Illegal Aliens and Activists on White House Facebook Page: ‘F*** All You White People,’ We Won


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Illegal aliens and their supporters are declaring victory on the White House’s Facebook page over Obama impending amnesty executive order. But more than simply whoopin’ it up over our Dear Leader’s latest tyrannical seizure of power, they are specifically calling out “White people”.

Remember that this is the official White House’s page, right under Obama’s announcement of the order, expected Thursday. And the White House is allowing clearly racist comments like the ones below.

As of this print, not a single one of these comments were removed. Racist comments by pro-illegal alien activists fill the page. Here are just some of them, as reported by Aurelius of PunditPress:






Over on Twitter, more Obama supporters showing that his amnesty decree has nothing to do with racial politics. Well…not exactly.

Blacks too joining in on the race hate? Isn’t it wonderful that we elected a president who promised us a “post-racial America“?

Instead we got a post-Constitutional America, that is more divided by race than ever.





[h/t PunditPress]

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  • jb80538

    When does the war start to get them removed?

    • Tex

      I’m certainly ready.

      • Gianni Paone

        Me too.

        • Rich Conner

          Me also

      • Sgt. EZ

        Me too

      • Dee

        I think alot of people will be!!!

        • Tex

          I agree.

      • Dustin Troisi

        Me too, can’t wait to see ya you racist devil

        • Tex

          You wouldn’t want to meet me boy. But I encourage you, save up your pelts and skins. Trade them for dollars and hop a flight, boy. Honolulu, HI.

  • romosapien

    I just want to say to that girl mentioning that the US return Texas, Arizona, and LA to Mexico that Texans won their independence from Mexico, and we were our own country. If the US is going to return Texas to anyone, it’s going to be the Texans… I pray that Congress grows some and stops this nonsense.

    • Midnight Jinx

      This Bull S*#t will not stop until after that idiot Dictator Barack Obama is out of office.

      • Texan

        Those republicans of that era became the Democrats of today.

        • Kevin Stall

          Keep telling yourself that. When was the last time a Democratic primarily white district elected a black? Never? The only ones who elect blacks democrats are black districts. When was the last time a GOP white district elected a black? always do. GOP tends to be less racist than democrats. To say that republicans of the past are what the democrats are now is laughable. Can you imagine any of the republicans of yesterday supporting the democratic platform? Being anti-god, pro-socialism and pro abortion?

    • Colleen Cardoza Souza

      true plus the U.S. government bought all the states From the Mexican Government for 15 million dollars!

    • sonja

      Actually Texas was “given” to the United States, Mexico tried to take it back, and then they had a civil war in Texas where the United States barged into Texas, said the Mexicans were invading, and then took it. There are two sides to every war and just as easily as you say it should be given back to Texas, one can argue that it is actually Mexican to begin with. This is a stupid argument anyways because it’s not going to happen either way. The only thing we can do here is what Obama is doing! He is trying to keep families together in the US. There are many legal US citizens here who are kids, and their parents are not. If their parents are deported, then what the hell should they do? Live on their own as little kids? He’s doing the right thing!

      • Guest

        I say send them back with their parents or make them orphans. You break the law you answer for it. There should not ever be a Get Out of Jail Free Card Or Gert in in The USA Free Card and no one should be above the law for any reason. Sucks for the kids but they have no one to blame but their law breaking parents. Send the them back. Obama is noting but a communist Dictating pig.

        • sonjah

          Sad to say but those kids have no home in Mexico. The only country they know is here. They have citizenship here… they know noone in Mexico besides their parents, and you CAN NOT legally ship a CITIZEN to a country they are not a citizen of. Also they will most certainly be on welfare when the grow older, only drawing more money from the economy instead of avoiding all of this by letting their parents stay here and allowing them to be a productive member of society. Nuff said.

          • Wirigere

            Again your saying they will be productive citizens but, the facts show differently from the lawlessness that brought them here in the first place. They made a CHOICE to commit a crime and need to stand for it! I would say the odds are very LOW that MOST will be productive. MANY of them here refuse to obey our laws and even refuse to learn English as a second language. If they wanted to be “productive” then why do so many of them openly show their hatred of things “American”? I see NO evidence from many of these wanting citizenship actually try to become part of what being “American” is. When those that come here legally become citizens they actually WANT to be “American” I’m not saying to lose your heritage but why do we have to make changes to our way of life to accommodate their lack of embracing their new country they so badly want to be part of? An example are places where Spanish, Chinese or another foreign language is written everywhere to accommodate those who refuse to learn out national language…. Why is that something we HAVE to do? Example in Mexico we can NEVER become citizens, truly “own” property and are EXPECTED to learn the national language and yet we are called “racist” if we asked for the same thing…? BS!

          • Kevin Stall

            Unless they were born here they are not citizens. And the amnesty does not apply to them. It is those that were born elsewhere and came to the US illegally. Just because they know no one back in their home countries should not stop them, they knew no one here when they came.

      • Extermination

        Let those little border jumpers die in the streets. Just like the homeless that WERE ALREADY HERE.

        • Sonjah

          What about all the natives that were already here when the British took over? Maybe if the Native Americans had had better weapons your sorry as wouldn’t be here in the first place. KNOW YOUR PLACE. Unless you are a native american you are an immigrant too and your people were not “here already”.

          • Lolly

            plenty of people from Europe legally immigrated here. You say, commandingly, “Know your place.” I say, “Cease your patronizing garbage” with every ounce of respect due you.

          • LibertarianUSA

            This happened 500 years ago. Are you liberals ever going to get over the fact that we cannot change the past and out of European actions the greatest country on Earth was created! If all if the whites go back to Europe and bring all their education, inventions and principles with them do you really think the people left here will thrive?

            It sucks what happened in the beginning of our country. However we cannot change the past so we might as well start fighting to save the greatest empire. Otherwise “Americans” are going to face a bleak future from emerging empires like China and Russia. Grow up and quit whining about the origins of our country and focus on t h e here and now.

          • Dustin Troisi

            500? My mom is from the boarding school generation, that was not 500 years ago and it has all but destroyed my family, whites that is

          • Steve Rutkowski

            I’m ‘Native American’. My Mom’s family has been here for thousands of years. My Dad’s family, on the other hand, immigrated from Poland around the start of WWI when he was a young boy. This means I have two dogs in this race.
            My Polish immigrant side says “Legal immigration GOOD”.
            My Anishinabe (Chippewa) side says “Unrestricted immigration BAD”.

            Just for the record.. unlike Elizabeth Warren, I have a Tribal ID.

          • Dustin Troisi

            I have a tribal ID too, and I’m not Native American, I’m just Navajo

          • Tex

            I’m native American too. I was born here. I have an ID as well. Want a cookie, you stupid engine?

          • Sevehn

            Ah, the Native America angle. Too bad you lack an understanding of any type of history. For starters, could you name the country that existed when the British, French, and Spaniards first arrived on North American shores? Second, can you in your vast wealth of knowledge tell us what type of government and laws existed?

            I’ll make it simple for you and give you the answer. None, they did not exist. The Native Indians did not have a unified country, did not have a government, nor did they establish any laws. To top it off, they did not nor have they ever “claimed” any land. The Natives did not believe in “land ownership” therefore, the Natives never made any claims for it. Most tribes lived off the land and were nomadic. When the British, French, and Spaniards arrived, they only saw unclaimed land, with no country, no government, and no set of laws; therefore they CLAIMED it for themselves because the Indians never did nor did they want too. Our ancestors then devised a country, government, and laws and our civilization grew and advanced. No, there were no “immigrants” when the British arrived because there were no country, government, or laws stating otherwise. We settled the land, the same way the Native Indians settled the land. The big difference is we claimed the land we settled and form a government and a set of laws. Unfortunately, for the Natives, they never did!

          • Dustin Troisi

            Whites made the rules so they could win, but this country is going to be brown soon, thank God my kids will live in a better world than me

          • Sevehn

            The Europeans settled free “unclaimed” lands and began building a civilization which included rules and government. It did not exist prior to them arriving.

            I love how people continue to say this country is going to be “brown” soon, this drivel was spouted by a racist who only job was to get the mob into frenzy and foaming at the mouth. There is no truth in it. Political correctness will not last forever and the people who have brought freedom and liberty to these shores will eventually fight to maintain them.

            I guess you are saying that it will be a better world for your kids when this country goes “brown”. Baffling statement. Can’t you as a parent provide them a better for them by raising them in a “brown” country today? What are you attempting to say with that sentence or you just a hopeful racist.

          • Tex

            That’s the problem with your race, and the rest of the browns. You live within no logic and an abundance of contradiction.

            1) Your “people” have the country and live in tents
            2) We take the country to build a civilization and advance the human race
            3) You complain, whine about laws and rules, do nothing with our education, technology and opportunity that is at your disposal
            4) You wish and pray to take over the country we built and have thrived with for hundreds of years now

            Any logic here? None. All I see is a glaring contradiction. Do you really believe that this country will maintain it’s standard, status and success if it was ran by the people from countries that are poor, disgusting, corruption and poverty filled nations? You think they come here, take over and this empire continues? Hahaha, sure.

        • Dustin Troisi

          I hope you find love one day and stop being so mad

      • LadyWolf

        No, they can go back with their parents and when they turn 18 then they can come back here. Illegal is illegal and we shouldn’t have to support them and reward them for breaking the law.

        • sonjah

          you can not ship a citizen of the united states to a country they are not a citizen of. You want to talk laws, that is the law.

          • LibertarianUSA

            They’re NOT citizens if they came here as children. Our law makes no age exception for people crossing the border illegally
            That is the law period. Try again libtardian.

          • LadyWolf

            I did not say we ship them back. I said they go back with their parents voluntarily. If they are any parents at all they would want their children with them. If they don’t then you know all they wanted was to have children here in the U.S. so they would be able to stay themselves. Illegal is illegal as I said. They know they broke the law of this land. And besides if a child of a Mexican citizen is born on foreign soil then that child is still a Mexican citizen.

      • marvelousmarv

        If Obama would have enforced the border as the law says he should, Damn parents wouldn’t be here in first place unless DONE legally.

      • Mistergilgamesh

        Sonja, the President is trying to pass a law that is outside his authority. THAT is the point, not racism as the illegals want to declare. Obama should realize he is wildly unpopular, and anything he does that is unconstitutional is going to lead to resistance in Congress, and the next president will be the opposite of Obama (conservative, Republican, pro-gun, anti immigration) and will work to seal our borders and expel all illegal aliens.

        • Sonjah

          Is he widely unpopular? Says who… I would like some statistics here if you are going to state that. I see him unpopular from one side. He has the authority to pass the law, therefor he can. Many presidents have used their authority to pass different laws in the past. If he didn’t have the authority than he wouldn’t be able to pass it, but fact is, he has it. Congress won’t agree, so it’s up to the president.

          • Momcat49

            Sonjah–NO PRESIDENT CAN EVER PASS ANY LAW! That power is reserved to Congress. It is the President’s job to enforce the laws of the US. He may VETO a law duly passed by both houses of Congress. He has the power to issue Executive Orders, which have generally not been as far-reaching as he is apparently contemplating doing to address immigration policy.
            You need to go back & re-read your civics to distinguish the roles of the three branches of government: the Executive, the Legislative, & the Judiciary.

          • LibertarianUSA

            The midterms are proof. The Democrats got the worst shellac king in 80 years because of his policies. Try getting out of your dorm room and learning something real.

          • Mistergilgamesh

            Ok – not a wise move to ask for your argument to be squashed like a bug, Sonjah, but here is your answer anyway: “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 46% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Obama’s job performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove.

            The latest figures include 22% who Strongly Approve of the way Obama is performing as president and 41% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -19.”

            Now, when you state “He has the authority to pass the law, therefor he can.” That sentence you misspelled reveals you think a President can pass laws. He can’t. You must study more, and learn how laws are passed by Congress. Obama is proposing an “Executive Action” which is not approved by Congress, and will likely trigger lawsuits from the State Governors, budgetary withholding from Congress, and possibly be the final straw to start impeachment proceedings against Obama.

            If the Federal and State governments would enforce the immigration laws already in existence and DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS like we should, all ELEVEN MILLION of them, then our immigration policies would not need to be tinkered with…Why? Are you one of those, hmmm?

        • LibertarianUSA

          I pray thus happens

        • Dustin Troisi

          It is racism disguised as politics

          • Mistergilgamesh

            Racism? You WISH it were racism so it would match your victim narrative as to why the majority of the USA disagrees with you. But the reality is based on facts, not your aspersions. While military veterans with disabilities are not cared for, while the USA is already struggling with homelessness, while the economy is not strong, while infiltrators from drug cartels and ISIS are among the illegals…Obama wants to legalize illegals and make breaking our immigration laws become even more attractive to the worlds poor and untalented masses, furthering the decline of our once great nation. The better answer would be to deport millions of Peruvians, Mexicans, Cubans, Syrians, Iraqis, Guatemalans, etc etc etc back to their own countries. Planes, trains, automobiles…ships and buses. They infiltrated our country ILLEGALLY and the right answer is to DEPORT them. If you disagree with that, then that is your issue, not mine. Here are more facts:

            Illegal immigrants will receive huge payments from American taxpayers under rules now being imposed by President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty.

            The illegals will get work-permits and Social Security cards, and will be required to pay taxes, according to Cecilia Munoz, the former immigration lobbyist who is now a top Obama aide. That means they’re part of the tax system, she said, when she was asked if the illegals would get annual payments under the Earned Income Tax Credit program. “They are subject to our tax law,” she said, carefully. Most households of illegals have very low income, and pay little in taxes. For example, in 2011, roughly 22 percent of immigrant households — both legal and illegal — were classified as living in poverty. In contrast, only 13 percent of American households were in poverty.

            However, once illegal immigrants are enrolled in the tax system, they would be entitled to EITC payments.

            The payments may be huge, and will rise each year. According to the Internal Revenue Service, two parents with three or more children would receive up to $6,143 in 2014 if they earn less than $46,997. A family with two kids, and an income of $20,000, would receive $14,590 in taxpayer funds this year alone.
            Parents who earn less than the threshold would get $3,305 if they have one child, and $5,460 if they have two children. The EITC program is already poorly monitored and may be subject to large amounts of fraud, according to critics.
            Another study says that 47 percent of legal and illegal immigrants and their children are classified as living in poverty or in near-poverty, according to the Center for Immigration Studies, which favors reduced annual immigration.

            So WHAT part of this is devoted to racism?

          • Tex

            You’r a brown POS, disguised as an uneducated savage.

      • Gregory Allen Darnell

        No he is taking power he does not have. He is breaking the law he swore to uphold to legalize millions of people who already broke the law. So… My kids want new clothes every 6 weeks, i think i will steal them then obama can make an executive order to make it legal to steel because walmart should not have the right to withhold clothing from me.

        • Sonjah

          Since you can’t even spell your own language correctly I will ignore your ignorant opinion altogether, because besides, you are pulling at straws with your ridiculous argument.

          • LibertarianUSA

            Would you like us to point out all your grammatical and spelling mistakes and ignore your argument?

            Typical Liberal, ad hominem attacks instead of facts and logic.

      • 19mad74

        Take them back to Mexico because they already have dual citizenship thanks to Vincente Fox remember him? He was president of Mexico, when they were printing the comic books on how to sneak into America and avoid getting caught.

        • Perskaya01

          That is 100% correct. Mexico has been bleeding our economy dry for years–sanctioned and sponsored by the Mexican government.

          • Dustin Troisi

            American whites have been bleeding the world, what do you want now?

          • Perskaya01

            Define “white.”

          • Tex

            American whites have been running the world economy, for several years.

            Try reading and not spewing you left wing BS. I’m beginning to feel sorry for you. You actually have to walk through the world with such a low IQ and education level. Dumb truck…

      • Diane Frank

        Just curious what other law could one break in this country where the judge would take into consideration that if you jail the individual you are breaking up the family? They dont give a damn about your personal problems they figure a friend or family member will care for them or the state puts them in foster care..come on now fair is fair Hypothetically If mom steals food and gets arrested,or you just do something stupid not major but illegal NO ONE GIVES A DAMN you get fined or jail time

  • Tex

    Guess what Mexicans? You’ll still be the low-life forms of scum you are today. You’re useless people. Here, there, everywhere. This changes nothing.

    But way to become a citizen; break the law, invade through ratty means and then have the worst president in history give you the nod. Congratulations rats.

    • Diane Jackson

      You go Tex

    • Joseph Hays

      im a native american white boy and your an ignorant human being that needs to read his history an also you puss these mexicans strenghthin our OUR country! read a book dimwit

      • Tex

        Brown boy, when you learn how to type English as well as I’m sure you speak it, let me know. I’ll have a rebuttal waiting.

        And by the way dipschit, I do read books. I have a degree (BS in ECON) and I’m working on my Law Degree. I have taken several history classes. How many have you taken, you uneducated dirt person?

        How exactly do a bunch of painters and lawn mowers that increase crime and debt, strengthen our country? Perhaps, you should read a book, an Econ based one….you retarded brown animal.

        • sonja

          Ok Tex, I’ve have enough of your racist comments on here. Obviously your econ degree has not helped you realize that you can not stereotype a whole ethnicity or country of people. To call all Mexicans lawn mowers who increase crime would be like if I called all Texans inbred, hillbilly, and white trash. Oh wait, we must be on to something here. Maybe you need 17 more degrees before you become educated enough to understand the world. Or maybe you should marry your cousin and stay in your trailer house forever. That would be fitting too.

          • Chia-Li Sung

            Ehhh, but most of these illegals Latinos ARE stupid, lazy, greedy….and most of all…SHAMELESS!!!!!!!

          • Sonjah

            Oh yeah? How many do you know personally? You have an ethnic name too, what does that say about you?

          • Tex

            How do you know they’re not? You are nothing short of, mentally disabled. Like the rest of your retarded brethren, you live in a fantasy world where everyone is so equal, and everyone is so kind.

            Wake up moron.

          • Tex

            Pure garbage. Nothing of substance. Shocking.

          • Tex

            Okay liberal fruit cake, that makes the absolute worst arguments on here, I’ve had about enough of your left wing, scum bag rhetoric.

        • Dustin Troisi

          He been working on that law degree for 8 years too

          • Tex

            8 years huh? I’d imagine it would take him, and or you that long to achieve something I’ll achieve in three. Great point, moron! HAHAHAHAHA!

          • Tex

            Hey, BTW you stupid spicccc, I’ll be in Tucson in late December.

      • Colleen Cardoza Souza

        I don’t know what book you are reading but your wrong! We all have European DNA! Oh and what language do they speak in Spain? SPANISH! SPAIN IS WHERE? IN EUROPE!

        • Tex

          Mr. hayes is clearly an ass thinker. No facts, education of any sort, but an expert of everything. Like most liberals.

      • Colleen Cardoza Souza
        • Dustin Troisi

          And you have African DNA

      • katy

        I am part native American too. But I happen to know from studying history that my native ancestors immigrated here too. Science and archaeology have proven that native Americans are of Eurasian decent. I also know that illiterate people in no way strengthens our country. I also know, from studying history, that Texas fought and won their independence from Mexico. The U.S. paid for the rest of the desert southwest because Mexico didn’t want it. And as for mexicans saying this is their homeland? Wrong. Their ancestors came from Spain.

        • Dustin Troisi

          Mexicans came from Spain? Wow the stupid award goes to you, and my people did not come from Eurasia, you are trying to tell me who I am?

      • Tex

        Where are you, brown boy? Scurred?

    • Colleen Cardoza Souza
      • Tex

        Nice. Something has to happen. This is absolutely ludicrous.

    • Chia-Li Sung


      • Tex

        DAM RIGHT!

    • Dustin Troisi

      I hope some woman brings you happiness some day cuz you are miserable

      • Tex

        Som woman? Hahaha, I’m married to a very beautiful, educated and successful woman. I have a beautiful little daughter and I have twin boys on the way. FAIL, BOY.

        Try FED UP. I’m sick of you swine ruining this once, thriving nation.

  • Goofy1954

    And when its overturned and it will be either by court or real President then all you illegals that register for whatever Obama says he is giving you, my hopes are you will now have your names and locations listed on a deportation list.

    • sonjah

      You are really ignorant and obviously uneducated. Read some before you open your mouth next time.

      • Debra Ward

        hey racist..was he talking to you??? Do YOU see your name in front of his as if he is speaking to you?

        • Goofy1954

          Yep Debra now I am speaking to her lol

      • LibertarianUSA

        Again no argument of substance. Just ad hominem attacks, calling names and showing your own ignorance. Classy!

      • Goofy1954

        I think I will stick with my comment. Illegal means what it says, They are lawbreakers and should not be rewarded with anything but an escort out until they can follow the existing law. And this pos President needs to enforce current law not try to write it to increase his voter base, because all you illegals should know thats all you mean to this man and I use the term loosely.

    • LadyWolf

      They just give false names. Had one guy to come into the ER and registered with a name and when I had him sign his discharge papers he printed a different name.

  • valerie

    their attitude only shows how uninformed they really are – they don’t understand anything about OUR constitution and how it is set up to work. they don’t understand that their ‘we win’ is based on an illegal move, which will one day come back to bite them… they believe in obama and have no idea that people like obama will turn this country into the country they fled… poor people, they are just to stupid to understand that any illegal action taken by obama will one day be over turned – they can then say ‘we lost’ i guess. this is a great nation because we have laws – if the laws are not followed then this nation becomes just like the countries south of us.

    • Tex

      Exactly. You can take a rat out of a cage, put it not another and guess what, it quickly turn into another rat cage.

  • Harry Butch Schexnayder

    They need to IMPEACH that yoyo!!!

  • Hao Ngo

    I love the one that says, “I absolutely loathe when white people try to speak on immigration reform.” — well, here’s a brownie saying this president’s amnesty policy is ludicrous. Absolutely no on amnesty. No rewards for people who illegally entered the US. I’d be okay if we simply shut down immigration completely for a few years… Hell, lets go back to only allowing people in with skills or money. Yes I said it… This brown immigrant said it… I love America. I am a proud US citizen and pay a shitload of taxes and this amnesty talk is madness….

    • Tex

      Amen to you.

      • Christine Bodor

        Tex do you live in Texas ? Is that a stupid question ? Lol…we live in So Cal…we are looking to move to Texas for obvious reasons…Texas has the attitude we need to make this Great Nation of ours a ton stronger and if poo is gonna hit the fan I told my girls we need to be in a strong state…That seems to point to Texas…=)

        • Tex

          Shockingly enough, I live in Hawaii. I’m in school here (UH – Richardson), first year of law.

          But I am from Texas and spent most my life there, outside of when I was in the Corps and being here.

          Anyways, Texas is a great state. I was stationed in SD for a couple of years, then 29 Palms. I hated California. If you move, don’t move to central Texas (Austin area – where I’m from; it’s been taken over by other Californians) and don’t announce you’re from California. We usually don’t like Californians too much.

          • Christine Bodor

            LOL that is funny…mums the word ! Can I just say in my defense we were lost for a long time but finally found where are supposed to be ? Lol…yeah it sucks here…no jobs…endless political crap…trying to divide it up into 6 separate states ! CRAZY ! I was not born here but was born in a state where its demo/nic ! My parents moved here in the 60s but my sis moved to KS in the 90s and I thought she was the dumb one !

          • Tex

            Yea, that may work! The problem is, all these Californians bring their liberal BS into Texas, their inflated money and it truly changes the demographic and economy of a once great state. Texas still has it above and beyond most other states (I’ve lived in 8), but it’s slipping.

            Yes, I remember all that nonsense in California. That place is awful IMO. It’s truly become the epitome of this administration, rhyme crime and slime – EVERYWHERE.

            Hahaha, Kansas is actually a pretty nice state! Where were you born? This is by far the most blue state I have ever lived in. You’d Hawaii is great, but it should be left to vacationing. Living here is awful. When I go back home next year, I will never move again. Especially not to some BS blue state.

          • Christine Bodor

            Wisconsin ! I heard Milwaukee is like living in South Central L.A. I was not even a year old when we moved to CA so I have no memory of Wisconsin but heard it was a very liberal state as well and its crime it high just like CA I know people that live in Hawaii they say its true blue ! I still have relatives that live all over that state and they say I wouldnt like it there ! lol

          • Tex

            I see. Yea, I have never been to Milwaukee. But I can only imagine, it’s like that everywhere.

            Hawaii sucks. I have been here for too long.

            Have you ever thought of Arizona? That’s a really great state for the most part.

          • Island Breeze

            Arizona is a good state ….my home state. …but too close to the border problems….my sisters live in San Antonio…good place…but I love the Pacific. …I loved northern wisconsin, there last month for family wedding and down to green bay..but for sure dont go down to south eastern side (Milwaukee).of state…crime I here is bad…there…..I love Pulaski..but gets way too cold..anyway in northern Wisconsin…I am very conservative and live in liberal Hawaii. …but I love windward Oahu and yes I hope it goes red one day as liberals are ruining the place…But I feel safe here.. …

          • Tex

            Arizona is probably my second favorite state in the union. Other than the border BS, it’s a great place with absolutely PERFECT weather and a perfect cost of loving considering the wage index. My wife is from SA. I grew up 30 miles NW. It’s okay at best. I prefer the sticks of Texas, that is where I am from.

            Yea, Windward is probably the best part of the island, outside of Kailua (where you can find me every weekend if it’s not raining). I love Hawaii Kai, Hanauma and I have been shooting up there at the range. We Golf at MCBH.

            I live near McCully, it’s awful at best. I hardly feel safe for my family. Homeless everywhere, ice heads, thieves, thugs and Micronesian mutants. I pack two pieces here (.45 ACP & S&W M&P AR-15), they are my safe makers. I cannot wait to leave this place.

            Not to mention the absurd rudeness and intense greed everywhere. Traffic, cost of living…it’s not worth the same weather every dam day and a beach a couple times a month.

            You hope it goes red? Hahahaha, NEVER! I volunteered this year down at the Repub office on Kapiolani and Cook street. Great people in there, but they know how big of an uphill battle it is here. The best thing you can do is vote here, and spread the word. Good luck though, I am off this rock after the semester ends! Good riddance Hawaii!


            I wasn’t born in Hawaii but it feels like home every time I’m there. With luck I’ll end my days there, in spite of liberal Democrats!

          • Debra Ward

            you are correct there about WI..Im in Milwaukee and it is over run with illegals and the north side killings..nightly…sad day when Democrats became in charge of states…

          • ThomasER916

            You need to realize that Whites are paying for their genocide and displacement. Those illegals are being shipped here by the State Department, along with Africans, Arabs, and Muslims. Whites are being set up for genocide.

            Miscegenation is White Genocide.

