After This Trashy Mom Runs Her Mouth a Bit Too Much – Security Guard Shows Her How a Taser Works.

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A security guard in an Atlanta mall was called in to deal with women who had apparently started fights with other customers.

These lovely young Mothers show a wonderful example to their children, as they just can’t leave it alone. After one of the women take things too far, the guard helpfully shows her how a Taser works.

Say good night, Gracie.

WATCH: (Language warning):

This is how thugs are born and bred. Remember how Ferguson’s own Michael Brown had his role model in mom Leslie McSpadden, who — when she wasn’t being portrayed as a saint by the media — hurled obscenities in public and orchestrated violent assaults on her own family members over money.


[h/t LiveLeak]

  • Chitcago

    I have a lot of black friends and none of them ever act like that.

    • Ron Hirang

      Same here. It’s because these ones are uneducated and illiterate!!

      • Tumbleweed

        that’s redundant 🙂

        • Ron Hirang

          True, true, but by illiterate I was meaning these ones couldn’t read or write and by uneducated I was meaning everything else. 🙂

      • Cindy Cooke

        But WHY are they uneducated?? Educational reform is blocked at every turn by unions and their Democrat enablers.

        • SaraLouTrueBlue

          Amen. The Democrats WANT them to be kept down, to be on the welfare dole, so that they will be certain of which way they will vote. Democrats LOVE these uneducated, illiterate, and ill-mannered people. Know how I know? The Democrats do everything in their power to produce more of them EVERY day, by stripping them of their self-respect and making “handouts” their way of livelihood.

        • Can teachers really be held accountable for undoing the “education” they are getting from these parents? Remember, these are preschoolers- therefore the question is, how can we educate these parents who are out of the “system”? How can we help them see their children are “At risk”? Giving more handouts is NOT the solution, it is a band-aid to keep them home and “happy” enough to hopefully off the streets. We have a real problem here!

    • Lion Heart

      Good point but this website’s motive it to spread hate towards non-whites, thus posting a video over a year old.

      • Biff

        Yeah, like this was edited to make those two look bad. Their views were taken out of context. Sure, I believe that. NOT

      • Ray Sosebee

        You are a FKG IDIOT!

      • Danielle

        Why are you acknowledging skin color? The title of the article doesn’t mention it, and neither does the body of the article. This video could be of ANYONE, and it would still fit the article and the lesson would be the same – kids SEE. They learn from their parents/guardians, as is demonstrated here. If you want your kids to learn how to make good decisions in difficult situations and stay out of trouble, you have to teach them by example. Keep race out of it!

        • david b cordick

          havent you noticed that when anything that is being done by blacks that is wrong, the race is never quoted, but when a white does something wrong, its front page, with plenty of pictures. how about browns parents, calling for calm and understanding when in front of the cameras, but when they dont know that the cameras are rolling, big difference. like burn it down and the wife inciting trouble also

      • silverdart

        It doesn’t matter if it was a year ago or a day ago, their subhuman behavior will NEVER change!!!!!!!!!! I can’t help thinking there must be some kind of chromosomal defect in the majority of them given how they act in general.

        • 19mad74

          I totally agree just look at the way they act in Africa. They make the Bloods and Crips look like Boy Scouts.

    • WTF!!!

      because their not ni66ers,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Carolyn Jones

      so do I, it’s because they are educated, hard working respectful people. This is the product of generations of ‘attitude’ being passed down. Sickening. She’s a fool. Had this been a white man, white store, this would have gone viral. Most likely the store would have been looted, burned, manager fired, etc. Somebody would have had to apologize. As this stands, nothing happened, ‘cept her getting what she deserved, and she still wasn’t smart enough or poised enough to walk away. She’s a disgrace. I’m ashamed for her, she’s not smart enough to know she’s wrong. Those kids are acting like her, wait a few years.

    • George Norris

      But you wouldn’t pick friends who act like this, black or white.

    • Julie Smiley

      Neither do my friends…..they were raised right, with morals and respect.

  • Alan

    That’s yo baby-momma? Boy you was desperate ain’t choo? Like your lady friend there, you are peas in a pod my brother.

  • desertjam

    Ignorance breeding ignorance. Those kids need to placed with adults who do not display this type behavior so they have a chance at normalcy.

    • ken

      NONE of them will ever be normal. They are a sub-human species.

      • jill

        these are the people Obama is praising as heroes. it’s sad that we have stoop so low as to put a monkey in the white house. he did not do anything but monkey around, doing monkey business

        • ruthslater

          well obama and the bushwacker are both monkeys and they both should be in jail

      • DesertJAM

        Not true, Ken. They are full human just as you and I are – their behavior is appalling.
        We are all partially products of our environment. I guarantee if those children were pulled out of that situation and placed with role models who display intelligence, kindness, and rational behavior, they would have a high percentage of overcoming exposure to this

        • noozguy

          Gotta agree with DesertJAM, the majority of these thugs are a product of their environment, the result of thug parents that act just like these thugs were acting. The children learn what they see and hear and to them, that IS normal. Consequently, they don’t stand a chance.

          • John Powell

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          • stonemike

            Who cares what causes it, just stop it from happening !

        • Arnie

          Well said. I’ve seen just how powerful the change in environment can be on young minds, both directions

        • Robert E Clark

          Key word “IF”

        • trollhunterforlife45

          That is not what I read about the Congo and Apes mating with Humans back unto the days of Noah .Where did Stanley go Mr. Livingston ? (sic) humor

        • William Hood

          EXACTLY DesertJAM. ALL humans, and I could give a rats ass less the race, ALL humans are a product of their own environment. These kids should be removed from those so called parents and placed into loving caring homes so that they might have a chance. Living with those animals, violent wannabes will just breed ignorance into their minds thinking, hey Momma talks like that, Momma attacks people violently, I can too. So, do NOT judge, just because of someone’s race that ALL are like that!!! THAT pisses me off! White, Asian, Mexican can act like that, if they are brought up in such an environment!!!

