‘Anchor Baby’ Outrage: How Americans Pay BILLIONS for Illegal Alien Births (Video)

anchorsby Brian Hayes | Top Right News

If Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s wife gave birth in a Washington, D.C. hospital, no one would ever argue that the child was an American citizen.

Similarly, it is ludicrous to state that a Mexican citizen, such as the woman in the story below, who illegally swims across the Rio Grande in labor and gives birth in a Texas hospital, has sired an American citizen. But that’s what we currently do, because of a shameful perversion of the 14th Amendment.

Donald Trump has made the anchor baby issue front and center in the 2016 presidential campaign and promises to end it, but even his GOP rivals Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio actually support it.


Some inaccuracies in the video. It grossly underestimates the annual costs for U.S. taxpayers, and the impact on hospitals. Medicaid alone paid $2.2 billion last year to partially reimburse hospitals for unpaid illegal alien delivery bills, double the news report’s estimate.

And the amount not reimbursed to hospitals is in the tens of billions. A staggering 84 hospitals in California alone, have been forced to close their doors because of unpaid bills by illegal aliens. Hospitals which manage to remain open, pass the unpaid costs onto the rest of us, which translates into more out-of-pocket expenses and higher insurance premiums for Americans.

In fact at one hospital in Dallas…Parkland Memorial Hospital (yes, the same hospital where JFK died after his assassination in 1963), a staggering 70% of all babies born are to illegal aliens.

Nationally, 400,000 anchor babies a year — 1 in 10 of all births — are illegal alien offspring.

“Birthright citizenship” for illegal aliens is a perversion of the 14th Amendment, which was authored to ensure that children born to African slaves would be considered citizens, not enable unlawful invaders to abuse our system to ensure a lifetime of welfare and free social services.

It is a slap in the face of every legal immigrant. It is bankrupting our social services, schools and hospitals. It is insanity. It must end.

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  • Herman Vogel

    Thank you Bill Clinton for forcing US hospitals to take in these people. Add to this, with Incarceration, benefits, etc. is costing US Tax Payers over $350 Billion a year. Not to mention the $55 Billion a year they are sending home, some of which is from EBT, that is not taxed and we will never see again. That is enough, with small spending cuts, to pay off the deficit in under 7 yrs. And we Allowed this to happen.

    • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

      our government should stop allowing american earned pensions from going to any foreign country. also no one allowed to send money to foreign nationals outside of america

      • Herman Vogel

        I talked to my CPA last week, he said that he knows of several Illegals that bragged about working here for 10 years, getting their 40 quarters then retiring to Mexico on enough to live very well…Illegal and getting SS checks. I was at the SS office for my Forced signup for Medicare or be fined and I sat right behind a man that couldn’t speak a word of English, had to have a translator and every other word was SSI. how in the He!! did that happen?

        • scubadiver1

          It happened because we let it. We keep voting the same type of people in. The illegals hold protests but common American citizens sit back and just pay for it.

          • Truth Bearer

            WE American Citizens need to do whatever it takes to take a stand against all that has been previously mentioned as well as Obama’s imminent plan to force AMNESTY FOR ALL FOREIGN NATIONALS LIVING WITHIN OUR BORDERS WHO HAVE ENTERED OUR NATION AGAINST OUR “IMMIGRATION LAWS”! I do not endorse any kind of violence against these illegal residents within our midst because violence always begets more and more violence in the end. However, we have a right to stand up and speak the truth against all of these foreign nationals who bleeding our nation’s taxpayers dry and obviously most of them are completely unwilling to assimilate as the previous generations of immigrants into America have been willing to do which is what has contributed to America always having been called “The Melting Pot Of The World”. Those who have come here before were not only willing contributors to the success and progress of our nation as a whole they considered it a real privilege to become a true American Citizen no matter where their families originally lived prior to coming to America–the legal way by getting their paperwork filled-out and awaiting their turn to enter our nation. The current flood of foreign nationals have absolutely no respect for our nation or its peoples or its rule of law which they do not try to hide. They seek to get each and everything they possibly can given to them for free from our federal goverment which is totally supported by the taxes levied and collected from our hard working Americans Citizens. This new breed of illegal immigrants care more about their homelands and their families that they have left behind than they care about becoming an active and contributing American Citizen. They are a generation of TAKERS (I.E. LEACHES) they only come here to take advantage of our nations generous laws that permit them to live here and remain citizens of the countries they supposedly willingly have left behind, however, they have no actual desire to give up their previous ways of life when they come into our nation because they come here with the full intention of continuing their lives exactly as they lived them in their homeland EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THEY WILL BE GIVEN A “FREE RIDE” HERE IN AMERICA! They for the most part do not buy property, thereby, avoiding the property taxes which the majority of Americans gladly pay to pay for all of the public services that we receive through our local and state governments while the Hispanic Foreign Nationals seemingly believe that they are somehow entitled to all of these public services for free just because they are here in America and occupying space on our soil and should not be expected to pay their fair share of the cost incurred to provide all of these services. This is born out by there working here and earning salaries here of which they contribute nothing back to our local communities, instead, they are known to send the vast majority of what they earn working in America to their family members still living in their countries of origin–how is the making an investment in the life of the local communities in which they live and reap all kinds of personal benefits for themselves and their family members living in The United States Of America with them. If these criminal individuals were seriously interested in being here to not only benefit themselves but also their supposed new homeland as well I would, perhaps, be much more open to their becoming a permanent part of our nation’s Hispanic Peoples who are living and working here and have truly made our nation and her peoples their homeland since they have willingly renounced their former ties to their former homelands and are not just using our nation and our taxpayers for whatever free benefits they are able to derive after having broken our laws to enter into our nation knowingly making themselves criminals under American Law. If need be we American Citizens (of whatever race or color) should go out into our streets in our nation and march to take back for our god-given rights as outlined under our U.S. Constitution and our Bill Of Rights–which do NOT pertain to these outsiders who are feeding-off of our taxpayers like a huge plague of “Unwelcome” locusts consuming everything in their path–just because they can currently get away with it without having to face the legal consequences of their unlawful actions!

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Truth Bearer The violence has already been done. Your ancestors exterminated 98% of our population for the purpose of genetic cleansing us and STEALING our land so you can squat it today. Period. @ min 22:15


          • Tammy Nicholas

            Sonia, the United States defeated Mexico in the Mexican American War. Meaning we could have claimed all of Mexico at that time if we had wanted to. Instead of doing that we made treaties with Mexico as part of our defeating them and with those treaties we claimed only part of what had belonged to Mexico. We also purchased and paid for parts of the land. Mexico has no claim on any part of the US and that is a fact. The only reason Mexico claimed parts of what is now US is because they got them from Spain. Spain colonized small areas in the SW US and even they had a hard time supplying colonies or governing them here. Mexico was totally unable to send people or supplies on any regular basis because of the distance and Indian attacks. The Spanish and Mexican people that were living in what is now the SW US were relying on what was then the US for their supplies and they were not upset when the people already supporting them became their government. You really need to study history.

          • Rose Blankenship

            AMEN TAMMY………….

          • Sonia Garcia

            Rose Blankeship Amen? Really? You sound like your genocidal child molester relatives who were raping women and children in the morning, then massacring them after they had satisfied their sadistic instincts, massacred entire villages. Oh, and just for the “pleasure and fun of it”, they mutilated and butchered the cadavers later. Just for fun. They cut off part of our kid’s genitals and stretched them over their hats to “show off” around town, kinda like a trophy!! Oh, but later in the day, they went to their church to talk about things such as that their god is love!! Oh, and they also said “Amen” many times, still with their bloody hands from all the butchering of mutilated cadavers. That’s what you sound, right now. Shame on you for being a part of the victimization of the same 500 year victims.

          • Kevin Mathews

            Uh,we are not descendents of the Spaniards. THEY are the ones who BRUTALLY conquered all of latin America,and treated the natives of California just as brutal,why the hell the Chumash and Tungva tribes even allow the missions still stand here in California is beyond me! They are no different that Aushwitz or Treblinka,or any of the other Nazi extermination camps.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews The demonic Spaniards did victimize our south; but the other genocidal Europeans also victimized as well. In our north the British genocidal thieves stole our lands. I do agree that the missions should be destroyed because they were concentration camps for my people. Millions were sacrificed in the missions in the hands of the church and crown.

          • ItsJulie1964

            When the Spaniards arrived in Mexico they were utterly sickened and revolted by what they witnessed; a literal meat market of human bodies and parts and starving savages tied up waiting their turn to be sacrificed to the white gods they red negroes worshiped, who were all they remembered of the white, Caucasian, indigenous people inhabiting the high civilizations of the Americas when they arrived. Know Your Heritage:

            As for the “nazi extermination camps” someday the people still teaching these lies to our children will be executed for it. http://beforeitsnews.com/blogging-citizen-journalism/2013/07/holohoax-deprogramming-course-2448392.html

          • Kendrick Jacobson

            The Nazi extermination camps never happened? Now this I got to hear!! What’s really funny, is that I have relatives on the step part of my family who escaped from the Nazis and recalled the entire events to the rest of the family. Get over it, Hitler happened, the holocaust happened!

          • RageFury

            You were there right? How come you don’t look like dead decayed cadaver stretched over someone’s hat? Oh, that is right, this is no longer the place you describe. Nobody here has ever done what you detailed to the “natives”.
            Get a clue, douche.

          • Christopher Parks

            It’s pointless Sonia, there ego and ignorance takes control…it’s the superior mind set that they have adopted from youth…lord forbid you type a word misspelled your considered ignorant. The fact of the matter is that anyone race or person whos ancestory lies south of this board stepped foot on this land before any white man did….furthermore did the natives just hand over this land? Fact is 90% of people in this country are illegal!

          • Stoney Burt

            Our ignorance, Chris? Let’s start with your command of the English language; “there” is not the same as “their” nor is “whos” a word, it’s “who’s” Before you start a war of words it is best you come armed. And yes, you screw up the language, you loose your credibility. That is the way it is, get used to it. You and Sonia would have valid arguments if it was 150 to 500 years ago, but it’s not, so guess what? Your argument is invalid also. Big surprise trooper, Neither myself or any of my family or for that matter, anyone I know has ever fought in the Mexican American war or any of the westward battles with the native Americans. It’s all history, get over it. I make you the same offer I made Sonia, don’t like it, can’t handle it then go a way.

          • Stoney Burt

            Sonia, unless you are over 167 years old your arguments are invalid. Nobody, from back then, did anything to you or your children. including Rose, Kevin, Tammy, etc. If you find the history of the USA so distasteful and take it so personally, and you live here, please feel free to move to Ciudad Juarez or where ever your so persecuted ancestors came from. We have enough issues of our own here in the USA considering our out of control socialist president, that we really don’t need the likes of you or your unappreciative ilk wandering around mouthing off with your “poor pitiful me” crap.

          • Kendrick Jacobson

            Yes, AMEN to that! You just got schooled! You don’t even know your history Sonia and you sound completely delusional. You would have learned about the American-Mexican war in the 6th grade, had you’d payed attention.

          • Kevin Mathews

            Yea Tammy,but that is the way of the left,take what other people have worked for and then claim it as their own!

          • Kevin Mathews

            Yep! And it was only part of mexico for 27 years,it has been the United States for over 166 years.And what is now basically Arizona and New Mexico were paid for 5 years later

          • Anthony Roberts

            Sonia that was a LONG time ago so STFU ignorant POS. To the victor goes the spoils..do you hear the east Germans bitching and moaning to Thw WORLD that they were given to Russia?? Besides YOU are much better off anyway..if you don’t like it go back to Mexico YOUR heritage or else STFU. “Our” population..did YOU live back then. So don’t include yourself retard.

          • peaches

            Sorry, but the Mex-Am war was fought and America won the rights to the land. Get over it. You are part of the nasty attitude problem that is pervasive. You refuse to BECOME AMERICANIZED. Cinco de Mayo is NOT celebrated in Mexico, but our kids can’t have an American flag on the 5th of May.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +peaches Our identity is a more mature than the 10 mins of white supremacy on our land. We date back >50k years on our continent. Given that Amerigo Vespucci was a genocidal child molester… you want Natives to become Americanized? Not under the current terms. If it were an equality based society, I can consider it, because it is just a name. What matter the most is our love and caring for our sacred ancestral lands, which we has been our natural habitat for millennia. The Mex./Am war was won due to an illegal and fraudulent, fixed, under the table, bribery arrangement between two genocidal European thieves. The people never saw any of that money, neither for the fixing and arrangement of the fake war victory, nor for the $15M for land purchase. So, we are getting “over it”, like you say, we’re getting over it in the polls!! Just ask Romney- he flacked on us- so we flacked on him in the polls. Cinco de Mayo has become a marketing enterprise more than what it truly means. The Mx. army defeated the French criminals that also stole land! All Europe just wanted a piece of the pie and thought our land was up for grabs! Worthless, genocidal, thieves pos!! Do you want to talk about the American flag? Really? Go ahead, talk about a flag that is SOAKED with Indigenous and African American blood. What about the flag now?

          • M. G

            Wow. You seriously graduated high school? You do realize that Mexico was never it’s ‘own continent’ right?

            Ho-hum, you bore me now. If you don’t like it here, there’s the border.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +M.G When and where did I say Mexico is it’s own continent? LMAO… Stop putting all that junk up your nose; you’re hallucinating …
            I know exactly where the border is, I come and go as I please; not just to Mexico, but all over the world. However, you can deport yourself back the European ghetto where you belong. I’m sure what’s her face will take you back, since the crow is going bkd!! That is your homeland, this is mine.

          • Debby Ward

            there is every color of every mans blood on that flag…stop being a hypocrite, because you are making yourself out to be nothing but a “I hate everyone who is not my race” kind of person.

          • Mike

            Greater than 50,000 years? You really need to learn some history. There were no humans on the continent before 12,000-14,000 years ago from Asia according to current accepted evidence. There is new evidence that 20,000 years ago the land may have been discovered and a population started from Europe though this is not widely accepted at this point. Either way none of us are the same as the people who did do the crossing thousands of years ago.

            As for genocidal. Look to your own ancestors if you want to point the finger at the ancestors of others. They were some of the bloodiest savages to have ever existed.

          • Katya Franco

            You have some outdated info.! And who would “my ancestors” be? Do you want to bring attention to the pedophilia crimes perpetrated by ALL Europeans upon us? Make sure you stay away from children!

          • Greg Thomas

            Spoken like a true La raza racist. This is what these invaders really think!

          • Kevin Mathews

            I live in L.A. and that is EXACTLY how LaRaza and mECHa think! They want to kick out everybody,even non-mexican hispanics

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Greg Thomas Oh, so ..we are racist because we know our true history and openly speak about the endless crimes perpetrated against us during the American Holocaust? Oh, and we are invaders for fighting for our rights to live in our own homeland? LMAO!! Oh, but you’re not the invaders, right? You are good hearted good people, never stealing, nor systematically genetically cleansing us right??

          • Liha

            You have educated us all about genetic cleansing Sonia. All you can do is squat a thread topic with babble.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Liha You thinking that this is an education proves the problem we have in our country today. Most ignore the historical facts, I’ve talked about here. You’ve had to quickly google stuff, just to sound a little informed. That’s because we all learned the glorified version of history, the one dictated by white supremacy. My intention is not to convince anyone; but rather speak the truth about our history. I speak without fear because, white supremacy can no longer oppress one that is no longer afraid. Peaceful Americans of any color are not to be threatened at all by this fact. However, white supremacy so called Americans are very threatened, as they should be. That means, they’ll actually have to get off their fat tushies, stop hitting that pipe and stop snorting that junk! They pay for all that garbage with OUR hard earned tax dollars. Just sitting around, in “white clouds” all day long…. while we’re out there, being productive! Unproductive, opportunistic parasites are in fact very threatened.

          • M. G

            Actually, the only truth you speak is like a theocratic imbecile telling an atheist that god exists and that his way of thinking is the right way.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +M.G I already know about the atheists I’m dealing with… that is why it does not matter whether they convert or not. It makes no difference to me at all. We have the numbers we need in the polls. We decided our last elections. That will continue to be the new reality.

          • Kendrick Jacobson

            So we “cleansed” you? You sure did a good job at making a comeback of your race. Mexicans mate like rabbits.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +scubadiver1 No, it does NOT happen. Herman Vogel is full of sh*t!!! As per FEDERAL law, you must be a usc to receive a ss pension overseas. If you don’t have a ssn, then you don’t get any pension at all, even though you’ve paid all you life into it. He’s a liar and you’re an uninformed fool to believe such a lie!!! Go to the ss admin. website if you don’t believe me. Watch @ min 22:15 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVqxb0qaRM

          • Tammy Nicholas

            There are a lot of things that are against our laws that illegals do every day. They are not supposed to be here, but they are. They are not supposed to be eligible for Social Services but they do get tons of $$$, food stamps, medical care…the list goes on and on. Many do use fake Social Security numbers and do draw Social Security retirement or disability money back in Mexico after just working long enough to do that. Many also draw SSI which also comes from Social Security. Many scam every system we have even though it is illegal. It is against the law for them to be here or work here, so why is it hard for you to believe they break many other laws once they are here?

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Tammy Nicholas I’m not saying that we don’t break any laws at all! I’m saying we break them as equally as any other race does. We are NOT the only ones breaking laws here. Is it right or wrong? We both agree that it is wrong? But also, was our American Holocaust right or wrong? Were our ancestral land thefts right or wrong? Was our expulsion and annihilation right or wrong? I’ll tell you what, Tammy, let’s go back in time to 1492 for a min… Are you there, yet? Just for pretends for 20 secs… Are you there? Ok, cool. Now, stay where you are in your European ghettos where you were dying from famine and pestilence. DO NOT INVADE our homeland!! Stay put, where you belong and we won’t even be having this discussion. You will end up where YOU belong, which is YOUR motherland called Europe and we will end up HERE where WE belong, which is called ANAHUAC. That is when our illegal immigration started! It was started by YOUR genocidal terrorist relatives ARRIVING illegally into our shores. So, stay put or deport yourself back to Europe and WE won’t have any of the law breaking problems you state here. That’s a great solution! OR do you want to continue to squatter and occupy STOLEN land? Is that right or wrong?? Duh!!!!!

          • Kevin Mathews

            I am 100% Lakota(Sioux) 7th generation,and we fought the spanish and drove them back,and we fought the mexicans and drove them back,We don’t want illegals in this country PERIOD!

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews We are quite united within the tribes, particularly with the Lakota peoples. We are in deep solidarity with their current struggles against the gov., so it is sad that you’ve bitten the white supremacy bait of “divide and conquer”. Fortunately, it is not a collective case, but you’re rather an isolated case. By fighting the Spanish, you fought with one of the enemies. Good for you!! The Mexican army, was also the Spaniards, they just used Natives to fight the front lines. We are not illegals, get that straight. We have as equal rights to live in our homeland as any other Native does. The Spaniards are still squatting and occupying our lands in the south, just like the British are doing the same thing in the north.

          • kholley

            i agree with kevin,i am part cherokee and i feel a close kinship with my native american roots.if truth be told we are all illegals except the real native americans

          • illegal is illegal

            Look at the big picture if there is soo much pride in Mexico then why is everyone leaving to America? And why are the people not working hard to make their country great like Americans did? Guess because it’s easier to be lazy and break laws. All I hear are lies and slander as a pathetic attempt to justify why they are here illegally but really it is jealousy,that fact that we are able to make our country great and and illegal aliens that come here obviously do not have enough intelligence or pride in there own country they have to come crying to us.
            Spew all the history you want it doesn’t change our laws nor does it make anyone entitled. What these illegals are doing only shows shame in their country not pride and I’m glad you joined on the shame train because we don’t need people like you in our country either and when we do start deporting your welcome to ride along with them.

          • Kevin Mathews

            No they can’t get SS,BUT they get an ITIN# and don’t even have to pay taxes to get a HUGE return

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews An w-7 or ITIN will only issue a REFUND only. That means their own money returned. A HUGE refund means a HUGE contribution to our economy, since before any refunds are issued, Uncle Sam does take his share first! As he should. So, you are incorrect about that lie you are saying. look on the back pg. of the 1040 to see how wrong you are. Therefore, ITINS do PAY taxes according to their tax brackets, just like everyone else. Actually they pay even more, since they don’t qualify for non-refundable tax credits as a regular ssn does. Those credits are additional child tax credits and earned income credits. They do not quality for those. The only child tax credit they do qualify for is non-refundable anyways. So, get the facts straight and don’t sound like an ignorant fool.

        • Sonia Garcia

          Herman Vogel You’re soooo full of sh*t!!! As per FEDERAL law; you must be a citizen to be able to receive ss pension overseas. If you don’t have a ssn, then you don’t get a ss pension PERIOD. Federal law, dingbat!!! Busted, in your white supremacy azz!!!! Watch @ min 22:15 as you drink a Coke!!! LIAR!!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVqxb0qaRM

          • Tammy Nicholas

            As per FEDERAL LAW, SONIA, the ILLEGALS are NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE…so you know illegals don’t mind breaking FEDERAL IMMIGRATION LAWS to come here, live here, work here, commit crimes here… but you believe and want us to believe they don’t break other laws while they are here? Oh sure someone that has already broken many laws would never break another to scam money…right? You are the DINGBAT if you believe that…of course you know better…just trying to fool ignorant people who don’t know better…right?

          • Sonia Garcia

            Tammy Nicholas We sure know about FEDERAL LAWS because THEY WERE WRITTEN WITH OUR OCEANS OF BLOODBATHS from all our slaughtering and butchering!!! We are becoming EXPERTS in those laws that were written by the genocidal thieves who stole our ancestral lands; so we CAN AMMEND them!!! If you’re gonna talk “breaking the law”, start with ALL the multiple crimes against humanity perpetrated by our invaders, meaning your terrorist relatives. Start with child molesting, raping, tortures, human trafficking, kidnappings, serial genocides… SYSTEMATIC METHODS OF GENETIC CLEANSING… the list is endless!! Then talk about the motivation for your criminal relatives victimizing us…oh.. it’s GREED. The greed of stealing everything from us because they believe they had entitlement to all our sh*t because they were a superior race than us “Indians” as they ignorantly called us. Talk about the greed behind stealing our lands and placing borders to mark “their territories”, only benefitting them. Then you can talk about expulsed Natives “breaking white law” of trespassing a white man IMPOSSED border through genocide. We believed the 500 yr. lies of colonialism, but are now waking from such horrific nightmare and curse. Good, keep believing I’m a “dingbat”…cool.. also, keep believing that Santa and Jesus are “white”, too. Yup, I’m such a dingbat… I like that!! You keep believing that, while we RECLAIM AND RECONQUER all our sh*t back, right from under your noses!! LMAO!!

          • Kevin Mathews

            Columbus was financed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain,and it was the Roman Catholic church that financed them,go take it up with the Pope! ( I bet you’re catholic AND speak spanish,you know the EUROPEAN language of YOUR conquerors?) I bet you don’t even know your real language( I know mine)

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews Spain and the Catholic church sure collaborated in the endless crimes against humanity. However, the other genocidal Europeans sure followed their evil footsteps. The demonic British stole our land in the north and the demonic Spanish stole our south. Both criminals are still squatting and occupying our lands today. Neither the British, Spanish, French, Portuguese, nor the Catholic church have ever accepted any of their atrocities. Like typical criminals, they pass the buck and blame on to the other. I do know the languages of my genocidal terrorists, not conquers. They were both genocidal demonic criminals in the north and south. You are wrong about your other assumptions. Since you suggest of being a Native, I can tell you that you’ve fallen into the white supremacy bandwagon… “divide and conquer” …. and you’ve taken the bait!! It’s ok, though, in general, our tribes are united. We are BONDED by our past, UNITED in our present; to CHANGE our future. Analyze the evil sarcasm behind your last sentence… you’ve become just like the white supremacy invaders that keep re victimizing their own victims. I won’t even answer your erroneous assumptions due to the evil sarcasm behind it- it is disgusting. Shame on YOU!!!

          • peaches

            You are a crude b____. You have zero manners if you can’t use logic instead of name calling. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +peaches I am such a b whatever you say!! I am such a problem, too!! I like to hear that!! That means we’re making progress if the peach dogs are barking!! I am a problem to WHITE SUPREMACY. Get used to it… this is only the beginning… our fight for our rights has barely started!! Oh, and in the POLLS, I’m a bigger b !! That’s where most of our b***ng happens!! Just ask Romeney…lmao!! He flacked on us…so… we returned the favor to him, where it would hurt him the most… no, not “there” where your dirty mind went (lmao)… IN THE POLLS!!! This generation is learning what your genocidal relatives did to ours and that there’s a direct link between 1492 and 2014. So, in 2014 is where we will fight to honor our MILLIONS and MILLIONS of martyrs sacrificed during the American Holocaust by your genocidal criminal relatives. I can care less about having zero manners, in fact, zero is still a great number, I’d say I have about negative infinity manners! I can care less about manners because I bet your child molester criminal thief relatives had a lot of “manners”, huh! One afternoon they were raping women and children of both genders, torturing them, massacring them and then just for their amusement, they would mutilate and butcher their cadavers!! Oh, but the same day in the evening, they went to their church to praise their god and talk about “his love”!! Since personal hygiene was not a trait they possessed, the dirty pigs wouldn’t even wash their bloody hands or clothes!! So, with bloody hands and SEMEN (from raping women and CHILDREN of both genders), they went to church like that!! Those were “some manners”, wouldn’t you agree?? I’d rather have negative infinity manners to have manners such as the ones your demonic terrorist relatives had!!

