok to feel the way you do. No one is judging you.

  • Gene Goycochea

    I wish we had a leader who lead like that, our coward in chief is a supporter of people who wish us dead

  • cooleyez

    False. If anybody here knew how to use Google, they’d see that King Abdullah was in… wait for it… Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America, on Tuesday. Even made a joint statement with the President. He cut his trip short right after the video was released, and didn’t arrive back in Jordan until… wait for it… Wednesday afternoon Eastern Europe Time (GMT +2). But go ahead, believe what you want to believe. I’d just like these sites to cite their sources before they wind up on my Facebook and I have to bang my head into my keyboard due to the stupidity overload

    • Karl A. Innes

      They’re only listening to the bullshit FAUX News puts out. Can’t blame them for obeying their Gods.

    • chopper

      Look at the date on the tweets it is….wait for it…THURSDAY!!! Some people should look at things before being so smug.

  • Mario Rodriguez

    His secular nature is not surprising, he’s a huge star trek fan and you can see him in a Voyager episode. It is excellent to see a leader standing for the protection of his people, we’ve lost a bunch of Americans to ISIS/ISIL and all our government can seem to do is waffle pathetically about the brutality while they try not to wet themselves, praying no one sees how inept they are.
    They stink of weakness and it’s sad that Jordan has more spine than our leaders do when we’re oodles of orders of magnitude more powerful.

  • Jason Hunt

    *Tim Allen grunt*

  • WhiteGuy2

    With such a weak American president every other world leader looks badass in comparison.

    • Karl A. Innes

      Hell Andrea Merkel could kick his ass!

  • Kimi Yamemoto

    terrorist have crossed some interesting people most notably the French
    (Legionaries are kick ass machines) Japanese (bushido / art of war
    anyone?) and now Jordan… watch out bad guys they are coming for you…

  • Deborah Armagost

    His country is PROUD of him, as so are we. OUR leader? It’s embarrassing that we can even question his ethics.

  • gumbogilbo

    Looks like the art of thinking before opening your mouth, is gone. Also knowing your facts. U.S. presidents can not fight in a war, they are civilians and forbidden too. That’s why people like Grant and Eisenhower had to resign from the military in order to run for president, it’s the law..

    • Biff

      And a damn good law it is. Lying Barry done up in full military regalia, with medals, ribbons, corded epaulets, a riding crop, gold oak leaves and stars is the stuff of nightmares, though it may come to pass

      • chopper

        Actually just seeing those poor people that have to salute him makes me cringe. I have to wonder if they are cringing on the inside too.

  • George Albo


  • tom

    Not saying anything…yes I am! His late father was the same way, AND his mother is….AMERICAN! This guy gets it, he is the kind of leader the world needs to see…Ours unfortunately would rather play golf….

    • Hamdi

      Actually his mother is British.

      • tom

        Yeah, I saw that later. I originally thought all of Hussien’s children came from Noor…still doesn’t change the fact, he’s a ruler that will not back down to these scum!

  • James S2K

    if only the President of the Philippines would act like this King.. for once. SMH!

  • Tama Houkamau

    Obama is batting for Isis

  • Lenny Dudley

    Remember when commie pinko fag Democrat Liberal scum…called Bush a “Cowboy’ This guy is “John Wayne”…..we got Elmer Fudd

  • Navindran

    Thats what I call a King! He has my upmost respect! Those who would seek to manipulate religion towards their own means should be put to the stake, even if they’re of the same religion as me!

  • Merica Rules

    And right after he had the illegal immigrants over at the White House, he ate their kids!!! LOL. “Journalists” who write those articles sadly don’t realize that they lose their integrity when they can’t help but throwing a bunch of anti-Obama BS rethoric

  • francesca9

    wow, maybe clint eastwood will make a movie about this guy! now this is a leader!

    • snowyriver

      Have you seen a picture of the current resident of our White House throwing a baseball… LOLLOLLOLLOL

  • Daryl Ann Guy

    Not only that he is kinda hot…….maybe it’s the fact that he is such a badass……..

  • Stephen C

    A mans man. The real deal. Warrior King ! Obama asked about the Unforgiven line he used. “Was it about the Free one?”