            Diversity is White Genocide.

            Whites are indoctrinated to believe they were the evil ones in America. It should be obvious by now that non-Whites are the parasites.

          • Tex

            Honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

          • Thomas- as a white person – I can tell you that we NEVER bought it that we were the evil ones! The political atmosphere may have some people spouting this BS but I honestly believe they simply see it as a way to gain power. Just make sure to teach YOUR kids the truth. White people are the ENVY of other people plain and simple. Sadly – instead of emulating they are trying to destroy as you suggest. It will always be this way. Humans are stupid.

          • Allen Michael

            Exactly, they did that up here in WA state. WA is now a sanctuary state!

          • Tex

            Oh yea, I lived there for a few years. I remember them there as well. My father was an Engineer at Boeing who started in SA and was transferred to Everett. We saw it all too much.

          • 19mad74

            That’s exactly what happened to Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and even Alaska.

          • Tex

            Oh yea, they do it everywhere. I can’t stand the average Californian. Some are cool, most are not.

          • tomcsy44

            Same thing is happening to Colorado. Californians move here because the quality of life is better and more affordable, yet they bring their liberal progressive mentality which in turn causes that quality of life they moved here for to slowly disintegrate. Progressives are like a cancer.

          • Tex

            Yea man, well put. And Californians are the dam worst.

          • KellyCO

            No kidding! Californians and Chicagoans have ruined Colorado.

          • grammy23

            My husband and I and our kids moved “back to his home” here in So. Colorado 14 years ago after his stint in the Marines (I’m a CA native). We are both conservatives but I learned to keep my mouth shut and not say where I was from. Like TX, they hate Californians here because a lot of them bring their Liberal views and try to change the state. Too bad we have Denver (illegal haven), Boulder and Aspen/Vail. They override our conservative votes.

          • TheSnapDude

            Are ya on facebook? You’re smart as hell

          • 19mad74

            I grew up in Long Beach and I left in 1980 because I could see what was happening even back then. And I am so so glad that I did. Of course the super rich in California want to break up the state because then they won’t have to pay taxes to support the ghetto parts of the state.

          • Diane Frank

            HOWEVER was it not them and Brown the gov. they elected that welcomed them in? Plus rich northern san fran with Pelosi that wanted to take them home should pony up and pay for it…Careful what you wish for

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            Tell them about the hatred and violence against Whites in Hawaii.
            America is already too diverse and therefore divided to stay together peacefully – even if we stopped all immigration today. America is White or it is nothing.

          • Tex

            It’s unbelievable. You can get called a “haole” for doing nothing, and ANYWHERE.

            My pregnant wife, my daughter who is two and myself, were up at our favorite beach last weekend. We were grilling fajitas and had a few friends from school with us. The people RIGHT next to us muttered, “go back to mainland haole.” My buddy looked over and said, “what the phuck did you say, you plucking moke?”

            He’s a personal trainer and a pretty big guy. They didn’t even look our way the rest of the afternoon. But this happens EVERYWHERE. They will cut in line, cut you off in traffic and bump into you because you are white. This “aloha spirit” BS, doesn’t exist.

            That’s the problem with liberals, they think the more you mix, the better. In all reality, the more diverse a place is, the more racial tension there is. It’s human nature, and I’m flat out done being nice to other races.

          • Dustin Troisi

            Hawaii wants to be a Native Nations, they want independence, I hope they get it

          • Tex

            I know simple Econ and travel are out of your worthless pay grade, but you, like these local mutants have no idea what would happen to this place if that happened.

            But it’s fitting that wish for that, considering you’re fellow dirt person to these savages. You both, enjoy dirt floors and huts. Congrats, mutant.

          • Dustin Troisi

            America is not going to be white for long, you better get to Germany

          • Tex

            Hahaha, sure. You’re clearly VERY uneducated. Not only do you not understand numbers, but you do not understand logic. Our guns and training, will destroy your bow and arrows.

            We’ve already been through this and you brown stains ended up where? Exactly, enjoy the land we gave you, BOY.

        • stroggisstupid

          As long as you stay away from austin houston dallas and the border! Lol

          • Tex

            NW Dallas and south of Houston aren’t too bad. But you have a very good point.

            I worked at Dow Chem in Freeport once upon a time, nice area down there.

          • KellyCO

            there is a movement to change Texas to blue going on right now. The idea is for everyone to move to Texas to change it blue.

        • Shannon Challender

          Hi Christine, I live in TX, and you would be welcomed here.

        • TheSnapDude

          those illegal racists are nothing short of spictacular!

          • Tex


        • Anita

          Come on down Christine. My roots go back to 1835 in Texas. The “Valley” is a beautiful place but if you want to stay away from ethic groups I would not go anywhere along the Rio Grande, Houston, Dallas or San Antonio. Also unless you like the prairie or desert like living I would draw a line straight down from North to South from Wichita Falls at Red River all the way down the state and stick to the EAST side of that line. That is unless you like prairie and flatlands. If you do and you see a tree look under the tree as there will be a house because that tree was planted!

    • disqus_Y38bxN0VuX

      I’m brown too and I came her legally. Millions of people are trying to come here legally. What about them? Why should illegals get any preference.No way. Go back and come here legally

      • Colleen Cardoza Souza

        You are right the president should put legal immigrants and American citizens first over people who broke the law to here.

      • Vyper3000

        You guys are the kind of immigrants this country needs and grows and thrives on: you followed the rules and came here and are contributing to a healthy America: Welcome to the US and I hope you retire wealthy. I’m glad you’re here. It’s not fair to you that those who flaunt the law are given a pass.

        • Tex


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          • Guest

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            -> RE­A­D H­E­R­E W­H­A­T I D­O <-

        • Miraclewhip515

          I totally agree also. Good for good people like you!

          • Linda

            They didn’ t win, wait until new president comes one.

          • John Best

            It’s hard to get rid of cockroaches.

        • Gwynn Ap Nudd

          We don’t need anymore immigrants legal or not. The real unemployment rate is over 20%. So they either take jobs we need or go on welfare.

          • WealthyWhiteGuy

            There are plenty of worthless citizens that were born here. And there are plenty of immigrants coming in legally who would be productive members of society. It’s not like there is a finite number of jobs – as the economy grows, more jobs are created. Don’t blame legal immigrants for our sluggish economy. They don’t “take jobs”; they contribute, and in most cases, more than a lot of the losers that were born here. At least legal immigrants have shown they’re willing to put in an honest effort to make it!

          • carolisme

            What is going to make the economy grow with millions of new legal job searchers thrown into an already small and very crowded pool? Sheer numbers don’t increase an economy unless they are all working…jobs are money…money is a basic demand for an increased economy…five million added to the pool will drag us down further…

          • wackydan

            He was talking about LEGAL immigrants if you read his comment again. Illegals on the other hand are mostly uneducated and have very little to contribute to our society.

          • According to Nancy Pelosi and the DUMOCRATS – simply putting these people on welfare with cause the economy to expand. But then again – nancy and the Dems are factually and financially retarded so I wouldn’t take her word for it if I were you!

          • Vince Dey

            Here ya go.

          • gohomeillegals

            You must be a business owner that gains employees through the abundance of illegals. Or something close. Because they suck this country for all it’s worth and don’t contribute a damn thing to it!! They do take our jobs. Reason being is that there are law breaking business owners that hire them first. Why? Because they can pay them a lower rate, don’t have to provide insurance for them, don’t have to pay toward their taxes, and they don’t complain much about it. Its a huge money saving that goes straight into the business owners pocket. Meanwhile the illegals are at the same time not paying any taxes at all, on welfare, Medicaid, section 8…. all things that us workin people pay into!!!! We pay into that so its there for us, not the illegal aliens that don’t contribute a thing. Why is it that they don’t even have to fill out paperwork for school lunch? They automatically get it free!!!! Its sickening! Meanwhile if you aren’t illegal, you have to show your entire income information. Wtf??? The illegals take up so much welfare and section 8, that in so many places you have to wait a very long time to get help like food stamps. I know people that have had to wait months because its flooded with illegals!! Just absurd!!!

          • D.Basilio

            Your facts are incorrect. Illegals immigrants cannot apply for welfare, medicaid, section 8 nor food stamps. The illegal resident may be able to work under a phony name and social security for so long before getting caught.(normally figured out in a couple of weeks of employment) In fact, while working under that phony name & social the illegal resident will pay taxes on every pay period just like any other American(colored or not). The only possible way an illegal immigrant can earn a living without paying taxes is if they are paid “under the table”. In which case, they are paid well below the minimum wage rate for menial labor.

            I don’t have a problem with your stance. I have a problem with people taking a stance that is reinforced by incorrect facts and ignorance. It’s “just absurd” and borderline lazy to share your thoughts without doing your homework.


          • Pete Clark


          • look if you’re going to change the rules mid stream and ask progressives to provide facts then this debate is going nowhere. /sarc

          • Richard

            I know for a fact that illegal immigrants can and do received Government subsides. I’ve seen it first hand working along side illegal migrant laborers.

          • Trinidad Tina Lespron

            I agree. too because I have seen. it first hand too

          • Tina

            Your Correct I worked for DSS Oh I’m sorry for you illegals that means Social Services for 15 years. Every time they walked into the office they got something EBT card medical cash all this with no social security number. Now if an American born citizen taxpaying citizens came into to apply. they were told you make to much or you need social security cards for all children photo I.D.. These people get everything with nothing.

          • George Darsey

            THAT is exactly a big part of what needs to change. If it were truly a level playing field then fewer would risk trying to come here.

          • truth

            I see it daily at work too. I have them brag to me, telling me that I’m the dumb one for working my butt off while they sit on theirs and make more money than I, on welfare.

          • Lucilletheguitar

            They may receive benefits for children born here but they don’t get all the welfare people seem to think they do.

          • Ted

            Having a family member who is a legal immigrant that works for social services….yes they do get all benefits….

          • George Darsey

            Those offices are run on the judgment of the managers and the judges overseeing them. Some places are more liberal than others. This needs to change.

          • USA CITIZEN

            Man I have never seen so many dumb people. You just had people that work’s in the system tell you that they do. Can’t you read. Now instead of talking let’s do something about it. Tell our Senators that we are firing them. Obama what’s to turn this Country into a 3rd world country.

          • Darrell Huffman

            You and yours will see in the near future that your wrong. This country is on the verge of collapse and when it does see who steps up to save your ass!

          • Michelle Calhoun

            I worked at a gas station for a year. Men with South American ID cards buying beer after work and I never treated them any differently than our licenses. One day, a man who came in frequently started insulting me (I am white) for absolutely no reason and said that he didn’t have to show me his ID for beer because I was a racist and hated him because he was illegal. He caused quite a scene. It isn’t my fault an illegal alien ILLEGALLY working in this country can’t buy beer without an ID. One of the most insulting things was that when I refused the sale, he paid for his chips and cookies with food stamps. I was appalled.

          • Chuck

            Why don’t I introduce you to the three illegal families living on my own street. All of them in Section8 housing, all of them on Medicaid, all of them sending their children to the school I pay to support, and all of them on Foodstamps/WIC. Don’t tell me it can’t be done – IT’S HAPPENING NOW! And when I reported them to INS – the Agent acted like I was interrupting his Facebook time, yawned, and hung up on me.

          • M2K

            She is so right. Some illegals that are working in the Social Security office derailed my mom’s social security to get their illegal friends/relatives the money. We fighting a losing battle because it is hard to prove. They are getting away with it!

          • darrellfoust

            They’re letting illegals work in a SS office?!!
            Talk about letting the fox guard the henhouse

          • educationforUS

            First of all your writing and grammar sucks. Therefore, nothing you write on here can or should be taken seriously. Secondly, everything you are saying is completely and utterly false. I work for the government and know for a fact that you can not gain access to section 8 housing, food stamps, enroll in public school etc. without multiple forms of valid ID and a substantial amount of paperwork. If you don’t like the system, either move away, quit working and paying into the system and go on welfare yourselves (which according to you is a great way of life) Or do us all a favor and go the way of ole yeller. Most of you morons who read this uneducated drabble sounds like the crowds from south park “day took our jobs!” “Rabble rabble rabble!!” “I’m angry and white with a small penis!” “Obama is a socialist racist who ain’t even from our cuntry and he wants to take muh gun’s! ” It’s pathetic and lazy you dumb pricks.

          • Helena Starke

            You are nothing but another lazy leech that works for the government and you people steal from the taxpayers just like the illegals do !! If anyone is spurting BS it’s you. LEECH

          • Guest

            If you are so educated yourself and work for the government, then you would know of the biggest loophole there is for illegals to receive benefits

          • Lowell

            Grammar Nazi, We ain’t goin nowheres. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

          • idealist

            In this country, public education to grade 12 is a right, illegal or citizen. I work at a school and we have illegals as students. They get to go to a private school, get a 1:1 nurse and transportation to and from school free of charge if they are disabled. They can go to public school if they are not.
            I just hope that they use their education to the best of their ability and raise their family out of poverty as so many citizens find it hard to do.

          • Juda Farmer

            Funny Im angry and white, have a huge penis…..What a stupid thing to write. You denigrate the op for some spelling errors, then disparage all white people with your racist words. You are pathetic. A racist, in sheeps clothing. Go F*ck yourself.

          • Darrell Huffman

            Can’t no room full of head.

          • Daniel

            Look at the pot calling the kettle black haha, “educationforUS” is a help needed ad, not a display name by the sounds of things 🙂

          • FuckIllegals

            Even the government needs a piss ant like yourself to take the trash out.

            You obviously are clueless seeing each welfare office is run at the mandmangers discretion and not an overall system.

            Stop talking big online and get back to scrubbing toilets scumbag.

          • Darrell Huffman

            Pull your head out before you suffocate he needs to wipe.

          • M.s.

            EducationforUS what branch of the “government” do you work for? What state, what city? Your full of Sh–. I have an immediate family member who works in a California Welfare Office, they give out certain benefits AND HAVE BEEN ORDERED to never ask for any identification as it would be considered racist and they will be fired. This includes monthly $$ Cash and food stamps. To receive welfare, only questions can be asked are names, address and birthdates, NO IDENTIFICATION REQUIRED. This information is directly from a Supervisors mouth. And before you start insulting people you had better get YOUR facts straight, Obama has introduced more laws and restrictions on the ownership of guns when there are already reams of gun laws that don’t work. And if you are a government employee as you so claim I can promise you that you are absolutely in violation of your departments policies in regards to racism, professionalism, ethics and profanity.

          • Blondynka

            I know so many people who speaking in a few languages include Spanish and Goverment hiring illegals for work?
            It is wrong. So many people looking for jobs and we preferred illegals?

          • grammy23

            I’ve also reported illegals and U.S. citizens for Welfare Fraud. It seems like it’s too much trouble to investigate even if you’ve done most of the footwork for them. (Them being gov’t employees who tend to lean democrat).

          • ex ICE agent

            Its not the employees grammy its the DC appointees that will not allow them to do their job. Me included which is why I left. Per Ice council their bs union theres talk about giving them raises, shut up and do nothing money, I took an oath to do otherwise and couldn’t stomach anymore.

          • SFTOBEY

            Good for you, ex-ICE agent. I hope you are well; and a very happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

          • Michelle Heil

            meanwhile more people who were born here in america are becoming homeless. Don’t get me wrong, this is not our land but at the same time, its like throwing people away to help other people.

          • sha44ss

            What do you mean this is NOT our land? If you are a LEGAL CITIZEN IT IS OUR LAND!!

          • sha44ss

            Yes its because we have an “””ILLEGAL”’ in the white house paving the way to the NEXT ELECTION!!

          • Mark

            they Get it because they have Anchor babies who are US Citizens..

          • Dustin Troisi

            You great grandmother was an anchor baby

          • Mark

            Actually no. The emigrated (look it up) Legally through Ellis island.

          • Colleen Cardoza Souza

            jeez! Dustin! how old are you two?

          • ex ICE agent

            Thats because ICE (ins hasnt been used since 08) agents hands are tied. If they actually brought it up to their supervisor they would say hell no per Jeh Johnson DHS Secretary and Obamma lacky. Today all secure community and criminal alien programs have been stopped per JJ.

          • Dustin Troisi

            Thank god ICE had its hands tied, I’m tired of getting harassed

          • Dustin Troisi

            Actually Hispanics make up a smaller portion of welfare recipients than whites and blacks, they also get paid less

          • Tex

            Yea, because most of them are ilegal, you uneducated bean.

            And of course they get aid less, they’re worth less. Simple Econ, tool.

          • Colleen Cardoza Souza

            High welfare use by immigrant-headed households with children is partly explained by the low education level of many immigrants. Of households headed by an immigrant who has not graduated high school, 80 percent access the welfare system.

          • Ann

            Liar!!!! All Mexicans’ from South America are cowards! They can’t stand like a man and fight for their countries (primarily) Mexico. These people runaway crying like a baby. It’s too hard to live in my country. We can’t get free housing, food stamps, social security, health insurance, education. Because we don’t have the courage to fight our government. So we will invade America. Take everything we can get for free. Because America owes us because we are poor and we don’t want

          • Julie Komarek

            They get more you idiot!!!

          • Mik Sacul

            They can if they use a stolen identity – which happens QUITE OFTEN!

          • Trinidad Tina Lespron

            yes I have seen that done in Texas and they sell social securiety cards in the streets it was really scary

          • Momcat49

            NO KIDDING!!! When I was a med student in San Antonio, TX a couple of eons ago, I was working in the Gyn clinic & ran across a chart that had FIVE DIFFERENT WOMEN of various ages & complaints–all accessing the county healthcare system on the same ID card & name!!!

          • Mik Sacul

            WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Do YOUR homework!


          • bhmommy

            D.Basilio – that is an out right lie. I have seen with my own two eyes illegals getting welfare, food stamps, etc. They steal others’ identity in order to obtain these payments. I for one am tired of feeling railroaded by people coming here, taking what they want, then complaining when they don’t get their way. As a Jane Q Taxpayer, my back is broken on taxes. Why should they receive a darn thing from our federal government? Also – think about this amnesty loving folks: If amnesty if granted, that will automatically “entitle” these new citizens to Social Security payments. They NEVER paid a dime into this system. It will most likely crash that whole system. Food for thought.

          • Kay Lowe

            I agree. Perhaps the one who originally came cannot get benefits. But those anchor babies start rolling in, and they qualify for food stamps, Mom automatically qualifies for maternity benefits, and, b/c the baby is a citizen, I guess the family benefits for section 8 housing. I don’t know how it works. I just know that they get it. I’ve been behind too many hispanics in Walmart with a fully loaded cart of food and pull out that EBT card when it comes time to pay. And not just hispanics, either. We in Middle TN, have a big Kurdish population and really a melting pot of others.

          • billwenham

            Wait, you’ve been in line behind hispanics and just assume they are illegals because they are hispanics?

          • BGMAMA

            Umm, where did she say that? No…the fact that they cannot speak but 5 words of english is the first clue.

          • billwenham

            Did you not see the part where they were agreeing with the poster before them and stated why they agreed with the statement? Also you should point me to where it states that English is our official language?

          • Day2u

            The United States doesn’t have an “official language”, but some states do. You’d have to check the state being discussed to find out whether or not English is the official language there.

          • billwenham

            What are the laws to enforce this “official language”…and if there aren’t any, why would it matter?

          • Janice Nunley Erickson

            all the road signs are in English its spoken in our schools government doctors offices etc. It is the recognized language of the United States no matter what you think otherwise

          • billwenham

            A “recognized language” is not the same as an official language. 🙂

          • Juda Farmer

            Your an idiot. Do we all speak English? Were you taught English in school? At your work, do they speak English? When you go to the bank, is it in English? Appreciate your zeal, but dont be stupid. Your making a semantics argument, that fails profoundly.

          • billwenham

            From the looks of it I was taught better than you. 😉

          • Patsy Barrett

            Speaking English is required to become a citizen. hello

          • Matthew Evans

            Have you ever been in a Citizenship ceremony? Think again.

          • Dustin Troisi

            But not to get permission, green card, you do not understand much. ..

          • Colleen Cardoza Souza

            I do not have to suck it up because Congress will defund his plan if they haven’t already plus they are now taking steps to Impeach him! Oh and yes I do have African DNA I have ancesters from Morrocco. 🙂 here is the link for impeachment of Obama!

          • Colleen Cardoza Souza
          • billwenham


            The law provides three exemptions from the English language requirement for naturalization. The exemptions are for applicants age 50 or over who have been permanent residents for at least 20 years; those at least age 55 with at least 15 years permanent residence; and those who have a mental or physical disability that prevents them from learning English.


          • asdfsac

            lol obviously its not

          • Michelle Calhoun

            Aren’t we all typing it right now so everyone else understands? D’oh!

          • billwenham

            Yes, since the website is written in English the responses will tend to be in English. Just like if you were reading an article in Spanish the responses would be in Spanish. You’re a smart one. 🙂

          • Michelle Calhoun

            I smell sarcasm.

          • Dustin Troisi

            Stupid stupid white person, my grandmother didn’t speak a word of English, she was born here, she was not illegal, you stupid white person

          • Michelle Calhoun

            Oooooo big troll dropping the ‘white’ bomb. Dude, every comment you made has either been inciting hatred of people with pale skin or has been full of nasty comments. Check yourself. Maybe it is your racism that is the problem.

          • Tex

            So, you have the audacity to call someone stupid when your mexifry, whore grandmother was born here, and still couldn’t speak the language? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHA!

            Stupid Mexicans…

          • Dustin Troisi

            she was Navajo, I really wish death to people like you, seriously I hope you and your kids all die

          • Tex

            Navajo is nothing more than a dirty Mexican Indian. And I bet you do, we are successful, intelligent and live great lives. You are dirt people. I can see where the animosity would lie.

            But like I said, you can prove how big you are big boy. I will be in Tucson in a month. I am more than willing to give you a poke, punk. Hit me up, I’ll put you in your place, boy.

          • Dustin Troisi

            201 W Elizabeth Dr come see me

          • Tex

            Hahaha, you live off of AJO? HAHAHAHAHAH, stupid, ghetto ass Mexican living in the ghetto. No, I’m not going to come to your house. Let’s meet somewhere neutral where you can get immediate medical attention. Tucson mall works for me. Maybe in that building that use to be Bally’s.

            You’re gonna regret this little man…

          • san

            shame on her

          • DAWNOFNEWDAY

            LOL! You brown Mexicans can’t even revolt against the white minorities living in Mexico or Latin America, many of them are unarmed too. Try that in America where everyone has guns. The whites here will blow you away if you push them too far. Look at white history. We are known to wipe out millions of people and civilizations when they push us too far.

          • Dustin Troisi

            There is no English requirement for a visa or permanent residence, she was probably perfectly legal.

          • Sandy Craver

            99% of the hispanics are illegal.

          • billwenham

            It’s cute that you made up a statistic that you believe to be real. 😉

          • joe@flw

            99.5% of people like you are dumb and ignorant

          • Dustin Troisi

            Stupid white person

          • Tex

            Stupid spiccccc…..

          • san

            if you don’t like us American then go back where you came from I wont stop you

          • SaraLouTrueBlue

            You don’t read very well what is written, do you? Kay did NOT one time say that she was behind illegal hispanics. She said that perhaps the one who originally came cannot get benefits. But the anchor babies (who are considered legal) qualify for food stamps, and Mom qualifies, etc. That anchor baby is supposedly legal, and grows up, so is a legal mom with a buggy full of food that is paid with an EBT card. There you went, assuming that Kay said the hispanic in front of her was illegal.

          • billwenham

            I didn’t assume they said they were illegals. I asked if that’s what they assumed, just because they were Hispanic, hence the question mark. How’s your reading skills treating you?

          • Patsy Barrett

            Because most ARE! They will proudly tell you they are illegal as they “pay” for that cart full of food with OUR effing money!

          • Emma Dilemma

            Thank you

          • Bulshit…(Purposefully misspelled)… ever been to a grocery store in Rancho Cucamunga, LA, Oakland, Phoenix, Tempe, Brooklyn, Newark, Raleigh, Charlotte, Gaithersburg, Md. etc etc etc? Those EBT cards the illegals are using aren’t fake!

          • ody

            I live in Angier, NC and they took over the entire town. Also I went to the social service dept of harnett county and witnessed this mexican mother come in with 5 children get everything handed to her.

          • Eagle2758

            The mountain people let them take over?

          • joe@flw

            North Carolina rank #3
            Top 10 Most Racist States in America!

            North Carolina’s LQ score at 1.5 was a little less than half of Georgia’s. However the state is home to nine KKK organizations, the third highest of any state.

          • Arminius

            You can always spot Progressive Racists. Maybe you missed the vulgar peasants in the pics above, speaking of ungrateful beggar racists.

          • illegalgarbagegohome

            Should have ran her over on your way out.

          • Knotalibby

            Michigan too. We have a lot of LEGAL immigrants who come here to work on the farms. BUT, we also have a lot of illegals and they are usually the ones who are committing crimes and causing trouble.

          • Dustin Troisi

            Really? Illegals? Dumb? You?

          • Knotalibby

            Oh Dustin, you sad sad boy. I’ve read through all of your “hate whitey” comments. Over and over you call people names, cite false statistics and claim to be a native American, which apparently gives you the feeling of false superiority over us ‘whiteys’. Well I hate to tell you young man, but my grandfather was 1/2 Cherokee. There are many programs I could take advantage of because of my heritage but I choose to make it on my own. Being Native American gives you no superiority over any other class, gender, ethnicity. However, thinking that it does, shows you are no better than the self entitled liberals and welfare rats who are flooding this country. Yes, go ahead and spout your racial hatred. Not many are really listening to you. Once you start name calling and spewing hatred, people stop listening. You say ‘whitey’ will be the minority and you’re going to run us out of America, but then just WHO will be supporting all of you? The President’s new class of citizens that he just tried to legalize, 5 million of them, will soon be taking the jobs you all think you’re too good to do. When those of us who work hard and pay taxes get “run out of America” like you suggest, who will be paying taxes so you can collect your benefits? That’s right, nobody. So, the welfare programs that many of you depend on will cease to exist. Somebody has to pay into these programs in the form of taxes in order for them to exist. So, continue spouting your vitriol, your hatred. Soon, you will be expected to support the next generation. Have fun with that.

          • Big T

            wrong, while working under a phony name they put exempt on the tax form and do not pay anything

          • E

            The facts were not incorrect most illegals get all of those as Obama required it. The same goes for healthcare and voting. Look at how many illegals voted last election…. and all bites counted, with Obama overruling any states new measures to fix it.

          • darrinutticheck

            No they illegals cant but their children born in the U.S. can and the persons that handle that are the parents, therefore they parents benefit from all these programs.

