Al Sharpton: “It Should Be a Federal Crime” for White People to Shoot Blacks – Even in Self Defense


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

Certifiably nuts race-baiter and Ferguson riot fire starter Al Sharpton is once again demonstrating why he belongs in an insane asylum after saying it should be a crime for Whites to shoot a Black person, even if it’s a case of self-defense.

So if you’re attacked and the aggressor is Black, you should just let that person violently assault you instead of defending yourself?

This “logic” only makes sense inside the mind of a depraved racist like the “Reverend” Sharpton.

From BuzzPo:

The Justice Department ruled there was insufficient evidence to charge George Zimmerman with violating the civil rights of Trayvon Martin in the 2012 self defense shooting. That sparked some ludicrous words from Al Sharpton on Wednesday mornings Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Sharpton explained to Tom Joyner, “The intent to prove that Zimmerman did it because of his race, that is the legal threshold. Unless we change that legislation, we end up where we are in terms of the Trayvon Martin case. We must do that, even for self-defense. Clearly I’m disappointed. Clearly I’m sure the family is. But clearly the Justice Department can not go beyond the laws as is written. As we fight these fights and continue to fight from Staten Island to Ferguson, we must change the threshold that you qualify a Federal civil rights case for, or we will keep having these moments of activism that end up with cases of being disappointing.”

Isn’t providing a particular group of people extra special protection and benefits due to their skin color racism?

If someone suggested this about Whites, you can bet your bottom dollar Sharpton and the lemmings who follow him would start foaming at the mouth.

We have a 2nd Amendment and laws to protect every individual from harm — regardless of their race. Do I even have to say that? Come on already.

It would be easy to dismiss Sharpton’s words as the ranting of a madman. But for the fact that the President of the United States has invited this madman to the White House a staggering 85 times — more than any other individual not on the Federal payroll.

And Sharpton was brought in by Obama and Eric Holder after the Ferguson, Missouri chaos began back in 2014 — not to calm things down — but fan the flames of racism and division. Thanks to their disgraceful, dangerous rhetoric, two cops were shot in Ferguson two months later, with one coming a half inch from death.  And a Grand Jury later exonerated Officer Darren Wilson of all charges, with even Holder himself admitting “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” never happened.

Rudy Giuliani was the only politician at that time attacking Obama for his embrace of this sick race hater. Others must stand up to to denounce his words and that of his promoter-in-chief in the White House. Enough is enough.

  • Jean Sha

    i think so too there is too much in play now all over the world to stop it…

  • wvobiwan

    Bwahahahah! Sharpton is such a classic moron. It should be a Federal crime to not pay your taxes, oh wait – it is! I’m shooting anyone in self defense, of any color, illegal or not.

  • Gordon Harvey

    How about shut the fuq up and pay your taxes azzhole.

  • Mark Allen

    You can take the fool out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the fool.

  • Mark Allen

    We do have the option of calling the newspaper and tv stations and tell them to stop. We can also call the advertisers and stop buying their products

    • christine pettett

      Good luck with that mark, I can see it now, oh mark called and from now on we have to just report the facts on the news! If Americans want change they have to work and sacrifice for it, and frankly mark the people in our country are simply to selfish to do that; oh you want us to be inconvenienced for this change, yeah well I simply can’t do that. The farthest we will exert ourselves for change is to mark a box on our voter pamphlet for a man that promised you that and now your feelings are all hurt because he lied to you just to get elected. And please if you are one of the protesters/rioters you can delude yourself all you want, but the fact remains you are out there because you are selfish, without a doubt, if the news media where not out there in droves you wouldn’t be either. You want to make a change mark? really? They only understand money mark, you want to make a call that will hurt them call and cancel your cable or direct TV, call and cancel the news paper, call and cancel your Internet, get others to do the same, remind these companies they work for the American people and without you they would be nothing.

      • Jim Brauer

        that’s right! The ONLY way anyone will get up and protest (besides having nothing else to do) is if it affects them individually. “If it don’t bother me, why should I bother” :-/


          I agree. Until it ends up on their doorstep they can’t be bothered. Have even heard individuals say those exact words you stated.