          • parman11

            You shouldn’t say “rats ass” you may offend someone. you should say, “rodents rectum.”

        • jjaazzeek

          Agreed ,but it is more likely that they will stay in that situation and grow up to hate authority

        • Millie678

          An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. These people need JOBS to elevate their minds and give their existence a purpose. Without a contribution to society all ANYONE does is degrade to ….this.

        • Alton Clark

          Sorry but both of the people you are talking about have already left the country !

        • stonemike

          Your naivete is astounding!, these animals should be stopped from breeding more moochers !

      • ruthslater


        • George Norris

          It’s the 99 % that give the 1% good ones a bad reputation. Won’t any one of them crawl out of the ghetto so long as this kind of parential behavior is tolerated and even encouraged by the gov’t. with all the free stuff. Cut out subsidizing these people and see how fast they get back to work and clean up their act.

          • ruthslater

            THAT IS VERY TRUE

          • Noble_Vendetta

            99% is an inaccurate number, they’re plenty of hardworking educated folks, the media focuses on the bad apples same as with everything else. Don’t generalize the lot to stroke your superiority ego.

          • George Norris

            They are lucky I gave them the 1%. I don’t think there are that many. For every hard working, honest black there are hundreds who are worthless. Did you see how many blacks there were marching in Sharpton “dog and pony show’. I know some blacks must be disgusted with the actions of the 99%.

          • Noble_Vendetta

            And for every decent empathetic white person who understands the bias within the culture, there are hundreds of ignorant fools who don’t know a thing about the race but swear they do. My only mistake here was giving you the benefit of the doubt. Let me guess your sources. Breitbart, storefront, palin network. Get your head out your ass. Their are degenerates in every culture. just because you choice to believe this Ill behaved woman represents the whole doesn’t make it correct. Should you be made to speak for every terrible act at the hands of other white men?

        • marg

          Well, I think it compares with “ALL whites are racists”…..don’t you???

        • SaraLouTrueBlue

          Amen. These trashy thugs make up only ONE segment of the black communities. They are a shame and disgrace to the Negro race…as well as to every citizen of our country. More Michael Browns in the making IF they are not taken from these hate-filled, violent, neglectful parents and placed in decent, law-abiding, loving homes.

        • Bruce Keyes

          But a large section of the black community, and under Obama they have come out in force, normal blacks are the vast minority

      • LR

        I agree with DesertJAM. To a point, I do believe that children can and will emulate who they see as some one who shows kindness and a true concern for them ( and they know if it’s real or not ). But my Question is: Are they a product of their environment OR is their environment a product of them ??? I have traveled a bit and I have seen whole towns that were truly impoverished. Never in any of those places have I seen anything even remotely close to the kind of behavior of these people or the ferguson residents! I have been on native American reservations who have every bit as much reason to act this way toward others, but for some reason, regardless of what they think personally they are polite, I have been to Mexico in places that are so poor that to see them makes a person cry ( trust me on this ) and again, I have experienced some of the kindest and respectful welcomes you can imagine. So my point is pretty clear , If this kind of behavior was a product of ones environment, then it would seem logical that all such places would behave much the same. So again , Are they a product of their environment or is their environment a product of them ?

        • David L

          It’s more of a product of the “Entitlement” mindset which has generational continuance and won’t end until the government stops creating divisive double standards. For those people this kind of behavior is expected and accepted as the norm. Nothing shocking here.

        • If their environment if full of disrespectful trashy slum, the kids grow up with the same disrespect. I don’t think they, as a “product”, are fueling the initial environment, first it starts with what their parents have modeled as “acceptable” behavior, and the vicious cycle repeats. I also see your point- they do indeed alter their environment no matter if they were in the rich suburbs. The issue seems to be what characteristics motivate the continuation of this behavior: lack of education, thus low income, thus survival instincts such as theft and freebies?

      • Cindy Cooke

        No, Ken. This is mankind with the veneer of civilization stripped away. Not only do we turn a blind eye to it, but our entertainment industry promotes it. For every video of black citizens behaving this way, you can find another dozen of white citizens behaving this way. No one in the entire life of that young woman has taught her how to behave. These are the feral children of America and if you find them appalling and terrifying, why do you continue to support public education and criminal justice systems that keep producing them?

        • Terry Melvin

          you hit the nail right on the head, cindy.

        • John Hudson

          “Feral children of America” Now that is a phrase to coin. What keeps me up at night, is these feral children are breeding exponentially more than the intelligent children of America and their vote counts as much as yours and mine. Watching that preschool age child parrot the idiocy it’s mother is spouting sickens me. My children will walk the same school halls as the likes of hers……

        • I agreed with everything you said until you started to blame the public education system. Teachers can only do so much when kids go home to these type of parents. The legal system needs to somehow undue generations of upbringing, how do you suppose that is done? This is the type of studies, training, and motivational/career programs our nation needs to develop to help change this specific culture!

      • Cindy Cooke

        Ken, do you own a television? Have you ever seen Condoleeza Rice, Ben Carson, Allen West, Tim Duncan, just to name a tiny number of brilliant, high-achieving black citizens? Did you take high school biology? Do you understand what the word species means? I try very hard NOT to insult people on social media, but you’ve got to be smarter than your posts or you couldn’t survive in the world. Wise up.

        • John Hudson

          Or Neil deGrasse Tyson. One of the most brilliant men walking the earth today. How can you listen to a single word out of this mans mouth and form the conclusion he is inferior because of the color of his skin?