          • Mika

            I’ve actually know a lot of people who are here illegally but do receive government help su check as medicaid, food stamps, WIC, and etc. I’ve heard my husband tell me so many stories on how illegal people use fake social security to be a able to take out credit cards, and do so much more. I actually know people who has a job gets paid maybe 800 a week but receive all the government assitance. I know people uses food stamp to buy food and use their money to buy nice expensive clothes and cars. I’ve personally witnessed this myself. I don’t care if people come here illegally but what upsets me is when all these families having 6-8 kids so they can get more money back for taxes and receive government help. I honestly could care less if people come here illegally but if we citizens have to abide by the laws it should go for everyone coming here illegally or not. There are some people who come here illegally that are really good people but some who takes advantage of the help provided by the government.

          • Grammar Nazii

            You are WRONG. It is “I could NOT care less”

          • Michelle Calhoun

            Thank you, well said.

          • Joe

            You are spouting the law not the fact. You are 100% wrong!!!!!!!

          • Carol Thompson

            illegals do apply for welfare u don’t know what ur talking about I know a lot of them that do and get it so u need to go read again what u thought u did because ur 100% wrong d basilio and I for one am tired of paying for u illegals yes they get paid under the table and a lot make a lot more money than people that are citizens and they pay no taxes

          • joe@flw

            Texas the most racist

            The SPLC says Texas has the most KKK chapters than any other state in the nation. Along with Florida, it had one of the lowest LQ scores of 1.3, but because Texas has 18 KKK organizations, almost twice as many as any of the states on SPLC’s list, it made it to the top of this list as the most racist state in the U.S.

          • Janet Pohl Powell

            I have a relative who works where illegals are hired, they use fake ID, when they do get busted, the only thing that happens is they get fired and re-hired under a new name and info with in an hour.

          • Knotalibby

            I’ve seen it myself. Young women who can’t speak a word of English with their little babies getting WIC and food stamps. Once they have their babies in OUR country, they can and do collect benefits.

          • Drakenfly

            Call Arapahoe county social services in Colorado and ask for help getting state and federal assistance thru Colorado! You are a F#ck#ng LIAR if you think illegals can NOT get assistance!!!!!

          • Vince Dey

            No he or she is just a everyday syht head..

          • grammy23

            Same here in Mesa County, CO.

          • Vince Dey

            You dimwit. They steal the identity of another or buy it. Get dummy SS # and bingo they apply. Wake the hell up. I see in LA all the time.

          • grammy23

            As long as they have an anchor baby they can apply for the household to get benefits.

          • scott

            You have no clue dude,illegal can not get welfare but,once they have a kid here,the kid gets the welfare,free education and lunch paid for by whitey.So stfu.

          • SoulSeekerUSA

            You do not have a clue about what you are talking about. Illegals are given preference in my town and state above real citizens. So how about you get your facts straight and actually do the research and don’t depend on MSNBC for your whacked so called facts.

          • issy78

            Walk into the county office and it’s posted on the wall, also a translator will be provided for you if you need one.

          • MomNKansas

            Funny thing about this is when I enroll my children in school there is a place in the forms that says you don’t have to prove to be a us citizen to go get the free reduced meals and to go to school there. So, you’re saying?

          • Susie in MN

            Just because they are not a citizen doesn’t mean they’re illegal. Most, yes, but there is a long process to become a citizen. Look it up.

          • Eagle2758

            I worked the border, did you,eh. They cost hospitals, schools,etc. Who the hell do you think that falls on. We need to get rid of dumba$$ turds like you too. I’ll shove you over the fence at the DMZ Korea, you’ll like the North, you can stay awhile.

          • Honeybee

            And we all know that Dead people can’t vote, and you can only vote once, right? Ha! Thousands of dead people vote and thousands more vote more than once! Oh yeah, and taxpayers don’t pay for abortions, right? When illegals cross the border, they are told where to go for healthcare and telephones, lawyers and food stamps! Obama advertised on Spanish (Mexican TV) that people could come here and get food stamps! Maybe you need to dig deeper in your homework! Lies are told every day to the American people and many believe them!

          • BGMAMA

            I almost thought your name was DeBlasio. YOUR facts are incorrect bub. Illegals get Medicaid, EBT and TANF. See it everyday as a Nursery Nurse. THEN their kid is a citizen and they live fat n happy on the American workers dime.

          • Wally

            actually, an illegal using illegal info (Identity theft) declares many dependants (lets just say 10) so the amount of taxes paid is very very minor. Or go “exempt” so no taxes are taken out. Do you really think their going to allow a lot of taxes to be taken out? They know how the system works and use it to their advantage.

          • Chia-Li Sung


          • Janica

            They can apply for government assistance if they have kids born here. Doesn’t matter if the parents are illegal or not.

          • Darrin Beermann

            months and months ago, Obama himself stated on television that illegals are allowed to apply for welfare and food stamps, and get the Obama care health coverage. my sister inlaw works in downtown cincy, and gets these people all the time, no green cards barely any info whatsoever and she has to give it to them, process pictures of them etc, she even had the same lady come in twice in one day, wearing the exact same clothes, make up jewelry hair etc and gave a different name, the lady argued with her, my sis pulled up the picture on the computer of her an showed her, a fight almost started an the supervisor forced her to to process the lady again under the new second name, so now this lady gets twice the benefits.

          • junebugmcwilliam

            Ah, the short memory of Americans. Yo, D. Basilio – do your homework! Your facts are incorrect. Interesting you don’t remember THIS high profile incident -
            Obama’s auntie was denied asylum, she stayed, and continued to live in Section 8 housing, and receive other subsidies.

          • Janice Nunley Erickson

            the hell they cant they most certainly can and do get food stamps it says right on the application you will
            not be disqualified because of undocumented status

          • Adam Carlson

            Hahaha! You’re so naive it hurts. What have you to say about the illegal immigrant who for the past 17 years has not worked a day and continues to get monthly assistance?

            I suppose you can deny this report’s reality and continue with your head in the sand.

          • Patsy Barrett

            You think illegals “cannot” apply for benefits? LOLOL All they need is fake paperwork, I know someone who supplies them with fake paperwork within days of arrival. He makes great money doing it too! My god wake up!

          • Mike Malcom

            You, sir or Madame, do not live in the real world. I’m in the construction business. The Mexicans that I find in this business fare much better because they do get paid under the table and don’t pay taxes. They also get socially funded benefits. You can quote whatever archaic republican law of yore, but in REALITY, this is what happens.

          • Mickey

            Wrong, illegals children born here are eligible for welfare and millions are collecting it. Who do you think gets the money, the 2 years olds????

          • Vicki Albertson

            Who is paying for the care of those who just came here illegally while they are awaiting deportation? Taxpayers.

          • emily epstein

            You are.incorrect. pregnant women can get medicaid and other.assistance regardless of immigration status and if they report low to no income they will get it. In ny state proof of pregnancy is not required so they can report pregnancy again and again even if they arent pregnant.

          • asdfsac

            illegal immigrants aren’t supposed to apply for welfare or any of that, the ones that do aren’t actively seeked out. illegal or not doesn’t really matter.

          • Tiffany Wood Moody

            Well you need to get your facts straight because Hon they have amnesty now they can get anything wwea. So before goin off on others for their #ignorance. You need ti follow your own advice.

          • Mike Gilley

            your facts are incorrect, illegals can know get drivers license in some states and they can vote ( illegally}

          • truth

            I know first hand that there are ample illegals collecting welfare, section 8, SSI, etc. I see it at work on a daily basis!

          • Steve A

            They can if they have a child born in the US, then they get all those things for that child. Housing, Food and they ALL get free healthcare, at least free to them, us hard working tax payers cover the cost for them.

          • D.Basilio

            so does that American-born child not deserve aid because his/her parents are of a different country? I have a bigger problem giving those benefits to those who have lived off it for generations.

          • Hyperionsf .

            You are incorrect. Illegals get all the benefits that American citizens get. I’m originally from California and I saw it all the time. Still remember a scumbag living off of it with his parents at the age of 30…all of them including his younger sisters who have already had kids in their mid teens with their boyfriends living there……in a 4 bedroom house…..

            Go liberals…

          • durpU

            You sir are incorrect. Illegals cannot apply for welfare, medicaid, section 8 or food stamps, but do and collect everyday. There are stories on this sites side bar that directly contradicts your statements. One, an illegal woman scamming the system for over 20 years. there are many more doing the same.

          • Laurel

            You are incorrect. In California they absolutely do get benefits. Also look around this website and you will see the news stories showing them getting benefits. Use Bing and or Google, and Google news stories about the topic. News yesterday reported they will get Obamacare via Medicaid at taxpayer expense in California. That means ALL taxpayers because Medicaid dollars are distributed via then federal government. No matter what state you live in you are paying for the bad decisions of other states.

          • Rick

            You cannot pick up day labor at Home Depot for less than $15.00 per hour under the table. That is way above minimum labor. AND they don’t pay taxes.

          • Julie Komarek

            yes in Wisconsin they get all welfare benefits,and im sure many more states roll out the red carpet for them,so do your homework and know your facts!!!!

          • USA Citizen

            Where are u from yes they can and have. You are so dumb, maybe you should go back with they, and another thing why should we have to learn there language there in our Country oh not your because you kiss there ass. It time we take back our Country.

          • John Best

            Is anybody not ” colored”?

          • Robert Gehrking

            YOU are just absurd” and borderline lazy!
            AND I’M SURE YOU’RE DUMB, and I’m sure you’re a illegal scum mexican!!
            Shocking US government leaflet tells Mexican immigrants they can collect food stamp benefits without admitting they’re in the country illegally.
            Read more:

          • Elisa

            Undocumented immigrants pay taxes every time they buy gas, clothes or
            new appliances. They also contribute to property taxes—a main source of
            school funding—when they buy or rent a house, or rent an apartment. The
            Social Security Administration estimates that half to three-quarters of
            undocumented immigrants pay federal, state and local taxes, including $6
            billion to $7 billion in Social Security taxes for benefits they will
            never get. They can receive schooling and emergency medical care, but
            not welfare or food stamps.

          • Elisa

            Unless they’re married to a Natural born or legal citizen here…The only way…

          • Kay Lowe

            Those anchor babies do get food stamps.

          • Vince Dey

            You are on glue !

          • grammy23

            How about that! They buy houses. How is it when you need to show a SS# and Drivers license when you do the mortgage paperwork or do they pay cash? And I always thought landlords weren’t supposed to rent to illegals but hey, just like gov’t benefits

          • Jo K Eas

            No property taxes when you rent. Owners pay property taxes not renters.

          • sha44ss

            Oh really? How is it that they paying TAXES out of RENT subsidies? How is it that they are paying SS taxes when if they are ILLEGAL they dont have a SOC SEC Card??

          • Wally

            Do you actually believe that an illegal worker is going to allow taxes to be taken out of their paychecks?? How do they pay taxes with no SS# or DL?? Oh, their using someone elses info. So committing Identity theft and causing some 80 year old to get denied SS because she made too much money, working 3 jobs in 3 states!! Ever heard of dependents? You know, that box on your w-4 form that you check to have less taxes taken out because you have a lot of kids? You can even claim “exempt” and have almost NO taxes taken out. But back to my original thought, how does an illegal pay taxes on their paychecks?? You do realize that that’s the only way to pay into Social Security right?? So, the Social Security Administration can’t “estimate” how much money or how many “undocumented” workers pay in federal, state and local taxes. If your source was real and not made up, you would of sited your source!! Anyone can “claim” what ever amount they want since, Illegal’s don’t leave a paper trail!!!! There’s an “estimated” number for everything, amount of illegals in this country, amount they cost tax payers, amount of crimes committed by illegals, amount of accidents illegals cause, amount of drunk driving illegals that cause deaths or serious injuries, ALL ESTIMATES and depending on which side of the fence the person making that “estimate” is on, depends on how “close” to being a real number that imaginary number is!!!

          • Sonja

            You have incorrect facts. Illegal aliens do not have any of the benefits that citizens have. They can not apply for section 8, food stamps, unemployment, welfare, medicaid etc. And if the business owners are the ones who hire them knowing they are illegal and they can pay them less than the average American worker, who is to blame here?

          • Vince Dey

            Morons like U and O Barry.

          • Jo K Eas

            Law says they cant but they are anyway. Who is to blame, the politicians that do not make E Verify a requirement.

          • sha44ss


          • Eagle2758

            Don’t hire them,simple. Yes illegals do get benefits. Google is your friend.

          • Wally

            A quick Google search produced this:


            We estimate that 52 percent of households with children headed by legal immigrants used at least one welfare program in 2009, compared to 71 percent for illegal immigrant households with children. Illegal immigrants generally receive benefits on behalf of their U.S.-born children.

            Welfare Use by Legal Status. So far this report has examined welfare use for the entire foreign-born population. But it is possible to estimate welfare use for households based on the legal status of the household head. It is well established that illegal aliens do respond to government surveys such as the Current Population Survey. While the CPS does not ask the foreign-born if they are legal residents of the United States, the Urban Institute, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the former INS, the Pew Hispanic Center, and the Census Bureau have all used socio-demographic characteristics in the data to estimate the size of the illegal-alien population. We follow this same approach. Our best estimate is that the March 2010 CPS included 9 to 9.5 million illegal aliens.19 By design, this estimate is consistent with those prepared by the Department of Homeland Security and others.20 It must be remembered that this estimate only includes illegal aliens captured by the March CPS, not those missed by the survey. The Department of Homeland Security assumes an undercount of 10 percent in Census Bureau data.21

            Table 6 reports welfare use based on the legal status of the household head. The estimates show that 51.8 percent of households with children headed by legal immigrants used at least one major welfare program in 2009. For households with children headed by an illegal immigrant, 71 percent are estimated to use at least one program. One important thing to note about these estimates is that immigrant households can only be placed into one of two categories — legal or illegal. This means that if the methodology for assigning legal status has resulted in an overestimation of welfare use for one category, it must be the case that it has underestimated welfare use for the other. To understand this, it may be helpful to remember that the welfare use rate for all immigrant-headed households with children of 56.6 percent represents the average for immigrant households headed by legal and illegal immigrants together. This means that anyone arguing that the welfare use rate in Table 6 is too high for one category, must also believe that the welfare use rate is too low for the other category.


            So, you were saying?? Illegals DON’T use What??? Hummmm,, studies show otherwise!!!

            If you have other proof proving your point, Please, Share your Source!! Make sure it’s not Wiki or joeblownews!!!

          • Sarah Mahala

            I agree 100%. A company in the small town I live in hired an illegal, put her up and paid all her bills and furnished her needs for three weeks so she could save her money and be able to pay her own way. The woman that trained her for her job had been with the company for years and was a great employee. As soon as the illegal was able to do the job and keep it up, my friend was fired. Of course, supposedly she wasn’t an illegal, but the people she worked with knew she was. Cheaper labor, more money in the pockets of the company. My husband also worked for years with an illegal from Mexico on fake ID. When the company found out he had fake ID, they did actually fire him, but six months later they rehired him and he tried to convince the people he worked with that he was another person. My husband, along with others, came right out and told him to quit lying about who he was because they had worked with him for years and knew exactly who he really was. When the company closed their doors, he was laid off along with all the others working there, fake IDs or not, legal or not. Still got the same benefits.

          • sha44ss

            I know a AMERICAN man that worked all his life and now got sick and lost BOTH his legs to diabetes and got his food stamps CUT to $15.00 a month when the ILLEGALS are collecting HUNDREDS!!! I AM PI$$%D>>> …IT IS WELL PAST THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.! Everyone BETTER START JAMMING THE PHONE LINES TO CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT AND WE NEED TO THROW THE CORRUPTION OUT OF WASHINGTON!!!

          • ImmigrantsGreatGreatGrandson

            What is your family background? British? German?

          • MSCsocal

            Please reread what WealthyWhiteGuy said He was talking about legal immigrants that come here and contribute to society. They are not sucking the life blood out of the country rather they are productive contributors of society.

          • gunniesack

            You must be a racist

          • Eduardo Garcia

            Moron. They can’t get those services. And this is our land. We are of indigenous blood. You are the immigrant.

          • nims

            Someone who is of a marginalized race, speaks little English, has no papers, makes below the minimum wage…I think the reason they don’t have to provide as much information to receive special aid because given those circumstances, it’s probbbbbably safe to assume their child is eligible for the free lunch…people who were born here are more likely to try and cheat the system, therefore they are held to a different standard if you will, to be able to provide certain information…

          • Linda

            They are helped first at the SS office, while us whites wait 2 1/2 hours for service.

          • May Britton

            thats where the health and human services should come in –help the ones here that need it then start on the illegals –help the Americans first then them

          • archer

            They create service sector jobs that basically will be needed to take care of the millions of new people living here, those are not the kind of jobs that really grow the economy.

          • Dustin Troisi

            I have worked along mexican and Guatemalan and Salvadoreños for almost a decade, everyone got paid 12.50 and up, the up being 20 an hour, the parking lot was filled with new Chevy trucks, no one had papers, they were hard working, which is why they had the jobs, every once in a while a white would try to work with us, they were always lazy and never lasted long

          • Tex

            Navajo’s, and the most worthless of all the Indians! Hahaha, lazy, ugly, tent dwellers.

          • Colleen Cardoza Souza

            Well union workers get 50.00 to 60.00 an hour so its not that they are hard workers its the company they work for is too cheap to pay the wage they are supposed to! they can end up in jail for hiring illegals too!

          • archer

            The point I was making is that if you have a large influx of people you have to create jobs just to take care of them, that is one of the talking points of the amnesty people that they create jobs, of course they do in a fashion.

          • Really – not a finite number of jobs? Do you want to reconsider your statement? I agree with you though that there are losers here just like anywhere else – but why import more of them? I’m not saying they are all losers but we already have the biggest deficit in the world and an employment problem – why add to it? People are directing their anger at the high percentage of illegals who came here 1) ILLEGALLY – do you not understand the word or meaning or what it implies? 2) For the services we provide thus taking from natural citizens OR ADDING debt to an already unmanageable figure 3) causing issues in our schools 4) importing crime in the form of gangs – ever heard of MS-13, human slavery, prostitution directly caused by folks from SA? And don’t go off on saying we already have that here – the point is WHY ADD TO IT????? 5) illegals filling up emergency rooms bogging down healthcare services for OUR poor and needy.

            Why is it we never seem to put the responsibility back on their own countries???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

          • Knotalibby

            Ah but you said it yourself….”legal immigrants”. I don’t think any of us have a problem with “legal” immigrants. The problem is a bunch of people, some of them criminals, ILLEGALLY entering our country, sneaking around living on our hospitality, committing crimes and then our President wants to let them bypass the legal process for entering the U.S. legally. What about all of your LEGAL immigrants who are still waiting? Do they get a pass too? That’s the problem with the President’s amnesty. He is rewarding those who broke the law to enter our country at the expense of those who are trying to do it the right way. No amnesty for ILLEGALS!

          • Eagle2758

            Yes they have, but the illegals are comprised of MS-13, ISIS, all that sweet stuff.

          • Colleen Cardoza Souza

            Its not the legal immigrants that we have a problem with it is illegal aliens that will need to go home! Congress and the house with reverse everything he is trying to do Obama knows this and he will tell the illegals he tried but the congress and the house defunded him and there is nothing he can do about it then he looks like the good guy and blame it on someone else!

          • jnoto

            Are you paying attention???..Nobody has a problem with ‘legal immigrants’

          • jnoto

            Are you paying attention???..Nobody has a problem with ‘legal immigrants’..It’s the ILLEGAL in NOT LEGALLY entering this country.

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            You love that cheap labor. People are just commodities like any other and it’s supply and demand baby. And even after the carnage the illegals have caused, you obviously had lots of idiots on your side.
            The five million will take as many jobs as were created since 2009. Or go on welfare. And remember, there will be fewer jobs all the time as automation explodes. You people didn’t think it through – at least not for the rest of us. You just wanted to get yours. That’s not statesmanship and why should we expect more of you? A Nation is not just a Market after all. Anyway, we forgot what’s been known since ancient times: merchants have no loyalty and have to be kept in line. When Suleiman the Magnificent was planning his invasion of Europe, European merchants were lining up to do business with him. The Turks were the odds on favorites after all. What utter scum. And nothing has changed.

          • Rick Badgley

            Except Pay their share of Taxes!

          • Tina Hill

            You left out the part where many many illegals ARE in fact on welfare here. And even though some “MAY” be working chances are they ARE NOT paying taxes. If we have sluggish born and raised in Americans that aren’t working well hell they are at least here legally. So many of you are totally missing the point. My hat goes off to those whom did come here doing it the RIGHT way. There IS a right way and a wrong way to do things!!! If a loop hole is left in any one place long enough all it takes is for ONE to find a way through it and more WILL follow.

          • Linda

            bu their money goes back to their families, it doesn’t stay in America.

          • Linda

            They need to learn English. Most every fast food has those who only talk Spanish among themselves when they should be working.

          • Ángeles Vida Amorosa

            Ah shut the hell up

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd


          • jlaughlin982

            Screw that. If you came here legally, you deserve a place in this country to prosper. And I can assure you those who became US citizens through the proper channels are likely the LAST people who’ll ever need welfare.

          • Dustin Troisi

            And the first are whites

          • jim

            your an idiot, all u can say is ignorant things. its people like u that make this country the terrible place it has become…all u can say is racsist things that make u look n sound like a typical ignorant illegal whether u r or not.but by ur comments u probably r illegal

          • Tex

            Go get drunk, you stupid squaw…..

          • ArmedPatriot

            Send all the lazy wont work a job types to Mexico. Bring in all the hard working Mexicans and then close the dammed border permanently.

          • pure ignorance

            Actually, jobs no one else wants-hard labor-do your research

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            So Whites can’t work hard? You haven’t been around much. Go to North Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska, etc. Yeah there is a lot of spoiled kids, but that’s no reason to dissolve our border. Stop spoiling the kids and get them working. As it stands now, a lot of White kids can’t even get summer jobs anymore because of all the immigrants. So the problem of spoilage is only going to get worse.

          • Brandi

            There are so many people refusing to work, and so many companies who can’t find employees to fill positions that this argument is invalid. Just because you don’t want to work at McDonald’s doesn’t mean there are no jobs available.

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            Have some more Brandy, Brandi. Wash down that Big Mac.

          • ALegalImmigrant

            If you aren’t pure Native American, who are you to talk? LOL some peoples kids are just to dumb to comprehend!

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            Whites are the Native Americans. The Indians were just living here before we conquered them and created this Nation.

          • Eduardo Garcia

            I agree. So go to where you came from immigrant. We didn’t want you here.

          • Gwynn Ap Nudd

            Sorry Eddie. We conquered America fair and square. Even some of the Indians understand this and stand with the Minutemen. Mexicans brutalized the tribes of the Southwest after all. But there’s a deeper reason: their treaties and lands were granted by our government. If it goes, they go too.

          • Linda

            And don’t take the time to learn English. I Hate going to a store where they are talking to each other in Spanish, while we wait in line to get our meals.

        • Brian Hughes

          “You followed the rules”. Reading comprehension is a bitch with this one. Read the title. Illegal aliens it says. Following the rules is exactly what they did not do.

          • Vyper3000

            Yes, Brian, reading comprehension apparently IS a bitch since you were unable to do it. I know you’re confused, so go back, look at my comment. Read the entire thing, including who it is a reply TO. Possibly someone can read it to you. They will tell you that I was replying to Hao Ngo, is said he is a US citizen, i.e, legal, and to Disquis_Y38bxNOVuX, who said he came here LEGALLY. You see what a difference it makes when you take the time to read all of the words? For one this it can help you to keep from embarrassing yourself publicly.

        • liz

          What about the poor people who were dragged over here as children by adults and forced into child labor in the tobacco fields. I know of quite a few. My husband was forced by his parents to come here to work at 13 years old and send all his money home. We’ve tried many times to get his green card and live a law abiding life, but each time we are told he has to go back to Mexico for 10 years because he entered illegally, leaving me and our children with no husband and father. I am a born US citizen, and cannot even help him. Me and our 4 children are terrified of what may happen to him. He’s here illegally through no fault of his own. There seem to be loopholes in the system fir terrorists and cartels, but none for a respectable, hard working, good father like him. Why?

          • Vyper3000

            So he had 5 years of deniability and then he was an adult. Way back a long time ago you started dating an illegal alien. Then you married him, somehow managing to get a marriage license with what ID? Then of all things you compounded the bad idea and had four kids while he was still illegal… and somehow all of this is the fault of the immigration system? That is one of the main problems – fools keep doing stupid things, knowing the are breaking the law, and suddenly years later when there are kids and a whole family involved suddenly it is cause for us to find reason to bend all the rules for them…… over and over. I understand he may be a nice guy… but you guys knew what you were doing the whole time. You have no excuse for what YOU did to your kids.

        • Teresa Mann Wolfenbarger

          so true, come legally…

        • //

          the people who don’t contribute to america and loves and lives on stealing from other americans are white people.

          • Vyper3000

            Yet another racist scumbag rears their unwelcome head…

        • Cubalibre1953

          I’m an immigrant who came legally, no help from the government my family who was here helped us until we found work and could stand on our own, thats the American way, not this political fiasco!!
          Unfare to those who have been waiting to come here!!
          And to those who paid and waited to come, this is rewarding bad behaviour!!
          Its only going to get worse!!
          This is unconstitutional!!

          • Vyper3000

            I absolutely agree. This is wrong. It rewards lawbreakers and slaps immigrants like you in the face: people who obeyed the laws and did it the right way. They tear this country down: you build it up.Still, even as a proud American I can share in the hope:

            Cuba Libre!

        • Eric Jones


      • Tanja

        Exactly… I got separated from my husband for 9 months, to get the green card, was the hell on earth… I just don’t get it… We all needed to work hard for immigration and these people complain now that they got the “privilege” to just enter the borders and nobody even does anything to prevent this from happening. See I am not racist, I love all people. But this is just not fair play… I was already married in the USA and needed to leave because of my overstayed damn Visa… I think if that is really the fact, that everybody should need to work very hard to get even the privilege to enter the borders!

        • Tommy

          That’s wrong what happened to you. We need better immigration laws to help those who want to come here legally and who want to obey the law. I support immigration, but I rather not have more people here who are going to hate on me because I am white even though my great granma came from mexico too.

          • Momcat49

            We need to abolish the “anchor baby” law that grants citizenship automatically to any child born on US soil.

          • Jane Haslam

            You are so right about that. If the mother is here illegally then the child being born here is illegal. Close this loop hole!! There are many people waiting legally. I’ve read post from these people and some have been waiting for years, one said she has been waiting 10 years. Give it to the legal for they are the ones who respect our laws and reward them for being legal!!!

