Anti-Trump Muslim Father DELETES His Website… We Found Out What He’s Trying to HIDE


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Khizr Khan, who suddenly rose to fame after his speech at the Democrat National Convention, and who has made one media appearance after the next bashing Donald Trump, is now making desperate attempts to cover up his business interests and background.

Kahn’s website reveals he is an attorney deeply involved in “pay for play” immigration fraud — assisting foreign investors to buy their way into the U.S. through a controversial visa program “frought with corruption” according to a U.S. Senate committee chairman.

That has now been completely DELETED off the internet.

The website link to his website now reverts back to GoDaddy (hosting website), and the entire Khan Law Office website is wiped clean.  It was, however, all captured in the internet archives, and TRN has obtained a copy…


Given Trump’s opposition to illegal immigration and Islamic “refugee” abuse, it is obvious why Khan would oppose him financially, and thus politically want him defeated.

Kahn is the father of a Muslim-American soldier killed in Iraq, and was paraded out to speak at the DNC, where he condemned Republican nominee Donald Trump, when Hillary Clinton was actually the one who supported the war where his son ultimately died.

One U.S. veteran published an open letter to Khan that has quickly gone viral.

The EB5 program helps rich foreigners skip the metaphorical lines in legal immigration and allows them to enter the country much more quickly than they normally would be able to. As Conservative Tribune reports:

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said “there are classified reports that detail the national security, fraud and abuse (of the EB5 program). Our committee has received numerous briefings and classified documents to show this side of the story,” he said.

“The enforcement arm of the Department of Homeland Security wrote an internal memo that raises significant concerns about the program,” Grassley explained. “One section of the memo outlines concerns that it could be used by Iranian operatives to infiltrate the United States

“The memo identifies seven main areas of program vulnerability, including the export of sensitive technology, economic espionage, use by foreign government agents and terrorists, investment fraud, illicit finance and money laundering,” he concluded.

Looks like Khan got caught red-handed using his son’s tragic and heroic death to defeat a political enemy who threatened his large and connected law firm’s economic interests.

The media is CENSORING the corrupt truth about the Khans in order to defeat Donald Trump…
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  • Dp

    Yeah, this article is completely wrong. There is nothing insidious about the EB5 program. It deals with LEGAL immigrants who invest between a half a million and a million dollars in a business that must create 10 jobs for Americans for at least a 24 month period. These are exactly the kinds of immigrants we want. Wealthy, educated and willing to invest in America. Find another reason not to like Khan, I’m sure there are plenty. This isn’t one of them.

    • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

      Sorry I disagree

      What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump: He Is A Muslim Brotherhood Agent Who Wants To Advance Sharia Law And Bring Muslims Into The United States

      Hillary Is Busted: Read The Real Booklet Hillary’s Man Was Carrying For Years. It Was The Muslim Shari’ah Constitution And NOT The U.S Constitution

      • Dp

        Respectfully, I would say that 99% of Grassley’s accusations are baseless. It’s a politician who has been fed some incorrect information that sounds to him like something is wrong. Could isis funnel money to an individual so they could gain access to the U.S. thru this program? Yes, temporarily to apply but why would they? There is so much paperwork and verification associated with this program, it would be a clear paper trail back to the source of the funds. Most of these visas will take in excess of 2 years to issue to the applicants. There are about 2 dozen easier ways for these kinds of people to gain access to the United States that don’t cost a million dollars and reams of government forms. As I said, I’m sure you can find reasons to take exception with Khan but this program is not as Grassley paints it. Let’s put it this way, if Congress had 1/2 the oversight and documentation required as the EB-5 program? Most of them would be serving time right now and our country would be a lot better off.

        • Paul Mall

          so I guess he just decided not to practice law anymore 6 days after being in the spotlight. haha

    • jwildhart

      Oh yes that sounds perfectly legal for killery

    • Sounds like Khan helps launder money into the USA. How about we accept the money, but keep the muslims out? That’s what I call “compromise”.

    • Paul Mall

      is that why he quickly removed his site from the internet? haha was there 8-2 and taken down 8-3

  • LiberatedCitizen √ Team Trump

    Khizr Khan Believes Sharia Trumps the Constitution via @BreitbartNews

    These 16 States Banned ‘Sharia Law’ – Is YOURS on the List?

  • Larry

    I guess he has contributed to killorys fund. She helped to clean his e-mails and files in return

  • JimmiJames

    The man is just another Muslim POS! He disgraced his son.

    • Charles Sroka


      • Clairejbarhorst2

        <<xk. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!ir206m:….,….

  • Kirk
  • john

    he should of had Clinton delete is site it would of never been seen again

  • texas

    How to destroy a business with in 48 hours follow the democrats!!

  • jwildhart

    Ass hat probably doesn’t even have a son or never has lying cheating pig. Probably hiding out in our white house built by masons and carpenters and other citizens of America

  • Shemp

    Khizr Khan; enforcing the mistrust of muslims 1 sentence at a time. Thanks for exposing yourself as a radical Jihad scumbag in your 3 piece suit, well 4 including the bomb vest.

  • john4637

    I find it remarkable how competent democrats can be when it is email and web sites disappearing!

  • You_R_Responsible

    Leave it to Hilderbeast to find a UN-American Muslim and try to portray him as a victim of racism by Trump.


  • karen

    Stop Believing everything you Read! How do you know this Article wasn’t made by a Trump Supporter? oh wait…Guess it was! lol

    • Paul Mall

      Easily verifiable using internet archive. Most Trump supporters know how to do that. if you need help let me know

  • goatmama

    Isn’t that the same program that Is allowing Donald Trump to hire foreigners to work in his Florida casinos because supposedly he can’t get Americans to do those jobs? Of course we must remember that Trump was “viciously sttacked” by this man, asking if he had ever read the constitution. Oh, the horror of such an attack! And Trump had to defend himself by saying Mr. Khan had “no right” to say those nasty things about him….oh dear, maybe he really hasn’t read the constitution….

    • Paul Mall

      No it’s not the same program. Trumps employee’s are on a h2-b work visa. the program mentioned above is EB-5 where you pay to become a permanent resident

  • RoundRocker

    He couldn’t have deleted it because it was overrun with hate mail and death threats.

  • Robert Mookerdum

    His misdemeanor says it all.Even though I wouldn’t support D:Trump he hit the nail on the head when he claimed that Mrs.Khan’s silence was due


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