      • ben

        And Republicans wonder why they are called racists. Look no further than this comment and the ones after it.

        • Terry Melvin

          Ken’s a democrat

      • Cornelius III

        Calm down Hitler, calm down.

    • Happy

      Too late.

  • kevin c

    Exactly the type of people I want living next to me.

  • Fabuous Fiat

    i this another country? Who talks like that?

    • Kendranunya

      all ghetto rats talk like that it doesn’t matter what COLOR OR HOW DARK

    • fuckyouabcnews

      any city in America

      • Sweet Emm

        any large city…… Look at Detroit..I used to go uptown main street a lot when I was a young adult ….It was a gorgeous and loads of fun…’s a ghetto now..disgusting.and sad..a third world

    • reggie98ud

      The Obamanation, that’s where.

  • joe

    take away her welfare check

    • Kendranunya

      take away those children report her to CSB


    People like these are why the dreaded ‘n’ word just won’t go away. There is no other word so appropriate for them.

    • Marg

      And they procreate like cockroaches!

      • Cindy Cooke

        Interesting choice of words, Marg. Before the Hutus decided to slaughter the their fellow Rwandan citizens, they launched a campaign to dehumanize the Tutsis by calling them “cockroaches.” If you honestly believe that the type of people portrayed in this video are having more children than your particular race or ethnic group, you should be highly motivated to ensure that their children are being well-educated and civilized. What have you done to promote educational reform today?

        • CharlaS

          I believe it will be IMPOSSIBLE to change the behavior and attitudes of these children with any amount of education when they go home to an environment like these women promote.

          • I agree, so therefore we need to educate the parents. Maybe required counseling/education “parenting classes” as a requirement to receive those welfare checks?

    • Ray Sosebee

      Exactly! These are not Black people or African Americans or whatever politically correct bullshit label they want. They are Niggers!

      • david b cordick

        ray, you are now joining the rest of us on the hate list of the administration. anyone that stands up and speaks out must be investigated. i love it when my comment suddenly disappears or suddenly the site is not taking any more comments while i am still making corrections in spelling or grammar. i know that i am still being censored, but i also know that they cant stop the truth from all the others that are also posting the same messages

        • George Norris

          About a week ago I was watching a video on YouTube and a message came on the screen that said……
          Your actions on the internet are being monitored by agents of the NSA and Homeland
          How scary is that?????

          • silverdart

            What the hell were you watching to get that message?

          • George Norris

            Happened to be an attachment to an Email from a friend. It was about a Christmas Flash Mob in a mall in Germany. Very harmless and certainly nothing for them to be monitoring

          • silverdart

            I’m sure they wouldn’t need a reason anyway, governments gotten too damn big as far as I’m concerned.

      • Cindy Cooke

        So your solution to this problem is to haul out the “N” word. Feel better? Take a step to make things better. Start with education reform. Are you active in anything in your own community to improve education? There was a time in this country when, for example, the Irish behaved like that. The problem is unchecked ignorance and our current education system does not work. It’s Christmas time–reread Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” or if you are not a reader,, watch the movie on TV. Remember this scene:

        “Oh, Man, look here! Look, look, down here!” exclaimed the Ghost.

        They were a boy and a girl. Yellow, meagre, ragged, scowling, wolfish; but prostrate, too, in their humility. Where graceful youth should have filled their features out, and touched them with its freshest tints, a stale and shrivelled hand, like that of age, had pinched, and twisted them, and pulled them into shreds. Where angels might have sat enthroned, devils lurked, and glared out menacing. No change, no degradation, no perversion of humanity, in any grade, through all the mysteries of wonderful creation, has monsters half so horrible and dread.

        Scrooge started back, appalled. Having them shown to him in this way, he tried to say they were fine children, but the words choked themselves, rather than be parties to a lie of such enormous magnitude.

        “Spirit, are they yours?” Scrooge could say no more.

        “They are Man’s,” said the Spirit, looking down upon them. “And they cling to me, appealing from their fathers. This boy is Ignorance. This girl is Want. Beware them both, and all of their degree, but most of all beware this boy, for on his brow I see that written which is Doom, unless the writing be erased. Deny it!” cried the Spirit, stretching out its hand towards the city. “Slander those who tell it ye. Admit it for your factious purposes, and make it worse. And abide the end.”

        Your ignorance is as dangerous as theirs, Mr. Sosebee.

    • david b cordick

      seems like none of them were offended with the volume and many, many times the n word was used. but when a white says it, o, my god, the whole black race is suddenly offended. whites must be fired, publicly disgraced, and holder will be investigating. sharpton, jackson, and that maniac frarrakhan will be screaming, supposedly calling for justice, but actually stirring up the animals, to make themselves more money. reverands my ass

      • and is that “equal rights”? It seems blacks want the “privilege” to be treated differently from everyone else.

    • SikofGOP1

      isn’t it the same for the white trash that won’t go away either? Too many judge a few bad apples and then take the ENTIRE race and group them into that category too. It’s sad to see so much hatred in this country

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    I am so sad for the children. Their parents are the problem and continue to be through them.

    • JO

      Don’t forget… she learned it from her parents too!

  • ken

    Because Black lives matter…

    • moi2u

      Evidently, not to the parents of these little thugs-in-training! Why isn’t CPS involved with taking these kids away from these witches and getting them into a home where they will be brought up right instead of growing up to wind up in an early grave or a major drain on taxpayers as part of the penal system??

  • Tinaw1969

    She got what was coming to her! Those poor kids….look what they have to grow up with! They shouldn’t be subjected to that crap! And you know what those kids are going to grow up to become…right? Such a shame that they cannot be good parents!

    • Happy

      They have already become that trash.