  • noynoy bulok

    if you knew our president in the Philippines, I’m sure you would still praise Obama for what he has done for your country. Our president Noynoy Aquino is abnormal. 44 brutally slain Special Action Force Commandos by terrorists and all he did was to apologize. No retribution or vengeance.

  • Bobby Stephens Sr.

    Afraid we have a weak chicken s___. Leader. + all the practice on the golf course he’s still a Duffer. Take the teleprompter away & all you’ll get is shuck & jive artist. The American voters really picked a winner. Congrats to the liberal, uninformed American hater voters.

    • Mark Yarbrough

      Hey, but they have assuaged their white guilt!

  • Jon

    How do i get Jordanian citizenship? A secular leader who actually has the balls to do what he says? Sign me u, i was just born here.

  • Jon

    Just to clarify, if you think any president in the past 50 years would have done this you’re mistaken. Ya Obama is a pussy, what do you do for a living again with all those balls you have behind that keyboard. Our system breeds pussy politicians, because you vote in pussy politicians. God damned yuppy cowards of this country need everything PC and a dick tucked between the legs.

  • chetnapier

    Obola vows to do a duet with James Taylor.

  • dmsanders

    that’s the commander in chief

  • Mike

    I would be PROUD to have a leader like this man!!

  • DonM

    I’m glad to see there is a man willing to take an approach against terrorists that will make them think twice before messing with his people again. The King of Jordan has the stones to do just that.

  • niteachilles

    You guys are saying Muslims aren’t speaking up? Well here’s one King taking action

  • Debbie Hillman

    Impeach and arrest our scumbag snake of a leader!!

  • Stephen Menzies

    Great Leader Barack Hussein Obama, take note. This is what a REAL leader does. If you were half the man that King Abdullah is then maybe I’d have more respect for you. Until then you may go back to groveling for acceptance from dirtbags like ISIS, ISIL (whatever it is you call them) and other assorted scum.

  • stepkau

    I must be going through some sort of leadership withdrawals because every time I read about a world leader showing some kind of leadership qualities I am instantly drawn to learning more about them. I salute you King Abdullah!

  • Big Daddy

    Nice Fatboy He is riding…And his wife’s not bad either…

  • TruthMonitor
  • Jeff Koehler

    King Abdullah for President!!!

  • Pamela Van Sickle Giedd

    Respect!! Brains and a Back bone!!

  • Vyper3000

    They have a man….we have a mouse.



    Stop being a douche

  • ggg

    Obama is a disgrace to this country. We better elect someone like this guy next time, or we are done.

  • Hambone

    I’m a prog. And I think this is all kinds of bad ass. Common ground? Probably not. But still…it’s nice to agree with you pack of lunatics every once in a while.

  • NAN752

    Good for the King! That is the type of leader we need in this country…someone with balls who ia not afraid!

  • Joyce Riebe

    That is a REAL leader!

  • Rey

    Has anyone seen one picture of Michael Obama pregnant, didn’t think so.

  • cstx

    I thought Americans didn’t like kings…

    • Wiggle D

      It’s not the kings that our ancestors hated. It is the way they ruled that they hated.

  • USN Veteran

    a bad-ass leader of a country with a smoking hot wife. I wonder what that’s like?
    I don’t think we’ve ever had that in the US. I guess Kennedy would be the closest, but
    that was before my time.

  • _Anonymous_

    the people of Jordan has no regrets to love this king!
    it’s not about who is the enemy,
    its his concern and love for his people! long live Jordan king!

  • Wiggle D

    While I am not one for vengeance, I am glad someone is taking the fight against these monsters whom wish us all harm. Take your false god, false prophet and stick them in your rear end.

  • Johann

    He appeared in Star Trek Voyager once! And secular, too?? THE BEST KING EVER.

  • SomeDude

    Too bad the leader of this nation has tiny hands and no backbone…

  • Phil Bishop

    Our leader is a joke we need a leader like this guy who takes action good for him we all should be thanking him for what he did…. Impeach our leader now and let’s get someone anyone who has some balls….

