Terrorists Hold Funeral For A Suicide Bomber… But Guess What They Forget To Do First


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Muslim crowds mourned a failed suicide bomber who had been shot dead by a soldier before he was able to carry out his sick mission. He was still considered a martyr, and many hundreds of people turned out for the procession.

But there was just ONE little problem.

Suicide bombers tend to strap bombs to themselves.  The funeral marchers seem to have forgotten to perform proper “due diligence” before parading his flag-draped body through the streets.

BIG mistake.

BOOM! The happy chanting stops and screams of Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! begin…

WATCH: (Warning: Very Graphic content)

Aloha Snack Bar!

Exit question: Does he get bonus virgins for his delayed detonation, or a deduction from the 72?

  • Herman Vogel

    LMAO,,,I love it and ONE idiot is still screaming ‘Allah is great,,,LMAO,,,for what, killing his followers.

    • silver fox

      I think it’s natural for anyone of any religion to call the name of their God in tense and dangerous moments. Remember all those New Yorkers screaming “Oh my God!” as the towers fell as if he had anything to do with 9/11?

      • Herman Vogel

        “OH MY GOD”???????????? Fifteen yr old GIRLS say that when they see a new dress. What does that have to do with it. These Animal deserve NO comfort or reasoning. They are Godless Heathens with NO soul. IF you are an American,,,YOU need to give up your citizenship,,we have enough radical here now.

        • silver fox

          Calm down sir. It’s not worth all those question marks.

  • Karma

    Seems to me if you’re going to bury a sudicide bomber you should first remove the undetonated bomb. Lol.

    • uther9

      you need to educate yourself. Like right now. Sheep alert.

      • JoebelievesnGodnotAllah…

        Uh…i believe YOU are the uneducated one…

        Btw, love the one comment of Aloha Snack Bar, LOL!!!

        Karma can be a bitch to those who deserve it…she was especially righteous on this day!!

        • lllosingit

          If you would read some of the other comments you would see the article is wrong.
          It wasn’t a funeral for a suicide bomber and the corpse did not blow up, It was a car bomb. Watch the video @ 1:23 the corpse is in once piece and not blown up at all. The whole article is a lie.

          • silver fox

            Intellectually lazy people will believe what they WANT to believe, even when evidence to the contrary is right in front of them.
            Hasty conclusions are easier on their brains than actually thinking things through which usually just gives them a headache.

          • John Kennedy Fitzgerald

            Second funeral body

  • Bill Cooper
    • uther9

      good luck bud. 1m to go.

  • cindydupont13@gmail.com

    Karma is such a wise and sweet woman

    • uther9

      if that is the case, then I do not want to live for what america will get. I love this country more than anything.

    • reshas1

      Um, yelling Allah Akbar isn’t going to help the situation.

    • Warlord1958

      Feel good video of the day

      • uther9

        so being attacked out of the blue is a good thing?

        • Jason Kulisek

          Attacked? Was this not the undetonated bomb as the article claims?

          • cinda

            Yes, it’s just that some people can’t read, or comprehend. OR, they have their own agenda. Who knows. But yes, it was an undetected bomb on the corpse. Sure looked like the corpse was still in one pc after the bomb went off. Perhaps it was another suicide bomber in the crowd that scratched the fleas on his ass & set it off.

            • Rik


            • Florida Rebel

              Read the article and you will discover the source. Stop asking others to do what you should do if you want to find answers. Lazy.

            • Robert Swift

              Maybe the bomb was keestered! In that case they wouldn’t have seen it. hahahahahahaahh

            • R3Stripes

              Seal team 6?

        • David Martin

          it was their own bomb. No one attacked them, they were just to stupid to disarm their own bomb.

        • CaneRVa

          Are you really that f–king stupid? It was their own bomb strapped to the body of the deceased.

          • Peter Nvrmnd

            are you f–king blind, look @1:23 of video, the corpse is still in one piece…..lol

          • lllosingit

            Actually of you watch the video at 1:23 the corpse is not blown up. It had to be a bomb from some other idiot.

            • John Kennedy Fitzgerald

              Second funeral body. 1st one was blown away.

        • Lori Lebsock

          they weren’t attacked you twit!

          • lllosingit

            You might want to look in the mirror before you called someone names dumbass. The corpse did not blow up. It was a car bombing at a funeral and it wasn’t a funeral for a suicide bomber either. Watch the video again and this time pay attention @ 1:23 in the video. The corpse is still in one piece and not damaged.

            • John Kennedy Fitzgerald

              Second funeral body.

        • Barto

          Is it that you can’t read or can’t comprehend??

          • lllosingit

            He read what the article said but as he and others have pointed out over and over…. It wasn’t a funeral for a suicide bomber and the corpse did not blow up, It was a car bomb. Watch the video @ 1:23 the corpse is in once piece and not blown up at all. The whole article is a lie.

