Armed Man Holds EPIC Sign While Guarding Recruiting Station, ‘Offended’ Muslims Call the FBI


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Muslims are in an uproar over an armed man standing guard outside of a Georgia military recruitment center.

He says he is there to defend troops that Obama has left disarmed, in the wake of the Chattanooga killing of 5 U.S. servicemembers by a Muslim gunman.

But it wasn’t so much his presence that seemed to have bothered them, but rather a sign propped up behind him that angered them off to the point of calling in the FBI.

As Robert Rich of MWN reported:

You can’t argue with those wanting to step up and protect our brave military men and women, who aren’t allowed to carry weapons while on the job, especially after the Chattanooga shootings. Doing what our United States government will not allow those who protect our nation to do themselves, citizens have stepped up to fill a void that has consumed the lives of innocents.

However, when Jim Stachowiak stood guard while armed with his semi-automatic rifle, he wasn’t just there to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. He decided to make a statement as well. Since those murdered in Chattanooga were killed by a Muslim extremist, he came bearing a sign that read:

“Support and defend our troops from Islamic savages.”


Sounds pretty accurate to me. Chris Kyle even called them “savages,” and he actually saw what they were capable of doing. Since the Muslim extremist who killed here in America held the same mindset of those over in the Middle East, it seems like a perfectly adequate description.

But local Muslims did not appreciate that sentiment, to say the least. In fact, Islamists were so infuriated by the sign that they called the FBI to report Stachowiak.

According to Bare Naked Islam, they “then tried to get him into the mosque in order to ‘re-educate’ him with the usual Muslim lies and propaganda about Islam being a ‘religion of peace.’”

Unfortunately for them, Stachowiak wasn’t buying what they were selling. Mohammad Daoudi, the Imam for the Islamic center in Martinez, states that the armed man is known for anti-Muslim activity.

The local media presented a shameful, completely one-sided segment from the Imam’s perspective, in which they did not even try to speak to Stachowiak:

“He has a history of anti-Muslim slogans, bashing Muslims and Muslim faith, and sometimes teasing the Muslim community by coming with his car [to the center] that already has a print against Islam,” Daoudi explained.

Daoudi also asked if “we’re going back to the wild west again?” This is a ridiculous accusation, as it implies that Stachowiak has no respect for the law and would willingly shoot another man at a moment’s notice. If it was the wild west, Daoudi very well could be dead after making such a remark, and the reality of such a claim probably isn’t quite as funny as he thought it was.


The Imam went on to say that his religion actually does teach peace and that extremists, including the Chattanooga shooter, give the religion a bad name. Unfortunately for him, it isn’t just one man – or even a few – that gives the religion a bad name.

The Muslim “holy book” is a message of hate, death, and domination. Anyone who has read it, can see it for what it is, and it’s far from being up to interpretation. Those who want us to believe Islam means something it doesn’t are either not following their own Quran, or they are willfully trying to deceive to further their ideology — something their religion actually commands them to do. So, who can we trust when it comes to Muslims?

The truth is, people are killing in the name of Allah, and the threat only continues to grow. You can’t argue with the facts.


[h/t Mad World News]

  • dawn

    Truth has always offended the muslims. If they are so offended while in the USA, I suggest they be made to leave….permanently. Never allowed back.

    • LaurenRFrantz

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    • Albert Schmitlap.

      Their “Mission” is to destroy our country and turn it into yet another Islamic Cesspool, so no, they won’t leave.

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    • Had Enough

      Fact of the matter…they should have NEVER been allowed here in the first place !

  • lakefire

    Dear Top Right I will tell every one you are only selecting post you wish to be posted . ENOUGH

    • Norma Kinsey

      You’ve posted 3 times. How many more?

  • Ednar

    comes with age

    ​[Smart guy. Perhaps we should all follow his lead.]​

    The older we get the wiser we become…

    I’ve disconnected my home alarm system
    and de-registered from the Neighborhood Watch.

    I’ve got two Pakistani flags raised in
    the front yard, one at each corner, and the black flag of ISIS in
    the center.

    The local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA,
    NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching the
    house 24/7.

