Arrogant Illegal Alien Who Voted 5 TIMES in Presidential Election Just Got VERY Bad News

by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Mexican national, and illegal alien Rosa Ortega blatantly registered and voted in 5 different cities in Texas. And she just found out the price for getting busted.

It’s bad enough that she was allowed to vote ILLEGALLY in 5 different polling places, but here’s the kicker…the portion on her license that identifies her as a non-citizen was also checked!

She is the poster child for President Donald J. Trump’s call to crackdown on illegals voting — claiming hundreds of thousands of such fraudulent votes were cast this past election.

The leftist media ridicules Trump’s claims, but Ortega’s conviction is rock-solid proof.

If she — just ONE illegal — voted 5 times, how many among the perhaps 30 million illegal aliens across America also did?

Ortega was sentenced to 8 years in prison and will be deported to Mexico after serving her sentence.

She’s a criminal….but look who her lawyer blames!


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  • It’sMe the Deplorable Catholic

    She stole an American’s identity
    She disenfranchised an American who voted.
    Go back to your 3rd world country. We don’t need your kind here.

    • Kmat

      She voted 5 times, she disenfranchised 5 Conservative Votes or in the terms of Liberals, Did a Good Job.

      • Richard Sullivan

        This is why the left is losing bigly. Of course illegals vote for Dim-o-crats, they are leaches like other Dim-o-crats. The left doesn’t know right from wrong half the time and the other half doesn’t care.

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        • Christineajensen

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        • Texas Belle

          She voted Republican.

          • KJHanover

            No she didn’t.

          • elmcqueen3

            I luv your satire.

          • greg

            Like u know?

          • Franie

            And you know this how? Delusional!

          • dgolvach

            Does it matter?

          • zflwizard

            I know she didn’t Scumbags always vote for scumbags. The ole birds of a feather stick together thing you know.

        • KJHanover

          The libs know right from wrong. that’s why the lie about it.

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      • Public_Citizen

        Actually the math is worse than that .
        Yes she nullified 5 Conservative Votes. That means that 5 votes for the Democrat carried more weight in the vote tally than they otherwise would have.

        • R Beardall

          & that was just one of the estimated 30 million! Surprised Killery did not win the popular vote by 80 million

    • Larry C Mason

      don’t deport prison bound… chain gangs need to come back or public hanging… penalty for stolen identity should be death.

      • John Covich


        • KheSanh0372

          Send them to HELL…

      • thomas zera

        first lets put them on hard labor building the wall.Use them up, spit them out.

        • Jitka Csicsely

          Excellent idea ! Let them build the wall ! Love your comment from the start to the end !

          • tim

            and make sure the wall goes very deep into the ground so it will be harder to dig tunnels under it

          • Edouard d’Orange

            Some (I can’t remember who) have suggested a double fence is a better deterrent so that it can be patrolled more effectively.

      • R Beardall

        I agree with You!Support old Sheriff Roy’s defense fund.Once cleared make him head of all the state jail systems & let’s get our dilapidated infrastructure rebuilt by the folks that have taken our tax monies away from building and repairing it!Once the ACLU & enviro frauds are out of they way We can make America Great again!

      • bytheway4

        larry what about stolen social security? Like Obama’s.

      • FloridaBoyee

        WOW! Obama would be the “leader” of the chain gang! Think he can sing?

        • Brian Bonner

          he proved he can sing and that is all he proved

    • AmandaTrebiano

      She’s going back–just as soon as she serves her 8 years.

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      • MrTommy

        Yeah, but in the meantime we give her “three hots and a cot”. Illegal aliens cost us no matter WHAT we do with them.

        • Jackie


          • Wmichaelmic

            Employers need to be held responsible, fines, jail time, etc., no matter how large or small. Only then will these people stop coming here.

          • Jackie


        • IronPhoenix

          Hm. Perhaps make new law… Non-citizens in US prison must be supported by country of origin. No support, no food, etc. Not likely to happen, but another way to get it back is chain gangs. LOTS of trash to clean up. Lots of potholes to fill. Lots of rocks to be turned into pebbles.