            • J Lopez

              Does it matter? The world just became a safer place.

        • Danny Chase

          anytime radical muslims die it is a good day. We really need to classify Islam as a terrorist group. Hope they have fun rotting in hell with their child molester Mohamed

        • Jaycey Kelsven

          Uther…..it’s how THEY operate against others. If THAT’S okay, then they should find THIS okay. The idiots did this to themselves. Good riddance.

      • Florida Rebel

        Yes it is. I enjoyed it the first I saw it and still enjoy it every time I see it. They keep doing such stupid things then maybe we won’t have to fight them at all – they can do the job FOR US!

    • uther9

      The level of stupidity from some people amazes me. This is why america is in such bad shape. Seriously, you need to do research before comment. This was a funeral procession and it was attacked, but that is none of my business.


      • alllaaaaaaaa

        if it isn’t your business why chime in? just stfu.

        • Warlord1958


      • Jason Kulisek

        Wow you read one article that someone else didn’t. What a scholar!

    • C. Sickels

      at the 1:24 mark isn’t that the person they were carrying at the right of the screen still looking the same as they did when before the explosion.

    • Alan

      Just mix it. Shaken not stirred.

    • June Smith

      If you go back and watch the video – there are bodies all around the corpse – but the corpse – which I presume had the live bomb still attached remains intact after the explosion …. shouldn’t the corpse have blown to bits? What is wrong with this picture?

      • Jason Kulisek

        I noticed that too. Some guy linked to another article that says it was a car bomb, though he’s being an ass about it.

      • Rizzan


      • Jessica MissChievous Lund

        Exactly what I was thinking…Something is not right here.

      • silver fox

        What’s wrong with this picture is the morons who made the story up.

    • Dewayne Forrest

      Blahahahahaa To bad they can’t do that a few thousand more time. Somebody get them a shop vac and mop. lol 🙂

      • Bee Cee

        Clean up on aisle 1.

    • Christine Cuneo


    • Lone Wolf

      Aloha Snack Bar indeed!!!

    • Max Ammo

      So if the guys suicide vest exploded then why does his body and white shroud look almost untouched at the 1:23 mark of the video? And from the carnage of the bodies having legs blown off it looks like the explosion took place close to the ground and not above everyone’s shoulders. Some of the comments left on the video’s YouTube page claim the funeral was attacked by an outside party. I’d have to agree after watching it.

      • Wiggle D

        Does it really matter? They were all terrible people.

        • Max Ammo

          I agree they were a bunch of ignorant jackasses but putting false narratives on stuff like this just gives those on the left more material to try and make conservatives look stupid.

      • Mark Allen

        Maybe the CIA is finally doing their job

    • Jim Pesola

      Awe, to bad it wasn’t a bigger bomb…some of them survived 🙁

    • Michael Scott

      And the winner of the best youtube video goes too…..

    • Rick Hill

      More dead rag heads….GOOD!

    • Wiggle D

      Thank you, Darwin!

    • Mark Allen

      Why was the dead bomber intact and the sheet was still clean? As much as I would like this to be true, I don’t think we got the real story here.

    • Steven Chehey

      For the love of God and physics please do some MINIMAL fact checking before you post videos, smh. The source of the explosion is clearly NOT the person being mourned.

    • Mike

      If it was the suicide bomber’s bomb why was he still intact on the stretcher after the bomb went off? More likely this was a suicide bomb attack on a funeral.

      • Slik_Karl

        Don’t really care as long as the outcome is the same….POOF!

    • achv

      I guess that was Allahs way of telling them they were wrong!

    • Larry C Mason


    • Serpentine

      Why are they crying? Many virgins were had that day!

    • Mark Muylaert


    • Byron Shutt

      God IS great.

    • CaneRVa

      Not only are these people sick death worshipers they’re also stupid.

    • yardoe

      Couldn’t happen to a bunch of more deserving worms. And some people say there is no God! HA! He is with us!

    • Gregg K

      Nice sendoff, I bet the crowd had a blast, they like this kind of stuff. Strange bunch. Couldn’t of happened to a more deserving mob of perverts, wackos, deviants, and Satan worshipers. But Allah is happy, he got some more mutilated bodies, he loves that stuff.

    • Ernest Murphy

      Fortunately many of the muslims don’t get the education they need to be successful in their efforts. It seems the genealogy is not captured in time for historical value for family members. They have been killing each other for centurys. Why would todays muslims be any different.

    • John

      Open your eyes, people! The corpse is shown, still on the stretcher, still wrapped in the funrerary cloth. This is video of a bomb going off at a funeral, but not as described in the article.