  • ken

    Truly the most disgusting, violent and uncivilized race. I see why Australians don’t want anything to do with them… Smart. They are just scumbags and YES I’m judging them by the actions of a few because that is exactly what these apes do. They are the ultimate racists to top it all off. Seems like they are a different species.. one that didn’t evolve like the rest of us…

    • Southern Gun

      For me the kicker came when a seemingly intelligent young black man from Africa who I worked with admitted he voted Obama “because he’s black”. He explained that he felt the need to “go with what [he is]” as if it’s a contest between races. He offered no reasoning beyond that, and couldn’t explain why Obama deserved his vote based on any merit beyond the color of his skin. That was when I decided that blacks are an enemy to the white race on every level, and an affront to everything the white race stands for and has worked towards. Even the most sweet, kind, and affable blacks you meet will almost inevitably harbor a deep-seated hatred for whites based on their rearing and the common beliefs held by their culture about slavery and civil rights. That’s not even going into how they treat their own, and I have to say it’s quite disgusting and bordering on inhuman.

      After all this have I myself become a white supremacist? Absolutely not. I will give a black individual the chance they deserve when I can see they deserve it, but I will always treat them with an element of caution that I don’t feel necessary around other races. I do not invest any trust in them, or afford them the benefit of the doubt in anything, because they haven’t earned it in my eyes. Every race, every people from every walk of life have their problems, but there’s a point when you have to acknowledge their behavior and culture has gone past problematic into total chaos.

      • fuckyouabcnews

        “That was when I decided that blacks are an enemy to the white race on every level, and an affront to everything the white race stands for and has worked towards. Even the most sweet, kind, and affable blacks you meet will almost inevitably harbor a deep-seated hatred for whites based on their rearing and the common beliefs held by their culture about slavery and civil rights. ”


    • Cindy Cooke

      Our flawed educational system is, no doubt, responsible for your poor knowledge of basic science and logic. If you ever served in the US military as I did, you would quickly be disabused of your distorted view of our common humanity.

  • ken


  • Evolve-Or-Die

    cut their welfare benefits in half so they realize what they really are, parasites

    • reggie98ud

      In half? Take them away completely, make the apes get a job!

  • Ed Woodson

    And they wonder why people of other races literally hate them.

  • Darrell Brooks

    When she gets hit with the taser it’s one of the funniest thing ever. I can’t stop laughing.

    • silverdart

      LOL!!! PLANKED!!!!!

    • Jason Moffit

      lmao I replayed that like 15 times. She went stiff as a board and fell like a sack of potatoes,

      • Terry Melvin

        she didn’t want to go anywhere near the secuiry guard after..notice how far away she stayed?

      • kelly


  • Vince Stagbaugh

    I bet you those two mouthy chicks ain’t worked a day in their lives.
    No discipline, no honor and no manners.
    What disgraceful human beings.

    • Terry Melvin

      the female who got hit by the taser looked like a tree toppling over in a stiff wind.

    • kelly

      Give them a bit of credit..Looks they have worked @ least a few days each-doing some hard ‘LABOR’! Probably need to ‘work’ more @ keepin yo mouth shut!

    • Beverly

      “Where there is no welfare there are no beggers”. As long as society rewards baby factories with free housing, food, schooling this type of behavior will continue.

  • Carol Marie

    those poor poor children……..there is no hope for them as long as they are held captive by those animals

    • Millie678

      No little child wants to see their mamas hurt. Poor little kids. Makes me sick. She’s trying to box a man who she shows no respect to. Kids talking crap to him too….just like they are taught. Obama’s kids. Sharpton’s kids. Jesse’s kids.

      • Guest

        Kids that if were Obama’s “would be just like him ”
        Yes black, arrogant, selfish,and ignorant! People like that thrive on drama and hurting others , if not with they’re words than physically. It’s how ignorance is bred, they are not taught to use they’re minds and how to consider others.
        Everyone has met atleast 1 black man that you walked away thinking what an arrogant narcissistic jackass. Well that guy is running the United States of America! Scary!!

  • Todd Woodell

    The level of disrespect for everyone around her as well as the lack of self respect is boggling to my mind. How can anyone think this behavior is OK?

    • fuckyouabcnews

      The Liberals have let them think it’s OK. And everyone around them has to suffer for it. :/

    • Did you see the riots and protests– they think it is ok, because all they see is color (the irony and hypocrisy) –not the behavior. No one had their hands up, no one died from a choke hold.

  • quibble

    Dumb asses got what was coming to them. You act ignorant, and it comes back to bite you in the ass. Can’t call the security guard racist now can we. Where you going to cry this time ass holes.

    • jansav

      I am seriously worried about that mans life. These people were outrageous!

  • Linda Ziniel

    These children are learning nothing from there parents except to cause trouble. They need structure in there life or they will be in jail or worst before they are of age.

  • jansav

    Wow! I have never saw anything like that before

  • Thomas Buster

    Could those of you who aren’t liberals pretending to be conservatives in a sad attempt to make us look bad PLEASE dial back the racism a bit?

    The ACTIONS of these particular people are deplorable. I know it’s tempting to jump on the stereotype bandwagon when they play themselves out, but it has nothing to do with the color of their skin. The whole “white trash” stereotype plays itself out all the time too, and when it does, they act pretty much just like this. The common denominator is ignorance (and all too often, poverty), not ancestry. EVERY race produces people like this, there’s no need to throw around disgusting labels like “sub-human” or “apes”.

    • fuckyouabcnews

      Oh yes…yes there is.

      I also challenge you to show me where “white trash” “plays out like this”. Where? Are they parasites on welfare too?

      I would love to see it.

      • Thomas Buster

        Uh, rural communities everywhere?

