After This 10-Year Old Girl Steals from Walgreens, Dad Gives Her a (Painful) Lesson For Life


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A 10-year-old girl got her dad very angry after she stole fake nails from a local Walgreens.

As punishment for her theft, Dad decided to make his daughter walk back to the store, where she not only had to pay for what she had taken, but was also forced to confess her crime to the manager.

It turns out, she took the product out of the box, so the barcode used for tracking the item was not available. The girl was then forced to walk to the back of the store and get a box that had a Universal Product Code (UPC) on it for the manager to scan. She eventually apologized and promised never to steal again.

The 7-minute clip was also posted to Reddit. While some found it bizarre that the father filmed the incident, others commend him for taking control and being a good parent.

“All the respect in the world for this dad,” one user commented. “Not yelling or swearing or being an ass. Just hoping to scare the kid straight with a healthy dose of shame.”

Watch the video below:

  • BuckTard

    Good parenting. Kudos to dad

  • pamdix

    Now that’s a man to be proud of! We need more Dads like this one!

    • boxie0406

      THAT is the kind of man you should marry women…….

  • wildoutlaw4440

    I commend you sir well done every parent should take notes from you. you have a blessed day.

  • Marilyn Gopel

    That Dad did his daughter a favor. Showing her right from wrong at an early age. Love your Dad little miss.

  • NorCalOffspring

    This girl is lucky to have a father that cares.

  • Dave Dawkins


  • john

    props to pops

  • Emily Premel

    Great dad

  • Thank you, sir!

    Sir, if only more parents took pride in teaching their children right from wrong, our country may not have as many juvies in jail. Kudos to you sir, for having morals and teaching your child right from wrong. Thank you!

  • Wiggle D

    Only thing I have to nitpick about is “Even if you have money part”. Theft is not justified. More so for non-essentials.

  • retired_geek

    Momma did the same thing to me – helped myself to a candy bar when I was about 5 – she made me go back in and confess and pay for it and I got a heck of a spanking when I got home.

    55 Years later I still remember…

    • James Engbloom

      When I was 12 myself and another neighbor friend of mine took a bunch of vegetables from a neighbors garden. My father found out and made me go to the neighbor that had the garden and tell him what I had done. He also made arrangement with him that I would weed his garden every week and pick what ever he wanted picked. When we returned I received another lesson on my behind. Sixty-three years later, I still remember it.

      • boxie0406

        You were really loved James…how awesome is that? Oh if only people today knew what real love is……………you and I were lucky.

      • Susan Jendro

        We lived in a town where every body new every body else, I took a pencil one time and before I got home my parents knew and met me at a the door. First I was taught that our family is better than that, and had my hind end tanned real good. Then they took me to the store apologize to the owners and give back the pencil. I have never forgotten the disappointment on my dads face when I got home. I have never stolen anything since.

      • Lockmanxo

        It was more awesome when parents just stood quietly as uncle blasted rock salt at rear ends..a very painful lesson not to steal

      • Kathy McKinny

        but NOWdays, that is called “shaming” by the libs and NOT tolerated. WHO CARES if they become criminals, as long as their FEELINGS don’t get hurt!! Good GOD, NO WONDER we are in the mess we are today.

    • boxie0406

      See?? Good on your momma.

    • katie

      Same here. When I was 5 I stole a cherry Chapstick from a K-Mart; my parents found out and we went back to store the next day to speak to the manager (I probably got a spanking, too, but I don’t remember). I remember having to confess and the lady seemed like a giant to me! To this day I can’t stand cherry-flavored Chapstick or any other cherry-flavored thing!

    • oeb25

      and there’s video still around, right?

  • JaneB

    I agree with everything he did up to posting it on social media. I would not have done that.

    • acapellaluv

      In this web based society, I thought it was perfect..She has something to look back on & remember, this was the day her daddy showed her he loved her enough to set her up, for a thinking before I do something I’ll regret/crime free, kind of life, that she can then pass on to her kids..

    • Without this being filmed and posted for all to see the humiliation would have been very insignificant and the lesson short lived and learned.

  • Glenda Powell

    Well done, Dad! You taught your daughter a priceless lesson that I’m betting she will never forget and that she will share with others (including her future children). The world needs more parents like you!

