After Jim Rome Calls Marching Bands ‘Dorks’, The ARMY Marching Band Drops This BOMB on Him


by Scott Aberdeen | Top Right Sports

There’s nothing more satisfying than a sanctimonious creep getting owned.

Call this the U.S. Army vs. Jim Rome, of CBS Sports (formerly ESPN). And it was priceless to watch.

The Washington Post discovered this little tidbit from last night’s NCAA football playoff semifinal:

Hey, guys! I just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss this Thursday night tweet from Jim Rome, who had some thoughts about Being Cool:


Twitter immediately lit up in response to Rome’s arrogant snipe. Marching bands from around the country started striking back, using the hashtag #MarchOnRome.

Seeing the snowball rolling, Rome then deleted the tweet and attempted to apologize, but the damage was done.

There were many great responses to Rome, but none more epic than the U.S. Army’s:

Is ‘Rome Burning’ now? You betcha.

As Michael Cantrell aptly noted:

Many of those “dorks” he insulted go on to be the best and brightest minds in a wide variety of fields, like doctors and lawyers, which provide services that Rome may one day need to call on.

Or in the case of the Army, they maybe the same folks out on the front line defending our freedom.

Perhaps Rome will think twice next time before just flapping his gums and polluting the airwaves with his nonsense.

If not, I bet the Army would be more than happy to once again help him safely pull his head out of his rear and swallow a fresh slice of humble pie.

Amen to that. Batallion fist bumps for all.


[h/t Michael Cantrell]

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