A Fan Asked Mike Rowe What He Thought of Anti-Police Protests – His Response is EPIC


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

At TRN, we are big fans of Mike Rowe. It is very rare to see a celebrity who uses their high profile to espouse the values of common sense, hard work, and decency as well as Rowe, as host of Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It, and as a role model outside of TV.

Mike regularly goes on his Facebook page to answer questions of fans and foes alike, and today he took on one of the biggest topics in the news today: the anti-police protests across the country that have broken out in the wake of the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

A fan named Meghan asked:

Hello Mr. Mike Rowe. I’m a big fan and also happen to work in the lower Haight as well as live in Alameda. I have to ask with everything that is going on in Ferguson, how do you feel about the protests in SF as well as the looting/rioting in downtown Oakland? 

Here’s how Mike responded:

Hi Meghan-

Last week, those very protests blocked off one of the major arteries, and as a result, I was 90 minutes late to a holiday dinner in Alameda. I apologized for my tardiness, and was told by my hostess not to give it a second thought. “It’s a small price to pay,” she said, “given all that’s at stake.” Another guest, already well into the eggnog, wondered aloud if a heart attack victim waiting for an ambulance stuck in traffic might hold a different view?

Within moments, everyone was talking about Garner and Brown, and the conversation got very political very quickly. A liberal guest said, “Look, I wasn’t there, but it seems pretty clear that both men would still be alive had they been white.” A conservative guest replied, “I wasn’t there either, but it seems pretty clear that both men would still be alive if they hadn’t resisted arrest.”

This annoyed the liberal, who asked the conservative why Republicans wanted a “police state.” This annoyed the conservative, who asked the liberal why Democrats wanted “total anarchy.” Things continued to escalate, and within moments, fingers were pointing, veins were bulging, and logical fallacies were filling the air. Ho! ho! ho!

For once, I kept my mouth shut and listened as a roomful of decent people tore each others throats out. It was remarkable, because no one disagreed on the big points. No one disagreed that black lives mattered just as much as white lives. No one disputed that racial bias in law enforcement should be exposed and eliminated. In fact, no one disagreed about the basic facts surrounding each case. The breakdown happened over relevance and context.

My conservative friends were focused on the fact that both men died while resisting arrest, and were therefor responsible for their own demise. They wanted to discuss the killings in light of the incredible risk that all police officers agree to assume.

My liberal friends were focused on the fact that both men were unarmed, and were therefore victims of excessive force. They wanted to discuss the killings in the context of historical trends that suggest bias plays a recurring role in the way cops treat minorities.

By dessert, it was clear that both sides wanted law and order. But the conservatives were convinced that order is only possible when citizens treat cops with respect. Liberals, on the other hand, were arguing that order can only occur when cops treat everyone the same. And round and round we went. The chicken and the egg.

Later, on the drive home, I called a friend of mine back in Baltimore. He’s black, successful, and hard-working. He also resents the way he’s gotten swept into the zeitgeist of Ferguson. In his words, “I’m a pawn in someone else’s agenda, and I’m sick of it. I know what bias looks like in my life. I’m tired of being represented by two petty criminals who died resisting arrest.”

I hadn’t thought about it like that, but he’s got a point. The vast majority of black Americans have never broken the law. And yet, millions of lives are now entwined with the death of Brown and Garner. That’s not fair, but it’s hardly breaking news. Minorities are constantly stereotyped and the impression lingers. Looters and arsonists run amok, and Black America suffers the association. Now I’m trying to get my head around the fact that two cops are dead in Brooklyn, assassinated by a lunatic in “retaliation” for Ferguson and Staten Island. Unbelievable.

How much worse can it get for the millions of law-abiding minorities, struggling to be seen as individuals? How much worse can it get for the thousands of honest cops, trying to protect a citizenry that doesn’t seem to appreciate their daily sacrifice?

A few days ago, people were marching in the streets, literally calling for the execution of police. (“What do we want? Dead Cops!”) Others are standing by today, waiting to lionize the assassins who answer the call. These are not the champions of justice; these are the enemies of civilization, and it’s up to sensible people on both sides of the aisle to close ranks and shout them down. If we want to live in a nation of laws, we need to support the humans sworn to uphold them. They’re a lot of really great cops out there who have promised to do that very thing, including the one in my family. We’d be screwed without them.

To answer your question Meghan, I support peaceful protests, and I’m all for rooting out bad cops. But let’s not stop there. If we’re serious about saving lives, and eliminating the confrontations that lead to the demise of Garner and Brown, let’s also condemn the stupidity that leads so many Americans to resist arrest. I don’t care if you’re white, black, red, periwinkle, burnt umber, or chartreuse – resisting arrest is not a right, it’s a crime. And it’s never a good idea.


PS. In lighter news, it’s come to my attention that CNN will attempt to air a new episode of SGDI, tonight at 9pm Eastern. (Assuming we can get through a whole day without a riot, an earthquake, a terrorist attack, and ebola outbreak, or a Zombie Apocalypse).


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  • Miki

    “There are always two sides to every story. Yours, mine & God’s truth. The truth is usually found somewhere in the middle”.

    I was raised hearing this from my parents. I guess I was fortunate.

    Mike Rowe…right on target, again. Americans need someone to hear both sides & find the truth in the middle. Please run for president!