  • KWT

    2 thumbs up for this Dad…

  • Paula

    good job Dad

  • Vonstaad

    I wish I could shake this gentleman’s hand. These are model parents, from what I see in the video.

  • tinaree123

    I did the same thing with my three boys when I found the stash of cap guns they had stolen. I walked them in with the goods, made them confess and then work it off by bringing in the grocery carts for 3 days. That ended that!!! I bet that father’s parent did the same thing with him.

  • fistfulofrain

    I remember when I was in kindergarten in Tucson, AZ and I went with my sister and my mom to a small Walgreens-like store. Well, I saw a set of plastic rings with what appeared to be sparkling gems hanging from a hook on one of the toy-department shelves. I thought these “jewels” were the prettiest things I’d ever seen and though I knew my family couldn’t afford to buy them, I took them out of the paper and plastic and put them into my pocket. We then left the store and I for some reason decided to leave one of this little rings atop my mom’s, my sister and my little brother’s beds hoping they’d think some type magic had made the “jewels” appear atop each of their beds. Of course, my older sister told my mother that I’d taken these items and the next morning my mother

  • Ricky W. Smithers

    Well it’s all been said , kudos to you sir.!!!!

  • Rob Pitman

    Hats off to Dad AND mom!

  • James Ogozaly

    Great Job dad we need more parents like you in this country

  • Wayne Adamski


  • andy hazel

    I was told from a very young age “nothing stolen ever belongs to you”. I never stole anything and never wanted anything I could not afford to buy. This is lesson this dad is teaching hisdaughter and is doing it out of love.

  • Lori Mcgaa

    Awesome job dad! We need more parents like you to save this generation.

  • Fran Russell

    I did that with my son with a pack of gum he took.

  • cassie1655

    So very proud of this father. It’s obvious he was raised right and is now doing the same with his daughter. If only more parents would teach their children right from wrong.

    • boxie0406

      Yes…Dad…..thank your mom and dad for raising YOU right!


    I did this with one of my son’s after I saw him throw away a package of chewing gum. I made him pick it up and marched back inside the store and had him give it to a guard and apologize for taking it in the first place. My son is a grown man now and turned out great.

  • Byron Shutt

    Good Dad’s learn to say NO, learn to do the tough stuff like discipline. Then be there to catch them when they fall, give them hand to get back up, with a warm hug and reassurance that they can do it.

  • Dusty

    Yup…did that myself with a piece of Bazooka Bubblegum at about 5 years old. Mom took me back to the store and made me admit my crime and return the gum to the store owner, who in turn explained his right to have me arrested and put in jail. (She found it in my pocket.) That was 50 years ago and I still remember it like it happened yesterday. I never did it again.

    • boxie0406

      People today do not realize it is a domino effect. So you get away with it at 8…so you think at 10 you can get away with it like this girl….then you do…so when the teller at the bank gives you $10 too much,,you think “win” never knowing that comes out of their pocket when you do that…and the waitress who does a great job for you only gets a 5% tip or less…you think “Win”…but their kid, who needs new shoes, has to wait another month. Stealing, not tipping at least 20% for good service (and I have never been a waitress,,,so don’t go there), and thinking you have gotten something over someone else… Unloving at best, and completely narcissistic at worse, (We used to call that conceited….and that was the worse thing you wanted to be called….narcissistic is worse.)

  • Makesmegiggle

    Great job Dad! You did the right thing. Your daughter does not know it now, but you LOVE her!

  • Cherokee Kid

    If more parents took the time to teach, redirect and teach again like this father, our country would be in a much better place!

  • Al Johnson

    Good job

  • John

    This father cares about his child. He loves her. He stood beside his daughter and shared the humiliation and disappointment with her in public. He is a man of character and takes his responsibility as a parent seriously. We need more men just like him.

  • fern1212

    I’m glad he did that. When my daughter stole some stuff, I asked her Daddy to take her back to the store and take care of this issue. He stayed in the car, told her to go in and return the items to the shelf and didn’t insist she talk to the manager or nothing. I was shocked, and ashamed with the way he handled it. But I don’t think she ever took anything again. She is now a successful 42 yr old and very honest and a caring person. I love her to pieces.

