Americans Fight Back – Protesters Block Obama’s Buses Transferring Illegals, Force Them to Retreat (Video)


by Brian Hayes | TopRight News

 A group of patriots did America proud today — standing up against Barack Obama’s lawless mass amnesty. In doing so, they stopped his illegal alien express in its tracks, and inspired other communities to follow suit.

A crowd of 200 to 300 people in downtown Murrieta, California surrounded three buses carrying illegal aliens Tuesday afternoon in a tense standoff, causing the buses to turn around before they reached a Border Patrol station in the Riverside County city.


Waving Americans flags and protest signs, the crowd refused to give way when the buses arrived with some 140 illegals from Texas, which has seen a flood of Central American illegals cross the border in recent weeks without permission.

A small number of Murrieta police officers stood between the protesters and the buses but could not keep the crowd from blocking the buses’ path.


The face-off came one day after Mayor Alan Long urged residents to protest the federal government’s decision to move the recent immigrants who had arrived in the country illegally — and have overwhelmed Texas border facilities — to the Border Patrol station here.


“Murrieta expects our government to enforce our laws, including the deportation of illegal immigrants caught crossing our borders, not disperse them into our local communities,” Long said Monday at a news conference. The city had defeated two previous attempts to send migrants to the facility, he said.

Unable to drop off their passengers safely in Murrieta, buses instead headed for a Border Patrol facility in Chula Vista in San Diego County, arriving late Tuesday afternoon.


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Above:  Protesters face off with an irate Mexican man in front of the Murrieta facility

Above: REJECTED. Obama’s Illegal Alien Express is Turned Away by Murrieta Protesters

These patriots have taken upon themselves to fight the battle that the Republican weaklings like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have been too cowardly — or too corrupted by slave labor interests — to fight themselves, despite Obama’s brazen announcement that he would “borrow” their authority to do as he pleases.

They have shown other Americans the way to stand up to Obama’s shredding of the Constitution and planned invasion and “resettlements” of tens of thousands of illegal aliens.

It’s up to other American communities to follow their example, and restore the rule of law — from the bottom up.

Another great video here, from DailyMail:


  • Tim Chambers


    • ElCalador

      He said that, “these people (Illegals) are criminals” and a criminal can be of any age from 1 to 20 years of age. He also stated that these people do not want to change their country and that they seek to change the US into their country, refusing to speak English and they just want to speak Spanish.

      • georgehilton

        Thank you

      • Heath Martin

        Thank you elcalador for the translation.

      • ste8875

        That is true, I am a police officer that deals with these illegals all the time. First thing they say is “spanish, spanish, no english.” I know most of them have been here for years.

        • Sue from IL.

          They do not want to learn English, why should they, their kids speak for them…SHAME!!!

        • nic

          And whose fault is that? I call Kaiser Permanente for appointments and the recording ask if I want English or Spanish, call U-Verse ATT, call Wells Fargo and they ask me the same question. WHY? Why are they bending? The official language of this country is ENGLISH!! To hell with all these accommodations. My family and me had to learn the language in order to function, why shouldn’t them do the same? And don’t take me wrong I love my first language. The tongue of Cervantes and Lope de Vega, but that has nothing to do with what we are discussing at the present moment.Would I be given the choice to make a medical appointment in English if I was in Mexico, Cuba or Guatemala?

        • Bob Ward

          When they say that doesnt make you feel like rubbing the butt of a gun on them? Lol

      • bigsurprise

        Thank you. I wish they had included that translation in the article..It just gave the impression of another who refused to learn english and wearing a military hat. saying ..who knows what …so thank you !! .Good to know, and if the people on the bus and others who refuse to speak English who are here could hear it…I applaud his effort to make them understand that .

      • Kathie Blackwell-Wright

        Thanks, I only caught part of it.

      • Julie

        Amen!!! A lot of Mexicans here in Texas are openly prejudice and hostel to what they call “Anglos” I’m a white non-Anglo. That’s right! I have never been called Anglo until I moved here, it’s racist and offensive!!! Many people who work in public places don’t bother to learn English as my legal immigrant ancestors did!! This is OUR country not little Mexico! If you want to live here become an AMERICAN!!!!

    • CM

      Who, exactly, is he impersonating, Tim? How is he an imposter? He won an election. TWICE.. I don’t understand on what grounds you think he deserves to be impeached…

      • Randy Cullinan

        he is impersonating an

        American while trying to tear
        America apart.

        • CM

          How so?

          • dan3333333333

            Not our job to educate the uneducated like yourself with this topic of a wet back in our White House breaking our laws! Not my job to educate you on my last comment “breaking our laws”! It has been mentioned over and over for 6 years, wake up fool!
            He like the rest of you will get deported! This is America NOT mexico! GTFO!
            Now go ahead and respond with your south of the border ignoramus mentality, with your rehearsed selected response questions, just because you are a no-nothing doesn’t mean we are and its nobody’s job to teach you!
            Trying turning on a radio a tv and tuning into anything but your liberal radio and tv stations if you want to get your questions answered honestly you dingbat! If you dont do that then you will continue to be lied to by those like you who have an agenda to receive free stuff.
            No idiot I am not making this up, I watch and connect what I hear with what I see, I watch this worthless Piece of S*** in the White House and I know what I am hearing is true on account of the fact that I unlike you am capable of connecting the dots, I unlike you am capable of dealing in the truth not lies for free stuff rather then carry a job and work! I dont want what he has to give-for-free and is the only thing that separates you and I and all of those like you. So he has no power over me therefore I have no reason to act ignorant to you like you do to us! GTFO!

          • CM

            Hmm, okay. Lots of ground to cover. Firstly, you do realize the term “wet back” is considered a slur pertaining to Hispanics (usually Mexican), and the President is black, right? So… that makes no sense.

            Secondly, I don’t see how I am going to get deported. I am a white male (born in raised in the United States of America), with a college degree and a very good job. I pay my own way with no handouts, thank you very much. (By the way, if anyone here seems uneducated, it is you. Learn how to use proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar, why don’t you?)

            As I’ve said before: I am truly seeking knowledge here; however, instead of trying to help me understand, all you can do is spit hate and call me names. All I am asking for is someone to back up their claims with fact. Then, I will “GTFO” as you seem to want me to do.

          • Daisy Duke

            Wet back means ILLEGAL – obama is just as illegal sitting in OUR White House as all these Mexicans that slither across OUR borders every single day.

          • CM

            Sorry, “Daisy”, wet back means a Mexican laborer who crosses the border illegally. I don’t support any slurs, or hate speech in general, but at least use the proper one. I don’t disagree with the fact that immigrants should come here LEGALLY and NOT ILLEGALLY, but if you’re against legal immigrants, then you’re simply not American. Sorry. :-/

          • Daisy Duke

            I am all for LEGAL immigration but none of these Mexicans are coming in legally. By allwoing them to keep streaming in daily it is a slap in the face to those who actually do follow the law and come in as they’re supposed to.

          • CM


          • Becci Himes

            You do know the majority of the children coming over right now are from Central American countries? Mexico is not in Central American. You must have skipped a lot in geography class .

          • Daisy Duke

            Actually – I got A’s in geography – I know that the children obama’s bringing in now are coming in from Central America, but on a daily basis MEXICANS from Mexico slither over our borders and you cannot dispute that unless you’ve had your head up your a** for years.

          • Becci Himes

            Good heavens I’m from south Texas, third generation in the state. I went to my first La Raza meeting at age 18. Of course I know about border crossing and don’t dispute that there is a problem, a very complex problem. I WOULD dispute that they slither over. Mexican’s walk just like you and me. Although, you are carrying so much venom around……

          • true american

            Classy! What about the muslims and terrorist who are slithering across our borders everyday? Keep us thinking only of the Mexicans and south Americans. That’s the real purpose to make these illegals legal. Wake up!