  • Brighton Mickey

    let’s replace this POS with a Vietnam trained veteran like Bush, who cingle handedly captured OBL and Gaddafi

    • Dick

      Let’s replace your comment with one from somebody that knows how to spell.

    • Hugh Gaanus

      Wait. think Bush captured Osama and Gaddafi!! You’re either a really bad troll or just plain ignorant. It would be best to keep your skills in the kitchen and leave world events to us grown ups!

  • jbobduke

    More power to him, he’s got balls and isn’t going to let terrorists run Jordan. Death to the disgusting vile ISIS!



  • HulaZen

    A violent responce to Isis extremists will certainly solve the short term conflicts. In the long run it is only more education and opportunity for the poor and desperate in these areas which will bring lasting peace. A man does not choose to be a solider unless he has no other options. I imagine this why Obama does not view the Isis hate group as religious terrorism, rather, it is the poor and desperate being exploited for the sake of land and power. Violence is the last option for those who are desperate. Hand a starving man food and a gun and he is now a slave, not a religious terrorist. It is sad.

    • Darrin Woodard

      I was in college (fully-funded) when I decided to become a Marine. Another Marine I know turned down a full-scholarship to be a Marine. One of my Marine room-mates is now a bio-chemist. Your “A man does not choose to be a solider unless he has no other options.” is a false statement.

      Its extremely difficult for the non Islam extremists to go to school when extremists are killing them (Pakistan Dec 16 2014). While education is important to stopping this, maintaining their life is priority. The greatest education means nothing if you’re dead.

      Almost everything you have said does not make any logical sense. Guns and food do not make people slaves. The Islamist extremists are not desperate, they are greedy. They have a thirst for war and the only way to stop them is to give them what they want.

      Obama is an idiot, liar, and murderer. His “ideas” are not based in reality. He’s a dreamer without a clue thats been put in charge by people just as blind as him.

      • HulaZen

        Brainwashing is a powerful tool. It helps to dissolve a person’s humanity and help them justify their horrific acts. Violence will never solve these issues in the long term, but yes, I agree it is a short term solution.

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    NOW THAT’S how you handle ISIS! … SO EMBARRASSING to have such a WEAK TOOL in the White House!

    • Tolga KILIÇ

      people hate usa because of retards like you.

      • Heather Vance-Nelson

        TOLGA KILIC, the RETARD IS YOU! .If people “hate” the USA it’s usually because they do not like OUR ideals!… If you don’t like it then STAY THE HELL OUT! ….and if you’re already here then GET THE HELL OUT! … You clearly don’t belong!

        • Guest

          i have checked your comments and it seems you are smart enough to have any ideals.
          you should visit a doctor.
          hysterical bitch.

        • Tolga KILIÇ

          i have checked your comments and it seems you are not smart enough to have any ideals.
          you should visit a doctor.
          hysterical bitch.

          • Heather Vance-Nelson

            Actually Tolga you are the one with the PROBLEM! … Your probably oh so miserable in your little life that you think you actually make a difference with your rather ASSinine comments. .. Leave the mental ward much?… HOW’S THE BURQA fitting these days! … You HYSTERICAL BITCH!

          • Tolga KILIÇ

            seriously, go get checked by a good doctor. it is for your own good. i’m pretty sure it would not take long to diagnose you.
            (i am not going to talk about how ignorant you are.)

  • dannynieves

    Obama is awesome he has brains, thank God we no longer have that idiot GWB in the White House, screw Jeb too.

  • Aghast

    So this was all a way to bash Obama. You people are seriously messed up.

  • tizzer

    How do all of you morons that voted for Bobama feel now? If you’re still behind that no balls idiot, you’re the same as he is, delusional. Oh, and thanks for voting the worst president of all time into office. You all believed his lies and b.s. I could only dream of him reacting swiftly to ISIS like Jordan. He didn’t seem to blink an eye whe Americans were beheaded….as far as I’m concerned Obama has their blood on his hands. He cant drive a bumper car let alone fly a fighter jet and go on a bombing mission. Kudos to Jordan!!

    • TheMASSES

      He REPLACED the worst prez we have ever had that put us in this funk. Worse yet could you imagine how much worse off we’d be with Johnny no neck or the Mormon anti Christmas instead. Good lord.. time to be an independent.

