Arizona Protesters Turn Back Transfer of Illegal Alien ‘Youth’, Amid Concerns About Gang Members


Above: Protesters celebrate news that Obama’s illegal alien transfer had been aborted (AP)

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

The spark that citizens in Murrieta lit is spreading.

Today citizens in Arizona stopped Obama’s “Illegal Alien Express” in its tracks

Several busloads of illegal alien teenagers from Central America who unlawfully crossed the Texas border will not be dropped off at a southern Arizona facility on Tuesday, a congressman’s office said.

The office of Rep. Raul Grijalva confirmed reports the children would not be dropped off at Sycamore Canyon Academy in Oracle, Ariz.

The buses were facing over 200 protesters who did not want the facility used to house illegal aliens — some of whom may have been former gang members in their home countries, according to the Pinal County Sheriff.

We will turn the buses around. They will not get through us,” said protester Ron Thompson early in the day. “We are not willing to accept this. It’s an illegal act by the federal government — the Obama Administration to be specific. These are illegal people and they should be deported.”

The protest was similar to that held in Murrieta, Calif., that forced several buses carrying immigrant children to be rerouted.

Protesters were particularly incensed by word from the Sheriff’s office that some of the  teens may be current or former gang members, including from the notoriously violent MS-13. Left-leaning media putlets such as had been castigating protesters for being “cruel to little children” when in fact the 50 or so illegals being transferred were in fact much older and potentially high risk aliens.

More than 200 protesters squared off against “La Raza” protesters supporting illegal alien amnesty. Tempers flared, with those supporting the teenagers screaming at their opponents at several points (see video below). But Pinal County deputies kept order well all day.

Many of those who demonstrated say they will continue to risk arrest to make sure the government doesn’t succeed in dropping the children off in Oracle.


Above: Protesters demanding secure borders and an end to amnesty for illegal border crossers block the road in Oracle, AZ

Below: Counter-protesters supporting the “rights” of illegal aliens perform “Aztec”-style dances, while chanting “No Human is illegal” and “Si Se Puede” (yes, we can).


Top Right News has confirmed that several other communities around the nation will be organizing protests in the days to come to stop similar transports of illegal aliens by Obama’s DHS, including Dallas-Fort Worth and two communities in Michigan and Maryland.

Pinal, AZ County Sheriff Paul Babeu (video below) was credited with alerting citizens to the impending transport of illegal alien teenagers, warning that his department had been alerted that many of them may be current or former gang members, including the notorious MS-13.

  • Jim Sanders

    I am so happy to see us beginning to stand up against a gov’t that will not obey their own laws.

  • watcherofolde

    Hope it is not too late

  • Pat Fox

    send them to California, we already got many thousands of gang bangers, they will fit right in here!! and get all the good stuff too!! just ask our governor moonbeam, he has special programs all set up just for these gangsters and wanna be’s…. oh, and no English required either!!!!

    • Greg Barnhart

      SO TRUE!!!

  • Dan Gore

    Maybe Aztec dances and dress aren’t such a good move since the Aztecs believed in human sacrifice and practiced slavery.

    • Deanna Wood Short

      Good comment

  • zeevee61

    I would love to know how they find out where these buses are going. Because I will do the same thing if I find out they’re coming to Las Vegas.

    • Nick Mauro

      It appears to be coming from the local Sheriff’s. Just need one with a backbone!

      • zeevee61

        Thank you Nick.

  • Michael Gerzen

    Maybe Obama could escort them back

  • PapaBear1130

    All it takes is a few good citizens to express their Constitutional right to assemble and protest.

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    Go back home FAT MEXICAN

  • Mauricio Carvallan


  • Mauricio Carvallan


  • Mauricio Carvallan

  • Mauricio Carvallan


  • maybe we need to bring back the old Aztec riual of human scrafice!!!

  • Becky Stout

    I’ve been saying all along………turn those buses around and sent them straight to the WH. Dump those people on the lawn there and let Moochelle feed them her version of a nutritious school lunch.

    • Joanie M

      Did you notice that the WH has a fence, unlike our borders. I wonder why?

  • Kathleen Reed

    Have been posting on many sites, telling people to be wary of hearing the word ‘Child.’ Pitiful that the Liberal media has to stoop so low by twisting and insinuations, instead of reporting the truth. I am tired of these people wanting a free ride on our backs. Even the most giving and generous, hit a point of saying ‘STOP! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.’ It’s no longer helping when you come to the realization that, takers will always be takers, and if you continue supporting these takers, you, yourself, will be broke and homeless, and what do you think those ‘Takers’ will do? They will kick dirt in your face and feed you to the wild boars. What makes the think they are more deserving to a free ride to America when there are children and adults on other countries, far worse off then them? People in other countries are starving, being bombed and worse, do any of these people (including the ‘children’) look like they are starving? No, they all look plump and healthy, and a lot that are plan out overweight, even the pregnant women are nice and fed.

    • Judy Saakes

      Of course the women are healthy, they get plenty of cardio from all that sex to make baby after baby. Those women couldn’t keep their legs crossed if someone held a gun to their heads! Parasites!