    • Peter Nvrmnd

      O.K. everybody, Time to use your skills of observation. Look at the video @:01 thru :06 and again at @1:23, that is body they were carrying over their heads. and no it is not one of the injured.

    • Semper Fi


    • Loren

      That looked photo shopped to me.

    • cassie1655


    • Dave012

      HAHAHA what a bunch of idiots!

    • Dave012

      Karma is a B*TCH! And they got it good right there!

    • Sharp Radio

      Does this site have ZERO editorial integrity? Not only is the story 100% inaccurate, it takes literally ten seconds to look up what actually happened… in 2012!!! This was a car bombing at a funeral in Zamalka, Syria. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/world_now/2012/06/more-than-70-killed-by-car-bombing-at-funeral-in-syrian-town.html

    • Dean A Brinkley


    • Ray Eldridge

      Aloha Snack Bar!

    • enrique

      Funny. A taste of their own medicine.

    • Bob Delich

      Unless there was another bomber in the crowd that set his wake up call wrongly, its odd that the bomb goes off and the corpse is still lying in one piece on the stretcher.

    • schr8er

      What goes around comes around…lol.. just too bad there are still some ALLAH AKBAR’S still walking around…

    • Mark

      it was not the dead person, he is still in one piece, had to be someone else in the crowd.

    • Dan J. Wachter

      I am just a human being. God will be the judge of all things.

    • Ghostrider127

      Aloha snack bar!! Yes siree, ain’t karma a beeyotch!?

    • Mel

      Just can’t get any better….

    • Pag


    • Dean Anniballi


    • Larry Notton

      Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!, bring on the Virgins!

    • Bee Cee

      Just desserts at the snack bar!

    • Carroll W. Roseberry

      The so called Prophet Swine Mohammad is so proud these idiots !

    • kikz2

      the corpse seems intact.. the bomb was contained elsewhere.. satisfying.. none the less. karma is a wonderful thing. 🙂

    • Davis McCollum

      KARMA is a Bitch..!

    • Kat

      I didn’t see the elevated corpse explode. Based on the corpses left behind, it had to have been something waist high.

    • calypsodancler


    • James Dunson

      dumb ass should of took bomb off him

    • Chris

      If you start and pause the video moment by moment, you can clearly see that people are still holding the body as the explosion occurs behind it.

    • ibcyn

      If you watch, the body is still wrapped and on the carrier. Wouldn’t it have been blown apart? .??

    • jharrison

      Since he was dead before he blew up I would classify him as a “sucks to be you” bomber!

    • Graham Thorne

      Hahahahaha! Did you see that some of the terrorists (yes I mean all of them including the twat with the camera) with missing arms and legs? Funniest thing I have seen in a while. This should be on funniest home videos. I could not understand a single word of what was said in the video; but, what I could hear and understand was the unfathomable pain and agony of screams coming from the “terrorized” crowd. You think I am cruel, immature, barbaric, and/or uncaring in my statements? All I have to say to that is…remember 911…and all our brave soldiers who have died trying to protect us from these fools. If you do not concur with my feelings on this, then take your liberal head out of your anus, wrap a Koran blessed towel around it, pour gasoline on top of the towel, light it on fire, then throw yourself off of the goodbye cruel world bridge. Anyone who is not a believer in our country, does not understand the ideals behind our country, and is not patriot of this country can go burn. I laugh in face of the self inflicted turmoil at this event.

    • albany le

      and many more!!

    • Kevin

      Did I get this wrong or did the article say that the bomb was still strapped to the body. Watch the video. The body and stretcher are still in tact. Look at 1:22.

    • kim


    • RufusDoofus777

      The flashover at 8 seconds in shows the explosion was not from the corpse but rather forward and over the left shoulder of the corpse. If the corpse was the source it would be obliterated as the expanding pressure of the detonation occurred and the image would not be so pristine.

    • fxkllr

      The corpse didn’t do that. Don’t believe everything you read sheeples. The victims (Funeral goers) had arms and legs blown off, not there frickin’ heads which would have happened if the corpse had detonated at head level. Not to mention the so called suicide bombers body is in one piece. Now I hate islamic terrorists as much or more than the next red blooded American, but I also hate deceptive ‘News” claims which are only put out to support an agenda or fool as many people as they can.. Call me a moron or twit or whatever, but open your eyes and your minds.

    • yLordy

      He gets 70 Scottish Virgins

    • Jim Monk

      Looks like premature detonation !!

    • Dewy

      I’m actually surprised that didn’t set off a chain reaction running the entire length of the street.

    • Cory Hicks

      Looks like a good place for the USAF Carpet installation team.

    • Rance Chilafoux

      This should be G rated, I saw nothing disturbing about this video.

