After Liberals Accuse Tom Selleck of Stealing Water for His 60-Acre Ranch, the TRUTH Comes Out

by Bill Callen | Top Right News

Less than a week ago, actor Tom Selleck was sued by the Calleguas Municipal Water District in Ventura County, California, for allegedly sending giant tanker trucks to a fire hydrant and illegally hauling water back to his 60-acre ranch in Westlake Village:

However, as Reid Mene of IJR reports, after Democrats forced the district to hire a private investigator to look into Selleck’s water usage, it has been confirmed that the “Magnum, P.I.” star paid for his water.

According to ABC News, it turns out that a construction company Selleck worked with actually paid a fee to secure the rights to draw water from the city hydrant two years ago, according to Jay Spurgin, public works director for Thousand Oaks:

“There was water used during that time, and it was paid for.”

The deal allows these companies to haul as much water as they want for special projects. They can then sell the water to a third party, as long as that party pays their monthly service charge and water bills.

It’s unclear whether Selleck purchased the water from that company or another source, but it is clear the “Blue Bloods” star did nothing illegal.

It was also reported that the water district spent nearly $22,000 for a private detective to investigate the seemingly slippery situation.

Liberals had excoriated Selleck as a “criminal” who should be put in prison. No doubt much of their venom owes to Selleck’s well-known conservative, pro-gun, and Christian beliefs.

Now they are the ones who have a lot of explaining to do, not just about this witch hunt, but about a drought that has been made far worse by radical environmental policies that have diverted water to “endangered species” such as a 3-inch fish called the Delta Smelt.

Farmers have complained bitterly for years that water was being diverted from humans for the benefit of the Smelt, at the cost of billions of dollars, thousands of jobs, and a far worse water “shortage” than would have ever occurred.

But don’t expect California liberals to hire any private investigators to look into that.

  • David J Michel Jr.

    typical fat liberal hate spewing lesbos like Rosie O’dumbell.

    • White Devil

      Rosie O’dumbell…that’s freakin hilarious ??

  • dawn

    More proof the libs are nothing but scum/bottom feeders and should be made to pay the price for all the harm they have caused MILLIONS of Americans across the USA! Fish is something to be eaten, not something to give our water to while we suffer. EPA is out of control and needs to be ABSOLUTELY banished and fined in many situations. Liberalism logic is not logic at all.

  • libwithIQ

    Wow. Selleck did nothing wrong and the Dems got their panties in a wad. No news there.

  • Bandit Bill

    Tom should sue the F*** out of them for defamation of character!!

  • Ed Woodson

    More and more it’s becoming obvious who the real haters are. Their ring leader is a fellow by the name of Obama.

  • Gopi Nathan

    “It was also reported that the water district spent nearly $22,000 for a
    private detective to investigate the seemingly slippery situation.” I doubt that Water agencies are that dumb. It needs also 2 minutes of a CSR time to find out about the Portable meter. Is there some smoke behind the fires????

    • Sounds like Democrats gave the contract to a friend or contributor

  • SMH

    And they make up lies about Ted Cruz’s book being sold in bulk so the NYT didn’t put it on its best seller list, when faced with the truth, they just sit back in their 1% mansions knowing full well the sheeple will never believe the truth. Same thing they’re doing here and it’ll work. It is stunning the comments I read on a liberal new site when they were told Amazon confirmed there was no evidence of bulk sales… The dumbing down of America is complete.

    • Hillary

      Wow, I didn’t know that. How disgusting.

  • Jenn

    I’m glad Tom Selleck is innocent. I’ve always thought of him as a good character….in real life.

    • BuddyLuv

      Same here Jenn. I actually didn’t give him the benefit of the doubt either.

      • Hillary

        Why would you believe the liberal media, when they have time and time again gone after conservatives in Hollywood. I have never heard anything bad about Tom before this. He’s a good guy….;-)

  • middleroader12

    Why aren’t they investigating and/or shaming Barbra Streisand and her too green lawn? Oh, because she supports “liberal” causes and politics.

  • Frank Morris

    Oh, just let nature take care of the California morons and just get these idiots out of the gene pool; it might be refreshing to have thinking children pop out a womb to replace their hippy ass socialist parents.

    • gibbygoo56

      Where will they spread their liberalism when their policies have destroyed California? … moving to a community near you and me, spreading their joy!

      • Biff

        They have already spread their joy to WA and the death spiral has begun.

  • rascallyrabbit

    This was a Democratic attack. Selleck is a well known (and loved) conservative, and NRA board member, need I say more?

  • bishoo33

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  • Albert Schmitlap.

    Odd thing is, Ellen DeGeneres did the SAME thing and even admitted the she had a BIGGER truck the Selleck on her show. NO ONE investigated HER…Strange, huh. Liberals SUCK and so do their lapdogs in the media.

    • Hillary

      But she’s a LIBERAL and gay so she gets a pass.

  • Lisa

    That’s still a bunch of bullshit many others want water in California and can’t get it so neither should he,,,

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    • Hillary

      He’s an avocado farmer. He’s growing food.

      • Lisa

        How embarressing that you have that cunt”s name and pic as your profile,,,

        • Hillary

          It’s an unflattering photo. Look more closely.

          • Lisa

            I would still find another name and pic,,, Just saying

  • comando47

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  • ssianaborcic

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