After Bullying an Innocent Chick-Fil-A Worker, Many Say This Arrogant Exec Got Exactly What He Deserved


by Bethany Callen | Top Right News

You may recall the former technology executive who decided it would be a great idea to berate a Chick-fil-A employee for working for a “hateful” and “anti-gay” corporation simply because the company’s owners practice Christian values.

Then former Vante CFO and treasurer, Adam Mark Smith, thought it would be an even better idea to upload his nasty rant to YouTube for thew world to see.

Well Mr. Smith certainly reaped a big steaming pile of karma, and then some. And many people are saying its exactly what he deserved.

In the video, Smith bullied Arizona Chick-fil-A employee Rachel Elizabeth at the drive-thru window when she gave him, a “protester”, a free cup of water:

Smith: “You know why I’m getting my free water, right?”

Elizabeth: “No.”

Smith: “Because Chick-Fil-A is a hateful corporation.”

Elizabeth: “I disagree. We don’t treat any of our customers differently..”

Smith: “I know, but the corporation gives money to hate groups. Hate groups. Just because people want to kiss another guy.”

Elizabeth: “I’m staying neutral on this subject… my personal beliefs don’t belong in the workplace.”

Smith: “Yeah I believe that too, I don’t believe corporations should be giving money to hateful groups.. I’ll take my water”

Despite Smith’s anger, Elizabeth was nothing but polite and cheerful, although her eyes betrayed her obvious discomfort. She even wished him a nice day as he drove off:

Elizabeth: “I’m really uncomfortable that you’re videotaping this..It’s my pleasure to serve you, always.”

Smith: “Oh, of course, I’m glad that I can take a little bit of money from Chick-Fil-A, and maybe less money to hate groups.”

Elizabeth: “Well, we’re always happy to serve all our guests.”

The Daily Mail reported what happened next:

“Smith told 20/20: ‘I got into work and the receptionist, the first thing, big eyes, ‘Adam, what did you do?’, she said. ‘The voicemail is completely full, and it’s full of threats.”’

The next day, Smith lost his job and his former employer released a statement noting that Smith’s actions “did not reflect our corporate values in any way.”

Smith was removed the video and posted an apology video in its place several days later. But the damage was already done.

Many remarked on how little emotion Smith showed in his apology video, and some ex-friends later claimed he only did it as a resume-booster as he looked for a new job as a CFO or YouTube-based commentator.

According to Boston News (via Kara Pendleton at IJR), Smith went from earning $200,000 a year, with cushy stock options valued at $1 million, to losing everything. His family even had to move into an RV.

Smith then got lucky. He was offered another CFO in Portland a few months later. He celebrated: “Yeah…I’m back!” he told his friends.

But once his new boss realized Smith was the ranting creep in the video, he was fired once again.

Now the former high-flying Smith says that he and his family are on  food stamps. He has self-published a memoir titled A Million Dollar Cup of Water: Discovering the Wealth in Authenticity. Has he come full circle? Has he really changed? We don’t know, but certainly hope so.

And what about that graceful and kind Chick-Fil-A employee, Elizabeth? She quickly accepted Smith’s apology:

She also noted that she felt bad for all that’s happened to him since he first posted the video.

So did Smith deserve it? It certainly seems so. For those who shout back: “Freedom of Speech!” Well, of course we all have that freedom. But there are consequences to that speech. Especially when you have a very public job, and your idea of “expressing yourself” is viciously bullying an innocent young woman with an extreme political stance, and then putting it online.

  • Fig Newton

    Karma does my heart so much good. This company simply has values and rights to their beliefs, so the dude berating her is a dick. Gotta love karma.

  • whiteshadow

    I think he should crawl on his knees to the nearest Chick fil a and ask for a job.!!!

    • kin44

      …..Washing dishes!

    • kikz2

      whatta jerky sob

    • Freedom of speech does not guarantee people cannot do anything about your speech. It doesn’t guarantee that people cannot despise you. He wanted to show his absolute hatred of the company Chic Fil A in his video. And those that disagreed with him showed their disgust with him. And besides, lodging your protest is one thing. Verbally attacking a person in the drive through is another.