          • Mary Caldas

            The President is not BLACK! He is a mulatto. He just doesn’t acknowledge his 1/2 whiteness and apparently you don’t either. Maybe you need to enlighten yourself.

          • Daisy Duke

            Whatever color he is – he is an idiot and he is ruining our country.

          • PG

            You are a moron. How does a man with a pearly white Mother and a Blacker than Black Father make a Black man Black=just erase the white woman which was about accomplished though references exist everywhere.

          • true american

            All I’m asking is for you to back up your claims with Facts. You state that you have a college degree, that may be your problem. Where to you get that degree? When did you get that degree? But then, you won’t be replying to my comment, because you’d have to use direct answers, and you obamacrats never answer a direct question. You just ramble and say what your programed to say. What’s your job when Obama is gone?

          • Randy Cullinan

            He does all he can to keep the subclass on the government teat, divides people by class, color, religion,guns, patriotism, and more. He guts the military and turns it into a freak show of sexual deviants, and guts it of real men that were great leaders. He has ruined healthcare from end to end. More importantly, he has eroded any hint of believing your government that wants desperately for you to accept them as incompetent rather than evil. How can you even ask the question?

      • SoothSayer

        Bathhouse barry is a foreign national. According to the constitution he hates so much, foreign nationals are INELIGIBLE for presidency.
        That’s what makes him an imposter.

        He doesn’t need to be impeached, he needs to be incarcerated for sedition. (foreigners can’t commit treason)
        His administration and co – conspirators need to be arrested for treason.
        His entire “term of office” needs to be declared null and void.
        NOTHING he has signed is law. NONE of his “executive” orders are valid.

        He is an agent provocateur for enemies of liberty and justice.
        His mission is to destroy us from within.

        Everyone who says he’s a failure has been duped, he has been very successful in his aims.

        • CM

          How is he a foreign national? What evidence is there of him hating the Constitution?

          • Dan Reilly

            If he is who and what he says he is, why did he have ALL of his records sealed by court order? He was going to run an administration that was going to be open to public scrutiny…..what happened to that?

          • CM

            “The idea that any Obama record is “sealed” is a falsehood, to start. The word “sealed” when applied to documents
            ordinarily refers to records that would normally be public, but that a
            judge has ruled cannot be released without the court’s permission.
            Common examples of truly “sealed” documents include records of crimes committed as a juvenile or records of adoptions. None of the claims in this message refers to records actually “sealed” in that usual sense.

            In some cases, the records this
            screed claims are “sealed” are actually public, and open for anyone to
            see. Other supposedly “sealed” records are normally private documents
            that Obama hasn’t released — and that other presidential candidates
            haven’t released either.” — Source:

          • dan3333333333


            Numerous top officials have tried to see those documents and have not been able to see because they are prevented from seeing because they are not allowed to see because BarryTerroristObama ordered they be sealed! Again, Numerous top officials have tried to see those documents and have not been able to see because they are prevented from seeing because they are not allowed to see because BarryTerroristObama ordered they be sealed!

            Hey you dont have an education, you dont comprenday the english language then you need to go too! Ching-Ga-Lay illegal!

          • CM

            All I’m saying is show me the proof to the contrary. Support your argument with facts and evidence. Repeating the same sentence over and over doesn’t make you right, and everyone else wrong. Provide sources of evidence. Everything I’ve seen / researched shows that nothing is, technically, “sealed”. I am absolutely open to any facts.

            What does education have to do with anything? So, if Native Americans said, “Hey, you don’t speak Cherokee, or Iroquois, you need to go!”, would you leave? No! That’s ridiculous! Sure, come to America, LEGALLY! That’s fine. Don’t come illegally. Agreed on the EDUCATED side of that point.

          • Kathie Blackwell-Wright

            So why don’t you find them? Apparently you know how to get access to documents. You don’t want to believe the officials who attempted to see them. PROVE THEM WRONG IF YOU’RE SO SMART!

          • Annie

            He is not enforcing the laws he swore to uphold, for starters. Immigration being a big one.

          • true american

            Prove what “you” are saying. Show us this records that you say are available to the public. Just use what God gave you( or maybe you are) and stop repeating what you’ve been brainwashed to say. I know you’re brainwashed because you repeat exactly what all obamacrats say word for word no mater what the subject is. You don’t even have to reread what you write, because you know it by heart.

          • gramma61

            What a lie.Don’t you know anything about privacy laws? Ignorance is so dangerous..

          • gramma61

            His records were NOT sealed.That was a privacy law passed in the 70’s.

          • SoothSayer

            He signed a treaty with the UN to take our guns: unconstitutional
            He literally ordered law enforcement to ignore certain laws (in case you don’t know his primary function is law enforcement): unconstitutional
            He has said in plain English during an interview the constitution he supposedly swore to uphold (noone knows for sure the ceremony was in secret) is flawed and needs changing: unconstitutional

            All paperwork that supposedly shows he’s a citizen has been proven fraudulent.
            All his school records list him as a foreign student. How is he not a foreign national?

            Stop guzzling the propaganda bulls**t and do some research.

          • CM

            “He signed a treaty with the UN to take our guns: unconstitutional” — Well, I still have my guns. Just bought more, in fact… so I’m not sure about that.

            “He literally ordered law enforcement to ignore certain laws (in case you don’t know his primary function is law enforcement): unconstitutional” — Which laws? I’m not disputing — I’d just like source material for research (especially since that’s what you want me to do)

            “He has said in plain English during an interview the constitution he
            supposedly swore to uphold (noone knows for sure the ceremony was in secret) is flawed and needs changing: unconstitutional” — If all he did was SAY that, then isn’t that protected under Freedom of Speech? How is SAYING something unconstitutional?

            “All paperwork that supposedly shows he’s a citizen has been proven fraudulent. All his school records list him as a foreign student. How is he not a foreign national?” — All my research shows this is false information. I’ll gladly read any legitimate evidence provided.

          • SoothSayer

            First: The UN is not openly active in the US yet. That’s the whole reason for creating a humanitarian crises at our southern border. Mark my words, before the summer is over obamination will be asking for their intervention in this fiasco.

            Second: Immigration laws is a good place to start.

            Third: My initial statement was that he hates it. Saying you want to change what you’re sworn to uphold Protect is not unconstitutional (my mistake) but demonstrates his contempt for it.
            His actions support his statements:

            Fourth: Disregarding evidence because you think the source is biased or you don’t agree with the sources political stance doesn’t make it illegitimate.

            You have no idea what a pain that was to compile on my phone!

          • chopper

            So, everyone that goes to school here is a citizen here? Great! What is all the fuss about then? Seriously, THAT is your argument?

          • SoothSayer

            Um, not sure how you got that from any of my posts.
            Only mention I made about schools was that all the ones obamination went to list him as a foreign student.
            Immediately after that I reassert he is a foreign national.
            According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security a foreign national is defined simply as “an individual who is a citizen of any country other than the United States.”

          • gramma61

   NEED to do some real research and also learn laws and the US Constitution as well…..How idiotic ..

          • SoothSayer

            Some “real” research huh?

            Please point out my mistakes and show me the data. Just a starting point for some real research will do.
            I await my schooling with bated breath!

          • dan3333333333

            Any and all proof you get that we give you your going to lie, just like your president does! GTFO!

          • CM

            That isn’t true. I haven’t ONCE said whether or not I’m FOR or AGAINST anything the President has done. Have I? Where? All I have done is ask for true, factual evidence to support the hate speech. What have I lied about? I have said once, I’ll say again… all I want is information.

            If you can’t contribute positively, then YOU GTFO. Please, and thank you 🙂

          • PG

            Any mental midget can clearly see who’s ass your head is up. If these people would cease to engage you,you would go away. You have to keep your cool when being confronted people. Obama is a liar=fact and no dammed proof needed.