  • doc mathis

    How many of the protesters are actually going to have the balls to stand in front of the bus when it tries to come through? Are all the entrances to the area covered as in the only way in? If the Sheriff feels bringing the illegals here is wrong why is it that he can not look the other way or just make sure no one gets run over? Are people willing to get arrested if the Sheriff decides to enforce the law? I don’t think the protesters will have the guts to stand up to law enforcement.

    • CelticGyrl

      The Murietta, CA protesters did. The Oracle, AZ protesters will too. As for the sheriff…Paul Babeau is no friend to the illegals, La Raza, or Obama.

      • richardgrabman

        He certainly was a friend to at least one “illegal”.

    • MontieR

      The sheriff IS upholding the law. And they did back the busses down.

  • HogWild1964

    I have a thought. Since La Raza is so hell bent on letting these so called children stay. Ask them how many they want to take home with them. Now you will get no welfare at all , but you’re free to take 5, 10, 15 however many you can provide for…Of course they will do that!
    So deport everyone of them and while they are at it round up the rest of the illegals and deport them as well! Build a big fence and make a minefield 10 miles from the fence out with no sign! Make it a surprise!

    • Kerry Vail

      The problem with that idea is that most La Raza members are illegals also.

      • HogWild1964

        You got that right so deport all of them !

  • framingham47

    As soon as I heard Ms.Garcia describe the subjects of the protest as “Migrants,mostly children…” I knew the Liberal SPIN was on.

  • catsuny


  • catsuny


  • Larry C Mason

    ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL The Aztec people were certain ethnic groups of central Mexico, particularly those groups who spoke the Nahuatl language and who dominated large parts of Mesoamerica from the 14th to 16th centuries. The Nahuatl words aztecatl (singular) and aztecah (plural) mean people fromAztlan, a mythological place for the Nahuatl-speaking culture of the time, and later adopted as the word to define the Mexica people. Often the term Aztec refers exclusively to the Mexicapeople of Tenochtitlan (now the location of Mexico City)

  • Ninja Cat

    So impressed with the people of Oracle AZ. I do alot of work in and around this town and i had no idea they had it in them. Let’s see more of this!

  • nancyetanner52@

    Perry said only 20% were children. And a rancher found on his property a Pakistany book for English. Time for troops.

  • Beau Mullins

    Finally well its a good first step.

  • Russell Spear

    Every illegal alien is stealing from the bazillion hungry American children in this country; they are not only stealing now, they are stealing our children’s future. We don’t have the goddamn money to feed, cloth and house all of our own children. Whatever you have to do to stop these illegals, do it. In other words, take out the trash.

  • Elizabeth Matson Albritton

    All the sympathizers to this insanity: what are you going to do when your child comes home with a drug- resistant disease? What are you going to do when one of these innocent “children ” hits you while driving drunk or breaks into your home? Open your eyes.

    • MontieR

      What are you going to do when jose rapes your 8 year old a starts on you.

  • Greg Barnhart

    The protesters have every right to block the ILLEGALS from entering this country,the federal gov’t won’t enforce the law so citizen militias have the right to enforce constitutional law including deadly force if needed

  • Jeanne Johnson


  • Pegasus999

    When white people start protesting, you know they’re angry!

  • Truone

    And so it begins…Are you ready?

  • Maralee Goode

    If these protesters think they are actually accomplishing anything they are delusional. Every time time they detour one of these bases they delay the deportation process that they are all screaming about. These people have already been detained by Border Patrol and have to be processed before they can be deported. It’s not a perfect system, but at this point it’s the only system we have, and delaying the process only keeps these immigrants in the country longer..

    • CelticGyrl

      Maybe so, but what they’re protesting against isn’t just the fact that they are illegals, it’s the relocation to other towns, processing them, then basically turning them loose on the population there. The deliberate introduction of illegals into towns that don’t have an immigrant population or a small one which then becomes a burden on local resources! And you’re delusional if you think Obama is going to deport ANY of these people.

      • Maralee Goode

        Despite what all of the people doing the screaming want you to believe…The president isn’t responsible for this situation. Obama has deported more illegal aliens than any other president. He also pushed for immigration reform that would among other things, built more detention facilities, hired more border patrol agents, hired more judges and streamlined the deportation process. This reform has been derailed by the far left who are protesting about amnesty, which is not anywhere in the bill.

        • CelticGyrl

          I must disagree with your statement that, “the president isn’t responsible for this situation”. He is directly responsible by virtue of his DACA (DREAM Act) awarding amnesty to illegals who arrived as underage children. That is exactly why these young people are being shipped here by their parents or whoever…to gain a foothold which strengthens the case for the rest of the family under the humanitarian cry to “keep families together!”. This is on Obama alone!

