Armed Illegal Alien Thug Breaks Into Texas Man’s Garage… Instantly Regrets It

by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A illegal alien would-be thief broke into a stranger’s garage with the intent to steal, but what he got wasn’t stolen merchandise. Instead, the man broke into a garage in which the owner of the home was already IN the garage, and what he got was a swift introduction to justice.

The to-be thief was met with a physical confrontation and the thug lost the battle, even after brandishing a firearm. Check out the vicious mug shots below.


Police reports indicate that Kevin Mitchell Gonzales, 28, tried to illegally gain entry into a home in Longview, Texas, but things went horribly wrong. At some point during the home invasion, the homeowner walked into the garage, prompting a physical struggle.

Gonzales produced a gun, which the homeowner wrestled away from him, and then issued a brutal beating to the hapless criminal.

But then after being arrested, police discovered that Gonzales was really Jose Andres Martinez, a Mexican national in the United States illegally, who was using false identification, as illegals so often do.

Martinez had apparently crossed the border and been caught at least twice, and may have had up to 8 different phony IDs on him at the time of arrest. Do we need any more reasons to build a damn wall?

  • The Truth

    Should of fragged his ass. He’ll only come back in again if deported.

    • john j

      he wont be deported, odumbazz will make sure he has plenty of govt benefis…..and a trip to the polls so he can vote

      • Margi

        He will probably invite him to the White House for a little R&R and give him some pointers on how to convince the home owner to let him rob them. Or what ever he was up to.

  • Jason

    The worst part is hearing that the suspect is out on bond. I wish they would’ve taken him out of that garage in a bag.

    • Albert Schmitlap.

      The judge must be a left winger,,,this is know this moron should be locked up for being here Illegally if not for the break-in. he is most likely planning his revenge on the home owner now,,,with his Homies.

  • Larry Notton

    You have to like these kind of outcomes! The fact that he had a weapon, would indicate a to use intention, and should consider himself on being lucky to be alive!

  • Ragman69

    Sorry your Honor….his gun went off during a struggle and the bullet went tight between his eyes.

    • Chuck_Key

      …Three times…!

      • Bury him in the yard as fertilizer.

        • zflwizard

          It would only grow weeds and thorns.

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    Remember this when you vote. Republicans want the borders closed,,, democrats want them open so every illegal, murderer, rapist and terrorist can freely come in to collect benefits , welfare, social security, food stamps and free housing never having worked a day in the US. Great job democrats. Americans have been screwed by the democrats for decades ,,, WAKE UP !!!

    • The bad news here is that the illegal alien scumbag wasn’t beaten to death.

      • Murphy’s Mom

        No, but the scars his ends up with might make him more recognizable in the future. The only president I want is the one who will close the borders to illegals, build a wall where needed, empower the Border Patrol to do their jobs and make it unpleasant and unprofitable for illegals to enter this country. Oh, and start sending illegals back to their own countries, or to the deserted pacific island of their choice, whatever.

        • I agree! Send those losers back. It took me a decade to get my US citizenship because the system is clogged up by illegal alien scum.

        • Margi

          I hope you pick the right one to vote for. Remember that Ted Cruz is from Texas where most of the illegals come across the border. It affects him and his family more than it does Donald Trump.

    • Armyvet81

      I’m afraid both parties have been derelict in securing the borders. When President Bush was in office and the GOP held both houses they could have secured the southern border but they did not. The establishment Republicans want amnesty so corporations can get cheaper labor. The Dems want more voters. It’s a lose-lose proposition.

      • Mike Stern

        Its the Dems and Obummer who gave them amnesty.

        • You’re referring to ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL Amnesty! McCain wanted “all God’s children” to be given Amnesty (2008) and had his name on the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill a year or two earlier. Romney shouted, “I’ll do it-first year! I’ll get it done!” over Obama in the second 2012 presidential debate. We’d have had LEGAL, PERMANENT Amnesty had either of those two RINOs been elected. This go ’round, we have the liberal Trump fooling some Conservatives into thinking he’s going to deport “all of them” when out of the other side of his mouth he’s pushing “touchback” or “boomerang” Amnesty! And you say it’s only the Dems?

          • Margi

            Open your eyes. Obama is the one providing amnesty. Where have you been the past 7 years. And not just amnesty, but let’s pay their rent, utilities, and give them food stamps. But to heck with the American people. He even gives them free insurance. You go buy you some insurance that is not provided by your job.

      • Margi

        When Bush was in office there were some illegals sneaking across the border, but the problem wasn’t so big at that time. And when they were caught they stayed in jail until they were sent back. This man is already out on bond. Tells me he has friends making good money on this side—probably illegal money like for drugs, etc.

    • Wrong, Hows That! BOTH Republican and Democrats in Congress want the Border wide open! Law-and-order Conservatives want it closed.

      • Nosmoke225

        True, Dave Levine.

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  • hk770

    We dont need a wall. We need to strip all assets of anyone hiring wetbacks and executing any wetbacks, on the spot, who have been deported prior. No wall needed.

    • Greg

      My same exact thoughts. If they don’t want to get in line and come here legally, then we should shoot ANYTHING that walks or crawls across the line. Men, women, children, animals, and even insects. You do that a couple of times, they’ll get the message.