          • true american

            Prove your right!

          • Daisy Duke

            Everything he does is a violation of our Constitution – especially using “his pen & phone” to go around Congress to do all the stupid crap he’s doing

          • CM

            That’s funny… I was under the impression that Executive Orders was a power given to the office of President under the constitution. Not to mention the ability of SCOTUS to reverse any of those orders if they are unconstitutional.

          • PG

            Checks and balances,oh yeah right in order. Obama has taken power of all 3 Branches. He just needs to go,few true Americans want him in Office. Problem is simple,he is almost impossible to remove.

          • PG

            He will continue until he either runs out of his 2nd term or is impeached. May as well face it,the prick is here to stay but can be stood up to.I do suppose of course the fact that Obama filled positions with Muslims,Nation of Islam members is false as well. Not everyone gets every memo.

          • PG

            You people please be cautious as to what you say. Executive Branch lesson::

          • Daisy Duke

            It is a power available to the president – but it is one that obama abuses, he uses it to avoid going through Congress which is not what it was meant for. He himself jokes about his “pen and phone” and how he’ll do anything he wants – and he has been doing just that.

          • PG

            There is only evidence of him saying the Constitution is outdated and needs updated. I would look at the many,many millions spent going to Kenya etc.. Of course Bush’s were in bed with the Bin Ladens,they all suck.

          • true american

            What evidence to you have that he is not a foreign national, and that he doesn’t hate the constitution and AMERICA????

        • Becci Himes

          LOL!!!!!!!!!! No, seriously……. Ha! Ha! Ha!

        • Bob Ward

          True fuking fact!

      • Dan M

        Don’t wonder why all your money is gone and your rights are stripped CM. Your just to blind to see the truth. Obama won those elections by counting votes by people who haven’t deserved the right to vote. Now I am not saying that they aren’t supposed to be able to vote, which someone like you would assume, but what I am saying is…. these people who voted DIDN’T try to become a naturalized citizen legally. Now all and all every presidential election can be rigged, but what obama has done recently is what everyone wants to impeach him for. The single reason why I want him to be impeached is because he violated a law enacted by Bush, which Obama reinforced, and commited clandestine business deals with a known terrorist sect aka The Patriot Act which every AMERICAN falls under, even the commander in cheif. If you support a guy who weasels his way around the white house and blames his mistakes on his staff, then your no better than the ignorant-to-the-fact mexican nationals who are running from their government instead of standing up to it. Everyone should have a chance to experience america, but there is a legal way to do it and the people are not doing it. My family did it to get here long ago and they succeeded so I don’t see why people in general make such a big deal by doing it illegally when its possible to get a visa.

        • CM

          I absolutely agree that every immigrant should come here legally. It isn’t difficult, and it should be done that way. I’m not sure where that came from, but okay, I agree with that point.

          If you think that our current president is the only one to have had, as you say, some sort of clandestine dealings with organizations that later went on to become terrorists, you’re deluding yourself.

          If the “voters” weren’t legal, how did they get to vote? I have to register to vote… be registered by the state, then show ID when I go vote…

          We have an entire government… the President alone can’t make and execute decisions without checks and balances from the legislative and judicial branches. I don’t understand how ONE person can be the one responsible for everything that you don’t agree with… this is why we vote. Vote FOR or vote AGAINST…

          Also — I don’t know why the “someone like you would assume” is necessary. I’m not being combative or “trolling”. I’m posting this in a genuinely curious manner.

          • Bosco Nephure

            “We have an entire government… the President alone can’t make and execute decisions without checks and balances from the legislative and judicial branches. I don’t understand how ONE person can be the one responsible for everything” —
            – I think you may not be taking into account that Mr. Obama has said he will bypass whatever checks and balances you’re talking about…

          • CM

            I think you’re not taking into account that any executive orders can be ruled unconstitutional by the SCOTUS and reversed…

          • kyle

            It takes years for the scotus to overturn a an executive order, just like it did with his appointments a couple years back. Unfortunately, by that point the damage is done. The house just voted in a bill that would fast track such issues through the courts, but there is no doubt the senate will vote it down if they even hear it.

          • CM

            Alas, such is the way of things. Many presidents have attempted to, and did do, unconstitutional things. The fact remains that that is the reason these checks and balances exist.

          • CTYankee

            Ahhh, Checks & Balances. That requires a Congress that does its job… Neither the Senate nor the House, have ‘acted’ (read “spent”) responsibly since who knows when. But 44 with the power of the presidency has run roughshod over *EVERYTHING*. It will take decades to undo the damage he has caused — if it can ever be undone! I and others can on;y think of one thing Obama has done better than anyone else in history — he made Carter’s presidency look good by comparison.

          • Bosco Nephure

            And it does, but that’s not the point. He doesn’t care about the US Constitution. He thinks it gets in his way…

          • CM

            HEY! We have a winner! That’s the most actual information anyone has given all day long! Now THIS is something I’ll have to look at and research. Despite the fact that the whole website is entirely extremist/biased (at least in my opinion) several interesting things are said that warrant some investigation and more research into validity on my part.

          • PG
          • June Gross

            Well, great, but this week he has shown that he does not think SCOTUS can overrule him. He is the greatest enemy of our country and the lying media is the second greatest. We now have censorship by omission. If the media won’t report it, no one knows the real truth. Not only do they not report the truth, when they are forced to acknowledge an action of the president, they twist what happened and blame someone else or the “Republicans”. Unfortunately, the lazy uninformed don’t bother to look at the facts.

      • PG

        Ohio=swing state with Syrian voters. Cheating like Dubya,he sure as hell didn’t win without help.

      • Robert L Floyd Jr

        He’s impersonating a commander in chief. This comes from a veteran. He’s impersonating a president. And most of all..( My opinion only) he’s impersonating a American..

      • Peggy

        Because he is real breaking the law.

      • Proud Wolf

        You cm , are what we true Americans need to purge from this country soon

      • David Lindsay

        Well, my guess is it’s because you’re an idiot. It’s either that or you support the dismantling of America by this traitor. As a matter of fact, I’d say you are a traitor yourself. Anyone who supports the fundamental changing of this once great country is a traitor. You can go fcuk yourself. Clear enough for ya dill weed?

      • Bob Ward

        Oh here we go! Another welfare child for the almighty. The votes were rigged just like his birth certificate. There’s no impeachment here just a public hanging for several counts of high treason.

    • nic

      The Manchurian Candidate!

    • I work for a small company in Tuolumne county. They are one of the larger employers in this county. However their employees are mostly illegals that have no problem telling you they have no papers. This company simply calls up a labor contractor and the contractor brings all the illegals that this company wants. It’s disgusting. I only make a dollar more than the illegal that makes $10.00 an hour and I have been with this company for 5 yrs. they pay the labor contractor $15.00 an hour for that illegal. One of their relatives sells food in the parking lot( no food handlers card, no business license) and she doesn’t pay taxes on the cash she is making! They don’t have to follow our laws and they take our jobs and you might as well just call the U.S. Mexico now

  • Johhny “the rat”

    At last…people are actually DOING something besides talking. Hooray for them!

  • georgehilton

    What did the last guy say? He was wearing a 173rd Airborne cap but speaking entirely in Spanish.

    • bigsurprise

      Really . What is up with that. Don;t know if he was for or against, but in reality…why was he not speaking English ??? I think that tells us something as well.

      • cassie1655

        He was speaking Spanish so those on the buses would understand exactly how wrong the illegals are coming to America by sneaking in and not going through the proper channels.

        • bigsurprise

          Thank you cassie ! I wish they had put a comment about what he was saying in the article.Now knowing what he was doing.I am thrilled he did it !!! They needed to hear it from one of their own who did it the right way ! .

      • Vanmarbu

        It’s so that the people who don’t speak English knows where he stands. He’s anti Amnesty.