    I’ve never felt safer and I’m saving
    $49.95 a month.

    • Howard Wright

      I got news for you, you’re saving your NEIGHBORS 49.95 a month as they’re watching THEM to be sure they don’t attack you.

  • lakefire

    Understand people this must be controlled by Muslims now because if you don’t say what they want to hear it does not get posted

  • LB

    Well, that’s what they are !!!

  • lakefire

    I have 2 post pending, this will be my last post and I will block them, fair play

  • usachris68

    The truth hurts! Love it or leave it! This is our America-go home if you don’t want to go by US laws!

  • Jerry

    This is the US and people are supposed to be able to say and believe as they wish as long as they do not hurt anyone. Muslims have a problem with their image with what the terrorist groups are doing to other religious faiths and countries that do not believe the way they do. The muslims really need to keep a low profile right now, people are not happy with them at the moment.

    • Howard Wright

      As like like to say to the liberals morons that protect them as being the only religion of peace that the Muslims condemnation of the terrorists sect is deafening. I get called a few names which has me saying that fear of death is UNREASONABLE to you fools as they leave?

      • Jerry

        Sir, can you rewrite this so it can be understood, I can not understand what you are saying.

  • Daniel Rayl

    The next time some Islamic supports say these things ask so when last were you out there protesting what barbarism their doing in your faiths name!

    • Kathy McKinny

      they won’t cause they ALL secretly AGREE with everything the towel heads are doing

  • rich

    ya got to call a spade a spade

  • virg peklo

    hell everything offends the muslims………..the way they dress offends me I don’t know if the women who have their faces covered are sticking out their tongues at me when I buy a package of bacon or sausage or because I have bare skin showing

    • Bandit

      I was at the market a few days ago to get some bacon and a few other items, a mud slime was there at the time and really made a stink over what I was getting. I guess they did not like the idea of people using bacon, well too bad if they don’t like it then they can just go away…

      • Howard Wright

        You would think that man thinks we live under Sheria instead of the constitution.

        • Bandit

          Well he has set things up for just that, oblahblah is a mudslide all the way around. The only thing he has not done as of yet is to impose shearia on the country, but I expect him or it to do that all too soon.

      • mike

        Oh my god, I swear I would have started beating her/it with the pack of bacon, probably would be locked up right now. haha

  • Tim

    Rabid dogs need to be terminated…..

  • W Dawes

    I have read many parts of the Qu’ran and the Hadith. Islam is a cult of conquering and killing.

  • Had Enough

    Got two words for you Scuzlums….

    • OlGrouch

      Scuzlums! I like that! It is so stolen!

  • Mary Curry

    They are trying to get everything they can before Trump is elected President next year and kicks them and other like minded people back to their own countries.

    • dyhart

      oh man I really hope he’s elected.

      • chickief

        Read Thomas Sowell’s column todayAug 4th.

    • calypsodancler


    • chickief

      Becareful what you wish for. If trump runs as a third party candidate, he’ll split the vote and Billary will be a shoe in.

      • Mary Curry

        I think the Dems have given up on her and are going to try BIG MOUTH BOOBY BIDEN for Pres. He is a touchy-feelly version of Bill.

  • James Bond

    I will believe that Muslims want peace when they take up arms against their own extremists to stop them…

    • Howard Wright

      From what I see from Syrians and Iraqi’s against ISIS and Southern Filipinos in Jolo, that’s never going to happen. Heck, in the US we can’t even call them what they are, Islamic terrorists.

  • Pamela Geller says it best: “In any war between the Civilized Man and the Savage, support the Civilized Man!

  • Vance Freeman

    Christianity is the same thing!! And Judaism also!!! Read the bible.. Look in the history books!!! Religion in general is just a form of brainwashing…. We need to live in the 21st century and abolish all of this insanity!!! At the least I will NEVER respect a weak-minded person who beleives any of that religious crap!!!

    • JUde

      then you are part of the problem.

      • Vance Freeman

        See… I don’t believe how you believe so I’m a “problem”… What a moron!!!