        Just one example: I’m from northern Nevada. As much as I hate “Reno 911!” and the stereotypes it perpetuates, I’d be foolish to insist that there isn’t a grain of truth to it. I knew of plenty of people who were on welfare that didn’t need it, got in fights all the time (most of them alcohol-related), and used meth like it was going out of style. The majority of them were white.

        • reggie98ud

          Please provide video proof like we saw here. Your “stories” do not make it true.

          • Thomas Buster

            Neither does your improper use of quotation marks.

            What good would posting specific video proof do? You’d only insist that the circumstances were superficially different. But if DO you insist…


          • Thomas Buster

            Or how about this gem?

            These are grown men and women fighting each other over TOYS.


          • Thomas Buster

            “I’m lovin'” this one.


          • Thomas Buster

            I’m not going to pretend that certain statistical demographics aren’t more likely to behave the way that woman and her children did, but the fact remains that lowlifes come in all colors.

          • Thomas Buster

            Here’s a big fat white welfare leech so you can’t claim that I have no proof of that either.


          • Guest

            Or how about this gem?

            These are grown men and women fighting each other over TOYS.


          • Guest

            “I’m lovin'” this one.


          • reggie98ud

            OK, that’s still a 2-1 lead for the blacks when they are only a little over 10% of the population.

          • Guest

            I’m not going to pretend that certain statistical demographics aren’t more likely to behave the way that woman and her children did, but the fact remains that lowlifes come in all colors.

          • reggie98ud

            I’m not disagreeing but I contend that you find a higher concentration of these lowlifes in certain demographics. These “women” prove that.

  • The saddest is part is the training given to the kids– and watching them copy and continue the complete lack of respect. This “entitlement” generation thinks it is all about the “squeaky wheel” to get their way.”Be loud, be in someone’s face, that’s how you win!” Sad part is us teachers try to teach the kids respect and how to survive with hope, and a future. These parents take it all away.

  • moi2u

    Wow…little thugs in training. What the is wrong with pple that they would act that way…especially in front of their kids??

  • Rhgates

    This is in America?! These thugs have reduced our cities the third world cesspools. Seriously, that’s a mall!?

    • Susan Bratton

      IKR!! It had cardboard walls ….. o_O

    • fuckyouabcnews

      Have you been to NYC lately? Try taking the subway up to the Bronx. It’s a free-for-all

  • Rick Ragsdale

    This is how obummers sons and daughters act!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nutbar Mcloony

    I thought the guard showed restraint. I might have tased the other woman at about 1:00.

  • Bonione

    It hurts to see that those babies don’t have good examples to learn from.

  • Tex

    Just another niccer acting like a niccer. Nothing new, wake up America. This trash is spreading.

  • Michelle Mexico

    I am as disgusted as much as I am laughing. She had it coming!

    And we wonder how Michael Browns are born.

  • Tex

    I don’t even know why we classify these people as humans. I follow the 9 of 10 rule. 9 out of 10 negros are monkey shit-on apes.

  • Any Mouse

    The kids are the victims here. A self perpetuating cycle. Need to eliminate reproduction capability in these bloodlines that can’t do any better than that.

    • Southern Gun

      Careful throwing the word “victims” around… blacks love that word. The kids grow into the adults… and when they do they’ll be sure to remember what you called them.

  • Millie678

    So sad she made her babies cry like that as she’s trying to box a man. Shame on her.

  • Buypass

    Surprised she wasn’t throwing poo.

  • justtheusa

    Typical. Not stereotypical. Just your average everyday thug adults training the next generation.

  • Nancy

    Were they speaking English?

  • BuddyLuv

    This is old news. I saw this video at least 10 months ago.

  • Carolyn

    Look at the role models those poor children have; there is no way they will grow up having any respect for any one especially for them selves. If this had been black and white it would have been called racially motivated.

  • fuckyouabcnews

    Let’s return them to the wilds of Africa..

    • silverdart

      That should have been done ages ago.

  • bobo

    i could never imagine acting like complete trash like this

  • Dave Sutton

    Poor kids, they will grow up just like Micheal Brown and Travon Martin! No discipine so sad!

  • Jill Kennard

    I have never in my live witnessed such a nasty display of womenhood. To act so distastefully and pottymouthed in front of those poor babies. I can’t even comprehend acting like that.

  • SheilaK

    Animals. Can’t behave in polite society AND in front of the kids.

  • Johnny Christensen

    Sad and sickening !

  • kanenas101

    … And these people get to vote. Ugh.

  • B. G.

    You see how the little kids are being taught? See how they turn out in a few years.
    The mothers should be ashamed for setting this kind of example. BTW, where are the fathers? I saw six kids with the two “women” Do they know who the fathers are? or even how many?

  • Helen Decker

    Yet, the officer will be sued for excessive force and lose his job. Makes me wish he had been carrying a 38. People who act like this, in front of children, should be put out of their misery.

  • Joshua Burdo

    What Does the reverend Al have to say about this?

  • tom

    and they wonder why

  • 19mad74

    Don’t you wish you could go back in time and tell those slave traders to turn around and go back, it’s not worth it? Just think how much better off America would be today.

    • silverdart

      I agree, we never should have brought them here. 🙁

  • Gillymo

    Just think if the security guard was white. They would have raised holy hell and probably beat him .

  • Joe Harrison

    This is what poor social programs have bred. Take away the food stamps and assisted living and make them work for a living. I bet they will follow the program and learn to be a little more civil. Too much time at home learning this kind of behavior from Jerry Springer

  • Jman777

    And they want to get rid of the stereotypes??? Sheesh…..

  • Bastions of black parenthood.

  • Guest

    My heart goes out to those kids. Someday I will be a foster mom!

