After Students Start Brawling in His Classroom, The Teacher Takes Off His Belt…


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

In a new cellphone video just hitting the Internet, a group of students are seen brawling in the middle of a classroom as desks and chairs crash and kids start to scatter.

But within seconds the teacher — approached the battle among four boys squirming on the floor and introduced them to a little old fashioned tool of discipline — his belt:

Whoa! We are used to video after video of teachers standing back, scared to intervene, while student beat the crap out of each other, even male on female violence.

Not this guy. Old school.

He brought the belt down on the group three times, quickly ending the fight as some students giggled and another squealed over and over again in terror. As the shocked students settled down amid their completely trashed surroundings, the teacher dictated the class’ obvious next order of business: “Clean this room up!”

It’s unclear when or where the clip, posted to Live Leak on Friday, was recorded. The students appear to be wearing uniforms of some type, which could indicate they’re from a private school.

Based on comments on YouTube, most people seemed to back the teacher’s actions:

– They need this guy to travel and lecture at EVERY school in the US.  If the kids didn’t act like animals then they wouldn’t need to be treated like wild animals.

– More of this is required. I also like the way they scrambled, like cockroaches being hit with light.

– back in the day if you crossed Sister dirty harry or Sister Charles Bronsen you got a a$$ whooping. then it was over no lawyers no notes to mom or dad it was just over and get on with business

-Looks like each student got one whack on the backside. And that was enough. It works.

-Let the lawsuits begin….although I would shake his hand if I had the opportunity. THAT is EXACTLY what 90% of the little heathens need. A strong man with the gumption to dole out the outcome that they need to experience when they behave like thugs.



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