After This Trashy Mom Runs Her Mouth a Bit Too Much – Security Guard Shows Her How a Taser Works.

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A security guard in an Atlanta mall was called in to deal with women who had apparently started fights with other customers.

These lovely young Mothers show a wonderful example to their children, as they just can’t leave it alone. After one of the women take things too far, the guard helpfully shows her how a Taser works.

Say good night, Gracie.

WATCH: (Language warning):

This is how thugs are born and bred. Remember how Ferguson’s own Michael Brown had his role model in mom Leslie McSpadden, who — when she wasn’t being portrayed as a saint by the media — hurled obscenities in public and orchestrated violent assaults on her own family members over money.


[h/t LiveLeak]


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