Alabama Lawmaker to Honor Duck Dynasty’s Robertson with Resolution of Support


An Alabama lawmaker has plans to introduce a resolution in support of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson during the state’s upcoming legislative session Alabama’s The Daily Home reports.

Republican State Sen. Jerry Fielding announced this week that in the wake of A&E’s suspension of Robertson from the popular show due to comments he made to GQ, he will be offering a resolution to honor Duck Dynasty after the legislative body reconvenes in January.

Phil Robertson’s family values are shared by the vast majority of Alabamians, who are rightfully concerned by the vitriol aimed at his Christian stance,” Fielding said.

“There’s a clear double standard in the media favoring a liberal worldview. When it’s used to silence and punish Christians for stating their beliefs, that’s when we must defend the rights of individuals to exercise their free speech without fear of politically-motivated repercussion,” he said. “I join thousands across Alabama and our country by standing with Phil Robertson, and urge A&E to reverse their action against him.”

In the interview with GQ, Robertson was frank about his beliefs and what constitutes a sin.

Fielding posted the resolution in its entirety on Facebook. It slams political correctness and commends Robertson as a “hero” for his courage.

The resolution concludes as follows:

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE OF ALABAMA, BOTH HOUSES THEREOF CONCURRING, That this chamber of persons stand united in support of Phil Robertson and his family, and in opposition to the A&E Network’s deplorable action of suspending Phil indefinitely from Duck Dynasty for relaying his Christian beliefs.

If you agree and wish to thank Sen. Fielding , you can do so on his Facebook page HERE.

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