      • dyhart

        So finding islam AND Christianity to be a poison, makes him part of the problem, but if it’s just islam, it’s ok?

        Do you realize how absurd that sounds?

  • dkw

    Yes I am Islamophobic. Explain to me why a US citizen would not be so?

    • dyhart

      Don’t give credit to that completely made up word. You’re an American with a healthy reaction to the evidence provided by islam.

    • Howard Wright

      Actually you’re wrong. A phobia is a an UNREASONABLE fear and they ARE trying to kill you or working to make it legals to execute you. Your opponents are philislamic and side with their war with the West.

  • sherri horvath

    Eff mooslems. Those that demand tolerance have the least tolerance.

  • johnanaguski

    My best pork, bacon et al to all of them.

  • Libralee

    The muslims are doing it exactly right. They are running for office in their towns, cities, and government. When they get enough, they will start making laws to their benefit. It’s all part of the plan and Obama is with them…………………………………

  • doctorbob

    Muslims were offended. And in other news, I cleaned the lint out of my belly button today.

    • Howard Wright

      And I showered (something Muslim actually OPPOSE so they really are filthy savages) and brushed my teeth today as well.

  • Joseph A. Clark

    I don’t believe the Imam really knows what the “wild west” was like…….he must have been watching too many TV shows or movies……

  • harriet

    Like his style!

  • Davey Dunn

    piss Muhammad pig F;;ing allah

  • birdbrain2

    The sign is correct and to the point. They hate being exposed to the world for what they are. Send them all home on a fast boat.

  • Mary Berneathy

    So what if they don’t like it, we don’t like them being here either!!! If they think they are being offended, then get the hell out of OUR COUNTRY!!

  • nonPC

    Going back to the wild west sounds pretty good to me.

  • jwbaumann

    I disagree with the sign. Our troops also need protection from Islamic moderates and Islamic apologists.

  • Dave Owens

    Truth and free agency offends them !

  • David J Michel Jr.

    boooo hoooo muzy scum !get out now.

  • gofer1

    Name one peaceful muslim country, besides maybe the Saudis.

  • Jacquie

    They are savages living in the 8th century. Even going back to the wild west would make us more progressive.

  • Ron Martin

    Muslims are barbarian cult members drinking camel piss, phuck every last one of them. Its time Americans started piling up dead Muslims at their Mosques. IMO

  • JustStop

    Assimilate into this country or go back to your country of origin as we do not need you here. Since muslims love to place signs encouraging their followers to kill infidels (term to include anyone not of muslim faith), I am not quite seeing the issue here. Jim is only calling for support and defense against islamic savages. So is Daoudi saying that Jim is correct?

  • chickief

    Offended by the truth? Get over it already!

  • scott

    I wonder if this Imam wants to play cowboys and muslims

  • BillCunnane

    Its about time we let the muslims know they are all persons of interest, potential terrorists and will be dealt with accordingly

    • Richard Jones

      How are you going to do that Herr Goebbels?

  • aznavyvet

    Don’t like free speech then get the f**k out

  • james70

    you muslim goat screwers this is my america not yours i back this man 100 persent get your muslim rag heads back to where you come frm and by the way i rented a plain to drop some swine to your people im with waters cargo 3/5 cav

  • Tammy L Louder

    The Qu’ran orders it’s followers to kill anyone who does not believe in Allah. These followers, the Muslims, have been doing it for thousands of years to numerous countries. Now, they’re in the most powerful country, or had been before Obama step in, and the Qu’ran Muslims are killing anyone they please. I truly believe we have to protect each other and our military.

  • artios48

    If they are not savages, why should they be offended? This is not aimed at them.

  • George Murrey

    I’d say that the imam and palosi are on common ground, they don’t read what was written. There are many passages and verses in that despicable koran that invoke to kill all infidels that don’t follow Muslim religion.

  • Jeff p

    Go back to where you came from then!!!!!!!!!

  • Joyce Fox

    State governors who have armed their National Guard units need to deploy those National Guards to stand on the public sidewalks outside Military Recruitment Centers. Then the citizens wouldn’t feel obligated to take up a military stance to protect these brave men and women!


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