  • Diane

    Did you see those poor children? They are doing exactly what their mother’s are doing. They will live what they see. How very sad.

  • gbp91

    bad behavior results is bad consequences….shameful the president does not see this culture t

  • gbp91

    this is the behavior that needs changing

  • Paul Eno

    more to come folks and lot more trash going to learn the hard way !!!

  • Ali

    Niggers training little Nigglets. These kids have NO chance in live. I think this is why white people hate us and rightly so.

    • silverdart

      We don’t hate all of you, not all of you act like this.

  • Carl Gagnon


  • Ali

    Why is no one talking about these scum changing their ways..this must be the lowest for of life on earth. Monkeys act more civilized than these hood rats.

  • heather

    lets see she was told to leave the m premises by a security guard , the put her hands on the officer, I see no problem tazing her. I would of tazed her again. Maybe the kids needed to see what happens when your mean to others. They were mimicking the mother and calling names yet no adult told them not act that way.


    These women were being deterrents for their ‘baby daddy” so they could steal something. WHY wasn’t DHS called in?

  • Sad

    So sad. I work with a guy of color who’s actually cut from the same cloth as me. We have the same exact interests, same education, same life experiences. However I lost everything I had from greedy arrogance, yet he still has his life intact. I have no animosity towards him, but find our conversations to be inspiring. What I see in this video is anger, hatred, and lack of self respect. It’s just sad when it comes down to this, and afraid there will be much more as we move forward towards our future.

  • SgtMac

    I would never own a business in that kind of neighborhood. Talk about disgusting behavior. Those kids need to be taken away and given to human beings.

    • John Urban

      The guard says it used to be a nice neighborhood, until these miscreants invaded it. That is why he was called in. He says he deals with such lovely ladies, as well as thugs and gang members every day.

  • i2luvmyusa

    No respect, no class, then they question why they are treated with distain! Act like an animal you will be treated as such! I bet none of them have a job, typical generation of welfare receipants!

    • silverdart

      Animals don’t act like that, they have more class.

      • i2luvmyusa

        Silverdart you are correct, I should have said a sick wild animal!

  • dashandra monika

    Say good night, Gracie.

  • Billk

    Is it me or does it seem like their minds act like a scratched record, the repeat the same phrase over and over again like their brain can’t move on in the conversation

    • silverdart

      Like I said earlier…chromosomal defect in most of them.

  • Deitra

    Trash comes in all colors. This is NOT a race issue, it’s a trash issue.

    • silverdart

      It just seems that most of the trash lately is black. You can’t deny that.

  • Conservative Ohioan

    Pack of wild animals.
    Do humans actually live that way?

  • Thankful

    look at those poor little children what they are being taught .

  • whoselineisitanyway

    Humans don’t act this way, but Oboxo’s kind invariably behave like this. SHE’S OBOZO”S DAUGHTER.

  • jimnbubba

    Those children won’t live long , “In The Ghetto”

  • Marcia Smith

    until that group of our society behaves themselves,this will continue,THEY need to assume responsibility for their children’s upbringing and not continue to perpetuate thug mentality

  • Htimez2

    And the kid yelling out “you Gay” just more proof the most intolerant people are black, they are the most bigoted, sexist, racist group of people on earth, its sad and I hate to say it but its true,

  • They have to go

    Stupid bitch got what she deserved , will be reading about those kids in the future after they rob a store etc….

  • reggie98ud

    The worst part is seeing the mini-hoodrats following the mama apes’ examples and they start yelling and screaming too.

  • releggneh

    Nothing but trash. That’s the guys kids? Where was he the whole time his so called woman and kids were raising hell.

  • falcon

    This is what black people do and they are used to getting their own way and when they don’t they act violently… nice to see she is raising another generation on welfare for future incarceration… I rewound and watched her get tased five times… made my day

  • falcon

    Skip forward to 3:36- best image of the day

  • Lee Fortmiller

    ghetto apes

  • Rodney Davis

    If Obama had a son he would act just like those boys!

  • Zandar

    And people wonder why there is still racism in this country.

  • badman400

    This is old but was worth watching again just to see her get shut up. If only he could have tased a few more of them.

  • Gloria Haynes

    I was going to say I’ve never seen such ignorance before, buy you know, I have. And I’m seeing it more and more often. It’s sad that they have set the perpetuating cycle of failure for themselves, obvious in how the children’s behavior escalated from quiet and watching to indenting and participating. Ask for more out of life. Demand more. And the best way to get more out of life is to put more into it. This is not the PSA on how to do accomplish that.

  • Bobinms

    They just seem to get their “jollies” losing control and running amok.

  • Bill Mattingly

    If Martin Luther King could see this TRASH, he would wonder WHY he spent that time in jail for TRASH like that !!!!

  • Inez Aultman

    The repetitive language from EVERYONE in this video makes them all sound like they have Tourette’s.

  • Velvet

    Yes…ignorance breeds ignorance as well as BAD BAD behavior practices. Look at those little kids learning that kind of garbage from garbage leadership

  • Carlos Valdés

    There is no way to change the behavior of animals like these, we need to ship them back to Africa, where the lion can have a meal…

  • Damien Cross

    Blacks like these will NEVER be anywhere near normal.

    They have an Animal mentality. Like everyone else owes them something.

    I bet that woman is on Welfare too.

  • mello

    Don’t attack don’t get tazed. DUH! He told you to leave. Get the hell out. You pushed him and then started hitting him. What did you think he was going to do? I feel sorry for the kids because they witnessed that. Children copy their parents and that is exactly what we were seeing up until she was tazed.

  • Missy Henderson

    My heart breaks for the young children who are learning from their parent(s) who learned from their parent(s). And the worse part is that the majority of these kids will turn into their parents in 20 or so years. This vicious cycle needs to be broken. The country is too full of disrespectful, hate-spewing people. Makes me glad that I’m on the downside of my tenure on Earth.

