After Teammates Boycott Trump White House Visit, Tom Brady’s ‘Response’ Sets Internet on FIRE

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Several members of the New England Patriots have announced that they will not be joining their teammates when the team does the traditional visit that Super Bowl winners take to the White House, with President Donald J. Trump.

According to IJReview, the team members are tight end Marcellus Bennett, defensive tackle Alan Branch, linebacker Dont’a Hightower, defensive end Chris Long, running back LeGarrette Blount, and defensive back Devin McCourty.

Blount, McCourty and Bennett have all indicated they are skipping because of President Trump and they do not ‘feel welcome” at the Trump White House.

Blount even sharply called itthat house”…

Chris Long said he had “planned on skipping” for family reasons, not that he was joining those who were doing it as a political statement against Donald Trump.

But as IJR notes, Tom Brady may have “thrown some major shade” for his skipping teammates with this Instagram post.

Many people believe that Brady, who is a a friend of President Donald Trump, meant his strong message for his teammates.

The case seems particularly strong as it came nearly a week after their Super Bowl win, as talk of a Trump boycott by the players dominates discussion on the very liberal ESPN.

If so, he nailed it.

The other players can stay home, they’re perfectly within their rights.

But the White House visit is to recognize the achievements of the team, not to endorse or honor President Donald Trump.

Not everything has to be a political battle…which liberals seem intent on doing with nearly every issue, particularly on race.

  • Gladys Wood

    Those fools don’t deserve to go to the White House! Little men playing games off the field.

    • Bob

      Its the flavor off the week for them. Some where wittled down in that concussed cranium is a giant racist screaming to get out. Crying because you support only your views on ploitics gets you one thing. More lost elections. Victims they are not, all though they’ll stay on the democratic plantation furthering their own destruction in their cities where NO ONE wants to live. They’ll continue to buy into the MSM propoganda until they realize its never been about helping them or supporting their cause, but about assuring the leaders of their party that they’ll vote one way only regardless of circumstances.

  • Doncharles715

    Screw them all that are the black members of the team. They can go to hell.

  • Laura Mullen

    The president of the United states invited the team to the white house. These players who have found great sporting and financial rewards in this country want to dis their president and the office he holds. You don’t have to agree with him, but how dare you disrespect the office of the president. If white players had done the exact same thing to president Obama you would have called them racists. You players should examine your own possible racism.

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  • Gayle Bromley

    All the players that do not going to the White House are totally Stupid. Taking a knee, not going to the White House, This is why I will NEVER watch Football again.

  • Greg Miller


  • Mcreynolds

    Should not be given the ring unless you attend.

    • Sammie Jo

      That’s stupid, they got the ring for winning the super bowl, has nothing to do with anything else. We don’t force people to attend anything in this country.
      You’re the type that gives conservatives a bad name.

      • Sam Beaux

        We force everyone to buy Obamacare.

      • catlady

        it’s called RESPECT which you don’t seem to understand

      • Mcreynolds

        Please don’t comment on a mans sport, go make me a sammich.

  • Albert Schmitlap.

    I guess he would “Feel” more welcome with “His own kind” in the White House, huh. Sounds RACIST to me. And if this were turned around, This nimrod would be looking for another team to play on,,,you we KNOW that…disgusting Jocks.

  • Davey Dunn

    they would go see the quran pig obama just dumb men strong weak mines

  • Frank Hill

    United we stand, divided we fall. This nation is being divided, so that it will fall. Unless people start pulling together as citizens of the United States, things will evolve into a war amongst ourselves. Remember, the pathway to Hell is paved with good intentions. Being a team player also means acting like a team, at least do it for the children who look up to you all as a role model.

  • Soloflyght1

    Tom Brady is a big hypocrite, he has never been to the White house when BARACK OBAMA was in office? So when TOM BRADY does it, it’s okay but when everybody else does it it’s un-american? By the way, there are a lot of athletes who have not visited the White House.

  • Paul MacKay

    So… a man who himself declined to visit a president he didn’t care for has the audacity to call out others for doing the exact same thing he did. Yeah. Some people are hypocrites. Tom Brady apparently is one of those people.

    Wonder if he’s going to be getting sacked a bit more next season. Maybe have a career ending knee injury.Things happen…sometimes guards miss their blocks. Oops.

  • We force everyone to buy Obamacare.

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