Another One of Obama’s Illegals Tortures and Murders American and Sets Her Body on Fire

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

In yet another case of the murder of an American citizen by an illegal Mexican, a pretty, blond girl in New Jersey was robbed and attacked in her home, tortured and murdered and then her body set on fire by one of Obama’s would be DREAMERS.


Juan Jimenez-Olivera, 30, pleaded guilty to murder, aggravated arson, desecrating human remains, theft, hindering apprehension and tampering with evidence in the death of Syiatlana Dranko on April 29, 2014.

And just as Donald Trump pointed out — and was castigated as a “racist” and lost business accounts over — Jimenez-Olivera is yet another illegal alien criminal from Mexico.

Dranko’s sister and her husband were in court Wednesday when Jimenez-Olivera admitted that he strangled Dranko on April 29, set fire to her body and her Bloomingdale Drive townhouse to cover up the crime, stole $6,000 from her and lied to the police about his involvement in the crime before turning himself in two days later.

Jimenez-Olivera also admitted to putting a pillow case over Dranko’s face and using a lighter to start the blaze. Dranko’s burnt body was found on the second floor. Jimenez-Olivera said he first started the fire in the basement. Authorities have said the fire had two points of origin.

He knew the victim because they both worked at a pizza shop together.

And here, folks, we can partly blame the pizza shop for hiring an illegal. In fact, every business that hires illegals is indirectly guilty of murder for giving these monsters a reason to be here in the USA.

Not to mention that Obama has American’s blood on his hands.

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  • David Carpenter

    I am so sick of hearing about these damn WETBACKS killing Americans!!! Then to hear they are working along side of Legal Americans is almost as bad. No more anchor babies. Round them ALL up and ship them back to Mexico. Then, charge Mexico or just cut off all aid. What? This is politically incorrect? It offends someone? TOUGH CRAP!!!

    • Had Enough

      David we are AMERICANS living in OUR country ! Good ole USA ! I’m with you 100% brother ! We need to worry about and take care of our own people and piss on the rest !

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    • Kyright

      Set up machine guns at the border and kill them.

      • Patricia

        That’s what my hubby says. Mexican’ts to the south of me, Russians to the north, muslims from the east and right here in the decadent old west, LGBTers and Black Lives Matter from within, have declared a militant state of ‘discontent’ with our Homeland.

        No wonder alcohol and sleeping aid sales are spiking. Not to mention, illegal drug use. America is hurting spiritually, mentally, emotionally and socially.

        Psychologically, our young people are TOTALLY LOST!

      • Patricia

        That’s the way our ancestors would have handled it back in the day.

  • Viking_61

    He was just doing a job Americans refuse to do. It’s OK Juan, you will learn how to suck dick like Bruce Jenner in prison.

    • James Bond

      It is not even about doing jobs other Americans will not do. They will do it for less because they are off the books and illegal. If a business owner can hire an illegal and pay him less and not get any fines or penalties then the government is to blame for not enforcing the law.

    • Denise Ear

      Viking_61, Bruce Jenner has never, not once, claimed to have an attraction for Men! Try again!! Maybe it is you, who has the attraction for Men, yes, that sounds about right! Mystery solved!

      • Viking_61

        Haha you think ol’ Bruce is a carpet muncher now? Maybe he only hangs out with other trannies. In any event, I’m sure Juan will have his pick of trannys in prison for the rest of his life.

      • calypsodancler

        says the lib appeaser

      • Gina Graham

        wtf is your problem? Mincemeat Liberal is butt hurt. You really should stop reading opinion pieces, editorials and especially the comments sections — while you’re at it, just get off the internet – that way your precious feelings will not be harmed.

  • chiefpontiac

    Another one that was just here illegally out of love for his family. Right, Jeb Bush?

    • Kyright

      As long as their family isn’t affected, who cares about us? Rubio says now he’ll grant amnesty is elected. he is getting real tight with Jeb. They want to set up Trump tonight.

  • charles.wallace


  • Kyright

    So when is BO going to have him released back into US society?

    • HarryTheCat

      I’m sure they’ll let him out just as soon as they have the rest of his extended family moved up from Messico. It’s cruel and inhumane to separate families, dontcha know?

  • Bob Smith

    Illegal spic garbage. Kill them all!

  • You_R_Responsible

    It is illegal to hire illegal aliens by US law. This business should be fined and sued by this woman’s family for her murder. He should get the death penalty after a short trial because he admitted his guilt. Fry him so he can never to this to another human being.

  • Michael Gurbach

    All Americans need to arm themselves, stand up, and and band together and overthrow our current government and exterminate all illegal aliens an muslims to take back and restore our once great country.

  • david

    personally myself I also think Obama should be held responsible for bringing these illegals over here in the first

  • B B

    ho hum. next.

  • Robert Long

    I see these things every day, but obamma still won’t do anything. I almost hope one of them rapes and kills one of his girls, maybe that would hit home.

    • Denise Ear

      Robert Long, be very careful what you wish for! It could very well happen to one of your loved ones!

  • Ken De Luca

    Illegals don’t matter.they are a waste of space.

  • Eddie

    I think obumer just lost a voter. Wait, don’t they get voters from cemeteries? Good, he’ll be there soon voting democrat of course.

  • Rockcrusher

    Dont deport them to Mexico, send them all to Washington DC.

  • Rufnuk

    Every SOB that voted for Obama is guilty of aiding and abetting

  • kal98

    Horrible crime by illegals is so high right now, once they realize the USA is not what they thought they become quite angry! The taxpayers without their consent give millions to all these countries a year to help their economies but where t goes is another ponzi story, this illegal crime is to divert from other stories I feel absolutely revolted to know how this poor woman who did nothing wrong- died!

  • My head is going to explode! Sue that business for hiring him! Discourage bz fm hiring them by hitting them in the pocket. and the admin………. they are responsible for thousands of murders, rapes.

  • Rusty.Not

    Please note:

    By Top Right News on August 6, 2015 in Donald Trump, Immigration, Viral


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