          • Public_Citizen

            Debit the country of origin for the costs against any US Aid program that country is party to.
            Only when the countries of origin start to feel the financial pinch will they start paying attention to the problem that they have created.
            This is why Mexico is in such a panic about the prospect of all their illegals who have been stealth colonizing the US being sent back. Almost all of them are sending “remittances” back home. The flow of cash is so great that it is the second largest source of foreign income, only behind oil exports in value.

        • JackL

          You watch. If she doesn’t already have 4 kids right now sheshe’s going o get pregnant right now and will give birth while in prison. Her baby will automatically be a US citizen and will sponsor her right back to this country. Maybe in time for her to draw SSO and food stamps and Medicaid and this country would feed her and take care of her medical needs for free for the rest of her life.

        • All the more reason to kill the vermin as fast as possible.

      • Deborah G

        I don’t want to use nmy taxes to pay for her in our prisons . Just deport & if she gets caught again life

      • Patricia Beeftink

        They’ll deport her, and within 24 hours she’ll probably be right back here. And will she serve a full 8 years, probably not. The Mexican National who almost killed my sister, and DID kill a little girl in a 3 car accident, he got sentenced to 2 Years, and only served 8 months. It’s not enough to go after the people who are illegal, and voting multiple times, they have to go after who registered them. I worked as an election judge for Obama’s second run. A Black woman brought in about 8 severely mentally handicapped white men. They had no clue what they were there for, you KNOW it wasn’t THEIR idea to vote. But, someone registered them, and we had to allow her to help them. Guess who they voted FOR!!! Was what she did ILLEGAL, NO, was it ETHICAL, hardly. This is just one such way people are getting around voting laws. Now if someone helps you vote you have to sign that you want them to, and they have to sign taking responsibility. Unless your record says you specifically need to show ID for some reason, we can’t ask you for it. If someone knows someone hasn’t voted yet, they can very easily pretend to be that other person. It’s disgusting what happens and then the left laughs, until they LOSE.

        • Edouard d’Orange

          Wow, I’m glad your sister survived. Hate to hear the rest of the story about the little girl dying because of an illegal alien who should not have been here in the first place. I hope that election laws can be reformed. The Trump administration is the one to do the clean up job. I think we all need to write to our congressmen.

        • Franie

          It’s about high time We the People DEMAND voter ID laws are implemented and ENFORCED!!!

        • dgolvach

          Google my son Spencer Golvach

      • Franie

        Round up her illegal family too!!

      • jaquez

        she probubly would come out of prison like Mandela !

    • zflwizard

      8 years in the pen first…..

  • franklygross

    that penalty should be for each occurrence of voting illegally…… she invalidated 5 citizens’ legitimate votes cast.

  • dbob

    • AmandaTrebiano

      Nope–let her do 8 years federal felony time first–then a lifetime ban.

      • dbob

        I don’t really want to pay to feed/house her for her felonious actions… send her home with the suggested lifetime ban

        • FreedomFighter

          Send her home in a casket. Problem solved!!

  • Peter Brown

    Great, 8 years and deportation….these bathrooms aren’t going to clean themselves!

  • Sam Beaux
  • loverofcats

    Why do we have to foot the bill for her prison term? Deport now!

  • sonny1760

    Trump may be more correct then we realized, where is the Main Stream Media?

    • Lakshmi

      The MSN in the Satanic Globalist New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE, cronies of Soros, Rothschilds, Rockefellers & all the rest who have sold their souls to Satan for power and wealth.

    • KJHanover

      I have always believed Pres Trump. He is right 99% of the time. anyway, it makes sense. No voter I/D? right.

  • bobwhite1935

    Most illegal aliens that voted were in California, NY where it made no difference in the out come of the electorial college because these states were in the tank for crooked Hillary anyhow just wasted illegal votes.

    • jg collins

      Hmm. You have eased my anxiety. Until next time.

      • bobwhite1935

        You’re welcome. Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee Hee an anxiety easer geezer is me.

    • zonoz

      And you know this how? This lady was in Texas. Trump had 52.6% of the vote vs 43.4% for Clinton. But if 250,000 people (out of 8.9 million) voted like this lady did that would equal an additional ONE MILLION votes for Clinton, a swing of 11+%. Easily enough to sway the election in her favor with room to spare.

