After Republicans Tease Obama for SOTU Line, He Responds with a Humorless Hissy Fit

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by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Is this the reaction of a self-assured, dignified leader? Or something else?

At his State of the Union (SOTU) Address tonight, Obama was supposed to deliver these lines:

I have no more campaigns to run. My only agenda for the next two years is the same as the one I’ve had since the day I swore an oath on the steps of this Capitol — to do what I believe is best for America.

But a handful of Republicans (barely) interrupted him with a smattering of mock applause after the first line.

Surprisingly, Obama could not just let it go, but snapped back with a reaction that did not seem particularly “presidential”:

Does this petty response seem like a man who confidently knows he has the support of the people? Or one still bitter after a stinging midterm loss that handed Republicans their largest Congressional majority since 1920?

Or as the ever-classy Margaret Thatcher once said: “Power is like being a lady… if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

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  • 1KR

    “won both of them” – that’s debatable. to say the least.

    • Duh

      By won, he meant purchased, at least in 2012.

      • Cliff_Skridlow

        2008 as well, with all of the illegal foreign donations that poured in that were small enough to not require reporting to the FEC.

      • conservohater

        The republican party sucks in money from big donors, then turns around and does their bidding, Obamas money cane from regular people donating $50 if they could, who has the country’s interests in mind? Not republicans, you are like herpes a disease with no cure.

        • JULIANA

          Do you ever watch or read the news??? The big donars as you call it, like PG&E, all his Hollywood cronies, the CEO of most of our corporations are Demonrats…the rich are getting richer…the poor are poorer…Why do you think the R’s took both the House and Senate…To rid ourselves of this racist dicator!!! Keep your head in the sand…and your ass out of a voting booth!!! Americans don’t like paying for politicans lifestyle…and their rich cronies…

        • noname

          you should check the money trail source. George Soros is a big supporter of BO and the demoncrats, and he has billions more than the Koch brothers that the demoncrats would have you believe are evil. Personally, I am tired of anybody buying any favors in the WH or Congress. It is time elected officials start doing what is right for the country.

    • Peter L Marzullo

      If he added by fraud and deceit to his remark it would have been the first thing he ever said that I could believe.

    • Liss Firefly

      Bush won both of them too. NOT that big of a deal.

  • How does he have a two year agenda? Maybe I misunderstood something. He only has about one more year in office.

    • Barbara Whitley

      He is in office for 739 more days . That is until jan. 2017. The elections are held in November 2016…

      • Biff

        His term ends in 739 days. That doesn’t mean he’ll still be warming the chair there.

        • Bobby Withrow

          No.. hes keeping the golf course warm

      • jansav

        Good grief I can’t survive that much longer!

      • Ugh! That’s right. Two years. It’s going to be a long two years.

      • Patricia Warren

        Bringing in his own party votes via illegal aliens.

    • Dave

      He has the rest of 2015 and all of 2016. There will be an election for the next president in 2016, but the new president won’t take office until January 2017

    • Glenda Thomas

      THANK GOD!

    • Brad Lehman

      2015 and 2016 Two more years.

      • Sam Damon

        He can still do a lot more damage in his two remaining years.

      • Thank you. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Maybe it was wishful thinking on my part that he would be departing in 2016. His policies often frighten me.

    • —j

      What an idiot! He has one day less than 24 months!

  • Tinaw1969

    Second time was rigged…dead people and more! No way he would have “won” a second term if it really was up to the citizens of this country! The living ones!

    • Grizzled_Gringo

      So was the first…remember ACORN?

    • dumbtoo

      Sounds like the real hissy fit is coming from the OP on this one. Disrespect a mans speech to the union, he keeps the high ground, and youre whining. Thanks for coming out, stcik to being conservative and maybe he wont serve you up like lloyd did billy in 4C.

      • Higher ground???? He has never been on the higher ground…Always a petty, bitter little man…

        • ObamaLover

          Hell, I would be more bitter if I’d been subjected to the racist nutjob statements you see online over and over and over again. Wouldn’t you? I loved the comeback to the pissy little whiny GOP! And I LOVED the fact that they can’t get their act together, so they had at least 5 rebuttals? How many GOP leaders does it take to rebut one President? Don’t know, GOP has zero leadership! They even hate Boner!!!

          • aguyin734

            Ding, Ding, Ding! A WINNER! We wondered how long it would take for someone to call ‘racism.’ Sorry but being incompetent carries no color!