          • Greg Thomas

            You are a White hating racist. You will leave, one way or another. Keep pushing. The American people are about fed up.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Greg Thomas You are incorrect about me hating whites. I do not hate any human being of any color. Now, I do HATE what some whites have done to my people and African Americans on our homeland!! I do hate white supremacy. I don’t hate the supremacists, I do hate supremacy. Big difference- don’t get the two confused. I have some dear white people in my life and care about them very much. Some are part of protected groups such as elderly and disabled. Often times, I have defended them against their own people!! You mess with any of my loved ones, you mess with a mean snake- ME. Oh, what American people do you mean? Oh, the white supremacist Americans are fed up with me? Cool…that’s awesome news!! How will I leave? You said, I will leave, one way or another, so how will I leave? Where will I leave to? I mean, I leave all the time on vacation, so where do you suggest I leave to? I’ve been around the world because I love to travel, but there are still a lot of places I want to visit. So, where do you suggest? How about you? Ever been outside of your county? Go visit your motherland called Europe, they have some rather interesting things going on there. It’s the biggest financial crisis ever, the Euro is declining like crazy. It’s like a nest of snakes attacking each other!! LMAO!! I guess things aren’t that easy when they don’t have an entire continent to exploit and enslave!! A couple of centuries later and look at your ancestors… it’s madness there; but go, deport yourself to your motherland and “go help them there”. Stop squatting our ancestral lands and go back home where you belong. We American people are fed up with white supremacy and WILL exterminate such evil mentality. White supremacy is an endangered specie, soon to be extinct just like deadly and opportunistic parasites! Oh, I will “keep pushing”… so… what? What’s up with that? What will you do to me? Massacre me like your genocidal ancestors did to mine? Wow, that means they passed that criminal and demonic trait through genetics. Get a vasectomy asap so you don’t contaminate humanity of such plague.

          • RageFury

            All you are doing with your diatribe is causing a knee-jerk F–c You reaction. If you truly want success for your nonsensical views, then be nice. It is that simple.

            Nobody is going to give two f–ks for a ranting twatwaffle.

          • jay

            Fraudulent documents also called identity theft. They use it to work and its a felony. Because the feds are not going after them they Stoll can be convicted in state court.. False SS cards, and other lies they sign and swear to.

      • Sonia Garcia

        Phoenixmarguerite Turner Our gov., should deport ALL SQUATTERS that ARRIVED on ships such as the Mayflower. Period. Know who the Natives are and WHO the thieves and squatters are @ min 22:15http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVqxb0qaRM

        • Herman Vogel

          Post all the lying videos you want Sonia,,,look up the FACTS before you spew. We paid for the land,,YOU have been lied to by Dumbocrats since the 60s to get your vote,,idiot

          While it is true that the United States acquired a large amount of territory from Mexico as one of the terms of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, it is often forgotten that the U.S. paid Mexico $15 million for this land, that the land held less than 1% of Mexico’s population, that Mexico exercised very little actual control over it, and that some of its citizens were actually in favor of either British or American rule

          Like every dealing with Any Mexican Politician,,especially the ones that made this video to support their lies, the money disappeared into the pocket of same and the people were told the land was Stolen. BTW, Pemex is owned by the Gov’t in Mexico,,and they are our Biggest oil importers,,,so what happens to all that money, why haven’t THEY build schools, Hospitals and homes for THEIR poor…uh huh, more corruption and YOU are eating it up with a spoon. Bet you are a member of Atzlan too..moron!

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Herman Vogel Oh, I reiterate the FACT that you’re a liar and full of sh*t about the collections of retirement of undocumented people. That cannot happen, as per federal law. Go the their website or into a ssn office and ask, you lying moron.
            If you’re not lying I TRIPPLE dare you to source and support your claim. Ask your grammar teacher to help you figure out what this means.

          • Herman Vogel

            voices.yahoo.com/is-social-security-administration-paying-benefits-311273.html It is happening now and with the new DHS chief who said ” I think undocumented ( illegals) immigrants have earn the right to be citizens” this investigation will go nowhere OR be swept under the rug. Like all the times the Mexican Military crossed into the US with full armor and also transporting dope,,,and shooting at our border patrol agents. Didn’t hear anything about that,,,did you. This site only shows 26,000 that they know of that are now receiving SS benefit even though they used someone else’s SS number while they were here working.. As for the SS website,,,You actually Believe anything posted on a Gov’t site. I work for the Department of Defense for 33 yrs,,,I KNOW they lie. So You are the uninformed one.

        • Herman Vogel

          http://www.dmwv.org/mexwar/faqs.htm Read it and weep, the lies stop NOW.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Herman Vogel Unlike you, I have a productive life and can’t afford to watch garbage. So you can watch it for me. In fact, since you’re not smarter than grade school level, you’ll have to watch it a few times. Go ahead and do that, then try writing an essay about it. Let’s see how you do….

          • Herman Vogel

            So what you are saying is you don’t Want to know the truth because then you will find out that the Haters that have filled your head with lies for so many years are Wrong.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Herman Vogel On the contrary- just now, we’re finding out the REAL TRUTH about our Holocaust. It’s been a long >500 years of colonialism lies. Yeah, that’s a lot of years, you’re right about that. We’ve woken, now you’ll have to start working as hard as we’ve always worked. Yup, we want to see more racial equality is all fields of employment- including the agricultural fields!! We want to insure equality there as well. This is just the beginning, now we know what your demonic ancestors did to ours and we’re here to RECLAIM all that you’ve STOLEN from us. We’ve already started, you just don’t know it yet because you’re so caught in your perfect white la la land world, too busy hating on the true owners of this land!! Keep consuming your own racial hatred and watch us leave the agricultural fields to step into other fields such as: medicine, law, education, engineering, social science, computer science and so much more. Time to get off that pipe and off your lazy azzes just waiting for your unemployment checks in the mail… you’ve lost your slaves!! Oh, yeah, get used to this voice… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7psXVV6w9G8

          • peaches

            Blame Spain for your holocaust, as you label it.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +peaches Oh, yes, Spain is the winner when it comes to our Holocaust, no doubt about that!!! But the British follow their footsteps as well. The French and Portuguese as well. All the criminal Europeans, thought our land was up for grabs and due to white supremacy; WE didn’t “deserve” all our land and resources, so… 500 years later… here we are fighting for our rights to legally live in our own land, stolen by our terrorists that arrived in 1492!!!

          • Rose Blankenship

            Hey Sonia…..wtf is wrong with unemployment? If people worked for it, paid taxes into it………they have the right to file for it. That goes for social security that tax paying American’s pay into, Disability, etc etc….you know TAX PAYERS.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Rose Blankenship We are TAX PAYERS as well!! I’m saying we don’t sit around all day on our azzes waiting for our cks to arrive, hitting that pipe all day long and hating on expulsed Natives whom are busting their azz off to FEED AMERICA!!! Huge difference!! We work full time and also go to school full time!! Maybe you should try that sometime, instead of just hitting that pipe that’s eating your few neurons remaining and getting fatter my the min.!!! Get off your tushy and get to work!! Go apply in the agricultural fields or fast foods! Oh, can’t live on min. wage? Well, then recycle cans and take a second and third job like we do!! At least it’ll pay for bills including your student loans. Work hard like we do. Contribute to our economy like we do, instead of using us as your scapegoats. Go b*tch to the white illegal aliens that take the 6 figure incomes you really do want. Because if you keep b*tching about us… go take our jobs, go be a hotel housekeeper or field worker. Stop hitting that pipe and chose a healthy and productive lifestyle!! We, do, why can’t your lazy azz do the same? Oh, by because by your genocidal laws that were written with our blood, it makes you superior than us… ok… that makes sense.

      • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

        i’m not only talking about mexico here..i mean any foreign country…. if an american wants to retire in another country, he or she can forfeit 50% of the monthly amount and it can be absorbed into the economy

    • ItsJulie1964

      And as bad as the mestizos are, the negroes are even worse in terms of what they parasitize off the white race for, and in terms of rate of incarceration. Google “black on white violence” and “white girl bleed a lot.” Wake up from your slumber. This is a white country that was founded by white people, and neither species of savages has any right to be here.

      • Rose Blankenship

        I beg the differ………..it is NATIVE AMERICAN COUNTRY………..

        • tornadotess

          It might be Native American land (and I will dispute that with the fact that as sh!tty as the white man did the Natives, they conquered them), but the country, being the government and the collection of states, was founded by white men.

        • Sonia Garcia

          Rose Blankenship As Natives, we date back a lot deeper than the 10 mins. of 200 years of white supremacy. We are so much more than American. Our civilizations on this blessed and sacred lands date back at least 50k years. This is our ancestral lands, stolen by white invaders. We hand NO illegal immigration prior to them setting their filthy feet on our soil prior to 1492. Indeed, this IS NATIVE SACRED ANCESTRAL LANDS the white man have contaminated with their greed. We will RECLAIM our land and resources back. With hard work and education, we will sweep it right from under their noses, since all they can put up their noses are “white clouds of smoke” paid for by our tax dollars. Let them, let them, let them.

        • ItsJulie1964
      • Sonia Garcia

        +ItsJulie1964 You sure inherited those white supremacy, criminal traits passed on by your genocidal, rapist ancestors. You are a disgrace to your own kind- sick and disgusting! BUT, you’re an old fat hag, soon will kick the bucket and r.i.p. We, the new generation are in command now and are calling the shots now! Keep hitting that pipe as you wait for your unemployment ck to arrive so you can keep paying your “connect”. Heck, that’s even done legally now, right? You just pay of a quack doc. and you got your juicy juice coming right to your door… all paid with our hard earned tax dollars!! You keep thinking this is “white country” as you confuse it with those other “white clouds” !!!

  • Bob Celeste

    This is being specifically addressed in the Constitution for the Republic of Maine. Once Maine secedes, any enteering of Maine, other than thru legal border crossings is considered an armed invasion and any Militia member may use what ever force he determines necessary to repel it.

    Since govt welfare programs are explicitly denied by the Constitution, I can think of no reason why anyone, who does not plan on working, would ever come here.

    To be included in updates on Maine’s secession and to be involved in the conversation regarding Articles and sections, and in some cases definitions, of the new Constitution of the Republic of Maine email one of the three email addresses below, do not email more than one of them.

    pastor.ChristianPatriot.com at gmail dot come
    FreeMaine at gmx dot come
    FreeMaine at hushmail dot come

    As the Constitution of the Republic of Maine is completed, it will be posted on MSM’s official news site. That site name will be given to you when you sign up for updates.

    The vote for Maine to secede is going to be on either June 12, 2018 or November 6, 2018. 100,000 signatures will be needed to get the secession vote on the ballot, for whtether the next governor of Maine is Paul LePage, Johnnie Baldacci, or Cutler, a challenge is expected at every turn. Then 12,000 heavily armed and determined members of Maine State Militia to secure the integrity of the polling places by checking the ID of everyone coming to vote before allowing them in to vote. Those who will not produce ID are to be prohibited from entering to vote, their photos are to be taken and sent to a central clearing house. The day of the vote instructions will be given on how to handle absentee ballots.

    We will also need computer operators to set up and man a system of photographing ever person before they enter the polling place, check that photo and identification against ever photo of everyone who previously voted.

  • Lydia Long

    Leftists are very generous with taxpayer money. Let them all come in. Let all of Mexico come in, and then we too can be a third world chithole.

    • Guest

      We are already there unfortunately. Working class people who have lived her for generations are footing the bill for these idiots who can’t even speak English. What a career goal for this loser to illegally enter a country to give birth to the 1st of her 5-10 children and ‘make a better life’ for her family. Makes me sick. This has to stop. Let her give birth in Mexico!!!!!! NOT HERE

      • Charles Batchelor

        So..we can still deport you if you are here illegally. Just because you are here doesn’t give you some right to stay.

    • Dana F. Davis

      Leftists don’t live in working class neighborhoods. Their children don’t go to public schools. And they don’t pay taxes.

      • NukeWaste

        No, they don’t live in the very neighborhoods that they should have to live in.

      • Susan Tague

        Your Are an idiot

        • Herman Vogel

          Really, So the Presidents kids go to Public School and he actually paid his fair share of taxes? As do the “”D” boys in congress? Wow, didn’t know that,,,News people must have missed that part. Odd.

  • Lydia Long

    Here’s the solution. Let the baby stay here and make the parents go home after paying a fine for breaking the law.

    • Nancy Brewer-Lentz

      Let the baby stay here with who??And who will pay for that babies care, education, college etc..How are they suppose to pay a fine, with what money??Change the law about anchor babies,,That law was for slaves that were brought here a century ago…

      • Lydia Long

        Of course changing the law is the ideal situation. But if given a choice between returning home with or without their babies, I’m thinking they will take their babies and go home. If not, it’s cheaper for the state to raise a baby than support an entire family.

        • Charles Batchelor

          Ideal to who? US or the assholes who crossed the border illegally and because our President is a socialist, will not deported as they should.

          • Lydia Long

            I meant the law that makes anchor babies US citizens.

          • sumpplrstupid

            There is no law that makes anchor babies citizens…

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Charles Batchelor The assholes that crossed the border are part of the Natives your criminal ancestors expulsed and annihilated! Many crimes against humanity were perpetrated against my peoples, for your benefit today.
            We are the surviving 2% and DEMAND justice. We will not stop until we obtain victory in congress.
            White supremacy is an endangered specie. Old farts will soon die and the new generation is already taking over. We want to work hard to rehabilitate our land from all the damage caused by white supremacy greed. Stop hitting people with your cane, grandpa!!

        • Sonia Garcia

          +Lydia Long That’s what we Natives should have done with your hateful criminal ancestors! We welcomed their pestilent and starving azzes and they ended up stealing our land and wiping 98% of our population.

          This woman that gave birth IS Native to this land!!! Your criminal ancestors expulsed her from her home; so you hateful squatters can reap the benefits of HER land. She belongs HERE, as this IS her home and all YOU SQUATTERS belong back in the European ghettos!!! Period.

          @ min22:15 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVqxb0qaRM

          • Lydia Long

            Off your meds again?

        • SFTOBEY

          It isn’t the law that needs to be changed, only the Leftist judges’ interpretation of it.

      • Charles Batchelor

        You send the baby back with the parents as you should but with a US Passport as they are US Citizens.

        • sumpplrstupid

          That is the point of this entire discussion!….They are NOT US citizens!….Liberals have perverted the meaning of the 14th Amendment to make it appear so….Anchor babies are only citizens if the mother is an American. If the mother is a Mexican citizen…the baby is one too…..

  • abigail_adams

    It’s a scam which has been going on for decades, and failure to address it.

  • Jackie Stick

    One solution for all of this could be— send ALL MEDICAL and WELFARE invoices to the countries the illegal’s came from. Let those countries pay the Bill’s and take RESPONSIBILITY!

    • Guest

      Those bills will never be paid if that were to ever happen.

    • David James Potts

      We know it won’t get paid, but at least it makes the point.

      • Fran

        We can take it out in trade… have Mexico provide the US with the equivalent in ‘pot’. The sales tax stays here and basically pays back what they’ve used… $X.XX amount is returned to hospitals who are hardest hit with illegal’s medical bills…

        • Dan Baskin

          Mexican weed is the weakest most disgusting plant around and well come to think of it it would be an even trade.

          • Sonia Garcia

            Illicit drug use is the only field your lazy white azzes know of!! The end to your FREE life at our expense is soon to end…for now just keep putting your own venom down your pipe. Heck, it even gets legally delivered to your doors with our hard earned dollars. A bunch of lazy azz, drug addicts is what you are. A total disgrace to the non-racist hard working, good hearted whites!!

          • Demillo

            At least they pay for their dope and don’t go to Mexico demanding it for free.

          • Vicki Martz

            ass, not azz. And what do you mean…FREE life at your expense?

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Every country the Spanish settled is corrupt.

        • Fran

          I just did a quick run though of all the comments made since mine… not one possibly solution was presented besides mine & Jackie’s… Who ever Sonia really is, they are doing a bang up job trolling this discussion and everyone debating her are just proving how gullible they are to be taken in by such an obvious ‘troll’. I also saw a whole lot of finger pointing and bringing up the supposed causes of everything… Ya’ll better figure out how unhelpful that type of dialog is before it’s too late…

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Fran Troll ? I’m very real, with my own name and picture. NOTHING to hide, unlike you, who only use one name and a cartoon! It’s fine, though… we don’t need to see your addict face. No trolling on my part, I’m very real and ready to take you on anytime on a debate- IF you can handle it with all that crap in your pipe all day long!! Unproductive, parasite is what you are! Try getting off your fat azz for once and try hard work and school for a change! Now, the “connection” comes to your door to “legally” bring your juicy juice, huh! All paid for with our hard earned tax dollars! What a waste of our land and resources. BUT we get to call the shots now… we’re in command. We’ve gotten the education, skills, drive and determination to eradicate white supremacy and parasites like you. We’ve outnumbered injustice where it matters – in the POLLS!! No, dingbat, not the dancing polls, the electoral polls, airhead!! BUT keep throwing that “good sh*t” down that your pipe and up your nose… we’ll keep paying for it… don’t worry… it’ll be fine… just keep snorting… just keep shooting up your veins.. smoking all of it up… white clouds… just relax…

          • Fran

            I must have really hit a nerve to get such a vile response. Resorting to name calling is juvenile to say the least and drawing some inane conclusions about who I am as a person is a truly feeble way to draw me in. Not biting, troll. Have some dignity…

          • Sonia Garcia

            My intention is not to “draw you in”. Why should I need to draw you in? What would be the purpose of that? The only reason would be for an electoral benefit, but we’ve outnumbered you, so…. (??)… I don’t know which post you’re referring to, but I only respond. Therefore, my response is only a reflection of your own post. You have NOT hit any nerve at all, so keep wishing you had the talent for that. The nerves got hit after 1492 to present time. BUT that is the past, we cannot change it. We can however, change our PRESENT. That IS exactly what we’re doing, we are changing our present laws that we don’t agree with. White supremacy tells us about our past to “get over it”. Fine. Now we respond with a “get used to it” for all the law changes to occur. Go ahead and believe I am a troll, your insignificant opinion is irrelevant and meaningless.

          • Helena_Handbasket

            Even referring to undocumented immigrants as “illegals” is technically name calling. It’s the most polite word I’ve heard enemies of our 14th amendment, refer to immigrants as. Thanks for sharing my opinion of their character.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Guest I’m not the one hiding behind a profile like so many do here, including yourself. This is my real name and my own recent picture, so you can recognize me in the streets and give me a cordial greeting. You all hide because you’re too ashamed to admit to your circles and pastors the racist pigs you truly are, not to mention thieves. Regardless, of all that.. the statement that is worth analyzing is “before it’s too late”. Too, late for what? That does NOT apply to us, since we’re just getting this party started! No, not a tea party exactly… a JUSTICE party. In fact, we’ve started partying like it’s 1491. Prince has made a new version of his previous hit, just for us!! So, for us… we’re just “warming up”. Yup, you’re not dealing with our humble ancestors whom you enslaved and subjugated!!! F THAT!!! You’re dealing with us now, the ones born on our own homeland with equal electoral power and not afraid to use it! The educated and sophisticated ones with an awesome earning/investment capacity. So, now.. it’s one on one!! No weapons, or fkd up laws only benefitting the white man. Oh, yeah, because we’ve become experts in the law fields. We switched the agricultural fields for the medical and law fields. So, y’all are gonna have to replace us in the former, while we rejoice in the latter!! White will be a nice color of “diversity” in the vegetable fields…with that hot scorching sun… nice. In contrast, it is already waaaaayyyy tooooo late for white supremacy!! The non-racist hard working people of all colors need not worry one bit. This war is against the white supremacy BS only. Those are the ones that are trembling in fear because their end is approaching by the minute. So, for them, it is waaay too late already!
            They can just keep relaxing with their white smoke all day long, after all they even do that legally now, with our hard earned tax dollars- it even gets delivered right to their doors!!

          • kathin9

            wait let me stop laughing. “we switched the agricultural fields for the law fields”. Would that be the wonderful numbers we have down here in the valley for the illegal populace graduation rate of 65% graduate from the 8th grade and they are tickled pink with those numbers. And before you think that the rest of the 35% are graudating because they aren’t even finishing any kind of schooling or assimilating in anyway such as learning English. The cost of educating and medical care and social services for CRIMINALS, because that is exactly what you ILLEGALS are taking from those of us that are LEGAL Immigrants and U.S. citizens, our LEGAL poor, veterans, elderly who should be getting the money that we spend on people who should be deported. 12.1 BILLION dollars a year in the state of Texas alone to pay for the criminal invaders alone. Imagine just what that could do for our poor, elderly, veterans, disabled folks who haven’t committed a crime. So I say DEPORT, DEPORT, DEPORT and that includes the “anchor babies” who are the result of a CRIMINAL invasion.

          • The Ringing Truth

            Your the most racist person on here.

        • Don Wagster

          We can grow better herb here.

    • ItsJulie1964

      The only solution is to expel every last one of them from this country. They have no right to be here.

      • Mireles

        Its like you guy steeling it from the native americans remember we are the majority viva MEXICO

        • Angie Dunn

          Yea, hundreds of years ago. It was not right but things have changed and this country is in peril. This kind of behavior does not help our dire situation. The first problem here is the lack of respect for laws. If you want to be a citizen do it the legal way.

          • Mireles

            Im totally agree with you but you guy’s focus more against the Mexicans why ?
            What about the blacks the Japanese Chinese Iraq

          • bigsurprise

            Really Mireles.?? You have to ask ??..We focus on Mexicans because they are walking on over and being allowed to by our government !…How many Japanese and Blacks are there in Mexico , or anywhere else doing that ??? Ignorant justification statements like that are evidence of the people themselves .. thinking AMERICA somehow owes it to them. WE are AMERICA and we do NOT owe you anything…we work hard and pay too many taxes…we have our own problems that our tax dollars need to go toward fixing…Not giving over 11 million IlLLEGAL MEXICANS A FREE LIFE !!! Go home and fight for and fix your own country…like our ancestors did…GO EARN your FREEDOM in your own COUNTRY …stop running away and expecting someone else to save you and provide for you. And then that so many of you have an attitude toward us…pisses us off !! WTF ??? You BITE the hand that feeds you … that means DISRESPECT !!!

          • Sonia Garcia

            Keep ranting on… we don’t even care about the past anymore. You are no longer dealing with our ancestors whom you subjugated and enslaved, well, the ones you did not slaughter for the purpose of STEALING all our sh*t. WE, the new generation is in command now. Keep barking as loud as you want about “Illegal Mexicans having a free life”. The only illegals having a free life at our expense are the anchor babies which are a product of their genocidal relatives. Those anchor babies call themselves Americans and are illegally squatting our homeland, which they stole. We are only concerned with our PRESENT now. In our PRESENT we are REclaiming all which belongs to us. Yup, we’re taking all our sh*t back. We have the numbers (in the polls)…and growing!! Oh, since you talk about “pissing us off”… it goes both ways now. Piss us off enough and we will execute a civil disobedience stunt on your thief azzes! We are the survivors of a Holocaust and food growers. We CAN go for a mighty long time without a paycheck and without any type of consumption, including gas and utilities. We can also pull all our paper from our portfolios and banks. The question is, how long can lazy azz white supremacy go on for without their ssn, unemployment or welfare cks OR food? I don’t even wanna discuss who’s land it is. We ARE taking it back PERIOD. With equal rights, no weapons of mass destruction and subjugation laws…it will be a matter of time, before all white invaders end up in our streets…just like they were prior to invading us. YOU are homeless, lazy azz criminals, scavenging for food in the streets of London, dying of famine and your own pestilence.

          • Debby Ward

            as well as this post of yours blaming someone for something they had nothing to do with all those years ago.

          • Johanna

            Sonia – your words and your tone speak only of contempt and hatred for America. I find it very hard to believe that you are only concerned with the present as you keep referencing “OUR ANCESTRAL LANDS”. Your grammar and spelling also need some serious help – perhaps a basic English course at your local junior college would help you express yourself more articulately without the need for constantly cursing to get your point across.

            My great-grandparents came to this country legally; they also had skills to offer the American economy and were willing to take on an identity as Americans. People like you, and the illegals who come here, constantly expect that Americans are to bend to your whim and you refuse to learn the language. If you hate America so much, why don’t you go back to where your life was supposedly better? We don’t need hateful, spiteful anti-Americans living here. It is pathetic that you would seemingly come here expecting a “better life” and yet you spew hatred of this country and its citizens at every turn.

          • Debby Morge

            hey ftard all of us were slaves at 1 point or another,your race is just to stupid to come here the way the others did because their to dumb

          • Marty Martyn

            No one stole *any* land… legal treaties are in place… There was not place called ‘Aztlan’ it was called *Atlan* as in Atlantis… If your country is so great why do people have an impetus to come here *illegally* ?

          • speak english

            Before you start calling American citizens lazy .you might want to look at how many illegal aliens are looking for a free handout and how many are not willing to foot the bill,that seems pretty lazy to me. The whole idea of taking back what is theirs? Start with your own country or are illegal aliens too lazy to do that too.
            By the way during your history lesson you failed to mention that a good portion of Mexico was actually Sold to the US not taken.
            At least Americans have pride in our country and we work hard to keep it a great country we .aren’t shaming yourself by trying to find a free ride in someone else’s country. We.will keep it great by enforcing our laws upon illegal immigrants who have zero respect for our constitution and laws set into place.

          • NicoleminCT

            LOL Americans have pride in USA? That’s hysterical. Majority of Americans have no concept of US law. The people of Walmart clearly depict just how much Americans care for the USA.
            I’ve seen illegal immigrants and how hard they work. They pay into social security and the economy while obese GOPers ride around on government funded rascal scooters coughing out big macs.
            Education in the USA is crap, it’s no wonder Asians are the brightest and make the MOST money in the USA. They excel because THEIR PARENTS care for the US. The 1% reaps the benefits of this country while keeping whitey fighting and squabbling over the illegal immigrants they profit from.
            Whites are angry with the wrong people. Then again, critical thought has never been Neocon republican’s strong point!!

          • A-KAZI

            You are probably the most ignorant person on here. You keep repeating yourself and when people ask you logical questions you repeat yourself again. I can tell if you are indeed an immigrant you did not take advantage of an education. The USA bought all Mexico territories from Mexico. So it is ours now. You probably should have paid attention in your history class. This is common knowledge to Americans. Not someone who wants all the freedoms that America provides but does not want America. Again your ignorance is legendary. I hope your children learned in school and not from you.

