After Students Start Brawling in His Classroom, The Teacher Takes Off His Belt…


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

In a new cellphone video just hitting the Internet, a group of students are seen brawling in the middle of a classroom as desks and chairs crash and kids start to scatter.

But within seconds the teacher — approached the battle among four boys squirming on the floor and introduced them to a little old fashioned tool of discipline — his belt:

Whoa! We are used to video after video of teachers standing back, scared to intervene, while student beat the crap out of each other, even male on female violence.

Not this guy. Old school.

He brought the belt down on the group three times, quickly ending the fight as some students giggled and another squealed over and over again in terror. As the shocked students settled down amid their completely trashed surroundings, the teacher dictated the class’ obvious next order of business: “Clean this room up!”

It’s unclear when or where the clip, posted to Live Leak on Friday, was recorded. The students appear to be wearing uniforms of some type, which could indicate they’re from a private school.

Based on comments on YouTube, most people seemed to back the teacher’s actions:

– They need this guy to travel and lecture at EVERY school in the US.  If the kids didn’t act like animals then they wouldn’t need to be treated like wild animals.

– More of this is required. I also like the way they scrambled, like cockroaches being hit with light.

– back in the day if you crossed Sister dirty harry or Sister Charles Bronsen you got a a$$ whooping. then it was over no lawyers no notes to mom or dad it was just over and get on with business

-Looks like each student got one whack on the backside. And that was enough. It works.

-Let the lawsuits begin….although I would shake his hand if I had the opportunity. THAT is EXACTLY what 90% of the little heathens need. A strong man with the gumption to dole out the outcome that they need to experience when they behave like thugs.


  • Marty Torrez

    What they probably are not used to, a Father’s Discipline!

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  • Ed Woodson

    A little Leather across the Buttocks will do wonders. Betting they don’t decide to fight in his class again.

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  • JoeThePimpernel

    But… but.. but….

    …their self-esteem!

    What will happen to their high self-esteem for no apparent reason?

  • fistfulofrain

    Nice work, Teacher! Back in the day, things like this kept students from acting like idiots, our educational system needs more of this type discipline!

  • Oingo Boingo

    Looks like it is in Jamaica,

  • Dianne Johnson

    I am SICK of the slugs who use comments for ADVERTISING!!! Anyone who replies to them needs to have their head examined. DO NOT REPLY TO SPAMMERS!!!!!

    • LaFlare1017

      Honestly this site just needs an active moderator.

  • oldschoolgal

    If it was in America, the teacher probably lost his job, went to jail, parents sued the school, and poor little John will grow up to be a gangster. Sad America.

  • bigshow23

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  • kikz2


  • Carolyn Burton

    It doesn’t tell the name of the school or teacher – I would love to back this teacher up – students have no right to be disruptive in the classroom denying an education to those who would actually like to learn

    • jamesbond

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  • CraxyD

    Anyone notice the one was screeching like a frightened monkey?

  • Ffhs

    Good job! This teacher deserves an award for teaching and parenting!!!!!!! This guy needs to be in every classroom of America!

  • Mark Yarbrough

    Unfortunately, it is HE who will be disciplined; unless this is a private school where allowing corporal punishment is part of the parental agreement for enrollment. Sad…

  • formercanuck

    I wish they had this down here in California… its effectively a ‘hands off’ state. I had something not far from this when I lived up in Canada. Public Catholic school (yes it does exist). You cross the nuns and you were in trouble… next step – principle’s office and the strap. A little bit of fear kept people in line. Yes – the strap was actually used. This was in the 80’s no less.
    School was a few steps lighter than boot camp, but you get the idea.

  • You_R_Responsible

    That was great… brought back good memories… anyone else remember the metal rulers on the knuckles too?

    You don’t have to beat a kid to get his/her attention. One swift whack will usually do it. I see nothing wrong with what he did… it is called discipline and we need more of it today.

  • adobong_paksiw

    Well, if the teacher had been white…….nuff said, I guess

  • Kathleen


  • JustStop

    Kuddos to this teacher. Apparently these kids are lacking this at home.

  • Nash Montana

    I’m gonna take a guess here and state that none of these yufs ever have to worry about a dad at home doling out any discipline. Poor babies.

  • calypsodancler

    Ok hope someone starts a gofundme account for this brave teacher’s upcoming legal defense!

  • Ithamar

    First, don’t believe he was the teacher, but an assistant principal/discipline coordinator on staff. Fight is already in progress for a time, he comes in with hat on and takes immediate action. Teacher is hiding behind desk. There will be no lawsuit, majority are black students and he is black. Corporal punishment is legal in public schools in many Southern states. My son teaches in a inner-city black school in a large Southern city, and this would be common practice. To withhold physical correction from students, especially young blacks, would be to consign them to a life filled with failure and disaster.

  • MyQHFilly

    Good for him. I hope he doesn’t get fired.

  • friend56

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  • illiniwek

    Good for him!!!

  • Weepleget

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