      • Brian Tolliver

        Yea but the punishment doesnt fit the crime. Ruin his life because he is an asshole? How is that morally right?

        • Perhaps he could work in fast food and learn what it’s like to be on the other side of the raving asshole.

        • Jim

          You silly person, of course it fits.
          You reap what you sow.

        • Brian Baca

          He’s an embarrassment to his company. They don’t want employees bringing bad publicity like that to their company! That’s why he was fired.

        • colt721

          no one ruined his life, the company he worked for, understandably, didn’t want the liability. Neither did the next company who was considering him. If anyone is responsible for his life being ruined it is this guy.

        • Beedogz

          I’m just fine with it. I do feel sorry for his family to have such a hateful petty man as their spouse/father.

        • Deacon Davis

          Chic-fil-a didn’t do anything to him. His employer didn’t want that type of employee and future employees may choose to make the same decision. As an adult you must accept responsibility for your actions.

        • Sherry Davis

          They voice theirs and he voiced his, he would hardly let her get in a word at all, he is more aggressive in his demeanor than anything they have done or said. If you have something to say, make a selfie video and post it, and not bully her in the process.

          • R Kent

            Typical libtard. The only people entitled to their opinion are those who agree with the left. If your opinion differs from that of the left, prepare to be assaulted verbally or maybe worse……… But he lost this time !!! Big time ! Hooray !

        • jay2010master

          He ruined his life. No one had to do it for him. He deserved it.

        • Leslie

          As a school teacher I would lose my job faster than I could say, “I have no common sense” if I did something that boneheaded. We have be accountable for our actions and our actions tell people who we are and I’m sure his boss probably said something to the effect that if someone can bully an innocent girl that way then how are they going to treat my customers and vendors whom I really on and how would my customers and vendors react to learn I have an employee of that caliber?

        • Russ Burgen

          Sounds like you’re a person that only apologizes because you got caught. Dumb ass!

          • PorshaJo

            I had to reply to his comment too! Probably a spoiled little boy that has never had to own any of his bad decisions. Dimwits like him are a good part of what is wrong with society today. It is always somebody elses fault.

        • Tanny Miller

          Is it morally right to use your freedom of speech to verbally assault an employee that has nothing to do with company policy? Sometimes you have to think before you post stupid stuff on the internet, or it will come back and bite you….Karma is a Bitch.

        • PorshaJo

          One of those that doesn’t believe in accountability? Wow! You just never know what the punishment will be when you act like an ass. There are no set rules. He got exactly what he deserved. Possibly he learned something from it.

        • jf

          it is called “take responsibility for your own actions” , it something that has been forgotten, even by sitting US Presidents

        • 66lima

          Self inflicted wound.
          No one did this to him. He did this to himself.
          I feel sorry for his family.
          Poor financial planner besides being a hateful jerk.

        • Serpentine

          He chose to act like an asshole…you recall those words “You reap what you sow”?…He chose to be an asshole, and in turn his company didn’t want him representing them…Going public with your rant has BIG TIME consequences…if he can’t handle those consequences, then maybe he shouldn’t go public with his anger issues.

        • FlCracker2

          Its called responsibility for your actions. He wasnt worried about his life or income when he thought to berate this young woman and post his bs on line. This action, by Mr (I have life by the short and curlies) is called consequences, something this generation fails to grasp.

      • colt721

        the funny thing is he had a hateful rant about how “hateful” Chick-Fil-A is. Seems the only one really hating was him.

    • Linda Malcolm-Meuer

      oh please he did not bully her

      • eirenne

        no, no, of course not. she totally deserved being verbally attacked and intimidated by an overbearing customer because she is working. look up the definition of “bullying”… may discover you aren’t as smart as you think you are.

      • kerry

        You are a douchebag also I presume? BTW – this isn’t bullying you, is it?

      • dxcq

        “I don’t know how you live with yourself and work here” probably helped bring them to that conclusion.