    • boxie0406

      ((((Fern))))) Hugs and kudos to you.

  • Heather Vance-Nelson

    Well done Dad!

  • sylviasusan

    I did the same thing with my son but he was only 8 at the time. Needless to say, but he never stole again, because he felt so embarrassed by the man he stole from when he asked “why did you steal from me?” I’m no angel either when I was young I stole also but my mom took me back to the store to face who I stole from and it worked!

    • boxie0406

      silviasusan,,,you and your son are double blessed.

      • sylviasusan

        I hope so and thank you. To be honest I was so ashamed and felt an inch tall when these people who I knew well and were always nice to me were still nice to me, I learned a lesson in Christ that day.

  • Federico Gialone

    That was some of the bestparenting skills I’ve seen in a long long time good for you my hats off to you sir

  • Pazorec

    Dad, you are the man! Thank you for trying and going through all of the pain it took for you to do this for your daughter’s future! God Bless you

  • Mike Martin

    Now…….that is how parenting is done !! Great job pop. 🙂

    • boxie0406

      and mommy

  • Jim Miller

    I wish we can do that with POLITICIANS and make them return the money they waste from TAXPAYERS

    Kudos to a great Dad.

  • Linda Delp Jones Powers

    Good for you DAD/ My mom did that to me when I was 6 (1951) and stole some gum from our local grocery store. I never did that again.

  • OnMyHonor

    Good for dad! I’ll bet they won’t have this problem ever again!

  • Lynne Childress Schlaufman

    I did the same thing to my older daughter. She was about the same age and put a pack of gum in her pocket. She had to take it back inside the store and give it to the manager and apologize. I’m pretty sure she never took anything again.

  • Lin

    Nothing ‘bizarre’ about the AWESOME dad filming this. Hopefully more dads-parents will take these steps if they find out their kid has done this.

  • That is a GREAT dad!

    • boxie0406

      That is a daddy. Girls need a Daddy…but NEVER for their Daddy to be their best friend…that happens when they marry. So many today don’t understand that. My Daddy got me thru the worse of times…and loved me enough to discipline me, tell me to go change my clothes…and Lord…get OUT of that 2 piece…lol God bless him. My hubs is my best friend, loves me for me, and tolerates what I choose to do. That is the way it should be. There is a distinct difference…by both men who love us.

  • Carl Rulli

    My dad did something similar to me when I stole a pack of gum from a comvience store at eight years old. I was so humiliated that I never did anything like that ever again. Thanks dad for the lesson learned.

  • godbdian

    we need more dads like that,there would be less thugery and thefts like has been happening recently

  • thirdday07

    Any good parent would have done the same thing. There was, however, absolutely no good reason that Dad should have filmed this, drawing comments from the public. This should have been a private family matter!!!

    • el Malario

      Respectfully disagree. This Future Model Citizen (thanks, Mom and Dad!) probably has a social network presence and all her FB friends and more will see it and some might actually learn from her mistake/ordeal. Tough lesson? Yes. But Tough Love works. I promise whatever kids this young lady may have in her future will grow up in a respectable household. 3rd, I get where you’re coming from and I’m not arguing, but her young life would be way more screwed up if she weren’t taught a little humility from some loving parents.

    • There absolutely is a good reason for filming this. The humiliation would be a drop in the bucket and very short lived if he hadn’t. Putting this on the internet, a place that young people and their peers practically live on, is the best way to make this a memorable humiliation. There is absolutely nothing ‘private’ about stealing from a store. The costs of thefts can be and many times are passed on to us, the consumers.

  • JPM

    Classic example of how it doesn’t take a village to raise a child but loving parents, he might have embarrassed her for now but she will never forget what she learned, I had to do almost the same thing to my daughter when she was 8 and she hasn’t stolen again as far as I know. good for these parents and we need more like them.

    • boxie0406

      And more like you JPM.

  • Gail Bryant

    That is exactly what my mom did to me when I was five and stole a piece of bubblegum from the drug store. I NEVER stole anything again. I still remember how embarrassed I was.. I can’t imagine how my mother felt. She didn’t call the police.

  • kikz2

    a parent doing their job…

  • DHill

    Someday she will tell all her friends what a great Dad she has. The world needs more great Dad’s like this!