      • Michael Demeule-Calella

        Christine chopping off a toe to spite the nose eh there is nothing selfish about protesting injustice..what is selfish is taking it personal when people do. Maybe you should question your own motives for posting such obvious trash Christine..or even better get off your lazy computerized ass and get down on the street with those protesters and support them. and yes I have done so myself here in florida…guess what in broward county it has made a real coverage helped to expose these American hating, citizen brutalizing disgrace to their uniform, traitors to their own duty to protect and serve.

    • MJA

      I like your thought process but that would mean white people would have to get off their complacent lazy asses and do something.. So that will never happen.. Sad day America..

    • Paul Gugger

      I have been saying for years the the progressive left (Communist) have been buying all the media companies and turning them into propaganda Machines and the Republicans were doing nothing about it, it’s all part of their plan for globalism.

  • Steve Chenoweth

    Amen to that fact …

  • Sandie

    There should be a law that blacks should not commit crimes and behave in a manner that gets them shot……Oh WAIT…’s already a law “NO HUMAN” should commit crimes and resist arrest or attack another HUMAN BEING!!

  • Jim McCormack

    Reverse what he said if he was white. Add that the white guy owed IRS 4.8 Million. How long would it be before he was booked ? EVery shitty “news” outlit would be a roar. 2 faced Liberals are just nuts.

  • heidisatwork

    oh come on now, even blacks should realize this has got to stop.

  • Ken De Luca

    Sharps is so worthless.

  • thank you

    put this lunatic in a home already , way passed time

  • Julian B Duron

    How can this PIECE of SH&T that have never held elected office is not Elected nor even appointed in a Government OFFICE GET GO MANY LAP DOG MEDIA to print the BULL FECES he throws up for OBAMA and the DEMOCRAT PARTY! Paid Race-BAITER by OBAMA’s Office to THROW UP BULL FECES!

  • 19Robes50

    I don’t know why he didn’t disappear after Tawana Brawly fiasco.


      Al Sharpton is just like Kudzu vine. He just keeps on growing.

      • retired trucker

        kudzu can be useful and has some value!! Sharpton doesnt ! lmao

    • kat747

      He is a sociopath and has absolutely no conscience.
      Typical socialist democrat – “Do as I SAY, NOT as I DO”.

  • Theojob

    The Black Community in General allowed this animal to be their spokesperson, OBAMA has given Sharpton LEGITIMACY. Now they better get rid of him before others do.

  • Theojob

    I agree but the Black community should be smart enough to avoid Sharpton and his 40 years of Race Baiting. Obama has tried to give him LIGITIMACY!

    • Robert White

      al sharpton, does not represent the black community. Only the thugs. vineswingers. dregs. and, the mayor and prosecutor, to name just two, in baltimore, are these types. militant white haters, who feel they should not be reponsible for anything. They dont deserve to be called americans. And neither do the pc idiots.

      • Theojob

        Your blind if you don’t see the power Sharpton now has because Liberal Obama has given it to him. You mentioned Baltimore but forgot Harvard Professor, The Martin Case, The Ferguson disaster, Chicago murders and a Nation falling fast. Instead you write, “Militant White Haters,” are you speaking of White People or the Sharptons of this world? Either way, Obama has lit the Torch of Racial Chaos and Sharpton is glad to carry it.

      • “al sharpton, does not represent the black community. Only the thugs. vineswingers. dregs”

        • Theojob

          You know it!

    • Lol, “Black community…smart enough”. Good one!

      (and “legitimacy”)

      • Theojob

        Thank you for the correction!

  • Scott Murphy

    This uber-racist just gets more insane with each passing day.

  • You are just seeing the workings of a criminal mind. He wants it so black people can abuse white people without any risk to their own black ass. The media goes along with this bigot criminal because they also have criminal minds. Thank God these criminally minded blacks are a small minority of all blacks; I think most normal blacks think Sharpton is a trouble maker. He will fall one day and probably end up in jail.

  • Carol

    This man is evil. Where does he get off thinking blacks deserve so much special treatment. Because of him I would make their lives worse, let him take responsibility.