      • Fred Smith

        Been saying the same thing for years

      • Dan


  • another_engineer

    The Illegal will sue the homeowner, win the lawsuit and get the house. then the state will give him an EBT card and a free college education

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    So now the AG’s office will file on the home owner for Racism and the Illegal will end up with HIS HOUSE,,,right. Remember in Nov. Closing the border MUST Happen.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Breaks into a home WITH A GUN is here Illegally and is OUT ON BOND….The judges needs to be investigated. Triple Felonies and he is let go. Disgusting.

    • Don

      Best reply yet!

    • Margi

      I agree. He is an illegal, with a gun (which check did he go through to get it) and the gun was probably stolen. Plus he had drugs on him. Just a few years ago if an illegal was caught he stayed in jail until he could be transported back across the border. When did that change? About 7 years ago.

      • zflwizard

        So much for the libs gun laws. The background checks did nothing. They enforce them like the immigration laws when it comes to illegals. Now if an american gets sick they line up to take their guns away.

    • zflwizard

      Yep. Who is the crook, the judge or the thug. Both need to see what the law is written for. The judge needs to realize he is a danger to society and put him in jail to protect society. He should never walk our streets again with out handcuff and deputies securing him.

  • Ditch Shitter

    Just gotta say; That *Is* a beating! That’s a real Texas beating. He really put his back into that one. LMFAO!

    • Tim Anderson

      looks like the home owner missed one eye

  • birdbrain2

    He is out on bond. Now why would they release this illegal alien and not hold him for deportation? This can only happen because of our lousy lousy so called POTUS. Do we need a wall. Oh Hell Yeah and armed guards all up and down the wall from end to end.

  • disqus_zF9inqkISa

    He’s out on bond?

  • Marianne Ritchie

    Really!!!! Out on bond? What is wrong with this? Judges like these need to be voted out!
    They are not protecting the public!

    • The primaries are on. The leftists wouldn’t want an illegal alien criminal to miss his day at the voting booth… so he’s out on bail. Remember folks, ensure that criminals are DRT (Dead Right There). Why risk allowing the government to release scumbags back into your neighborhood?

  • Thors Hammer

    We really have to know who is coming into our country and why! I don;t think we can uproot the ones that are here, but they should not be given amnesty. They all need to be found and identified and given work permits that require employers to monitor weekly, like when someone wears a ankle device.

    • Margi

      There is no reason we can’t send illegals back home. Too many of our factories have moved across the border for them to use the excuse that they can’t find work. If they can’t come here legally, we don’t need them.

  • rosagibson66

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  • rosagibson66
  • Daryl

    Too bad the homeowner didn’t shoot the punk with that gun he took. Self Defense!

  • Al Wilson

    You messed with el toro and you got more than you bargained for…!

  • Margi

    Something is wrong when a judge allows an illegal who was breaking into a private home with a gun and drugs on his person to get out of jail on bond. This man should have been held until deportation could happen. Hopefully our next president will end this problem. It won’t be with Rubio, Bush, Carson, or many of the others. There are only 2 hopefuls and one of those won’t do it unless it benefits him personally. And he probably employs a lot of illegals right now.

  • Buck Garton

    Start executing these people and they might think twice!

  • Nosmoke225

    Cut out the freebies and make it illegal for anyone to ever hire one. Enforce it with heavy fines and jail time.Of course we already have laws that would stop this but Obam and his buddies in congress won’t enforce them.

  • Divegoddess

    It becomes more apparent everyday that our government is not about the rule of law.

  • Theojob

    This homeowner deserves an award! Obama should invite him to the White House for a presentation. Ohhh, that’s right, Obama is on the Illegals side!

  • B Dog

    Too bad he wasn’t in California. He’d been given a legal driver’s license, and then he can vote for the best Democrat.

  • Buster81

    I would have circumcised him with a pruning shears.

  • Tim Anderson

    Looks like there was still room for some more A$$ whoopin

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Question, how the hell can an ILLEGAL ALIEN get a bond,,,and WHO paid for it. BTW, will the home owner now be found DEAD? WTF is wrong with our courts?????????????????????

    • zflwizard

      Liberal appointed judges. One case like this should end his lifetime salary and all other benifits. He was not elected to do this. They are not this lenient with citizens.

  • John Ward

    Too bad that he is still breathing and will be able to cross the border illegally again!

  • Ghost Wolf

    Perhaps it’s time for volunteers from around the country to show up en-masse to the Mexican border with shovels, concrete trucks and any scrap metal we can find and start building the damned wall ourselves. Otherwise, we know what must be done to save our way of life…

    • zflwizard

      no wall is needed. A few sharpshooters and problem will be solved before you could get the cement trucks rolling.

  • DrJonnyChepe


  • zflwizard

    If the Republicans are in the majority since the last election why have they done a lot of nothing and their leadership thinks they should pick who runs for president. They like people that do nothing. They should be paid,,,nothing ,,,,and when it comes to a job, they should get,,,,,nothing.

  • another_engineer

    Will obama pardon him, give him an EBT card, a government job and a free college education ?

  • Tonya McBride Houston

    This article has got to be the biggest bunch of bullsh*t and lies I’ve ever read! There isnt one thing in this article (other than the fact he got beat up) that has any truth to it. How in the hell could this man be an illegal when he was born in Longview, Tx at Good Shepherd Hospital to a caucasion Mother?! He’s never even crossed the border on vacation!!! This is hilarious! He attended Pine Tree schools in Longview, Tx. I’m pretty sure, other than a few short phrases and a list of cusswords, that he doesn’t even speak Spanish. And as far as the robbery goes… wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but he wasn’t there to rob anyone and he didn’t have a gun.


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