      • Peter

        He was against illegals. He was speaking in Spanish but he had a heavy American accent, not Spanish accent.

    • ElCalador

      He said that, “these people (Illegals) are criminals” and a criminal can be of any age from 1 to 20 years of age. He also stated that these people do not want to change their country and that they seek to change the US into their country, refusing to speak English and they just want to speak Spanish. He also said these people are at war with the people of the US>

  • iCaree

    Thank you all! I’m so proud of each one of you!

  • troytown

    turn the imperial dictator back. He has no cloths

  • ki-lee

    Yea California! we all need to stand together against his tyranny

  • Reiki-ology Master Healing

    Thank you. We need to get a crowd going in Az.

  • MJ C

    He needs to be impeached. Why isn’t congress doing it!!!! Dems need to wake up. He’s destroying the United States!

    • NukeWaste

      Because we only get one chance and until the Senate is taken over it won’t remove him. Harry needs to swing along with the other traitors.

      • SK Rob

        Making threats? Bring it on or shut up. We’re armed, too. We just don’t post photos of ourselves caressing our guns like you idiots do.

        • James Chant

          Hummm. I guess we’ll see you on the field of battle then.

          • …………………..

            SK Rob is a B1TCH……don’t waste your time with that pos!

  • framingham47

    Good for them,they resisted the insanity that our elected officials are afraid to address.

  • yippersmacie

    America needs to start putting the needs of AMERICAN CITIZENS above all these illegal immigrants. There are so many homeless Veterans and families in need; start helping out our own and send these illegals back to where they came from! What is wrong with the government? It is so a&& backwards. Obama is a moron and these people that are “Pro amnesty” supporters should be deported as well. I’m sick of these non citizens getting more than what the American citizens get and its time for everyone to be united and stand up for what we believe in. Impeach that good for nothing president. I’m moving to Murrieta this weekend and am proud of all those people who stood up for what is right.

    • MJ C

      And how about we have a law that u must speak English. How rude of people to come here and expect us to learn their language So sick of the bs. We look like fools.

      • yippersmacie

        I agree completely. I work for the state of California and when I look to transfer to another agency, it says bilingual preferred. What is up with that? No, they should speak English.

        • cassie1655

          In some states, they are now requiring teachers to speak both English and Spanish. There is something very wrong with that!

          • yippersmacie

            Yes, California has grown into a Spanish speaking state. I’m embarrassed that I live here. My daughter was in a school where her and the other English speaking children had to read silently while the Spanish speaking students got an English lesson. Needless to say, I took her out of there but it was still BS she and others had to do that to accommodate the ones who didn’t speak English.

          • Gordy Massey

            Wow, unbelievable.

          • Becci Himes

            I know, Gordy. It kind of makes you want to puke listening to this rabble rousing, xenophobic venom.

          • Daisy Duke

            Then go away and puke – and keep on loving your idiot in the White House

          • Becci Himes


          • chopper

            If you want these children to learn English, where will they learn it if not in school? Perhaps they should have classes dedicated to this task, but honestly, don’t take it out on the children. They are innocent, going to school, and maybe one day will be productive citizens. I imagine people would complain too about such a dedicated class, their tax dollars used to teach English…but if you want them to speak English, there must be a way to learn it…It is no easier for them to learn English than it is for you to learn Spanish.

          • Paula Pereau

            set up classes OUTSIDE of the classroom, like say in a supporter of these illegals backyard? While there, escaping the heat of the sun, under ur canopy of trees,
            supply them with lemonade(hand-squeezed of course and don’t forget the cookies)

          • chopper


          • Lynnie59

            Or better, yet, deport them back to their country to speak all the Spanish they want…If we keep allowing children to stay because their parents plotted to have it happen, and become instant citizens, then we are in for even more losses of our resources, tax dollars going down the drain to teach them English? why? Their families have broken our laws…

          • Becci Himes

            What the hell are you talking about?

          • Daisy Duke

            Their parents BROKE THE LAW when they slithered across OUR borders you moron! And people like you think we ought to just let them be here and the rest of us Patriotic Americans believe they should ALL be sent back where they came from.

          • Becci Himes

            Miss Daisy, this is what my question was about

            “set up classes OUTSIDE of the classroom, like say in a supporter of these illegals backyard? While there, escaping the heat of the sun, under ur canopy of trees,supply them with lemonade(hand-squeezed of course and don’t forget the cookies)”

            I don’t know what this person was trying to say about back yards and lemonade.

          • Lynnie59

            These children should NEVER have been allowed to remain in our country, that IS the point here! duh.Why should our taxpayers pay for these criminal families to be educated, medical care, use our public resources?? Spanish should not be used in our stores, in ads, in the business’s offensive to Americans..Our country’s language is ENGLISH, learn it just as my great grandparents from Poland had to do, and they WANTED to learn it, appreciated the chance to apply for LEGAL citizenship to our great country. They never expected handouts, free anything, and were proud to learn English and our ways..They worked hard and did it the RIGHT WAY…

          • chopper

            I imagine the Native Americans felt the same about our ancestors, yet, do we speak Native American? When our great-grandparents came to America, it was easy to get in! Have you seen what they have to do now? I have, I wanted my well-educated English speaking husband (as well as 6 other languages!) to come to the U.S. to live, however we could not get him even as a permanent resident…so, I moved to where I am now…and am thankful that they treat me with respect, even though my hold on the language is less than impressive. I am here legally, yes, there were nowhere near the number of hoops to jump through as my husband had. I feel genuine pity for the people from any country that wants to try for a new life in America. Seeing some of the comments here, it seems that I left just in time…. Seems the statue of liberty should come down and a closed (due to closed minds) sign go up. By the way, they cannot all be on welfare AND take your jobs away, pick one!

          • chopper

            Imagine yourself, a child, taken somewhere by your parents. Then, dropped into a place where no one spoke your language. These are CHILDREN! duh…. I am as fiscally conservative as anyone, having my degree in business and economics, but this comment, concerning the children, is the reason that the left says that conservatives do not have a heart. There are HERE. Now we have to make decisions regarding that, but not treat them like lepers in the meantime. You tout your Bible, perhaps you should read it instead of just hitting people over the head with it.

          • Frances Noyan

            I also live in California, and it might as well be Mexico. Irritates the hell out of me. You go shopping and all the announcements are in spanish; I was not born in an English-speaking Country, and I learned the language, if you want to keep your language and your traditions, go home and practice !! I gave up my French citizenship and became an American, not a ” French-American” just plain American.

        • Senry Harrison Kiser

          When I was living in Calif. I went to the D M V to get a driver’s hand book. They didn’t have any in English ( but just about every other language you could think of) and after waiting for an hour in line to ask at the counter the clerk , who was Hispanic, became hostile when I told her what I wanted. She told me I had to contact Sacramento and have one mailed to me.

          • ste8875

            This is what happens in California when you started electing all the liberals. I hate to say it, but Californians got what you asked for.

          • SK Rob

            You mean a state in far better condition than it was under Republican rule? Yes…they did get what they asked for and thank you very much.

            What would you have them do? Model themselves after Mississippi? Pfffft.

          • Daisy Duke

            What have you been smokin? California has turned into nothing more than Jerry Brown’s liberal arm pit

          • Mary Caldas

            What??? You can’t live in CA. or Mexifornia as is now known. We were the Golden State and are now the Welfare State. So many companies and tax payers are
            leaving. Soon, only Jerry Brown and the illegals will be left. ( and all the liberal fools who helped ruin a beautiful State)

          • Lynnie59

            You’ve got to be kidding me! Wow, I would move to another state if I were you. LOL..It will only get worse with the strong Liberal presence there in CA. That’s why your state is bankrupt..No one seems to get it..How offensive to get this attitude from a State employee who obviously has a bias for her ethnicity…wrong and she should be gone..

