This Airline’s Tweet After the Dutch Beat Mexico in the World Cup Had Mexicans Yelling ‘RACISM’


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

How do you say “Boo Freakin’ Hoo” in Spanish?

The Mexican team was defeated today by the Dutch in the World Cup.

Not just defeated. Devastated. After the team surrendered only 1 goal in the last three matches, and was up 1-0 for most of this one, they collapsed, giving up two late goals in a controversial finish to lose 2-1 and eliminated from the tournament.

But that isn’t what made the biggest headline in the World Cup today. That honor went to a Tweet. Yes, seriously, a Tweet, from the Dutch Airline KLM, which chose to rub it in on Mexican fans:

The key detail below (yes, it’s a sombrero):


…and then they quickly deleted it, after derision poured in rapidly from Mexican fans:

Not everyone agreed with the outrage, such as our friend, blogger SooperMexican

Frankly, it is pretty ironic for the same Mexican fans who were repeatedly caught on video yelling the gay slur “Puto!” (faggot) at opposing players throughout the tournament, to be whining about so-called bigotry over a sombrero — which is globally identified with their culture…

¡Ay, caramba! The hypocrisy. Cry me a Rio.

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