          • Momcat49

            The problem with repealing the “anchor baby law” is that it is part of the 14th Amendment & has already been reviewed & upheld by the Supreme Court. In the 1897 case, US vs Wong Kim Ark, the court upheld that the son of Chinese immigrants was a citizen. The court has NOT, however, addressed the issue of whether the children of ILLEGAL immigrants should be conferred “birthright citizenship” as well. Several states are considering their own legislation to invalidate birthright citizenship for children born to illegal immigrants. Perhaps a Supreme Court challenge will result from one of those.

          • Pam

            I agree the “anchor baby ” law should be abolished. That’s more than likely how most of this happened, illegals that have stayed after childbirth. A pregnant mother, walks across the border, has her baby, and through her child both get to live off the welfare land, in which, our tax money has supplied the cost of having her baby, and the food and clothing that is on their backs. In my opinion they both should be sent back to where they came from, after all people from the far east countries use Mexico as the porthole, to gain access to the USA. So it’s not just Mexican’s, but practically all other nationalities that don’t or won’t pay to enter the correct way.

          • Momcat49

            Yes–“Birthing hotels” are very popular with wealthy Chinese mothers-to-be who want their kids to have dual citizenship!

          • Momcat49

            Yes–“Birthing hotels” are very popular with wealthy Chinese mothers-to-be who want their kids to have dual citizenship!

        • 19mad74

          People like you need to call the Republican leadership and let them know how you feel. Tell them your story.

      • Karen Low Anderson

        So glad you’re here, too!

      • Austexchili

        You guys are truly the definition of “Fellow Americans”

      • Kristy Graham

        This has been one of my biggest complaints. I have several friends who have come here from several different countries…Australia, England, Mexico, Honduras, etc. Everyone of them did it legally and it took them YEARS, but they wanted it, they fought for it and they got it. And Obama not only just slammed every citizen of this country, but he completely threw every immigrant like you straight under the bus. For that I apologize.

      • Stellar Steve

        This is more than a slap in the face for all those who are legally trying to get to be a citizen. What does this say to those hard working people? How about those who are considering legally entering the country in the future? They might think “why bother”?

      • Laurie

        You did it the right way. I’m very happy you are here and the others need to do as you did. Welcome to America!

      • want2say

        You came here legally, and YOU are quite WELCOME!!! they don’t understand it is the illegal part that we are against. God bless you!

      • gwnola

        This is as it should be. I am not against immigrants entering the country–we all came here from somewhere else through our ancestry. We just don’t want special treatment for those who break the laws and have disregard for the Constitutional way of doing things. Congratulations to all who become citizens lawfully, and best wishes.

      • Cheryl McMaken

        I agree with you. All they want is a free ride. They can live off our taxes that we work so hard to get. Then when we need it, it is gone. I had that problem by phone, talking with someone from Social Security. She asked if I was a Mexican and I asked why, does that matter? And she said YES it does matter. I was hot because I couldn’t apply for social security after my retirement and I paid into it all my 37 years of working.

      • //

        this problem is, people are so focused on latinos or spanish speakers than other immigrant from Europe or Asia. it’s annoying.

      • Mark McDermott

        My friend came from Africa. He told me it cost him around 4,000 dollars is that right??

      • Eduardo Garcia

        That’s great but this isn’t your land. The white man allowed you to come here, not us. This is our land and we are of indigenous blood. If u have a problem with us then you are no longer welcome here. You can go back to where you came from immigrant.


          It’s hard to tell which is worse; your ignorance or your stupidity. I was born in this country and I am a sixth generation American. Where exactly am I supposed to go?

      • Kay

        Exactly! Your on the side of right and you followed the rules to become part of America. You’re exactly what makes this country grow and prosper. You Sir, are awesome!


      what are they gonna do when so many come here and they get all free stuff ? well the free stuff is gonna run out then what are ya’ll gonna do?its the white people that putting the money in the till for people like ya’ll can eat and a roof over your head –COME GET YOUR FREE STUFF OBUMMER HAS A LOT OF IT PAID FOR BY THE WHITE PEOPLE NOT ALL BUT MOSTLY ALL OF IT so guess ya’ll will eat till it runs out then what?

      • Tex

        Very true.

    • Sonjah

      I’m not sure when you immigrated here or how you became a citizen but there are PLENTY of very well educated people who have been educated here IN THE UNITED STATES who are applying to become permanent residents every single year who CAN NOT get in. There are also very young kids who were brought here when they didn’t have a choice… who have a family here… and they are not even given the opportunity to become a productive member of society because even though they may want to, they CAN NOT go to college. Their story is one that is all too infrequently told and these are the people that Obama would like to help. He would like to help the families whose parent’s are here without visas, but whose kids are american born citizens. He would like to keep those families together. He would also like to give young kids the opportunity to get a college degree and become productive members of society. He would also like to give people who have been here a very long time, the chance to PAY AMERICAN TAXES thus becoming productive members of society. What is so hard to understand here?

      • Momcat49

        When the DACA was announced, even though it had a clear deadline, there were TV & newspaper ads & announcements in Central America telling folks that minor children & their mothers would be given permission to stay in the US, if only they would surrender to the Border Patrol or other immigration authorities. This led to the huge surge in unaccompanied minors & women with minor children since 2012.
        What is “so hard to understand here” is how the President cannot have considered a similar, even larger, surge in undocumented immigration as soon as he announces his unilateral program. It is absolutely predictable that there will be a mass exodus of the poor from south of our border, coming to this country, in the mistaken belief that a general amnesty for immigrants has been declared. The surge following the DACA demonstrated that liklihood quite clearly.

      • Gregory Allen Darnell

        waa waa waa! You librals “ALWAYS” have such a sad story for the poor kids, the poor elderly, the poor unjust treatment of women, the injustice heaped upon the downtrodden. Here is my question, who is standing up for the rights of the so called “white” people who are having their money stolen by a corrupt government because people like you bleed your agenda all over my minimum wage check?

        • Sonjah

          Do you have a minimum wage check? What agenda is bled over that? IS it not true that there is an injust treatment of women and immigrants and people of color in this country? Or are you just too white and privileged to see any of it because all you care about is you? I’m not crying, I’m pointing out a situation that is valid and very different from yours that happens all too often here and is devalued by racist bigots in this country,

          • ThomasER916

            Racism is good for Whites.

            If Whites were racist there would be…

            No Obama
            No Affirmative Action

            No Illegals
            No Open Borders
            No Muslims

            Not to mention Ferguson, Detroit, Chicago, LA, Philly, and Atlanta would be paradise.

            Sounds like a great deal! Whites need to embrace racism for a better future.

          • Tex

            I like the way you think. We have to start popping off the libs, one by one. They are the perpetuators of all this chaos.

            They’ll preach about how great the blacks are, but I promise, you find one white liberal in Detroit or any other black cities.

          • sonjah

            Hah, I hope they burn your KKK barn to the ground. You’re an absolutely pathetic human being.

          • Tex

            STFU lib. Nobody here, gives two schits about your left wing agenda. Go play in traffic, you rat.

          • Dustin Troisi

            And I would be a slave, to my death I will not allow you to do that too me

          • Perskaya01

            Unjust treatment of minorities and females…?!

            No, it’s not true. I am a female and I have a voice–I am conservative and proud of it.

            White and privileged? I grew up on a farm. My parents worked their butts of just to keep the basics on the table. I didn’t see anyone like you out there shoveling cow crap!

            So if I’m a female and I know there is no injustice against woman–what are you seeing?

            You’ve been fed a lie. There is no war on women. Your liberal garbage is destroying this country.

            P.S. Do you want me out of your uterus? Than stop shoving it in my face!

          • sonjah

            No unjust treatment of minorities or women? Hah, you were fed the lies.

          • Perskaya01

            Of course. Since I’m a conservative woman, suddenly my own opinion about being a woman doesn’t count.

            Absolute garbage.

            *Individuals* do treat women and minorities fairly at times. *The law* does not. I am equal under the law.

            So no. I am not unjustly treated. And if you think you’re unjustly treated, try visiting Afghanistan and get a taste of reality.

        • Tex

          DAM RIGHT!!!! Don’t bother with Sanji, she’s a useless, broke and uneducated twit.

          Poor everyone….WAAAAAAA! Go drink gasoline, you liberal TWAAAAT.

        • Dustin Troisi

          No one is standing for whites, their time is over

          • Tex

            Their time is over? Are you delusional? Rhetorical question.

            Look at our numbers, our money and our weapons. You would be dismissed faster than you were when we kicked you off your land, boy.

      • Wirigere

        Nothing hard to understand about wanting to be here but YOU missed the part where they BROKE the LAW? Does that NOT matter too? I’m sorry things are so crappy down south of the border but, facts are still facts. The LAW was BROKEN and unfortunately those who BREAK the LAW must pay the price. It’s a SLAP in the face of all those who came before and did so LEGALLY. It’s not EASY and there are SOLID reasons why we have such strict immigration LAWS. We ‘citizens’ can’t afford the extra burden of taking in these people irregardless of their sad tales that bring them here seeking a BETTER LIFE.

      • Mîlô Gîàrdîñà

        You make a great argument for the modification of the “anchor baby” statute. It was intended to extend citizenship to include children born by slaves of all nationalities and others. Perhaps it should be limited to only children whose non-citizen parent/parents ENTERED here legally.

    • bman03

      Thank you for your words of wisdom. You are what makes America the great nation that it..well, that it…geeze. I’m trying to say “is”, but I’m having a little trouble with that right now. Sorry. IS still a great nation. But headed on a collision course with disaster.

    • Guest

      That so-called brownie is a descendant of the Olmecs. The first of any people upon North and South America. The Olmecs are African lineage Caucasian. Research it. Caucasians are the only ones who don’t belong here. Even Asiatics have rights here. Your history is filled with wickedness, so it’s not racist it’s facts.

      • Warren Serkin

        There is now more than ample scientific evidence to refute your entire statement. Maybe you need to do some more research, if you can read, that is.

    • Michael Moeller


    • J Lopez


    • hrons

      You speak with the mind of reason while Obama is pushing uninformed people to break the laws, disrespect our constitution. I am proud of you and your thoughts for you are an American. I always say, “Welcome to America, Legally, now speak English and reap all the rewards we each receive for hard work and respect for each other” Bless you Hao.

    • Keith Cameron

      You are exactly the kind of immigrant we want. I’m happy to consider you my countrymen.

    • Bellows

      I’m Black and I totally disagree with amnesty. Rewarding lawless behavior is wrong. Period. There are many that agree with me and a few that don’t.

      • Dustin Troisi

        We all know blacks are racist to Hispanics, the country is going to be brown soon, and whites and blacks are very upset about this

        • jimjim

          dustin shut ur uneducated mouth cause all u can say is ignorant racsist things.u sound stupid, n just make all other BROWN people as u keep saying look bad.

        • Tex

          Why? Look at history and current standings. All the “brown” people and countries have the worst economies, they have typically lost their land and are worthless to this day. You make the blacks looks like Rhode Scholars.

          Brown boy, keep dreaming with your little engine brain, but the rest of the country will live in the real wold, boy.

    • niamh17

      There are around 50,000 undocumented Irish people here. It’s not about race it’s about fairness. No one should be able to jump the queue because they have snuck in or overstayed their visas. There’s a right way to do it and that should be rewarded not cheating the system. It sets a precedent for the next wave to do the same thing. Why have rules if you can just skirt around them?

      • Dustin Troisi

        I’ve never seen an Irish in a ICE cell

        • Tex

          “An Irish?” Are you handicapped? Learn how to speak, you uneducated buffoon.

    • Stacey

      Yes, amnesty is madness but what can one expect when we give a ruling class the authority to legally steal from us (taxation) Obamacare (extortion), legally Murder (National Defense), and commit violence against us by sending their armed thugs to beat us down and toss us in a cage if we don’t obey. I love America and its people too. How do I get 300 Million people to change their paradigm? Belief in the authority of a ruling class is “the most dangerous superstition.” Larken Rose Just had to vent and you sound reasonable – Thanks

    • Lorraine Lynn Gilmer

      I loved that one too. If she is a descendant of slaves, then her line has been here longer than mine. I’m white and my family immigrated here legally. She needs to go to Ellis Island and learn a thing or two about immigrants in the US.

    • vale

      Snaps to you! I agree!

    • ambassgray

      Hao..the thing is that is what this immigration reform bill is about. It is not a “total amnesty” clause like it is being portrayed to be. This affects 5 million of over 11 million immigrants (it only provides amnesty to kids that were born here, or moved here with their parents through no fault of their own). Parents that came over illegally are not protected. If it were total amnesty, all 11 million would be affected. There are provisions for allowing educated workers to have longer stays than uneducated workers and…it increases border protection through manpower, drone power, and increasing the fence size. This is not the first time immigrants have received amnesty (3 million were pardoned under Ronald reagan), and it won’t be the last. Sorry..this is coming from one of the stupid white folks…

    • Nutbar Mcloony

      As somebody else said, you’re the kind of immigrant this country actually needs. And as for the quote you’re responding to, I’m white and I detest and resent it when these criminals or their sympathizers talk as if I have no right to have an opinion on this issue simply because of the color of my skin. Gee, that sort of talk sounds…what’s that word leftists love to use? Oh yes, racist.

    • shirley

      There are many responses and replies. I glossed over quite a few of them. I have to say, all these comments can be valid. Facts are one thing, reality can be another. I am a legal alien and have to pay lots of money in order to be legal here in the States, abiding all the rules and paying taxes. And yes, I don’t get many benefits back from the government as my salary does not qualify me to do so. I do know quite a few illegal aliens who receive benefits regardless. I met a niece of my coworker who is illegal here receiving free education. Yes, free while if my child who is a legal alien, has to pay the huge university fees. When I asked how she managed to get free education while being illegal, she just smiled.

    • ciao

      Let’s go back…. To something you made up? The statue of liberty doesn’t say, “send Me rich doctors only.”

    • Mark Huffman

      I agree with you, Hao. I say deport all illegal aliens. They need to go back to Mexico, Honduras, and other Central American and South American countries that they came from and then come here the legal way.

    • Rick Ensley

      I don’t hate Mecicans. I just don’t think it’s right to allow anyone no matter where they are from to be able to just walk into our country without going through the proper channels. We have hungry people here and people who need medical care who can get neither one

    • Carl Falk

      For an indefinite period of time….

    • fuckyouabcnews

      But you’re Asian- that’s different. Let’s face it, we all know Asians have an entirely different attitude towards life and towards other people than the Mexicans do. That is why people are so scared of these angry Liberals and illegals. They want what we have, without respecting what it is based on. Soon enough, they will have ruined all of it.

  • Tarantula2

    Pissing off the white people…good idea…

    • Hao Ngo

      pissing off brown people too…

      • tiredofitall

        and believe it or not, pissing off a lot of LEGAL Hispanic immigrants…..

        • Colleen Cardoza Souza

          You got that right!

      • Tarantula2

        Legal, right? Nobody, particularly the Republicans, cares what race, nationality, religion you are. All we ask is you come here legally. Why is that racist? This is the only country in the world that puts up with this garbage…


    Boa notícia … as pessoas latinas são lindas e sexyyyy

    • Tex

      STFU spiccccc.

  • Keith Davis

    Sounds like and looks like in that picture they want a war, I say lets give it to them.

    • Tex

      I think it’s time. We have let this country slide long enough. White liberals have ruined our country. They’ll be my first target. They’ll be the ones without guns.

  • Tex

    The funniest part is what these maggots don’t understand. They think America is just some natural utopia. That what we have wasn’t built and they will all turn into millionaires and have gold watches with Ferraris parked in the driveway.

    They fail to realize, they are the people that created what they left, and that they will eventually turn this country into what they left behind, A RAT INFESTED GHETTO.

    • Thomas

      I live in the central valley of California where 90% of the populations are mexicans and I can definitely tell what area of town I am in by how the roads are maintained. Also when I see 5 or 6 vehicles parked at one single family home and dogs running around on the streets. I have no problem with mexicans migrating legally by going through the process but when they sneak over here and break the law doing it and then expect everything to be handed to them then that is wrong. I have friends that migrated here and tell me that there are mexicans that work within the welfare dept. that on the side help other mexicans to fill out their paperwork so they can get the maximum amount of food stamps and benefits and how to get thru loopholes in the system.

      • Tex

        Yea man, it’s the truth.

        I wouldn’t have an issue with legal immigration either. But to give amnesty to these millions that broke the law? Get ready for a massive influx.

        And yes, they are crooked and will suck the water out of your rock, to give it to their stupid “Teo.”

        I’m honestly, sick of them man. It’s only going to get worse.

    • sonjah

      Oh god, maggots? Who are you to call another human being a maggot? Jesus Christ himself? Oh wait, even Jesus was humble. You are just stupid. You think that by keeping the wealthy wealthy and the poor poor that this country will be a better place? You think that by splitting parents up from their children, and leaving those children homeless that your wealth will be protected? Well, if these kids of immigrant parents are left behind with no hope, then your house will be the first they come to, to steal from. A large upper class and lower class and an almost non existent middle class has never been proven to be beneficial in any part of the world. It will only create more crime and corruption. So you can keep thinking your greedy, ignorant and racist point of view is correct but the truth is that you are very, very wrong. Someday I hope to be rid of every person just like you on this planet. You are the scum, the maggot of this planet earth with your racist, ignorant and greedy point of view. I hope you end up sad, alone and on the streets with no one to turn to, because you obviously aren’t making any friends who give a sheet about anyone but themselves.

      • sickofyou

        And who the hell are you to decide that people who EARN their money need to be separated from it to give to the lazy, unambitious, lawbreakers who want to take over OUR country??? Go live in some communist country somewhere if that’s what you want and believe in!

      • Thomas Loftus

        Ironically most supporters of illegal immigration will refuse to give their wealth to help those coming in here and will refuse their home. They preach give, give, give, but when it comes to them they refuse. It’s called working. Should there be equal pay for all races and gender? Of course! Skin color should not matter, but all races are guilty of racism. The problem here is our leader is saying it is OK to break the law. We need a better solution and the solution is easier access to become a citizen not some crappy drawn out expensive access. Also look up Mexico immigration laws. They are worse than American.

        • Sonjah

          Actually no they are not, I was an immigrant in Mexico and i have first hand experience… it was much easier than here so I don’t know where you have “researched” Mexican immigration laws but your facts are 100% incorrect. The truth is that certain people are guilty of racism, not races in general. So each individual has the power to stop being racist, and it will eventually stop. However if individuals keep being racist it will continue. Immigrants do not come here to TAKE from others, they come here to make their lives better and what the president realizes is that some of our laws are impeding immigrants from becoming productive tax paying residents and he wishes to change that. If what you care about is money, well then this is the best way to see some because these people are not going anywhere and currently, there are A. not paying taxes B. not able to have healthcare C. not able to be educated or have a degree and D. costing hospitals a ton of money for healthcare. So do I have to do the math or can you see that having illegal immigrants who have been here for many many years, and who have children or parents who are legal citizens here is a cost on american society? We can not deport these people.

          • Goofy1954

            Sure we can

          • JJ

            How can you even argue that when 59% of illegal immigrants are on welfare? Why dont they work on their country to make it better for them to live their, then? If they wanted to go to college and pay taxes then they wouldnt be getting paid under the table and they would already have been paying taxes! But they dont and they wont and they have proven that, Along with their attitude that is clearly unappreciated and disrespectful as shown in the picture. that is why there is a problem

      • LadyWolf

        Here you are going off on Tex for calling them maggots but you turn right around and call him a maggot and scum? Hypocrite aren’t you?

      • Farmer

        Sonja…Americans here never split up their children, those parents did that themselves FIRST, by saying hasta luego to them… and even vice versa with themselves LEAVING their children to come here breaking the law to enter. so you think our country owes them?? Go jump off a cliff while choking your own self and see how that works.

      • Tex

        You’re truly the epitome of an idiot. You believe in income redistribution. Clearly you’re a broke, pathetic (and judging by your grammar or lack thereof), and uneducated little person.

        You’re apart of the retards that believe that by stripping from the people whom earn their keep, and giving it to the swine (like yourself), that the country is in fact a better place? Hahaha, yea, you’re a maggot. Earn a living of your own, loser.

        It’s not my problem if someone is stripped from their family if they break the law, it’s their own doing. If I rob a bank to provide for my family and the authorities lock me up (essentially splitting up my family), are the cops to blame? Exactly, moron.

        Here’s liberal idiocy at it’s best folks; preach about humanity, wish for someone opposes views to, “end up sad, alone and on the streets with no one to turn to.” Real logic there schit for brains! HAHAHAHA!

        And I’m so sorry to break it to you; I’m a veteran, hold a BS in Econ, just about to finish my first year of Law School and I’m married with a daughter and twins on the way. I’m sorry, you were saying…..maggot?

        Now go away and loathe all the people that are happy, content and successful in one form or the other while probably sit in a flea bag apartment all alone. I do hope you one day pull your overgrown ass, directly out of your miniature cranium. My best guess is, you’re incorrigible. Best of luck lefty, try logic and perhaps grammar next time.

  • Cathie Maisonet

    Pres needs 2 grow some cojones & deport u illegals. Then we can sau f you.

    • Tex

      Nothing to do with balls, don’t you get it? This is exactly what he wants.

  • valerie

    wow – stupid comments – white people hate immigrants – how stupid since most of the white people in the u.s. have/had someone in their family who is an immigrant… I L L E G A L is what we don’t like – can’t you understand that, is it that hard to understand, i’ll say it again
    I L L E G A L… i see our hard earned $’s haven’t done to well in the education department. i think those who accuse ‘whites’ of being a racists are one themselves. and that old tired story ‘you took our land’ well get over it. we won it.. you lost it… and your president (at the time) was paid well for it (after we won it we were nice enough to pay for it).

    • A Citizen

      Just to take on what you said here. ILLEGAL is the key word. Hey so where you from? Mexico. Oh thats cool. End of story.. tell people your here illegally then they are like… thats fucked up. Become a LEGAL citizen and guess what… people will be fine with it. There are the means to legally move around the world. Its called following the host nation laws.

      • Sonjah

        Do you even know how hard it is to become a legal citizen here? Do you understand the hardships that families go through to become legal, and even then they can’t do it? I beg for you to go to another country, fall in love with it, meet someone, have kids and then try to be a legal citizen there. Chances are it will be hard, but not as hard as it is here. You have a very close minded point of view. Your view is obviously from a stance that you have never traveled, you have lived in a middle to upper class white family and neighborhood where everything has been given to you or you might have an insight to how the world works. It is not an easy feat to become a citizen here. There are many kids here who have been brought here without a choice when they were young, and who are now growing up in a system that will not even give them the chance to become productive members of society. You need to read up on immigration before you start commenting.

        • katy

          Hmmmm. My aunt came here legally and it only took her 5 years to become a U.S.citizen and she did it while her and her husband lived on his military pay, which wasn’t much. She fully embraced learning to speak, read and write English. She did not consider it difficult or a hardship to become a U.S.citizen. But she didn’t come here with her hand out…..she was too proud to accept a handout. I can guarantee that she has no use for those who are here illegally and considers it an insult that the president would grant amnesty to lawbreakers. It is un-American and un-patriotic to support those who willfully disregard our laws.

          • Ks.

            Katy I agree with you. My sister inlaw, her two brothers, a sister and parents all went through the legal process.
            I feel bad for them if illegals are made legal because they can’t follow a simple process, or the law. It would be telling my relatives, basically we don’t care that you followed the law of the US. Sorry you worked so hard and were so patient with our process but ooops.
            I’ve also seen all of my in-laws go to college, work hard full-time while going to school. All are software engineers and make a great living. So it infuriates me when people want a free ride from those who worked and studied hard to get what they have.

        • Jack Napper

          Sonjah, I immigrated here legally. I call BS on your “how hard it is to become a legal citizen here” statement. As a taxpaying, Army veteran, I refuse to even listen to your spurious comments…’s MUCH easier to become a legal citizen here than in most countries. It does require time (5 years of residency!) as well as approval of an immigrant’s visa BEFORE coming here.

          • Farmer

            right on Jack, and THANK YOU for your service.
            Sonja has to realize some folks have to try harder than others, and even some just don’t cut the hay.
            have to keep trying. Others are making it.

        • Momcat49

          sonjah–You do realize that the U.S. Is the only country on earth into which you can sneak, have a child that automatically becomes a citizen & is eligible for all kinds of benefits, without you, yourself having ever bothered to become a citizen? Every other country (Mexico included) has fairly stiff punishment for “trespassers”–not rewards, like citizenship & free education for any child you birth after arrival.
          If you believe that the socioeconomic situation is unfair here, you really should compare it to that of Mexico or practically any other country south of here. How great is the disparity between rich & poor? Much greater elsewhere, isn’t it?–with fewer opportunities for advancement, which is why people want to be here & not there. One reason this country has done well is because it is/was a “nation of laws”. Those who start out there lives here by subverting the law show their selfishness & disrespect for this country–what kind of citizens will they be???

          • Sonjah

            Give me proof. Because I lived there, worked there and got married there and never had 1 single issue with any of those things. I am a permanent resident and have been since 1 month of arriving there. I don’t believe you have even researched these things unless you provide me with some reputable sources. If you can’t, I will ignore you like the others.

          • Momcat49

            My reply from last night with references disappeared, so I’ll try again.
            I’ve lived in southern NM for 30 years & am quite familiar with the illegal immigration problem & the strains it places on both our healthcare & social services systems. We get significant numbers of both pregnant women coming over for the express purpose of delivering new citizens, as well as folks who have been denied healthcare in their own country because they cannot pay. They know that they have merely to show up in the ER her here where COBRA/EMTALA requires a screening exam & labs/imaging studies. If admission &/or surgery are required, it is at the expense of us local docs that care is delivered–no tax dollars, no “cost-shifting, or other funding is available for foreign indigent patients.
            Regarding income inequality, see Global Economic Intersection article from 3/20/2013 which compares the Gini indices of Mexico & the US, showing that, while Mexico’s income inequality is improving, it’s index of over 0.5 is well above the US’s 0.44. There is also an extensive write-up in the BBC in regarding the R/P ratios of the incomes of the richest & poorest 20% of the US & Latin American countries (also covered in a huge Wikipedia table). The only country with a better R-P than the US is Venezuela–from which we get few immigrants.
            As far as Mexico’s immigration laws go, I refer you to a USA Today piéce by Chris Hawley from 5/25/2010. While the immigration laws regarding illegal immigrants HAVE softened, the treatment of illegal immigrants by Mexican authorities is frequently brutal–beatings, robberies, etc.
            Your LEGAL immigration has no bearing on the treatment of illegal immigrants there. It is still a fact that the middle class in Mexico is small & the gap between the rich & poor in Mexico (& elswhere in Latin America is huge. My husband is a Latin American historian & teaches the culture of Latin America, AND has lived & traveled there extensively. I consider him a “reputable source”.