      • Beedogz

        He ABSOLUTLEY was ATTEMPTING to bully her, you bim_bo SL_UT low class 10 dollar crack Wh_o_re. Now perhaps you can discern bullying?

      • Russ Burgen

        What a dumb girl you are.

    • Brad

      Hahahahahahahahahaha, what a flaming tool! I love it; liberals think they can go around pushing their agenda and mistreating those whom do not see eye to eye with them, NO HERE MORON!

      • ErinErin

        hes not representative of many liberals. he representative of an arrogant jerk. i feel sorry for his family.

        • PorshaJo

          The ahole was on 20/20 tonight.

          • ErinErin

            why does the media feed these kinds of stories? I know..rhetorical question.

        • 66lima

          Actually he is.

    • Sam Massengill

      haha lucky it wasn’t me he said that to,I recognize hate as a GOD given emotion with the GOD given right to use it.

      • Reader

        She did much more good by giving a completely loving response than would have been done by venting an understandable anger. Venting that anger would have played totally into what he wanted.

      • Dale Morris Russom

        Hate does not come from God but from Satan, God does not want anyone to hate another person. We are encouraged to “pray for those who spitefully use us”. This young lady exemplified God’s commandment to “love one another as I have loved you”. You can disagree with people and still love them. Loving God does not mean you must agree wtih every other person’s lifestyle. God sayw we must flee from all wrong doing and any appearance of evil. If we are Christian, we can do no less. No man can serve God and Satan at the same time. We Christians can only go by the word of God and the Bible say that Homosexuality is wrong. “Thou shalt not lie with another man as you would with a woman.” But, we also have been insructed to leave this for God to take care of just like any other sin. We can only work on our own selvse and keep our odies spiritually clean before God. Mu Grandmother used to say “Every Bucket sits on it’s own bottom.” As adults , We alone are responsibility for our transgressions. Now, if you really want to make God mad at you, just mess with a vulnerable child. You might as well get ready for hell fire because God will take you down quickly for molesting a child.

        • Sam Massengill

          U have good points but I disagree so we are to love islam when it preaches our destruction? Not happening with me…

    • Scooter Tramp

      I LOVE KARMA!!!!

    • Deanna Wood Short

      That’s a pretty shitty thing to do to an employee who’s just doing her job!

    • The chorus so fits that jerk

    • Wiggle D

      His family doesn’t deserve any of this. I hope his wife leaves him

      • PorshaJo

        They may be just like him. You never know. Sometimes the “elite” have less class and manners than the middle class.

    • Dianna Hughey

      Excuse me but.. This man was a former CFO and treasurer, “earning $200,000 a year, with cushy stock options valued at $1 million” and suddenly loses everything and has to live in an RV now?? Not only is he a bad judge of the consequences of his actions, but he is a poor excuse of a financial planner too! Karma piranha took a big chunk of his butt. Maybe he can get a job at Chick fil A, no wait, they hire a much higher class of people!

      • David Snay

        Very good point!

      • MRS

        I was just thinking the same thing. If he made that kind of money and didn’t save anything? Good grief, he’s a bigger idiot than the video portrays. I’d say he really did get what he had coming.

      • Susan M Mueller

        Yeah. I caught that too. 200+ to an RV?? No such a good plan.

    • ClarkeB10


    • David Snay

      The Chick-Fil-A employee showed a remarkable amount of composure in a very awkward situation. She showed more class than the former CFO bully. He has since said he has no regret on his stance, which emphasizes his arrogance. The saddest part of this is the suffering his wife and 4 kids are having to go through because of Daddy’s holier than thou attitude. It’s been 3 years and he STILL doesn’t have a job AND shows no remorse for his actions. Do the math, former CFO.

      • PorshaJo

        They may all have the same attitude of entitlement!

