AWESOME: Black L.A. Cop Schools Ferguson Protesters Who Try to Lecture Him On ‘Racism’


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

An extraordinary thing happened when a bunch of White students protesting the Ferguson, Missouri Grand Jury decision actually tried to lecture a Black LAPD cop on racism.

They got owned.

The students confronted the cop outside the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD. One skull full of mush, a White woman, who identified herself as an UCLA student, demanded of the officer: “As a person of color, are you ashamed to be part of such a corrupt system?…As a black man, have you ever experienced racism?”

Um, that would be a yes. He had grown up in Jackson, Mississippi during the Jim Crow era. One would think she would dismount her soapbox at that point, but she arrogantly dug in deeper.

She then tried to convince him that as a Black man, he was kept down by the White man, and as a result could never possibly succeed.

“Racism is a structure of power,” she insisted, using talking points no doubt gleaned from a liberal professor. “You are a black man. You are kept down by your race, even if you won’t accept it…You’re a black man. You’ll never reach the same pinnacle as a white man in this system, because you are black,” drawing applause from the brainwashed crowd.

Um, did she get the memo that we have a Black president? It’s hard to imagine a greater “pinnacle” than that. How about a billionaire named Oprah Winfrey. Ring a bell, ding-a-ling?

The officer then began an amazing Socratic line of questioning that completely exposed the true racism of these students — and the Left.


He asked the student what she did in her free time, noting that he tutored students in his community.

Are you helping your Black community out?” she interrupted.

“It doesn’t matter what the race is,” he replied.

“Yes it does!” the drones shouted at him.

“So I should go to a school and volunteer with all African-American kids…but all the others–the Asian, the Hispanic kids–not help them out? That’s wrong,” he incredulously replied.

“Color is color,” she insisted, and another, Black protester added to their embarrassing race-baiting display: “Once you take your badge off, you’re just like me. And they [police] will treat you as such….You are black and you will always be black. Never forget your own.”

Kudos to this awesome cop for completely exposing the disgusting and un-American racism of the Michael Brown protesters.

Not that these leftists would ever realize how horrible and racist their words sound — but the rest of us do, right on video.

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