    • Colleen Cardoza Souza

      No! we just hate illegal immigrants! our Government gives out visa’s to 1 million immigrants a year!

      • adamh2o

        Isn’t that exactly what she said? You should try reading it again.

  • kukulkan

    Leave that stuff up everyone knows RACISTS have low I . Q don’t blame them. It’s not their fault they were born that way all ready to be used by liberallunatics.

    • Tex

      Amazing post. I’m guessing your IQ is about 12.

      • kukulkan

        I’m guessing you believe grades have everything to do with intelligence, and not obedience tard boy… Let me guess since i am not perfect and i will call you names, you have a uncle who’s really your daddy NO?

        • Tex

          Sure, whatever you say brainiac.

          • kukulkan

            I do not claim tesla status key board warrior.

          • Tex

            Hahaha, good.

          • kukulkan

            That was brilliant edison…

          • Tex

            Just go away. You’re clearly fishing, desperate and extremely stupid. GO play with your play-doh, chump.

          • kukulkan

            You cast the 1st stone while residing in a glass house then cry about it? Grow up kid who got to much attention before hand.

          • Tex

            Yea, sure. You win. You’re amazing and stellar within your little, unidentified argument.

            Now go crack a Keystone and celebrate your self proclaimed greatness.

          • kukulkan

            I seem to be confused “tex” city folk usually avoid steers n beers. We drink advanced forms of alcohol mixed in cups in front of you.

          • Tex

            I’m from a town of under 500 people. I just happen to have an education. WTF are you even spewing about? You drunk?

          • kukulkan

            You’ve got indoctrination boy becoming a man guy.

          • Tex

            Okay great. Thanks for your stellar input.

          • kukulkan

            You’re welcome guy who dances with illegals.

  • lorenvpf

    Damn, there certainly is enough hate going on to circle the globe several times.

    • Rich Conner

      when you come into our Country of America illegally, get rewarded for it, and hate whites, your azz is gonna get some hate back at cha!

      • Tex

        A FRICKING MEN!!!!

      • lorenvpf

        You can thank Obama for our current situation.

      • lorenvpf

        Now you see what happens when the illiterate Liberal Bullies elect a President that has no clue what the office is all about.

  • kukulkan

    Soon repealing Tora Tora Tora care won’t be the only issue for them. Soon every illegal who skipped a court date could find themselves deported.

  • Josh


    Title 10 section 311,
    Title 18 section 2383….

    All America has to do is stand against you…congress didn’t let you in, obama did…it’s null and void…our guns are not null or void though….

  • Tex

    Then it would be a quick and swift movement. I’m game.

    • Josh

      America has sent all the boots it will ever send to the ground against ISIS/obama’s ignorant ISIL…and Ameirca’s military is a pussy now – we fired so many americans, to hire illegal aliens for citizenship….lol mexicans and central americans won’t fight for where they just came to…think about it.

      About two months ago now, the U.S. sent a non-official, non-existent Navy Ghost (without question, the most elite group of the navy – these are the guys that do not exist – and their proficiency is much higher than Seal Team Six/DevGru) team to Credenhill United Kingdom – For those who knows, that’s the home of literally thee most badass, thee most lethal branch of any military on earth – the guys who stopped Hitler, the guys who stopped the first in-air hijacking of a commercial flight in the early 1970’s, the ONLY guys to get even close to touching BIn Laden – no it wasn’t seal team six, it was her Majesty’s special air services, the British SAS – ISTAR 21st and 42nd regiments- Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition…the method SAS uses in it’s elite commando squads, this is also the tactics that groomed the Mossad, CIA, Marines, Delta Force, Seals, the Australian SAS just to name a few…these were the guys that fought the battle of Tora Bora on October 30th, 2001, just hours too late to getting Bin Laden just over 6 years before Bush and the UN successfully got bin laden, and almost 11 years before Obama took credit

      The Ghosts and the ISTAR regiments of the S.A.S. created a “blacklist” squad….with one purpose – to bring as much death as possible to their targets – ISIS…right now there’s 32 sas/ghosts there….against, according to MSS (China’s CIA) MI6, CIA, DIA, DHS, ODNI and so fourth, over 220,000 ISIS soldiers….

      to date, not a single casualty has been reported from this death squad either…

      • Tex

        I’m not sure you understood what we were saying. And what branch did you serve in?

        • Josh

          hmmm….we’ll leave that to your imagination…I never served to serve armed forces…I did it because of my knowledge of computers and passing ISTAR training…

          PS it wasn’t American…

          • Tex


  • Willie Braun

    It’s time for all Americans to start hunting down this criminal trash and sending their carcasses back to that shithole (mexico).

    • Rich Conner

      I’ve got my Win. 94 and I’m with ya

    • Sonjah

      Shithole? Have you ever been to Mexico? Have you ever gotten to know a Mexican person? Have you ever read up on Mexican history? Have you ever tried to understand the history of another country, or are you so ignorant that you think that the “American Way” is the best way? You are a racist piece of trash and I hope you burn in heel. I pray to God that we can rise up against your hatefulness and demolish your kind forever. You do nothing for society expect create more of a bridge between ourselves. After all, we are all human beings wanting the same things. You are just too ignorant to understand.

      • Jack Napper

        Sonjah, there’s nothing hateful about not wanting for my hard earned taxes to be spent on other human beings wanting the same things that I’ve worked for. Especially since those people have NOT contributed. I’m not being racist because I don’t care where these noncitizens come from; they can go through the process as I did or suffer the consequences. I UNDERSTAND, and I also don’t CARE! They can wait their turn, just like I did!

        • Farmer

          right on again Jack.
          this Sonja is more mixed up than cole slaw in pig pen.

          • Sonjah

            Am I? Am I really? Or do I just see the bigger picture better than you close minded folk. The legal process is complicated if you look at it from all points of view. You want to tell those 11 year old kids that their parents are going to be deported and they will be here homeless because they are US Citizens and their parent’s aren’t? What do you think those kids will then resort to? I believe they will steal. I believe they will become delinquents and I believe they will probably end up in jail and be costing all us taxpayers a hell of a lot more money than allowing their parents to become us citizens does.

          • JJ

            Dont worry they will have 8 other kids to take their place. They multiply like rabbits.

      • Lolly

        You do realize that what you’ve been saying is just as hateful as anything these other people (with different view points than yours is) have been saying, right? You’re behaving in just as ugly as fashion as they are.

  • Lawrence Little

    This explains why no one is trying to sneak across the border into Mexico. To bad for America though; it has to be infected with people with these attitudes. Ignorance personified is the level of expression from the illegals from Mexico.

  • kukulkan

    Not 1 mention of the free odumba phones and tora tora tora care by the illegals. What go nads they’ve got in reality 1 good thing of it all, they’re a very small minority of the Mestizo culture. At least hash tag thanks working Americans for all the free benefits…

  • Steve Rogers

    all those people who invade this country and mocks violating laws and say that these states “are part of Mexico” if those states were in Mexico would be full of corruption as any other state in Mexico, they speak Spanish not Mexican, if they speak Spanish to go to Spain, came here as beggars and it always will, come here to live as white people because in their country they do not have the ability to form what we came here to beg and destroy, they are just invaders cheap, they come here crying but they are liars, they are only manipulated and controllable beings and will never be more than illegal WITHOUT PEOPLE WHITE tHEY dIE OF HUNGER, BITE THE HAND THAT GIVES tO EAT, THE PEOPLE OF ASIA aND MIDDLE EAST WORKS BETTER THEY ARE NOT NEEDED HERE, THEY ARE EASILY replaceable

    • Tex

      Amen and Hook Em’ Horns!

  • that guy

    Curbside prophet needs a stiff boot to the head and a plane ticket to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Nic

    White people hate immigrants? REALLY? We come from immigrants. Immigrants made this nation. I’m married to a damn immigrant and I’m white as snow. No one hates” immigrants” . What we don’t like is law breakers. ILLEGAL immigration is a violation of the law. There are consequences. And yes, no one particularly cares for illiterate, ignorant, unskilled, non acclimated, breed like rabbits, law breaking criminals WHEREVER they are from. Close the borders. All the borders. Send their criminal butts back home.

    • Tex

      Yea, 200+ years ago. The country wasn’t at 310 million people and 18 trillion dollars in debt.

      And amen to your post!

  • Christine Bodor

    I find all this hateful talk/speech very disturbing…who cares what you are or where you came from ? Most comments that are hateful just shows the type of mindset a person has…as long as you are legal and pay taxes like I do…I dont care…I dont have to agree with it all either…and NO I did not vote for BO !

    • kukulkan

      Skip court instant deport a very good start concerning claim jumpers.

    • TheSnapDude

      Forget the Mexican issue…. Many of them are converting to Islam in Mexico and other countries, we have found Muslims on terror watch lists sneaking through the borders, Muslims from Syria, Afghan, Iraq, and other terror countries, Chinese have been caught sneaking in too, and ISIS is threatening to attack the US homeland like never before.

  • Chris Furney

    Me I was born in the USA, served in the Army, and am a disabled Vet. And I don’t give a good God Damn what color someone is- unless at least one of those is met there should be no citizenship.

    • Chris Furney

      To include Mr Jackass Liar Sir

  • Brandon Kunz

    First, we purchased most of the land we ‘took’ from Mexico. Second, at least the native Americans are still alive unlike the Mayans. Third, it isn’t about immigration, it’s about you illegal fucks thinking you have a right to jump a fence or swim a river and then have US take care of you. Go home to the piss pot you people created

  • John Henry Holliday

    We need more claymores for the perimeter obviously. Very rude and distasteful comments lingering on the whitehouse site…what a surprise. White people have tried to do good by the illegal immigrants for a very long time…and all they do when one thing is given to them is whine for more. That’s when you put your foot down in the interest of everyone and the first thing they do is grovel and accuse you of being a “racist”.

  • me in Maryland

    Who is that woman? Can I smack her in her ungrateful face. I pay taxes to fund her lack of respect and am a single WHITE woman with two sons in college and living paycheck to paycheck. Would love to meet her face to face.

  • Rich Conner

    if you are not coming here legally, your azz should be sent pack’n; I’m a true American and this so called Prez should indeed be impeached!

  • RevnantDream

    Blacks are going to be real surprised when 10 million South Americans move in to take over their neighborhoods. Less money for them, less power.

    • moi2u

      …and their Jobs. Most inner city blacks I know already hate Hispanics. Only soon they will have good reason.

  • Rick Benbrook


  • govissue

    Why don’t all these so called illegals from mexico go back to their ancestors land which is spain and see if they will accept you.

  • GWW

    What a classy girl…NOT!

  • James Kirk

    F>>>>all the white people??? Dont you know you need us?? Who is gonna pay for all you worthless cockroaches?? President Obama??? LMAO Go ahead when you have destroyed the country and sucked all the life out of it then who are you going to turn against? Each other?? remember KARMA what comes around goes around. Maybe not in this lifetime,but who knows??

  • C.w. Horn

    Go ahead get your “free pass” and register as a new citizen, The Government we don’t see or hear about is going to use that list to pick them up and ship them back as soon as Obama is out!! think about it!!

  • terry finnell

    I am so sad to see everyone so angry at one another. I am a Retired Detention Officer and spoke to many a Hispanic Man or women and heard their Dreams to be a part of this Great Nation but the Hate landed them in Jail. I am also White if that matters and YES I do have friends who are Black, Mexican etc and never saw Color but saw the Person only. Please Stop the hate and lets make this work for all. I am a Proud American and hopefully our new citizens will be Proud also…..PLEASE STOP HATING LIFE IS TOO SHORT !!!!!!!!!

  • marytg

    Lets see how many white people hire that womean.. I agree with President but not this woman.. hahah lets see who hires you

  • GWW

    Its not about white people..its about these ***hole people that elected a president with a social agenda that will continue to break down our country into nothing but a 3rd world entity..The ununited states of latin amerigo…whered they go??? to amerigo..

  • John McMickle

    Time to forget this amnesty stuff. Enforce the laws start deporting people that are not supposed to be here and secure the border.

    • Dustin Troisi

      You guys do understand that is not what is happening? America is going brown, you understand that right?

      • John McMickle

        I want the border enforced. Cross into Mexico illegally and see how you are treated. If every body in the world wants to come here fine if they go through system. No illegal alien should ever be allowed a path to citizenship. The people who stood in line to come here legally should not be penalized, they spent the money and time to follow the law, for doing things the correct way, .The border should be sealed and any one entering illegally should be deported.

  • Winston Null

    You Morons, your ancestors came from Europe {Spain) and took Mexico by force. The Spanish were horribly brutal.They precisely had gold in mind and searched all this new continent seeking ,and murdering & beating Catholicism into Native’s. So what we took Texas. Mexico is welcome at anytime to come get it, We do not even need our Country to deal with Mexico. Texans would pull your pants down and whip you again. The audacity of Illegals and legal Hispanics in this country blows my mind. Carry your tail home if you want to wave that ugly flag!

    • Tex

      Wow, one of the best posts of the day. Well done sir.

  • steve

    Most studies say African-Americans would be hurt most by amnesty, yet Dems support it by a sizable majority.

  • Betty Gates

    First off I have to say that although sickened by the most of the comments on here, I cannot say I am surprised and that in itself is sad to say the least. The white man is always to blame and if he is Catholic and straight then he shouldnèt even bother to open his mouth anymore unless he wants to listen to the hate filled , race mongering comments made by the oh so many ignorant and ironically enough, racist people on here. You all want to scream FREEDOM from the mountain tops to anyone who will listen…and make no mistake about it, you better listen or again, you are said to be racist towards them….but do you know what FREEDOM really means…cause in a civilized society it means that if you have the freedom to do whatever it is you are doing, then I certainly have that same freedom to not agree with it —-it has to work both ways ….If you want views of your race or religion or sexual preference groups to change then maybe a more effective method would be to be that person that rises above all the negative and show them all that they are wrong…be that person that others aspire to be like and make a real change, instead of hating and contributing to the negative – the blaming and whining has to stop and you have to take responsibility and stop playing the blame game. Now, before anyone who this comment describes decides to use the defense that they are that person and that I would have no way of knowing they are not…just read over your previous is obvious from the way you have conducted yourself on this discussion board that you are not even close to that person,,,.then sit back and admit I am may not like it but it is reality 🙂

    • Tex

      I really have no idea what your point is. It was very broken pointed and never narrowed anything down.

      I’ll try to respond. Are you shocked by racism? Why? It’s human nature. Always has been, always will be. Deal with it, and remember it’s a part of freedom as well.

      But honestly, why would you be shocked? The white people have been so “open minded” for the last 50 years. And where exactly has that taken us? We are in a massive downward spiral, and you better look out. Your love for other races will only get you a first bullet when the country goes down. How many blacks do you really think have your back? How many Mexicans do you really think have your back? Exactly.

      I use to be more open minded per se’, but I have had it with this country and all the coloreds getting pass and getting to treat us how they want, and if we reciprocate, we’re ostracized and labeled. NOT ANYMORE. I’ve had it. And when I graduate Law School, I’m going to make sure and reciprocate the behavior, back to them.

  • Waldo

    jimmi carter….you elected him
    billy boy clinton…you elected him
    barach obama…you wanted him…you got em’….
    watch out ….you mite get what you wish for….

  • toobored54

    Well, they learned sign language quick enough, how bout learning some f**king english!!

  • Will
  • Colleen Cardoza Souza

    READ IT AND WEEP BITCHES!!!!!!!!! Obama doesn’t have the power Congress holds the purse does DEFUNING have any meaning to you?

    • Dustin Troisi

      Well he just did so suck it up

  • Kyle Hood

    Hell, I live in a part of the country with a vast amount of illegal RUSSIANS. I like them about as much as I like illegal Mexicans or Central Americans.

    • Elena

      I’m a legal Russian living in an area with a high illegal russian population next to an area with a high illegal Mexican population and I like both of them just as much as you do

      • Yana

        Haha.. I’m a legal Russian as well living just like you Elena. I tell you, these “new Russians” (that’s what I call them) I’m disappointed in them too

  • Arcangelo ‘Cisco’ Cocco

    I vote. I will not forget in 2016.

  • Jeremiah R. Patterson

    I think she meant to say: thank you white people!

  • X

    Ha ha ha, us white people should move back to Europe? And I guess all the black people have to go back to Africa? And all the asians have to go back to Asia and the Indians have to go back to India, right? Lol if we did that, I’m not so sure it would be America anymore. And judging by how the Mexicans run their country now… And by these statements and them being allowed and with the latest developments on immigration, one could almost say that someone’s trying to start a race war, not to mention the Ferguson activists.
    Rest assured, I don’t see how our current president is still the president of AMERICA.

  • Jens Pedersen

    All this is going to Back Fire. Just sit back and watch them destroy Mr. Obama,
    Mr Obama thinks he thought of everything, He did not think what the Illegals will do.

    Their post on the White House Facebook is just a little taste how they are going to act.
    They are going to go Gangland, USA will need more Prisons, Just think we have the largest prison population on the planet now, Its going to Triple x +.

    I’m going to sit back and watch this.

    • Tex

      I totally agree. But don;t take it so lightly, it’s not like a fight where some wounds heal. What we’re talking about will destroy our nation.

      You may be sitting back from your hut.

      • Jens Pedersen


        I’m not going to Jump and get myself locked up. I voted. mailed letters, made phone calls, singed petitions. The President is doing this Period.

        80% + American Citizens disagree with him and does not want this.

        Violence is what they want. Do Not let them Bait You. Do Not Jump In.

        The Powers that Be! They want us to Jump and start the Multiple Color Race War here in the USA. He will air his plan tonight people just wont here it between the lines. Next will be Ferguson, MO. Grand Jury announcement, guess who is jumping in on that? Muslims for the Police shooting of one of their leaders, I think that was in 2009. Understand the Timing of the issues here

        The Citizens of this Nation need to keep in check stay calm Do Not go looking for a fight, We are the Civilized nation.They will not understand it, Then to get a Race War going they will have to start it.

        Citizens of America we are one Race – we will – we have to – Unite
        Read you Constitution and Bill of Rights,

        • Tex

          I think you took what I said out of context. I don’t recall saying, “go pick a fight with someone.”

          Anyways, I disagree. We are no longer one nation, one race. We have been split down the middle. We have been invaded and turned over onto our backs.

          I am not going to go anywhere, “looking for a fight.” I’m certain the fight will find me, and I’ll be prepared. You can sit back and watch, just hide behind someone that has arms.

          • Jens Pedersen

            I got my ass covered well. I can hold a fight and eat for months. If we do not unite then there is no point.
            I can take what I have and sell what I own go down south and live like a KING.

          • Jens Pedersen

            Tex — we are on the same page

            But I am just about to give up on this Ship. I have mailed too many letters, Singed too many petitions, Made too many Phone Calls.

            All that did was nothing.

            No Senator, No Congress, No Supreme Court will do a thing about Mr Obama. talk talk talk talk

            I got my ass covered real well, No-One will harm my Family. If you were my Neighbor we would be real safe with plenty to eat.

            If we do not unite then there is no point.

            I can take what I have and sell what I own go down south and live like a KING.

            If this Ship goes down then let the Cape’ton go down with it. Hell even the Rats know when to jump Ship.

          • Tex

            I’m with you, sir. Nobody, has done a dam thing and it has ruined our nation.

            We need neighbors like you. It will, without a doubt hit the fan. They way things are going, it’s borderline inevitable.

    • moi2u

      Forget prison–if that happens, they’ll be sent straight to Hell–do not pass Go, do Not collect the EBT card.

  • sonjah

    And I’m sure to support the hatred against immigrants they have deleted all racist comments from whites and other ethnicities against them. Another one sided story to support anti-immigration activists.

  • Marcus Gallo

    Wow, this is about the most ridiculous piece of HTML I have seen about the subject anywhere. Whaaaaaa!!!!!! Whaaaaaa!!!! If you wanted the latino political support to ensure your political longevity, then you should have been shitloads nicer to us. You’re fucked now pal, the GOP is done, because just like Michelle Bachman said, if immigration reform passes, THE GOP WILL LOSE THE LATINO VOTE FOREVER!. You’re in my land bitch, my ancestors’ land, and your polluted mentality and delusions of “white” grandeur are about to fog away, just like your conservative dreams. Just dreams pal, just dreams. Welcome to reality bitch!

    • moi2u

      Now who has ‘delusions of grandeur’?? Remember the Alamo?? Better study-up cuz it’s about to happen again, thanks to your tool Barry O. Roughly 60% of US CITIZENS are pissed and ready. Better bring a lunch and a trumpet, pal.

      • Marcus Gallo

        You sound like a true tool. Not only here, but in every single post you have ever placed, honestly. It would be wise for you to allow yourself to engage with the 21st century. I know that you must really miss The Honeymooners and Green Acres but guess what happens when a species doesn’t evolve? let me give you a hint, in history, they’ve been used as fossil fuel. You my friend are a fossil that refuses to allow his gray matter to evolve and develop any kind of cognitive thinking. I read your past comments and I can see that you thoroughly enjoy the regurgitated Fox News non-intellectual vomit menu. Yeah, I understand it might seem so alluring to you, of course, conservatives eat the same vomit and don’t want it to change, but you have two choices: you can evolve as a human being, or you can remain a fossil and you and people like you will be just another chapter in our country’s evolution into greatness that we choose to never repeat, just like prohibition, or slavery. But please, if you feel the need to find a safe place where you feel your “christian” and “conservative” values won’t be “threatened” then maybe they are not strong values at all, if the mere presence of “illegals” noooo!!!!! threatens your mere existence, then you pal are not fit to survive to the next step in our evolutionary progress. Is amazing how fearful you are of pretty much everything, no wonder why your kind is going extinct. You are dealing with a highly educated and extremely capable group of bilingual professionals that will remember people like you when we take office and remember those that just loooooved the GOP and conservative agenda. You are a dying breed because you choose to NOT evolve, to NOT grow intellectually, to NOT accept that well, your kind is losing, in every aspect. Ah, the whole 60% of US CITIZENS thing, would you please provide any kind of data validating your statement? or was just another bowl of delicious vomit from your superhero Sean Hannity? c’mon, I know you have a deeply rooted homosexual erotic fantasy of giving him the proper amount of fellatio for maybe some BBQ and “family values”. But hey, don’t worry, we’ll use your hilariously senile examples as the next generation’s punchline. You’re gonna be the next George Wallace, enjoy!

  • JSMC

    Why do all these people want to come to this awful place full of nasty white people??

  • Guest

    F### all the white people? Not a chance, Sugar, I’m married to my white/European/Italian bride, and you don’t hold a candle up to her! ;^)

  • Evolve-Or-Die

    and then in 100 years after they destroy the US they will try to migrate illegally to Europe

    • Tex

      Yup. Like termites…onto the next.

  • Bo Treat

    this isn’t immigration, this is invasion behind an iron curtain.

  • Valerie

    I don’t understand these people that hate whites. If you hate us so bad, why do you choose a country with a huge white population to go to? If i didn’t like a certain race i sure wouldn’t go to their country legally or illegally unless i was in the military and had to. It’s ironic how we always get blamed for being racist and every time you turn around you hear stuff like this. BUT it’s alright for white people to be treated like this. Turn the tables and see what happens. TOTAL Chaos.

    • Dustin Troisi

      Not white for long

  • Yeahbuddy

    Sweet! my lawn cutting cost will be even cheaper! SWEET

  • Jon Palermo

    Speaking as a Native American, I can honestly see both sides. While the White man did “steal”, for the most part, our lands, so did the blacks he brought over. They, the blacks, were promised 40 acres and a mule upon being freed and willingly accepted.

    Another total miscoception is slavery was about white dominance. If you did your research, you will come to find that the FIRST slave owner in the US was black man Anthony Johnson around 1654 when he sued for and won rights to retain a slave.

    Point is, there is a right way to immigrate. Granting blanket amnesty, will send a message
    condoning illegal entry.

    • Dustin Troisi

      I’m Navajo and you are dumb

      • Jon Palermo

        ROTF!! Your indignant ignorance is revolting!!

  • Patrick Sombrio

    Simple Political Bullsnot!!! When you have an individual who has been placed in office push his own agenda. You get Anarchy.How can we as Americans truly be proud of who we are when we care about nothing but ourselves. We the people vote NO, leaders and government should listen. WE voted you in. But, sadly, elitist run us. We vote going through the motions. I don’t care about left or right. We are American. We put rules, guidelines, process and procedures. But to GAIN FAVOR to push an agenda. If you want the benefits that we offer, the programs that can help you. Be here the right way, LEGALLY. Everyday people follow the system. Why is it SO IMPORTANT to come here ILLEGALLY.

  • Greg Barnett

    Most of the comments on here I must ask myself who is really racist. I give credit to the people with there good comments. When we use anger to get are point across who is really racist when you have to use white black Mexican we all bleed red. When you use anger to any race who is really racist?

  • CaoSong

    It’s like Obama is pushing for a race war… he’s closer to bringing outright racial violence then Charles Manson ever got.

  • Well that kind of disgusting hate comes from the top. Obama’s goal has always been division and hate. Toba and the hate mongers only have a couple more years to sow their destruction, but you can bet they will destroy all they can in that time. That’s what happens when you elect a 3rd world tinker toy with absolutely no experience with anything but causing trouble:)

  • Lea Mitchell

    Obumma has to be impeached if he does allow immigration reform which lets thousands of Illegals become citizens. Obumma is a want to be King, the first Black King of America but it isn’t going to happen, Obumma.

  • Cricket 265

    Whites don’t have to hire the illegals either!~ Not white, i’m Indian/ Irish Biracial,,,, America is going to have to find more street room for alot of the aliens taking over already! I go out and have to ask myself if i’m not already in another country!~ America is not what she used to be!~

  • Great news for the democrats, more illegal voters.

  • Chia-Li Sung

    Folks, there’s only ONE kind of IMMIGRANT, the LEGAL kind. Those who either jumped the fence or walked/swam/ran across the border are criminals….at least one count: entering the U.S. illegally, not to mention the offenses such as drunken driving/killing, identity theft, stealing social security, stealing tax credits, robbery, murder, gang activities,

  • mrb

    You know I bet that maybe 98% of the blacks pictured where born right here in United States? Why are you still claiming that you are from another country? It was your relatives from many years ago that came over. Yes, some as slaves however some by choice like others. Need to grow up and make a choice go to the country you believe you are from or become a American you where born and Protect “IT”.