          • NicoleminCT

            What freedoms? More Americans die due to gun shots at the hands of other Americans than all the soldiers killed in combat COMBINED. Statistics prove this. Americans incarcerate more Americans than any other nation in the world. 2.4 million and another 11.5 million processed through the system. Remember if convicted of a felony these citizens lose their right to vote i.e have no voice. Americans use prisons as mental health institutions so pipe down with the delusional superiority.
            The American people have given the USA over to the elite which is why 1% has more than the bottom 99% combined yet you claim ‘freedoms’. You’re hysterical.
            Purchasing land from Mexico legally? I suggest you analyze your statement. Murdering and bribing elite Mexicans is hardly morally correct. Europe exported the lowest of the low to the USA to rid Europe of trash. Murderers, rapists, thieves. Same with Australia.

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Why can’t mexico educate its own people and prevent poverty that drives people with 8th grade educations over here? Mexico fails mexicans. Be mad at mexico.

          • PPoppins

            Sounds to me that you are a very pissed-off Native American…maybe NA/Mexican decent. And you are on the same kind of rant that many blacks are on about slavery…about events that happened many generations ago…before our grandparents time, even, that WE WHO ARE LIVING IN THE PRESENT had absolutely NOTHING to do with. Get over it and learn to live in the present.

          • tpagrl7

            LOL! That was extremely funny and entertaining. Good Luck with that.

          • The Ringing Truth

            Your had not streets nor any roads.
            Just to get this straight your culture/peoples never encountered any illness nor ailments until “White People” entered upon your land?
            Thou art a great troll indeed.

          • Kendrick Jacobson

            You give people with the last name “Garcia” a bad reputation. So your main motive now is to come and reclaim because you have so much hate for us? Listen sweetie, when all the cash runs out (the tax that Americans like myself paid into), there won’t be anything left of America. You will have turned it into some little Mexi-bario, like you do everything else. People with your attitude turn good neighborhoods here into little havens of filth and Mexi-ghettos and ruin property values. How’s about you can have it and Americans will travel south and take over your country. Fair exchange.

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Mexican music sucks. Every single song has almost the same melody. And it isn’t much of a melody to begin with.

          • abqblondie

            I live in NM and we are over run with illegals, and they are on welfare and they are almost all Hispanic. Even our last Democrat Governor, that fat bastard, Bill Richardson, was an anchor baby, who grew up in Mexico City and moved here at 13. No, these illegals and anchor babies, do not have our best interests at heart. When I took my citizenship test, none of the Hispanics taking the test could actually recite the pledge in English, so how the hell did they pass the test in English. I was disgusted. Go to University of New Mexico emergency room any day, hardly any one speaks English, and illegals get free healthcare, so outrageous,on my tax dollar. My daughter can’t get college tuition help, but illegals can get free tuition. Stop it for Pete’s sake.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +abqblondie You’re not even from here, oh, never mind, you’re white. Russian or European, it matters not because you’re white, so that justifies everything. I’m an American citizen much more than your immigrant white azz is and I never got tuition help, either. I paid for it with something called “work”, ever heard of that? Why can’t your lazy azz daughter do the same? Not everyone get free tuition help, so quit lying with your racist comments. This IS our ancestral land, and if you don’t like it, then deport your bigot azz back to whatever ghetto you belong to. You have NO right to demand English on OUR ancestral lands. If you want to demand it, go to England, where English is spoken officially. NOT here on our land anymore. Millions of our victims were sacrificed due to robbing our ancestral languages, so NO, H*ll No, will that EVER happen again, do you hear?? Who ever the h*ll you are hiding behind pseudo name! We have every right to use all medical services, since we got infected by the white European invaders arriving ILLEGALLY on our land. We enjoyed perfect health prior to 1492. So, stop sounding like an ignorant bigot. Either be a peaceful GUEST on our land or deport your white racist azz back to your homeland! Oh, and tell your lazy azz daughter to get a life and pay for her own education like I did. It’ll build her character and teach her to work for her own things. It’ll knock down that sense of entitlement and actually produce a productive woman of character.

          • M. G

            “When I took my citizenship test” is what she said. Please learn to read before judging others.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +M.G I know exactly what she said. That is why I responded accordingly. She is a white racist pig that ARRIVED just like the rest of the invaders did. Oh, and she has a lazy daughter who does not want to work to pay for her own education like some other American citizens have. She has a sense of entitlement. What else? I can draw more conclusions about her based on her own post.

          • RageFury

            Sounds to me like you are the “racist pig”. You are the one throwing the slurs. She learned the language, she took the test, she conformed. From her own post the same cannot be said about her “peers”. If anything, she is a model legal immigrant who has every right to be angry at those who cannot be bothered to learn the language of the country they reside.
            What else? You are a troll, a text book example of the internet flavor.
            2. a deliberately provocative posting to an online message board with the aim of inciting an angry response.
            You make many assumptions based on next to no information. You would put her daughter down, yet apparently her daughter cannot receive help and thus works to pay her own way. You insult her for this? Fascinating the convulsions your “logic” endures, to to insult someone you know nothing about…

            As a troll you deserve nothing but scorn, as a racist you deserve nothing but scorn. In essence you deserve nothing but scorn.
            You are far worse than those you decry.

          • tom jones

            You said it so great. This woman is a scum bag troll . What you wrote I hope she can tell she is the racist

          • Debby Morge

            your a joke,no one cares,your race is to stupid to take over,you think because these uneducated broads with 10 kids by 5 different daddys are helping you,like you said your taxes will be going to their lazy brown asses,

          • Marti

            What county did these white racist invade? Boarders didn’t even exist…while there were different groups of folks that were concentrated in various regions, there were also places that ‘white folks’ settled long before Columbus. Have you ever heard of the Norse colonization?

            That’s not to say that massacres in land grabs didn’t happen or that treaties weren’t broken…but that also happened without the presence of the ominous white man you describe.

          • John R Willis

            Sonia Garcia – “We have every right to use all medical services, since we got infected by the white European invaders arriving ILLEGALLY on our land. We enjoyed perfect health prior to 1492. So, stop sounding like an ignorant bigot. Either be a peaceful GUEST on our land or deport your white racist azz back to your homeland! ” Really , you know what it was like prior to 1492 ? Are you a Mexican National , ILLEGAL ALIEN , or American Citizen ? No ILLEGAL ALIEN has the right to use free medical services ! They might and get away with it but that does not make it right. One more thing…YOU wont DEPORT anyone ! You talk mean but we will WAKE UP and RUN EVERY LAST ONE of the ILLEGAL ALIENS OUT of OUR USA !

          • Wedo

            Liar You do not recite the pledge when you take a citizenship test . You do however when you attend a naturalization ceremony . The one I attended last Saturday was filled with people from all over the world and the pledge was in easily understandable English .

          • Marti

            Why are you calling MG a liar, she wasn’t the OP who took made the comment about taking a citizenship test and taking the oath. I also think you are splitting hairs, the test and the oath ceremony that follows is all part of the naturalization process and her point was that in her opinion, she didn’t feel that some of the other attendee spoke or understood functional English. When I took mine, the folks that I talked to that were near me, not only spoke perfect English but I couldn’t even detect an accent that would have suggested a country of origin or that English was their second language; with the exception of an female Asian who I believe was a Buddhist monk, I didn’t hear her speak at all…but for all I know, maybe she took a vow of silence.

            But regardless, I think the the OP’s point was that there are too many folks living in the US (legal and non legal) whose inability to speak and understand English comes at a cost to the tax payers…be it children who need ESL programs or the extra money it costs to have government issued documents translated and printed in other languages (like drivers test handbook),

          • patteel
          • Debby Ward

            seems to me, you are the racist..against all the Americans that are white skinned who had nothing to do with what happened over 100 years ago. Get over it and stop wanting to legalize criminality. Yeah, I know, you will say it’s not what you’re doing, but you ARE. You have a lot of anger built towards legal citizens, because you must have illegal family and friends here. Don’t fight for illegal immigration, fight to get them here legally. But not by surpassing the laws we have all had to follow.

          • Ellim

            Please, look up what the word “racist” means. Please.

          • Images

            Spanish is a European language it came from Europe England in not apart of Europe it’s a island nation state no less e seven European nation states competed the USA England won .more points there are 99 Indian tribes in California none of which speak Spanish why because it originated from Europe Also it is estimated that the Europeans the spandards concorde about 20000 tribes in the new world that explains the Europe language in the region I might say in the Europeans the spandards would have won what the country would look like today???????? Also I am a black American with a lot of Native American blood in family as do most black Americans also this is true for white American I will be waiting for your answers

          • The Ringing Truth

            Just to inform you in your blatant ignorance there is a difference between “Immigration” and “Conquering” or “Invading” should you prefer the latter.
            So please stop comparing those two separate occurrences in history as they are in fact different.

          • Melanie Schielder

            @Sonia Garcia actually NO, your ancestral land is Spain, Mexico belonged to the Aztecs before Spaniards came looking for the City of Gold, they ended up invading Mexico and killing an entire race of Aztecs, claimed the country for themselves, as well as the south western part of what’s now America, however when Antonio López de Santa Anna LOST his battles, Mexico no longer had a right to claim that part of America, it became American territory, thus Mexicans no longer had or have any sovereignty claim of that land

          • A-KAZI

            Sonia, honestly you repeat yourself to much. It is hard to make out anything intelligent in your ramblings. This is not your Ancestral land. Spanish didnt originate even originate on this continent. Can you guess where it did?If you are as educated as you claim to be. Please research who and what color were the oldest known occupants of North America. Its not even Indian which were named native Americans by the European settlers as this was known to them as the Americas. You are so full of hate and the biggest racist on this discussion forum. I’m not mad at you or even dislike you. I just think your ramblings are contradictive to themselves. Mexicans are Mexicans and Americans are Americans. Skin color should not matter either way. I know white Mexicans, personally. If you were to claim to be Mexican American you are Mexican. If you claim African American you are African just living off of Americas wealth because your own country as it stands sucks to live in. If you are American you are American. Skin color and where you come from should not matter. We are all people that should be helping one another and not free loading off of others as it causes hate and hate begets more hate. Until we stop hating one another we will be in a world of war,poverty,racism,and so on. We even pass that hate on to our children maybe not teaching it to them but they watch, listen and learn all through their lives the hate get spewed by people such as some commenting. Including you Sonia. Your children look up to you and if you are hateful through their upbringing towards a ideology or skin color h

          • A-KAZI

            …they will take after you and follow in that path. Hate for one another based on whatever it is you want to base it on is the cause for all the bad towards one another. They don’t call them hate crimes for no reason or hate speech. We all need to learn and work together to better this world. It starts with parents and removing the hate from your childs life. If not your children’s children’s children are going to have the same hate. As in regards to the article. Free loading and having others pay your bills is wrong especially when you don’t pay taxes in that country. Which is where the money comes from. Hard working American citizens and yes those citizens are from all skin colors even Mexicans with citizenship. I have spoken with a few Mexicans in regard to this and they say I pay taxes and can’t get help for anything when I am laid off or injured but This is not right to make people of every race and color that work hard and pay taxes meaning they contribute to people based upon our boundaries in the world are Mexicans who entered into the United States of American Illegaly are free loading. Meaning they did not contribute nothing and do not and are not hard working united states citizens. Speaking of illegal crime has risen in places they are living violence, rape, murder, robbery and so on. If this is not a reason th dislike them not hate them I don’t mean to be rude just putting out all of my thoughts for discussion not an argument

          • Mary Rimmer

            Leave now – you stupid idiot

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Spanish is a white european language

          • Christopher Parks

            As far as I’m concerned you are all Illegals and Latinos from south of this boarder have more rights that we do here, as they stepped foot on this land before anyone except for Indians….I’m so tired of everyone thinking that they are so much better or have any more rights to this country than another person…fact is this land was given to us it was taken, so we are all illegal aliens!!

          • Marty Martyn

            You are confused… just because they are products of Spanish sailors nailing Indians (same thing in the Philippines) and then sailing away… doesn’t mean anything…

          • A-KAZI

            We fought for this land and we bought what Mexico had from Mexico. Does that mean I can come into your house and take what I want because it is here and we all have a right to it? The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a country we fought on all sides to obtain. If you knew anything about the history of this country and its laws that protect you and give you the freedom you have you know they were fought and obtained by whites,Indians and blacks. Yes I said Indians and blacks fought for this country to be the way it is with the laws it has. I have said it many times. Do not go to a country and try to change it into where you left. It defeats the purpose. The USA has no problem accepting immigrants legally. It is when you don’t come legally and break laws that we have in our country and expect us to be accepting and understanding. Every country in the world was occupied by another group of people before being claimed by the people that have it now. Now they are established and organized countries. If you don’t respect or like the laws then by all means leave the USA as we don’t want citizens of other countries trying to make us into a country that sucked so bad that they ran to the USA. The USA was founded on the idea to give the American people a chance to work and obtain a life. NOT have it handed to you by the Americans that are working and establishing themselves. Have you checked the news lately in the communities around the border? Illegal are raping,robbing and murdering people. You expect this to be alright? Its not and the many that are committing these acts are just making matters worse for all the illegal. Illegal are also making it harder for people trying to obtain citizenship the right way. All these illegal and their supporters are no better than law breakers and people that support them breaking the law. This is just my opinion on the matter not a discussion.

          • Gem

            ya ya Americans fought to save america from native americans. So did Australians. We all know the truth so LOL

          • redheart

            But you probably think Israel should be “given” to the Islamo-Nazis.

          • Ron

            Parks do you have any idea what Mexico does when they find an illegal in Mexico? Here is what they do … They grab them take them deport them and take all their passions .

          • NicoleminCT

            You damn right! The right wingers should pack up and go back to Europe. Colonizers have done nothing but destroy this beautiful country. Environmentally devastating the country. Not to mention the Middle East. 31% of USA was stolen from the Mexicans through brutality and land theft. Yet, they’re the enemies? SMH

          • Bexcee

            Left Wingers too. You Eskimo by chance? #CheckYourAncestors No people group is on the original soil of their ancestors. No people group is without aggression, war, atrocities, spreading of disease, slavery of it’s own people or other people groups.

          • Bexcee

            Right back atcha! No people group is on the original soil of their ancestors. No people group is without aggression, war, atrocities, spreading of disease, slavery of it’s own people or other people groups. Maybe the Eskimos.

          • Mary Rimmer

            Can you be serious ? Did the American Indian have money STOLEN
            from him to pay for welfare , free schooling , free medical care ,
            free hospitals , TANF , food stamps and the like ? 75% of legal
            American now live paycheck to paycheck – yet we are suppose to
            give $ 500,000,000 a year to people who come here illegally ?

          • Ellim

            Errr…well, in the big picture sense, yes they did…

            and illegals live worse than most paycheck to paycheck americans. Which is understandable, considering that immigrants in the past (including european ones) could get over here with a ticket and a check for lice. People have always gone back and forth past the border, don’t blame Mexicans because Reagonomics forced Americans to paycheck to paycheck cause they wrecked the economy

          • Marty Martyn

            Trust me it’s just as bad here in Texas…

          • Nephthys

            I had my daughter at Olive View hospital in the San Fernando valley in California and all the nurses kept coming in my room to talk to me. I wondered why they chose me to talk to so I asked them. They said, bc I was the only person on the entire obstetrics floor who spoke English. Not only was I the only American but even the latinos there didn’t even speak English. They want to take everything Americans built up ourselves yet don’t even have the courtesy to appreciate anything by becoming legal, learning the language, not committing crimes and paying their own bills. 84 hospitals in California had to close declaring bankruptcy bc of illegals not paying their medical bills.

          • Debby Ward

            doesn’t matter what COLOR you are..if someone is not here legally, they need to gtfo..and that applies to white skins also, which I am. Illegal is illegal.

          • RageFury

            I will tell you why. Like it or not, the Southern border is the most porous. It is from there, that the majority of the Illegal Aliens come from. The truth sucks I guess. It is because the Southern Border is the most porous and because the majority of the illegals are from the South, that most think brown skinned Hispanics, when the phrase Illegal Alien is uttered. Thus it should be no surprise that the focus is on the Southern border when the people scream to secure the borders.

            It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with location.
            I personally live in NH, my concern is not with my Northern Border. Canadians quality of life is on par with ours, if not better. They have no real reason to come here illegally that I can see. Canadians are not moving here en masse illegally, the Canadians that come here are tourists and they come in their own cars with Canadian license plates and then they leave after experiencing the idiocy that I am surrounded with daily.
            What it boils down to is raw numbers, the vast majority of illegals are brown, not yellow, not white, not black, but brown. If the US bordered China and not Mexico, then it might be different. However it does not and so it is not…
            My wife happens to be brown, her Grandmother had a Green card so I feel I am more sensitive to the issue, however even my wife is as critical as I am of the Illegal Alien issue. She feels if you come here, you should learn the language, do so the legal way and conform to our values and traditions. Neither of us has any use for those that don’t, none…

          • Vicki Martz

            Because Mexicans do not want to wait and work for rewards. They swim across a river, demand freebies and get them…instantly, without ever thinking of or thanking the citizens (of all colors and creeds) that work hard and pay taxes into the pot that pays for their freebies. Then they connive and devise schemes to get more and then riot and complain that they have their rights violated when they don’t get what they want. What rights do they think they have in a country where they have to hide from INS? Illegal is illegal. Who told them they are entitled? If they can’t take care of their families in Mexico or Central or South America, use birth control so that they don’t have families that are dependent on the US for support.

          • Meme

            I would say that ANY ILLEGAL, regardless of their nationality, should be deported!

          • A-KAZI

            What about the blacks the Japanese Chinese Iraq ?? Because they come here legally??? Not border jumping and coming illegally?

          • Frt

            This my students is – A fully developed retard

          • NicoleminCT

            Iraqis? You are demonizing a people who have been murdered under PROVEN false intelligence? 2.2 million Muslims have been murdered since 911 under false justification propagated due to 911. None of the hi jackers were from Iraq. Damn you are so vile and despicable.

          • NicoleminCT

            LOL Japanese? Oh man you’re hysterical.

          • Nephthys

            Bc of out of 17.9 million illegals there are over 9 million Mexican illegals. Plus Mexicans brought the Mexican mafia, 18th Street and many other gangs and an overwhelming amount of crime overall. Along with the cost of welfare in cash, food stamps, subsidized housing, food banks, shelters, utility bills paid for, free phones and computers, free clothing, medicaid, medicare and medical bills that are never paid. 84 hospitals in California had to close declaring bankruptcy due to illegals not paying bills. In California all illegals get to go to college for free. On top of that, Most mexicans remain ungrateful, greedy, unappreciative, criminals.

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Black americans are not immigrants. Chinese and japanese have come here as legal immigrants. They have not come here and claimed tax payer funded aid.

          • ItsJulie1964

            Seriously? You are going to let this red negro push you around with these historical lies they use to justify their destruction of our country?

            For starters, the mestizos south of the border never resided on this side of the border with their tribes, you idiotic genetic mongrel. When the Southwest of America is spoken of as having belonged to “Mexico,” it means the “mexico” as it was built and established by the Spaniards who returned and brought civilization back to you savages, who had simply gone to ripping the hearts out of live victims on top of the ancient and wondrous civilizations built by the original indigenous white Caucasian people of this hemisphere. Yes, that’s right, the archaeology record, the savages own folklore, the diaries of people like Pizarro, and every ancient skeleton found in all of the Americas has more than conclusively demonstrated that the original indigenous inhabitants of the Americas were WHITE PEOPLE who were slaughtered out of existence by the shitskins that arrived from supposedly Asia, although if you believe the REAL folklore of the Indians like the La Kota you have to take them at their word that they came from UNDERGROUND, in inner earth, from whence they were set loose on the white race just like the mestizos and niggers of today.

            The Mestizos never belonged on this side of the Rio Grande. In fact, their “tribe” were such pussies that the Indians on this side of the border pretty much regarded them as easy pickings and raided them freely. They need to be sent on the run back to Mexico.Let them turn their own government into a free lunch program. Be glad we let them keep it (mexico) because it was originally ours, too.


          • Rose Blankenship

            Hey MORON…………yes it is. Tell that to the Native American’s……..wait, I can ask my grand mother who is FULL BLOODED native American…..figures a bleach blonde would call someone a moron……….head tilt……………..you fkn idiot.

          • Candy Kriegel

            What does that say about you for calling her an “fkn idiot” in retaliation? I’ll let you know. It’s a childish hypocrite.
            My great-great-grandfather was full Cherokee. Guess what? He fell in love with a white woman. Why am I sharing this? Because my heritage has as much importance on the laws of our day as yours does, which is none.

          • Vicki Martz

            Maybe do some archeological and historical research on how Native Americans traveled/immigrated to North America.

          • JohnBerrey

            Solutreans were here tens of thousands of years before Eurasian Indians aka native Americans.

          • Sambuco

            The SoulTrains? Wasn’t that a TV show back in the 60’s?

          • jamesjvhi

            Weak minded people are forced to use insults because that’s all they have. You don’t think NA groups fought and moved into areas they conquered?
            You obviously don’t know anything about this subject.

            You are as ignorant as you are insulting.

          • Nephthys

            You are as 100% correct as you are totally rockin. To everyone: natives foughl all the time and brutally too. I had to learn quite a lot abt natives in college bc it’s in a heavily populated native area, right down the street from a rez and bc of my major. The main reasons natives fought 1) was to kill off a specified percentage of ppl to keep the entire population at a certain amount of ppl to ensure food sources wouldn’t deplete resulting in mass starvation, 2), old fueds, grudges and the idea that one tribe was superior to another. They would prove their superiority by killing as many ppl as possible from the other tribes in the area and take land, steal women for wives (helps in preventing inbreeding) and steal children to use as slaves..3) Some tribes were just violent. Warring, killing, torturing, stealing property, land, food, women and children, raids etc was their culture, tradition, way of life and ideology ie. Apache, Comanche, Navajo. I think some ppl pretend they forgot the words and meanings of scalping, warpath, warriors, etc. How convenient for them when they try to lie to “prove” their point. I should add that natives conducted mass killings (the definition of a raid) of men, women and children and either leave their dead bodies or bury them in mass graves then steal their stuff.. They did this to natives and Europeans (whites). Also, some natives would steal white women and teen girls, repeatedly gang them and force them into a life of slavery or force them to marry one of the native men. They’d steal white children, force them into slavery and they were, often, physically, verbally and/or emotionally abused and were brainwashed into believing that whites were horrible monsters and they should stay with them and act like a native bc natives, specifically their tribe, were the best ppl on earth. If any of these whites tried to runaway or resist they were beaten, tortured or just killed. Guess what happened to the white men in all of this? They were killed on site bc the natives didn’t want to rape or marry them, usually, and white men refused to be slaves and fought back. Yeah but natives are such poor, sad, innocent, peaceful victims of Europeans and we “stole” their land. No, just won. Natives religions saw no one owns the land so how did we steal it? Looks like according to natives, Merica was just up for grabs. Hippie libs twisted history around into lies to make natives look completely innocent and whites into the worst ppl ever. I acknowledge whites did a lot of horrible, terrible things to natives but natives did too. I have a lot more info abt natives most ppl aren’t aware of but I already wrote a book so I’ll end it here. If anyone wants to know more abt natives, native history including ancient , their religious practices and beliefs tribal systems, modern native affairs, etc hit me up on Facebook. Karen Rulya Lucsok.

          • Sambuco

            Based on your list of Indian behavioral mores, they sure sound like muslims to me!

          • Daniel

            I know this is an old post but I’m interested. I’ve always pointed out that “native Americans” were slave owners. Why are they celebrated and some of our founding fathers are being written out of our history books.

            My favorite poster is of a bunch of native Americans mocking us about illegal immigration. Think about it, in one sentence they are saying that illegal immigrants (white people) slaughtered native Americans. Yet they are saying we should allow illegal immigrants. They are saying we should allow a bunch of illegals to wipe us out.

          • Debby Morge

            Who cares what your grandma is illegals don’t belong here idiot

          • MarialBach

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          • Buwa

            Well said , these moron kids of great great great grand parents of first illegal immigrants , first boat people , and alien babies think they can re write the history by reading wikipedia lol

          • Mary Curry

            Simple fact is…you cannot be in a country illegally until there is a country with established borders. Our original borders were set in 1776, when we became an independent country, and as time went on, these borders expanded to allow further states to join the Union. Texas and Hawaii were the only states that were actually separate countries before becoming states. The other 35 states came into the Union through purchase or the separation of an existing state. So with Arizona being the last contiguous state to join, our borders were finally established. Now we can say that if you do not come into this country legally and follow the rules you are illegal and a criminal AND WE OWE YOU NOTHING. Send Mexico a bill for their care since that is where they crossed the border. Let Mexico get it from those further south.

          • Ellim

            So you think the Native Americans didn’t have territorial rules? That they didn’t have permanent settlements where modern Americans now live?

            I’ll tell you you another way you can’t be in another county illegally; when racist Irish, Germans, and Italians can come over to America with no information besides “I do not (for the moment) have lice” until they get power in America and then start putting up the gates when brown people start showing up :p

          • Mary Curry

            I am Irish, Dutch and Cherokee. My granddaughter is all of that plus Lakota. So your rant is off-topic. We have established borders, just as every country does. We have rules governing our borders, just as every country does. I have talked with the Elders of several tribes and to a person, they agree with closing the borders. Native Americans were basically nomadic hunters and gatherers with some permanent villages, especially in the colder areas. And in the Southwest where it is hot They were not an organized country with established borders. They had territories and fought each other to keep or take from others. The Irish did not come here as wealthy people. Most were virtual slaves. The Scots settled in the South and in the mountains. Most got along very well with the Natives after the Revolution, Andrew Jackson being the exception.

          • Ellim

            I am well aware that those groups were poor coming here. That was my point. They were exactly the same as the illegals coming here now (well, barring a couple race riots on the parts of some of those past groups, but sure, fine, that’s off topic). The difference is that there were virtually no immigration laws. Many of which were put in place by the descendants of said immigrants. Now, you can make the argument that our economy is different now and so those rules are required. That is a reasonable discussion to have. But don’t delude yourself into thinking that your European ancestors were better human beings because the laws that we all know they would have broken (with less reason than the Mexicans) didn’t break. And note, I brought up race previously to juxtapose the double standards in this debate, which I think are racially based at least partially. That’s the only way I can understand, for example, some conservatives being less than enthusiastic about taking Syrian refugees while praising our ancestors for taking in European ones in the WW era.