  • BBB9875

    Proud of you mom and dad ! I hope she has learned a valuable lesson!

  • madalon baum

    Kudos to this dad. Shows he knows what’s going on with his kids. Although she probably doesn’t think so right now, she’s a lucky little girl!!

  • TJefferson44

    Shame is a preferable alternative to prison later in life. My respects to a real father who loves his daughter enough to lead her down the right path.

  • Teckla

    Good job dad

  • Big Daddy 103

    she sure wont i am 61 and i remember taking a flash lite out of some ones pumpkin on halloween and my dad took me back to the peoples house the next day. oh i will never for get that lol

  • Lumph

    Too many parents are lazy – this is the way parenting SHOULD be done! Bravo Dad!

  • Karole Conaway

    Fantastic father! That lesson will stay with her forever! The same lesson has been in my head for over 60 years. She will never steal anything again!

  • Larry Notton

    The most poignant point, in this article, is that she had s father, and a caring one to boot! With the breakdown of the family structure, resulting in single parent households, kids are often left to fend for themselves, often creating the framework, for subsequent criminal lifestyles!

  • boxie0406

    This is a real Daddy and Mommy. They love enough to do what is best for their child…not what is best for them. I know they don’t want to be thanked for being normal. How sad is it, that we feel compelled to thank or give kudos to parents who are parents?

  • Bobby

    My mom did the same thing to me when I was 4 or 5. I stole a 1 cent piece of bubble gum from a grocery store (about 48 years ago now) and I can remember that lesson like it was yesterday. Thank you to this responsible dad. Don’t forget to let her know how much you love her after she has time to think it over though. Kudo’s.

  • Curt Wichman

    god bless you mom and dad. for NOT losing control, and handling this very unfortunate issue with grace and love, i hope your beautiful little girl has learned a valuable life lesson.

  • lardnk

    WHAT A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • boxie0406

      and a terrific and supporting mom

  • Bruce Christopherson

    One day she’ll realize how lucky she is to have a mom AND a dad who care enough about her to teach her what is right.

  • Pat Hollingsworth

    good for you. she will remember this. my 5 yr old tried it ONE time for candy and got marched right back in to do the same—-but a ten yr old—–!!! stick to your methods Dad. Honesty and integrity is taught very well this way. We need more parent like you. my parents believed in spanking too.

  • Lois Elmore

    I Stand with Dad….a good parent…he loves his daughter and he shows it. Too many do not care. Thanks for caring enough to help her right a wrong.

  • Tammy Region Landreth

    great parenting,Sir! I commend you, we sure need more, many more parents like you. Btw, I never call anyone Sir, but you have my utmost respect! She will be so much better for this and will thank you one day!

  • puddin

    What a awesome dad and that is something that she will remember forever I know because my mom did something similar to me I tell you what it was worse than any spanking I ever had. What a great dad

  • David Riley

    My Mom used to make me do that too, when I shoplifted. Trust me, it is embarassing enough it will usually break a kid of stealing for good!


    Awsome Dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now only if we could get Sharpdumb and the gang out of the mix our kids would stand a chance…….Amazing Dad!!!! Kudos and applause to you sir !!

  • law abiding tax payer

    Good Dad!

  • Muriel A Riches

    he will never have to bail her out of jail.Lesson learned great dad he nipped it in the bud.

  • craftykris

    As hard as that was to watch this little girl go back and confess it was so refreshing to see these parents do the right thing!! Not only is she learning that there are repercussions to her wrong-doing but her parents are showing her that she is worth being taught what is right and wrong and while she may not see it now, she will when she gets older. Bravo parents!!

  • 2gd4u2

    Behavior Breeds Behavior…..

  • Jackie Gene

    This little girl is so lucky to have a Father to do this to her, She will grow up to be a good citizen ad become someone, So many girls dont have fathers to do this, Dad You are a HERO, May God bless you in many ways, She is so lucky,

  • James Carney Sr.

    I’m 46 now, but when I was 6 or 7 years old i had taken a little hotwheel from k-mart. when my family got home and my mother found out she took me back to k-mart and minus the whole recording thing made me return it and apologize for doing it. I can say that that experience kept me from ever stealing again. I personally know a couple kids that i was involved with their mother and they have sticky fingers. i caught one of them trying to take something from a store and stopped them. I then made it very clear that no one steal anything while i m around and if i catch them they are in big trouble. I don’t go for that crap! if you can’t afford it then you don’t need it!