          • Ruby

            I’m sure most feel the way I do about being called racist in regards to Obama. How can we be racist if we don’t like the “white” half of him either? Oh, that’s right! You people who scream that we’re racist keeps forgetting that half of him. Just saying!

          • gimpy

            I am ashamed to admit he is part white, view him as black as coal.

          • juliana

            What a libtard!!! You need some History lessons…Why do you think the Republicans won the House and Senate??? Americans are sick of this Racist Dictator!!! It is ignorant uninformed pissy little whiny obama lovers…who still cheerlead for this dictator…cause you can’t wipe your own ass without governments help!!!

          • frances

            republicans won the house because us democrats did not see anything worthy of our support-meaning republicans- we will win in 2016 after we see all the damage the repubs are doing.

          • noname

            You do realize that in EVERY election there is a Democrat candidate AND a Republican candidate. There would be no reason to not support your democrat candidate if you wanted to.

          • icmcumn

            I somewhat agree with you. If I was you I wouldn’t for the same democratic, liberal, rhetorical BS either LOL I do remember him saying that his policies were on the ballot. Why would you vote for his BS twice and then not in a mid-term? You libs are wack as crack with your rhetoric.

          • David

            Off your meds I see.

          • MIKE B.

            You tell em Juliana

          • finding the truth

            LOL they won because nut case Conservative religious fanatic VOTE!! If the true america would come forward and VOTE You people would not stand a chance!!! they come out every 4 years..

          • Patricia Warren

            He’s the nut job, who has no nuts.

          • icmcumn

            Ole Joe said today he likes soft balls LOL

          • Dellburt

            It is funny that someone is dumb enough to actually have a name like this. I drive around and for the life of me can’t find an Qbama bumper sticker anymore. Only the low information Qbama sheep are dumb enough to expose themselves. Haha oh, hell this could be really you, is it? I am truly sorry Mr President.

          • R. Scott Stewart

            Racist? Which of the following is about his race?

            Fast and Furious. Lying about four dead in Benghazi. Supporting
            radical Islamists with arms, supplies, even war in Libya, Egypt, Palestine,
            Syria and Iraq, to the point of pushing us into World War had he not been
            stopped. Incapacitating troop’s ROEs in Afghanistan. Breaking the law to pass
            his deal trading terrorists for a traitor.

            Higher taxes, unbelievable debt, devalued dollar, lower standard
            of living, highest long term unemployment rate EVER.

            Domestic surveillance, military-style domestic “security
            forces,” purging and persecution of political opposition in the military.

            Applying legislation entirely at his own discretion without
            regard for what Congress clearly wrote when the laws were made. Announcing his
            intention to rule with pen and phone.

            Effectively opening America’s borders freely to foreign
            nationals. Inviting floods of illegals with promises of amnesty. (This was
            written back in 2113, long before the current crisis.)

            Political oppression and fraud through IRS and ACORN and New
            Black Panther thuggary. Basing claims there is no voter fraud on lack of prosecutions
            rather than evidence hundreds of thousands voted in multiple states and
            precincts, and polls acknowledging felons and illegals frequently cast ballots
            they have no legal right to.

            The train wreck of the ACA, Obamacare.

            Declaring he will simply decree his agenda without negotiating with the

            Further dividing the country by openly blaming opposition to all this on
            bigotry rather than on recognition of the truth, that Obama is a thug, a
            criminal, and a traitor.

            This isn’t even the half, just most of the worst.

            So I guess its you folks still thinking Obama’s some great leader who are the whackadoos.

      • Sam Damon

        Obama is a bald faced liar who deserves no respect.

        • grdevendorf

          I think it’s bold faced, but I’m with you.

          • Christopher Lee Hartsock

            The actual cliche IS ‘bald-faced’, but yes, Obama’s tongue would fry if he told the truth.

        • dumbtoo

          Sanctioned airstrikes when he needed to, continued until he could feel comfortable about the unrest in afghanistan, and is taking the first steps toward free education. Not so bad. What was it that lost your respect exactly?

          • tiredofallthelies

            There’s NO such thing as FREE education… Public schools are paid through taxes… So if college is free…. Guess what…. MORE NEW taxes!