    • Rob

      Look if the guy wants to be a hole ok. But posting on you tube it’s. Stupid thing to do on top of harassing an hourly chic fila employee. There are consequences to be expected dumb ass

    • saywhat

      Maybe this will show people just because you may not always agree with someone else and their beliefs. There are repercussions when you berate and belittles someone on video, especially when you work for a large company. just because someone follows what they believe as far as religion, does not give someone the right to tear them down. Good for her and good for Chick Fil-a

      • PorshaJo

        He sought then out to start this crap. He could have gone somewhere else. He just had to find someone to bully that day. And worst of all he picks a young lady, not some big strapping dude that would have yanked his cocky little neck through the drive thru window. He is such a pathetic coward.

    • Icarus

      I have no problem with his views, just his self righteous contrived rant as if he was Martin Luther King challenging the big corporation and changing society by getting his free cup of water.

    • Icarus

      I admire her. She is the definition of class.

    • freedomseaker1 .

      I would NOT hire this walking jeer off if my life depended on it!

    • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

      I’ll wager that he’s a Liberal Democrat ,, as they all think their crap doesn’t stink. Glad he got his pride walloped big time.

    • joe american

      ass bag got exactly what he deserved

    • Joe Tokoph

      I hope the water was warm.

    • BeeKaaay

      He’s a bloodthirsty leftwingwacko.

    • Sheila Ray

      karma will get ya every time…serves him right for being a bully

    • AsktheWhiteGuy

      How do you think that this guy got to be a CEO to begin with? By being a nice guy?

      • Wiggle D

        True, but video-taping your dickery never looks good.

      • Ghostrider127

        Well yea, I don’t dispute that but going up and engaging someone like a lowly cashier at Chick-Fil-A about gay rights issues would be about like me walking up to a 5 year old and engaging them in a question about politics! Call the CEO of Chick-Fil-A and raise a fuss, not some subordinate! That was a veiled form of bullying.

        • chopper

          Please don’t under estimate people according to their job title. Your comment is as offensive as this man’s rant. I am sure that LOWLY girl Rachael has more class in her little finger than this CFO does. Comparing her intelligence to that of a 5 year old is pathetic! I would guess that she could run him under the table considering politics if she chose to, but rightfully put her job as top priority and tried to keep the line moving. You are right in the way his dispute should be handled, but your reasons for it seem to be way off.

          • Russ Burgen

            Ghost, you’re a jackass!

        • PorshaJo

          The asshole could have went elsewhere. He probably knew before he ever chose there to eat, exactly what their beliefs were. It is not a secret. He went looking for a confrontation and it turned out biting him in the ass.

        • Lowlyperson

          “Lowly cashier”? You are as bad, or worse, as Smith! You do realize that she and MANY others working for minimum, or slightly above, wage provide these services that allow you to buy things that allow you to live your high and mighty, better than thou life, right? I hope that your kids, family, friends or whoever you claim to care about, that work or will, someday, work, in one of these “lowly” positions, know what you really think of them!! I’m guessing, by your view of this beautiful soul, that you were born into your, whatever, career position and didn’t have to work your way up. Or, maybe, your parents either financed your formal education, and you didn’t have to work as a “lowly” cashier or other “lowly” job to put yourself through college. I don’t know what your job or financial position is, but, you obviously put yourself on a very high pedestal! You could only wish to have the class she has. You should invite Smith to have lunch…you make a good pair!!

      • ErinErin

        CFO…he’s definitely not CEO material.

      • masswhole

        CFO not CEO and you can be nice and achieve either position. You may need to do business things that can be interpreted as mean to help the majority of the employees to thrive but if you think a “title” makes you mean, your as dumb as the video poster we are stomping on.

    • Silsez

      What an asswipe!

    • Gary

      Whiteshadow, I’m sure that he’s always down on his knees so he’s halfway there. I don’t believe Chick-fil-A would hire a POS like him though.

    • Hugh Richard Williams

      We all have freedom of speech, but no one has freedom of consequences. I do not blame her for not talking to the creep. It is funny that he talks about being professional. This is a non-apology.

      • Lyndau123

        Just because we have freedom of speech I do NOT believe that gives people a license to BULLY and display such horrible behavior towards any worker. She has 1000 times more class than that narcissistic ashat will EVER have! Sounds a lot like a vindictive Obamite!

