After Trump Visits Wounded Rep in Hospital… CNN Reporter is BUSTED for Fake News Report


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

In the aftermath of the horrific shooting by a radical leftist that left Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) critically wounded, President Donald Trump and his wife visited the House Majority Whip at the hospital.

Trump reported about his visit thereafter:

But then anti-Trump CNN reporter Jim Acosta did something truly vile….posting an unnecessary and incendiary fake news report alleging President Donald Trump did not visit Scalise in the hospital at all!

The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Salon and other left-leaning sites ran with Acosta’s report — accusing Trump of lying about the visit.

Note the quotation marks above and the implication that Acosta spoke with a “WH official” himself.

He did no such thing — and not long after Acosta’s tweet, the White House reported that Trump did, in fact, visit Scalise personally, an account that was quickly verified by non-fake news organizations like USAToday:

According to USA Today, the President and First Lady sat by Scalise’s bedside and spent time with both him and his wife.

Acosta went on to acknowledge his fake news – after it had already amassed thousands of retweets – but attempted to excuse it by deflecting the blame.

He claimed to have gotten the information not from a “WH official” as initially stated but from “a previous pool report which was later corrected.”

Note the low retweet counts on his corrections compared to his initial incendiary claim (now deleted):

Um…what? Pool report? I thought Jimmy spoke to a White House “official.”

Twitter let the sniveling little liar have it:

One remembered Acosta’s tweet from February:

And the money question:

Meanwhile, in the real world, Steve Scalise remains in critical condition following yesterday’s shooting.

FoxNews reports Scalise “was shot in the left hip, suffering broken bones, injuries to internal organs and severe bleeding.”

“He needed several blood transfusions and will require more operations,” the outlet continues, citing MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

Following yesterday’s shooting, President Trump described Scalise as “a true friend and patriot.”

Acosta could have watched an actual video of the Trumps leaving the hospital after visiting Scalise. The video also contains a hilarious video message Trump recorded for Scalise’s daughter Madison:

Pure class, unlike the detestable CNN.


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