      • bobwhite1935

        Like I said most illegal voters were in California & New York where they voted & wasted their votes since the money grubbing crooked Hillary was going to win in these states anyway. The democrats will have to disperse them thru out the US to get more electoral college state votes.

        • Carol

          I think that is the very plan barry is trying to implement now with his 30,000 people to show up at town hall meetings trying to say people to think that they are in the minority. They have a play book, a written play book that teaches them how to turn the people to think like they do….we better be paying attention!

          • Franie

            What Obama is doing, and what he is planning on doing, is downright seditious and the absolute definition of treason. Any more uprising and violent protesting ought to be viewed as the ‘enemy within’ and ought to be treated as the enemy, arrested and prosecuted. Obama’s 30k insurgent army will hopefully start getting the message. My fear is that obama’s 30k insurgent army is mostly of the Muslim persuasion, hellbent on taking our nation down. (Remember the open borders for the past eight years and the numerous orders by Obama to the border patrol to stand down?).

        • greg

          Is that Darth Vader in the background breathing

    • Excellent point. Hopefully the Justice Department investigation into voter fraud shall prove Hillary’s so-called ‘majority’ did indeed come from illegal aliens. One can only wonder how the Obama worshiping, Trump bashing leftist media will attempt to spin that? All the illegal aliens who did vote, likely numerous times, must be traced down and criminally prosecuted.

      • Jackie


      • Public_Citizen

        Where all these illegal voters really make an effect is in the House of Representatives. More illegals, which means more potential for illegal voters, boost the census rolls and therefore the number of Congressional Representatives for that state.

      • tim

        they will just say they have a right to vote here because they live here and have as many if not more rights than american born people

    • Lakshmi

      One woman from southern California commented that only Hillary yard signs that she saw said “Hillary for prison”. There could be a lot going on in California that the lying, propaganda mainstream media is NOT reporting.

    • Jackie


  • Tera D

    Deport her now, not after she serves her time at the tax payers expense! Although, she would just walk back over the border anyhow. I’m torn.

    • Buck Taylor

      Put her ass in jail

    • FreedomFighter

      Deport her in a casket. Problem solved!!

    • Deborah Irwin Seidel

      Make her help build our wall for her 8 years while in U.S. prison before deportation…as with all other illegals in custody & future ones coming…

      • Richard Frick

        Fantastic solution. If you have to house them and feed them let them earn their keep and pay for their medical expenses.

    • Mary Lee Norris Cobabe

      I think she should be sent back to Mexico just before her baby is due if she is Pregnant & if she shows up in the US afterward her sentence should be renewed Only doubled & make sure she knows this & agrees to it when she is dropped of in Mexico far far from the US !

      • Mary Lee Norris Cobabe

        And she should have to work all the time for her 16 year sentence !

  • EastonTexas

    Not sure which article is correct…but the NY Times says: she only voted in two elections. (…) and news in the Dallas area also report voting twice.

    • disqus_zF9inqkISa

      Even if it was once, she’d still be a criminal.

      • EastonTexas

        I agree, but two years in jail will cost us big $$$ time, immediate deportation would be great. She has 4 kids with birthright citizenship in the USA, and two brothers as well. Had her mother been been stopped, and sent back, none of this would have happened. US Government is more at fault but no one is accountable in the Government. Most likely she’ll get her sentence reduced through appeal to probation.

        • FreedomFighter

          Hopefully she don’t live that long. We’ll she how she handles gen pop.

      • bytheway4

        disqus_zF9inqkISa , do you believe NY Times,? I heard they sold out to Murdoch, that owns Fox News.

    • IronPhoenix

      Conservative column says one thing. NYT says another. I have no doubt which is true.

  • oclvroadbikerider

    Why should WE PAY to put her up for 8 years???
    Make a special tattoo for her forehead and anyone else who is inelligable for re-entry to the U.S.
    And toss her across the border.
    Shoot on sight anyone with such tattoos, and anyone else obviously illegally entering the country
    Problem solved

  • Southern Xposure

    She washed out the votes of five “legal” citizens.
    Obama told her to vote, he should serve time with her.

  • Lakshmi

    Obama told ILLEGAL ALIENS TO VOTE & that there would be repercussions. Obama was an illegal president.