    • Kentucky red

      If that Lady is a typical Chick Fil A employee then Chick Fil A has more class then most!

    • Ghostrider127

      He’s not sorry for what he did; he’s just sorry for the backlash he’s getting now that he’s been exposed! What a d*ckhead!

      • Martha Martin

        My thoughts exactly!

    • Cheryl Evans

      He was the one showing hate. the lady had nothing to do with what her company decided to do with their money. But that is how people think. I have worked for companies I didn’t all ways agree with their policies. but it is a job.

    • Brian Tolliver

      You know for what I am guessing is a bunch of christians… yall are pretty disgusting revealing in all this. Guess forgiveness and forgetting really isn’t what christians are about…

      • Karma is not a Christian thing. I’m agnostic. The guy sowed hate, and it was revisited on him.

      • Beedogz

        You are ASSuming all posting are Christians. Even then some believe in eye for an eye.

      • Russ Burgen

        You are one dumb bastard.

    • Ragman69

      Liberals…..always opening their mouths and nothing but crap flies out.

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      “As you sow, so shall you reap” Or in a more current vernacular ‘Payback’s a bytch’.

    • D.Fox

      He received something great from Rachel. He was arrogant, but now through his interaction with Rachel the “giant,” he has learned humility.

    • john

      happen what 2 years ago and yall just posting it ?

      • Frugalone

        It was on 20/20 last night.

    • Stevo

      This guy is an idiot. The female worker is what America is all about. No one should compromise their values. Nor should they be intimidated to compromise their values simply because someone may be offended. We need more honesty in the world!

    • bob mosemak

      well look at family run businesses being sued by gays for standing up for not supporting gays. This should happen to each and every gay who pushes themselves on others.

    • BuckTard

      Karma. It can be a bitch and thankfully in this case a self righteous liberal got his come up-pence.

    • Heidi Hecht

      The only thing he did that was dumber than that rant was filming that rant himself and posting it on Youtube. If you don’t want what happened to this guy to happen to you, don’t do anything in public that could be turned into the next viral Youtube video.

    • Greg

      She is the definition of “first-class”

    • David Fournier

      Its funny he talks about hating people that hate, yet the idiot is doing it himself is he not.

    • David Mulloy

      She is a Hero in My Book!! She displayed an attitude that is lacking at most “Fast Food” establishments these days!!
      Decades ago I had a “Pickup window job” and had an attitude much like hers!
      Even back then, had someone treated me like that, I’d have given him a free Xlg….
      coffee also…. Asshole would have worn it!!

    • Pickles

      What an Ass!!!

    • jlenoreb

      I hope his wife and kids desert him and leave him alone on the side of some dark road some night!

      • PorshaJo

        It is very possible they are just like him. The whole stinking family may have a sense of entitlement.

    • Marcus127

      Sometimes you just have to believe there is a God in Heaven!

      Seeing a hate filled Liberal smacked down like this does in a way warm One’s Heart.

      Perhaps that is not the Christian way….but for this old Soldier….it is what I know as an old fashioned Attitude Re-Adjustment done up in Spades!

    • Paul R. Jones

      Wherefore doth a living man complain, a man for the punishment of his sins. Lamentations 3:39

    • Beedogz

      I am happy that the nasty creep is paying a price for his hateful actions. I feel sorry for his family though. His wife should divorce the hate monger and take the kids away from his hate and nastiness.

    • Wayne Langston

      yeah, he got just what he deserved !! He was very disrespectfull !!

    • Phillip

      I’m sorry but karma. No! Poor judgment yes! But as a Christian may I give my deepest condolences to his Troubles And I’ll pray he is forgiven and restored

    • Dave Perala

      This guy is such a tool. I feel for his family.
      Where as I am thrilled he lost it all, it just goes to show that the man givith, and he can take it away too.
      This lady has more class in her toenail than he does his entire body.
      Just by listening to his “apology”, you can tell he’s full of it and now scared as well. Trying to justify his action and playing the Po Po pitiful me routine.
      Bet his car even had an Obama bumper sticker on it too.

