Arizona Protesters Turn Back Transfer of Illegal Alien ‘Youth’, Amid Concerns About Gang Members


Above: Protesters celebrate news that Obama’s illegal alien transfer had been aborted (AP)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The spark that citizens in Murrieta lit is spreading.

Today citizens in Arizona stopped Obama’s “Illegal Alien Express” in its tracks

Several busloads of illegal alien teenagers from Central America who unlawfully crossed the Texas border will not be dropped off at a southern Arizona facility on Tuesday, a congressman’s office said.

The office of Rep. Raul Grijalva confirmed reports the children would not be dropped off at Sycamore Canyon Academy in Oracle, Ariz.

The buses were facing over 200 protesters who did not want the facility used to house illegal aliens — some of whom may have been former gang members in their home countries, according to the Pinal County Sheriff.

We will turn the buses around. They will not get through us,” said protester Ron Thompson early in the day. “We are not willing to accept this. It’s an illegal act by the federal government — the Obama Administration to be specific. These are illegal people and they should be deported.”

The protest was similar to that held in Murrieta, Calif., that forced several buses carrying immigrant children to be rerouted.

Protesters were particularly incensed by word from the Sheriff’s office that some of the  teens may be current or former gang members, including from the notoriously violent MS-13. Left-leaning media putlets such as had been castigating protesters for being “cruel to little children” when in fact the 50 or so illegals being transferred were in fact much older and potentially high risk aliens.

More than 200 protesters squared off against “La Raza” protesters supporting illegal alien amnesty. Tempers flared, with those supporting the teenagers screaming at their opponents at several points (see video below). But Pinal County deputies kept order well all day.

Many of those who demonstrated say they will continue to risk arrest to make sure the government doesn’t succeed in dropping the children off in Oracle.


Above: Protesters demanding secure borders and an end to amnesty for illegal border crossers block the road in Oracle, AZ

Below: Counter-protesters supporting the “rights” of illegal aliens perform “Aztec”-style dances, while chanting “No Human is illegal” and “Si Se Puede” (yes, we can).


Top Right News has confirmed that several other communities around the nation will be organizing protests in the days to come to stop similar transports of illegal aliens by Obama’s DHS, including Dallas-Fort Worth and two communities in Michigan and Maryland.

Pinal, AZ County Sheriff Paul Babeu (video below) was credited with alerting citizens to the impending transport of illegal alien teenagers, warning that his department had been alerted that many of them may be current or former gang members, including the notorious MS-13.


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