  • Isabel Papagno

    The whole point of this is to start a civil war so that obama can declare marshall law and usher in the new world order. Blacks think that obama and sharpton care about them, but they are being used as pawns in their despicable game. the left only cares for how they can use blacks. Intelligent black people want nothing of this. Unfortunately there are far too few of them and far too many of those who have been brought up to hate whites, who now have the seal of approval from the ugliest black racist of them all, the POS occupying the white house.

  • RudyH60

    Timing will be everything…At A Time Not Yet Announced…

    • kat747

      I think I know what you are talking about and it cannot come soon enough !

  • RudyH60

    Right the niggah. ..

  • SC OAS

    I’m thinking that it should be federal offense for sharpton to take another breath of air. Perhaps he should have his tongue cut out by muslims and have to watch his daughter go through a clitoridectomy by those same muslims. After all that is in the koran. After which 70 of them rape her to death. Then they could saw his head off with a dull sword. What do you think?

  • LicketySplit

    Why is this darkie still breathing our air and rabble rousing causing hate and discontent? Should be a crime..but being a buddy of barry’s gives him immunity? Disgusting it is!!

  • Albert Matzelle

    You should get a Nobel prize for silencing a race baiter like Sharpton. That would accomplish more than he and Obama ever did for peace let alone race relations

  • Roberta

    al Sharpton is an idiot but I don’t believe that he said that white people should just let black people beat them up.

  • Mr. America

    Who cares what this extortionist and tax evader says

  • Hugh Jass

    does anyone white care what this nigtard thinks?

  • Paul Martin

    Why talk with so much ignorance of the real issues, and come out the closet , stop hiding behind your sheet by using government handouts , crime stats cause all races have these issues, it just cowards that hide behind this to push their own causes.
    Remember is your people the ones that think like you that stole our people from our land and stole the land from the people that were all ready here.

    • abbypatch

      You are the one who has so much ignorance of the real issues. Why don’t you try reading reports of what is really going on in this country? Or is that too hard for you to understand?

      People like you are the racists; that is the Demonrats ideal push. Keep the people ignorant and keep them fighting among themselves.. They’ll never know what we’re doing.

      Come out from behind the NBBP and Al Sharpton’s racist groups and open your eyes.

  • It should be a federal crime to sue NYC for $5,000,000 for a sprained ankle & then go hiking in Africa or wherever his daughter went. =) It should be a federal crime to owe $4,000,000 in taxes & then be invited to the White House. =) It should be a federal crime to be a race baiter & claim “hands up” & that Tawana Brawley was raped by white men & she wasn’t & hands up is a lie. =) It should be a federal crime to BE Al Sharpton, RACE BAITER!! =) That is all..

  • DJ

    Absolutely insane! It should be a crime for him to speak ever again!

  • CaMaven

    If ” the young and low-info crowd ignorant” are ignorant, then it’s at least partly our fault.

    • kat747

      No, it is the educational system for not teaching the truth and brainwashing these kids into socialist, ignorant idiots.

  • CaMaven

    What’s wrong with this picture is what’s inside the Whiet House.

  • CaMaven

    You can thank the Amerfican people for voting in Obola- not just once but twice. They get wnhat the deserve, but drag us down with them.

  • Philip McManus

    Organize and fight the corruption. Help your candidates win. Donate $5.00 dollars to a group you like. Support a rally for law and order and our Constitution. Get involved now and take action. Change our government leaders and support morality and Gods laws. Start with the Ten Commandments.

  • Jim Brauer

    we need to punish people for the crime they commit, not society because of the people that commit crime!

  • Austin Hamilton

    Fk that ….stop with the whole insecurity projection towards just white people yall had slavery before america we apologised oh im not racist at all by 5he way..simple truth being two wrongs dont make a right and as a reverend af faith you should know better .. good and bad exists in all cultures period …learn to coexist for fk sakes

  • Oh Mammy

    Losuy niqqers! you should get a free bowl of soup with every groid you goodify

  • Bart Barthenwagger

    Niqqers do not need protected species status. They are running feral all over the place, committing crimes and generally lowering the quality of life, while raising the government’s expense to run the feeding and breeding grounds of the inner cities. Niqqers are in fact a nuisance and should have a bounty on their nappy haids. Alternatively, we could put all the jigs in container ships and ship them all back to Liberia where they could do whatever they want and be free at last!

