15-Year-Old Thug Does Something Horrible To His Teacher… National Media Silent


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

The national media has spent the last two days destroying the career of a White South Carolina deputy who used force to remove a disruptive Black student from the classroom after she refused to give up her cell phone after playing music and videos to disrupt the class.

The deputy was fired today, despite evidence that the girl had punched him during his repeated attempts to remove her.

Yet from Texas, we have a video showing what happened when a White teacher removed the cellphone of a 15-year old Black student who was also loudly using it in class to play rap music and explicit videos, despite multiple warnings to stop.

But in this case, no cop was available to defend her.

So where is the media on the story of this despicable thug?

From ABC-13:

A teenager is charged with injuring an elderly person after authorities say he shoved a substitute teacher to the floor in class on Thursday. It was all captured on cell phone video.

She [Beverly Round0] was working as a substitute at Nimitz when she took away a student’s cell phone, after he was repeatedly talking on the phone in the class, and allegedly using obscenities.

She was pushed repeatedly by that 15-year-old student, then was knocked to the ground. The teen then appears to take the phone back. Other students recorded the attack.

The teacher, who had recently undergone knee replacement surgery, suffered a mild concussion from the fall, and the student has been arrested.

We are breeding a nation of thugs.


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