  • Guest

    deliberate divide and conquer tactics. Meanwhile, the Deep State gangsters who
    stole our democracy, our jobs, our resources and money get off

  • Greg Burton

    More deliberate divide and conquer. Meanwhile, the Deep State gangsters who stole our democracy, our jobs, our resources and money get off scot-free.

  • Chia-Li Sung

    simple truth, the illegal LATINOS are just like CANCER….they sneak in, take over the host when it does NOT guard itself against the malignant cells and by their sheer birth(multiplication) number and ability to suck dry the energy of the host, it destroy the host organism by disable the functions of organelles, tissues, organs…

  • LadyWolf

    We citizens need to start marching in every city and show the illegals we are not afraid to take back our country. If business would quit hiring these illegals and if our government quit giving them our money maybe they will stop coming here illegally. First off, the Congress need to change the law so any child born here who doesn’t have a parent that is an American citizen is not an American citizen. That law didn’t mean anyone coming here and delivers a baby is automatically a citizen.

  • ŦẉỏẾẙәᵴ

    I don’t see the big deal here. I watched the video and he said he’s going to be announcing some steps that he CAN take…..not necessarily that he WILL take them.

    He said he’s laying out some things that he CAN do with his lawful system of authority….not necessarily that he WILL do them.

    Usually he’s pretty specific on his CAN’S an WILL’S

    mexicans are chalking this up as a victory, but if I’m not mistaken, this is the exact same BS he’s been spewing for the past year lol…..

    • moi2u

      We shall see in a few hours…

  • This is why there are wars.

  • Guest

    They can even take the citizenship test in their chosen native language.

  • Guest

    I work with a couple older ladies from Croatia and Serbia who moved here back in the 90’s after Muslims burned down their homes. They tell me they had to learn English, become a citizen, learn our ways, etc. and they were PROUD to do so. They say it is “very very bad” what is going on. “Why do they not have to learn language and be American?” “Why are they allowed to just walk right in?” And you know what? Those fine Croatian and Serbian ladies who are now Americans are absolutely right.

  • David

    Thats fine, the white house has given amnesty to all the illegals, but tell your f**king cousins and other family members to stay out if they are going to be illegal. We have enough of them already.

    • moi2u

      But if they’re given Amnesty, their families will be able to join them. That’s part of the plan!

  • my3babies

    Racists on White House page, their remarks are NOT being removed, SO illiterate! Hey let them in so the American kids get pushed out of schools! They are pro’s on welfare, how about they all live with the Obama’s!

  • Guest

    I hope they brought their brushed and cleaning supplies, my bathroom is a mess

  • Philip Greenberg

    IF U SEE KAY Illegals!!!! The scorge of America, all they want to do is suck off the teet of all the hard work and conquest that true AMERICANS built and invested in.

  • Bill Weaver

    I hope they brought their brushes and cleaning supplies my bathroom is a mess

  • Sandra Dudley

    Only the first black president would have the power to undermine the constitution like he is doing because if we tried to impeach him for it and remove him from office, there would be race riots across this country. The media and the Republicans know it so their hands are tied.

  • DonM

    With all of the natural resources and opportunity to have a good life in Mexico, why is it that these feeble minded people haven’t taken back their country from the criminal gangs and government? Do they think its going to be any better in the USA, when they allow all of the criminals to take over here. This is going to be a huge mistake, the entire country is about to get as messed up as California.

  • disqus_nuWHkGRlN5

    Its funny how Obama rallies everyone against white people, but Obama works for rich white men who are pushing amnesty…not Obama. Soros, a white socialist billionaire, and Brzezinski, a white millionaire and Obama mentor, are the ones spearheading this effort. Im white by the way and hate white elitists (Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bilderbergs, DuPonts, etc.). They are the ones causing this mess…not Obama or white people in general.

    • moi2u

      BO is in bed with them as their puppet for the cookies they throw at him, so yeah, he’s part and parcel of their plan as a willing useful idiot.

  • Ellis Mattison

    Scumbags need to be arrested

  • Jess Hansen

    The people Mr. Obama claims to represent are going to be hurt most by this, Millionaires and Billionaires are going to gain the most.

    Obama once said he is not a dictator, well congrats Mr. President, now you are.

  • Miraclewhip515

    I like the nitwit that said “Whites & other dumb ethnicities who r not 4 immigration. U took the land from Native Indians, got healthy on slavery. RELAX” My relatives are Cherokee Indian. I didn’t take any land from the ‘natives’. I am related to them. And yes, I am white but my blood ran deep into this country when my great+ Grandmother walked the Trail of Tears. Maybe you idiots that cry we took your land better read up and wise up on the subject. A lot of whites, Hispanics and blacks have roots to the native Indians you love to bring up. This land belongs to us all. Oh, and BTW I never had a slave. So I didn’t get ‘healthy’ on it.

  • Jonathan Chen

    Look at who Obama is helping – not educated, hardworking people, but rather dangerous, chaotic, and disgraceful criminals. I hope you, Mr. President, dedicate more resources and effort helping the middle class Americans who are clearly struggling, rather than attempting to gain another source of Democratic votes. Protect our nation, serve our people, fight the illegals, and We The People will remember you as a great president – otherwise just a s*** (I don’t want to use the word).

  • Pputo

    You ain’t right if you ain’t white.

  • Brittany

    Race has nothing to do with immigration reform….get citizenship, pay taxes, follow the laws, and learn the language….and I would say the same thing to any WHITE Canadian crossing the border here illegally….but I’m sure what I have to say will be dismissed because I’m white….and I’m the racist lol

  • Anita

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings and she hasn’t sung yet. Even if Obama issues an Executive Order Congress has the right to make changes. He can’t veto any of their choices either if they have a 2/3’s majority vote against his veto. I know the Attorney General of the State of Texas (and future Governor) says Texas will sue the government, If more states would do the same Congress could not ignore the issue. President’s are not protected from being taken into court for misuse of powers.

  • Ghost_Babel

    Do they realize they’re speaking a white language? Created by whites… Whoops…

  • Ghost_Babel

    @Square_triangle… you know you’re white, right?

  • SgtMac

    If we have to go back to Europe, then they have to go to Ebola-Africa. Sounds fair to me.

  • Jason Vickers

    Buck Ofama. He’s trying to start a race ware on purpose. He knows what he’s doing and it’s sickening.

  • This coming December will be 2 years and counting since I applied to have my 8 years together, US-married wife get her residency (green card). We have jumped through all of the hoops, submitted all of the paperwork, paid all of the fees and we’re still waiting. In the meantime, I’m here in the US and she’s in Canada…..Unable to enter even on a tourist visa while our case is in process. I can only afford a little time off work about every 3 months to fly up to spend a long weekend with her. Meanwhile, we just got a notification 2 days ago from the National Visa Center letting us know that due to an expected increase in immigration requests, our case is postponed for another 60 days. At that point, it will be 2 yrs. 1 month and still waiting. She’s a highly educated large animal veterinarian. I guess the Obama admin prefers to flood America with uneducated, non-English speaking, no job skilled future Democrat voters. Educated applicants need not apply. I guess Gruber was right…we are stupid Americans. We’re about to let millions of illegal aliens jump the line and get in front of law-abiding people like my wife and I.

    • moi2u

      I have friends and family who have recently gone through the same process and jumped through the same hoops–it took anywhere from 2 to 6 years, and these are educated and societal contributing individuals, like your dear wife. Barry O doesn’t want the educated contributors, however, he wants to give a pass to the illiterate and uneducated because they are easier to keep on the big-government plantation and control as slaves, or so he thinks. He’s in for a huge surprise because he doesn’t know the mentality of LaRaza Hispanics from Mexico and the those from the poor countries of Central America.

    • Alan Parker

      Oh Goodness, that is not even fair to you or your wife. I hope everything will work out well for the both of you, I can’t imagine being apart from my wife that long

  • John Dawkins

    I am white and I hate white people. F*&&**%%$$ck y’all white people!

    • Tex

      Does someone think they’re black? Awwww….cute little wigger.

  • moi2u

    Hugo Chavez lives on in Barry O. Except Barry O now has to import his poor and gov’t dependent classes because intelligent blacks have awakened to his agenda and are realizing it isn’t about them after all–that they’ve, basically, been BO’s useful idiots to drive an agenda that keeps them slaves to the government plantation.

  • John Dawkins

    This is a low income ignorant bunch of people who have no education who respond as they do.

  • MsRR

    ALL the white people were once immigrants as well. I remember my grandpa only allowing English in the house. He came over, an engineer, and worked two years hauling COAL till he got a chance to show what he could do. And the thing was, each generation would try to do a little better. And we all worked at it. We never looked for or took a handout.. we pulled our own weight. And we were proud to be AMERICANS. I have friends from many countries who all came here legally and learned the language. They didn’t ask for anything but a chance to work hard and be good Americans. They had pride and honor. It’s a shame that the majority of the twits above seem to lack both.

  • Kevin Stall

    What one president can sign into existence the next president or future presidents can decide to undo. In 2 years they could all find that their lives are south of the border. Everything they acheive can be taken away because Obama didn’t want to wait for a law to be passed. He is actually doing the Rep. a favour by playing emperor.

  • John Dawkins

    We all wish we were black man. I am gonna go and slap your momma for you Tex so at least her lopsided head will now be able to tell you that sho buff you is black too boy…

  • Pm

    My father came here with $500. It wasn’t easy and it was before the civil rights movement. It took time. It took patience. He opened a business and married a wonderful woman whom shared with him 5 children. Nothing was easy and everything was earned. That’s why the fruits tasted so good.
    If he were alive today, he’d go back to Greece. This is not the America he came to love and respect for rewarding him for his hard work and loyalty.
    This country has been taken over by whiny freeloaders that conveniently blame everyone but themselves for their own laziness, lack of drive, and present conditions.
    Free borders? What a slap in the face that is to all the immigrants that used the proper channels, waited patiently, and came here legally.
    Go back to the shitty lands you created and come here legally and respectfully.
    If you think we’re going to sit around and let you turn out land into the shitty land you’ve abandoned without trying to better it first, you have another thing coming.
    This president will be gone soon, and then you’ll be gone too.
    You’re entitled to nothing. This country owes you nothing.
    If you came here legally, you’d understand.
    But coming here illegally makes you a criminal for the onset. And, this country has enough criminals already thanks to you illegals.

  • Ananee Miz

    Any American who is thinking about vacationing in Mexico, or So. America, please reconsider. Pressure needs to be applied to the leaders of those countries which are responsible for the exodus of those sneaking into the USA. Withholding our dollars in this fashion may not cure the problem, but it’s a start.

  • S R

    Shhhhhhhhhh don’t tell the Hispanics but Spain is in Europe, too. They have even less space and less jobs to return to . . .

  • David Fournier

    To the peace of crap flipping her fingers up is that her IQ?

  • Dustin Thundernuts Sullivan

    I absolutely loathe when a racist minority woman tells me I can’t have an opinion on American policy

  • John Andrew Schmanek

    Actually it isn’t white people who really getting the finger here. Unemployment in the black community is at 50% in some areas. These are the places where that figure will rise the most.

  • James C Smith

    We should let the Indians loose like the old days they hated Mexicans and knew what to do with them. They say we stole the lands from the Indians and the Mexicans want La,.Az and Texas back but they forget the Indians owned it before they did so if it belongs to anyone its them.This is why with there comments and think that this country owes them is a joke they owe us for not persecuting them feeding them giving them medical care. instead of being a bunch of smart asses

  • mongeau

    funny didn’t the Spanish (Europeans) slaughter the natives of South America, Central America and Mexico and steal their lands

  • James Ogozaly

    ignorant foreigners come say any of it to my face u cowards

  • Joe Torres

    Legalizing illegals is a slap in the face of those who came from abroad LEGALLY. Plus they make Hispanics look bad these trashy sons-of-bitches!!!

  • jackbone

    What do you expect from a knee grow?

  • TK

    HAHA cant wait for the first shooting of all the illegals going to be great . maybe all he white people should stop working then the dirtbag mexicants wont have anthing and move back from where they came from and take the trash in the whitehouse with them

  • Jim Lentz

    Most white people aren’t against immigration, we are against “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION”!!! Do it within our laws and welcome!!! Obama’s amnesty is a slap in the face to every family that did it legally!!!

    • Glaivester

      Well, actually, I am against the current high levels of immigration. It’s not just illegal immigration, it is levels of legal immigration that flood our country. Immigration ought to be reduced greatly until we can assimilate those who are here and find jobs for all of the Americans.

      Also, it’s not just about immigrating within our laws – it’s about realizing that if you cannot immigrate legally, it means that we haven’t invited you and you have to go somewhere else.

  • corbin

    Guess it’s about time we took matters into our own hands, and when they are deported, Obama should be the 1st one out with them!!!

  • Brian Sprouse

    So when did wanting people obey the law become racist? You see it in the Michael Brown protest and with immigration. Is it that those people think that their particular race has it somehow ingrained in them that they must break the law? People who are against amnesty aren’t against immigration, in fact we welcome those who want to come here legally. We are against ILLEGAL immigration and the inherit dangers that come with it, there is a huge difference.

    • LibertarianUSA

      They’ve been told by the government that they’re above the law and now they expect to be able to commit criminal acts against whites with no repercussions. I don’t know how anyone can think it’s okay to go live in another country illegally, steal identity, benefits, not learn the language, commit crimes and expect the red carpet treatment. If American citizens tried to do this to Mexico they would be jailed and deported. This only happens in America and the UK.

  • LibertarianUSA

    What most liberal whites don’t realize is that the Latinos hate them too. It doesn’t matter what their politics are. When the race war starts, and with the obvious racism against whites being accepted by our government, I’m sure it will happen in the next decade, their “friends” will turn on them and target them.

    They will be shocked once they realize that white genocide is the goal and the “rights” liberals championed for illegals will only result in crimes committed against them or their American Heritage being lost. It will be interesting to see what happens when they ask for protection from conservative and libertarian “gun nuts.”

  • LibertarianUSA

    I guess racism is acceptable if it’s against white people.

    • Dustin Troisi

      Or Mexicans

  • willie

    You have to understand. It is our presidents job to stir up division and chaos, for him to fulfill his part in the world government. Both of the Bushes and Clinton could have stopped amnesty. Yet that was, nor is not the world government’s plan. You need to except it. This is no longer the America our forefathers fought and died for. Immigration was once a honor and privilege. Those in the early 1900’s came here to build a new life and worked for every thing. Today the mind set is WE OWE THEM. We stole the land from them. Food Stamos and health care is theirs. The law abiding tax payer is going to support the illegals. Why do you think mandatory health care is coming next next. Yet the illegal immigrants are covered FREE. The only way to stop the government was to do as Jefferson said ” a revolution every 20 years to keep the government fearing the people” the government has been in control for 238 years and have done what ever they wanted. This is not just obama. It is our government.

  • Bee4zee

    Amazing that they can find the time to type insults and draw on Sharpie marker eyebrows, but can’t find the time to learn decent English or accurate history.

  • Lynn

    You people are all a bunch of assholes; White people want you people to come here legally and obey the laws. Is that really too much to ask? And why the hell should the taxpayers have to pay for you to have housing, medical and food stamps; that’s for your own county to take care of. A friend from work had to move back to mexico because he could not get his wife here legally after a year and you scumbags think you should move to front of the line because you break the law; then wonder why we don’t want you here. You don’t learn the language, you think we owe you a living and the truth is we owe you NOTHING!

    • Dustin Troisi

      Maybe I don’t care what white people want

  • The Bobster


  • Austexchili

    With attitudes like that, it’s time for another San Jacinto

  • R Craig

    I am part Native American. Not against immigration, legally. You people are just common thieves that have no interest in being Americans. You, like the muslims do not want to assimilate into American life. You just want to come here and change what the country is, what we are. Its not over yet.

  • nancync

    The difference between legal and illegal is stark. Those who came from Europe through Ellis Island didn’t get anything from the government except a chance – and they had to pass physicals and be of sound body AND mind before being allowed to stay. Then there are those who go through the legal process today and are the backbone of this country.
    These illegals don’t respect us or our country.

    • Becky

      My family brought me to America back in 1979 from Russia. I was 4. I saw my mother and my father struggle to make our lives work. Help from the gov? Never. here I am 38 years later, working for a huge multi million dollar company that my father started back in 1984. He created tens or thousands of jobs. All done legally and patiently.

  • Cooper Huck

    If every American who is sick of this imperialist president would go in to work tomorrow, walk down to the HR office and have them raise your deductions to the maximum, we would send a message to this bunch of scum that we will not pay the way for illiterate, illegal, takers.


  • tony

    It will only be a matter of time before the people of this country take the law in their own hands bypassing the gov. all together… Obama will be breaking the law if he goes ahead with this and bypass congress and the Constitution…. Plus this will need funding… which the GOP already said he will not get it… A Revolution is coming… and even our great military is not even close to being strong enough to calm the masses of this country…. I just hope we all survive it….

  • jeffparamo

    Obama is going too try push with his mighty pen with executive actions, guess what it’s going to fail because against the constitution the Republican’s hold both the senate and the house they will fight back VERY HARD!! they will repeal the executive actions and Repeal Obamacare. P.s. Americans will fight back.

  • Vernon E Cole

    Amnesty just shows this Presidents hatred for white, black, brown, and native born Americans.

  • Wrecktomb

    Myrna Solorzano…your kinda cute…I’m white…you gonna “F” me?

  • jeffparamo

    “If he goes forward unilaterally defying the Congress elected by the people – defying the American voters – then it’s incumbent on Republicans in Congress to use every single constitutional tool we have to defend the rule of law, to reign in a president so that the president does not become an unaccountable monarch.”



    • Keith Cameron


  • lildebrarae

    The ‘racist’ Liberals always pull that race card. It’s all they have, and they’re too stupid to realize that it’s no longer working!


    Help ALIPAC fight back today against this racism against Americans. We need your help with Operation #StopO and Backlash Reaction found in our press release…

    Obama Amnesty Edict Planned for Nov 20 Mexican Revolution Day!

  • Mik Sacul

    Since we’re giving amnesty to lawbreakers, let’s include murderers, rapists and bank robbers too. They have families that need them – what’s the difference?

  • rjlahr

    These people (if you want to call them that) are stupid. Chalk one up for future society.

  • Macdoodle

    Stupid beaners.

  • the_crazyrussian_says

    Can we stop pansy footing around and just start the race war? I’m really tired hearing how i’m a racist because i’m white.

  • Heatherrrrr

    I would think that anyone who took the time and effort to come to this country legally would be pissed off about this. It seems like a huge slap in the face. Punish those who worked hard and reward the ones who “cheated”.

  • Les

    I have no problem with things are done correctly like following the law. I say go back then try to come here with in the laws set by the United States.

  • they hate us so much but love coming to our countries. ‘Whine’orites. not minorities

  • Pag

    Care to share your source for the photo?

  • Thomas Stull

    Love the broken “English” White men can do anything, one said. Then why can’t I get your assets OUT!

  • Fayclis

    Media wouldn’t be inciting controversy hatred and racism for attention and cheap hits would they? How many are showing sincere gratitude and thankfulness for the impending amnesty executive order? Think rather than biting into what this article I will check it out myself.

  • Anna

    For those ignorant Immigrants that slandered the White People of America – here is a little education – Mexico surrendered all of Mexico to the United States after the Mexican American war and the US won by the way – But instead of taking Mexico, we Returned 3/4 of Mexico back to the Mexican People – and Supported Mexico ever since. Get an education before you make bigger fools of your uneducated selves. Legal Immigration has always been embraced by all Americans – What makes you illegal aliens more special then the rightful legal immigrants? Yes you should be deported back to where you came from and return when you do it right.

  • Vyn

    The idiocy burns…

  • Liniborn

    Lock and load, opunkBOY is gonna finish us off.

  • zj sky

    They are indeed winning. Our country is turning into a socialist hellhole the likes of which they left behind.

  • Donald Higdon

    To all the Hispanics telling “white people” to go back to Europe: Are you claiming that the indigenous people of central and south America spoke SPANISH? Go home, yourself.

  • Emma Dilemma

    Way to cherry pick some quotes and Pull some rather lines out context as well because the anti immigration reform people NEVER say racist stuff. You are a fine journalist with amazing aptitude for compostion and storytelling. I love listening to racist talk about other racists it makes you sound brilliant. Everyone who is reading this seriously I hope you can’t reproduce.

  • caseykc

    The only reason illegal aliens are “stealing” your jobs is because YOU are lazy and have a shitty work ethic. Illegals get the worst jobs, but YOU are so pathetic you can not even compete with them.

    The republicans demand unregulated capitalism but cry foul when businesses hire hard working people who work for less. Then the R’s vote against equal pay for equal work and still expect white men will get paid more for work an illegal will do for less. This proves your not just pathetic but also shows your not very smart…. which goes a long way to explaining why you can’t get a job.

    You were born in the greatest country on earth, given free education and the freedom to use it as you please. You wasted it! You wasted it so bad that you can’t even get a job. You can’t compete with foreigners that don’t speak the language. You can’t compete with people who have virtually no schooling. You can’t compete with people who stated at the bottom despite a huge head start.

    You can’t compete because YOU are lazy, pathetic and not very smart. NOT because Obama f’d it up, NOT because they “stole” your job and certainly NOT because you spent all your taxes helping them out. What taxes, your f’n unemployed! If your not then stop your crying.

    • Do you understand WHY the jobs are so low paying? It’s because the skill level is that of a moron. While I think that if you don’t have a job and you are relying on the entitlement program to get by that you should get off your arse and go get one of those jobs that is “beneath you” and that you are lazy if you do not, you might want to ask how smart the folks taking the jobs are compared to those who don’t. Think about it a little harder – forget your ideology for a second and really think about it.

      And you’re right – Americans were born in the greatest country on earth – congratulations for admitting that! But by providing amnesty without enforcing our basic laws and our traditions you are advocating for the dissolution of the greatest country on earth. This country became the greatest because we required people to learn OUR culture, to speak OUR language, to pledge allegiance to OUR flag and RESPECT OUR LAWS!!!!. These illegals do NOT do that – nor will they in the future simply because they have been given a pardon. Congratulations on advocating for the demise of the greatest country. Hope you feel great about that.

      Your comments about equal pay are simply retarded and uninformed – you obviously didn’t read the legislation that was proposed nor did you think through what it meant and implied. And just a quick FACT for you – white men make 8% less than WOMEN. Look it up on a site that is NOT from the democrat party – that includes the Huffington post. Maybe go look at the break out of salaries. You’re smart – go find it. When you see the FACTS maybe you’ll reconsider your stupidity.

      • Really?

        You would have to look at more than one non-partisan site to get the correct info. Republican run sites are biased too, and want to make democrats look bad, as the democrats do to republicans. Sites like the one this article is on just cater to what their party’s voters want to hear and will agree with.

        • And that is why I listed the as a site to go to when referncing salaries. It is NONPARTISAN because it is simply a compilation of numbers – facts – there is no opinion related interpretation of what they mean. Numbers are numbers. They could make up the numbers if you were that cynical but then why would they do it to show that white men aren’t the ones making all the money – IN FACT – ASIANS make more money than white people as a whole and women make more then men on an apples to apples basis. Ahh..numbers..the last bastion of truth!!!

          • Really?

            To make white men angry? Also, did we consider positions held by women and men? Are they based on two people doing the SAME job? Or are they based on general income? You know, women can climb ladders too and the higher you are, the more money you make.

            Can you find two more non-partisan sights to report the same thing?

    • Really?

      Actually, education isn’t free.

      And, if you could save a buck, wouldn’t you? So why hire the white guy, when the brown man will do the job for less? How do we know the white guy’s work ethic if he never gets the chance to work?

      Now I’m fortunate enough to have two well paying jobs, and a career on the side. BUT, your scope is definitely a little off.

      Yes, white people can be just as lazy as other races. But they have just as much capacity for greatness too. Why do you think most of the richest people in the United States are white people? Because those were the ones who weren’t lazy.

    • Momcat49

      Some generalizations there, Casey! Having been orphaned before the end of my freshman year in college, yet having gotten both my husband & myself through college & myself through med school, & him through grad school, I don’t think we qualify for “lazy”.
      Maybe you’d be less angry if you stopped carrying that large chip on your shoulder?
      I am unbelievably grateful to have been born here & know that I’d likely never have been able to do what I’ve done any place else on earth. I am always willing to help someone who needs help–but those who simply want to play the “victim card” & take short cuts & advantage don’t get my sympathy. I’ve lived on school cafeteria leftovers that my grandma brought home from her work & worked in the school office after school in order to afford school shoes. You can’t threaten me–I earned my stripes, so get off your high horse.

      • Really?

        That’s a nice story about YOU, but sadly you are not all of white America. And while we are not all lazy as the OP said, there’s still those who are.

        Way to be conceited.

        • Momcat49

          Not conceited–just a survivor. I’ve spent plenty of nights, weekends, holidays, etc, taking care of those who came over the border for free medical care. What have you–personally–done for them?
          When you paint ANY group negatively with such a broad brush, it tells me that you know very few of that group very well, which is sad. There are lazy whites, lazy blacks, lazy browns–but also a lot MORE hardworking of every color. To complain that ALL white people are lazy is just disingenuous–just as it is disingenuous for someone else to say that all illegal immigrants are welfare cheating, lazy, “maggots” (which is SO wrong!).
          Ranting may be great fun, but it is counter-productive–just like name-calling is.
          I AM appalled that the White House, by allowing such clearly racist & hate-mongering comments to stay up appears to be encouraging those attitudes–BUT they DO fall under the purview of FREE SPEECH, as much as we might find them distasteful (just like your ranting does). Are they conducive to good community relations?–no. Do they encourage dialogue among groups?–no.
          So, the comments SHOULD stay & you SHOULD rant on (if you feel you must). But you (& the commenters) ought to be aware that your message gets garbled, & probably lost completely, in the negative emotions that it stirs up.

          • Really?

            Believe it or not, there was a sentence in my previous reply that agrees with you, but I’m assuming that after I called you conceited, you went ahead and lost your marbles.

            Fact is, with your story you were replying to a generality with a single. The OP was talking about whites as a whole (though wrong). Then your story gives off a ‘not me’ vibe. As if you are speaking for all whites.

            You yourself just said, “When you paint ANY group negatively with such a broad brush, it tells me that you know very few of that group very well, which is sad.” If that’s the case, then why do Republicans and Democrats do it to each other? And if that’s the case, then this article is sad then, isn’t it?

            I believe I read something about ‘fear mongering’ either in the article or comments. Probably the comments. If there is ‘fear mongering’ happening, then this article, with its wording, isn’t helping.

