Actress Blames False Missile Alert in Democrat-Run Hawaii on… GUESS WHO?

by Ben Callen | Top Right News

On Saturday, an inbound ballistic (nuclear) missile alert hit Hawaii, and text messages were sent to a horrified populous that it was “not a drill.”

Forty minutes later, the alarm ended, and everything was okay.

Since that time, people in Hawaii have shared stories of having phone calls with loved ones, praying together in retail stores, and even placing them in storm drains in a desperate attempt to ensure their safety…

The specifics are still hazy on what took place. But Hawaii Gov. David Ige (D) said someone “pushed the wrong button.” He tweeted…

President Donald Trump was briefed on the situation and has yet to comment.

But that didn’t stop Golden Globe-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis from lashing out at the president.

While the majority of America attributes the colossal mistake to human error, Curtis blamed the president.


Yep…and it’s a doozy.

What the…?

The unhinged reaction from Curtis created quite the response:

Apparently not. But would it matter? There is no known cure for “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”


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