    Good for her Dad and you can only hope that she learned her lesson!

  • Wowza

    When I was young I stole a Coke A Cola yo yo. My Mother made me take it back in and tell the manager what I did, but I didn’t get the option of paying for it. Although she was humiliated into possibly never doing it again, she still walked out with the item she stole. tsk tsk.

  • country girl

    We need more parents like this. Catch them young and teach them better. Kudos to you dad, your daughter should thank you for caring enough about her to make her do the right thing.

  • Fred Searcy

    i done the exact same thing to one of my daughters good for him but i do have to say she removed the security device this was definitely not her first time

  • thorton

    Great job Dad, we need more of you out there looking out after there kids behavior

  • Wagz

    I think the dad is awesome for what he did…I think his daughter is only sorry she got caught and probably will do it again. I’ve notice a common thread in the comments below…we all got spankings for misbehavior…you do that today and the police will be at your door!! What has this country, this world come to????

  • Selkiescot

    This is a good Father. It’s easier tom ignore the behaviour than do the work to raise your children right. God for you Dad.

  • Melissa

    My daughter once stole candy from a store and I did the same thing as this father once I learned about it. With this being said, my daughter is also a type 1 diabetic and her blood sugar was very low, & the sensei at her karate studio wouldnt listen to her when she asked them for her glucose tablets. They brushed her off, so she panicked. Im not sure which was worse. Her being ignored by those whom I’d entrusted her safety with, or her feeling het only option was to steal. For those wondering, I had dropped her off for her karate lesson and learned of this entire incident when i picked her up from her lesson. Needless to say, we left her karate studio for good after this incident.

  • rollin in my chair

    I’ll bet sge’s not so soft spoken on the bus going to school

  • Debbie

    Good job Dad! She’ll probably never do that again!

  • ted1478

    Good that she had a mom and dad that cared. What about the 75% of ghetto kids that have no fathers?

  • nancyj1922

    I am glad to see that these parents think that this take what you want mentality is not acceptable. This little girl is lucky to have parents that care if she is raised right. I hope that she learns from this.

  • Nancy Robbins

    I heard the manager telling the father she appreciated him doing that., he’s the first one. that’s very sad, because kids steal from Walmart frequently.

  • Bart Hawkins

    The astonishing part of this story…..that such a reaction is SO uncommon its mere happening has becomes a news moment.

    I don’t think that the punishment was severe enough….awwwwww, poor thing had to go back to the store? Pay for the item? Go find a like item so it could be scanned? And…oh my!!! actually apologize?

    All that said, good for you, Dad. Most abhor shaming, but shaming HAS its place.

  • lstarr55

    This isn’t an easy thing for a parent to do. This little one shamed herself, but even worse, shamed her dad. I applaud the dad for what he did. I wish there were more parents like him! Excellent move, dad!

  • kittykat

    This is what a parent SHOULD do. Good for you, Dad. You are what’s right in the world. Because of you, your daughter has a chance in this world.

  • Brenda Connor

    “While some found it bizarre…” Seriously, I find it bizarre that some found this bizarre! What did you expect him to do? He loves his daughter enough to take the time to let her correct the error of her ways. I don’t call that shame at all. I call that a God lesson! Her dad did what God does for us. He gave her the chance to acknowledge her mistake, ask for forgiveness and make the right choice next time. He loved her before and he loved her more after…. Thanks Dad!

  • Maureen Pike

    Your a good Mom and Dad I had to do this once with my oldest Son he stole Balloons It was the last time he ever stole anything .. Good lesson Mom and Dad Keep up the good work

  • tracy

    good daddy girls and boys need more dads like that ,,, see fathers how important you are,,, hey im a mom we do a great job too just sometimes we need the man ya know good job dad

  • Kevin Kelly

    That Father is a Champion! If we don’t teach our kids right from wrong, Who’s going to? She will thank you later in life for being there and being a great role model!

  • Sheila Becker

    Good job Dad, you did the right thing

  • Jean DeGraef Olson

    GREAT JOB DAD! more PARENTS should be like this

  • Jacque Bick Beck

    Great Job Dad!!! That is how it is done!!

