After Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Speech, 2007 Video Surfaces That Leaves Her Speechless


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Meryl Streep got all emotional at the Golden Globes bashing Donald Trump for “mocking a disabled reporter” in a speech — saying she was “heartbroken” over his “disrespectful” treatment of a disabled man.

Of course anyone who does 2 minutes of actual research will quickly discover that Trump did no such thing. He mocked a reporter who got busted for changing a story years later after Trump cited it to make a point. The President-Elect used a gesture he has used dozens of times on video — for everyone from Ted Cruz to Trump himself — over the course of a decade or more.

But as we well know, the liberal media is not known for fact-checking…especially when facts get in the way of a good anti-Republican smear.

And liberals in general are not known for consistency in what they preach.

Last night, Ms. Streep put her hypocrisy on blatant display…and today it came back to haunt her…and then some.

First people brought up that Streep gave child rapist Roman Polanski a standing ovation in 2003 when he won the Oscar for Best Director (in absentia, because he would have been arrested and jailed if he had showed up) . Notice the ecstatic Streep isn’t joined by too many in that bizarre gesture…


And now a video from 2007 has emerged…and folks are remembering Streep said nothing when Barack Obama actually did “mock” disabled people…

The media was nearly SILENT about that…it never came up during Obama’s re-election, and it was far worse than anything Trump did.

Here’s full evidence that disproves all of Streep’s accusations against the President-Elect:

The reporter doesn’t even display the mannerisms that Trump was allegedly “mocking.”

This thing is totally made up by the media and Meryl fell for it because she is either too lazy to find out the truth — or because she is a willing stooge for libelous liberal narratives.

And Hollywood wonders why so much of America can’t stand them?

[h/t GWP, Photo credit: Young Cons]

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  • Peter Brown

    “fact checking”? Seriously? liberals? hokeywood…fact checking?

    We dun’t need no stinking fact checking! We think we are gods!

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  • Fred Smith

    the zero still has a couple of days to get streep the medal of freedom or a star for second award if he has already given her one, the support of Polanski surely got her the first one

  • Itsjusme

    She just read her lines. No more or less the a puppet having it’s strings pulled. Release it’s strings and it falls into a pile of wood and plaster. Release her strings and she falls into a pile of s**t she is.

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