    • jaxkeath

      Freedom of speech is for useful purposes, not berating someone else, or trying to start something. Besides, I am reminded of something my grandparents generation always used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say it at all”. I wish our society practiced this more often.

    • FXDWG69

      Suck it, liberal asshole.

    • David Falstad

      I’m thinking the people he used to work with were probably happy not to see him anymore. He seems insufferable.

    • wheldon rumproast

      Harassing an employee was stupid. He should have just taken his business elsewhere. They’ve alienated 50% + of the population with their homophobic attitude; of course the religious” right considers them heros. Never been to a chik fil a, never will.

    • Sherry Davis

      Who are they hurting in their beliefs? They are not physically attacking anyone. If you don’t like what Chick Fil A says or believes, then don’t eat there. They are just talking about their beliefs, not being mean to anyone. Have you heard of them refusing to serve them? Attacking them when they come in and beating them or embarrassing them in front of the public. I say leave them alone and this crap will go away. They more wood you put on the fire the bigger it gets. The g o v is trying to get us to turn on each other. Don’t fall for it. Love and peace is the answer

    • Coldheartt

      you reap what you sow…

    • Sarai Eve Hunnicutt

      She handled this hate-filled man very well.

    • Whackamole

      that was really pretty sad . i mean that poor mans high light of the day was making this video . anybody else see and feel what a lonely person he is .

    • Politicallypatriotic

      karma… isn’t is wonderful!

    • God bless you Chick-Fil-A. I stand behind you!! Good for the employee who kept her cool. Good riddance Mr. Smith,karma is a bitch!

    • amishmime

      Smith: “Oh, of course, I’m glad that I can take a little bit of money from Chick-Fil-A, and maybe less money to hate groups.”

      Yeah.. He really hurt Chick fil a’s bottom line. All that water must’ve cost ’em a fortune.

      And a guy making 200,000 a year with all that stock, goes broke that quickly? To have to move into an RV? And then go collect food stamps? He’s a fraud. A bully. A self-promoting jackazz.

      I don’t think he should’ve lost his job over that. Im guessing he wasn’t doing too well at that company to begin with.

    • What a ahole!

    • alnga

      He did apologize and he did so after he was fired. Now lets all do what she did and forgive him for his selfish rant. We are all sinners falling far short of the Glory of God. Lets never forget that when dealing with boorish selfish people.

      • PorshaJo

        take it elsewhere

    • Judy Kirkham-Beville

      My heart bleeds and I swallow bandaids.

    • Ronn

      What a schmuck !!

    • RHO1953

      Once again the “tolerant” left shows its absolute hatred.

    • thatbillguy

      Wait. Chick-Fil-A gives free water?

    • Phil

      For more stories about humans challenging God read – – – The Bible.

    • Russ Frame

      Reap the WHIRLWIND!

    • PixelPusher777

      I think it was telling when he finally got another job and the first thing he did was brag “I’m back!” as if he was ready to pounce on the next underling he could find. He was given a second chance, could not help his arrogance and was humbled again. It’s an amazing lesson for all of us about the pitfalls and evils of human nature…

    • Nelson Stanley

      Maybe MSNBC could hire him !! He would fit right in !! Crazy as a squirrel that can’t find his nuts !!!

      • PorshaJo

        Maybe ABC, he was on 20/20 tonight on a show titled Occupational Hazards.

    • Patricia Moskop

      So if he thinks so little of the company—–why is he sitting in their drive-thru accpting

      a cup of water from them. I know he said he was taking a little money from them for free and he was proud of that but he defeated his purpose. He needs some of that christian attitude Chick-fil-la shows their workers and guests.

    • RonCade

      Freedom of speech does not compute to what scripture says about the tongue. See Proverbs and James. Cheers!

    • Oingo Boingo

      Hopefully his family are not haters and will benefit from being humbled.

    • Chick-fil-A supporter

      I hope he learns something from this round—obviously he didn’t the last time. His RV was probably one of those gigantic bus types that is cushier than most of our homes! Can’t say I feel sorry for him and his arrogant attitude. Kudos to the girl keeping her good attitude toward him even when he was drowning in snot and hatred.