          • Marion Crecco

            he took our troops out of Iraqi and let the country go to ISIS they needed to stay until they were secure like we did in Japan and Germany

      • Bob Petersen

        You have an interesting perception of “high ground”.

        • dumbtoo

          High ground when compared to the pitiful outburst during the commander n chiefs address to the union. They endorse the dissent in this nation by belittling his seat that way. Hire your lobbyists if you need change now, dont be pathetic before the entire nation unless youre looking for martial law when you get to the white house, because if our leaders can insult and degrade the president and his policies without reproach, why cant the people? Or is that the way the right wing interprets peacable assembly? Actions bear consequences, neighbor, and mr presidents quip was not the one that will continue the unrest.

          • glen

            when the so called president gets on the podium and lies time and time again to the people it’s bad enough. when he lies time and time again and you keep believing him each and every time it’s more than bad.

          • farwander

            He’s not a Commander in Chief, he is a TYRANT!!!! He is a idiot that who thinks that he knows best and he has proved that is does not. The only thing that he wants to do is destroy the nation. Tear it down to such a level that we become the laughing stock of the world. He needs to be insulted and degraded. He needs to learn that if he wants respect he needs to give it. I for one am glad he was never my CIC.

          • Bob Petersen

            Wow, you really take your screen name to heart don’t you. It’s bad enough when the run of the mill moron thinks the right of Freedom Of Speech applies to their everyday life rather then the ability to speak (and act) freely in dissent against the government. According to the constitution you can do the without reproach, of course you and your messiah find the constitution restrictive and burdensome.

            It seems funny you would call for hiring lobbyists when your messiah campaigned on “I am in this race to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over.”

            The continued unrest certainly is not due to any single quip, but rather an administration based on tyranny, lies, divisiveness, and racism perpetrated by the POS sitting in the white house.

      • Jeffrey Lee Pennington

        If he had kept to the “high” ground he wouldn’t have made any comment and would have kept his mouth shut. But he had to open his mouth to show that a man that had won two presidencies is still unsure of his standing with the public in general.

    • Redbo57

      Or more importantly. ….. legal citizens.

    • William McDowell

      And the legal ones. Also the ones who only vote 1X

    • Patricia Warren

      I agree with you.

    • Shemp

      You underestimate the power of legions of low-info Gruber lemmings…with glazed eyes & bobble-heads…

    • John Birmingham

      The Electoral College elected him both terms, based on combined Congressional Delegate votes.

      • Bob Bikins

        He was allowed to be elected. For two reasons: he’s African American and he’s h-osexual. Leadership and management ability, there isn’t any.

    • Digger66

      What a load of CRAZY CON SORE LOSER WHINING. He won by FIVE MILLION votes you moron!

  • pamdix

    I hate his arrogance. The man makes me want to puke.

    • Brad Lehman

      Where is the Air flight bag when he speaks

      • David Pena

        Hes not a man Michelle is the man!! hahaha

    • Sam Damon

      I can’t watch him live and can barely tolerate replays of segments of what he says. I literally hate him.,

  • Jay Loveless

    “Won”, let’s see, that’s spelled S T O L E. Yeah, dat’s it! Dat’s da ticket!

  • jansav

    That’s tit for tat, you want to mock him, expect it back! Perhaps it is time for DC to grow the hell up. They all, both parties, act like a bunch of snotty little school kids! I am sick and ashamed of it!

    • Duh

      Actually, if he was not such a pompous douche bag, no one would be mocking him. But this is not news to him. The rest of your comment is not stellar in its accuracy either.

      • jansav

        I totally agree he is a pompous douche bag. While you may not respect the man by God you show respect to the office or you are no better than the douche bag you disdain.

        • Craig Bass

          Respect he office? Not a f’ing chance.

          • gofer1

            He is the office and it has been lowered into disrespect.

          • midwestMad

            The whole government has

          • jansav

            You don’t get it.

        • Brad Lehman

          “Office of what” The man who wants to bring down America and has done a good job so far?

          • Doug

            In what way? Are the stock markets failing? Is gasoline at an all time high? Has our foreign debt increased? Is unemployment climbing? Have any of your constitutional freedoms been violated like they were with the Patriot Act that his predecessor signed into law? Please be a bit more specific.