  • Jeanne Doyle

    Good for you Dad!!!!

  • Mango

    As a result, a 10 year old has been rescued from a career as a serial thief by her parent. Amazing what happens when personal responsibility, consequences for your actions, and admitting to your mistakes are actually enforced by parents.

  • Jess Yegge

    This is terrible. Not a healthy dose of shame. A healthy dose of shame is being reprimanded by her father and then by the store clerk. Not by being shamed in front of thousands on the internet for one mistake that many of us have probably committed ourselves. This father and all public-shaming fathers/mothers should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Brenda Golden

    Good father.

  • Linda

    That father is made of the “right stuff”…that little girl will remember that for the rest of her life and will grow up a much stronger person because of it. KUDOS to DAD!!!

  • Bryan Bell

    If only Trayvon Martin & Michael Brown had fathers like this one – it would have spared all of us the big loads of racist crap spread by Sharpton & his racist friends, like the racist Black Panthers (endorsed by the attorney general no less). I bet this dad would never let his daughter believe that black lives don’t matter to white cops, or that Michael Brown was a little toddler with his hands up begging not to be executed, or that Trayvon just went to the candy store..Shheeeesshh

  • William Stearns

    Congratulations to good parenting!!!! The only criticism I have is that the child should not have gotten to keep what she stole even after paying for it.

  • Tracey Jennings Driskill

    Way to go dad you handled that perfectly. … we need more parents like you

  • emory557

    We sure need more parents like this.

  • Alisha

    I did it to my child. She was 8 and stole from a .99 cent store. I drove her right to the police. I will never forget it. He was pumping gas. Pulled right up made her tell what she did. Now she is grown she never stole again! Stuff love works. Great job Dad and Mom

  • Larry Bobbitt

    Glad to see this father teach his child right from wrong

  • donna426

    Thumbs up for dad. He really really loves his daughter. I hope someday she will see it.

  • Matt Henson

    Great Dad I Would Like To Shake His Hand .

  • thank you

    That’s a wonderful mom and dad. YOU have instilled a great lesson to your daughter

  • oeb25

    agree with dad taking her back the store, making her apologize and pay…but posting on the internet? WAY over the top. Shame is one thing. But this video will be around forEVER punishing this girl over and over.

  • Cheryl Evans

    Good Dad! When I was little my dad had a store. I thought since it was his store that anything there was free to me. I took something & Mom found out. She marched me back in there & made me confess to the ladies that worked there as well as to my dad. It left a lasting imagine on my brain. Never took anything again. I thought I would die of shame. But Mom was right. You don’t learn anything if you are allowed to get away with every thing.

  • gracecc5249

    Smart Dad! She most likely won’t forget this, especially with facebook.

  • redeemed357


  • deboretta

    Humiliating I’m sure but she prob won’t be doing that again any time soon. Good on you Dad but please tell her that you still love her.

  • RonH

    This is what a father is all about, I salute you sir…but make sure that she knows that you love her

  • Buypass

    Now that’s a Real man and Father.

  • pete

    I too had to take a child back to a Walgreens, and made him tell the store manager what he had done and he returned the item he had taken! The manager told him that every time he came into the store after that, he would be watching him with the store cameras and he would be placed in Police custody if he did it again. He never did it again, and he is now a father himself. I can only hope he’s passed this lesson on to his children!

  • bigsurprise

    I applaud him and appreciate his taking her back to confess and pay and account for this to teach her a lesson …IF he wanted to record it to show her later if need be , ok…But I do not think he needed to post it .

  • Dee

    Good on you Dad.
    I did something similar my son was caught by the store. I could have let it go with him paying for the soda he took (he also had money in his pocket)but he had both of his younger sister with him and showed no remorse in taking the soda only in getting caught. He needed a wakeup call before he was old enough for his actions to wreck his life, l chose to proceed with the juvenile process where we lived.I did this for several reasons:1ST :since he was a minor as long as he got in no other trouble this event would be expunged from his record. 2nd : program showed him there were serious repiccusion to his actions if he broke the law.
    As a parent I feel that I must give my children the best guidance available either from myself or other knowledgeable sources. In this case I felt I just wasn’t reaching my son, so I ask for and received help. 14 years later I’m happy to say he is happily married, a father and has worked for the same company for nearly 11 years.
    Making excuses for our children’s behavior instead of correcting it is not doing them any favors.