  • Laura Gardner Tortorice

    Once again, living PROOF that there are still members of the human race that are STILL unfit to live in a civilized society. Even more so, they shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce!

  • sward14

    Ha ha ha zapped that nigga.

  • abaton7

    Animals, pure and simple.

  • chuckghutch

    When i see the many instances of this behavior i realize that Society has no chance to survive.

  • altos

    She deserved it, she earned it. A great example of how body cams will show real life in neighborhoods of color. Al Sharpton…where are you? Obozo, where are you? Holder, where are you? What a great way to teach kids about adult responsiblity. That woman is scum. Kudos to the guard who did everything he could to avoid confrontation.

  • emory557

    Note to black people: THIS IS WHY YOU GET PROFILED.

    There. I said it. Now go back to screaming about racists and looting your neighborhood stores.

  • crazyfreddie

    Animals pure Animals they keep breeding and training their young to be just like them ! Pure ignorat Stupid dumb uneducate worthless unless it is for Breeding ! We need to. Sart An Eradication process. Just like the One That is About To start for All sucide Rotten Stinking muzzies

    • silverdart

      Spay and neuter early in life, problem solved!

  • Mary

    There but for the grace of God go all of us.

  • marg

    And there are those who wonder why they don’t get any respect…..

  • My opinion.

    Ignorance at it’s best.. The breeding needs to stop..

  • Rebecca Ash

    Where was the concerned daddy when his baby mama was acting like a fool and teaching their kids what it’s like to be trash.

  • C.W. Roden

    The security guard gave those skanks more warning that I ever would have.

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    See how many kids this woman has? The lowest common denominators breeding at higher numbers than their more educated counter parts will be the death of this nation. I’m not talking about race, I’m talking about ignorance, culture of disrespect and entitlement, lack of responsibility, and general lack of decency. It’s like a virus, and I really don’t see an end to it.

  • Moe Montminy Jr

    THis behavior is what makes it hard for the black people who are decent humans. These women and baby daddy are why the word Nigga is still around.

  • Lynn

    Total trash. Too bad the kids are already learning to be the trash their parents are.

  • frank tomasic

    and folks seriously want to know why the there are still racists???? we see this every day, every newscast, this kind of black culture behavior, in front of their kids too…wtf???

  • mike whiteley

    well lets see I bet this how that brown kid approached the cop these ladies are trash they got what they deserved

    • Rizzan

      And then the guy near the end…my baby right there my baby right there my baby right there my baby right there

  • Beverly Buckman

    even the children are wild animals….not culture…no class…just animals.

  • Wayne Neva

    3:31, she just flopped over. I think he tazed her. The more she was ranting, the more bold the little guy became. What a sad influence he has.

  • trollhunterforlife45

    If that incident was in Chti-Thugo well ? welfare LBJ Great Societal Night Mare! American Negro or African Negro, your Choice ! Africa is a Big Continent The UK of salve Drivers Training African Negro Dictators to Rule over thee own Kind.So take your Pick Act Morally or Go back to your Ancestral heritage and Quit Sucking off My White Mans’ Dime !

  • LlarryLLama

    Hate to say this, but these people are only black versions of white other words, it ain’t the race, it’s the class, or lack thereof.

  • Lady Val

    These creatures do not rise to the level of common thugs. There is more rationality in a herd of animals than there is here. The children follow right along with their uncouth, irrational and violent “parents.” My God! If this is the nature of the majority of lower class (economic and cultural) blacks, then there is no hope that they will EVER be able to live in an ordered society. The only good thing here is that all involved were black so we won’t have the Reverends Jackson and Sharpton appearing to protest the use of force on these gentle ladies.

  • Kyle Dobbs

    Why do low moral people live in such life styles? I never have figured this out. It’s as if they have nothing to work for. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to aim for. I’m very thankful for everything my parents taught me–thank the Lord.


    I live in Atlanta. Can’t recognize the locale or the people, but it could be any of a thousand places and hundreds of thousands of people. And any day of the week. This is what you created, and this is what you defend, Progressive American.

  • Stephanie Ferguson Bell

    So all she could do is teach her children to talk trash … To bad she wasn’t arrested … or was she? DSS should come in and take those children to a decent home – before it is too late!

  • Wiggle D

    And they wonder why they are often compared to Monkeys…

  • Julie Smiley

    OMG, these people shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Who in the hell do they think they are. I gotta say though, I totally enjoyed watching that woman get tazed. Made my night 😛

  • eternalplanner

    A lot of people laugh at Christians who talk about Jesus all the time, but Jesus is exactly what these folks need. If no one is going to say it, I will – They need Jesus badly.

  • lglnurse

    Yes, folks, your tax dollars (welfare dollars) at work. This is so typical. I did not see one white person in the group. I don’t think any single one of these low lives has a job, but they can make babies (who are probably traumatized). DFACS needs to come and take those kids, sterilize these women and put them out to pasture with the rest of the leeches.

  • rigmaw white

    Fịnd you dream pȃrtner AT~~BlacҚ White Hub.C/ o/ M ~~~~BEST ONLîNE SîTE.

    Thousands of Blȃck Men, Blȃck Women, White
    Men and White Women Fr ee Joịn Here Everyday. This is a paradise where
    love is color blind.When
    you truly love someone, age, distance, height, and weight are just numbers.xcbxcb

  • Normal person

    Here’s a prime example of the no where cult ! Never changing circle of nothingness and encouraging the kid’s to do the same thing ! Why do they do this ?

  • Smokey

    That tazer did a nice job of knocking her down. Must have been a special pavement ape load.