          • Dace Tapley

            Doug, I would like to point out that while his actions do impact the stock markets he is not directly responsible for the stock market itself. But with that being said our rating was lowered once and on the verge of being lowered a second time while he was in office. You mentioned an increase in foreign debt. Our national credit rating was lowered because of the international debt raising as we borrowed from China to pay for a Heath Care plan that was not supposed to cost the American people yet it did and as I recall that was his project so in essence yes he did impact the stock markets during a large portion of his presidency as well as our foreign debt. Gas prices are also not a reflection of his direct impact and if it were why did he wait till the end of his second term to do so? Unemployment rose while he was in office and has stayed steady for the duration with some ups and downs but nothing consistent enough to say progress. and Freedoms… can you seriously sit there with a strait face and claim that he hasn’t attempted to take away freedoms? Now lets also add on his other project of allowing millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the country while at the same time allowing bus loads of new immigrants to come into the US. Lets also not forget about the cluster fuck-up bengazi. But don’t worry I’m sure you’ll respond that he was responsible for Osama Bin Laden being captured since it happened under his presidency. I’m not saying he hasn’t attempted to do some good things under his presidency but his politics are as tainted as his personality is and as a result nothing got done. He did a wonderful job deflecting responsibility for the Government shut down back on Republicans but anybody who did their research knows that the Republicans sent up a budget bill that met the needs of everything BUT the ACA and Obama stated he wouldn’t approve it until it included the ACA. he could have avoided the shutdown had he just accepted the budget offered and went back to the drawing board on the ACA financing. Instead he wanted all or nothing and made the Republicans out to be selfish politicians who don’t care about the needs of the American people. The reality is (and I don’t care for either political party much) they were trying to help the American people by getting rid of yet another big fed project destined to bleed the economy to death but our nation has become a nation of dependent children suckling on the nipples that government offers in the form of social programs and call them entitlements. Those programs do more to hurt our economic system than any other issue in our nation does. You asked for specifics there you go.

          • jansav

            He has done an excellent job of destroying the morale of this country. He has done nothing to make anything better as a matter of fact he has made everything worse. However, You don’t heckle the man while he’s giving a speech or shake your finger in his face, if you do and he responds in a like manner you can’t complain. Behave better than he does or don’t cry about his actions.

        • Geoff Jacobs

          How can you respect an office that has been “fundamentally changed” into something we don’t recognize as a Presidential office??
          Hell no! I don’t respect ANYTHING that is attached to HIS name!

          • jansav

            What I mean is you don’t mock him in public, you don’t interrupt his speeches, you don’t call him names, you don’t shake your finger in his face, you don’t have to agree with him but you also don’t have to act like ill mannered ninnies! The rest of the people (both parties) in Washington need to start acting like adults. I haven’t heard or seen any kind of plan coming out of their mouths yet to give me any confidence that anything will get any better.
            If the Republicans don’t get it together they can guarantee Hilary Clinton sits in that seat in 2017 and you just think you’re unhappy now.

          • Janice

            How can we act like adults when we have a spoild child as President. He dishes it out and stomps his feet when he is not getting his way. And all he thinks about is ME, ME, ME, ME!!!!!!!!

          • jansav

            Can you say the other politicians in DC don’t act the same way?

          • M Meier

            I believe the point jansav is attempting to make is that we, or the rest of DC, should NOT be sinking to Obama’s level. Yes, he is a complete Piece of Crap!!! However, Republicans should be better than that and get their act together if we want to beat Hilly or Fauxcahontas. If not, this country will be in a world of hurt come January 2017!

      • Sam Damon

        He doesn’t deserve respect. He has lectured the Supreme Court during SOTU speeches. That was unprecedented. He has told so many bald faced lies… I could go on. There is no requirement to give a SOTU address. Some President’s before him have just written a letter to Congress…but giving speeches..that is what he LOVES. Well…f–k him.

    • Brad Lehman

      Yes they are, But the “I’ll take my ball and go home.” Veto, Veto, Veto is the same thing. Child like schoolyard games.

  • chatty60

    And he helped the republicans win the last election because so many people voted not for the republicans but against Obamas policies.

  • Tom Calderwood

    This really is petty. There’s a LOT of things we can be discussing about Obama than a planned joke.

    • gimpy

      The only thing to plan is how to get this piece of garbage out of the govt and ship him back to kenya where he came from. I despise this man as much as I despise the muslims, have no respect for any of them.

  • Demetria Davenport

    Won both of them and use your VETO power.

  • Demetria Davenport

    Put another BUSH in the house.