          • Maralee Goode

            Again you are believing the people doing the screaming and not bothering to find out the actual facts. DACA did not grant amnesty to anybody, just as none of the kids crossing now will be eligible for this program. The kids that were eligible for DACA may still be deported in the future, it was just deferred at this time. The reasons for this was twofold, one was the hope that immigration reform would pass and these young adults would qualify for the Dream Act, which by the way still does not grant them amnesty. The second being to focus resources on immigrants that were a more serious issues, such as those with criminal records or other issues.

          • Maralee Goode

            Again you are believing the people doing the screaming and not bothering to find out the actual facts. DACA did not grant amnesty to anybody, just as none of the kids crossing now will be eligible for this program. The kids that were eligible for DACA may still be deported in the future, it was just deferred at this time. The reasons for this was twofold, one was the hope that immigration reform would pass and these young adults would qualify for the Dream Act, which by the way still does not grant them amnesty. The second being to focus resources on immigrants that were a more serious issues, such as those with criminal records or other issues.

        • Kerry Vail

          Nope, not true, it is Obama’s fault, he built this… In late May, the U.S. Border Patrol interviewed unaccompanied children (UAC) and migrant families apprehended in the Rio Grande Valley. Of the 230 total migrants interviewed, 219 cited the primary reason for migrating to the United States was the perception of U.S. immigration laws granting free passes or permisos to UAC and adult female OTMs traveling with minors. Migrants indicated that knowledge of permisos was widespread across Central America due to word of mouth, local, and international media messaging—prompting many to depart for the United States within 30 days of becoming aware of these perceived benefits, according to the same reporting.

          EPIC assesses homicide trends and migrant interviews suggest violence is likely not the principal factor driving the increase in UAC migration. While CBP data from early fiscal year 2011 indicates a steady increase in OTM and UAC migration, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) statistics— within this same timeframe— show a decline in per capita homicide rates in these three countries; El Salvador saw the sharpest decline, followed by Honduras and Guatemala, respectively.

          Migrants cited Univision, Primer Impacto, Al Rojo Vivo and several
          Honduran television news outlets for helping shape their perception of
          U.S. immigration policy.
          Although EPIC lacks reliable reporting of Central American
          newspapers broadcasting the perceived benefits of U.S. immigration
          policies, several U.S. media outlets since June 2014 have identified
          Central American newspapers that have enticed minors to travel to the
          United States. For example, Honduran and El Salvadoran press have
          reportedly advertised the DACA policy, accommodations for detained UAC, and the promise of reunification with family members in the United States.

    • Sherry Green

      The longer they are here, the greater chance they stay here. Right now, there is no plans for deportation…..don’t kid yourself……..get ready……crowded schools, hospitals, more taxes…and the Prez smiles at our displeasure.

  • MontieR

    THANK YOU, ALL of you who were there. The transport of ILLEGALS across state lines IS a federal crime.

  • Stevensjoe Joe


  • Irshgld

    I would like to know how that Hispanic male would explain Mexico’s immigration laws?????? They are a lot tougher than ours and I see that Mexico sure as hell didn’t welcome them there other than make sure they continued into the US. His argument is invalid!

  • Not Anonymous

    The people have the power. No one is against these people, per se. We are against the idea that we be forced by our government to allow a behavior, that has no end in sight.

    I would be far more agreeable to giving amnesty if they would seal the borders.

    You cannot have immigration reform without sealed borders. You also cannot claim to be fighting a war on terror, if your country’s borders are not secure.

    I would also point out that the every country from which these immigrants came, would throw any of in jail for attempting to enter their country illegally.

  • Dennis

    Finally real United States Citizens stand up for We the People. Awesome An thank you

  • Kerry Vail

    Ok no human is “illegal” but they are all CRIMINALS based on the crime they’ve committed by stepping on our soil. Here’s is Arizonas law concerning making a CITIZEN’S ARREST.

    ARS13-3884. Arrest by private person

    A private person may make an arrest:

    1. When the person to be arrested has in his presence committed a misdemeanor
    amounting to a breach of the peace, or a felony.

    2. When a felony has been in fact committed and he has reasonable ground to believe
    that the person to be arrested has committed it.

    So, if you personally witness an illegal immigrant cross our border (you actually have to witness the act), you have every right to make a citizens arrest on that person. Crossing our border illegally is a misdemeanor and making a citizen’s arrest if you witness this crime is within any legal American citizen’s right. So maybe gathering at the border and actually making arrests ourselves is a step in the right direction.


    An arrest is made by an actual restraint of the person to be arrested, or by his submission to the custody of the person making the arrest.

    No unnecessary or unreasonable force shall be used in making an arrest, and the person arrested shall not be subjected to any greater restraint than necessary for his detention.

    An arrest may be made on any day and at any time of the day or night.

    • skrewdisqus

      There are no provisions for citizens’ arrest under Federal law, only state law. They mojados would have to violate a state law before being subject to arrest. HOWEVER, transporting illegal aliens within the state of Az. is a violation of state law, last I heard. Arrest the driver and any other Federal hacks on the bus

  • John Stephen Karg Jr.

    keep up the good fight get deport this scum that keeps sneaking through

  • Sandy Silvaggio Forro


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