          • Ellim

            As to natives, I suggest you ask those Elders if they agree with settlers forcing their ancestors from their homes. Who gives a damn what you want to define as a border? Yes, SOME natives were nomadic. Just like some people live among two homes in the year. But they will still call the police if they find you in either one. Those tribes (as you say) had territories, they had laws, and they (as we do) punished those who infringed on what they saw as their territory, hence the fights. You admit (and wave away) that some had permanent settlements (btw do pueblos, ect. not count as permanent settlements?), so do you agree that we invaded their “borders” at least? You either have no point here or a euro-centric one. Which is fine. And 100 years from now descendants of illegal Mexicans dominating the southwest are going to have an equally self-centric view, unless the anti-immigration crowd can attract people with less baldly hypocritical arguments…

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Illegal mexicans always have had a self centric view. They ar hypocritical bigots.

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Why is mexico racist against el salvador, guatemala, honduras and belize? Why does mexico treat those native americans so badly?

          • Mike Stern


          • Nephthys

            Fine then you take all these illegals and their anchor babies on your rez and you pay for them.

          • Ace_man_82

            Stop with the native american thing already…shit happen in history of human kind. The Mongols eliminated literally race of people on their conquest. The Romans, the Greeks, the Brits. Before the Europeans came, America was not a country, it is now, so just move on. We are talking about today, not hundreds years ago. Not to say we should forget what has happened, but using the excuse that America was once land of native americans and mexicans is just pointless for today’s case. So who’s land did your ancestor (native americans) took when they arrived here? Humans were not the first species set foot on North American you know…

          • tom jones

            The native Americans were thought to be from here but as history and science showed is the too are not from this land either

          • Alvaro

            but they found it first

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            every culture that was conquered by the white spaniards from spain is today corrupt. This includes the Phillippines and Mexico. In fact, Philippines teaches this to their children in school. Filpinos hate the spanish and love the Americans and the anglo american government and culture because under the spanish white conquistador colonial rule they were being oppressed, Filipinos are brown, but they think Mexicans are rude, crude and uneducated.

          • Mario Armansyah

            ckck so sad..

          • GROW UP!

            Thank you God a person who knows the truth!!!

          • Ellim

            You’re right, shit does happens…like brown people taking over America in the next few decades! “que tengas un buen día!” ;P

          • Nephthys

            If Trump becomes potus you’re all getting kicked out. Lmfao. Have a good day

          • Ellim

            Ah, so all black (with a greater-than-average portion of white mixed in) Americans whose families have been here since at least the Louisiana purchase and who have native american ancestors that were here longer will get kicked out of the country if Trump wins. America for the white people! Good to know there is yet another good reason for blacks to vote Democratic…

            Or did you stupidly assume that people with the sense to ironically call out hypocrisy on immigration rhetoric are all non-citizens? ;P

            Or did you make the even dumber assumption that I was an illegal immigrant (because I assume you also know that there have been Mexican-American citizens as long as there have been southwest states and that kicking them out would be as unconstitutional as kicking out Donald Trump) because I wrote a phrase in Spanish? Did it also not occur to you that I might not even SPEAK Spanish and simply have the knowledge of this simple tool called “Google translate”?

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            Who said anything about kicking out Black American citizens who have a long history in this country and have no other cultural identity not to mention country of origin? Trump does not want to kick out our own people. Black Americans are our own people.

          • Sambuco

            Umm, yeah but that Spanish idiom that you translated through Google was incorrect. We don’t need immigration reform, we need to enforce the immigration laws that are already on the books!

          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            why are you obsessed with the color of people’s skin? Is it because Mexico never had a civil rights movement and an equal rights amendment the way that the USA did? Is it because Mexico never had a war where white Americans fought and died to free their Black American brothers and sisters, who were and are our relatives? Is it because Mexico is very racist against black people? You know they are. I’ve read a lot of articles about it that were written by Latinos in America.

          • JohnBerrey

            The very first naturalization act..1790 written by Thomas Jefferson stated that one must be a free white person tho become a citizen. All founding fathers signed on and that was the law until 1965.

          • tom jones

            So called native Americans were not from America either sorry to tell you the 6 grade class knows. But you don’t. So re check history

          • Alvaro


          • Nephthys

            Mexicans are mestizo so if you’re Mexican or any other latino then you’re only part native. Since that’s the case, cut yourself in half and only part of you can be here. Better yet, tell all these native Americans that you’re going to go live on their rez and that they have to split their government allotted money on you too. Lmfao

          • Cedric Ian Anthony

            A. This isnt about Native Americans. never was.
            B. This isnt about LEGAL Immigrants. never was.
            C. This about assholes who come here and spew babies and then stay here since those babies instantly become citizens. Grow some brain cells, please.

          • Betsy Raus

            We really don’t want to start living in the past. Do we? It’s now, it’s time to fix this nation. It’s a waste of time and energy to rerun the past. We are going broke. We are being invaded and broken down by other nations, yes illegal immigrants. This MUST STOP

          • Cedric Ian Anthony

            I agree with all that. I think you meant to post that to Rose Blankenship

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          • BClinton

            We are being broken down by Muslims not Mexicans.

          • RonKeffer

            you are right but broken down is violence the mexicans are draining our

          • BClinton

            I would rather give amnesty to Mexicans that have lived here for years without getting into trouble than allow one more muslim into this country. It is the Muslims you should fear not the Mexicans and I don’t care if the Muslims came here legally. They need to be gone! Period!!!

          • RonKeffer

            we should deny all immigrants access to the US. Look at other countries and their policies regarding immigrants…..we are a haven for the people to come to the US for a hand out. Mexico is charging each and every US tourist 5.00 to enter the country for a week, if you stay two weeks you pay 10.00 and they monitor your time in country. You think you can just stay in mexico like they do hear……think again

          • BClinton

            we should deny muslim “refugees” Mexicans are hard working people. I don’t live in other countries, just this one.

          • Ratibhai L Patel

            Waiting and watch,Automaton, increasing the risk of circulation employments in the world: World Bank report
            Source: GSTV

          • John Smith

            Why not shoot/open fire on the illegal immigrant women on sight who are pregnant then kill the baby inside too if its a boy?

          • RonKeffer

            where in the hell did you come from

          • SUSANM621

            John is one sick person….. if the mother is ilegal so is the child.

          • Elisheba Payne

            True. Everybody who enters any country without a passport or Visa is a criminal. This is world wide so wtf is up with open borders to our South.

          • RonKeffer

            They also must have a means of supporting themselves so they are not draining the resources of the country. The US use to have a policy that a citizen had to sponsor the immigrant and be responsible for their welfare. What happened to that policy….

          • AdirondackAnn

            this for the info, I’ll be sure to have my $5.00 ready at the border…

          • Sambuco

            The real culprits are those politicians and other sc^mbags that opened the gates and refuse to close them in order to break this fantastic country. U S A — Fly those flags proudly before there is a law against that too!

          • RonKeffer

            yea stay on the subject of ilegal immigrants and anchor babies

          • Bexcee

            What people group is on the original soil of their ancestors? What people group is without aggression, war, atrocities, spreading of disease, slavery of it’s own people or other people groups…?

          • KansasGirl

            I also had elders that told stories about our tribe.
            They were called savages for a reason.
            They were also nomads roaming the countryside…they didn’t settle the entire country.

          • GROW UP!

            so is mine!! full blooded Choctaw. and and there are three original races caucasoid, negroid and mongoloid !!! so YOU are the stupid one sorry go read some Medical journals

          • Nephthys

            Fine, you want to call these illegals, native Americans, too then that means they receive everything native Americans receive including college tuition and all money allotted to every rez which means natives get substantially less. Plus, that means all these illegals go to live on Indian reservations. You want to defend them so much then you take care of them. All 15 million and their 400,000 a yr anchor babies.

          • Sambuco

            And once they get settled and collectin on the Reservation, they will move to take over your Indian Council Meetings, and knock off the chief for good measure. Oh, and rape all the preteen squaws and braves along the way, because it’s just their “culture”.

          • Nephthys

            It’s Julie is right. There were many shades of white in America and Canada and the natives of today who are a mix of African, Asian, East Indian and European white bred with them or killed them off. Plus you guys killed off horses abt 1,500 yrs ago and that’s why when Europeans brought horses to America the native didn’t know what they were. Take a look at the Anasazi cave paintings in Utah then read the archeological and anthropological evidence. Read my comment under jamesjvhi first to find out what natives did to other native tribes and the recent European immigrants. Natives weren’t living on some magical happy go lucky cloud hugging everyone and baking cookies all day then riding your unicorns off into the sunset to gleeful sleepy time dreamland at night. Natives were brutal warring ppl. Note, if you read abt the Anasazi cave paintings, that natives, mostly Navajo, killed off the Anasazi ppl so now there’s no more and “stole” their land. Congrats hypocritic. Btw can you ask your native grandma why native men kidnapped, raped, enslaved and forced marriage on white women and teen girls when whites first came here? That’s not cool at all. Since I’m a white woman, you should be apologizing to me and all of the other white women who posted. Tsk tsk. PS since you want to defend illegals then you can take the millions of them on your grandmother’s rez and pay for them.

          • Shane

            LMAO what a retard

          • Mike Stern

            you’re the retard. read some history.

          • tom jones

            You are great with words. I wish the rest of America can see what we see

          • sgb1

            Where did you get that nonsense?

          • Deb

            ItsJulie64 is 100% correct.
            The Mandan and Cherokee were Blue Eyed and Blonde hair.

            The Vikings and Celts settled in North East and parts of Central America. , more than 500 to a 1000 years before Columbus ever came here.
            The darker races came from south of our now border.
            Go look it up.
            Many since then have bred with some of the Darker Tribes.
            But in the pure sense and even today. Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair…Is a signature of those tribes.
            Your Schools and Colleges have been lying to all of Us through the years, about a lot of things to reeducate those unwilling to question and research what is the Real History of this Country.

          • Elisheba Payne

            Only on the North Eastern coast their was a Viking and native admixture that stretched down to the Maine area. Other than that when coming to the east coast Mid west and west coast. Pictured are some people of the Caribbean,North America and Hawaii.

          • Nephthys

            You rock. How pathetic these uneducated loser criminals keep spewing the same lies.

          • Haslie Kemp


          • Joseph Chagoya

            Okay first of all you racist piece of shit, if you look at Aztec culture, they were more superior to white europeans in EVERY WAY except weaponry, which is due to lack of connections with Asia, which need i remind you is the reason whites had guns (Gun powder.) Second you ignorant white trash, were the crusades much different than sacrificing people in ancient aztec? They were both over religion, correct? How about the enslavement of blacks? Oh but since they were white it was okay? The enslavement of Native Americans? Is the trail of tears okay just because it was to a different race than whites? Whites INVADED the Americas, people from Mexico are not invading anything, they are simply trying to move for a better life. Nobody has a problem with a person being white. But when it comes to white trash who thinks that everything revolves around them, i have a serious problem with it. How can you say that Mexico is yours too? EUROPE is yours, the americas belong to the people who lived here and, may i remind you, that central and southern americans, including mexicans, are more american than any white person could ever be. They were here first, and now because white people think the world revolves around them, they are sadly being persecuted for no reason other than trying to make a living. Oh, but it was okay for white settlers to make a living here?

          • reality

            First of all im very proud to be caucasian.Whats youre excuse you slime bag wetback.Go back where you came from and help get your own country together instead of degrading ours.

          • Elisheba Payne

            Not according to National Geographic January 2015 issue.

          • Leroy

            You are not even politically correct. Every single thing you have said is racist. Why do you even try arguing when the obvious root of your anger is racism? You don’t care that these people are coming into the country because it is ILLEGAL. You care because you are an ignorant white woman with no education whatsoever. You are only concerned about the preservation of the Aryan race in the US.

          • Leroy

            You wrinkled bitch. Fix your hair and then talk shit about other races’. I hope you get rammed by a black dick so hard that your intestines come out of your eyes. Every comment you leave is full of hate so have this one. Dumb Aryan whore.

          • Debby Charette Ierardi

            Years ago it was not done this way. People had a work sponsor and entered through Ellis Island.

          • RonKeffer

            AH c’mon is all they have to do is raise taxes…….(sic)

          • Leroy

            The “legal way” is ridiculous. Which is why many immigrants come in the way they do. The rich and famous are granted citizenship over the poor and in need. WHICH IS WHY THE US IS GOING TO SHIT. That is how cartel leaders are getting into the US and how terrorists get into the US. Every single terrorist attack you have seen on TV has been committed by A LEGAL resident. The US is granting citizenship to those from the middle east and ignoring the central and southern Americans citizenship applications when it is supposed to be the other way around. The Latinos are not our real enemies. If Latinos with long time residency and clean records were granted citizenship the US would be able to better sustain Social Security.

        • patteel
        • La Lummus

          soon time to lock and load ….

        • ItsJulie1964

          For starters, the mestizos south of the border never resided on this side of the border with their tribes, you idiotic genetic mongrel. When the Southwest of America is spoken of as having belonged to “Mexico,” it means the “mexico” as it was built and established by the Spaniards who returned and brought civilization back to you savages, who had simply gone to ripping the hearts out of live victims on top of the ancient and wondrous civilizations built by the original indigenous white Caucasian people of this hemisphere. Yes, that’s right, mongrel, the archaeology record, the savages own folklore, the diaries of people like Pizarro, and every ancient skeleton found in all of the Americas has more than conclusively demonstrated that the original indigenous inhabitants of the Americas were WHITE PEOPLE who were slaughtered out of existence by the shitskins that arrived from supposedly Asia, although if you believe the REAL folklore of the Indians like the La Kota you have to take them at their word that they came from UNDERGROUND, in inner earth, from whence they were set loose on the white race just like the mestizos and niggers of today.

          Nope. Fraid not, mestizo. Your “tribe” never belonged on this side of the Rio Grande. In fact, your “tribe” were such pussies that the Indians on this side of the border pretty much regarded them as easy pickings and raided them freely. So go your ass back to Mexico and turn your own government into a free lunch program. Be glad we let you keep it (mexico) because it was originaly ours, too. It’s not a good idea for the less educated such as yourself to troll.


          • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

            I would like your post if you didn’t call black citizens niggers or negros. They do not deserve such harsh words.

        • Marty Martyn

          Interesting…. you know the Mexicans were the first to wage war on native Americans by scalping… Mexico would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the Spanish sailors nailing everything in sight… and sailing away… Maybe we should ship all the illegals to Spain… ; )

        • Kathy Sheppard

          so you can have babies like rabbits or rats, and live with several families packed into one house GOOD for you! but you are still parasites!!!

          • NicoleminCT

            Do you feel the same way about the Mormons who live in compounds and bleed the system dry with 1 guy raping and molesting children? Do you feel this way about the men there with 20 wives breeding and collecting food stamps, healthcare benefits and disability benefits courtesy of tax payers? Should they be deported back to Europe since Mormons sponge off the economy with their inbreeding? I would be more than happy to get rid of the white trash in trailer parks.

        • gjm11653

          Mireles, Hispanics are not smart enough to run an entire country or Mexico and others would not be in such a mess. So what are you going to do when the Americans no longer want to fund your non educated selves? You must have

        • mastedon2

          Oh fk mexico… shthole that it is….So proud of it? take your leeching ass right on back…

        • Lauri Singletary

          Well then pay your damn hospital bill…..you should be ashamed to say that you are the majority..except when it comes to paying…then you are certainly the minority!! Sneaky Sneaky…stealy stealy as usual..smh

        • Philip Walker

          This is coming from a genius that cannot spell “stealing”.
          If Mexico is so great, why don’t you go back? LOL

        • jamesjvhi

          And who did you Mexicans steal the land from? Most of you are descended from the Spanish who came here. BTW the Aztecs, like other NA’s, took land from those they conquered. Not much different from the Europeans.

        • Shod Pell

          Mireles, you need to brush up on your history. First off the so called Native Americans were not Native to this land. They took it from someone else that lived here before they came. Second, The lands of New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Nevada where bought and paid for by the US Government for a fair price at the time from who? Sorry I can’t hear you, would you please speak up. Can’t find you voice right now, I understand. After the lost of Texas the Treaty of Velasco was signed by no other than good old President Antonio López de Santa Anna. In 1845 Mexican troops cross the Rio Grande, which was the boundary set in the Treaty of Velasco, effectively invading the US. A war ensued until 1847 and the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo on February 2, 1848 was signed which transferred the above mentioned lands to the US. The US also paid Mexico for the lands as well as paying any outstanding debts owed by the citizens of that land. So we certainly did not steal any land from Mexico they got paid for it. So viva your ass over to the corner and sit their quietly while the adults have a discussion.

        • Mike Stern

          You’re an idiot.

        • sgb1

          Stay in Mexico, then.

        • Bexcee

          No people group is on the original soil of their ancestors. No people group is without aggression, war, atrocities, spreading of disease, slavery of it’s own people or other people groups…yadayadayada. Maybe the Eskimos.

        • Michelle Renee Ecret

          Are you referring to Spain taking over what is now Mexico from the Aztecs and other Infians that used to reside there?

        • Nephthys

          Then go live on a native American reservation and see how long they want you. You’re nothing but criminals and no one wants you here including Indians. Here’s a thought; do something with your own country like Americans made a success of our country. The only reason you illegals want to be here is so you can be lazy scum on welfare and commit millions of crimes. You’re trash and that’s why your countries are trash. Be responsible for once in your life and stop committing crimes and build up your own country. If Trump becomes potus all of you illegals will be out anyway. Your lazy, ungrateful, criminal days are numbered scumbag. Btw take your disgusting loser Mexican mafia and gangs with you.

        • anchwhorebaby

          Steel? Or steal? Sure a few Mexicunts were in the area now the United States. But this thing called the Mexicunt-American War occurred and Mexicu lost! Mexico never developed. Mexicunts are human defecate!

        • Frank Anderson

          Not yet.

        • Trollio


        • Katherine Huerta

          What does that have to do with my taxes being spent on the medical bill of two illegal immigrants having sex and having me pay for their night if pleasure. Support your own spawn

        • Connie Alsip

          There are more Mexicans in LA County than in Mexico City. That means there are way too many here.

      • Sonia Garcia

        +ItsJulie1964 Expulsion is exactly what your genocidal ancestors did to us for the purpose of STEALING our ancestral lands. We are back in our homeland that you continue to illegally squat and occupy. That was then, this IS now. Today, we’ve outnumbered you in the polls and changing our laws we don’t agree with. Got a problem with that?

        • RageFury

          Illegally? We won the war, our borders are recognized internationally for over a hundred years. If you dispute that fact, get Mexico to declare another war and change the borders. Please, be on the front lines.
          If you are to scared to try it, then STFU and go back to Mexico where you might find some sympathy to your view.

          • La Lummus

            They wouldn’t do that they would be crushed

          • RageFury

            I know. Tell her that. Force is the only way she might get her “ancestral lands”, we are far to entrenched for anything else.

        • ItsJulie1964

          For starters, the mestizos south of the border never resided on this side of the border with their tribes, you idiotic genetic mongrel. When the Southwest of America is spoken of as having belonged to “Mexico,” it means the “mexico” as it was built and established by the Spaniards who returned and brought civilization back to you savages, who had simply gone to ripping the hearts out of live victims on top of the ancient and wondrous civilizations built by the original indigenous white Caucasian people of this hemisphere. Yes, that’s right, mongrel, the archaeology record, the savages own folklore, the diaries of people like Pizarro, and every ancient skeleton found in all of the Americas has more than conclusively demonstrated that the original indigenous inhabitants of the Americas were WHITE PEOPLE who were slaughtered out of existence by the shitskins that arrived from supposedly Asia, although if you believe the REAL folklore of the Indians like the La Kota you have to take them at their word that they came from UNDERGROUND, in inner earth, from whence they were set loose on the white race just like the mestizos and niggers of today.

          Nope. Fraid not, mestizo. Your “tribe” never belonged on this side of the Rio Grande. In fact, your “tribe” were such pussies that the Indians on this side of the border pretty much regarded them as easy pickings and raided them freely. So go your ass back to Mexico and turn your own government into a free lunch program. Be glad we let you keep it (mexico) because it was originaly ours, too. It’s not a good idea for the less educated such as yourself to troll.


        • Army Wife

          I suggest you watch the above video posted by patteel. It would seem that YOUR ancestors were not the original peoples of the Americas. So were does that leave you? Your ancestors took over the land from these original people and I would be willing to guess that it wasn’t by peaceful means. I can only suggest you grow up and try to at least act as if you are intelligent.

        • NicoleminCT

          It’s a bunch of angry whites who are pissed off at the idea of brown people migrating to lands their ancestors killed for. Have you not noticed the earliest Americans were criminals in Europe and were literally shipped off to the land of your ancestors? Do you expect anything less from the nation who produces ‘the people of Walmart’.
          I will find it poetic justice when the South Americans over throw the whites in the USA and start demanding deportations back to Europe. LOL
          Watch CNN, proud whites are now TOO FAT TOO FIGHT. Literally not kidding there is a segment on it. Try explaining to these nimrods that ‘Illegal immigrants’ from South America are granted citizenship for military service to fight and serve the Elite who buy the congress. Americans are morons.

          • Kendrick Jacobson

            Good luck with that. White people aren’t going anywhere. Get used to disappointment.

        • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

          You do not appreciate America the government that makes your life better than it would be in Mexico. Mexico has failed Mexicans.

      • John

        Obviously you’ve never read the Constitution.

      • NicoleminCT

        31% of modern day USA was stolen from Mexicans. The rest of it from Hawaiians and Native Americans. When do you plan to vacate back to Europe?

        • Kendrick Jacobson

          To the contrary, the US bought the parts of Mexico we live in today. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. Read your history.

        • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

          You are really racist and brainwashed.

      • sgb1

        Remove the attractants–citizenship, schools, medical care, social benefits and jobs so they will remove themselves.

      • Anthony Young

        That’s great but all you people voting for Hillary for president are just making the problem worse. They support this ridiculous stuff. We need Trump in there if we are going to fix this immigrant problem.

      • BClinton

        Are you native american?

      • red negro

        Stupid wtf u know nothing!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb ass Your monkey ancestors aint from america so you have a problem…. GET UR ASS OUT! BYEEE

      • Neko-chan

        what the helll is wrong with u white person. U are the most selfish person i seen, u think just because u are white u are the best. I guess not, hahaha this is an example of how white people are selfish and racist. White people never care about anyone except for your own. White people only know how to destroy other people live and conquer people land. How do u think the Mexican people and native american feel when u conquer their land. U selfish mindless white people, stealing the land of other people. WOW WHITE PEOPLE ARE SO SELFISH AND RACIST. WHITE PEOPLE NEVER CARED ABOUT HOW OTHER PEOPLE FEEL EXCEPT FOR THEM SELF.

      • SUSANM621

        AMEN TO YOU?

    • nanap

      Send all you want to, they won’t get paid!

    • Sue Scott

      And bills not paid takes away part of the trade agreement.

    • tarandfeatherthecrooks

      Just withhold the funds from the Billions we send out to countries through Congressional Largesse.

    • USN Veteran

      The countries wouldn’t pay, & even if they did, they’d just pay with our own money. The US sends out billions in foreign aid to every single country in the world except for 3-4. Countries that scream death to America & burn our flag, kill our citizens, get a big fat check from the USA. We’re 90 trillion in debt, sending out billions to the rest of the world.

    • Russell

      like that idea of sending bills but i think its better to send them back

    • Kathy

      JS…that’s a great idea and also include the cost for all the illegal prisioners we have of theirs.

    • Nephthys

      They should all be kicked out. Like undeveloped 3rd world countries are going to pay one penny. They’d just laugh at us. Kick all illegals and their kids out then secure the border with razor wire electric fences.

    • RonKeffer

      too bad it wouldn’t work. Good Idea

    • Elisheba Payne

      I agree send the Mother, child and the Medical bills.

  • Andrew Corley

    Bitch u honestly don’t know why we resent u? One u can’t even speek English and 2 it isn’t the government your relying on, its us, the people u and the government are relying on and we don’t have the money for u to swim here because your pregnant. Now that she had the baby deport the criminal mother and her new child back where they come from. Their own home. This pisses me off and they think its ok and we should be nice and learn Spanish to make there life ezer. Why not just stay where u are to make our life ezer

    • Guest

      Exactly! Ship them all back! If they want to be citizens here, they need to do it the legal way. Getting pregnant and coming over here ‘for a better life for her and her children’ is pathetic. Change the law now and stop letting these opportunistic leeches drain our crippled system!

      • Kathy Sheppard

        agreed. They all just want a better life, at your expense! and the laws don’t really apply to them either, they have dual citizenship, can vote in both countries,

        • Sonia Garcia

          +Kathy Sheppard That’s exactly what WE said, when your criminal ancestors ARRIVED on our shores. Get educated and don’t sound so ignorant. @ min. 22:15 you will find out who the squatters, rapists and genocidal criminals are.

          • peaches

            You sound like a deranged mad woman.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +peaches I’m glad to hear I sound mad! That means I’m making progress! I sound even madder when I’m educating our youth of all colors on how to vote. That is my target for education. The new generations are getting along great together! I tutor for free, people of all ages and colors on literacy, math and civics, meaning how to vote. I tutor and prepare people of all races to file for their N-400s, yikes, I really sound like a mad woman now, huh!! I get crazier by the min., because I’m doing outreach with my local politicians!! I’m learning and teaching at the same time… something about bill something…oh, yes: bill making!! Dangerous… I’d lock me up in a mad house, if I were you… I can get madder and influence the vote of your youth!!! Wow… yup… that’s insane…

          • Rose Blankenship

            Hey cupcake………..then why are illegals still coming to the United States illegally, if it is so bad…………..