  • Gary

    I hope she gets her butt kicked in jail every day of her 8 year sentence.

  • Raymond Miller

    really don’t care who her liar blames

  • dprato

    I wonder if the liberal media will continue the claim that there is no proof of illegal voting in the United States. Thus far we know their has been cheating in Michigan, Texas, New York, CA , Ill. and Virginia and the list will continue to grow.

  • dprato

    This email was
    sent to the RNC with regards to the ongoing campaign by John McCain to
    undermine President Trump’s agenda. While it may not have anything to
    do with this article, it is important, if you agree to send these
    sentiments to the RNC, White House, and your representatives in Congress
    who are Republicans. Also, go independent so the RNC understands that
    without us they have no party and we are not going to tolerate more of
    this nonsense from establishment Republicans like John McCain. They
    either get on board or shut up.

    Since you folks
    have not been able to reign in John McCain who is an absolute disgrace
    and a glaring example of establishment Republicanism, I am notifying you
    that I am going to start a Nationwide Campaign to have President Trump
    supporters leave the Republican Party in protest, make no donations to
    Republican politicians and encourage President Trump to go Independent
    in 2020 if he can’t get the support of the Republican Party.
    Apparently, John McCain doesn’t respect the will of the the people who
    voted for President Trump as did many establishment Republicans.
    President Trump is trying to Make America Great Again and he doesn’t
    need petty politicians like John McCain trying to grandstand and follow
    the Democratic and George Soros agendas. A total disgrace. This note
    is being sent to President Trump.

  • vincent deredita

    They should execute her and send her body back to Mexico.

  • KJHanover

    but wait! there’s no voter fraud!!!

  • N Ortiz

    She is the poster child for voter ID!

  • Hellhound

    Finally……………some justice !

  • Lily Haley

    Why should she blame Trump? obama is the one who told noncitizens they could vote.

  • Larry342516

    That is the problem with illegals they don’t want to follow our laws. It is about time someone started giving out stiff penalties to illegals and others breaking the law. That goes for those Liberals that demonstrate by burning business’s, cars, and hurting innocent people. Put them in jail, which Obama would never do, and then maybe they will think twice before breaking our laws.

  • Vince

    8 years is not long enough

  • Dana

    Why can’t we just send them back? Why put in jail here for 8 years?…

    • R Beardall

      Still more room at GITMO!The Marines won’t mind!Oh Waite!What was that first thing Ol Bo promised and did the day He got elected?Oh, it was close down GITMO Rite? LMAO Yup He came through on all the promises He made according to the libbertards

  • R Beardall

    Like with all criminals here! But, IT WAS SOMEONE ELSE’S FAULT!Hillary it was the Russians Obama’s & Assanges fault!Ol Bo for 6 years, it Was Bushes Fault! I know this for sure!Even here in what used to be a decent state,Ut. in the North We, Judical Watch poll watchers were taking video and sharing it among all watchers in the Salt Lake valley!When it was brought to the attention of the voting officials that persons were videoed voting at another location as well!They were told to leave & threatened to have them removed by force or law enforcement!Did not hear a peep on any of the local news of any of this!Then well Hillary makes that poor dumb woman call for recounts to only add votes for Trumph?Then Trumph calls for investigation into voter fraud!Then Killary,Ol Bo, & the rest the libbertard crat’s say there is no voter fraud & waste of money!LMAO Get er done WE ARE A NATION OF LAW’S!& it is high time they are enforced.

  • elmcqueen3

    This woman stole 5 legal votes from US citizens…it would only take 600,000 voters like her to equal Donald Trumps claims of 3 million votes cast illegally…Hmmm

  • Mike W

    I don’t know about all states but I know my state drivers license has a magnetic strip across the back like a credit/debit card. With computers that license should only be allowed to scan once without a red flag popping up. The left is against making a proper photo ID mandatory. Also the investigators into the voter fraud know the places this illegal went to vote – it should be easy to identify who the people at the polling station were. They could also face charges. It would also be interesting to see whose Social Security number she stole.

  • DollyT

    It’s not President Trumps fault she voted it was Obama who told Illegals to vote!