    • TonyVoluntary

      I’m no supporter of Obama, but to pretend he hasn’t carried out an extensive drone campaign to target radicals either shows your bias or your ignorance.

  • bigdaddy

    Some leaders lead, some just talk and lie a lot….some fly F-16’s others ride bicycles and play golf
    in crisis situations…..

  • Kenneth

    For the love of God… You Americans would bitch IF Obama went to war and you would bitch if he did NOT. You should be happy that you have a president with atleast half a brain for a change.

  • Imran


  • Al Mahany

    Machiavelli, in his book The Prince, wrote that the best leader is a benign monarch. Unfortunately, such rulers are hard to come by because you know what they say about absolute power. I am glad to see Jordan has one of the few benign monarchs this world has made possible.

    • kringlebertfistyebuns

      He’s only benign if you agree with him. Otherwise, he’s more than happy to repress dissent.

  • Daniel Douglas Pllm

    You right-wing blogging fanatics add nothing of substance to any situation. You can take a tree falling on a house and blame Obama for it. And thanks for throwing in his (gorgeous) wife to the conversation, as if she anything to do with it. You are sexist bigots, and I’m embarrassed that you cannot think for yourselves without searching for articles that reinforce your warped sense of reality. ‘Your’ America is not only yours, it is yours to share, especially with the increasing liberal and progressive demographic. We know you are scared, that’s why you build shelters for the next impending apocalypse that surely Obama will cause. Read more books other than Ayn Rand and maybe you won’t be so scared.

    • Hugh Gaanus

      The only logical response I’ve read here! The rest are just the same bs I read on every conservative blog/page/newsfeed. They’ve got nothing new or original to add or say!

      • usaf317undeleted3

        You are both ignorant. Seriously

        • CT

          This comment kinda proves Hugh’s point.

        • Hugh Gaanus

          Ya seriously! Maybe when you hear the pop you’ll understand:)

    • chris

      at least someone has a brain here… everybody wants obama to go to war but nobody wants to send there kids or love ones or spouse to acutually do the shooting and this is coming from a person that has fought twice in iraq and once in afghan.

    • SomeDude

      Michelle is not a gorgeous woman by any measure. She is, however, much more masculine than her husband. So, there’s that…I’m sure masculinity turns you on.

  • Pam

    It’s about time! Jordan is an Arab country and Islam is the primary religion. Let the Arab countries over there handle their problem neighbors. We should not have to sacrifice our men and women to solve a problem that came to be because they choose to ignore extremism and crime in their own backyard.

  • Tom Thoelke

    The rest of the world has bad asses like Abdullah and Putin and we get a pussy like Obama

  • But of Course!

    Our word for him is “supot”.

  • David Michael

    Is King Abdullah the son of the late King Hussein? If so, that would make him half white and half American. So maybe HE should be our next president. We sure as hell couldn’t do any worse.

  • Рон Джамин

    Hooah !

  • doughall

    This so-called leader has watched ISIS pillage his back yard and did nothing until the U.S. put together a coalition. In the process, he begged and pleaded for more U.S. non-military foreign aid in order to enter this coalition. Luckily, this website has the benefit of a bunch of morons as readers. Objective, thinking people no this is nothing more than another “Mission Accomplished” propaganda piece. America…#20 in world education.

    • Yazeed Tawil

      doughall, Im a Jordanian living in Jordan, and his speeches were about not to get involved in a war against the Syrian regime coz its not our war, but when it comes to terrorism, Jordan has been in the front lines for more than decades, Al-Qaeda before and after till ISIS “a newbie terrorist organization” messed with us, we were always on the brink bankruptcy due to many refugees fleeing from occupations or terrorism acts in the region, America is one of the few who gave us support for this manner and aid against terrorism. We appreciate that much, but believe me all aids coming to us added to our annual GDP barely covers those expenses. Now plz respect yourself and don’t mention our truly devoted king! .. And you say so-called King! what do you know about him? Read some history and you’ll get a better idea from where the sun rises…

  • Janice1958

    Obama looks like Pee Wee

  • Bernard Fox

    Now that’s one Real Leader of his people, cant fault him!