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Rose Blankenship Ok. sugar cakes, since you asked in a nice way I’ll tell you. You do have sarcasm, but I’ll overlook it for now. It’s a 500 year long story; but I’ll give you a 50 sec. version : white Europeans stole our entire continent. The British in the north and the Spanish in the south. Both are still squatting and occupying our ancestral lands. They are both in collaboration for protecting their organized crime enterprises. Both have set up their gov., organisms to protect their monopolies and oligarchies. Both have left us destitute and stolen everything from us. BUT we’re not even supposed to even be around anymore because both genocidal governments planned to SYSTEMATICALLY expulse and annihilate us! We are the surviving 2% because they did exterminate 98% of our population. The biggest Holocaust in history, >100 Million victims! We keep returning because this is our ancestral lands, way before white supremacy ever showed up ILLEGALLY on our shores. So the “illegals” like you refer to, are actually part of the expulsed Indigenous Natives of this land. The true illegals are the ones that ILLEGALLY ARRIVED on our shores on ships such as the Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria and Mayflower. Did you get that, patty cakes?

          • Kathy Sheppard

            at Sonia Garcia you get a clue! my ancestors are Indian, I’m not a parasite having babies like rabbits/rats to over populate. YOU need some education before pointing fingers, you are here on our dime!!!!

        • Kevin Mathews

          Yep! That is the way of the left,take what other people have worked for! You should hear the mexicans I work with,they think we are ALL going to die off and they are just going to take over,that IS why we need to expel these people,their goal is to take over by numbers and political power and odummer know it and is fascillitating that very thing.

      • Sonia Garcia

        +Guest Ship who back? The TRUE squatters? Start packing then- the Mayflower is now boarding!!! Watch @ min 22:15 to know what time it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVqxb0qaRM

        • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

          Sonia, I wanted to ask you two questions… Are you legal and why did you come to the U.S.A. ?.. Just asking…

          • Sonia Garcia

            +disqus_E4Vdp7qC06 LMAO!! I’m as legal as you are and was brought here for the same reasons you were. Just saying…

          • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

            You were brought here or born here? How do you know if I was brought here or born here or if I am legal or not or as legal as you?

          • Sonia Garcia

            +disqus_E4dp7qC06 Exactly, I only responded according to your questions. You made your incorrect assumptions about me, so I gave you at taste of your own medicine. Read your initial post where you ask me those dual intentioned stupid questions. You sound like a bigot persecuting a slave. Therefore, I responded with the same “sentiment”, just to return the favor.

          • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

            I simply asked a couple of questions. But it is obvious you are an angry illegal with no self worth. All you know to do is try and make sense out of your ridiculous comments and therefore I will let you rant with no response!! Have fun you angry little troll.

        • Kevin Mathews

          First off dip-s**t the Jamestown Colony of Virginia was here way before the Pilgrims ever arrived(you have heard of John Smith and Pocahontas) go back and drive the Spanish from your lands and while you’re at it demand all of the gold the spanish stole from the Aztecs of mexico,the Maya of the Yucatan and Guatemala,and the Inca of Peru and the catholic church that acquired all of that gold,see how far that gets you!

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews The Spanish crown and Catholic church both are criminals as much as the British crown is. What news is that about the Spaniards being genocidal thieves like the church and British are? You fail to make an intelligent argument, since your are incapable due to either : lacking the cognitive abilities or just hitting that pipe all day long!!! OR maybe a combination of both! Don’t sound like a dip sh*t yourself and actually sound smarter than a fifth grader for once.

    • Bob T

      What Church do you attend that teaches you to treat others in this way? I want to make sure I avoid it.

      • DWeb

        Bob T, do you know what the Mexican Govt. would do if an American tried this crap? Not that any sane American would. Check out the Souther border control Mexico offers. Death. Yes, death to those who cross illegally. What other country allows illegals the right of citizenship to new born illegals? Or is willing to pay the cost of those illegals. I live on North Carolina and believe me, there are illegals here costing the rest of us billions of dollars each year. i saw an article that showed over 3 million dollars each month is sent back to Mexico by the illegals here in NC. That is a hell of a loy of money taken right out of our local economy. And they do that after we give them free education, health care, food and other govt. handouts. No, Bob T., these people need to go home. We need to help them go home. They are harming our local communities and they are not assimilating as Americans. They are bringing there culture and corruption here with them. Lord knows we have enough of that already. I saw another article where 84% of illegals caught have criminal records. So that blows away the honest hard working immigrant just looking for a better way of life. No, we don’t need to coddle them, we need them top go home.

        • Bob T

          Yes, you are right DWeb, let run our country just like Mexico does…. smh.

          • ssn708

            Wow, are you ever clueless, Bob. What church teaches you to respect the laws of the land? Pretty much all of them. Run our country like Mexico? No one ever suggested it Bob, it is called a comparison. Look up the word, Bob. Any idea how Mexico treats Guatemalans who cross illegally into their country? Of course not. Because it is easier for you to sit in ignorant judgment of others and decry your own self righteousness than to actually learn and educate yourself as to reality. These are people who through their own actions have violated the law of our country, while they themselves would advocate killing those who cross the border into their country illegally.

          • NukeWaste

            I couldn’t figure out what you meant. The Church demands that you violate our laws. The Catholic Church is the worst of the large offenders. Every Catholic church is a safe haven for illegals. They are invading Pittsburgh. Then I looked more closely at your sig. Were you on a boat?

          • ssn708

            Yes. And I see what you are saying but as far as teachings, the Catholic church dictates that you obey God’s law over that of man, but does not advocate violation of the laws of man unless specifically at odds with the laws of God. In most other religions, to varying degrees, the religion becomes the law (as in Sharia law) and therefore religious edict is usually not at odds with written law. When it is at odds, the main religions advocate living within the laws. Even Islam essentially says it is OK to live as the infidel lives while you are among him, to obey the laws of the land in action but not in spirit.

          • peaches

            Those priests are wrong, wrong, wrong. We are to obey the laws of the land. God HATES rebellion and compares it to the sin of witchcraft.

          • Kevin Mathews

            Yea! The ones who funded the Spanish genocide of latin America

          • Kevin Mathews

            They will beat the s**t out of you,and if you have a woman with you,well as a gentleman I can’t describe it,but they’ll make you watch!

          • Michael Avalos

            Bob T your ignorance is profound!!!!! We are well over $17,000,000,000,000 in debt!!!! We have our own Citizens that do without! We have Americans homeless and jobless but idiots like you would rather take that money and give it to people who don’t belong here! It is useless to debate with clueless idiots

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Michael Avalos Clueless idiots? You mean such as yourself? Indeed, frustrating!! We the people of this land would not have to be dealing with idiots as yourself, had your starving and pestilent criminal ancestor not ARRIVED on our shores. Period. Shttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVqxb0qaRMo, since you’re not happy on OUR homeland, then deport yourself back to where you came from. WE are home and not going anywhere. We’ve already proven this where it counts- in the polls. Just ask Mitt R. !!! He was born in Chiuh./Mex., but he went against us, so we returned the favor in the polls. Watch @ min 22:15

          • peaches

            It’s a devisive plan to retake America back from the gringos which the illegals despise, yet want everything the GRINGOS have made this country into. By the way, other Nationalities come here legally and are welcome. The illegal “immigrants” are NOT wanted. Since you despise our laws, you will not teach your children proper patriotism or obedience of laws/

          • Kevin Mathews

            Go to LaRaza’s web-site! That is EXACTLY there goal!

          • Sonia Garcia

            +peaches What have the invaders GRINGOS ever done? Besides endless crimes about humanity? No merit for the land thieves. Merit goes to the slaves that are the Natives and African Americans. Any idiot can take free/stolen land, free/stolen resources, free/slave labor and build a nation, sh*t, give me all that and I’ll build you an empire!!! I do despise our laws, so WE are CHANGING them as we speak. That is what I will be teaching my children. Law making and amending. Why? So they can learn how to RECLAIM what rightfully belongs to them, because the thieves will NOT be willing to return any of it. Moreover, they will persecute them, like this expulsed Native woman is being stoned on this forum here. I will be teaching them, our true history, in addition to the sugar coated, glorified version they will learn in school. I will teach civil disobedience methods. Oh, and for bedtime stories, I will read chapters of the book called American Holocaust by David Stannard. Just kidding! That will freak them out for bedtimes stories, that’ll be more like bed time horrors and nightmares! My children will learn how to stand up for themselves and know what their true identity is. They will know they are not the invaders so they won’t believe all the white supremacy lies, even if they are mixed and part white. I will teach them the love, care and respect for our blessed lands. Those are ancestral teachings. Our ancestors taught us that land belongs to no one; but rather we, belong to it. They taught us that we will not destroy mother nature, because it will destroy us first. That we should love, care and respect mother earth, so it will bless us in return. We had a Utopia prior to the terrorist invasions prior to 1492. We know how to take care of our ancestral lands. What has white supremacy done to it? Yup, destroyed it with their greed. That is what I’ll be teaching my children. How about you, what will you teach your kids?

          • steve yelnam

            im gonna have fun watchen….for bout 23 mins

          • David R Lindsay

            Uh…Bob….uh….if we let them come as they please, we will be like Mexico. It is their culture that made Mexico an open shithole. Although I know there are exceptions, most Americans couldn’t care less what color a person’s skin is. It’s the culture they bring with them and the fact that they come here and still want to fly the Mexican flag. We don’t want Mexico here.

          • Kevin Mathews

            Come to L.A.! They turn everywhere they go into a 3rd world s**t-hole just like where they came from!

        • NukeWaste

          No! That way they will just come back. We need to execute them.

        • Tien Lee

          The Mexican Communist Government, El Dictador, along with their buddies the Cartels encourage the criminals and uneducated/unskilled Mexicans to come to the United States. They practically dump them into this country just like Fidel Castro dumped/dumps all of the unwanted criminal Cubans in Miami. Miami is a very dangerous place outrun by gangs and drugs.

        • Sonia Garcia

          +DWeb I do know about Mexican laws. They were written with the same Indigenous BLOOD American laws were. They were written by the white supremacy Spanish speaking Europeans, placed to eradicate the Indigenous population. Same story here, the English speaking Europeans did the SAME thing here. Both stole the land and resources from the Natives. Expulsion and annihilation of said Natives is what caused the wreckage we are dealing with today. You are the descendants of the serial genocidal criminals and WE are the descendants of the victims. Soooo… where do WE go from now?? Now, it’s one on one!!! No mass destruction weapons to use against my innocent ancestors. We’re now both educated equally, both American citizens… so , I ask you : what’s up??!!! I’m telling you, we’ve woken from colonial enslavement and DEMAND justice and equality for my peoples. Our Holocaust has not ended because we are still legally persecuted. We want to recover ourselves as peoples. Whether you agree or not, it will happen. I wish you also wake up from you unjustified > 200 year racial hatred for your own good and happiness. We’ve been here >50,000 years… you’ve squatted here how long? About a couple HUNDRED??? Lmao! That’s like 10 mins. on our timeline! We’re NOT going anywhere because WE ARE home. That is a fact. Yeah, I know the “now we have laws” argument, I grew up with it. Now I know how those laws were written and by whom! They were written by our kidnappers, rapists and serial genocidal criminals.; now they’re called “our founding fathers”. What are we observing this wknd.? We are fiercely working with our youth, our future constituents to properly educate them about political issues affecting us. I say this because you keep saying “they need to go home”. We are home!! Mi casa es su casa IF you become a peaceful GUEST and not a hateful/hostile squatter. Comprendes Guey??? With a big fat dierecis on top of the u!!

          • peaches

            I think you must be constipated, as you keep talking about squatting. Wars were fought and WE won. To the victor go the spoils. You just think because you rant and rave, that you make sense. Well, you first need to take a few courses in logic at a non-liberal university. Of course, you probably have majored in the BS that you spew.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +peaches No constipation here… I am in great physical shape! Look up the terms squatters and land occupation. We know how you won the wars, so how dare you even brag about your atrocities? I majored in a s.t.e.m field from an awesome school. I’ve never even taken a single course in what you concider BS. One day I want to, when I get old and retire, just for fun. I am a biochemist, a scientist. I decide what courses I take, I don’t need suggestions from a troll hiding behind a pseudo nom profile. It shows how ashamed you must be to admit to your circles the bigot you are. I decide because I PAY, entendistes, mensa??

          • illegal is illegal

            You have showed shame for your own country this is why you are here right? Looks like you came crying to us as well. No matter how much history you try to spew doesn’t change the fact illegals are too lazy to handle their own country and they came crying to us for free handouts…free handouts doesn’t scream pride nor does it say hard working and the term illegal also means breaking the law,looks like you failed to research that as well.
            Let us not mention how many children were abandoned by their parents to get these free handouts. They are willing to give up their kids and country for this? That is just sick! You might want to rethink talking down to the American people for we have been proven to be strong and we take pride in our country and we will do what it takes to rid this country of law breaking illegals simple as that

          • Kevin Mathews

            I am Native American! And I don’t care what you think!

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews Divide and conquer… keep taking the bait. Collectively tribes are united. The fact that some jump on the band wagon of white supremacy is insignificant. We can care less what you think as well, so it is mutual.

          • Kevin Mathews

            The Church has actually allowed the Inca to speak their language and have more of their culture on display at the annual parade in Cuzco Peru

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews The church is as guilty as all the European crowns, period. I can care less if they allowed one tribe to speak their ancestral language for a small period of time. Woo Hoo, are we supposed to celebrate that? Get real, the serial genocides were atrocious in Peru as well. How dare you even talk about a parade when, the church enslaved, raped, tortured, starved and mass murdered MILLIONS of Peruvians?! Shame on YOU!! That proves, you have zero arguments and only googled something real quick. Give it up- zero arguments.

      • Lydia Long

        The Church of Self-Interest, which is a good thing.

        • NukeWaste

          No, it is the Catholic Church.

      • harleygurl47

        Bob T….what church do you attend? My church does NOT teach that we need to work above and beyond to feed, house, school and provide medical care to the rest of the world! American’s are struggling enough already without having illegals placing further burden on the backs of hard working, tax paying, Americans. Please do me a favor & crawl back under your rock!

        • Sonia Garcia

          +harleygurl47 How dare you even mention and defend your “church’???? The church and your god played a KEY role in the execution of MILLIONS of innocent victims as you were stealing our land and resources!!!!! Get our of our land, squatters!!! We welcomed your pestilent and starving azzes, the least you could have been was peaceful GUESTS on our soil. You greed was greater than anything, so you proceeded to exterminate us. Guess what? WE are the surviving 2% and now DEMAND justice!!!! You’ve been reaping the benefits of your descendants crimes, now you’ve got to deal with the wreckage associated with ALL YOUR CRIMES!!! This IS our home and we’ve already reclaimed it back. WAKE UP!! @ min 22:15!


      • NukeWaste

        I suggest that you move to Mexico illegally. You deserve what they would do to you and that is what illegals deserve here. End them all.

      • David R Lindsay

        When you idiots start talking about how unchristian it is to speak out against this BS and telling us what Jesus expects from we Christians, you are proving that you have no understanding of either. You feel that way fine. Take them into YOUR home. Spend YOUR money on caring for them. My Bible (King James version) gives no such instruction. Don’t force your beliefs on my wallet.

        • Sonia Garcia

          +David R Lindsay Take your bible and wallet and deport yourself back to the European ghettos where you belong! You are only squatting our land. Your “church” played a key role to the sacrificing, raping and kidnapping of MILLIONS of victims!!! This land was NOT up for grabs!!! YOU STOLE IT!!! Now all you white supremacists “act” like the Natives are the invaders??? Shame on you!!! @min 22:15


          • David R Lindsay

            Hate to break it to ya Sonia. All land has changed hands many times over the course of history. The “natives” you speak of took it back and forth from one another many times. Just because you found you have some native blood, (What one quarter Cherokee, or whatever?) suddenly your all fired up about the land being taken from you. Amazing the stupidity.

      • Tien Lee

        What Church do you go to that robs, steals, takes, leaches, cheats, and lies by invading, breaking the laws and taking advantage of members of other churches/ OR realistically taking advantage of citizens of other countries?!? Would this be the Church of Communism/Liberalism??? I’ll bet you do not even attend a REAL Christian Protestant Church!

        • Sonia Garcia

          +Tien Lee I don’t know what church he goes to, but the church you go to slaughtered millions of victims. Millions of victims were raped, kidnapped, tortured, enslaved and murdered- all in the name of your white god!!! This IS our country and HOME!!! YOU STOLE it, thieves. You ARE the squatters on our stolen home!!! Entiendes, Guey? @ min 22:15


      • jesm

        Bob,what church DO YOU go to that condones felonies,cheating,lying,stealing from hard working tax payers?what church is it that you are hiding under and is giving you such a sense of superiority that the morals and efforts of citizens are regarded as nothing but a joke?? How dare you try to twist this into something else..there’s alot to be said for being Christian,and helping those in need..But it isn’t a question of that..it’s a question of aiding and abetting criminals,of allowing the wrong doers to trample on the rights and property of others,of scaming and lying and helping themselves to someone ELSE’S hard earned goods and services.there is nothing wrong or UnChristian in defending what is right an moral…or for not breaking the law.Christ didn’t tell us we had to be victimized in order to follow him. But He did tell us to stand up for what is right.

        • Sonia Garcia

          +jesm Your church and your god victimized sooooo many million innocent victims. They raped, kidnapped, tortured, enslaved and mass murder so many. All in the name of god!! Please! As my ancestors said, as they were being burned alive from racial hatred ( the religious leaders murdering them wanted them to convert to Christ first, so he would not go to hell but to heaven), ” if heaven is where Christians go, then, I’d rather go to hell’!!!! The church leaders were psychotic murders and rapists!!! Don’t even insult our MILLIONS of past victims with your ridiculous righteous b.s!!! Go worship you white god who preach love for humanity. First KNOW this is our HOME you stole. KNOW YOU are squatting it since your criminal ancestors STOLE it at gun point!!!! How dare YOU twist things around??? Hypocrite !!!!

          @ min 22:15


          • David R Lindsay

            And “natives” have lived peaceful, utopian lives. Never harmed a soul. Right? Never raped or murdered anyone. Right. Get off your high horse. Just because you hate God and anyone white, does not elevate you to something special. You are just another human same as us all except that your more ignorant than most.

      • Kathy

        Bob, we have our own suffering citizens who are getting no help! Compassion is the right thing to do, I agree, BUT take care of your own needy FIRST!!! Unless, Bob, you’d like to start paying hospitals for the care to illegals they provide so those charges aren’t passed on to the rest of us

        • Sonia Garcia

          +Kathy Those people being slaughtered on this forum ARE OUR SUFFERING CITIZENS, you moron!!!! You squatters STOLE our land at gun point!!!! Now, you all act as if WE are the invaders of our own land!!! If you don’t like it, then pack your white supremacy selves and deport yourselves back to the European ghettos where you were dying of pestilence and famine. Leave US Natives ALONE in our home!!! WE NEVER needed to be slaughtered !!!! Wake up!!! @ 22:15


          • David R Lindsay

            Is this the only video you have to throw out there you whack job? You gotta a lot of hate going there. You are soo much better than we “white man”. You have a lot of class too. You are amazing. Oh yeah. Your people came here from somewhere else too by the way. Just because it was not recorded does change it. Like I said in my other reply to your ignorant self, ALL land has changed hands over and over again. Your people fought each other for it too. I gotta quit. Your kind of stupidity is hard to tolerate except in small doses.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +David R Lindsay There are so many more educational videos produced, nowadays. The hate I have going on is about what the invaders have done to all Native peoples on our continent. It is not directed to white people, it is the white supremacy mentality I profoundly oppose. While, you may think I am better than you “white man”; I disagree with you on that as well. I don’t think that I am inferior, nor superior to you, I think that I am your EQUAL. Regardless of where we came, we date back >50,000 YEARS. How long has white supremacy been around ? A couple HUNDRED…. that’s like 10 mins. in our timeline!
            I am also aware of the “exchange” of land historically. This however, has only been the surface of your crimes. What truly happened, was a SYSTEMATIC method of genetic cleansing for all Natives; ORDERED by the U.S gov. ! Our Holocaust, is the biggest one in history. The magnitude of the hatred towards us by white supremacy is unjustifiable. This was not a simple little war, where two equal armies fought and then parted. It was and IS racial hatred, still occurring today; hence we are fighting in congress for an Immigration Reform. The people you classify as “illegal aliens” are in fact, NATIVES to this land, which your ancestors STOLE through serial genocides ( not just war), from them to give to you. Therefore, it turns out that they are the NATIVES and you are all the true uninvited illegal aliens OCCUPYING their land!
            Wars between the tribes are not justification for all the atrocities perpetrated to 98% of our population.
            The only reason why you “gotta quit” is because all that stuff on your pipe has eaten your brain ( or lack thereof). Meaning, you are INCAPABLE of sustaining a civil discussion. The lack of cognitive abilities and education is bold. That is the reason why “ya’ gotta quit”.

            Oh, since you asked if that was the only video I have, here’s another one. @ min 9:15 …
            I have more, if you want me to send you more. According to social scientists, education is important for both sides. Both sides were robbed of the truth; which has only increased the wreckage to both sides. Both perpetrators and victims need healing from so much prolonged agony and destruction.

      • Sonia Garcia

        +Bob T Jodi goes to a church where her god is white. With the same hand she types her hateful msgs., she praises her white god and says he is love!!! I’ll share this link with you. Education is key for both sides…. Cheers! (@ min22:15)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoVqxb0qaRM

    • Sondra Best

      You apparently can’t speak English either. Try again.

    • Jeanne Martin

      speek? Um, Andrew, perhaps you want to make sure you can speak and spell your English before you make complaints!

      • David R Lindsay

        You have no way to honestly validate your erroneous beliefs so you go after the dudes grammar. Why did you bother to comment at all? You have nothing to say that can hold up to any intelligent scrutiny. You need to find something say, on the 3rd grade level to read and comment on. Maybe, just maybe, you can write intelligently on those subjects.

        • Jeanne Martin

          First of all David you have no idea what my beliefs are other than I believe that Andrew should “speek” intelligently if he’s going to throw an argument out there on a very public forum. My comment on the subject of this post is that I don’t see why everyone is mad at the people sneaking over here to have their babies for free and living off our taxpayer money. WE voted the damned politicians in that allow this to happen! We the people…..yea, we’ll pay for it all! If I were Mexican and wanted a better life, I’d be over here in a heartbeat! I think they’re pretty smart people!

          • Jodi Reed

            maybe you should take a fa,ily of them in if you think they are so smart. You obviously only been lightly exposed to them. They are by far the nastiesst people I have ever met and I live in a large port city, no group og people are as rude, self centered, non law abiding or filthy as the “Hispanic illegals”.Have a family come live with you, first you will have the drinking and yelling all day and night, then sex in the yard, they will try to touch your daughter or any other young female, will assault her when she turns them away , usually with force. The police will not file a report because it is not P.C. and then the maggots, roaches, and taking a crap in your yard, yes please take in a family f these clean smart illegals. The smart ones come legally.
            Since Katrina I have been forced to be around them, they are all the same, every group over the years, all the same.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Jodi Reed Too bad you had this terrible experience. Trashy people exist in all races. Plenty can be said about white trash as well, as with any other ethic group. You see, this is our home, it has been for >50,000 YEARS. White supremacy ARRIVED on our shores and expulsed us from our homes, well the ones that could escape. The rest were systematically genetically cleansed. All this was with the purpose of stealing our resources and land. We’ve now woken from colonial enslavement and will fight for our rights in congress. White supremacy doesn’t have to agree; they are old farts like you and will soon be an embarrassing and evil part of our past. This is OUR home, you’re only squatting it. If you disagree with us, then deport yourself back to the European ghettos where you were dying of pestilence and famine. If you learn the truth and become a peaceful GUEST on our soil, then – we will welcome you home. Mi casa es su casa IF you behave and don’t hit people with your cane grannie!!

          • Kevin Mathews

            Uh Kennewick man was here a 1000 years before the Clovis people and now they have found that a colony(ies) existed of french and other europeans way before the Ice Age,they also now know that Chinese have been here as long as 30-40,000 years ago

          • Sonia Garcia

            +Kevin Mathews Oh, trying google stuff left and right!! Hey, at least you’re trying to sound smarter than a fifth grader, I guess. What’s your point? Neither the Clovis nor the Chinese mass destructed our population by 98%. We welcomed your genocidal terrorist relatives whom illegally arrived on our shores, dying of famine and pestilence. Instead of being peaceful GUESTS on our homeland, they became genocidal terrorists, who ended up killing 98% of our population for the purpose of stealing all our sh*t. Fine that is the past, fine. In the present, their offspring, the anchor babies they produced, still persecute expulsed Natives, whom are the same victims of their genocidal criminal ancestors. What justification is that? Let’s just say that you had nothing to do with their criminal deeds that now benefit you. How do you justify the fact that you continue to victimize part of my population for your benefit. You know it is stolen land, but refuse to allow my people the legal right to live in our own homeland? We’re not even asking for you to return our ancestral lands and vacate our homeland, like we should. I’m saying just stop persecuting my people as if we were the invaders, because it is YOU that have invaded our soil. What justification do you have for that?

          • Jeanne Martin

            Oh Jodi Jodi Jodi…..I already have adopted children from these very places and I can tell you that they are much more quality people than you will ever hope to be! Lightly exposed to them! Bah! You crack me up! I’ve never met anyone as rude as you no matter the race. Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror.

          • David R Lindsay

            You admit they come here to live off of taxpayer money (that’s me, you and every other working American) but you don’t see why we are mad about it?
            Let me get the crayons and paper out…..
            You live in a decent neighborhood. You have worked hard, bought you a home, a car, etc….A family swims a river, climbs a fence or whatever. They move into the house next door. Every payday the government comes to your home and has you write a check for their rent/mortgage. Another for them a car. Another for clothes, food, etc. You still not gonna get mad? It’s the same thing you ignorant twit.

          • Jeanne Martin

            The people coming over are not to blame though….who wouldn’t want a better life for their families? We INVITE them in with our totally ridiculous laws and we now have a President who wants to give amnesty to everyone and even allow illegal aliens the right to vote! Come on David…..people are humans no matter their race and if someone is offering you high ground during a flood, you’re gonna take it whether it is morally right or wrong….so, keep your crayons! I say it’s our government you should direct your anger at….not Mexicans!

          • Jeanne Martin

            In fact, let’s get into a discussion on other “foreigners” and what we are allowing…..Detroit is being bought up by the Chinese. They want to turn it into farmland and then charge us lots and lots of money for the crops. There are towns in America RIGHT NOW that are bought and owned by Muslims from other countries….we are not even allowed in the gates! So, I ask again….should we be mad

          • Jeanne Martin

            at the foreigners who are only taking us up on the opportunities we provide or our lawmakers for not allowing them to purchase our land in the first place!?

