Obama’s Artist Unveiled His Portrait, Now His Sick, Racist History is Unmasked

by Gina Cassini | TRN

Former President Barack Obama’s “official” portrait for the National Portrait Gallery was unveiled on Monday, and the audience (and Twitter) was as befuddled by the “oddness” of the painting as they were at Mrs. Obama’s portrait (which looked nothing like her) some time before:

But when TRN looked into the past of artist Kehinde Wiley, it wasn’t “odd” but deeply disturbing.

Turns out Wiley has a great fondness for painting black women beheading white women

What the…??

Lucian Wintrich describes how Wiley “explains” the sick portraits:

Both beheading pieces are titled “Judith beheading Holofernes”, referencing a story in the Book of Judith, which involves a beautiful woman who seduces an invading general before he is able to destroy their land, gets him drunk, and then decapitates him.

Typical artists from the Rennaissance era have placed Judith in the role of a scriptural savior, “a type of the praying Virgin or the church or as a figure who tramples Satan and harrows Hell.” Given the historical context and how Wiley recreated it in his works, it is hard to interpret his use of this theme as anything other than a blatant statement of racism; black women are the powerful angels of the earth, conquering the white devils.

Oh, that’s just great. Here’s another White female “devil” getting what she deserves:

Can you imagine for a second if George W. Bush, or any other former president, decided on a painter who was famous for depicting white people killing black people to paint his official portrait? It’s hard to imagine, right? Yea, that’s because it’s disgusting.

Users on Twitter expressed outrage at commissioning an artist with such obvious racist leanings to paint the portrait of an American president:

Don’t those ever-vocal “#MeToo” ladies have anything to say about this?

And people wonder why America has never seemed more divided by race in the modern era. Eight years of Obama did quite a number on us. And it looks like they aren’t done yet.

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