  • Dan L Nelson

    It should be a federal crime to not pay your back taxes, lol, it is, so how about you shut you’re racist a$$ up and pay you’re taxes bitch!

  • Tyrone Nunnely

    This fool is the results of, if I must say with all due respect, white liberal guilt! Thirty plus years of shakedowns by the roaches of the un-civil wrongs movement! There is nothing civil or rights about this piece of excrement or his twin with the eyes popping out of his head named Jesse.This is not going to end peacefully. The african un-American Klu Klux Klan have tasted blood in the water, this is going to be another summer to remember. This complete illiterate, stomp-down jackal is on a roll and the republican leadership is not worth the toilet paper they use once a month!!! This is amazing, a suker who just learned to spell his name hangs out with the president of the United States of America. God Help America.

  • jim scaggs

    Why does this lunatic get any attention at all, he is not only an embarrassment to the Black community but to the human race.

  • Bill Webber

    All innocent lives matter.

  • Tim

    Sharpton is without a doubt a worthless PIMP. The pastor who called him that is right on the money. Pay your taxes Sharpie and get the hell out of this country.

  • RobertinOhio

    Hey “Reverend” Al- Here’s a suggestion: shut the **** up!!!

  • Jeff Day

    Go to the HELL that you’ve created, you leathery old thug!

  • Francis

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  • donna pelikan

    that man sho0uld be deported to a third world country and have live without his money, see what real struggle is about.

  • mary witte

    his death will be well celebrated

    • n0n0

      I’m going to beat off in public the day he dies. I will be so happy, you have no idea.. or maybe you do =)

  • Jim Brady

    I’d bet there is more than one person out there who would gladly go to the federal pen to knock off your dumb ass,

  • DHM

    Hey, numb-nuts, ALL LIVES MATTER!!

  • Robert

    It should be a federal crime that the media is always hanging off this guys sack. Stop giving him his soap box and he’ll go away.

  • Jamie

    F this scum bag. Keep this POS off my page.

  • Dr.C.

    Al Sharpton is such a racist piece of crap. How does he even get press and air time?

    • sammy

      Its really not speech. Its noise that could get him killed, but that is what he wants.

  • Davie

    Thanks for the added racism Big AL. Why not the same for black on white? Is it not the same? Why not for Hispanic on Asian? We are all people. We should not relive the old days and return to making discriminating laws. We need to change our culture to be rid of discrimination.

  • disqus_pzHPD2umTg

    It should be a federal crime to allow this douchebag to open his mouth!

  • Doug McGinn
  • Peter Dochinez

    But it would be a public service for someone to cap your sorry ass AL !!!

  • Vikki Dishman Garrett
  • mary

    I think this is ignorant. Black people think that only white people hurt them. I just read a story the other day where this black teenager girl was raped and murdered by two black men. You didn’t see all the black people on there then all say oh he didn’t do it that was just racist or any of that junk. Hey you know what black people weren’t the only slaves in this country and you don’t see the other races throwing fits about it. Grow the he’ll up people!!!!

    • sammy

      Sorry ..they will milk this till the demise of the country.

  • jupton

    You are an idiot!

  • Steve

    Sharp ton your a racist pig and always have been. That’s why you are able to use it so loosely

  • n0n0

    LOL, LAWL, LUUL. It should be a federal crime for this turd to waste oxygen by breathing.

  • n0n0

    One finger pointing out, three pointing back at himself.

  • n0n0

    Hey Al boy, why don’t you go fall off a building, nobody likes you.. You don’t even like you.

  • n0n0

    Dear Al, go off yourself before 2015 is over. You’re such a useless piece of trash, that I’d rather eat a fresh steaming pile of dog crap than share the same air space as you. Probably healthier for me anyways.

  • mikey


  • William Daniel

    Sharpton why couldn’t you have taken Dr. Kings place in the assination since you are a nothing, and Dr. King was an honorable man with a mission?