    • Peter L Marzullo

      There’s a universal principle talked about in the Bible know as sowing and reaping.

    • Monika Solomon

      he deserved everything he got for treating her like dirt. she was doing her job well and earning an honest dollar and he was being a complete bully. if he had an issue with the company, he should have spent that minute and a half writing it down and putting it in the suggestion box.

    • David_Francis

      The water may have been free but he apparently isn’t.

    • Rick Thomas

      Taking water from a business doesn’t cost a business anything other then the cup containing the water. It’s all public tap lol. plastic cup .20 cents? losing a CFO position 2x priceless.

    • Marco Beeman

      What comes around goes around! Your ARROGANCE was your undoing, sir!

    • Stupid_Human

      Well, he ruined his life.

    • Susan M Mueller

      People don’t seem to understand. Freedom of, does not equal freedom from consequences.

    • Sterling Spencer

      Chick Fil a would probably give him a job, but he should of thought about the consequences of his actions before spouting off this nonsense so he got what was coming to him.

    • Byron Shutt

      When you act radical…..karma comes with the cosmic 2×4. Especially when you are on the attack…….Just watch the devolution that is coming towards the members of ISIS.

    • planetman

      The apology is a total joke, he is allowed to believe whatever he wants but so is the owner of Chick-Fil-A is allowed to also. Calling groups that support traditional family values are not hate groups, they make a lot of sense to the majority obviously by the sales tripling the day of the boycott. Should of thought about his OWN family values before he ruined his children’s lives.

    • ken

      how do these morons get cushy jobs like that? It’s so wrong.

    • planetman

      The apology is a total joke, he is allowed to believe whatever he wants but so is the owner of Chick-Fil-A i also. Calling groups that support traditional family values hate groups is just stupid. Obviously the groups have a lot of support and make a lot of sense to the majority by the sales tripling the day of the boycott. Should of thought about his OWN family values before he ruined his children’s lives, stood on a soapbox with such a hateful method himself.

    • planetman

      Did anyone else notice that the girl at the window looked like the real Wendy from Wendys, lol

    • Cutwould

      It never ceases to amaze me at how intolerant the leftists are when it comes to a diference of opinion to thier sometimes near fanatical stance. This moron got exactly the Karma he deserved but it’s a shame that his family was made to suffer because of it. Unless of course they shared the same intolerance?

    • Micki

      We were at Chick fil-a yesterday & the staff is always cheerful & courteous. Pncla Fl on Bayou Blvd.

    • John Edward Reynolds

      For starters, I feel roughly the same way about that company, and before anyone replies to me talking about Christian values, there is a big difference between Christian values and acting contrary to Christian values which is what the company is doing by supporting hate groups. However these feelings should never be reflected in the way this guy did, he dislikes the companies encouragement to hate and he showed that by hating on someone who has no control within that company and is probably only there because she either A) Needs the income, which we all do, or B) enjoys working in a service based profession. In conclusion, while it may be a bit extreme, he is reaping what he sowed. P.S. Free speech does not equal freedom from consequence of speech.

      • Marv Ack

        Which hate groups does this company support?

      • Frugalone

        For your information they do not support hate groups. They support Christian based groups. Christians do not hate any group or groups of people. The owners are Christians and they support groups who believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ. We are to hate the sin but love the sinner.

        • John Edward Reynolds

          Last I check they support groups which actively try to suppress a particular subculture within American culture and lobby for laws to enforce their beliefs upon others, by definition non-violent hate groups, those groups may call themselves Christian groups but they act in a very non-Christian way, much like the Westboro Baptist Church, they call themselves Christians but act more like mortal demons.

    • Louis Dicapua

      what he should have or had done was to just mind his own business and just do the daily basis of working and shut the hell up with his stupid ranting craps about what’s going on and he would be still working as a big asshole excutive

    • Lin W

      Let this be a lesson to people who speak out or act out without first putting their brain in gear. It’s the old adage of LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP! Beware of the consequences of your actions !