    • Brad Lehman

      That would be a far cry better than we have now. A man with a chip on his shoulder equal to his head, surprised he can even get through a doorway!

      • Demetria Davenport

        Got elected twice, the people didnt think so.

      • Demetria Davenport

        Seems like everybody elected has some kind of chip.

    • franel

      putting a trained monkey in the house would be better than what we have now!

      • Demetria Davenport

        Bush was a trained monkey.

      • Demetria Davenport

        I guess you are that trained monkey

  • Demetria Davenport

    Yall aliens can live on Mars.

  • terfull

    What a tw@t.

    • Brad Lehman

      Child care, sick leave, raise minimum wage, free college or lesson student loans, Forget the pipe line and build more railways, bridges, free internet, higher tax’s on the !%,, U.S. stopping ISIS/ISIL, make the internet safe, Global warming! Really, is this what we need from the supposed world leader? It is and has always been a joke when it comes to this administration.

      • ObamaLover

        The only agenda you can come up with is “build a pipeline”. Come on, you can do better than that! Why not advocate raising taxes on the middle class so the Waltons and Koch brothers can get more wealth and Reagan’s “trickle down” economics can really start to pay off. GOP has NO ideas that will work. At least Obama wants to take us all the way back to the ’50s, not recycle the coked out ’80s. Get out your disco balls and go back to sleep.

  • Tex

    This SOTU speech was pathetic. He should’ve just promised everyone watching a gold Benz.

    This guy lives in LA LA land. Oh wait, it’s easy to do when you’re bankrupting a nation.

    • I think that’s 40 acres and a mule, Tex. Worked before; why not now?

      • ObamaLover

        Yep, we never did follow through on that 40 acres and a mule thing after we freed the Africans from bondage. Of course, the Bible says slavery is okay so that makes it okay, right? And we all know Obama is African, right? Not following through on promises? That’s how the government works. BTW, I’m still waiting on Ronnie Reagan’s trickle down theory to put money in MY paycheck. Oh wait, the “Creators” have decided to sell me gas cheap instead!

        • Janice

          He is 1/2 Black and 1/2 White. Trater to eather race!

        • Tex

          Oh, you mean the poor slaves that were sold by their own people? Those slaves?

        • julianaheaslet

          You should really just shut the hell up!!! You’re only embarrassing yourself…

        • gimpy

          We all know oblowme is a african muslime.

      • Tex

        Yea, exactly.

  • Cliff_Skridlow

    How Presidential!!!

  • DonM

    I’ll be so glad to see his Kenyan Ass go…

  • billiam1977

    Why are you using a video posted on ThinkProgress’s YouTube channel?

  • LarryECollins

    Yes.. what we haven’t ever figured out is HOW he won twice. But you can bet your bippy that the recent mid-term election was a punch in the nose for the Narcissist-in-Chief and if HE had been on the ballot HE would be on the STREET. But to answer the question of whether or not his response was ‘presidential’… he’s NEVER done anything that looked particularly presidential and he done MANY things that were horribly out of place for a President. This is just another example. Can you say “Bobble head”? Can you say “Empty Chair”? Can you say, “Puppet?”

    • ObamaLover

      Sounds like the old “sore loser” syndrome. You lost the first time because you decided Sarah Palin would make a good VP. McCain, I even would have voted for. Palin is a nutjob. You lost the second time because you ran a wax dummy and paired him with a man who wanted to finish the job Reagan started and give the rest of our wealth to the Koch brothers. Romney was a terrible choice…please run him again, maybe with Palin. You will lose the next one because you have umpteen GOP candidates and they have no unification in the party. So, if you use your brain, you will see that the GOP can only wind local elections in Red states via gerrymandering and pandering. Keep up the silly childishness and racist remarks so we Dems can assure a win for Hillary in 2016. Please, GOP God, run Romney or Cruz or any other nutjob you can muster!

      • gimpy

        If you consider Palin a nut job, then obama is a complete lunatic idiot.

        • Rizzan

          No, Palin is a nut job all on her own. She is the Kim Kardashian of politics.

  • Lawrence Lutz

    Sorry. I hate Obama, but funny is funny. That was just plain funny.

  • Jon Weiss

    He reacted that way because he is an immature child masquerading as a man.

  • Brad Lehman

    What we have here is a want to be Walt Disney pos that wants to give a E ticket pass to those that won’t even pay General admission. You’d have to be my age to understand this one.

