A Woman Wanted to Be Buried with a Fork in Her Hand – The Pastor Can’t Stop Thinking About Why



[h/t Hrtwarming, Federalist Papers]

  • Dan

    Gluttony…isn’t that one of your “deadly sins”? Your meal is over, how is fattening, disgusting, unneeded dessert “the best that is yet to come”? Stupid story.

    • Fred Brewster

      Dan, the story the lady told is an incredible story for any one who is a believer. We know the best is yet to come and we are excited about. Nothing fattening about! Just the glories of eternal life! Now for yourself Dan, I will be praying for you that something or someone, will reach you somehow with the Good News of the Word. Going on 50 years ago He changed me and I am so glad. You see, I also know the best is still to come! Best wishes Dan.

    • husker du

      Yes, you will not need a fork since you don’t understand.

      • Pyro

        Dan will have a pitchfork..its a minor detail that it will be pointed at him and into him instead of in his hand (Is that too dark/grim?)

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