          • Angel Sue Davis Lankford

            Jeanne if you want to take up for them all so much hey I say let them move in with you and you support them all cause the rest of us Americans are fed up and done with supporting them for free.We have our own families and our children have dreams and futures.We have needs and can’t get.It’s hard to put food on the table but yet we have to make sure they have food on their tables what kind of crap is this? So no We Americans are not allowing this to happen at all our worthless government and president who is.It’s time to clean house with our government and president.We have spoke and told them we don’t want them here and they are not listening to the American people.

          • David R Lindsay

            Okay. I want a better life too. The Toyota dealership a mile or so down the road has some very nice cars. One of those would give me a better life because my currant car is a piece of crap. I don’t think they will let me just go pick one up though. If I do, being that it is illegal, I will be arrested and jailed. Your critical thinking skills are so very poor. Your argument is invalid.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +David R Lindsay As a matter of fact, you genocidal thieves took a lot more than our entire lot of cars- you stole our entire lands! Your critical thinking skills are only geared to benefitting the justification of your past crimes, including our ancestral LAND THEFTS!! Your argument and reasoning is anti social psychopathic!!

          • David R Lindsay

            You are obviously a damn lunatic. You have completely lost touch with reality. My God lady, What have you done to yourself? I will not converse further with you as you are obviously living in some distant reality and thus it is impossible to do so. Damn.

          • Phil Anthony

            You nailed it David. She may be an educated lunatic but she is still a lunatic. I will not engage with this psychopath. You could put her in a room with Charles Manson and they could have a lovely conversation. Only a true crazy person would repeat the same jibberish over and over and repeatedly post the same video. Does she realize that no one watches it nor cares about it? Her deranged “crack pipe” comments about many posters are funny and I enjoy laughing at her because that’s what she deserves. However, she is probably right about one thing. This country has a good chance of morphing into a third world one like Mexico over time. It might be renamed North Mexico.

          • David R Lindsay

            The profile pic rocks dude. Yes Phil Anthony, we are indeed in great peril of becoming North Mexico. The youth of today have been brainwashed and many adults just don’t get it. Too much wanting to be in the tolerant, “in crowd.” The illegals flee Mexico because of it’s crappy living conditions yet bring the very culture that created those conditions with them and demand that we allow it. Why the hell leave some place if you are just going to bring it with you?

    • Sonia Garcia

      +Andrew Corley Who are you calling Bitch? KNOW that this woman is part of the Indigenous tribes expulsed from her homeland!! All newcomers need to be peaceful GUESTS on this woman’s land, instead of hostile/hateful squatters. Had no invaders ever ARRIVED on our shores, you all wouldn’t have this problem!!! Everybody go home!!! You all go back to the European ghettos where you were dying from ( the pestilence and famine) and this woman and her child would end up here because THIS IS her homeland!! If you don’t like it; fine deport yourselves back to where you came from!!! Also, return to the 5th grade so you learn English. Basic grammar is essential! Learn the difference between your and you’re, its and it’s. The only reason why she speaks Spanish is because her own Indigenous language was robbed from her through serial genocides. So, make your ( not you’re), lives easier (not ezer-that is just laziness), and VACATE this woman’s occupied land!! All squatters GO HOME!!! Does that piss you off?? All ships boarding now!!! So, who are you calling bitch? A bitch is having to pack and vacate stolen land, isn’t it???!!!

    • Sonia Garcia

      +Andrew Corley I know you’re ( not your) not smarter than a 5th grader, but at least educate yourself on a subject before commenting. You’re ( not your), just jumping on the band wagon of white supremacy- YOU should KNOW better!!! You’ve been brains washed and owe it to yourself to rise above by getting neutral education on this issue. Then you will see who the Natives are and who the squatters are. This land is founded on Indigenous and African-American BLOOD and enslavement. WE are the founders of this country!!! Watch @min 22:15 to know what time it is!!!

  • Guest

    This makes me absolutely so sick I want to vomit. Deport them before the baby is born, plain and simple! Fix the damn borders so this stops! Why should US tax payers foot the bill for these illegals? They come here for a better life? ha ha! They want to ruin our economy even further and the fathers of those children reside with the women and the women lie and say they aren’t. What a joke! While millions of unemployed US citizens lose their unemployment insurance and SNAP benefits and people like this leech who cannot even speak English ride the system. This country has gone to sh*t.

    • Sonia Garcia

      +Guest Yeah, getting raped, kidnapped, tortured, enslaved and murdered also made us want to vomit, too. This country and land went to sh*t , upon the ARRIVAL of the European invaders. WE, the people, lived here in abundance and great health. The parasites ruined everything for us. They came here for a better life? ha ha! They came here to expulse and annihilate us for the purpose of STEALING OUR homeland. What a joke!! That make me wanna vomit again!!!

  • AZDancer

    OK, I’m confused. If the wife of the president of Mexico gave birth here we are to not question that his child is a citizen. Sorry, I don’t agree with that. His child should not be a citizen. I also don’t believe any child born to an illegal should be a citizen. This anchor baby stuff has got to stop. If you are here illegally, visiting the US legally or are here representing your country then any child born here should NOT be a US citizen – PERIOD! Citizenship should only be passed along thru citizen parents and legal immigrants who live here under certain Visas. At this point I would even argue that children born to legal immigrants have legal status but if their parents aren’t citizens then they would have to become naturalized citizens! No dual citizenship either.

    • Charles Batchelor

      Correct, as the wife of a diplomate, children born to her here in the US would not be US citizens according to the 14 Amendment of the US Constitution. That being said, children born here to anyone else is a US Citizen according to the same amendment. That doesn’t mean that the parents or the child get to stay though, they can still be deported (the parents anyway), the child would be given a US Passport and would just go with the parents and could come back anytime as they are US Citizens.

      • Sonia Garcia

        +Charles Batchelor So, that means all present day squatter that stole this woman’s land can be DEPORTED then!!! Start packing then, the Mayflower is boarding!!!

        @ min22:15


    • Krista Ellis

      The article stated that no one would argue that the child IS an American citizen, not that they would argue that it wasn’t. The wording might be a little hard to understand, replace argue with say….no one would say the child is an American citizen.

    • Sonia Garcia

      +AZDancer You’re confused because you ignore the TRUE history. If what you’re suggesting about the 14th amendment was to hold true, then all you present day squatters would be out of status and WE the Natives ( whom your criminal ancestors expulsed and annihilated), can deport you back to the European ghettos you were dying from pestilence and famine.

      Get educated and then speak, so you don’t sound like a confused idiot. @ min 22:15


  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    If we could find out how many US citizens want them sent back, then we bombard congress to do as we demand. Tell these people they won’t be re-elected. Get them out of congress. We, the people need to run this country not a bunch of greedy assholes and Koch bros. paying big bucks for their votes. We need to work together to get this country cleaned up…

    • scubadiver1

      Won’t happen, most Americans are cowards

      • Sonia Garcia

        +scubadiver1 Not all Americans are cowards. Many are lazy and cowards, they only know how to free load, such as the criminals that ARRIVED on boats such as the Mayflower.

        I am a very hard working and courageous “American”. I love hard work and proud of my own merits. I use quotation marks for American, because it is the present day name of our land. This is Anahuac. The invaders changed it to America (see Amerigo Vespucci) about 200 years ago; which is like 10 mins. for us.

        No matter what name we use. I am not a coward but a courageous woman that KNOW the REAL history of what white supremacy has done to her people.

        Due to that, I can tell all you in this forum that this woman who gave birth is a NATIVE to this land. She has every right to MIGRATE anywhere on HER continent. She never crossed any borders- the European imposed borders crossed her.

        We, the new generation are fully charged, have our sleeves rolled up and ready to work on our blessed soil.

        @ min 22:15


        • scubadiver1

          You sound like a racist Sonia. You are not a courageous woman, you are a woman who wants to play the victim card.

          • Sonia Garcia

            +scubadiver1 I sound like a racist because I state historical facts? In absence of any valid argument, white supremacists as yourself only find shelter behind a fallacy. Your opinion about my courage is irrelevant to me because I have a strong sense of self worth and identity. As far as playing the victim card, you are also incorrect. We WERE the victims for >500 years; BUT NO MORE!! Colonial enslavement is over! That’s right, we were your first slaves, then you kidnapped African Americans to enslave them as well. So, yes, human trafficking on your endless list of crimes against humanity. Just stating historical facts… oh, yes, you think I sound racist because I talk about your crimes, huh? Well get used to it… as a matter of fact get used to this voice… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKyRUbWhE70

            Oh, and just for fun… you should have this on your answering machine… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7psXVV6w9G8

    • Sonia Garcia

      +Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman We’ve already done it!! We’re calling the shots now, we proved it where it counts- in the polls during the last election. We’ve outnumbered white supremacy and now REclaiming our stolen land back. White supremacy has destroyed our home, but we are hard workers and ARE NOW “cleaning up” OUR country.
      Now, you’ve got two choices: Either be a peaceful GUEST on OUR home OR if you insist on being a hostile/hateful squatter – then deport yourself back to the European ghettos where you belong.

  • Since the 1986 Reagan Amnesty, 5.5 million anchor babies have been born to illegal immigrants, at a cost of 100’s of billions of dollars to American taxpayers, just for birth, and education.

    5.5 million anchor baby births at U.S. taxpayer expense
    5,500,000 X $25,000 per birth on average = $137,500,000,000
    $137.5 Billion Dollars in today’s dollars

    5.5 million anchor baby K-12 educations at U.S. taxpayer expense
    5,500,000 X $120,000 per K-12 education = $660,000,000,000
    $660 Billion Dollars in today’s dollars

    and we haven’t even considered the added cost of welfare, food stamps, S-8 housing


    • Nancy Brewer-Lentz

      OMG and food stamps and housing and don’t forget Free day care for all the kids of her’s…..

      • Neeka

        Just to be clear//… illegals do not receive welfare of any kind

        • Suzi Sumerau

          Illegals DO receive welfare at a staggering rate. I dont know where you got your data but check again.

        • elisabeth

          Yes, yes they do. Educate yourself.

        • Aimee

          You don’t have to prove citizenship to apply for WIC, and on some applications for other government assistance it says at the bottom of the form that you are not required to be a citizen to obtain assistance. That tells me that they are able to get money from our government, ie: citizen taxpayers.

    • Charles Batchelor

      I have one issue with this, the so called “Anchor Baby” is no such thing, they ARE US Citizens according to the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. The issue isn’t them, it’s the fact that we let the families stay because of them. They all should have been sent back except the baby would have gone back with a US Passport.

      • TruthToBeTold

        There you go again with your hairbrain opinion.

    • Sonia Garcia

      +Forums4Justice All those numbers mean ZERO compared to the theft of our land, which gave white supremacy TRILLIONS just with the gold rush. This is our homeland which was stolen by white European genocidal bullies. Now, we are fighting for it BACK, exactly where we need to fight: in the polls and in congress. All those figures mean nothing compared to how MUCH white supremacy have stolen from US, Natives of this land. This woman is not here invading; but rather returning home, as is her RIGHT as an expulsed Native of this soil. If you all want invaders to leave, then we sure agree with you. That means that all descendants (anchor babies) of those genocidal criminals, deport themselves back to the European ghettos where they came from. We, Natives, including this woman being stoned on this forum, will end up right here- FREE on our homeland! You white supremacy racial trash, have cost us our lives, not only money. Shame on you for continuing to victimize your same victims of the American Holocaust!!

  • Nadine Faber

    She states she believes in God, great! So I guess that if you have faith in God and you cross the border illegally to have a child, God is going to say that is ok even though it is breaking the law of man? No one is free from sin, but to do it and say that God condones breaking the law like this and making others pay for it is ok, I really don’t think so. There verses in our bibles that say to follow man’s laws or give back to man what is his unless it is in contrast to what God says, then to sin by following man’s law is when we must choose who we will follow at that point. I can understand wanting the best for your child, but to break the laws on purpose and claim it will work out because God will make it work is wrong no matter how you spin it.

  • Francey Lowe

    When the baby is born send them back to Mexico with the bill. They entered illegally and should not be considered citizens. This is how we got an illegal president.

  • TruthToBeTold


    To be a 14TH Amendment ” citizen ” one must not only have been born on U.S. soil but also have been a ” SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF ” at the time of birth as written within the 14Th Amendment of The United States Constitution

    14TH Amendment U.S. Constitution Section 1:

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.

    ” Subject to the Jurisdiction thereof ” means NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANYBODY ELSE.

    This fact is within the Congressional Record and cannot be disputed.

    United States Senate in 1866 Sen. Lyman Trumbull (IL):

    “The provision is, that ‘all persons born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens.’ That means ‘subject to the complete jurisdiction thereof.’ What do we mean by ‘complete jurisdiction thereof?’ Not owing allegiance to anybody else. That is what it means.”

    United States Senate 1866 Sen Jacob M. Howard (MI):

    ” This amendment which I have offered is simply declaratory of what I regard as the law of the land already, that every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are FOREIGNERS, ALIENS, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons. It settles the great question of citizenship and removes all doubt as to what persons are or are not citizens of the United States.”

    Under Sec. 1992 of U.S. Revised Statutes: “All persons born in the United States and not subject to any foreign power, excluding Indians not taxed, are declared to be citizens of the United States.”

    Thomas Jefferson said “Aliens are the subjects of a foreign power.”

    Most people have not even heard of HR 140. The U.S. Congress has stooped so low since the Founding Fathers of this great striving nation that they have to write a Bill to uphold the 14Th Amendment of the United States Constitution. This Law Already EXISTS! http://www.opencongress.org/bill/112-h140/show

    The meaning of Subject to the Jurisdiction Thereof is outlined in this Fox News Report quite well here: “States Fight To End Birthright Citizenship:” http://video.foxnews.com/v/4487782/states-fight-to-end-birthright-citizenship/

    The U.S. Supreme Court has never granted U.S. citizenship to illegal aliens children born on U.S. soil. Domicile foreigners on U.S. soil are NOT THE SAME as illegal aliens.

    As for “natural born Citizen” Father of the 14TH Amendment Rep. John Bingham of Ohio confirms in the House on March 9, 1866 that:

    ” I find no fault with the introductory clause, which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being BORN WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF PARENTS (PLURAL) NOT OWING ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FOREIGN SOVEREIGNTY IS, IN THE LANGUAGE OF YOUR CONSTITUTION ITSELF, A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.”

    U.S. SUPREME COURT Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875). This is the only Supreme Court PRECEDENT UNILATERALLY defining who a natural born Citizen is even though the case was about women’s voting rights AND IT HAS NEVER BEEN CHALLENGED OR OVERRULED.

    In the Minor case the court had to determine if Virginia Minor was a U.S. citizen and in doing so they stated because she was a ” NATURAL BORN U.S. CITIZEN ” BORN OF TWO(2) CITIZEN PARENTS(PLURAL) THERE WAS NO NEED TO DETERMINE IF SHE WAS A SIMPLE ” CITIZEN ” BECAUSE THERE HAVE BEEN DOUBTS ABOUT THAT DEFINITION AND THEY DID NOT HAVE TO GO THERE.

    Minor v. Happersett Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875):

    “…IT WAS NEVER DOUBTED THAT ALL CHILDREN BORN IN A COUNTRY OF PARENTS WHO WERE IT’S CITIZENS BECAME THEMSELVES, UPON THEIR BIRTH, CITIZENS ALSO. THESE WERE NATIVES OR NATURAL BORN CITIZENS, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first. For the purposes of this case, it is not necessary to solve these doubts…..”

    The U.S. Supreme Court stated pertaining to this case that it is ” not necessary” to solve the doubts of who a ” citizen ” is because it was “never doubted” that Minor was a “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” born of two (2) U.S. citizen parents(PLURAL) within the United States.

    Todd Leventhal of the U.S. State Department confirmed Barack Hussein Obama was born a DUAL citizen of the U.K. and the U.S. from 1961 to 1963 and was then a DUAL citizen of KENYA and The U.S from 1963 to 1982.

    FactCheck confirmed he was born a DUAL citizen: “Barack Obama Jr. was both a U.S. citizen (by virtue of being born in Hawaii) and a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies (or the UKC) by virtue of being born to a father who was a citizen of the UKC.

    The British Nationality Act of 1948 confirmed Barack Hussein Obama Sr passed UK citizenship TO HIS CHILDREN (Barack Hussein Obama Jr.) no matter where the child’s birth took place. The British Nationality Act of 1948 (Part II, Section 5) states: ” Subject to the provisions of this section, a person born after the commencement of this Act shall be a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies by descent if his father is a citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies at the time of the birth.”

    Barack Hussein Obama himself confirmed he was born a DUAL citizen on his “official” website, Fight The Smears: “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr…was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children. Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982.”

    List of all U.S. Presidents – Eligibility under the original citizens Grandfather Clause (GFC) or Natural Born Citizen (NBC) clause or seated despite constitutional ineligibility and fraud by the candidate and lack of in-depth vetting of early life documents by the media and Congress:

    There it is in black and white.

    There is no anchor baby law, and Obama is not Constitutionally eligible to be POTUS.

    Weakness in the Constitution will cripple the people. “

    • Charles Batchelor

      Subject to means under the law, not swear loyalty. If you are visiting the uS,your subject to it’s laws, if you work here at all, you are subject to it’s taxes. The only people not subject to US law are diplomats and their counsel/ family who have diplomatic immunity.

      • TruthToBeTold

        Charles Batchelor, just because you pull something out of your arse it doesn’t make it true.

  • Harrist7

    The 14th Amendment says absolutely nothing about these greasy illegals being citizens.

    • Charles Batchelor

      Yes it does.

      • Harrist7

        It dang don’t.

        Have somebody read the 14th Amendment to you.

        If that child was not SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION of any other nation, like the freed African slaves it was supposed to protect, then yes – it would be an anchor baby citizen.

        That baby is subject to the nation of which it’s parents are subject to, and it surely is not subject to the USA.

      • Herman Vogel

        It was written to make sure Blacks in this country were citizens and NOT just because their mother ran across the river at the last minute to be able to Leach off of the Tax payers with an Anchor Baby. Blacks paid to it with their lives and hard work.

  • Lisa Luders Meis

    IF an American gave birth to a bay in Mexico it doesn’t make them a Mexican it just mean s they were born there, they need pass port to come back home. IF they are born in any other country it just means they WERE BORN THERE it DOESNT give them the right to say that they are 1 so WHY doesn’t does it for all the ILLEAGALS?? IF they want to BE AN AMERICAN do it LEGALLY! Take you baby back to Mexico or where ever you came.

  • rex freeway

    Here’s what needs to be done. For every Mexican caught here illegally, we charge the Mexican government for allowing it’s citizens to illegally cross the border. When they start losing money i’ll bet they can seal the border within a week. Where we couldnt in all this time.

    • John Hatchins

      How much should we fine the BIG CORPS that rely heavily on undocumented, low-wage immigrants to clean the hotel toilets, pump gas, clean ATMs, and pick tobacco, cotton, and strawberries?

      • GriffonClaw

        When they get caught fine the living daylights out of the corporation per each illegal!

      • rex freeway

        Rely heavily? Are there not laws on the books right now that forbid just that scenario? Enforce the laws. Why do we even have them if the government wont enforce them

  • Vicki Vince Olsen

    Yep, let’s challenge the 14th Amendment…why MUST we make these children US citizens automatically? Let’s “guarantee” that they will get sent back with their mammas and daddys and they will NOT become citizens, or better yet, keep the little babies in US custody and start putting them up for adoption to the many Americans who want to adopt…see how quickly this craps come to a halt. Keeping their babies here and sending them back “baby-less” may make them change their minds about our “free” system…..and maybe help them “understand” more clearly.

    • GriffonClaw

      I like that idea. Either ship the whole package back or claim the child and kick the illegal out….

      • Nancy Brewer-Lentz

        claim the child, and who will foot that bill forever,,,,???? Day care, education health, college and or food stamps for that child their whole life here…NO NO!!!

        • GriffonClaw

          I meant to allow a couple wishing to adopt to adopt it. The adoptive parents would then foot the bill. Otherwise send it back with the illegal parent.

    • bobfairlane

      If an “American” wants to adopt an anchorweight, they can go home with the illegals.

      • elisabeth

        That baby did nothing wrong. It wasn’t that childs fault that it’s mother decided to come here illegally and give birth. Why should an American who chooses to adopt the baby be forced to go with the illegals? You sir are exactly what is wrong with this country.

  • TruthToBeTold

    E-VERIFY ‘FLAGS’ OBAMA’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER – [[ 042-68-4425 ]] – Belongs to a person in Connecticut that was born 1890 – HARRISON J. BOUNEL. Lawsuits have been filed because the lap dogs in Congress remain complicit with the fraud in the White House. What a disgrace they have become.


    • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo

      they didnt have SSNs in 1890

      • Julia Howe

        BUT they did issue them out after 1936…which would make that person 46. Gee…do you think they refused “him” an SSN because he was over 40?! D’oh!

      • sumpplrstupid

        They did after 1937 when he applied for it…

  • Linda Thompson

    It is a fact that pregnant women cross the border at the checkpoints for a day visit but they are already in labor. That way their baby is born in the US and they get free medical care and FOOD STAMPS each month.

    • bob e. wills

      This is the way it happens. A woman is due for birth of her child. They call an ambulance to take her to the hospital in their city in Mexico, a border town, let’s say across from EL Paso, Tx. She gets to the hospital in her city and they refuse to take her in as she has no money, no insurance. She knows she will not be rejected because of USA laws. The ambulance takes her across the border in El Paso to hospital there..where the baby will be delivered. (Before a pregnant women becomes due and lives far away from the border, they just move closer) The hospital NEVER gets paid, nor the doctor, nor anyone gets paid. The hospital is left w/ no money so it charges the City El Paso, they in turn seek re imbursement for losses thru the US Gov., the US Gov. in turn tax the US citizen. Ambulance does the same thing in knifing, shootings, domestic disputes and any injuries that require medical services. Taxpayers in the USA pays for everything “Mexico.”Why?.. is Mexico broke? Absolutely NOT. Their government is very wealthy but they just keep all the people’s money and never deliver on what the politicians promise. Never help their people. Is it any wonder why they have a drug cartel problem there? The government keeps the people broke. Does that sound like America on a smaller scale? Send all your “Thank You” letters to Bill Clinton who initiated and signed the NAFTA Act.

      • GriffonClaw

        All America has to do is refuse entry to the ambulances from Mexico. Tell them to use Mexican hospitals, not enter America to use ours. Just as all semi truck traffic has to enter through our border stops, do the same for Mexican ambulances. Then turn them back…the ambulance driver is capable of delivering a baby.

        • bob e. wills

          If there is an emergency(ambulance) the hospital will not turn one away. Now, if they walk across the border or driven there, the hospital can turn them away. An ambulance is an emergentcy vehicle…that’s why they always ride the ambulance…get 1st class care, they pay nothing. The birth certificate will read “born in Texas or Arizona, etc. Texas school buses already pick Mexican children up at the border, and that’s been going on forever, and take them to American schools. They get free lunches, free books, free every thing. Texans are raising two, three etc. families and paying for their own families too. It’s a Monster!

          • GriffonClaw

            I’m saying the Border Guards should be telling the Mexican Ambulances that are carrying pregant women they need to find a Mexican Hospital, not hunt for the nearest American hospital for delivering Babies. As I have mentioned ambulance drivers as well as police are trained to deliver babies in emergencies. If it was an accident where someone is injured then I suppose they could let them enter the country instead of finding their own hospitals to use.

            And why are the Mexican children going to American schools? Here each district has its own school system and if you don’t want to go to the school in your district you move to a new one. Why would they allow children from another country to enter and take the spots reserved to children in their own districts?

    • John Hatchins

      Jesus would do what with the woman?

      • GriffonClaw

        We are not Jesus….
        We are a country being overwhelmed by illegals trying to create a link into our country.

        • Sonia Garcia

          “We are NOT Jesus” is correct because he would NOT have STOLEN her homeland, raped and annihilated her. Then a couple of centuries later, call her, an expulsed Native, the illegal alien on her own land! All these racist pigs, here “think” they own our homeland because they STOLE it. These pigs also go to church to praise their white god with the same hands they type so many hateful comments.

          • GriffonClaw

            “Jesus” is a storybook character in a book written by men who “Claim” to have spoken to an invisible being.
            The land was sold by the Native Mexican people’s government in 1848 and now belongs to The country of America. The illegal Did not have her “homeland” stolen and where does the article mention these women were “raped” by American Men???

          • Bobbi

            GriffonClaw, I applaud you for mentioning the land was sold by the Native Mexican people’s government in 1848. Sonia just has a lot of pent up hatred and must have forgotten about that fact.

      • bobfairlane

        Jesus would probably try to bang her, then tell Jose and Julio all about it.

      • Russell Edgington

        jesus would help her then make her work to pay the bill plus 10 percent to the church he called them disiples

  • Carmel Campese Curtis

    For every dollar we spend on an illegal the US government should withhold one dollar of aid to the country of the illegal. That would get Mexico’s attention real quick!

    • John Hatchins

      Not a bad idea, just think how much money we would’ve collected from Italy, Germany, Israel, France, Spain, Russia, and dozens of other countries had we imposed this idea of yours universally.
      Given that we took blacks hostage and transported them from other worlds — how would that be worked out?

      • GriffonClaw

        We were talking Illegals here! Not those who entered through proper channels, or those the Slaveowners subjected and forced here.

      • bobfairlane

        How many black hostages do you have? Didn’t you know slavery was abolished?

    • GriffonClaw

      Actually I think we should triple it, you know the old “what you hand out, you shall receive back by 3.”
      It will hit them better than 1 on 1.

    • Kathy McKinny


  • Texsheva

    This is SO wrong. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL and having a baby here doesn’t make you legal…or your baby!!!

    • Charles Batchelor

      You no, your baby, yes. 14th Amendment.