  • togeika

    There would be no opposition to ISIS if it weren’t for Obama. Get a grip sheeple!

  • daisy3

    You gotta like this guy!

  • D>B>

    If you are a muslum answer me this…. why have’nt muslums taken up a more Public stand against ISIS and those muslums who are in fact jihadists?

    • Yazeed Tawil

      In Jordan we are doing it for decades even before Al-Qaeda. Got your answer?

  • ID10TS

    Well done King! You have my utmost respect!

  • Tony borg

    A great King!

  • Ithamar

    From many of the comments on this article, it would appear that the site has attracted the attention of numerous “Organizing for America” Obama trolls. Keep it up trolls, you are testifying to the effectiveness of this conservative, anti-progressive/Marxist site.

  • Ernestine Hronas

    Our LEACH, who doesn’t have the qualities of a King. He is a Liar, Bloodsucking Leach. He came into this country to suck us dry of our wealth and every quality of life our Country embraces.

  • Zack Dänekas

    lol at the pictures of obama

  • I shart in their general direction

  • Hugh elliot

    I thought this was about a badass King not a lame attempt at insulting potus but hey free country free speech…..I wonder if any of the hate mongers have been to Jordan and would consider living there….free speech and all and try to insult the leader of that nation that would not live to see the next 48hours…

    • Yazeed Tawil

      Im Jordanian living in Jordan, and YES you will definitely live to see the next 48hours and resume your life and work unharmed on all measures. In Jordan it is different than Mideast countries, our King is not a dictator and his love is flourishing throughout his people. This is a simple fact if you’ve ever been to Jordan.

  • Tara E.

    Good guy. Knows how to lead and inspire. American politicians, please take note.

  • chris

    lol everybody mad here and blaming obama but nobodyis mad about boko haram… hmmmm wait because its in africa and not the middle east… oh right….

  • Paul the Brit

    This paper is making a good contribution and kicking rear ends where they need to be kicked. On balance though the art of politics is how to get the job done without being seen, ie what goes on behind the scenes to maximise the usefulness of influence and power in a pragmatic way. Making friends with the enemy and thus nullifying his work is a difficult but necessary game in winning the conversation. We learnt this through the painful dealings in the UK with the IRA. And though the battle hasn’t been entirely one, the influence of the hateful heart has been diminished to it’s actual size, ie: not of the clever shout of it’s publicity stunts. I believe Abe Lincoln brought an arch rival into his government and proved the point, yours humbly, p xx

  • daymgd

    long live the great king abdullah!

  • Mickhel Humphrey

    Brainwashed Americans how sad. Media tells you ISIS is all about bad terrorist attacks but basically its just another way for America to extend imperialism and have global domination over other nations natural resources. e.g oil. So i’m sorry if President Obama is not pro BUSH or Clinton and believe bombing of innocent people. But hey social media is the new media, everybody has an opinion to blame someone.

  • Atticus82

    Why not post a picture of the president in the situation room when he wiped Osama bin Laden, and all the evil he wrought, off the face of the planet for eternity? I remember W looking tough on an aircraft carrier under a Mission Accomplished banner, how’d that work out?

  • Tom Medicine Man Strayhorn

    Barrack Obama is a terrorist!

  • Rick

    Good for him on hanging the terrorists … wish that we had that swift of action against criminals here in the states, but we’ve never had so Obama doesn’t deserve the blame on not hanging terrorists. Other than that, aren’t they both doing the same thing … bombing IS, but no troops on the ground? Good to have him on the team, and like his threats, but don’t see much difference between what the two of them are doing in retaliation?

  • John Abassian

    By the way, King Abdullah is not a secular ruler, in fact, he’s the direct decendent of Muhammad, the prophit of Islam.

  • Moreamericanthanthou

    Looks like you should all move to jordan.

  • guest

    How can President Obama be golfing in the snow and ice of the East Coast. This blog is full of haters and doesn’t see the truth.

  • john

    Either impeach him or lynch him and send all the illegal immigrants packing.

  • RonaldG

    Those 2 Obama pics with this story are HILARIOUS!

  • Jordan 1st

    It only took ONE Jordanian for the King to respond. How many American will it take for you to respond?