  • Angel Sue Davis Lankford

    This is B.S bringing illegals here and breaking our laws.Bringing their dieases and expecting us Americans to pay for their needs.

  • bigsurprise

    GOOD FOR THEM !!! I am from Texas from where they were shipped.. and I think it was a bad idea. I believe that when they come across the river, they should be met with boats that take or turn them back around…And if they make it here…then take them all to the Mexican Embassy and let them deal with them, but not let them out on American Soil. The problem is their own government tells them to come and tells them how …..I believe the money our government had given to them all of these decades woudl have been better spent in sending envoys to Mexico to help that countyry develope and have factories and other job sites, send our Military there to overpower and cripple and imprison drug cartels, and help these people have a safe place to live where they can earn a living ….THAT would have helped them….Our country…like a cup….only can hold so much…I believe Immigration should have COMPLETELY stopped on 9-11…Protect our borders, not let in those who would create terrorist cells. and REALLY secure our borders and PROTECT OUR PEOPLE….but instead our children cannot play or even sleep in their own beds without the risk of gun fire coming through and killing them…WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA…..Our government weakened us. Helping people is one thing…giving our country over to them is quite another…WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP and I APPLAUD these people for taking this stand. OUR GOVERNMENT need to work FOR US….not so whatever they want to do and send us the bill, and put our safety and lives at risk….THIS NEEDS TO END, and WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO START SHOUTING THAT TO ALL OF OUR OFFICIALS…..DO IT….DO YOUR PART PEOPLE !!! MAKE YOUR VOICES BE HEARD !!! NO MORE babies born here becoming Americans…they should take on the natiponality of their parents. NO MORE IMMIGRATION…Save our lands and our resources..and let these people take a stand and fight for their rights and lives like OUR FOREFATHERS did so that WE had what we HAD !!!


      We’ve already sent a VAST amount of our manufacturing there. I worked as a truck driver for almost 6 years ending 5 years ago. I went into Laredo and other border cities countless times, carrying materials in and carrying finished goods out. It hasn’t helped. I’m for bringing back all we’ve sent there. If they want to be a manufacturing economy let them sent their output to the rest of the world, that is if they can compete with us.

      • bigsurprise

        Well, they need to have some way to make money and support themselves, and because they live under an inept cooked government, and under drug cartels, I think the issue is that we did not go in support helping a true people caring administration and getting the crooks in jail, WHILE sending the manufacturing in . If they have no way to make money to survive, they have no choice than to bail out. And every one of us who would be in their place , in fear of bodily harm and starvation for our children would likely be doing the same thing….So my compassion makes me understand their plight…but I do not like what it has done to our country and that is why our government needs to help our neighbors so that they do not over run and ruin our system .They have certainly poured billions of our tax dollars into less worthy ventures

  • Resdya Darkwatch

    I am very happy to see California do this….. Especially after their calling us Arizonans racists for our S.B. 1070 making it illegal to NOT enforce the immigration laws and making it a crime for ANY law officer to act in accordance with the law.

  • Cathy Quessenberry

    We are finally rising up!!

    • Daisy Duke

      Yes, and we are out here cheering you on! Good job, Murietta!

  • Ken Davis

    About time the nation wakes up to what conservatives in California, Arizona and Texas have been saying for years. Of course Obama won’t do anything. Think of the votes for Democrats, but isn’t he a servant of the people? Didn’t he swear to …defend our country from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Now we have a domestic terrorist in the white house who has opened the floodgates for foreign terrorists. Impeach him now!
    Congress, do your duty!

    • SK Rob

      What did Bush do? Did he build a wall after 9/11? No. So shut up.

      • TheRuleOfLaw

        The Demonrats kept the fence from being built. Not once, but 5 times, over 5 years.

        • SK Rob

          Absolutely lie. You can provide empirical evidence to disprove me. I’ll wait. Take your time.

          • TheRuleOfLaw

            It’s easy to get online. Do what I did, Google it. I found over 12 million references…

          • SK Rob

            Predictable response.

          • TheRuleOfLaw

            If you did the research like most of us have, then there wouldn’t be any reason for you to make the comment you did, unless you’re a die-hard Obamabot

      • DA

        Liberal idiot

      • ray

        and the last time i checked it wasnt the middle east trying to come over our boarders but Bush tried and the democratic congress voted it down. every person that comes over the boarder is a vote for them and they know it. That is why they dont want identification for voting. That way the illegal aliens can fill out a voter card and vote as many times as they can drive them to different polls. So sk rob you need to shut your pie hole.

        • SK Rob

          Who cares? If the country is attacked on the scale it was on 9/11 and you are willing to take the country into 2 wars…you’re not going to shore up our borders as well? Only an abject idiot would neglect to have done that after 9/11.

          And Republicans lose because your policies suck. Every time you lose, you silly infantile people scream fraud. The only voter ID fraud found typically involves Republicans and usually politicians. But don’t change. Really…do not change. Yours is a path to complete destruction. This country is leaving you behind, thankfully.

          When you can shut my pie hole for me, perhaps I’ll consider shutting it. Until then, grow up little man.

          • Proud Wolf

            ask must stand for stupid kid….

        • SK Rob

          And since you don’t pay attention clearly, we have had terrorists caught trying to enter the U.S. from our northern and southern borders. If you recall (though I’m sure you don’t), one was caught with a car full of explosives trying to enter the U.S. from Canada and he had planned to drive the car to LAX to bomb it.

          What…didn’t Fox or Breitbart report on that little story?

    • cassie1655

      Amen, Ken! When is the military going to rush the White House and arrest NObama and his whole regime? They can do just that! This has gotten so out of hand, along with the many other scandals that NObama has created that there is no time for any call for impeachment! There needs to be a call for his arrest!

  • Guest

    Notice how the women reporter makes reference to the ILLEGALS to being “undocumented Immigrnats”


    Notice how the women reporter makes reference to the ILLEGALS to being “undocumented Immigrants”

  • NukeWaste

    The bus should have been pointed toward Mexico, not San Diego.

  • Christopher Silva

    We must be ready to do this everywhere!

  • 57 BONBON

    I cannot tell you how proud i am of these people that took alot of GUTS something our President and people in congress know nothing about.. I salute you all and i am sure if this happens in Virginia i will be there up front and personal.. It is time to take back our Country from Obama and the rest of the illegals.. He can relate to them being illegal because he is one himself.. This has gone to far it is time to stand up and demand something be done.. Time to fight for your Country !!!

  • Now all patriots need to gather in Washington D.C. and drive them all out and lock them up.

    • SK Rob lead the charge.

  • Mrjacobs

    Give Mexico back their land and then theres no more immigration worries. Spanish will be the universal language soon so get over urselfs

    • DougDeGrave

      Columbus was Spanish.

      • jkl

        Columbus was Italian

  • SK Rob

    Disgusting, vile, vulgar, pathetic excuses for Americans. Next time…arrest them. If they resist, treat them like criminals.

    • James Chant

      So… how many “undocumented Immigrants” are you going to be taking into YOUR home? How many will you at least sponsor for citizenship? Wait until they settle into your neighborhood. I’ve had on the job dealings with Central American gang members (They all have the mentality that life is cheap – very cheap)… you have no clue what you are in for with these people.

      • Fernando Contreras

        You have no clue what it is to be human, you talk about them as if they were all some sort of inferior race, and that they all happen to be the same. The US wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for these “Central American gang members”. Its sad to see how you “Americans” think. All you are is nothing but narrow minded idiots.

        • DougDeGrave

          The US wouldn’t be what it is today, which is on the brink of total collapse,if it weren’t for soft Immigration policy. If these South Americans are so great, why don’t they just improve their own countries?