  • chfnelson

    The best and the brightest, I guess. Makes me sick that these animals breed.

  • toocool

    I was going to comment. But reading some of the comments. Wow. There is allot of change needed everywhere I see.

  • Mary Smith

    How come I never see groups of blonde, blue-eyed people behaving this way?

  • Noble

    Typical. Everyone should know what a stereo type is. But few realize its called a stereo type because its typical of The group it identifies.

  • Mary Bennett

    scum of the earth….dude should have used a real gun

  • Connie Tamburin

    Man she is so gross!!! This country is so messed up. The government just lets things like her just keep breeding and giving them money and food stamps to live on. And it goes on and on generation after generation…They have NO idea that you are supposed to go to school and then get a job and make your own living. They don’t. I don’t know what would even lay down with that thing and make the meal tickets they call “babies” I just wish he would’ve used the taser in the 1st 30 seconds of this video and shut her up!!! SHE IS JUST GROSS!!!

  • lol,lol

    As Long as the Media and al Sharpton keep telling everybody how it aint their fault you don’t have to be responsible for your actions why will anything change?

  • TJ

    More kids who have no chance in life. Obviously the fault of the white man.

  • Carlos A Esparza

    Animals !

  • fe

    apple does not fall far from the tree, or chip off the same block. you grow up in hatred and not taught love and respect and you will have this source of outcome

  • Guest

    And that ignorant N…..R thinks she’s raising her children. I’ve never things so bab since Obama has been in office. And now Jarret wants to make friends with Iran and screw Israel . Great country I’m glad I’m ready for a war

  • Jens Pedersen

    That Video had Stupid Everywhere

  • scott

    just another reason i will stay where i am at.

  • Ted Shryock

    That’s a pack of future Furgeson’s right there!

  • David L

    Those kids don’t stand a chance in hell in leading productive lives while growing up with that kind examples.

  • Wow! That tazor sure shut that bitch up. She dropped like a rock. That must have been the mall in the hood.

  • Monika Bove

    The video shows the result of cradle to grave welfare. Stop handouts to single mothers. They breed like rabbits on our dime, the kids grow up like animals and pay us back by robbery/arson and murder.

  • getreal

    now the dude worries about his babies. in other words they can do what they want in front of their kids and there should be no conequences. and btw this is black on black, no police involved. TRASH no matter what colour. Martin Luther King is rolling

  • Josh Gilman

    Common decency. Respect. Where is it? Mind your children..and don’t curse in front of them. Simple.

  • Lisa Daniel

    These are the warts on the a**hole of society!! The kids, future inmates!

  • Nelson Brentlinger

    YAY–the trash got put out!

  • Rizzan

    Bravest security guy out there.

  • EdinColorado

    notice that after the tasing, all those standing around didn’t look as if they had been shopping..

  • Murphy’s Mom

    Anyone who wonders how michaelbrown became an angry worthless thug need only watch this. Teaching their children to yell and curse and hit. Look familiar?

  • chopper

    Those guards don’t get paid enough to put up with that crap!

  • jjaazzeek

    Is this what our society has come to?

  • jjaazzeek

    This security guard handled himself couragously

  • Nim Turry

    It was inappropriate from all sides. Thugs will be thugs. Explains Africa . . . . .

  • Watchdog

    I think that shopping here would be an experience never to be forgotten. The disregard for normal behavior is absent in all parties involved. But when the female began assaulting the security guard maybe he could have locked himself in a room somewhere…that’s what’s been suggested-do nothing. Without him you and I are next to be abused.
    As for the children-thay are what they are taught by the parents who already embrace this bizarre culture.

  • Bruce Keyes

    sorry, NIGGARS the only word that fits, wonder why you just cant make it, just look here, IDIOTs screaming, over what, someone tried to do what any person with class and humility would do, keep your kids under control in public, but these classless idiots teach their kids to fight authority, and then the man who was quiet before this now come out showing as little class as his baby mama, surely not his wife, because that’s not the black was, and now he stands up, wonder what would have happened if it was a white man.

  • TC

    Her man was enjoying the show instead of getting out in front to defuse the situation.
    After all of that it still took tazing to communicate with her.
    Wonder what the kids learned after all that?

  • fishin4

    Why people are not more like pharell, blake, adam,or gwyen I’ll never understand. Not one of them sees color or sex biased when interacting with others. They also have common sense when dealing with the people in this world who would bring them down to their level. In all pigments of the human race you have your idiots, your middle of the road, and the truly brilliant. How we treat each other is what determines how we will be judged.So everyone look in the mirror because the person your looking at is the only one who can change your world and mine.

  • Hope and Change

    Clear illustration of why I could never be a policeman. There would have been at least three funerals.

  • Connie

    got what she deserved

  • Twodogs Playing

    This display was not a result of an environment issue but more rather bad genetics.

  • Melanie Schielder

    oh so now the “sperm donor” is worried about his kids, after the fact the “baby machine” got put in her place, what a frigging joke, both of them DON’T deserve to breed, they have no chance at watching their kids grow old, those kids will end up dying young because of their upbringing, or lack there of

  • stonemike

    Aint obamas world great, these “mooching ass baby machines” should be stopped from having more thiggers !

  • Brian


  • Greg Cook

    and fucking niggers wonder why they get shot…piece of shit mongrels need to go back to the jungle

  • Victor

    The security guard also handled the situation poorly as well. He taunted and escalated the confrontation. Both parties in the confrontation showed poor behavior and communication skills. I have worked in corrections and security and I would have been written up for displaying such unprofessional behavior.

  • Heather McDonald

    Atlanta Police Officer’s should have a two man patrol walking through there.

  • Heather McDonald

    That’s why we need planned parenthood.

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

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