Arrogant Squatter in Detroit Receives EPIC Dose of Karma, After Being Played by a Sly Reporter


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

An arrogant squatter in Detroit openly bragged about stealing a local woman’s home — until he got smacked with instant karma after a visit from a local reporter who is fed up with the city’s bad reputation.

WJBK reporter Charlie LeDuff paid a visit to the home where a transvestite ex-con Lynn Williams — real name Arthur Williams — had been living for weeks, while real owner Stacey Hamilton had been unable to remove Williams from her home.

LeDuff turned the tables on Williams, trying to out-squat the squatter in what at first seemed like just a gag.

But LeDuff was very serious. He met with Hamilton and her attorney prior to going to the home, so he could get the keys and the proper paperwork to enter it. He called police to let them know what was going on, then showed up to confront Williams in front of the camera.

The hilarious visit turned into a full exposure of the con-wo/man Williams, including his criminal record and illegal electrical hookup that saw him stealing power from his neighbors while illegally stealing a home.

Things quickly went South for Williams as the deft reporter LeDuff accomplished what owner Hamilton and her attorney had struggled for weeks to achieve. And it was priceless.


Charlie LeDuff says he has had enough of people ruining what he calls a Detroit on the comeback, and he is determined to help his hometown on its long road back to being a great American city. We salute his efforts, and hope this amazing videos spurs other actions against lawless sqatters all over Detroit.


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