        • Daisy Duke

          They are nothing more than CRIMINALS – slithering across OUR borders, refusing to learn English, expecting us to just keep handing out to them – GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM and take ALL your illegal family members with you – including your “anchor” babies. There is a reason it is called ILLEGAL.

        • Proud Wolf

          Then go home Fernando , your not wanted here either

      • SK Rob

        Right…all of these children entering the U.S. absolutely must be gang members. Naturally. And, by all means, don’t ever identify them as human beings; keep referring to them as “undocumented” or “Illegals”. The right wing refuses to get it and it’s why yours is a dying party. The world and the country is changing and stomping your feet is not going to change that fact. Adapt or die. Either works for me.

        • James Chant

          You avoid the question. How many are you going to open your home to? How many will you sponsor? Are you okay with paying extra taxes to support them, or are you freely going to contribute money to do so?

          • SK Rob

            Your hypotheticals are irrelevant to a very serious issue. And my taxes living in a donor state for the last 30 years have been used every year to help prop up every single red state in the nation because every single red state in the nation gets far more back each year than they contribute in federal taxes. My state? Oh, it gets back far less each year than we contribute in federal taxes. You see…I live in a donor state that is forced to help subsidize all of the welfare states. I’m quite used to having my taxes used to support others. And I don’t mind that some of my taxes are used for humanitarian purposes and housing these children until their status can be resolved is a humanitarian issue. Many of them have fled their home countries as a matter of life and death. It would never cross my mind to treat them like garbage. But, hey…that’s just me.

          • James Chant

            There is nothing “hypothetical” about asking you how many of these “undocumented immigrants” are you going to take into your home. How many are you personally going to sponsor? Two very simple outright questions. You complains that others do not “view them as human beings” and you claim it would “never cross your mind to treat them like garbage”. So… how many are you taking in? Lead by example and show us “small minded people” how wrong we are not to want them here. If they are perfectly safe to just let flood into the country at will, surely they are safe enough for you personally to put a few up. Why are you waiting for your taxes to be used for “humanitarian” purposed, how much money have you currently donated to help these “poor people”? Have you at least sent them underwear? You’re all set to go off on those of us who don’t want them here, but what have you done but talk and guttersnipe? Step up and throw open your front door and take some of these people in, then what you have to say might have some credibility. What I see is, you’re okay with them invading the country because at this current moment… you don’t have to deal with them… yet. In short, they’re not your problem right now, so you can afford to be generous. But just wait, time will soon change all that as they start to fill up your neighborhood. Its a good thing you like paying taxes, because you’ll be doing a lot more of that soon too. And if you got children, good luck with them finding jobs in the future. If you think the job market is bad now, wait till a few hundred thousand illegal immigrants in the area are competing for those entry level jobs.

  • Mike Cozy

    oh fkn great, chula vista where they’ll just blend in when released

  • Sheila Morlas

    Finally people doing something our damn so called leaders wont do!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carol Marie

    KUDOS to the american patriots in murietta!!
    our gov’t is betraying us and we can no longer trust them.

    thank you, thank you, thank you for your stand

  • Angelgreg

    The war has begun.

  • Ted Sockwell

    Apparently the people are the only ones that will even try to secure the border the feds sure wont

  • chaloner

    It’s a fact Obama and Mexicans are destroying this country.

  • Bailey A Hughes

    You are importing disease & death into your own community w/plagues!

  • gibbygoo56

    Yay! I LOVE IT! Way to go!
    I’m shocked they weren’t accompanied by BLM style armed UN military with automatic rifles, forcing their way in. We know Boehner isn’t going to do anything.

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    I think the governors of the states where they are being shipped need to ship them all to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and have them camp at the marxist’s door. They would willingly go, since he’s the one who gave the orders (through Latin American Media) for them to come. Especially if we told them that he would give them all a check, but they have to show up….and wait.

  • rex freeway

    Well Obama isn’t going to use common sense. So we the people are going to have to. And dont worry about punishment.The rubber spined President will do nothing but talk.

    • Paul Derosier

      when he does talk it’s all BULLSHIT

  • Paul Derosier

    If they can bus them there ,they can carry there ass right back across the border . I don’t see the problem in that. Hell they USE to ship them back .

  • bobby daugherty

    Thank you to my fellow Americans – I like how in the picture with the caption “Above: Anti- and Pro-amnesty protesters face off in front of the Murrieta facility” The PRO AMNESTY person is a Mexican wearing a soccer shirt

    • DougDeGrave

      Soon it will be determined that the word “soccer” is “racist hate speech”, an oppressive relic of American “white privilege”. The new Politically correct term of “Futbol” will replace “Soccer”. While the American sport that we currently call “Football” shall undergo a name change to accommodate the enrichment of our nation. The National Football League(NFL) will be re-branded as the National Hand-Egg League(NHEL). In Hell, Indeed.

  • Wilson

    I work in a Grocery store and all day long with WIC and foodstamps. All day. We are told to make sure we respect them as they make the grocery store people a lot of money. I make 7.55 . That money comes from an already stressed countryy of taxpayers.

  • Wesman Todd Shaw

    This post made me very happy 🙂

    • Lisa

      Me too! Made my day!

  • DanaLanders

    This kind of non-violent protest needs to be happening across the nation! Keep an eye out for where you can join in the fight instead of just talking about it! We’ve talked too long, look where it has gotten us, nowhere!

    • Kimo

      Let’s roll!

    • Lisa

      The links not working. I keep getting an error.

  • Jason Dawson

    Leave them alone they are not hurting anyone.

    • Evony Master

      Irrelevant, the law is the law as liberals are so fond of reminding anyone who disagrees with Obamacare.

      • John L

        The republican law on the books says we can’t deport them. There is no law that says they can’t be transported while in custody. You speak of what you do not know..

    • Daisy Duke

      You’re an idiot – they are hurting our economy, our education – schools are overrun with them – they steal good people’s SSN’s and use it to work – but of course don’t pay taxes and the poor guy whose SSN they used gets the IRS notice with fines & penalties HE has to pay – no, they don’t hurt anyone – get your head out of your a**

    • Proud Wolf

      F U

  • maddaddyssa

    They could send these busses to Mark Zuckerberg’s mansion since he’s so in love with illegals, (or just looking for cheap labor?) How about it Mr. Zuckerberg, why don’t you and all your progressive friends accommodate these children. Put your collective money where your mouths are and, like, SHARE THE LAND, man.

  • Kimo

    Thank goodness Americans are beginning to stand up against the criminal Obama government and assert their rights.

  • Karl N.

    A bunch of Tea partiers that want to get on the news!
    It’s the Mayor of Murrieta that should be impeached for encouraging people to break the law. Next time they should come through with an escort of National Guard and CHP (and maybe Marines).

    • Evony Master

      Break the law? Chief, transporting those illegals IS BREAKING FEDERAL LAW!

      • John L

        Transporting criminals that are in custody is not illegal.. Get over yourself!

    • DA

      At least they’re getting things done which is more than we can say about you liberal idiots.

    • 11B30L

      You must be a really stupid liberal who has never served..the California Army National Guards and US Marines wouldn’t take orders to fight their own citizens..It’s not a lawful order.

      • Karl N.

        Actually you must be a real stupid idiot. I did serve in the US Marines and they would and have taken orders against citizens breaking Federal law. I’m otta here, don’t need this crap from uneducated imbeciles.

        • Superpower

          I don’t care if you were president of the United States, illegal aliens are illegal, what don’t you get about that, soldier?

          • John L

            Its republican immigration policy they can’t send them back, Obama has not signed a immigration bill. So we have to fallow the law that is on the books.wake up sheep!

          • DougDeGrave

            The law lies in Fallow.

          • John L

            If you chose to believe a lie after it has been proven to be a lie do noting but further the spreed of that lie..if you are going to play the blame game you can’t win the game lying . Obama has no immigration policy that has passed through congress and been signed into law..the law on the books is the one that must be fallowed..witch happens to be a republican policy..