  • Mattroski

    You cannot understand this problem until you trace baiters to their jewish roots and see that they have done this in every country they have ever presided, it is their tactic to create chaos so that they may go unnoticed, while they create banks and institutions that rob nations of their wealth.

    • sammy

      Stop you antisemite

  • Robert Turner

    Sharpton needs to lay off that crack it messing with his mind now.

  • John David Litchfield

    It’s a federal crime not to pay your taxes Sharpton. You should be in prison, not a constant guest of Obummer in the White House. No informed person would ever agree with you on most issues. You’re a racist fraud.

  • Coastie407

    Hey Rev… you know what’s illegal RIGHT NOW? Not paying your damn taxes!
    Shut you pie hole ’til you’ve paid them in full, including interest and penalties!

  • jorge

    Where is the part where he said it should be a federal crime?

  • Mary Curry

    If a mad dog attacked me or anyone else I would shoot it. Doesn’t matter what color the dog is or how many legs it has.

  • kat747

    Purely delusional and insane.

  • kat747

    Obviously these politicians do not want their pensions and the welfare people do not want their checks, rent assistance, food stamps and free medical care.
    To destroy the working taxpayers is the same as destroying yourselves. We will see you in the bread lines that you socialist fools are begging for !

  • kat747

    Hopefully one of the first things Trump does as President is to throw these frauds in prison and grab their assets for unpaid taxes.

  • kat747

    Quiet you. Leave that one alone !

  • kat747

    The radical left pays him.

    • “Radical” left? That’s like saying “radical” muslims or “wet” water.

  • sammy

    mentally insane should not have a platform

  • Joy Minardi Flowers

    He wants to inflict the pain and punishment that the blacks slaves had to endure. In his depraved mind he is saying “HA! Now it is your turn to endure the hatred”. So much for turning the other cheek Al. Reverend my rear end!

  • Kypat

    Sharpton is a money grubber idiot

  • Tim

    Yes Black lives matter but Niggers Don’t….

  • T Mee

    To quote the great philosopher Ron White; “Al, next time you get a thought in your head…Let it go.”

  • Golfer1113

    He goes against everything Martin Luther King stood for. This man is pure evil, hatred and racist. Obama or ANY President should create a long distance between themselves and him to PROVE they do not care for racism

    • sammy

      Obama is for racism!! He just is. Read his books!!

  • BostonLiberty

    I stand in defense of my family and my own personal safety without regard for the race, color, creed, or gender identity of the attacker.

  • jgnewman

    The crime is that anyone is put in the position of having to exercise self defense.

  • L.A. Canuck

    In theory, the narrative would have to be ‘equal’ across all races, religions, sexes.

  • another_engineer

    It should be a federal crime for punk a$$es to deal cocaine.. oh wait it is, but Al didn’t get any jail time for it .. did ht

  • jlenoreb

    I guess old Al does not know a public service when he sees one!

  • sammy

    This statement is a call for incitement. This cretan needs to be arrested and soundly rebuked everywhere.

  • Tweetertots


  • Bryan

    Home this faugette dies a slow and painful death.

  • Ronnie Anthony Pate

    Hey Sharpton.. FU

  • John

    Sharpton = America’s best Racist!

  • Sarah Goodwich

    The moral is simple: stay AWAY from blacks!
    If one moves in your neighborhood, MOVE OUT!
    Blacks are like baboon-colonies; i.e. if one attacks you, they ALL attack– it’s called a “chimpout.”
    Zimmerman tried to be all “we’re all equal” and treat blacks like he just had to organize a neighborhood watch– and then THIS happens, i.e. a black thug attacks him, and then ALL blacks attack him screaming for blood– and then the rest of the world attacks in order to show how “liberated” they are.
    If Zimmerman had moved to a white (or hispanic) neighborhood, this NEVER would have happened. But because he insisted on being Mr. naive lIberal, he found out the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished.

  • Robert Timmons

    LOL F&$K you. These criminal blacks are robbing ,killing , car jacking all over the country and getting away with it. We need to start protecting ourselves against these criminals.


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