  • Lou

    I know most of you guys are allergic to some however here are some facts about OUR President.

    Gas under 2$
    Stock Market doubled
    Unemployment under 6%
    GDP growth up to 5%

    yeah he’s trying to destroy America.

    • SomeDude

      Funny…when gas was over $4 a gallon, all the Deity Followers demanded that the POTUS has nothing to do with gas prices. Now that it’s below $2, he’s responsible. Which is it, Pumpkin? Low gas prices couldn’t have be due to all that Republican backed oil drilling out west, could it?

      Also, the Stock market has allegedly doubled since the POTUS hired multiple Wall Street Exec’s to oversee Government run financial agencies. Nothing dishonest going on there, right? Google “Obama Wall Street Connection”.

      As far as unemployment…yes, the numbers are down. But the number of people who have been forced to give up looking for full time work and turned to either working multiple part-time jobs or have stopped looking all together isn’t. Look for the ‘real’ (Read: Not Government provided) unemployment numbers.

      I don’t know anything about the GDP growth.

      And, finally, if a company is reporting to their shareholders (the US FedGov being the Company, and US Citizens being the Shareholders), don’t you think they will skew the numbers in their favor?

  • Lou

    Hey guys, thinking with your gut is no good if you’re full of $hit.

    • SomeDude

      Anyone care to translate this?

  • Most Concerned

    This is just what the U.S. needs in a leader. I applauded King Abdullah You are a true strong and dedicated protective leader of your people. Thanks for sharing your strong belief’s

  • SomeDude

    The King of Jordan punches back a day later, and visits the family of the slain soldier.

    The POTUS invites the family of a deserter into the Rose Garden, embraces them, releases five known enemy combatants back into the world and puts said deserter in a cushy desk position.

    Amazing how far we have fallen…

    • Jake

      You must have been apoplectic when dubya released over 500 gitmo detainees ( terrorists ) in late 2007/2008. I’m guessing you’ve never heard of the Gitmo 30?

      • SomeDude

        You assuming a lot about me when, in reality, you know nothing about me. Ever hear of asking, then accusing? Of course not, you’re name is Jake and you’re a douche. See, I can make that statement based on your post above. Two facts.

        But, since you continue the Obama Defense Narrative of “But…but…but…GWB did something like that too!”, I will respond with this: I am as much a fan of Obama as I am of GWB. In my eyes, they are equals. Two puppets being used by the same Master.

        • Jake

          LOL Straight to the insults. I must have hit a nerve. As for Bergdahl being a deserter, whatever happened to getting a fair trial? BTW – the US military has always made it a priority to bring the troops home, do you really want that policy to change?

          • SomeDude

            No insults, just stating what is obvious. And good job apologizing when getting called on your nonsense. Shows what kind of man you are.

            Back on topic; Sure, bring the troops home, but be reasonable about it. Exchanging 5 top level enemies for a deserter is a bit much. Then to host said deserters family in the White House is an insult to the Office and to the families of the men who died while searching for that scumbag. Why didn’t Obama embrace those families? Oooooh…that’s right…because it doesn’t push his “fundamental changes” narrative. And why put a deserter back in service BEFORE interviewing him?

            I guess since the CIC has never organized anything other than a Community or Campaign, we get what we get.

            Keep pushing the rhetoric, I’m sure the Obama’s thank you. Good day, Pumpkin.

          • Jake

            lmao! You seem to think you deserve an apology? When you post something that makes me change my opinion of you, i’ll consider it. Until then, you’ll just have to live with it.

            BTW – Your bias is showing. You accuse me of pushing the rhetoric, yet your own post is chockablock full of it. ‘Deserter’. ‘Scumbag’. ‘ 5 top level enemies’. Straight out of the right wing talking points. Did they email the latest newsletter to you, or did you glean the above terms from other right wing ‘news’ sites?

          • SomeDude

            Are you seriously implying that a member of the military who deserters their post isn’t a scumbag deserter? That person loses honor in ALL the military’s on the planet.

            You’re also saying the 5 AQ leaders that were released from Gitmo are not high level? What a loon.

  • HerculesLoadmaster

    ISIS took a dip in the Jordan River and drowned. Well done, Jordan.