          • Momcat49

            I agree with you totally: the whole “Those guys over there are ALL bad! scenario played by Democrats, Republicans, & just about any political entity you can name (& not a few social ones, too–the KKK readily comes to mind!) really sucks! It gets no one anywhere. The real counter arguments to “All___’s are___” is “Some (or most) are NOT.” –followed by examples. The rest of us were never taught in basic education how not to fall for specious arguments like that, unfortunately–whether they come from politicians, parents, neighbors, or preachers. Our kids need to be taught to ask, “Why?” & to ask for examples to back up such broad statements.
            Sadly, politicians depend on most folks swallowing what they say without asking, “Why?”. Sorry, I couldn’t give you a lot more examples–I didn’t feel like recruiting my whole family & boring you with more of my life story & theirs.

        • LibertarianUSA

          Every one has to start somewhere I. The workforce. What happens to the teens wanting to start work when all the job s are taken by illegals?

  • Question for all the latinos…let’s say America is the evil place you make it out to be…WHY THE F*CK then do you want to be here? Why is it that YOUR countries SUCK so much – your leaders SUCK – your political structure SUCKS and YOUR lives suck in YOUR countries because of your backwards economies run by YOUR people?

    Are you seriously gonna blame white people for all of YOUR problems? Ever look at your own culture and leaders and ask “Why can’t we change this????” Nah..just go ruin another country, suck off the WHITE TAXPAYER for your livelihood and bring the SUCK that was YOUR country to ours. Got it – that’s real smart.

    Let me give you all a little hint at what you are doing – go look up what happened in Zimbabwe in the late 20th century when the black government took all the white people’s property and money and “gave” it to the “natives”. It wasn’t a pretty story – but guess what – those white folk – because of their culture and education are doing just fine back in their European homelands. When you look outside yourselves to fix YOUR problem – all you do is make YOUR problem worse.

    So Congratulations – now you can get your minimum wage job without worrying about ICE coming in to send you back to YOUR home country. Isn’t it funny that going back to YOUR country is such a scary thing to you????

  • Really?

    I like the guy that said to give back Texas, Arizona, and Los Angeles (but not the rest of California). I believe those lands were the spoils of war. And, for ten years, Texas was its own country. So in reality, you would have to fight for those states, as they CHOSE to be a part of the United States and NOT Mexico.


    People need to understand, it’s not the people who come to our land legally who get an education, who contribute to our economy and growth. These people are very welcome – no matter race or religion. These people are respectful to laws and greatly benefit our nation. It’s the millions of people who come here expecting us to pay their way, use our tax money to get free food, free school, free medical care and free housing. IF they do work, the money they make here is paid in cash and they send it to another country – not paying taxes and not supporting our economy. Then then these illegal people began demanding “equality” wanting us to speak their language and give them special privileges like voting …. they are not Americans, they should convert to our ways follow our laws, not the other way around. If ypu want our life style, become a legal American. It’s the same with religion, what you practice is your own personal business and this country should not caterer to your special religion, because all religions are equal …. no one should get special treatment or claim superiority – but that is a different issue. It’s not just the white, all real americans should be offended. In some states you are even expected to speak the illegal peoples language in order to get a job … wrong. They should learn our language, I would be expected to learn your language if i went to your country. My people, NATIVE American, do not ever try to make demands like the free loading illegal immigrants do. Our nation is being destroyed from the inside and will continue to be unless we stand up, follow our own laws and stop these people. We need to stop catering to all illegal people and throw them out. We need to all embrace those who come here legally, no matter color or religion. And when a child is born here to an illegal, that should not mean the whole family is suddenly allowed here and given a home and everything free. That child should have the choice at the age of 18 to be an american citizen … until then, live in his parents country. The parents should have to become citizen if they want government privileges for their child, giving birth in a country does not automatically give you welfare or the right to free load off that government or the people. My people conformed to the Spanish, English and others …. look how well that turned out. We are headed for the same destruction if we do mot stand up NOW!!

  • joe bloe

    They are right. we did take the land. now come take it back. don’t swim across a river and become a landscaper. Better yet, stay in Mexico and TAKE back your own damn country. None of which matters. any mexican willing to come out of hiding and identify himself will just be put on a list for when the next prez revokes the stay and comes after them. Big victory dumbasses.

  • TruthBeTold

    Mr. President, can you please tell me again why you believe these people would make good Americans?

  • Guest

    I see they can all afford computers. Seems to me they could have come in legally if they had wanted to. Seems to me also that if people can afford computers, new cars, new clothes and jewelry, then they shouldn’t be on food stamps or welfare. And btw, what’s all this hogwash about “white people”? There are a whole bunch of Blacks and Mexicans who don’t want amnesty to pass too! Good Lord, I know you didn’t make people this stupid, so what happened to these folks?

    • Momcat49

      They are part of the “Entitlement Generation”!–Motto: “If I want it, I’m entitled to it!”

      • Tex

        It’s become the entitlement race.

        • Momcat49

          The entitlement mentality is not race-specific–unless you mean a race to see who can garner the most entitlements.

          • Tex

            Gee, thanks there Ms. Obvious. I had no idea. Now can you come instruct my fundamental law class?

          • Momcat49

            Sorry! I wasn’t sure which you meant…Whether it would be the ones coming across the border next (as they surely will in droves) or the ones already here from across the border, or whomever else.

          • Tex

            No worries. I was sarcastically generalizing. But I agree with all of what you said. It’s just going to get worse.

            Obama and his heathens are shockingly naive. They think that all these illegals (that broke the law getting here) will come over and just embrace the American way. They will all attend college, become doctors, lawyers and successful people. They focus on the one out of 10k that has done this, and ignore what the remaining 9,999 are doing; sucking us dry.

            I feel strongly that no one ever told Obama the term, “in a perfect world” was sarcastic and will never exist.

    • MSCsocal

      remember the parable of the wheat and the tares!

  • Michael Ruocco

    The USA is like a ship that can only take on so many passengers. If it takes too many passengers it WILL sink ……Buy a ticket and get aboard don’t be a stow away…..

    • Tex

      EXACTLY! Something the liberals cannot seem to grasp. Restaurants, elevators, houses, stadiums, malls, boats and planes, all have max occupancy limits. The country is no different.

  • Anna Rose

    We need to chill. Things are going to turn around in January when those who were elected this month are able to take up their office. There had better be some changes, or we will get rid of them too!

  • Gives Transporters A Bad Name

    Yep. Staying as classy as always….

  • tbak105secure

    The Emperor is a incompetent moron and a douchebag.

    • Tex

      Agreed, The worst, ever.

  • ArmedPatriot

    This is all about Obamas egomania.
    The man got trashed at the polls ealier this month and now his own party is ditching him.
    He figures he’ll take the whole country down in flames before admitting he is an axx who doesnt have a clue what he’s doing.

    • No – the democrats don’t care really – sure they may lose elections BUT THEIR AGENDA put it in their words …is moving FORWARD. They don’t give a flying sh*t about the means to get it there!!!!!

  • Momcat49

    As disgusting as the comments & behavior of these folks are (& if you think about it, some of the comments here, are too), they are all covered under the First Amendment & “Free Speech”–which is why the White House has not removed them. Their presence does not necessarily signal agreement by the White House, but their removal would amount to censorship. Free speech does not apply only to that with which we agree or find pleasant to hear–we have to be willing to hear sometimes radically disagreeable views that we’d rather not hear: It is the price of freedom. The alternative is censorship, which, once begun, has no endpoint.

  • Elisa

    Anyone who preaches hate speech doesn’t belong anywhere but in a corner somewhere thinking about what they just said….LOL…In any case I don’t understand why we all have to turn into a bunch of 5 year old’s screaming insults and throwing hate speech….just saying…

  • Kristie Richardson-Mobley

    For all you white haters,the U.S is not just about white people there are plenty of hard working ethnic races of people who actually worked very hard to be here LEGALLY ,,,so I guess who gives a crap about all of them right…sickening how you all think we are suppose to be okay letting illegal people in to our already poor economic country and a welfare system that will soon fail because so many are on it….

  • Robert Burns

    I don t care who you are what color you think of yourself as or that you want to come here hell I’ll be right there with you but do it like everyone else did that’s here the legal way please that’s all I ever said about this and oh yea this shows your racist side all over facebook you dum ass

  • Larry Nutter

    I wonder how Hispanics in America would feel if 100 million people just showed up here from the Middle East. The new, “illegal immigrants” took every single job and soaked up all of America’s welfare money leaving nothing for Hispanics. Would Hispanics want the U.S. Government to stop this invasion of illegal imigration?

  • WakeUp.

    You didn’t win anything, dipshits, except maybe a first-class ticket to poverty dictated by someone other than yourself.


  • Sirlegal Slaveowner

    I love it! Now when I hire you, I can 1099 you and you can do your part. Pay taxes like everyone else. So the question I have is, what time frame do “illegals” have to sign up to be a American Citizen, and after that deadline, What happens?
    Kicked out, left alone, rewarded?

  • doornazi

    If they are willing to break the laws to come here why do you think they will obey the laws once they are here???? It is a kick in the face to the legal immigrants that are here and did it the correct and legal way. NO REWARDS FOR BREAKING THE LAWS !!!!

  • Scotty Miller

    LMFAO Oh look ,reverse racism at it’s finest LOL How about you take a look in the mirror and see the real racists that exist in every ethnicity not just “white folk” . Just goes to show how ignorant you really are ! What a waste of space and oxygen . What ? You messed up your country so now you wanna come and help finish ruining ours LOL We don’t need your help nor do we want it . Well at least now you will have to pay taxes ,wait in line like the rest of society and your free hand outs will soon run out . Hopefully when that worthless obama goes so will all the BS he has done up to and including getting you the hell out of here



  • Loyal_Determined_Opposition

    Make sure to say all this clearly when you go for your first job interview.

    Oh, wait! You won’t be going on a job interview, will you? As a new member of the entitled class and welfare freeloader, you’ll be at your leisure, mooching off all us stupid white people who go to work everyday and pay taxes because they actually are good U.S. citizens!

    What was I thinking! Land of the free sleaze and home of the brave criminals; yep, that’s us alright!

  • Dave
    • LibertarianUSA

      The time for petition signing is long gone.

  • Dave
  • Carol Thompson

    u illegal idiots haven’t u heard its not over till ;the fat lady sings when he does and the fat lady starts and ends then ull; know its over he who laughs first laughs last bunch of idiots

  • ModernPoca

    Meanwhile the token Native American jumps in….
    Really? We are letting more losers in?

  • “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” – Thomas Jefferson

    It’s Time!!!

  • Raphael Mastro

    People try telling me that bc I’m white i must have had it easy or owned slaves lol I’m ITALIAN, my grandparents came here and worked hard and starved when they were children. They worked hard like many European immigrants to get out of poverty and they did not have it easy. Also, people don’t remember that back on Ellis Island if you came here even if you were a child and you didnt pass the health exams or they were at full capacity, your ass got sent back home to italy, poland, ireland…or where ever they came from, and you tried again until you were let in. Sometimes 6 or 7 times… So yea i got a problem with illegals not having to work their way into this country like my family and many other people did. Taking advantage of the system and not contributing. Im against this bc this country is built on the beliefs of OPPORTUNITY and HARD WORK. Not handouts!!! If they want in, fine, come over the legal way. I have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT!!! I Welcome all of them to get the same opportunities they all had.

  • Harriet

    What did that mean, “we won”? Have they actually read what he has proposed????? Think not, as usual. Those here for five years, plus other requirements does not lead to citizenship but you get a permit to work and pay taxes. DUH!!!!!!

  • Joan Zawislak

    obama should go down as the worst president we evetr had hes ruining our country they should impeach him dont you agree

  • Joan Zawislak

    they get more benefits then us its not fair and we pay for it leythem stay in there own country

  • Army wife

    I feel so sad. What is happening to my country?

  • deb buck

    How can people who come to this country illegally to find work pay smugglers thousands of dollars to get here? How can they afford this?

  • Bill J Janack

    ok thats how ya want to play guess ill start cleaning my guns ! if the liar in chief wont enforce the law we can !

  • ArmedPatriot

    These people are hilarious.
    the left their home countries for a REASON….the REASON is the USA IS BETTER!
    then when they bust in illegally they think OWE them something.

  • Jeffrey Raum

    Why aren’t they protesting in their own countries to make life better there? Then they wouldn’t have to leave! No, they demand we accommodate their needs in our country! Americans are being screwed by our own elected officials, on both sides of the aisle, that is the reality, whereas the perception is they are on opposite sides!

  • kevin

    Illegal aliens are scum of the earth. POTUS can do whatever he wants. They will still be scum of the earth…..Just on welfare….

  • Badger

    The land belongs to the Natives- Indians 1st, so the rest of you go home back to where you came from. The land belongs to the NATIVE PEOPLE , not Blacks , not Muslims , not Mexicans – & not Whites……go home – all of you freeloaders!

  • Janet Pohl Powell

    Well, all you ignorant illegal immigrant, white bashing people. I am Native American, and I do want you gone! Our land was stolen once already and it’s not your turn to invade my Country, you disrespectful, social leeches. You trurned your countries into crap holes because you wouldn’t fight for your rights and let drug lords and other gangs take over and now you want to ruin my country and turn it into another third world country like you just left.

    • Dustin Troisi

      I’m Navajo and you are dumb

  • Guest

    Years ago I worked at a gas station owned and ran by a man from India. He was here on a visa, but every 7 years they would put the business in someone else’s name and have another 7 years of no tax paying. I think the illegals should go back. We have alot of people who came here legally, but if your going to work or own a business you should pay taxes just like the rest of us.

  • Zanky McLallers

    Years ago I worked at Schenley carryout in youngstown, Ohio. It was ran by a guy named Dillion who was from India. He was here legally on a visa, but he never had to pay taxes. Every 7 years they would put the business in someone else’s name. I agree that the illegals should go back and if they want to be here, then do it legally. But I think everyone should have to pay taxes.

  • Drakenfly

    If people think illegals do NOT get assistance from state or federal government then they should call Arapahoes County services in Colorado and ask why they offer programs ONLY to illegals that natives of the state do NOT qualify for….ILLEGALS NEED TO GO HOME!

  • Guest


  • joan de barc

    So the white people built the country up and made it a place they all want to come to, and then they laugh in the face of those same people who made it desirable for them. All you people making the comments mocking the “white” people, you may want to be careful what you ask for. Do you really want to let the same people who allowed their own country to go to hell in a handbag with all their socialist ideas, wanting the gov to take care of them and had nothing, so they run here to ask for the same thing from our gov which will put us at the same level as the country they ran from? All it is going to do is cause your freedoms and your potential wealth, your potential ease of getting the things you want much harder to keep. When they start taking away from you in order to hand out to those who know nothing other than being taken care of by the gov, who do you think is going to pay for that? YOU. Yup… keep crapping on the smart, intelligent, hard working, “white people” that made this country successful. Yup, let’s just push them out so they don’t care anymore. Good luck with the mess you make. Idiots.

  • ash99

    So white people who weren’t alive during all of what you people complain about can pay for a bunch of illegal non tax paying non citizens. Sounds like a fair righteous plan.

  • Carla Rogers Williams

    can’t wait for the karma to kick in 😀

  • Fred Yenne

    They want L.A. Arizona and Texas back? I say take Back the rest of California, and you have a deal!

  • Diana Spirit

    You watch, things will flip around and we will be shipping them all back to where they belong! 😀 <3 Don't sweat it peeps… Obama Just broke the law,,, I mean the illegal man just broke the law.

  • bloatedfed

    A Note to the new Congress coming in January…write bills – incremental items working towards immigration reform (secure the border, get the paperwork unscrewed, arrest and deport the gang guys and other violent offenders and make those arrests and deportations loud and public) send up a bill a week….stay away from the 3rd rail of families etc…take the compassion hammer out of his hand and then dare him to veto them….if he does, then he proves that is DOES want to be Emperor…if he signs them – you have immigration reform to take into the 16 election AND you’ve done the right thing the right way – making a simple comparison that even us stupid American voters can understand.

  • Unknown

    Screw this post screw Mexicans they can go home if they don’t like white people then why did they come here illegally? So go home no one wants you here. Steal our jobs, bring drugs here, when I get into congress you all will be the first thing on my list to deport, if not here legally of course.

  • joshua

    George Bush hates black people, remember that?

    Well Obama hates white people. But the only difference is Obama TRULY hates white people.

  • ice

    when did this become a race thing, it’s about becoming a real us citizen paying your dues like all the rest of us…………. I don’t care where you are from ,what color your skin is it is all about doing it the right way. stop playing the race card and do the right thing.

  • Colin Nunn

    British immigrant, came here legally, became a citizen. America owes me nothing and cannot be blamed for the choices I made or any suffering as a result. “Waah, waaah, I left my family behind so now you have to take them all in and change your laws to suit us”. Screw that! It was YOUR choice, nut up and do it LEGALLY like so many others who don’t bitch and complain and want everything handed to them on a plate and laws changed and customs changed just to suit YOU. But what I REALLY enjoyed about this article was how those haters shown above did a great job of displaying their level of intelligence and making the pres a liar when he said “They want to be our friends”. ROTFLMAO!
    “Better to Remain Silent and Be Thought a Fool than to Speak and Remove All Doubt.”

  • Nate

    I love it when people pull the European settlers card and talk like Americans shouldn’t be against immigration. Listen fellas, I’m sorry that you’re butt hurt over how this generation feels, but that is not the same as how we feel now, the latter implies that we are the exact same people who settled in America those many years ago. If you want to come to the states legally, then that’s cool, heck I’ll even support you. But if you want to try to sneak across the border then I seriously hope that you can got and deported right back to wherever it is that you came from.

  • RubyTwoThree

    The real fun will be when Blacks realize they are no longer the number one victim and their benefits will be given to Hispanics. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

    • Michael Harmon

      I do believe you’re right.

  • Eagle2758

    Don’t wanna be those turds when the SHTF.

  • JC

    “return texas, los angeles, arizona along with us”…. he knows that los angeles is just a city in California right? Or does he think it’s a state? I mean, if you’re going to be here you might as well learn some geography right?

  • akansan

    Someone needs to explain to these people that by advocating lawlessness they are pushing the US to operate just like the corrupt regimes they recently fled. If they liked their countries so much they should’ve stayed there. The people who are waiting in line want our sovereign nation. They want our Republic with our laws because they know it keeps them safer. The idiots who are screaming we won just helped make the US a whole lot less safe. A sad, sad, day.

  • fed up

    Go home & fix your own countries problems instead of making it worse here …. Stands up to your government like you stand up to ours maybe if you demand & protested there you wouldn’t have to come here !!!

  • mary D

    It is so funny that they don’t even understand what he said, “Learn to speak English” He gave them nothing all he said was that they could apply, they could have applied before they broke into America!! Wow I could sell those morons a couple of buildings and a bridge! No wonder nobody wants them here!! Can’t fix stupid

  • overit

    One would think that the black citizens of this nation would be appalled by granting amnesty. Common sense dictates the jobs that are meant for low income people will be snatched right out from under them, as well as government help. Of course, I could be wrong.

  • Ken Mccarter

    All I see are racists doing what they want. Just like Ferguson, like the extremists kkk swore to be there and defend the people and property from any more riots. Then on the other side is the black panthers swaring to be there.
    Two extremists with the third in government offices saying crap about white people. They forget that it was no color when people serve. All sides fought and still fighting side by side while a few extremists push the RACE card for unknown uses except to divide the country more.
    Do these RACIST really want a race war? I for one feel it’s more terrorist we should be fighting and not each other.

  • Daniel Clemens

    Time to go ‘can’ hunting

  • Ray

    Don’t buy into this Ruling Class (US Gov) divide and conquer tactic from their Media
    mouthpiece whores. Notice what Aurelius of PunditPress states “Racist comments by pro-illegal alien activists fill the page. Here are just some of them.” This is not NEWS – It’s race bating hate!

    The Media and Gov (Ruling Class) are proven LIARS (Benghazi, Fast & Furious, Official
    9/11 Report, Bank Bailouts, IRS Scandal, You can keep your doctor extortion, Murder, Legal Torture, Foreclosure Theft, etc.).

  • Ray

    Are you kidding? If you were a boarder jumper and wanted a job, food, place to live would you be talking garbage, hating on American’s? It’s not real. It’s fake. It’s staged. Like everything else the MEDIA AND US Gov (Ruling Class) do – It’s a LIE in order to manipulate public opinion. Google Operation Persona.

  • UncommonSense

    Do people still fall for people that aren’t white can’t be racist? I find time and time again that we have grown far past that for the vast majority while in other races it seems almost encouraged to be blatantly racist and there is nothing wrong with that… all while screaming racist.. people amaze me.

  • ikihi

    Ronald Reagen never acted alone lib-tards. he signed a bill from congress

  • gunniesack

    Why is this turned into a race thing? It is not about Latinos vs White. It is about the USA bowing to another country

  • Peter Cornstalk

    It’s official now, if you appose law breakers, you are a racist. Let’s shut down the police and the courts, ‘cuz if we don’t, were racists.

  • Tracy

    This seems similar to the attitude after slavery was abolished. Except, nobody did these ungrateful people wrong. Now we have Yet another group of angry reverse-racists…. About to come out of the shadows.

  • AlanABQ

    Stop talking & waiting for somebody to do something: lock and load; start shooting the invaders. The “president’s” words mean nothing, so he & every so-called progressive needs to be eliminated.
    His presidency is fraudulent, and he’s a traitor.

    Maybe if enough liberal democrats start disappearing, their ilk with take the hint. The same goes for the latrinos; burn “their” neighborhoods to the ground.

    • Ann Kelly

      %100 let’s roll!!!

  • Deirdre Duester-King

    Don’t care if they’re here, but live like us! Get a job, become legal and don’t mooch off public assistance!

  • Doc Mathis

    POTUS fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • proudamerican

    This is why there is so much racism. Criminials get rewarded. And the rest of us work our butts off to try to make a living. Sure they take low paying jobs but they also have a lot of kids so they qualify for assistance from the goverment. The should not be rewarded for being illegal and having a bunch of kids to get more money.

  • Steve Newell

    Looks like we need to play cowboys and mexicans. You people move in to a town and trash it and everybody’s property value plummets. You go into the country and find crap dumped in the ditches because you’re too cheap to go to the dump. Sick of every place I deliver to is mostly 1 mexican guy that speaks English and the rest are either illegal or too stupid to learn the language here.

  • disqus_Y38bxN0VuX

    Now people legally applying for status go to the back of the bus. Illegals have preference .. Sad state of affairs

  • halfbreed

    Shows the president is a racist by leaving those posts up and the post should change his mind about what he is letting into this country

  • jroc77

    Enjoy paying taxes (past and present) and fines. I am an employer in the landscaping industry and I know first hand undocumented workers get paid very well in cash. 15.00 off the books is like 20.00 on the books. The days of them being taken advantage of and being paid 5.00 an hour has not been the truth in over a decade. They wont work for that. They expect the same pay as citizens but cash. And when you tell them I don’t pay cash you need to have taxes taken out they bitch and complain and go to the next guy who will. They dont realize the can of worms they just opened. Its good for the educated immigrants or the ones in school but the majority of them are unskilled and take labor jobs. Now employers have to pay workers comp and payroll taxes on them and the undocumented worker has to have a job because they won’t be able to get unemployment. So if employers were smart they would unite and only pay the undocumented minimum wage. If all employers did that they could not go to another company to get more money. That would slow the flow of illegals that are gonna be flocking to the border now. Obama said only illegals who have been here for more than 5 years could apply for work permits. How is there any way to tell how long they have been here as they have no records. And majority of them even after 5 years still cant speak good english.

  • Full-Metal

    Being American is about breaking the law anyway.

  • Cara

    Everyone is MISSING the point. They broke the law coming here illegally. No other county allows this, Hell, Mexico is going to start charging tourists that stay in their country more than 7 days! If a single mother robbed a bank to feed, cloth and shelter her kids, should she get to keep the money she stole and not be prosecuted for it? I didn’t think so! If you are caught here illegally you should be sent back to wherever you came from. If you are so worried about being separated from you kids than do the right thing and take them with you. If you think for one second that you do so much for the us by being here illegally, than go to your home country and do good there, help out 2 nations!

  • Deo

    Americans only like legal immigrants not illegal aliens! Get out of our country & get in line! Learn to speak & read English while you’re waiting!

  • Shakespeare

    You gotta admit, all these illegal aliens that now becoming citizens are a pretty classy bunch, huh? RME

  • Kim Nelson

    We opened the floodgates to our home years ago. This is the result.

  • MarxistMangler

    No White people? No first world civilization or advanced technology for America.

  • Day2u

    So in their minds there are no “white” immigrants? LOL!

  • Sanford Thorson

    It`s coming people. There WILL be another ‘ Civil War ‘ and I guarantee the losers will NOT be WHITE.

  • ZeroResolve

    Of course Obama gives amnesty to illegals being one himself why wouldn’t he support his people.
    Simply put Obama is the biggest joke to ever run for office and all who voted for him not once but twice shame on you. oh an to the person that said give Mexico back Texas Los Angeles and Arizona one of these things is not like the other. Just saying lol

  • Guest

    well they think they won their battle well they’ve won by scamming. they have done nothing illegal to get where they are so they want to say screw us white people well the majority of us white people do things legally and not by scamming our system. I don’t owe these highly intelligent people as they’re showing their true colors of themselves on a Facebook page (and folks that intelligent part was sarcasm) nothing nothing at all so bite me

  • Guest

    sorry that would be legal have done nothing legal not illegal

  • jamie

    Well just goes to show you according to the Facebook page how civilized and intelligent they can be. NOT. tired of them thinking that they’re owed something when all they did was scam to get theirselves into our country.

  • Foster

    There is a way to become a US citizen right now just like millions have done in the past, register with your country’s consulate get in line, get a green card, and then become a US citizen. Yes it’s a long and arduous process but it is worth it. It’s just disgusting how our current commander-in -chief has managed to divide our country along racial and ideological lines. Expect more race baiting and race wars to come from this. I truly have a soft spot for my hard working Mexican brothers and sisters who want to come here to this land of opportunity since my wife’s family came here illegally in the 70’s. The real solution is a more streamlined legal and less corrupt path to citizenship as well as better wages and opportunity in their home country to make it less of a desperation move to come north. Blanket amnesty is NOT the solution. This is more about millions of vote for democrats!

  • J Johnson

    I live in the San Antonio, TX area which is an intersection for illegals and drugs passing into the US. There are almost as many illegals here are there are legal Hispanics now. All of my Hispanic friends that I know now, or that I went to school with, who are here legally, hate the illegals (wet backs as we like to call them). They feel it is unjust that they come here and want handouts from our government. Let me tell you what else they do. I know this for fact: they take their food stamps (Lone Star cards) and trade them to car lot dealers for payments on cars. There are many shady things they do and ways they have learned to get around the system. And as far as the income they earn, most of that money gets sent back to Mexico to help out their families there. So exactly how does that benefit our economy? If you don’t live in the environment and see and hear what goes on daily, you can’t say you know anything.