    • Sonia Garcia

      +Texsheva That is soooo TRUE!! That means that ALL anchor babies, product of the genocidal terrorist invaders that ARRIVED ILLEGALLY on our shores on ships such as the Mayflower ARE in fact ILLEGAL ALIENS!! Congratulations on FINALLY accepting a FACT. On the contrary, us expulsed Natives are not the “illegal aliens”; but citizens of this soil, which IS OUR homeland.

      • mharper42

        Love your bleached blonde hair, Sonia.

      • Bobbi

        We sure need THIS kind of hatred in the United States. You still live in the past. Get over yourself.

  • Brooke Alexandria Smith

    What can we do to make this stop?

  • Dana F. Davis

    What they’re doing is importing the vote. They don’t care about Americans, tax payer dollars, or medical costs as long as they remain in power.

  • John Hatchins

    Marco Rubio was a “anchor” baby or was it his older brother? Marco’s parents emigrated to the US in 1956 and did not become citizens until 1975.
    Wow 19 years. I wonder if Marco’s parents collected anything from the state, local and federal government while they ever so slowly transitioned to becoming Americans?

    • SMP2010

      It might be because his parents also lived in Canada for a portion of his youth. his father worked in the oil business…

  • Elida Horn

    Andrew C., good God! “One u can’t even speek English….”, “ezer”. Not the most cogent argument of the week. BTW: do any of you find it odd that these articles never talk about illegal euro aliens, is it all OK with you folks as long as the illegal immigrants are pale skinned? While we are on the subject of illegal aliens, why don’t we kick Justin Bieber’s stinking Canadian ass back over the border, and he can take that piece of crap Ted Cruz with him. You want a border fence. Start with Canada first, any country that could give us Ted Cruz, needs to be fenced off.

  • Charles Batchelor

    Yes I would! According to the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, as the wife of a Mexico Diplomat her children born here would not be US citizens ever. So your argument is not valid as you obviously did not read the relevant law.

  • ???????

    It’s not that we do not have a heart trust me we do , but our own country is a sinking ship right now , our schools suck , our pay sucks , our jobs are going overseas , our economy sucks , and we are supposed to take on more country’s , more children ? They are sinking the bòat faster and faster , maybe it’s time to rock the boat ? Sorry but I have a very hard time feeding my family yet we do not qualify for help , they can come here and have it handed to them , it’s just not fair .

  • Mike Suhor

    The obvious reason why the children of Illegal aliens should never be granted automatic citizenship is that they are never under the jurisdiction of the United States as defined by the 14th amendment to begin with.

    They are here illegally whereas the slaves granted citizenship and their freedom under the 14th amendment were here legally and were legally brought, bought, and sold under the laws prior to the 14th amendment’s passage.

    Anyone who enters this country illegally does not place themselves under the legal jurisdiction of the United States, in fact they are avoiding that jurisdiction at every turn lest they be deported, or imprisoned for their crime. Only those immigrants that come here legally are under US jurisdiction, because they are obeying our laws on immigration and naturalization.

  • eeverland

    This has been going on for decades. We the people, the legal people, are having to pay for these hospital stays and births. I see the system abused in many ways, not just this one. When I see men and women going into the cigarette line and using the money on their foodstamp cards, I could just scream when they spend that money on a pack of cigarettes, that’s just as wrong. We’ve go to go over these laws that were made specifically for certain situations and amend or get rid of them.

  • borderraven

    Right off the bat this article is in error. If a person of allegiance to a foreign State gives birth to child in a host nation the child is not a national of the host nation. 7 FAM 1110 ACQUISITION OF U.S. CITIZENSHIP BY BIRTH IN THE UNITED STATES.

  • borderraven

    Is a child born in the US to two aliens a Natural Born Citizen and may s/he run in the US presidential election after age 35? YES. Until Congress passes an amendment correcting it. But, you can try to get an initiative through, get petitions printed, get signatures gathered, … You can go that route.

  • CP

    Soon the Latinos will be in the majority here in the US and they will have the political power. I don’t believe a child born here of illegal parents should be a US citizen. Present them with a temporary green card or birth Visa. If they wouldn’t have a birth country and free regular health care maybe they would not come.They should also be billed for all medical services just like we are. I now skip doctors visits and medication because I can’t afford them. They get medical care for free. I have seen that when I worked in a hospital.

  • Angel Ferrer

    She is not the problem it’s our government who has sold us all out.

  • tim

    The illegals seem to be of the belief that the U.S. government has an orchard of money trees and just picks money as needed. They do not make the connection that the money the government uses comes from the working citizens who pay the taxes.

  • jtak101

    The 14th Amendment needs to be replaced by something logical…our founding Fathers never imagined half of mexico would slither across our borders and dump out a littler of anchor babies at tax payer expense.

  • Cheri Barrios McManus

    Think that’s bad? You should see the women coming from the middle eastern countries, just to have their babies here. They have places set up for them to come, give birth then leave. BUT, not before they apply for all the welfare they can get. THEN our stupid country mails them their checks to the Middle East!!!!
    20/20 even did a segment on their show about this.

  • imopinionated

    I’m so sad that an the amendment that allows illegal immigrants to have “anchor babies” was created primarily to ensure SLAVE’S babies where US citizens. That’s a horrible reason to create legislation. If it is as bad as portrayed, repeal the amendment that was created for a disgusting reason.

    Personally, I feel sorry for immigrants who feel like they need to swim across a river in labor to have a baby in the US for an “anchor baby”. We need these people. If we ship them all out, we won’t be able to keep up with the jobs they fill. Don’t get me wrong, I think that all immigrants who earn money in the US should pay US taxes.

  • James Bruce

    We will help someone who is illegal, but we cannot help an old couple who’s wife is dying of cancer because he cannot pay for the chemo? Our country has committed treason by not helping it’s own LEGAL citizens first! I am fed up with Washington. Where is the button, I want to push it and start over with a new government!

  • Darla Rodriguez

    The joke is on American citizens. Allowing children to become American citizens when their parents are here illegally has cost this country dearly.
    Ever wonder, really wonder why our Government does not secure the borders? What’s in it for those running our country and then ask what’s in it for Mexico. We all know that billions of American dollars go over the border to Mexico. It enriches Mexico’s economy at the expense of this country. And don’t think for a minute that all that money sent over the border is earned…stolen and drug money.
    I seriously doubt that the Government will stop giving out citizenship to children of parents which are illegally here. If it was done away with, we would see a decline in illegal entry to have their babies here and a lower birth rate for illegal aliens living in the United States.

    • Sonia Garcia

      +Darla Rodriguez No, the joke is on the Natives. White Spanish and English speaking genocidal criminals stole the Natives homeland to benefit only one side. Both genocidal bullies are still running both sides of the border the criminals established. Both sides run our homeland to protect their criminal enterprises such as drug trafficking. They are both implied and they both protect it. Where do Americans fit in? Americans are the genocidal anchor babies born in our land. They are still white European and are invading and occupying our ancestral lands. Where do the illegal aliens fit in? They’ve been here for >50,000 YEARS prior to any terrorist invasion after 1492. We are the expulsed Natives now returning to OUR homeland to REclaim it ! So, get used to it OR deport yourselves back to where you belong: YOUR motherland, which is called Europe. We’ve always welcomed foreigners into our home, only the white ones, almost completely annihilated us and now they think WE are invading “their” land. Mthfrks need to wake the f up !! We’ve woken from colonial enslavement and are NOT going anywhere besides progress!! Either join us, OR GET OUR OF our HOMELAND!!

      • Bobbi

        What the HECK are you talking about? Who the HECK cares what happened 50,000 years ago but you and your ilk? We have an economic problem now. Had nothing to do with me, either. I wasn’t around 50,000 years ago. I am here now and pay taxes like everyone else and WE HAVE AN ECONOMIC PROBLEM!

  • barry1817

    and who are these people that vote and think that Americans should be taking care of the world’s problems. Sorry stealing from so many to try and gather votes is wrong, and this BS about caring has to come to an end, as there is NO MORE MONEY?

  • Den


  • kssturgis62

    The Perversion in the 14th Amendment ONLY EXISTS FOR ILLEGALS !!

    Not One diplomat claims US Citizenship.

    If Princess Diana, or Princess Sarah Ferguson, Or Princess Catherine Gave Birth in the USA NOT one of their PRINCES or PRINCESSES would have been USA Citizens.

    The Only ones who get to claim this are ILLEGALS !! In California they transport in Chinese who give birth to their children. They drop them off on Islands off California and then they are picked up.

    They need to be Deported. Steve King of Iowa is correct this Anchor Baby thing needs to be taken care of. But we only have Sessions and King willing to truly fight for this.

    For all you Rand Paul Supporters, when he supports Illegal Amnesty and states after he has Lunch With Eric Holder what a good guy he is, get off his bandwagon also.

  • Anthony Tovar

    I think you should just call us hispanics instead of Aliens. Im citizen of the US parents born here too. Soo we pay tax also. Do ya know how much its expensive to live in Mexico. Kids dont eat if their parents dont have money not like us we have food and clothes. Im pretty sure if yall were in their shoes youll think the same.

    • Peggy Gartman

      Maybe Mexicans shouldn’t have kids if they are unable to feed them.

  • Jodi Reed

    my daughter is half native American, she is very ill and can not get help unless she moves to a “reservation” She must go live where her tribe was moved to. We live where her tribe is from, but she is so ill and no help medicaid will not help, it will only help her if she is pregnant or has a baby, this is so wrong. Natives must be on the land they were forced to but this POS can crawl over and because he has a “baby” she will get housing, food stamps and medical. So wrong.

  • Phoenixmarguerite Turner

    sonia garcia, lalalalalalalalala i can’t hear you….

  • Calvinius

    It’s not a “perversion”, it’s the plain text of the 14th Amendment. It doesn’t say “children born to African slaves”, it says “all persons born or naturalized in the United States”.

  • William Williams

    Americans don’t have balls like Ukrainians do!

  • coelhog

    The money’s not the issue. Stop conferring citizenship and this practice will stop.

  • srmercer

    It is a shame to see what our country is coming too. I am not a racist person but I know several people who have moved to the U.S. who are receiving more in SSI then my father who has worked his entire life. We should start taking care of our own people first before we take care of everyone else. We need to stop providing free medical to those who are here illegally and send them home with the bill. Maybe when that starts happening the influx of illegals will stop.

  • Sonia Garcia

    ( the forum I refer to is the FWD.us page here on fb)

    As an American and registered voter, I FULLY support the Immigration Reform! United we will collectively continue our contribution for the progress of our country. We MUST STOP legally persecuting EXPULSED NATIVES so we may have EQUAL opportunity to recover as peoples victimized by the American Holocaust. Equality for all, including expulsed Natives; whose homeland was STOLEN by white supremacy after 1492. We need to uphold our constitution and stop this double standard b.s. All kinds of trolls are made up on this forum because they are too ashamed to state their hateful thoughts in the open. That means they need to be liberated from the prison of their own venom. This is our blessed homeland for >50,000 years and we love it and take care of it. All people behind their trolls only ARRIVED ILLEGALLY around a couple HUNDRED years ago, but now act as if it is really their land and WE Natives are the invaders; when it IS the other way around! Stop the madness, it won’t get us anywhere except keep us in financial crisis. Stop being hateful SQUATTERS and become peaceful GUESTS in our homeland. We welcomed your starving and pestilent relatives upon their ILLEGAL ARRIVAL on our land; that’s our nature. Too bad that in return, they exterminated 98% of our population by a SYSTEMATIC method of genetic cleansing for the purpose of STEALING EVERYTHING from us. Therefore, all of you, white supremacist so called “Americans”, you have what you have without EVER having to pay for any of it (that is called THEFT, therefore, one who commits a theft is a thief), due to the crimes against humanity by your genocidal ancestors. Fine, that is the past. Let’s move on from that. Learn your place in our land and learn ours. We welcome you to be part of the solution and NOT the problem, like your genocidal relatives were. Stop your sense of entitlement on our STOLEN land. Now this means that you’ll actually gonna have to actually WORK for the first time in your lives. Ouch! That will hurt, but will soon learn the rewards of hard work. Let’s support our youth- the dreamers. They are OUR dreamers collectively. It means they are YOURS as well. Look at them! They are our pride and joy… and many more youth should join their efforts, regardless of where in our planet they were born. We have an epidemic with our youth of all colors, people. STOP hating and wake up and smell reality. Children do not want to study nor work. They want to play without responsibilities all day long. Yikes!! Look at that set of kids and look at our dreamers… now it doesn’t take Einstein nor Kaku to figure out which set of kids will pay into our system in the near future!! Wake up people! We actually NEED the dreamers to SAVE our country from a deeper economic chaos and destruction. So, instead of continuing your already defeated hateful struggle, join us to bring America forward. Wait… is that FWD.us? Oh, so that’s what it means, huh! Yup, wake up… Mi casa es su casa- IF you are peaceful. If you insist on being hateful, then GO back to YOUR homeland called EUROPE and stop interfering with us, the younger generation. We are working hard to make our country a much better place!!


    Learn how immigration reform will help move America forward, and become part of the solution.


  • free_spirited

    Change the 14th Amendment is the best way to deal with these abuses. They’re using our own laws to bankrupt the country and drain our resources.

  • Judy Dix

    I would love to know what kind of work the father and mother had in Mexico before crossing our borders illegally. Was it so bad that they had to risk the lives of their two children and their unborn child?

  • Since the 1986 Reagan Amnesty, over 5.5 million anchor babies have been born to illegal immigrants, at a cost of 100’s of billions of dollars to American taxpayers, just for birth, and education.

    5.5 million anchor baby births at U.S. taxpayer expense
    5,500,000 X $25,000 per birth on average = $137,500,000,000
    $137.5 Billion Dollars in today’s dollars

    5.5 million anchor baby K-12 educations at U.S. taxpayer expense
    5,500,000 X $120,000 per K-12 education = $660,000,000,000
    $660 Billion Dollars in today’s dollars

    and we haven’t even considered the added cost of welfare, food stamps, S-8 housing

    Now, in addition, there is a burgeoning birthright citizenship tourism industry among Chinese in America. http://bit.ly/fvesJQ

  • Tinaw1969

    It’s an old video, but I’m sure they are still here living off of the government. Not paying for anything! They should be rounded up and thrown back to mexico! And I fully support changing the 14th amendment! At least one of the parents should be a U.S. Citizen for the child born here to be a citizen of this country!

  • ItsJulie1964

    The 14th amendment is invalid. It was never ratified by 3/4 of the states, and many of those that did ratify it did so under threat of military occupation. 100% INVALID

    • John
      • ItsJulie1964

        Go somewhere beside wikipedia. Like that is research.

        • John

          I can get the same info from any place buyt a white supremacist website that purposefully distorts history.

          • ItsJulie1964

            It was never ratified by3/4 of the states. You really are a moron. You probably think the civil war was about slavery, too.

          • John

            History tells another story. Some states rejected it at first, then passed it a year or two later. In all, 37 states ratified it, out of the 37 that existed at the time. Of course, maybe you thought the US always had 50 states. It wouldn’t surprise me.


  • William Carpenter

    The 14th Amendment should only apply if you are legally visiting the United States (green card, visa, student visa, transfer program, etc). If you are here illegally then it should not apply. You can’t break a law and then turn around and expect to benefit from other laws.

    • mharper42

      No reason I can see why **any** non-citizen’s offspring should be a citizen by being born here. Unless at least one parent is a citizen, that baby should not be either.

  • Patty A.


  • Tom Markee

    That’s fine these babies and their parents can go back to where they came from. When the child turns 18 and is an adult it bring it’s birth certificate and come into this country if they want. That’s how it works now, if a child born to American citizens in a foreign land, they can claim citizenship in that country if they want to when they turn 18. I know my son was born in Tokyo, when he turned 18 he could have claimed Japanese citizenship.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    Political correctness is KILLING this country. Our “freedom” is going to be our downfall. We allow these savages to enter this country anytime they like and have a baby on OUR TAX DOLLARS, when in the same breath, we are creating laws against the LEGAL citizens of this country EVERY DAY. We now have more laws on the books than every other country of the world COMBINED, yet we coddle these CRIMINALS and allow them to get for free what WE all have to PAY FOR through the nose. Really sad.

  • peaches

    With all the bleeding hearts that let this go at the beginning, it has turned into complete chaos. No birth certificates for illegal’s babies, plain and simple. Write a note, signed by the doctor, so they can haul their butt back to where they came from and get their own doctor to write up a certificate.

  • Luis

    Well I live in Costa Rica and we have the same issues only with the exeption that US citizen come to my country and suck up our social security because is good and affordable and they never contributed with our social security system in anyway. I mean thousands of them get all type of medical treatments from pills to heart operation,perhaps this reporters from this website can come down here and write about it …

  • Adrien Nash

    If you want to understand the truth about American citizenship, you need to read an exposition from obama–nation.com like this one:
    Membership by Right vs Citizenship by Lawhttp://h2ooflife.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/membership-by-right-vs-citizenship-by-law/

  • WeimMom

    The ONLY solutions is for Americans to say “Enough IS Enough”, stand up to the politicians wanting to destroy the U.S.!

  • WeimMom

    “Consider Obama’s stance on immigration. According to Arabic
    language broadcasts intercepted and interpreted by Lipkin, “The Moslem
    world is saying that President Obama wants amnesty for the current 12
    million illegal Hispanic immigrants in the U.S. in order to pave the way
    for the next wave of tens of millions of illegals from the Middle East
    to the United States, leading to 50 to 100 million Muslims living in the
    U.S. before the end of Obama’s second term…”

  • Angie Dunn

    This is sad and disgusting and we let some sneaky politicians put it all into place. I say if you want to be a citizen you do it the legal way. And if you sneak into this country to have a baby you get a free ride back to your own country.

  • Bo Treat

    if you are illegal, your means of producing a citizen through birth are irrelevant. illegal immigrants can’t produce legal citizens through birth, because their illegally obtaining citizenship.

  • ModG

    $2 billion is less than 1% of overall medicaid expenditures. Just saying.

  • ModG

    Considering most of us on this board have family ties to those who were illegal immigrants…what gives us the right to draw the line in the sand now? I understand the economic difficulties and thinks that a good point; but what about the moral/historical implications of saying all of our illegal immigrant families are legitimately here, but theirs are not?

    • Bobbi

      Perhaps what gives us the right to draw the line in the sand now is our over 17 trillion dollar deficit. I would say economics is huge. Has not a lot to do with morality.

      • ModG

        It is a moral issue because we’re talking about who has rights to be here, right? Seems to be a moral issue to many people on this board.

        Also, in terms of spending – medicaid and medicare combined do take up a large portion of our spending budget (25% or $851 Billion); but the issue this article focuses on – “anchor babies” and associated costs, takes up less than 1% of that 25%(.2% total spending).

        If the concern is economic; it seems like other expenses/spending would be more worthwhile to concern ourselves with. Here’s a pie-chart of 2013 spending: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2b/U.S._Federal_Spending_-_FY_2011.png.

        Plus, if we are to imagine expelling all the illegal immigrants, as many on this board propose, we would also need to consider the economic ramifications for that. In some states, particularly those that employ illegal immigrants in agriculture and construction, whole companies could be shut down so that jobs that legal immigrants and US citizens hold in those companies would also lose out.

        • Bobbi

          Still, the issue here is 17 trillion dollar debt. Although anchor babies and helping immigrants is a small portion, it is still a portion. I agree everything in your pie chart should be looked at very very carefully as to how it all can be trimmed. There is too much corruption, and if you feel that is not the case, then your eyes are closed. Have you any ideas how we should pay off the debt that has been incurred? It will only get worse. I have no issues with immigrants who have come here legally but do have an issue with people who are here illegally. Immigration reform is huge and needs to be discussed immediately so everyone knows where they stand when they come into this country. When you have people working hard, who pay taxes to help others with no light at the end of the tunnel, with the economy getting worse and worse by the DAY, paying more on everything, then you start having moral issues. Tensions rise. There is a big picture, but this is part of that big picture.

        • Lance Crass

          Mod, just deport the ones on the dole. You know, the maggots. Problem solved.

    • Lance Crass

      Mod you may sponsor as many as you can personally pay for. Hell if that is what you think is your moral imperative then you can build a tent city in your own back yard. But don’t expect the rest of us to do it just because YOU think it’s right.

  • bigsurprise

    My daughter had to PAY for her cesarean…and our own children cannot afford to have babies health care, and struggle for food…and yet WE PAY FOR THIS , and illegals get welfare and food cards , free cell phones, and much more FREE/WE do not get these things free…so WTF ??…. When US citizens stop being apathetic and just complaining, and GET ON THE PHONE and on emailing the president and representatives relentlessly about THIS and all important issues…and DEMAND that that law be revoked and reversed for all children born here to be the citizenship of their parents !!! And DEMAND that a REAL Wall be put up and our borders secured by stateside soldiers. DEMAND our governments LET ICE DO THEIR JOBS to round up and Deport ALL of these illegals AND their anchor babies ! Contact Lamar Smith and let him know we are behind his changing the 14th ammendment .AND they need to STOP ALL immigration…and SHOULD HAVE the day after 9 – 11 to safeguard our country..WE DO NOT NEED MORE PEOPLE HERE…>SO the ” give me your weak , poor, “….your anything that is on the Statue of Liberty may have been valid when we needed to BUILD this country but it is BUILT…and the immigration laws also allow the FAMILIES of immigrants to come on over too…THAT need to be stopped..>WE ARE FULL ….And we have over 11 MILLION ILLEGAL MEXICANS here that need to go, and DEANCHOR their anchor children !!! I would RATHER our tax dollars go to help build up Mexico to have a good job base , and to be safe for their people so they will stay there ..that to be spending so much more on all of the benefits they get from our government for all these years

  • 44219
  • 44219
  • FE LKAzevedo

    They do not live in our country but come across our southern boarders to give birth to they’re babies in our hospitals. Why? They say it’s because we have safe hospitals but the truth is so simple! It’s to give they’re child an American birth certificate i.e. citizenship. Then they go back across the border leaving behind an unpaid hospital bill. This is a very common practice which cost taxpayers billions of tax dollars every year. Sad to say but this practice is nothing new because it’s been going on for decades.

    So either let them come have a safe birth but no American birth certificate and NO citizenship should be allowed. The crux is no hospital wants to be in the business of proving or disproving citizenship.

    So I guess it comes down to not letting them cross our boarders too gave babies. Terrible but true!

  • Bo Treat

    if you are hear illegally, then the birth is illegal. they are flooding our nation. tried to get foodstamps yesterday, and all i saw were mexicans, or teenage girls pregnant. if you can’t support a baby don’t get pregnant…THIS IS WHY WE HAVE ABORTION CLINICS. BUT MEXICANS ARE REPRODUCING LIKE RABBITS. AND AMERICANS AREN’T.

  • Bo Treat


  • ModG

    Just to clear up some of the misconceptions here; illegal immigrants CAN receive schooling (k-12) and EMERGENCY medical care (as is the focus of the above article), BUT THE CANNOT RECEIVE welfare or food stamps from the government.

    Also, it’s true that a good chunk of illegal immigrants (25-50%) don’t pay INCOME taxes (est by Social Security Administration); but a large proportion does (50-75%) – for many of the benefits (like Social Security) which they will never themselves directly benefit from. And they do pay sales/rental/property taxes like anyone else.

    • Lance Crass

      A baby born to an illegal can get, (and most of them do), food stamps. Babies don’t eat $200 a month in food. Fat mommacita eats the rest and then she goes to the charity food pantry for some more free goodies to fatten her rump up.

  • Kathie AmericanCitizen

    deport, deport deport. What is that saying “Info found illegally is not permissible in court? Wouldn’t the same theory hold here too that that parents being illegal can’t benefit from our laws?

  • Sonia Garcia

    It does not matter whose land it is anymore. What matters is that white supremacy is no longer dealing with our subjugated and enslaved ancestors. You’re dealing with US now!! Your end is here, white supremacy!! We were also born in our own stolen lands and have full electoral and economic power!!

    • BDPSU

      Racist POS!

      Bring it on!

    • Lance Crass

      But you have no brain power. Otherwise you would have no reason to flee the third world slums that you created. You couldn’t run your own countries. What makes you think you are going to run this one. You are just a bunch of maggots and cockroaches. Permanent underclass. Just like the Negroes. Keep dreaming Consuela.

  • 44219
  • Elena Crudge

    Very easy solution: not an automatic citizenship to all newborn babies; 1 parent Must be a Citizen of the United States! This is painless,sensible and the only solution that would work.

  • Chrissie

    We need to amend the 14th, was never meant to include anchor babies.

  • Vicky Bandy

    But if after childbirth, they would deport them, they would take their babies with them. But nooooo, they give them WIC and food stamps, immunizations, prenatal care, help with utilities and anything else they want!

  • Debby Morge

    as soon as shes able kick her ass right back to mexico

  • Daisy5058

    Send her back and let the baby be adopted in Texas! She will lose her meal ticket in connection to the USA.

  • Ubwart

    Send them all back don’t give them sheite and put anyone employing them in jail.

  • La Lummus

    Get use to it Obama after registering to obamacare as much as he could illegal aliens living in the country, he is now registering Mexicans at the consulate anyone that was dumb enough to comply have fun paying for all the ones that don’t want to work, the illegals and the Mexicans. Nobody here comply or will ever comply most of the people that complied are democrats and that is one heck of a satisfaction that they were dumb to want that now they are stuck to pay it we the people will never comply.

  • USASteelerFreedom

    Our laws need to be changed, only LEGAL immigrants can have their children become US Citizens.

  • hexxuss

    Screw this – send ’em back if they can be put back before the actual birth. No, I don’t care about their health & not sorry – they didn’t care about it when they swam/jumped over either. Anchor baby laws need to be repealed entirely from the Constitution. The people who came here form the Haiti disaster did this too – it’s NOT just one country.

  • Candy Kriegel

    Either A– Babies born here to illegal immigrants are granted citizenship, but become wards of the state and go into the system, but not before prompt deportation to the family.
    Or B, the preferred choice–babies born here to illegal immigrants are also deemed illegal immigrants because the parents entered illegally. Punishment for entering the country illegally should be more severe than simply deporting people.