  • You gotta love how King Abdullah doesn’t require his beautiful wife to wear a hijab, burka or niqab. Very un-Islamic. LOL!!

  • Baazoo

    Huge props and RESPECT to the King!!

  • Mike Jones

    i would not want to meet him in an alley.

  • Carrol Baker

    go King go

  • JR

    What an odd discussion this is! No one is talking about the King of Jordan and their nations’ retribution for the killing of their pilot. You’re only talking about and bad mouthing the President. Not the website for me.



  • oriphiel

    Finally a leader that leads.

  • guest

    The POSes are the people commenting on this post.

  • Brian Merlin

    as cool as that is…the point of the film is that there were no good guys or bad guys, just the blind fighting the blind…

  • nzyankee

    Its so much better to have a leader that is a dictator and quotes Hollywood movies – eh? Putin was pretty cool too. Instead we have a President that behaves like he is the leader of one of the greatest nations on earth. That’s not going to satisfy the members of the parmanently juvenile mindset….but then nothing he does would stop their hate.

  • squirley shirley

    This discussion should be about the King of Jordan. I have admired this man for many, many years. He is a good person as far as I can see. Always has been.

  • markvin

    Obama must have his bloggers up to full speed. This is an article about a man of courage who realizes that these muslums are terrorists and must be dealt with as such. The bloggers are trying to turn this into an item about the price of gas and are still blaming Bush.

    On top of that people are falling into the trap and carrying on about Bush.

  • Daisy21

    Remember that Obama went off to play golf only minutes after making a speech about the American who was beheaded by ISIS. Guess he’s got his priorities straight.

  • Scotty

    Obama could hit ISIS with his coach purse. wouldn’t hurt much cause he throws like a girl.

  • Jess Golden

    we have a Clown In Chief

  • PinkPatty

    Saying ALL muslims are evil is the equivalent of saying all Christians are evil We cannot condemn a whole groups of people due to the actions of extremists. There are extremists in Christianity as well, and I am Christian

  • Don Walters

    If he did lead a bombing raid, much respect to the man. I wish him the best, and I hope we back him EVERY step of the way.

  • jaz43

    This man is amazing. A real leader!! Wish our government would respond in such a manner. I thought we learned from Hitler where appeasement gets you.

  • Wayne Hicks

    Yes, but can he golf!?

  • Ric

    Thank God you live in America and men like myself fought and served for you to share your uneducated views. Your HATE is no different than the actions of those in the middle east … keep up your hate.. post it… and incite others to continue to push you and your childish fearful comments away… It amazes me the HATE .. because you think you know 100% of everything that is going on and you could do a better job. Just amazing your HATE you hide behind …. you have some deep rooted evil inside you… and God speed in healing.

  • Tony Brown

    “Then he showed those men of will what will really was.” – from The Usual Suspects

  • Jennifer G

    While I respect the King for this gutsy act, I don’t in general like him. Jordan is supposed to be either friendly or neutral toward Israel; not only is Jordan not friendly toward Israel, it’s also hostile toward the “Palestinians” who live within Jordan (stripping them of citizenship & imposing undue hardship by law). As I said, though, I do applaud him in this situation.

  • Ksan

    I wanna see Obama get suited up like this bass ass mofo here son!

  • LukeJohn

    Whether it was symbolic or not, King Abdullah has demonstrated LEADERSHIP – Something that our pathetic, community-organizer-in-chief knows absolutely nothing about.

  • Filipino

    For those who don’t want Obama, we’re willing to trade 10 Aquinos for a small fraction of your president.

  • David Trisnadi

    I guess the great black hope does not perform :p

  • tina0011

    This is what a leader looks like!! This is what a leader does to avenge his soldiers!This is what a real man does!! Unlike this POS we have living in the white house!! Thanks to you POS libtards!!!! I wish he would round up all the POS libtards and Obama and bomb there ass to tim buck two!! Obama you are the worlds biggest mistake.Giving the fact your mother was so pro abortion I sure wished she would have used that right and rid the world the likes of you!!! Even though I am not for abortion I would have made an exception for you!!!