    • charles.wallace

      I’ll bet he could get a job in a DIARRHEA ward in a hospital.

    • 66lima

      Self inflicted wound.
      No one did this to him. He did this to himself.
      I feel sorry for his family.
      Poor financial planner besides being a hateful jerk

    • Bug

      You can hate someone for spiting on the sidewalk, but the moment they kiss in public view they’re excused from hate? Sorry but two guys kissing freaks me out, nothing you can say is going to change that but if it makes you fags feel any better I’m totally ok with two lesbians going at it… just not butch looking lesbians… you know the ones with that down syndrome-y look to them.

    • Transplanted Yankee

      He had ABSOLUTELY no right to brow beat this young lady as he did. I seriously doubt if I could have retained my composure as this young lady did. That A-HOLE ABSOLUTELY deserved exactly what he got.

    • Arthur Morse


    • Wolfgang A Barreto

      It is great when the bad guys get slammed. More of this needs to happen.

    • phungi20

      So this guy wants to be able to kiss another guy without anyone caring?

    • andy hazel

      This young lady is to be commended. She handled this reprobate very well. I have only had cheerful kind treatment at Chick-a -fila. Their food is good and the place is spotless. This young lady probably forgave him as he drove away….that is the Christian way.
      God bless her.

    • overit

      He was just complaining about the line being long, and there he goes holding up other people. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I hope his current job fires him.

    • Larry Notton

      These kinds are such heart warming stories!

    • Grizzly907LA

      Hopefully someone will put two in the back of his head, dump him in a shallow grave and put him out of his misery.

    • oledriller

      Liberals just love their free speech they just can’t deal with the consequences of their leftist

    • Boagreous

      It’s about time one of these chicken chokers got fcked back. Tough luck mtherfcker!!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!

    • me

      he needs to get a life!

    • DanaLanders

      What a freaking idiot! He actually said Chick-Fil-A’s values were lacking? Seriously, moron? Shouldn’t say this but I am glad he lost it all. Perhaps he’ll learn to shut his yap and be more respectful of others and their opinions.

    • tc4012

      Beautiful, smart and classy young lady.

    • Al Casella

      This dude is so full of crap! He had every intention of blasting whomever was going to be in that window. All he’s trying to do is damage control. He also turned his “Apology” into his personal view soapbox rant. He isn’t sorry for what happened, just sorry that it came back and bit him in the a$$.

    • old motorcycle enthusiast

      Another over-educated progressive, totally lacking common sense, reaps what he sowed.

    • Bruce Wayne

      There are many corporations supporting causes I don’t believe in. If I threatened or boycotted all of them I’d probably be naked, homeless and starving.

    • PeteyGLaFlare

      The fact is, if a gay person came in there, they would make him food and treat him politely just like any other customer. Politics aside, how you treat others is what’s important, and chic fil a certainly has some of the friendliest staff out there(as well as pretty good food as far as fast food goes).

    • Guest

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    • another_engineer

      He must have been one hell of a CFO if he’s now broke and on foodstamps.
      He is the epitome of much of corporate america…. morons

    • birdbrain2

      The sad part now is that we have to support this guy and his family because he is a total jerk off.

    • ImaMe

      It seems for every one negative story like this one, 4 appear from the kookie right, which most of you don’t seem to understand how stupid and petty the 5 rich old guys who own the media likes to keep things

    • me

      1000000 in stocks and moved into an RV? Either the guy is a really poor money manager (which doesnt make sense bc he is a CFO) or they are misled.

    • HadyNuff

      These are his own words from his book after his employer began receiving hate mail: “I felt angry that people would attack my extended corporate family for a personal stand of mine.” and he STILL does not understand what he did wrong.

    • joe

      he should rot in hell and any company who hires him I will boycott

    • patricia taylor

      seriously..a hero for this? most cfa workers ive dealt with are just jerks. Theyre also usually nice to rude people so this makes sense. no shes not a damn hero shes a fast food worker. cfa sucks and their employees are worse


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