    • BignHarry

      If You Watch The Video The Body That Is Being Carried Is Still Intact And Is Shown @ 0:58 And Again @ 1:23, So The Bomb Was Not On The Corpse But Wherever It Came From It Couldn’t Have Happened
      To A Better Bunch Of People!!!

    • Dave Perala

      Yeah, the corpse didnt explode, it was something else.
      Although the blast did have it’s desired effect. Mass casualties.
      Things like this need to happen more often over there.
      A suicide bomber getting buried is rare to say the least. But a bomb going off at a suicide bombers funeral? Someone do the math.

    • Rod Gamble

      Ala Akbar indeed!

    • silver fox

      Sorry to spoil the fun but the bomb was not on the dead guy’s body. You can see him, fully intact, still on the bier and still wrapped in funeral garments at the 1:23 mark.

    • Cheryl Evans

      Guess that was their god’s will.

    • Lis Nurdin

      Most of you should all be ashamed of yourselves for displaying your own stupidity.. commenting to something that didnt exactly happen as per the write-up and the video; or what most of you wished for, is one thing. But to publicly comment or saying bad things on things like religion or Allah or the Prophet Muhammad, is another. I’m not surprised tribulations like 9-11 happened to America.. look at you people.. shame on you. From what I can see from the comments here, sad to say, you are the idiots. Full stop.

    • Gordon Harvey


    • Tim

      This is hilarious! Rabid dogs being terminated, Karma, it’s a bitch…..

    • John Kennedy Fitzgerald

      At least 2 funeral bodies.
      After the blast shows the second one.
      Different stretcher. Can’t see the bulge of the bomb on it. Can’t see the green shroud.
      The body in view blows up. It’s all there just look.

    • Stesta Rawks

      Man I always knew he would find a loop hole… He just doubled up on Virgins.

    • uther9

      Jason DeWitt, why can’t you use the internet?

    • Oingo Boingo

      boom, boom snackbar

    • Stephen Semore

      It’s rather annoying when we see these awesome vids, that the person holding the camera just starts yelling “allah the greatest” or whatever it means, at the top of his lungs. It’s like the second something really bad happens they all just start yelling. It ruins the glory of the moment, and makes my already boiling hatred of Islam spike.

      Apparently the best way to help a situation where people get killed right in front of your face is to yell at “allah ak bar” at the top of your lungs over and over and over again as if allah himself would come up from hell and do something.

    • Brian

      Grinder rests

    • William

      Spreading BS lies again I see… you must know by now that this is not what you’re saying it is, but I guess integrity means nothing as long as you get clicks…
      This stupid video is several years old, and OBVIOUSLY is not what your headline says it is. The body is dropped to the ground, AFTER the explosion, completely intact. This has been debunked a million times. It is a funeral in Syria and a car bomb was set off. It’s really sad how many sheep just follow along and believe every stupid thing anyone posts on the internet.

      • Bob Cannell

        Matters not, it’s all about results.

        • William

          Nice to know that honesty and integrity mean nothing to you Bob … and that you’re so proud of it.
          You have no idea who was killed by the terrorist’s bomb, but that’s ok because you “assume” they’re your enemy? You and all the others condoning and spreading this lie/hoax are pathetic fools … to some, the truth matters.

    • Kathy McKinny

      Poetic justice is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    • Funkasaurasrex

      Alhoha Snackbar indeed. Looks good on you. 1400 years of choice inbreeding culminating in this video.

    • Danny Chase

      We need to have Islam designated as a terrorist organization. Obama needs to admit that islamic terrorists are our enemies

    • Don Erickson


    • Jaycey Kelsven

      There is something so sweetly gratifying about this…..

    • Jaycey Kelsven

      So one question…..how’d you f’er’s like getting unexpectedly blown up by a terrorist?? Yeah, EXACTLY.

    • Brandon Lemmon

      What is it with Muslims shouting “God is great” when some of their people die? Is it a rite of passage or something? ‘Cuz whether undetonated bomb on a suicide bomber or a car bomb or whatever, the fact is Allah did not protect those people, so really, how great can he be?

    • ann

      satan is not very smart is he…. just imagine.

    • Brenda Gail DeBerry

      ha ha ha

    • Frisco1522

      They scream like little girls. Akbar this cockroaches.

    • SchmierrNippel

      : P

    • Pat Clarke

      Made MY day!

    • FriendOfJohnnyM

      HAM SANDWICHES WITH BACON for all the survivors…. ON ME!

    • Mr. Incredible

      Where is the fun in 72 virgins if you can’t share some with your friends.

    • Doug Wakeman

      Here’s hoping it was a drone strike. We should be watching for savage barbarian’s funerals for mass cleanup operations.

    • spacecommander

      I LOVE this video. 🙂


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