  • jhsif

    Where are the MUSLIM’S opinion on this issue?! Oh, wait, Muslims don;t matter unless you LIBERALS can EXPLOIT IT! Sure we HAVE to have Islam in the name of (giggle) multiculturalism, but to ACTUALLY allow them to speak their mind on (gasp) homosexuality! (where are the GAY Muslims) and other issues?! Good luck! Bye bye Establishment clause eh ACLU terrorists?! Merry Christmas, ACLU, Atheists, MUSLIMS, and every OTHER TERRORIST in between!

  • varlog

    The piggy bank is only so empty. What till all you figure out you have to share what there is with your new homies. Time to crack down on welfare fraud to even attempt to keep the system afloat.

  • J Johnson

    You Won’t Believe What This Illegal Alien Mother of 7 Collected – For 20 YEARS (Video)

  • LaChantelle

    It’s not about immigration or skin color. It’s about an illegal invasion. We have a system for legal immigration that is being completely and illegally by-passed by this one-finger-waving trash.
    Ah Obama, such a populist! Long live the king!

  • Concerned Colorado

    I think the reform is great, however its a sad day when a president has to act alone because his staff or congress cannot agree on one single thing, we the people are guilty for putting the congress we did in office. I am white, and am not a racist. Just to fill you in, it also makes you a racist to hate white people also. There are a lot of racists out there, not just white people, please don’t be ignorant people. This topic should stay focused on the great justice and opportunity these non citizens are finally getting to experience in this country, and hopefully it will be for the betterment of us all.

  • Jarrod Loonie

    Now when the say “F$&# all the white people!” I am assuming they mean every white person. It’s going to really suck when they need a white person to hire them, finance a car, buy a house, or do anything else. I am not saying that white people are in control of things, but didn’t some white people vote for the bill to keep their sorry asses here?

    • Enjoyitwhileitlasts

      When whites lose even more power they will do all of the above through their own people. SInce Browns have more power financially, politically and than ever before

      • Jarrod Loonie

        So browns rule the world? I really doubt that you could factually back that up.

  • Ben

    As a first generation American Hispanic, I am both saddened and sickened by the entitlement of the Hispanic people. These gestures, blatant lack of respect, and self entitlement are just a tip of the ice burg of the economical and social burden SOME of these people will “contribute” to our society. Do not get me wrong, I am pro immigration as long as you do it in the appropriate manner as my family.

  • efesgirl

    My family on both my mother’s (Austria/Romania) and father’s side (Italy) came here LEGALLY by way of Ellis Island in the late 1800s and early 1900s. They lived in Brooklyn and in the Bronx. They applied for social security, got jobs, paid their taxes and supported their families without any financial help from the government. When they retired, they collected their pensions. I don’t have one shred of sympathy for those illegals who came here years ago and did NOTHING to become naturalized citizens. They raised their families and continued to ignore the fact that they were not legally in the country. NOW they think they have a right to stay because their American citizen children live here? War veterans are on the streets. Many go without medical treatment because the VA system is in a shambles…and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Those who have no family here and used their own children as a sympathy card and/or crossed into the country illegally should be put O-U-T-!!!

    This report detailing the obscene cost of illegals in the USA is dated Sep 8 2014:

    • EuropeanFleaChecker

      So do you declare that the path to citizenship be the same one as your ancestors had? Stand in a line. Get checked for fleas lol. Receive citizenship. Yeah that would be better right?

  • VietVET

    ok…I give in….I need someone to cut my grass….wash dishes in the restaurant and pick crops…..and wipe our asses…..thank you illegals for the skills you bring to the DOPES….HOPE and Change!

  • White

    Anti-whites are forcing whites to assimilate with the non-white world
    by chasing us down with diversity
    It’s genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Dustin Troisi

      Yep it is your turn now to be on the bottom

      • White

        So you support white genocide?

  • Retiree2005

    Hey Latinos,,,ever thought about fixing your own cesspool countries instead of coming here to eat tablescraps from the Democrats? You have beautiful countries with lots of natural resources but you dont have the cajones to take it from the drug dealers and tinpan dictators that are still in charge there and doing what they want with the rest of your families.

  • Mohamed

    plz let the children learn for them self for a better future for all of us on this Planet … ……ohhhh plz stop

  • Linda Amsden

    It’s not about race it’s about our laws…..America has no jobs for our own name people and our welfare system is on overload…people can’t handle anymore taxes so that is the reason we don’t want you here we just can’t afford you

    • Oh Youre Wanted?

      WE don’t want you either

  • zaiger

    This article is extremely misleading. The quotes are obviously in response to the hundreds of racist comments left by right wing extremists. Why did you omit the source comments?

  • Conservative Coloradoan

    so what country are all of you now “legal” illegals going to destroy after you turn the US into the shithole of a country you left

  • dubium

    How about their OWN states taking care of them? The story is the same in Europe, “let all the immigrants in”…For example, many people who comes to Europe are arabs. Many arab states are some of the richest states on earth. Even the poorer arab states are often less densely populated than Europe and have more potential and room for growth. Algeria for example is almost twice the size of France, UK and Spain together but still have like a 1/4 of their total population. Still nobody says any of THOSE states shall take care of any arab refugees and the ones that do does not take in very many or give them any money, amnesties or citizenships. Why does NO non-white state ever have ANY responsibility for their own citizens or neighbours? Why is it always up to white states, to take care of the whole world?

  • Bret

    I love how dumbasses on here blame white people for everything learn your history before opening your mouth.

  • Stephanie Baugh

    wow your all pretty hasty for one all it takes is for them to pass a bill and deportation is bak in and once theres a new president he can start all over 2 for a battle being fought for so long and so hard you would think that wouldve earned you a little more grace and wisdom than the rest of the idiots but alas youve all proved to be the savage uncivilized fucks us racist always claim you to b thanx for making us rite once again lmfao artars

  • JJ

    I am white my ex is half mexican. He handed in a food stamp application in Colorado. ALL of his answers, I will repeat because this is important.. ALL of them besides his name were answered: N/A, and it was accepted. My application with my ID, proof of residency, income paystubs, SSN, the whole nine yards was denied. I clean houses, Im not rich. I should have been well within the guidelines to qualify.

    Not to mention that

    93 sex offenders and 12 serial sexual offenders coming across U.S. borders illegally per day,”


    “In those instances, the illegal
    immigrants typically gained access to the victims after having worked as
    a day laborer at or near the victims’ homes,

    “Victims ranged in age from 1 year old to 13 years old, with the average age being 6.”
    Read more at to mention the $338.3 billion dollars a year they cost this country in crime alone!

    • JJ

      Remember they COMMITTED A CRIME entering this country illegally.

  • Nutbar Mcloony

    If they’re going to use past wrongs to justify current ones with the “you stole the Indians’ land” rhetoric, they should move to Spain, since they’re descended from the Spanish Conquistadors. Or we could just, you know, hold individuals accountable for their OWN actions instead of blaming an entire race for things done by nobody alive today. And these people seem to think WE’RE the racists! This is lawless madness and I’m glad Joe Arpaio and Greg Abbott are suing.

  • Bonnie

    How about all the drivers licenses that they are all getting now in California? Do you think they will buy insurance to go with those licenses? Those of us with insurance will end up paying for their accidents.

  • JJ

    Has anyone given thought to the fact that Mexico has depleted its water supply so much that Mexico city has sank 30 ft? Our water supply is already stressed. USA sits on the largest aquifer in the world. Its going to be a fight over water not jobs.

  • Ragnorinki

    I find it funny that they use post constitutional when he’s burning the declaration.

  • Mark Hellmer

    I don’t have a problem with brown The ones who come here legally! the illegals are the ones i have problems with. So all of the illegals need to back and do it the right way like the ones who took the time to do it right!

    • EuropeanFleaChecker

      If only your ancestors had such a tough path to legality. Nope all they had to do was be checked for fleas lol

  • Molonlabe

    Just remember when he’s gone we have the address and names of
    felons to deport! And that deportation can be done by executive order
    within it’s legal content under the constitution! Obama’s illegal
    citizens can be deported because it was illegally done and must be
    corrected under the law by the next President! True executive powers!

  • Mickey

    This is going to backfire so bad. These people really believe Obama is helping them all the while Obama knows it will give him a boost in the short term, but set immigration reform back years in the long run, and he doesn’t care. These illegals are getting so screwed here by this idiot in the white house and they don’t even know it. The last election was a warning not to do this, the next election will be punishment for doing it and if anyone thinks all this won’t be reversed after 2016 they’re crazy. The best part is all these people will be so much more easily identified thanks to Obama’s action. Come on out of the shadows people, come on out!!!!!LOL

    • DreamWeaver

      Living on a dream lol

  • Myra Mains

    Well then all males 18 and up need to sign up for the draft…… and your immigration rights are now GONE!!! You wanna be treated with respect and be American you will now see how hard life really is …you gotta work for your needs it’s not handed to you!!!!!! Get a job and get off the system and let the one that legitimately need it get it…

  • White

    Anti-whites are forcing whites to assimilate with the non-white world
    by chasing us down with diversity
    It’s genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  • BeHappyBro

    I’m brown and was born in this country. I’ve had the chance to mingle with all colors of Americans as well as “illegals.” I understand both perspectives which most Americans don’t. What Americans should understand is that regardless of Obama’s decision, nothing will change overall. The people are already here. At least now we can document them and their actions as a resident of this country. What Americans need to understand as well is that this country was founded in immigrants and NEEDS to immigrant perspective to remind us of how great we have it. If Americans are mad, be mad that a person who doesn’t speak the language, isn’t from here, has little family here, many obstacles daily just to be here, etc. has a better quality of life here and is happier than most Americans. Why? Well because we could have it all and still be on sites like this whining and finding things we don’t like. What are they doing? Enjoying this life. Be mad that the “illegal” in his 92 Civic has a bigger grin than you do in your luxury car. Why? Because he used to walk everywhere and had little chance of having a car in his old country. While you drive your Benz to your shrink appt and to pick up your anti-depressants. Be mad that the guy who lives “packed in a house with 50 other illegals” loves his life more than you do in your private home. Why? Because he is warm. There is water in the sink. He can eat. There is electricity and even a TV lol. If you’re mad at any of this then be mad that these “illegals” make a happier life than the one that you would throw away and are happier than you are.

  • BeHappyBro

    Of course race is a factor. Look at what Whites have done in and to this country. I’m Italian but even though we are considered whites these days, when I was a kid, we were the WOPS aka wetbacks. And not long ago people treated us these same ways. Supposedly all we did was take from this country and commit crimes and were less of humans. Whites constantly do this to immigrants without truly examining themselves. Oh you descend from people who came here “legally” through Ellis Island? Well guess what? Your ancestors are no different than modern immigrants. Only difference is the white people in power said it was “legal” then and say it’s “illegal” now. Same waves of people and by God they have just as much right to be here. But people put the law first. A law that changes based on race and color. The illegals of Ellis Island did not go through the tough qualifications to become a citizen that people have to these days to do it “legally.” They simply walked through a line lol. But yeah it’s the same thing lol. Whites have so much blood on your hands and especially in issues regarding this country. LOOK at the world. People of color are gaining power and a place across the globe. Whites are scared that they are losing power as well as majority status in this country and yes it’s absolutely true. You cannot continue to thrive by cheating others out of the very things that you value for eventually you will see the same fate. Best bet is to help all people so when we do lose the power we gained wrongfully we will still be allowed in this land that we think we can discriminate others from. Right your wrongs. Even if they were committed by your ancestors, they still give you your current life so it’s you job. Treat others how they should have treated your ancestors. Don’t add more negativity to the negative existence you’ve built off the hardships of others

  • jimmyrourke

    Obama just destroyed America.I think we should impeach him and throw these people out

  • joeybot

    Where, at least there’s no conservatives using this kind of rhetoric on the other side…nope it’s ONLY reform supporters.

  • Sue


  • Alexandra Marie Castillo

    I am all for letting them do what they need to do to get citizenship, just like everyone else. I hate that they are being racist in the process. I am a Mexican woman and I am appalled by the behavior and gestures that these Mexican illegals are displaying. I work my ass off, legally, and I still have trouble making ends meet and I cannot get food stamps or any other assistance.

    What these people do not realize is that king hobama will use them as pawns because he sees them as disposable. His very own little band of extremists who will die for the cause because of what he has given them. I am sure that he has promised them 72 virgins as well? He does not care if they die in his efforts. Get real. Yes mi amigos y amigas, he seems harmless and helpful, but he has a grander agenda and unless you choose wisely you will not survive his plans. Sound like a theorist? Yes I am sure that I do, but do you really want to take the chance that I am correct or not? If we divide ourselves even more, race wise, then you have already failed in your endeavors to continue living here without repercussion.

  • JJ

    Just because they have a Anchor baby here, doesnt mean that cousin, grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle and the whole family tree get to come. You must have never been behind one of these border jumpers in food stamp line. You must never have busted your ass working, paying taxes, and to be hungry needing help, only to be told to “Go to the free Food Bank”. “Food Bank” that gives you rotten food, and stale bread,expired milk, and most likely food poisoning. Then watch a illegal behind you be given a sweepstakes amount of benefits, that they just told you that you didnt qualify for! In a country that you were born and raised in! If you broke the law jumping over here and having a litter of puppies, then your offspring are illegal too, and NOT legitimate citizens! You dont break the law and be rewarded. If it worked that way then nobody would be in prison & everyone here would get a slap on the hand and a time out. It doesnt work that way! There is not enough natural resources to support this mass of people here. Our WATER SUPPLY is not going to last but a few years with this many people. Somebody needs to hand out birth control, not benefits!

    • JJ

      ….and if he can afford these illegal immigrants then he can afford my student loan too!!

  • mindja bidness

    This piece sounds like it was written by white a person.

  • kat747

    $338.3 BILLION DOLLARS a YEAR go to benefits for illegals.

  • JJ

    No 338.3 billion dollars a year it cost USA in crime.

    • JJ

      It cost USA 900 billion in benefits…

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    People say to us white folks that we weren’t the first ones here on the continent. That’s true, but what happened to the people that were here when our ancestors showed up? Right, exactly. I think our day of reckoning is coming. First, they’ll destroy us. Then, they’ll destroy themselves.

    I just hope I’m dead by the time that happens.

  • Joseph Baugh

    just what America needs………..more rabid dogs

  • JJ

    No, No I am wrong..

    Over a lifetime, the former unlawful immigrants together would receive
    $9.4 trillion in government benefits and services and pay $3.1 trillion
    in taxes. They would generate a lifetime fiscal deficit (total benefits
    minus total taxes) of $6.3 trillion. (All figures are in constant 2010
    dollars.) This should be considered a minimum estimate. It probably
    understates real future costs because it undercounts the number of
    unlawful immigrants and dependents who will actually receive amnesty and
    underestimates significantly the future growth in welfare and medical

  • Mike

    Time to back your bags Amigos, Amigas. Hahahahaha

  • white male

    I know for a fact they can and do go to our schools, get discounted lunches… are a fool if you think otherwise.

  • Olivia Blackmoore

    Okay Mexicans, you have amnesty, theres’s fruit to be picked and lawns to be mowed for $6 buck per hour. GET TO IT! Chop, chop!
    You are basically living robots that sweat, who have replaced the negro as cheap labor. Heres a taco, eat it, now go clean some toilets.

  • Gerald Mazloum

    WE WON? Not really fucktards, You are still a Mexican and always will be. The problem I have with the majority of the Mexicans I know, is that they don’t want to assimilate into the American culture, refuse to learn the language, and spurn our American traditions and our flag.
    If Mexico and the Mexican way of life is so wonderful, for Gods sake stay in Mexico and be Mexican.

  • Tiffany Wood Moody

    All them idiots who think race has anything to do with it…lol at them… I’m pretty sure they are the ones throwing the race card just as anyone who is ignorant and jus wants to rant about not having their way.. so this white chick is gonna say right now. Sucks that Obama is bringing more stupid people here that don’t need ta be. So glad reps won the Senate because it’s not gonna be long they are gonna fry the evil man for his wicked ways.

  • William Sullivan

    I’d say send you all back to the old country. You are worthless.

  • Country of Morons


  • Country of Morons

  • Yea

    Just wait till we get a NEW president and then your all deported again.

  • Glock29

    Our POS POTUS has divided the Republic by each race which was one of his many goals or should I say the puppet slave has been directed by the puppet masters to do these things. Many people are trying to destroy the USA on every level possible right now. We are less safe now than at anytime in our history. It is time for the people sitting on their a$$es for years and not voting to get involved with getting conservatives elected each election!

    It will be nice when the next wave comes in 2016 and when the conservatives have control of everything they need to pass hundreds of new bills each month to undo the damage these progressives have caused over the past 100+ years!

  • M. McMahon

    My Grandfather and Grandmother came through Ellis Island – Immigrants – My wife is from Thailand and is now a US Citizen. These people who are saying “Whitey is a racists and is anti-immigration” are programed idiots and clueless to what the rule of law is. The interesting thing here is that people who fled Countries where Dictators and tyrants ruled, they are advocating these same policies in the country they fled to for freedom.

    I am the Grandson of immigrants – its just asinine to assume that I would be opposed to immigration.

    Logic, try it – it does a mind good.

  • Steve Hoffman

    You idiots think you have won; This is far from over. You do know the next president that has the least little bit of common sense can undo this executive order and that’s only if the courts do not block this felony of king obama’s.,

  • ciao

    I don’t think you know what racism is. Saying “white people” is dumb, but it’s not racist. Saying “go back to Europe” is dumb, but it’s the same as the common “go to Canada” meme.

  • Tim Williams

    funny that they come to enjoy prosperity created by the people they are insulting, since they obviously cant do it themselves…

  • Pam Harriman

    Can’t say as it makes me very willing to shake hands and then pay for all the services they will need and expect. What in the flip has happened to gratitude? Bye Bye America.

  • Vampme

    Not complaining here just stating I am an American, born and raised and the President is giving people that were not born here, the right to be here without earning it . So whether i am white or not F you and your childish ways. You need to read and totally understand the constitution and the ways that The United states of America was set up to be. Not what ya think you need or deserve, To me you deserve nothing if you are an illegal immigrant(Alien) and you need to be deported back to where you were born.

  • Smoothedge69

    What a crock!! This is a Right Wing article. OF COURSE they are going to use hateful speech to try to prove their point of how bad everyone else is and how good THEY are. In the IMMORTAL words of George Carlin, “It’s ALL BS Folks, and it’s bad for you!”.

  • Fred

    Sorry people, this is a fake, nothing like this was on the WH facebook page.

  • Fed up white guy

    All you illegals want to come over here and get on the tax payer handouts. Well, you need to 1. learn the language, 2. respect our laws. 3. get a job and pay taxes. 4. do it LEGALLY. …….you bitch and complain, yet the one’s who are paying for is……you guessed it, the American Taxpayer, whether they are white, brown, yellow, green, red, or any other color or ethnicity. You should be more repectful, you won’t get far in life with this attitude.


    LOL! I love how blacks try to get browns to unite with them. The mestizos and Asians and Arabs hate blacks. They don’t have the white guilt we do. Personally, I am glad the blacks and browns are fighting each other. Let them destroy each other and we whites can build a better future for ourselves and our heirs in the long run.


    “Instead we got a post-Constitutional America, that is more divided by race than ever.”

    Absolutely. I would LOVE to see that America-hating pos tried for treason!

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    Tired of the whites being blamed for everything! Whites aren’t the problem…..
    At most jobs, the non-white gets hired before they can hire white cause the non-white has special rights. I think not long ago the fire dept and/or police force were mandated to lower the passing scores and make tests easier so the less educated/minority/etc could get in easier there as well. There weren’t enough non-whites passing the tests. Perhaps that’s the reason so many feel their bad choices and bad behaviors should have no consequences…..cause they are given more excuse, lesser expectations, and more assistance than others. Anyone who disagrees with doing so for the non-white population gets sued. But, now the non-heterosexual is jumping on the same band wagon screaming/suing discrimination over anything and everything, so the competition is getting tougher for the white and/or straight. Plus, we all know that those having dozens of kids out of wedlock, etc., etc. get rewarded financially another few pence for making that bad choice and they even actually think it’s worth it. I’feel bad/sad for the children who end up being put at risk because of stupid in the general population and govt.

  • James Rothstein

    if illegal Mexicans want to take back the US, then Spain should be able to take back Mexico. They can’t have it both ways. But bigger picture, sure… take back the US territory. Watch ALL of your EBT, welfare, and free housing, and jobs disappear. Mexicans cant manage the country they have NOW! Can you imagine how they would destroy America? What’s that saying… “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” LOL!

  • Linda

    Ifth the bhispanics hate white so much whydfon’t go back where they came from, illegally,makes them criminas which is who all coming. Drug dealers and criminals.

  • Laurel

    The revisionist history justifying law breaking and bad behavior is phenomenal.

  • Joshua Jansen

    Don’t worry. This isn’t reverse racism, because they aren’t in control, right?

  • falcon

    I’m surprised the blacks want the illegals… Id think theyd hate anyone who steps on their entitlement…

  • Damien Cross

    Time to play ” Cowboys & Illegals. ”

    Hunt these scum down & take them out!

  • Colleen Cardoza Souza
  • Colleen Cardoza Souza
  • Linda

    Maybe when he is gone thinks will change. There are a number of videos on Facebook admitting obama was born in kenya. That makes him ineligible to be president. Also whoever cam up with that birth certificate should arrested for perjury

  • Eli Cvetic

    As a Serbian, I say the whole southwest should be given back to Mexico, the eastern seaboard back to the UK. The US goes around dismantling countries at will. Let’s see how the Americans feel.

  • kempfc

    You think we are ignorant well let me tell you something I am white and my grandparents came to this country, they learned English and paid their way, illegals come here and demand that they should get everything for nothing, they do not take care of them selves nor their children. When they take the family out to the beach or a picnic they leave a mess for others to clean up.
    Our President needs to get his ears cleaned and start to listen to the people of this country, sorry I forgot he is no longer the President of the United States he is President for Black Americans and illegals

  • Nancy Albin

    I am Apache that is Native American Indian my elders have blood in this dirt American Dirt !! Obama is not black he is Muslum! & this is the 21st century our for fathers have fought hard for this Country to rise up to be the educated and humane people that we are & Obama has managed to erase all of our history of positive change to down it to this! do you all hear yourselves! It is a shame it saddens me to see brother against brother

  • Mark Bigger

    It saddens me that there is so much hate a racism. Legal Mexicans here in the US are great people. From what I see they work very hard, strong believers in their faith, and are very family oriented. Nothing not to like about them. Just the same as any other race, but when they enter illegally, they are instantly criminals. The illegal aliens have the mindset that this was their land to begin with and they hate the white people because we don’t want criminals here and we don’t want to have to support them with our tax and social security money. I would gladly welcome anyone ( other than a terrorist) here that wants to become a citizen and goes through the legal process as many have before. Another thing, passing this illegal amnesty is a slap in the face to all Americans because the constitutional law has been violated and it is a slap in the face to all immigrants who struggled through and became citizens the legal way.

  • Veritas

    The biggest concrete construction company in Key West hires illegals! Unfortunately, everyone is afraid of the owners girlfriend to do anything about it. I took plenty of pictures of the income related documents to protect myself in case someone in government ever decides to get off their rear ends to check it out. Especially since they handle hundreds of thousands of contracts per year. Oh, and R.B: I wanted to tell you E.B banged the crap out of the cleaning lady the night of my best friend’s birthday. Can I just tell you, knowing that as you dished out crap each and every day to me and the rest of the staff was heaven. Knowing he caressed the person who cleaned your toilets before going home to you is the most satisfying thing ever! You acting like a total witch when we all knew E.B. Keeps you around for correct bookkeeping. Seeing those pustules all over your face each day was unsettling, so I can understand why seeing you in the altogether had to be revolting! Before anyone jumps on me for attacking R.B. Just know this women goes to extreme lengths to underpay and steal hours from the illegals who make the company what it is. Some of the hardest working men going hard 8-12 hours a day. The owner likes Pepsi and his managerial skills are tyrannical. He knows what she does and pretends not to know. Good cop, bad cop stuff. She is a beast. The worst kind of white people around, living off illegal’s sweat. If you see this, the 2 of you. I only look dumb, lol. I’m actually just good at biding my time and letting karma bend you over and have her way with you. I’d love to share my photo album with you, starting at my friend’s birthday party.

  • Pat Warden

    I can’t afford to fund anymore liberal welfare leeches already raping taxpayers without importing new ones from south of the border!

  • FuckIllegals

    I’m white as all hell and people can get pissed but our immigration “system” is a joke. The fact is that “white people” like me don’t have huge problems with people come here and LEGALLY staying here. It’s this “let all the Mexicans in” that we have issue with and from what LEGAL GREEN CARD OBTAINING IMMIGRANTS have voiced on the internet it isn’t just “white people”.

    -Insert South Park joke on how theytookourjerrbbbsss-

  • Robert Millerson

    be cause obama don’t want the legal ones here, he just wants the hate to grow to were we start killing one another so he can send in his milatary police force to try and stop it and declare marshall law so he can stay in the wht house, and to all you people that are say f–k white people and to get out of the country with out the white people working were would you get you free ride from it our tax dollars that are taking care of your worthless asses….

  • donnie

    fuc all the illegals in this country. nothing belongs to mexico never did never will so shut the what up. everything you have is because of the white people that support all of you from us paying taxes, something you have no clue about. you f–up your own country you have to come over here and f–k up ours. you will be going back one way or another!!!!!

  • rich


  • John Best

    Imagine looking at that picture and hearing automatic weapons fire… You know, like in a movie.

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  • Jon Davis

    to all you liberal democrats …. those two fingers are for you also

  • enrique

    Idiots. Mexican idiots, and they want to be here.ship them back to where they came from to to iran

  • Allen Jacobs

    The illegal alien issues and border issues wouldn’t be “broken” if the laws on the books were enforced. And if the fence were completed.

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  • Merril Dail

    You illegal may think you have won, BUT YOU HAVEN’T WON! If America gets the right president in 2016, YOU WILL FIND OUT WHO WON! AND BY-THE-WAY, WE WILL SEND YOUR LEADER WITH YOU, OBAMA!

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  • 1frances1

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm all this racist hatred coming from illegal aliens, whose hands are STILL OUT AND BEGGING for more from the white man they so hate?

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