  • CTtaxpayer

    Obumble is a p’whipped cooter – we need a veteran in office, not a douche war fanatic like Abdullah, but one who understands pre-emptive measures, not reactive puffery. Why did it take 1 death for Jordan to realize what the free world understood back on September 11th? I don’t trust “Johnny-come-lately” any more than I trust the fr’ggn Pakistanis…all those man-dress wearing islamists are suspect….ALL of them.



  • gary triplett

    Big thumbs up for this King! Finaly someone with some balls to take action !

  • caochladh

    King Abdullah is a leader I would have no trouble following to the gates of hell and back.

  • Dewy

    Can hardly fault King Abdullah’s reaction, that pilot could have been his son.

  • Zane Cuxton

    Long the King! I would love to serve under him and under his command anytime he needs me.

  • Frank Conticello

    Jordan has a true leader..based on those pictures we have the Muselim Pee-Wee Herman.

  • Jack Johnston

    We need a president like Teddy Roosevelt who would have loved to do the same thing. . .

  • dridata

    For a change we have a leader with some balls, has a great military background and isn’t afraid to lead from the front! Go Jordan!

  • dridata

    Finally a leader of a country that has some balls, has a record of military service, has a great understanding of military strategy and who is not afraid to lead from the front! Go Jordan!

  • Laine Houberg

    How bad does it suck to be every other lame ass leader in the free world right now !

  • Guest

    This all started with Bush senior and to be honest all the presidents are owned by the big companies and do as they are told anyway. You can’t all just sit back and moan always blaming someone else for the mess you are in. America used to be a great country now you just look like you interfere and whine.

  • Lou9999

    I sure have a ton of respect for King Abdullah. To all of the Obama lovers….he is a coward. You can’t deny it. Coward, coward, coward.

  • Mark Tinder

    Obama has no balls to go up against them himself like the king. I hope to God they can find some reason to impeach him and jail him for treason. My personal belief he has commited treason against this country with his actions.

  • Sean

    Lou you are a complete idiot

  • Erik M.

    At least Michelle O is way prettier than the Queen in Jordan.

  • metermaid

    You idiots that are praising O-idiot sound like morons giving thanks for scraps, big deal gas went down afew cents, really?! Both Bush AND O are moronic douche bags.Bush for getting the world into this mess & O for standing around and sympathizing with Daesh. K.Abdullah has shown more balls and truly cares what happens to his people. With in hours of what happened to his military soldier he’s taken out some of these savages, sorry I can’t call Daesh animals bc that would be offensive to animals.

  • metermaid

    It is truly so sad how dumbed down this country has become, that it elects its leaders bc they get endorsed by Oprah, Jay-Z& Beyonce, & Kanye. O-moron is just as qualified as his celeb friends are to be an American President.

  • Woah! This is brave, incredible!, insane!!
    The USA will never see this in their news reels! They will be too busy ogling Grammy billboards and the entire show for the entire week!

    Love those pictures of Obama, just shows how fun he is!

  • Robert Robertson

    Obama sucks up to our enemies again…it’s time to send him packing


    Why did so many American woman vote President Obamas in twice? Please explain.

  • KefkaPelazzo

    Oops. Jordan’s own government is denying this rightwing wet dream.

  • So much for this ridiculous Jordanian love fest lol.

    World Public and Pew Research
    62% of Jordanians approve of some or most groups that attack Americans
    56% of Jordanians support Osama bin Laden
    86% of Jordanian Muslims support the death penalty for leaving Islam

  • Abdullah’s speech at The Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law in September 2005 was entitled “Traditional Islam: The Path to Peace.”

  • anwar majali

    Is it really ..? Clint should rule just as Reagan did .Stop racism and deception. King O is civilized

  • You guys still love sniffing some Putin and Royal foreigner ass I see…this is conservative “Patriotism” at it’s finest lol. The American right is but a gathering of pathetic embarrassments faithfully representing the worst of America, pat yourselves on the back!

  • Hervé Trofimoff

    Two thumbs up, your Majesty!!

  • Rachel Brent

    Thats all smoke and mirrors Lou, those numbers you are throwing around, and he had nothing to do with gas prices going down, eventually they will go back up.


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