  • Richard Winchester

    Get that miserable M-F the hell out of MY country.

  • Carol Marie

    hahahahahaaa…….barry is such a girlie girl

  • Flyingbull

    IDK, that was a pretty good hammer and he went back into the flow. Getting this worked up over something that minor, and I mean this article not the president, is kind of sad. I would rather be worked up over the fee schedule that he is developing that is hammer the banks over their liabilities.

  • Wolfgang A Barreto

    Right out of the movie Idiocracy .

  • George Murrey

    Gotta cough when he said he won both of them. He didn’t hold up to his words when he said he would work across the aisle, and the second time he lied about everything that Gov Romney pointed out. Guess who was right in 2012? Oh yeah, if you have a healthcare plan and a doctor, you can keep them.

  • Bart Hawkins

    Look, I can’t stand the man’s policies or his politics…but this is overblown. I saw this is a blip – and a rude one – from the hecklers, but barely took note of it.

    I am so accustomed to seeing Obama drugged out of his mind – or very tired – or whatever…to see him energized was actually interesting.

    I was inspired…until I remembered the many speeches before…when my inspiration turned to sorrow and disappointment.

  • conservohater

    You people are idiots, you believe any conspiracy that makes you feel superior… How about George bush losing the popular vote yet winning the presidency and proceeding to wreck our economy and divide our country?

    • common-sense-needed

      Wow,.. where have you been for the last 6 years..?

  • Chip

    This piece of feces has never won anything fairly. Not even a game of Monopoly or cards.

  • John Rallison

    My politics do not align with Obama’s, but that was a great response!

  • Marlena Tyrell

    … if you throw shade… don’t be surprised if you get hit with a big palm tree…

  • patriotshonor

    He doesn’t know what is best for himself, let alone what is best for the country.

  • Janet Dillon

    Wow, is this all they have to report on? I personally can’t stand our President but found his comeback to be rather witty. Are there any real reporters left out there?

  • julianaheaslet

    Obama is a racist-coward dictator!!!He believes that global warming is the worst thing facing this Nation…what an embarrassment…

    • gimpy

      Obama is the worst thing facing this nation, a totally lost little kid looking for a sucker and he found a lot of them in the demorat party

  • Rey guerrero

    since the election of 2012 I’ve noticed that the only racists are the ones who support a failed president solely because of the color of the skin. 7 trillion dollars in debt, labor participation rate at the lowest since Jimmy Carter, and race relations there are worse 1965. This guy is a loser and those who vote for him the bigger losers.

  • Twila Diddily Do Flanders

    Again, his dictatorship dreams shine. As he said, “He will do what HE believes is best for America” He will veto anything that does not represent HIS OWN beliefs for what is best for the USA and American people. He is bad for all of US and has proven it for 6 years now.

  • martyrice

    He did not win the last election….he was ‘gifted’ the Presidency by Conservatives who refused to be smart and exercise their vote. That and the ‘low information voters’ of which there are many and of many different stripes….it’ll be interesting to see if the GOP goes to the polls next election and show up with ‘inflated balls’….


    Come on now…. I am not a BHO fan, but that was funny 😉

  • de_1965

    Both times were rigged.

  • Evelyn Johnson

    He obviously wore his big boy panties for the speech tonight.

  • Digger66

    LOL.. it was a VERY audible clapping from the GOP and Obama SMACKED them and made them look like the childish fools they are! It was AWESOME!

  • Christopher Lee Hartsock

    Guess we’re still waiting to see those campaign promises.
    He ran on closing Gitmo, then, too.

  • Curtius Simplus

    We ‘won’ .. We was One of TWO candidates SELECTED by the Big Money … He was appointed by the money that owned Romney as well. He won like a man in a single person race ‘wins’ or like a boxer fighting shadows ‘wins’. Purely in the land of fiction.

  • Ray8285

    I cant’ stand his policies….but I thought it was funny as hell.

  • Demetria Davenport

    There is no more slavery, and today talk is cheap.

  • Guest

    i thought it was funny!!! LOL I also remember every Conservative unhappy every working family deserved a livable wage.. Conservation don’t want them off snap!! (food stamps)

  • finding the truth

    I thought it was funny! every Conservative does not support a livable wage for Americans and then complain about SNAP (food stamps)

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