  • Demillo


  • Marty Martyn

    They have more rights and freebies than people who *are* citizens… thanks obozo

  • Yet another thing I would like to convey is that as an alternative to trying to match all your online degree courses on days of the week that you conclude work (as most people are exhausted when they get back), try to arrange most of your instructional classes on the saturdays and sundays and only 1 or 2 courses for weekdays, even if it means a little time away from your end of the week. This is fantastic because on the week-ends, you will be more rested plus concentrated for school work. Thanks a bunch for the different ideas I have learned from your web site.

  • Helena_Handbasket

    LOL “perversion of the 14th amendment” You sound EXACTLY like the anti gun nuts that say “anything more advanced than muskets is a perversion of the second amendment”

    Waaah…. you are an alarmist crybaby who does not like scary brown people, so you want to pretend that all of OUR ancestors entered the US by the book.. (SO not the case, anyone who says otherwise is ignorant of ACTUAL history, or a deliberate liar)

    The 14th amendment was to ensure that the “inalienable rights” mentioned in the Declaration our country is supposed to be about, are assured for more people. Most specifically, those most likely to be robbed of them. You do get what “inalienable” means, don’t you? It means EVERYONE deserves the rights. Especially if they didn’t do any worse than OUR ancestors did, to get here.

    • Lance Crass

      It’s Unalienable rights you bean skin. Your argument for open borders is tired. What other country on this planet has open borders? Every piece of earth on this planet has been conquered by one race or another. You came here to take advantage of what the white man, whom you obviously resent, built. You brown people from South of the border live in third world slums because that is all you are capable of. Now you bring your brown bodies here so you can live like parasitic leeches off of us until you suck us dry and turn this great country into the third world hell holes you sprang from. GET THE HELL OUT!!!. Our next president is going to E-verify all you maggots.

  • Don Wagster

    What part of illegal don’t they understand?

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  • Lorrie McCarty

    Need to boot the illegals back across the borders enough is enough

  • Harriet

    Got it right! illegal ALIENS!

  • Jim masseth

    I’ve been having a problem viewing all conservative websites, don’t have no problem with other sites. That said, a country without borders is doomed to fail…. :

  • SoniaFern

    I am out raged at this government.. Have no BALLS to stand up for the AMERICAN CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY.. I was born in mexico but did the RIGHT THING AND BECAME AN AMERICAN CITIZENS…..Why can’t WE enforce these ILLEGALS TO PAY!!!

  • Alex Samaniego

    Sounds to me like we have a problem with secure borders and allowing illegal aliens to roam free in the country more than a kid problem. This whole issue us a result of not enforcing current immigration issues.

    Treating the symptoms and not the disease!

    • Lance Crass

      These illegals are breeding like rabbits. Come to sanctuary city of Annapolis, MD. Nothing but fat four foot five pregnant brown females pushing strollers up and down the sidewalks. These are not nannies. You stand in line behind them at the grocery store and they don’t speak a word of English but the happily swipe their EBT cards. It’s infuriating. We need to fire every Congressman, the lot of them.

  • Larry Hauboldt

    Do away with the 14th amendment.

  • Joanne Przybylowski

    They should have changed that law years ago, we would not have all the illegals here now. One parent should be a citizen in order for the child to be a citizen.

  • DemLover51

    One way to stop this madness would be to take the children away from the parents upon birth and deport the parents. I betcha they wouldn’t be so eager to get over here and drop their kids. Maybe it sounds harsh but sometimes harsh is needed.

  • Albert Tydings


  • nanap

    Medicare pays on things like this for illegal aliens and cuts back or completely eliminates treatments for senior citizens. Just before my husband died in 2012 he was denied a blood transfusion order by both his pulmonary dr and his kidney dr. I know both were shocked by this denial from what they said. There is no telling how many treatments had their criteria changed before ObamaCare was even in effect, just so they could establish Death Panels (and they DO EXIST). This is probably why the VA is treating (or not treating) our veterans they way they do. BTW, my husband was also a veteran but we thought by not going to the VA, he would have better treatment. The govt has long-reaching arms.

  • Army Wife

    This needs to be changed. If your father or mother is an American citizen then you should also be allowed citizenship. This is the way it is done in other countries. We should not allow citizenship status to children born on our soil of foreigner parents. So many rich Saudis claim American citizenship because their mothers came to the US to give birth. Our immigration and citizenship procedures should be changed. We can no longer afford to support this mass of illegals now entering the country.

  • Oregonpapa

    Its been said before but needs repeating: You cannot have open borders and a welfare state at the same time.

  • Joe

    There is no such thing as “Anchor Babies” in my opinion.

    Amendment XIV
    Section 1.
    All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.


    Is an “Undocumented Immigrant (Illegal Alien) subject to the jurisdiction thereof? I say NO, but, then again, I am not in a power to interpret Law.

  • serd

    And that is jist the beginning, they get free food, daycare, etc because of the American kids they give birth. Those kids get free health insurance and because parents are illegal get paid with cash so on paper they don’t make money so the “benefits ” keep on coming non stop. Also get millions in tax refund illegally. They lie and claim children that are not even theirs. IT IS A MESS

  • Rboo

    The only solution is to send the illegal and their so-called “anchor baby” home to whatever country they came from. I for one am tired of paying for them and my insurance sucks now and I need decent insurance with my health problems.

  • genier

    Why do we have to pay for these babies? Reverse this law. I get hounded if I owe $100 to my hospital, but she gets free medical. It’s not right. We cannot afford this any more. What about American citizens, they should be taken care of, not these illegals.

  • Kathi Kraske

    I actually dont get it, as far as I know just the fact that your child is born in the Us dosent gives you the automatic right to stay there, as far as I understood. The citizenship of the child is not worth anything for the parents until the child is 21 and can petition for their parents to immigrate. When my partner and I get a baby and I give birth in the US then my child is an american citizen for 2 reasons bc his father is a citizen and it is born there, but that dosent gives me the right to legally stay unless I fulfill all the other conditions. I dont understand what all this anchor baby stuff is about since as I said it is not worth anything.

    • Lance Crass

      You get the food stamps. The kid can’t swipe an EBT. You buy what you want. No restrictions. $200 a month buys a lot of food if you do it right. Plus There are lots of freebie food pantrys run by Catholic and other charities for you to take advantage of.

  • WeimMom

    We Americans continue to allow this to happen, we MUST hit the streets as they do, do NOT allow our politicians to continue on their corruption!

  • Liberalsuck

    Answer? STOP VOTING IN America hating Democrats

  • Pingback: Blue Coaster33()

  • psteved

    Definitely time the ‘rules’ were changed.

  • Pingback: Citizen by birth? Check the Constitution()

  • Pingback: Jeb Bush doubling down on amnesty proves he’s not right for America()

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  • Er

    You spend billions on weapons of mass destruction , and support gay rights etc but …no….no to basic human rights , saying no to spending of alien babies when the real aliens are the people who protest against them. Remember. You took the land from natives not just that you were there from the start, No matter what you say or do you can’t change the fact that at some point in history your ancestors came in boats and took lands that belongs to natives. Your ancestors are the first boat people, illegal migrants and your great great great grandparents are the first alien babies , which means all of you shouting against this , is somehow connected to an alien baby at some point of history, if all these things you shout against , all the rules against illegal immigrants were there at that time , you won’t be here in US right now. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad but what bugs me is when people don’t learn to share all these limited resources we have in this world , use abusive terms such as boat people , illegal immigrants , alien babies …when the truth….your grand grand grand grand parents were actually one of them. who followed their right to migrate and find a place that they can live better. Everyone else reserves the same right as your ancestors and you. To live wherever they want in the world. Because you are born in this world. This is the bitter truth.

    • Lance Crass

      Er, Even if what you say is true, which it is not, why should American citizens have to pay for every baby these people feel like popping out here with no limits. You sound like someone who thinks they are owed a free ride just for being born.

  • Pingback: Multicultural Treason: Dark Heathen Race Mixing, Pagan Theft & Indoctrination of White Protestant America. | Economic & Multicultural Terrorism()

  • disqus_fPh2QejLBf

    I think it should not matter if these trash mothers give birth here or not! GET OUT!

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  • Lance Crass

    The border jumping B in the video could give a damn who has to pay. And she is typical. She says she “doesn’t understand the resentment” that legal citizens have toward paying for her hospital bills. Now that she has her anchor baby she can immediately apply for food stamps, medicaid, etc. This is Friggin Disney Land to her. She will probably show up at Catholic charities and get all their freebies and goodies. Her child is guaranteed a free education. The list goes on. This is insane. The average American citizen should boycott federal income tax and claim exempt on their returns until the laws are changed. Otherwise we have no country. If you are an illegal immigrant reading this, FU, GET THE HELL OUT!!!!!!

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  • Ace_man_82

    I would like to know how many of these anchor babies will end up in college and find good jobs? I doubt that they will do the type of manual labor their parents do when they grow up given they are US citizens, thus I would imagine they would just take government assistance (sometimes even if you dont want welfare, you will take it to survive because there is no job for you) for those who don’t make the cut, so I am not questioning their character, simply stating the fact of survival. Not mention they will get old and need medical and social security benefits. And anchor babies will have to attend public schools, where they will increase the already crowded system, and possible drag down the performance. Is it worth it to wait for 3 more generations of illegals before they can fully assimilate and contribute to America in a high level. And this is not even about the language issue, these illegals are literally uneducated, even in their own country). US attacks immigrants from Asia, Eastern Europe etc, but at least those immigrants came with skills and education, and once they or their offsprings mastered the language, they were able to contribute in meaningful way. In all honesty, what will a woman like this one in the story contribute America? Is it really worth the low-labor cost for a woman like her in exchange for two anchor babies or more?

  • Pingback: house blue()

  • Wilson

    They seem to have no pride whatsoever. I find it trashy that any man would stand in line at a grocery store while tax payers pay for his families food. They are stealing. Not only should they not be here, but they know full well they will not pay for the births, and lives of their own children. Its disgusting.

  • AZDancer

    Since we all have to have insurance now there is absolutely no reason someone can’t pay for their medical costs! You don’t have insurance – you don’t get treated. When my daughter lived in Australia for 6 months she was required to get insurance as part of her visa – yes, legal entry. But if we used that type of law, all immigrants should be required to purchase and keep health insurance. Then if an immigrant showed up at the hospital with none – too bad, no treatment.

    The anchor baby stuff has to stop! It was never intended to be that way. Not to mention the number of babies born due to the baby citizenship industry – especially from China!

    Then we have the ignorant who claim ALL children born in the US or to any US parent is a “natural born citizen” and eligible to run for president. NO! Another perversion of our constitution. Do you really want the child of an illegal eligible to run for president? Think about it.

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  • tom jones

    The American people can never talk with Mexicans. It just didn’t work. Being the Mexicans so not understand. We Americans need to take this to the govt and demand our land back and to expel these varmints. Remember America. It is said the govt should fear the people not the people fear the govt. maybe we the people should shut down the U.S. Govt and stop paying taxes . The younger people today don’t understand how govt works I get it. But like I said we the people formed the govt we the people can take it away. If the govt is not working we the people have the right to fix it. We need to keep our tax dollars to Americans who pay into the system . Not Mexicans who come here to have a baby then demand we have rights to America and give me free money and school and food and free place to live. Stop paying taxes Americans they can’t put us in jail for a failed system. Go to any s/s office on our land and you will see the free benefits we tax payers give out. But go to El Paso tx s/s office you will see the Mexican plates in the parking lot. And a security guard will come out and say if your not here for business of s/s you need to leave. So I’m to believe these people from Mexico are getting free aid and driving back over the bridge Your tax dollars hard at work

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  • NicoleminCT

    Oh please, the US government spent 59 billion dollars in 2013 on ALL social welfare programs combined yet 92 billion dollars on corporate subsidies. Murdering the constitution is what republicans claim democrats do. No surprise at this hypocrisy.
    Since the elite own the majority of the wealth in the US it’s clear it’s the ELITE who profit from illegals crossing the borders in record numbers which helps drive down the wages not the immigrants who contribute BILLIONS to the economy and social security they never benefit from. Like usual, ignorant Americans are angry at the wrong people. Divide and conquer.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      No. Ignorant illegals think Americans are ignorant for wanting our laws followed to the letter. No exceptions.

  • guest

    I stopped paying taxes because of this chit

  • If we have anchor babies and we are stuck with this scam via the 14th amendment – then make a law – All relatives of the anchor babies are BANNED from the USA. PERIOD.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      That’s why I vehemently oppose the DAPA. Executive order awaiting a decision in the Supreme Court. If it is possible we should all write to the Supreme Court judges and tell them we oppose DAPA.

  • Roseann Stapff

    For the last 30 years latinos have been abusing,mocking and using to the max FEDERAL BENEFITS AND ILLEGAL FELONS

  • Roseann Stapff

    The illegals are running the country..perhaps they are putting some kind of black magic potion in their tacos to sell to Americans..That is only sane and logical explanation.The more you see the insanity and all the nonsense.Here you have an exodus of illegals entering like it is fashionable and getting all the protection of the US..eg sanctuaries,full citizenship to their offspring with federal benefits,food stamps,housing,education,medical care etc,UNCHECK FOR DECADES…and BONAFIDE LEGAL PERMANENT RESIDENTS HAVE TO WAIT 5 years to receive any benefits plus to pay and stay out of the country for years..IS THE A FAIR,WELL RUN COUNTRY,LEADERS who suppose to protect Americans from foreign invasion??????

  • Eric Molina

    This freaking abuse of American taxpayers for these illegal Mexican and whoever they are must STOP now. i see a lot of these illegals pregnant walking around in my town. It is ridiculous!

  • blaine clipperton


  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    Ok so the hard truth of the matter is, despite how the liberal bastichs want to run away from it., is that people come to our country, pregnant as if they were making babies like rabbits on crack. and then expect those babies to instantly become citizens. and then they stay and spew more babies. Irresponsible. stupid. IT NEEDS TO STOP! Anchor babies, Breeder babies. whatever you want to call it. NO MORE. Trump is right. this shit needs to stop. DEPORT THEM. I dont care if they are -9 months old or 120 years old or somewhere in between, if they are ILLEGAL ALIENS
    they get [5 pages of expletives] DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY!!!!! END OF LIST!

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    Excuse me. but why do we have comments from a year ago, two years ago, in this today??? granted it was still a problem then. but where are you toprightnews.com people getting these comments?

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      This has been a problem for a long time. I have been looking up articles on this topic ever since the protests with Mexican flags being waved started happening.

  • Travis Keeton

    Our Nations leaders are just after votes to stay in power. I am sick of them . Go Trump.

  • formercanuck

    Unfortunately, the law of the land, including parts of the 14th amendment have been abused. I have family that works for county hospital in SoCal, and a large percentage are ‘undocumented’, there are event those that fly from places like UAE, China, and many other countries at +8 months ‘for vacation’. If our government stops giving
    a) Welfare/general relief
    b) Jobs
    c) Medical
    d) Education
    e) Drivers licenses (WTF)
    to those that are not here legally, then the problem goes away.

    As long as this country continues to bring in a whole undocumented class of people that are above the law / below the radar, this problem will never go away.

    Birthright citizenship is a big part of the problem… the other part is the creation of a whole class of people that are outside the law, but are still getting government benefits.

    Trump is the only one that has an actual plan to deal with this. GOPe/DEMe both want illegals to come in and stay illegal… because it benefits them.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      You know what I think will happen even if we “bring them out of the shadows” and legalize them? They will still work with a stolen ss number to ensure they will still qualify for free college tuition for their kids. Breaking the law is a way of life for these con artists.

  • madalon baum

    I’m all for LEGAL immigration. It always amazes me that when people are backed against the wall and there is no other answer, it turns to blood baths, massacre, genocide, etc. No body else ever had it as bad as whatever group is currently arguing their point. In addition, none of them have the same story, and none of it is historically correct. Back in the day, people sold their own to slave traders. People fought wars and gained land. Every country did it, on every continent. It may have been brutal, but it was the law of the land (everywhere). Regardless of arguments that are hundreds of years old and no longer apply to any living being, the fact remains that NOW we have laws. Try breaking those laws in another country and see what it gets you. If you want to belong to a club, you have to pay the dues and follow the rules. Best wishes to those that are willing to do that. As for anyone who’s point is how awful we are….one of the wonderful things about the U.S. is that you don’t have to escape – you can leave any time you wish. Things are NEVER going to be the way they were 200 years ago, so decide where you have to be to be happy, or at least comfortable with yourself.

  • Bill Pittman

    It is too late for this to be an issue. They can try again in a few hundred years.

  • Sitting_Duck

    Boy the Moonbats are out in force today.
    It doesnt matter what happened 100 years ago.
    It matter what is happening today.
    Whether you like it or not Strength Matters.
    This whole Illegal Alien this is going to backfire of the Illegals badly.
    There will be no Courts or Liberals protecting them.
    The Liberal Judges and Crooked Politicians need to Understand
    That if you don’t give justice to people (Legal People) they will take it in the
    streets. and its not going to be pretty
    bottom line the message to illegal aliens will be

    Go Back tho where you came from and come in Legally. Or Die..
    Sounds real simple..

  • neal


  • Andrews Amooti

    Yes. The birth of that little baby qualifies it to be american. This land belongs to all regardless of where one comes from.
    Who is not an immigrant in america? Where did most american citizens come from? If all were to claim ownership of real ancestry in the america, then only those of the red Indians would remain. The rest would go to where they came from. If am not mistaken, would end up in Africa as their original place.
    The billions of money being spent on what you call alien births are equally paid by those you call illegal migrants.
    The big taxpayers naturalised as Americans and established big jobs that in turn pay big taxes for which you claim to be american money.
    Let us all know our history.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      As long as you pay for it all, no problem. This country has gone down the tubes in the last 30 years. Really. There are no jobs left. The dollar has inflated to such a level that we can’t afford to live anymore. Nobody can retire if they are lucky enough to have a job.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      My grandfather was part american indian and he did not support allowing illegal latinos to walk all over his land.

  • LaFlare1017

    Honestly, I don’t blame the mothers that do this, they do it because we are allowing it, so if it will help their kids, they will continue to do it. It’s our politicians being pushovers that is allowing this, that’s why I don’t feel any bitterness towards illegal immigrants themselves, of course they are going to come since our government refuses to do anything about it.

    We need to ban birthright citizenship, if the parents didn’t taxes in the US, we shouldn’t have to pay for their kids. I am fine with immigrants coming legally, just as long as they pay their taxes, but we have to close off the loopholes.

  • Deb

    You don’t get it…..Mexico and those other countries “sent them all here” for a reason.
    They were a drain on their own countries, they didn’t want them either.
    So by wanting a better life, she meant a free life.
    Sick of this…
    Who gets to pay for all of this…?
    And I know there are not 45 million maid, picker, landscaping jobs out there.
    So all those jobs that no one wants…..Yea, right…
    Now they already took all those jobs our kids, and retirees used to work, you know those jobs that supplement some Seniors who can’t live on their Social Security checks.
    So now they took Your Job and My job in the building trades, retail, and other jobs like that.
    Now since there are so many of them, we need them to translate and Obama is giving them free tuition and your kids don’t get into school cause they are all full..
    WTH…..This crap is out of control…it is a take over by the 3rd world.
    And those countries just said publically, they won’t take them back…See they don’t want them either….Cause they are a drain on normal society, and commit the majority of the crimes..Dealing drugs, prostitution……
    Bet me, she does not even know who the father is…..Unreal….sick of this…

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      Yes. And best of all LOOK AT HOW THEY DENY WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US! Clearly they don’t give a shit about us, but they demand we care about people who don’t care about how their actions harm us.

      Illegal aliens by definition are selfish people who only love themselves. True antisocial narcissists.

  • William Patterson

    I’ve said all along that is the purpose to come over here so can collect a lot of money on their baby. I agree withTrump it needs to be stopped. We are letting Mexico drain us dry, collect on babies born here, illegals working in U.S.A sending that money to Mexico. I would imagine they are not paying any tax on what they make. I welcome people that come here the right way

  • Bill Webber

    I believe that children born of diplomats vis a’ vis member of the United States Congress would not be an American citizen.

  • Ann

    This is so insane who ever let this begin.

  • cnnjunkie

    Trump supporter here. None of this matters. This country , THE USA, officially started in 1776. That is when it became a country of law. Nothing that happened before that matters. The European immigrants that came here in the 1800s , came legally……. In some cases, when you got to Ellis Island, if you showed signs of illness, even an eye problem, you were sent back while the rest of the family was allowed to stay. And, if any of you think that ISIS doesn’t see how easy it is to infiltrate our country by jumping over your pitiful excuse for a fence, think again. If you really want to see the Donald win, you need to be organizing supporters in your neighborhood, at work, school. You can be sure the GOP is organizing to get rid of him.

  • Frank Loftice

    So who doesn’t think this is a problem that needs to be addressed. The politicians that’s who. Trump will fix it.

  • eric

    It would be very easy to say as the US government that the legal born baby can only be raised in America by legal parents. If they agree then the baby will be given to a foster family or put up for adoption. A process like that would be a stop to this behavior.I believe the real reason this is done is for the selfish desires of the parent or parents and the child is just a tool to use.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      You are exactly right on all counts.

  • Adalhard Louvel

    I still don’t understand why Ted Cruz thinks the 14th, supports and protects! anchor
    babies, when Mark Levin and Professor Edward Erler says, emphatically, it does not

  • yess

    I wish an educated comment is written every once in a while but I haven’t seen one here.
    All the back and forth….
    I would suggest a little research before posting. Here is one helpful “American” site:
    Fyi: no person living here illegally can receive welfare. They are out busting their butts, working hard for their income.. and if they’re achieving more than citizens that have been here for generations, well, maybe it’s due to the hard work and determination they possess which got them here to begin with.. I’m detecting a bit of jealousy.

    • juandos

      Fyi: no person living here illegally can receive welfare“….

      Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Is this your normal position?

      Is the federal government advertising food stamps in Mexico meant for the ex-pats?

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      You are not right about that. Cnn Money is not right about that. Maybe Cnn is knowingly lying. It serves the interests of the large companies employing illegals for less money than citizens and then forcing the citizens to subsidize the low wages the illegals get with the tax payer funded, subsidized social services they DO claim, be they state or federally managed tax payer sourced funds. Their children get welfare for the parents. That’s another reason why it is so beneficial to them to have a baby born in USA. In California it’s against the law to even ask the parents if they are in the country legally when they go to apply for welfare for the child. Several decades ago the blue collar American work force formed unions to protect and look out for their interests as employees in the jobs that today the illegals have replaced them in. And the reason the illegals have replaced the Americans in these jobs is because the employers did not like the unions. They found a way to screw us over by hiring SCABS. Scabs are picket line crossers. Illegals are the scabs who showed up out of nowhere and took our jobs for less pay and no union affiliation. They betrayed us and so did the employers. American citizen and Chicano activist Union organizer Cesar Chavez was against illegal immigration from Mexico.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      The only thing that got them here is law-breaking disrespect for United States laws. Stop deluding yourself, please.

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo


    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      ADMIT IT, these people you think are so hardworking are breaking United States laws to work here. Mexico is so lucky to live next to law-abiding Americans.

      We are not lazy because we are law-abiding, respectful people. I think illegal aliens are jealous of our integrity. They don’t have any.

  • carrsmi

    Good Jackie, yes that should be done. We are being exploited so unfairly. Let them use birth control if they are so poor.

  • Kimt

    THE 14th AMENDMENT SAYS: All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.

    THE PERVERSION OF THE 14TH AMENDMENT IS WHEN LIBERALS AND SOME CONSERVATIVES THINK THE 14TH AMENDMENT SAYS: All persons born or naturalized in the United States are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.
    THE PERVERSION IS IGNORING THESE WORDS: “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,”

    “AND SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF; is a condition purposely placed within the 14th Amendment to give congress the ability to change who can or can not have citizenship without amending the Constitution.


    Originally the 14th Amendment gave Slaves citizenship. Then the 14th Amendment refused citizenship to Native American Indians, and later again in 1923 the 14th Amendment gave citizenship to Native American Indians Citizenship. Ironically, the 14th Amendment never gave Anchor Babies citizenship which has resulted in a “shameful perversion of the 14th Amendment.” That perversion being the belief that the 14th Amendment gives any baby born in the U.S. Citizenship when it doesn’t, and never has…

  • Ron Vaughan

    The 14th Amendment needs to be used as it was intended to be ! –

  • Ella

    Where I live, the births are so high using Medicaid, there is a waiting list to give birth in local hospitals unless it’s an emergency. It does NOT even matter if you’re a paying customer with good insurance. Plus, immigrants have 2-4 children visiting their newest sibling!

  • anchwhorebaby

    Mexicans are fricking junk. Fat ass putas breeding like cockroaches! They have no gratitude toward Americans. They hate us. Because they have a shiit country and are shiit people. Kill them all!

  • mlb_1902

    There was a sheriff in Oregon who got tired of the money his office was budgeted for and he had so many illegals in his jail because it was a town that had plenty of farms and crops and of course too many illegals who love to drink and then have problems and then end up in the jail so this Sheriff got pissed off and decided to bill the Mexican government for the cost of said illegals. To say the least he didn’t get reimbursed and they love the fact their criminals come up here and the other illegals come here, the knocked up women and have their baby here and get welfare for it due to it being a citizen of the United States so billing Mexico would do not good.

  • juandos

    Maybe its time to use better deportation methods

  • Unica

    One Solution is to Dehumanize them. After they spent all their money to go here illegally as you call it is to refuse medical care while they are in labor. You call them “anchor baby” it is a label for us not to see them as humans. same as Nigger,Jewish Rats, Hicks, Gooks, Pigs, Cracker. were being Ultra Patriot and just spreading hate. ( WAKE UP PEOPLE WERE MORE THAN THE NAZIS)

    • WeDeserveConsiderationToo

      Nobody “calls it breaking the law to get here” it is OFFICIALLY CALLED BREAKING THE LAW ILLEGALLY ENTERING THE COUNTRY.

      Your response is a perfect example of the problem. We only want law-abiding people to come here.

  • Unica

    Down to Jewish Propaganda!

  • 0jr

    if they have any relatives here they come in and get ssi and there relative collects it and sends them the moneymove back to wherever they came from and live like kings all illegally

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