  • MontieR

    One of my kids stole some crap from a store across the highway and when I found out I took her to the store owner and made her apologise AND she worked off the price of the items by cleaning the store bathrooms included.

  • Lady Liberty

    Too bad this guy wasn’t the coach of the Little League team in Chicago. They could use a good role model.

  • Mark Tallman

    This is outstanding!!! This is great parenting. This is what we need MUCH more of.

  • faith

    What lesson did she learn. . Dad gave her the $ see him hand it to her in the store. . Then all she does is stand there and dad does the talking.. even thogh dad tried to teach her a lesson about not to steal.. what i learned was ..she got dad wrapped around her fingers.

  • badman400

    This is a pivotal point in that child’s life. This experience, with the father’s help will probably mean the difference between this girl becoming a successful member of society with a well balanced sense of right and wrong, or becoming a criminal with no future. This father cares and his daughter is fortunate to have him, though she might not think so at the moment.

  • chocobabichan

    She will remember this lesson for the rest of her life.

  • Good for you, Dad! Too bad she’s only sorry she got caught, not that she stole the item. I do hope she learns the lesson, tho, instead of just being pissed at her father. :/

  • psw2001

    Now that’s a DAD, not just a sperm donor. We need more MEN like this dad in the world today.

  • former enova user

    What a good dad! He taught his daughter that what she did was wrong. I hope she learned a valuable lesson from her father.

  • Henry Byler

    I did this same thing to my son many years ago, with the full support of my wife. She is the one who asked me to take him back to the store to give it back and apologize. He stole a candy bar. I think this type of thing is so important and also why the crime rate is so high when the (especially sons) have no father there to model and sometimes enforce moral actions.

  • Timothy Davis

    That is a GREAT dad!!

  • CE from Albany

    great, loving Dad! Thank you sir for loving your daughter and teaching her right from wrong.

  • odinsthunder

    Decades ago my 8 year old son had to make that same long walk of shame with me over a couple candy bars from the local grocery store. The store manager dutifully banned him from the store for two weeks unless he was with his mother. Good lesson, he grew up to be an honest man and wonderful dad….

  • Edward Simons

    Very good parenting. The father taught her a lesson and I hope it sticks. We need more parents like this.

  • Stephen Brewer

    Her last name is his and her actions are attached to it.

  • Golfer1113

    A real FATHER at work. She will grow up better due to his actions.

  • Nancy Pryor

    Same technique worked for my youngest daughter. The kicker for her was when we got home she had to tell her dad as well. You have to love your child enough to say “No” when they are going in the wrong direction.

  • cynicrealist

    hooray for dad!!!! more kids need dads, not just fathers. anyone can be a father but not many can be a dad.

  • Laura Lodygowski

    This is a GREAT father!!!

  • T Anne

    YOU bet when I was about 4, my Mom did the very same thing to me…………..I thought I could shop too and picked up some of the some “club pencils” folks used at card parties……..I was so thoroughly mortified even at that age, I NEVER ever stole anything since…………….lesson well learned for sure………………………I warned my children that the same thing would happen to them if they did such a thing……………….

  • Ric Pasley

    I wouldn’t worry much about it no harm no foul

  • Shhelb

    The sad thing is, someone had to show her how to take them out of the package so that the barcode didn’t set off the alarm at the door. This kid is only 10. Dad needs to talk to the parents of her friends. They are most likely doing it too.

  • Patti Visyak

    Good for you, Sir. This is a lesson that will teach her over & over in her life time. I am very proud of her also. What a sweet little girl 🙂

  • Melanie Schielder

    now that IS parenting, I wish more parents did this, kids now a days have no respect for anything or any body

  • silly girl

    yeah, next time she won’t let the old man catch her. she took it out of the package, she is not a biginner

  • Dee

    That’s good parenting!!! That’s what all good parents should do !!

  • You_R_Responsible

    Father of the year award! Best lesson this young girl could have been given and one day she will appreciate her father’s tough love.

  • Quantcast

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