          • DougDeGrave

            Fallow. adjective : (of land) plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncultivated. 2. not in use; inactive: Promises to secure the border following the 1986 Amnesty bill signed by Ronald Reagan, have lain FALLOW ever since.

          • John L

            Obama has tripled the budget of the US customs dept since coming in to office , has deported more illegals then any other president in history.not to mention. They are catching all these kids coming over the border. Its why you know about it in the first place..what else would you like him to do?

          • DougDeGrave

            Tu habla ingles?

          • DougDeGrave

            Tu no habla ingles?

    • Lisa

      Protesting isn’t breaking the law genius! YOU should be deported along with the illegals, clearly your not familiar with the laws of this country either.

    • Superpower

      Importing illegals is breaking the law, do your homework sheep.

    • Tired O’Libs

      You have got to be one of the dumbest Obama voters ever to post!

  • DA

    Send them to Pelosi’s house, she’s stated that she wishes she could take them home, make her wish come true.

  • Evony Master

    8 U.S. Code § 1324 – Bringing in and harboring certain aliens:
    (A) Any person who—
    (ii) knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, transports, or moves or attempts to transport or move such alien within the United States by means of transportation or otherwise, in furtherance of such violation of law;
    shall be punished as provided in subparagraph (B).
    (B) A person who violates subparagraph (A) shall, for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs—
    (ii) in the case of a violation of subparagraph (A)(ii), (iii), (iv), or (v)(II), be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both;
    Obama has about 5,000 life sentences I think for this.

  • DougDeGrave

    OMG! Aren’t these people afraid of being labeled “racists”? The liberal, Neo-Bolshevic, cultural Marxists must be freaking out that some of us don’t view these parasitic invaders as an “opportunity”.

  • Lisa

    Buses with covered windows. So not only can’t we see how many are in there but how many are actually ADULTS without children. Sneaky, so much for that “transparency”.. the lemmings bought it, hook line and sinker.
    I’m more furious with the people that voted in this disgrace than I am at Obama!

  • Lindsay McGeorge


  • Jason Giles

    That’s awesome!

  • Mike Goff

    go to the country they came from and see how it goes = prison for life or put in a barrel and burned

  • Mike Goff

    this is part of shitbama and all his Nazi buddy’s plans to destroy this county and the cops and the bus driver’s are gleefully helping.

  • Guest

    Learn English asshole!

  • Rollo Tomasi

    Learn English if you want to be here! No abla dummy!

  • gjm11653

    These protestors did the right thing, and I am so proud of them. But, this will not stop, these beggers and give me, give me will not stop coming. This country will in a short time look more Hispanic than the Latin Countries do. There will more people here who speak Spanish and have ancestors from Latino countries that any where else. This country was built by those who came here legally and received no resettlement money, nothing free and worked hard to build our towns and cities and these disgusting people get a free pass to come and have more kids that run the streets and commit crimes, with their first crime breaking into a this country illegally.

  • Gordy Massey

    Hell Yes!!! Wish I could be there, I would right in the front line!!

  • John L

    Its republican immigration policy that says we can’t deport them ..not Obama policy. Just another example of republicans creating drama and getting the sheep to think its someone else’s fault.

    • Ninja Cat

      And it was obama that invited them in by assuring they wouldn’t be deported. We “can” deport them by they way after the have a hearing. That is the law. Set up a court right there at the border with a rotation of judges 24 hours a day and churn them out one after another. It can be done easily enough, just takes grit and a will to get it done.

      • John L

        No one invited them , nice try..but that is a good idea to set up the Court right you just need to call congress back from vacation and have them approve the money to do it, good luck..

        • Ninja Cat

          He absolutely did invite them. You are frre to your own opinion but not your own reality. His policies created this mess. Had he enforced immigration laws as he should have these people would have know their attempts to cross and stay would be in vain. Instead he pandered to them and chose to turn a blind eye. Going so far as to order ICE not to deport. As for your congress thing, straw man argument as is typical from your ilk. If it meant ending this disaster, it would have full Republican approval instantly. The dems…well you know they would scream bloody murder and cry about the racist right. It is literally the only arrow in their collective quiver. Like chicken little no one is listening anymore. No one with any sense anyway.

    • Proud Wolf

      John L , your a libitard if there was ever one

  • Frances Noyan

    Good job, people !!! Keep it up. And all the blinds are down in the bus so we can’t see how many illegals are in there ??? How about that transparency ???

  • Stephen108260

    If we can just replace all the WHITE people with Mexicans, what difference would it make.

    This will still be America, right?

    • DougDeGrave

      And the “Que?Que?Que?” can keep their name?

  • Brenda Lewis


  • Richard O’Connell


  • CM

    How is this “Obama’s illegal alien express”? Is he driving the bus? Did he bring the immigrants here? C’mon people — use your brains…

    • Lisa

      Use YOUR brain, where have you been!?!? They were soliciting bids for vendors to handle 65,000 unaccompanied minors back in JANUARY! STOP DRINKING THE KOOL AIDE AND JOIN THE REST OF US IN REALITY!

      • CM

        Okay… “they”… the almighty “they” — I don’t see the President’s name on that. But, I forgot. Anything remotely negative that happens is automagically the President’s fault… I guess the tropical storm/hurricane developing off the east coast is going to be “Obama’s Hurricane” next…

        • Lisa

          Didn’t bother reading the PDF file or the other attachments did ya…I knew libs couldn’t do math but try at least reading (yes, I know it’s a lot to read but I have faith in you). No, Obama isn’t responsible for the storm heading our way, that would be “global warming” LMAOOO!
          BUT, it will be Obama’s fault if it’s a real bad hurricane because ALL our money and resources such as FEMA for tragety is being used on your buddies the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS right now!!!!! Americans are second class citizens now. Hope your happy!

          • CM

            Sorry — I must be missing something… I didn’t see a PDF, but I did find a .doc file. No where does it mention Obama, president, presidential, executive. In all seriousness, sorry if I’m missing something.

            I’m guessing by your statement that you don’t believe in global warming, either?

            I’m not “buddies” with illegals. In fact, I’ve said time and again that I am against illegal immigrants. I think they should come here only legally.

            I sincerely doubt ALL of our money and resources are being used on immigrants.

            Also, I think you meant “hope you’re happy!”. See, “your” is possessive, while “you’re” is a contraction meaning “you are”.

          • lj

            Don’t feed the troll they get paid by how many responses they generate.

  • Steven David Cessna

    kool stand up its about time

    • John L

      Lmao, you are standing up and stopping the people that caught them, and not letting them process them so we can deport them…the irony of it all ha…lol

  • D.B

    People power…

  • Steven David Cessna

    Were fkn sick and tired you fkrs want a war you fkn got one!

  • Desiree Seifert

    This is AWESOME< When government does NOT want to do its job then it is up to WE THE PEOPLE!!!!! SEND THESE ILLEGAL SCUM BAGS BACK TO WHERE EVER THE HELL THEY CAME FROM!!!!!!

    • John L

      Government is doing its job, they caught them..its why you know about it ,

  • DougDeGrave

    I was just wondering how this “amnesty” for “UNDOCUMENTED” people that’s being proposed, is expected to identify each of these squatters? What would stop them from registering for citizenship under 5 different identities? More importantly, how will they stop me from pretending to be “undocumented” and obtaining multiple fake identities? Without documents, means no Birth Certificate, No Social Security number, and no way to check if the immigrant has a criminal record or is wanted by(or working for) some alphabet agency. Never let a crisis go to waste.

  • Len Mullen

    what is this costing us? what will it eventually cost us? why is south korea’s border more important than ours?

    • DougDeGrave

      The Zionist Communists in our Government Send Billions to Israel to protect their border, and spend billions on leaving America’s borders open. How eff’d up is that?