  • Doug T

    And that is the only one prosecuted , probably because she ran off at the mouth. If the truth be known can you imagine how many illegal votes were cast for Clinton and they got away with it. Neither Trump nor the american people are fools , we know where all of the hildabeasts popular votes came from and the liberals can deny it all they want.

  • comanchewill

    I am a full blood Native American..a member of the Comanche people had an understanding with the mexican people for 300-400
    years along the Rio Grande River…that understanding was “if you come
    across the river we will kill you”…that understanding worked real
    well..otherwise you late-arriving AMERICANS wouldve fought the battle of the
    Alamo at Wichita Kansas….check your US history if you doubt my words..the
    mexican people understand words the best when you put them in simple terms..

    • bytheway4

      comanchewill, You are 100% right, thank you

  • Gidge713

    If she has a stolen SS # she is messing up the original owner of the no. especially if they are still living. Had this happen to me and it is not fun trying to straighten it out.

  • Ken

    Why do we have to pay her way for 8 more years? Get her out of here and keep her out with the wall. That also goes for the millions of others that are going to burden our society. Get them out now. Use the money to better our infrastructure.

  • Gyre

    ‘Motor voter’ in California has an obvious back door which qualifies illegals to vote (illegally). We make it easy to commit voter fraud, but then again we’ve got a Dem Party loyalist Latino Secretary of State. That is institutional fraud that probably allowed a lot of illegals to vote in the last election. This TX incident is obviously limited to highly motivated illegal SJWs (not much of a threat).

  • Guy

    Obama Dreamer….Obama should be charged as an accessory



  • Countrysunrise

    What do they care?? It was someone else’s election!! Once she serves her time, gets deported, and sees the wall being erected, I think she’ll get the message LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

  • Rich Kenny

    she should be incarcerated in Gitmo… not in the U.S. and fed on bologna sandwiches… she should receive NO special privileges or treatment. Why should we be subjected to her illegal activities and then have to support her welfare – in any manner other than bare basics?

  • parthenon1

    Its obvious in California and probably Washington and Oregon there are millions of illegals who have drivers licenses also were automatically given voter registration paper work which filling out required very little effort and no one checks them out when they go to vote! MAKE IT A NATIONAL LAW THAT EVERY STATE OFFERS SIMILAR DRIVERS LICENSES WHO HAVE A PICTURE AND IF ILLEGALS CAN HAVE DRIVERS LICENSES THEN IT MUST SAY

  • juniemoon

    Eight years in prison and then deported. Good!! One less POS.

  • Deplorable Lanie

    Did President Trump MAKE her vote illegally? No she did that on her own. Now one thing I am not clear on is this: did she vote in 5 different election cycles, or did she vote 5 times in one election? Not that it matters, it would just tack another another felony to the list of charges.

    Now the Dems will say “Oh she lives here she should be allowed to vote” And I say if she wants to vote to become a citizen legally, and then she can vote. Because voting is something that only a citizen is allowed to do. It is that was is almost every country for National Elections. If the Dems want non-citizens to vote, then they should try to have it made into law. But for now the law says only citizens can vote in elections. And we do not get to pick which laws we obey and which laws we do not obey. If we choose to not obey certain laws, the

  • Franie

    What are the odds that the sanctuary cities across America have tens of thousands of illegal aliens who go from polling place to polling place voting in like manner. We’re not only talking illegals, but the black communities as well since they are lock, stock, and owned by the democrats who bought them to do their bidding.

    I as a citizen do hereby demand voter ID laws be implemented and enforced, period!!

  • William Sasman

    Good bye nitwit. You and your Democrat lovers will pay.

  • Kathleen Jennings

    Why even sentence her to prison and we the taxpayers have to provide for her in prison? She should just be deported.

  • John Savell

    Now we need to round up the other 2,999 illegal voters, or however many there are. We should be subtracting each of those votes from Hillary’s final popular vote count. Now she is down by 5.

  • dgolvach

    We should do to her what Messco would do to us if we did what she did, there.

  • dgolvach

    If you don’t believe , illegal immigration is threatening you and your family, google my son Spencer Golvach. They need to go.

    They are the enemy along with the bastards and bitches in this country who usher them in.


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