  • John L

    All these people did was slow down the process of deporting them faster!

  • Daisy Duke

    AWESOME! Finally Americans standing up for America! It’s a wonderful thing to see – I am so proud of my brothers and sisters in Murietta for having the guts to face off against this latest influx of ILLEGALS. That word tells it all: ILLEGALS – AGAINST THE LAW!! Every single one of them, regardless of age or family circumstances needs to be sent back where they came from – no matter how m=long they’ve been here. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  • quinnymin

    Guess Obama’s laser like focus has been on something else other than our economy, unless destroying our economy counts!

  • Don Gushurst

    Glad they did this I and others can’t afford any more now !

  • Mark Muylaert

    obama and every member of congress who supports amnesty should be forced to take these disease ridden illegals into their homes and be forced to pay for their food, and medical care.

  • cj

    they are NOT undocumented immigrants. They are illegal aliens. They are breaking the law. Our government is aiding and abetting criminals by allowing the border to remain unsecured.The term Undocumented immigrants imply they lost their paperwork or are waiting for the documents to come in the mail or something.By using that contrived term, It gives illegal aliens a false aura of legitimacy. Let’s call them what they are. ILLEGAL.

  • Jim Arthur

    Classic, the supporter can’t even speak English. Stand up, Kalifornians.

  • Rafael Aguilo

    This is how you manufacture a new “Humanitarian Crisis”. The Cloward–Piven strategy full steam ahead. Do a Google search for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” and read the document (docx) posted by the DHS back in January 2014 requesting transportation services for up to 65,000 underage unaccompanied illegal aliens. All PLANNED!

  • rusty_armor

    Why can’t they bus them to Washington DC?

  • MsgtGdubb

    I was out there and protested. I am sorry that we cannot take everyone who comes to our border, but we as a nation are broke. Every dime we spend comes from our debtors. The nations that these folks came from have pretty much the same resources we have. Their biggest problem is corrupt governments where the fatcats get all the money and those at the bottom get none. We are headed that way if we keep heading in the direction we’re going. The refuge problem is a U.N. problem. Force them to take care of the refuges.

    • PG

      The U,N, is the problem.

    • PG

      The U.N. is a problem in itself.

      • MsgtGdubb

        PG: You are right. The U.N., not doing what it’s supposed to be doing is the problem. It is a toothless organization and it is Americas fault. We, being the major supporter, has not held the U.N.’s feet to the fire. We should have told them 40 or so years ago do your job or get out. No the current regime wants the UN to fix our water problem in Detroit, or force gun control on Americans.

  • Lynnie59

    Notice how the local news channels are silent about this epidemic/surge? Fox news was the only station who reported on this AS it started…They are showing the facts, reality of how ridiculous this problem is and will become because of our lack of true security on our borders! The biggest mistake besides weak borders is the fact our country allows children born here to become instant citizens! that “anchor baby” law should be thrown right out! How dumb is that to teach illegals that if they created babies, they are able to stay here…our schools, hospitals, public resources should NOT be given to illegal aliens, whether children or adults..Just like this flood of some children, some definitely look older than 18 if you look at the pictures too…what ID do they show to prove anything? What diseases are they bringing into OUR country to spread to our citizens? This was brought up on Fox news too..We have our heads up our butts right now if we think this is the end of this flood..they are being coached and encouraged to come here, not only by their country of origin and Wonderful Mexico, but, also our weak President….it disgusts our family. I feel bad for the border states right now, but, they have to rise up and do what these patriots are doing in California…(some parts of CA that is)….I say load them up on buses and they can head back where they came from..We should not be paying billions to fly them home on a nice plane either..that’s more nonsense..And, go after Mexico too, sanctions are in order ASAP..They are part of this problem!

    • PG

      The Brown Berets told their people to have as many babies as possible long before Oblowme came along.

  • Kathie Blackwell-Wright

    I wish I could participate! Unfortunately, my finances don’t give me the freedom.

  • lj

    People don’t feed the trolls they get paid by how many responses they generate. take the paycheck away from these traitors and they will go away

  • Robert L Floyd Jr

    Great job my fellow Americans. If the government (not our government) won’t do their job, then it is up to the people to do it for them. Then VOTE THEIR ASS OUT!!! God bless you all.

  • Sue from IL.

    AMERICA…keep protesting, we must be heard because we are the citizens of this country and we have rights. Obama needs to close these boarders NOW, bring in the military instead of sending them to Iraq.

  • Sue from IL.

    Our thoughts of protesting should be “Yes, we can because as Americans, united we stand!” Let them hear this as we protest!

  • Carla Jean Page

    i,m calling for the immediate impeachment of obama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nic

    Right on Murrietans! I am so proud of you! Let’s bring the “Murrieta attitude” to a national level. Enough is enough!

    • Sue from IL.

      I agree…united we stand!

  • gramma61

    What a bunch of fools..No understanding of the actual laws or what a processing station actually is about.

    • Richard O’Connell

      grammer61 – your the fool. If Obama wasn’t in violation of our federal laws on illegal immigration there wouldn’t be a need for demonstrations like this. GOD BLESS the people for showing the rest of the country what America should be about. —– Obama is a radical Muslim that has full intentions of making our country a third world dictatorship – and IDIOTS like yourself just don’t understand what freedom is all about. This is not about racism or hatred for immigrants – it’s about illegal immigration and a radical president that caused the problem to use it as another means to destroy our country. You need to hang your head in shame, do your homework on Obama and his corrupt administration taking a serious look at what they have thus far done to this country before commenting on any future posts.

  • In a way the Americans that do not support illegal immigration are right !! it is not okay to place this burden on US taxpayers on a permanent basis it has been a tradition of thse central american people to cross the border it has become more like a cultural thing to try the American dream but we also have to understand that it was US created by imposing the imperialism for over 2 centuries.

  • In a way the Americans that do not support illegal immigration are right !! it is not okay to place this burden on US taxpayers on a permanent basis. It has been a tradition of these central american and mexican people to cross the border actually it has become more like a cultural thing to try the American dream but, we also have to understand that it was US created by imposing this imperialism for over 2 centuries. Subsequently the consequences or the aftermath comes to the surface

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  • Congratulations all of you obama sycophants… America is “going away”… Who will help the world when tragedies occur? Who will be the shining hope for freedom that the world longs for…Venezuala? the Congo? Pakistan? You sick robotic m.f.s with your blind “dumb ass” know nothing perversions of what is right, deserve this sick-ass world you will inherit. I am lucky enough to be so old as to have lived in a free America and will die before too long. Sorry for my kids…HA HA on the rest of you +#%^ **^& $%%%@ $$%)(& (*&Y ^^& Enjoy your “Utopia”!!!

  • GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!! FUCK ALL YOU TOOLS THAT TRY TO BRING HER DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lets $4figr This owt…MY home I own…you werk you buy own 2 w/o my tax $’s

  • Hey all you people… Do You Notice all all the responses to this site that are not even in English? HHHEEEYYY AALLL YYYOUUU AAAMMMERIICANS!!!! Do you notice all of the responses to this site that are in foreign tongue? What is with that? Try going to some other country and pissing and moaning about how unfair they are to you with your foreign believes… seriously? Victor Halllls… Your an arrogant no-nothing-never-been in the real world ……………………… open your mouth and fart again, won’t you please?

    • Never mind…. like I said I’m too old, the WORMS will have their day. So sorry for my children & grandchildren……….America was the worlds last great hope… and fucking hippies brought Her down…. (Just for the record, I had long hair & was considered one of them, but I always loved my country) Fuck all you commie interlopers!!!!!! Fuck you all to Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Ward

    These government dikheads only care about their agenda. Stop waving signs and grab your guns. It speaks louder than words. And for the local police? If you’re not joining in to stop the illegal flow then you are cowards and unamerican. ……grow a pair!!

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