    • Scooter Tramp

      That’s three sides

      • juliaweirdo

        Lol! That was my first thought too! Haha!

      • Daniel

        Technically, it’s one story (God’s truth, or what actually happened) seen from two sides (yours & mine). The third isn’t a side, it is what everything else is actually a side of. 😀

        • Scooter Tramp

          your side + my side + the truth = 3

    • tkayvegas

      We have it. It’s called grand jury’s. And if mr Rowe were to “find the truth”, these idiots would call him racist and demand his head too. It’s cute that you still think they care about the truth…

  • nwjohnson

    Excellent answer.

  • Guest

    The problem is, when the forensic evidence shows, know one wants to know. They dont want the truth. They want a reason / excuse to loot.

  • John McDonald

    The problem is, when the forensic evidence shows, no one wants to know. They dont want the truth. They want a reason / excuse to loot.

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      • John McDonald

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    • mitchj51

      Exactly, the looting in furgison wasent even about what happened anymore, it was just a way for a bunch of cowards who would rather steal and ruin people’s way of work and destroy the city to do it and not get caught! If African Americans were so tired of all the discrimination then your really fooling me, because your not giving any reason for people to think any different of you by being thugs! On the same day as the cop shooting him there were multiple black on white deaths that never made the headlines and no one ever said anything about it, there were no big riots by whites, I’m not rascist, but if this is the way you expect minorities to get respect your very wrong!

  • Suzane

    Well said Mike

  • Lighspeed Snail

    How could he be “unarmed” if he had his “hands up?” 😉

    • chickief

      Too dumb a question to deserve a response.

      • Lighspeed Snail

        But….you….re…sponded. bawhahaha

      • TheSaint

        Chickief is right. Only an absolute idiot would respond to such drivel.

    • J D S

      Haha…good one. I almost didn’t get it at first. Not so sure that chiekief got it either.

      • Lighspeed Snail

        LOL. Just trying to keep a little levity in the world. Thanks.

    • Bil Comly

      He didn’t have his hands up! He was charging the cops. Get your facts right.

      • Lighspeed Snail

        Someone obviously needs to pull the stick out.

      • Sam

        Bil, you couldn’t be anymore wrong. Sorry, darling.

  • Judy Cordes

    Mike always has the right answers. What a great, level headed guy, we need more like him.

  • Rose

    Excellent Response.
    Only angle not covered by this answer is that of Political Leaders and N.U.D.G.E.-ers with an AGENDA to promote ANARCHY for their own personal goals.
    But an EXCELLENT job on the views of ordinary people.

  • Rose

    The Fourth Side is the INCITERS who in this case, for INCITING MURDER OF POLICEMEN, is a First Degree Felony, the Inciters are by law considered AS GUILTY as the one who pulls the Trigger – AND I AM NOT SEEING A DIALOGUE of holding them accountable BY TRIAL for a MURDER CHARGE for willfully and deliberately ratcheting up a Civil War over the dead bodies of POLICEMEN MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD.
    Including but not limited to OBAMA, Holder, Mo Gov and Ferguson Prosecutor, de Blasio, and several dozen other prominent Public Servants and Political Leaders on the National Scene, who proudly broadcast their incitement on National and International News MICROPHONES AND CAMERAS.
    And have EARNED their TRIALS for this FELONY.
    Do what’s right – and do what ya oughta do!

    • imyourshadow

      Well they put away their race cards to pull out their victim cards. Will Holder investage the executions of the two cops and their civil right to be alive. I bet not.

      • Rose

        If he does, you can bet it’ll be in such a backhanded way it does more damage than if he didn’t “bother” at all.
        Congress should see to it the whole lot is tried for Incitement to Murder Policemen, Holder included.
        That is the only thing that would send a message to the Politicians to get back inside their Constitutional Boundaries!

  • chopper

    He did have a good answer, but he did not touch on the fact that in Ferguson the cop was not a “bad cop”…he needs to emphasize that he did things by the book. It sounded to me that he defended cops in general, but did say that there are going to be bad cops. He did not mention that in NYC the cop was responding to a black store owner who wanted the guy gone because he was taking away business. White or black, he wanted him gone. He should have emphasized the facts we know about these cases now. I wish he had, it almost sounds like he is lumping these two men in a category that they do not belong in. It may sound nit-picky, but the two men whose lives have changed forever too deserve that much. I imagine that they will never feel right in their uniform again.

    • Wiggle D

      The media leaves these things out on purpose. They want to toy with the wits of dumbf*cks.

    • Kelly

      Maybe he didn’t know those facts and at the moment wasn’t trying to specifically touch on these cops, I think he was talking about a broader sense

    • Shane Walter Pond

      I would start with trying to get the media to actually get FACTS before airing anything they wanna report.. its amazing how much they jump around with there story that is heard by some then while those people are outraged shut the tv off ,while they go ahead and broadcast more supposed facts to another set of outraged folks who then turn there tv’s off.. the cycle continnues then everyone thinks they got all the facts of the story and start bickering and stuff and most times never even notice there was another broadcast practically saying they got it all wrong here is the NEW STORY lol…

    • imyourshadow

      The store owner who called the Police does not play into the narrative that white cops just attacking blacks for no reason. The police were responding to a Call from a business owner to Enforce laws created by local government in response to loss of TAX REVENUES. The most dangerous place to be, between a liberal and tax dollars.

  • Rusty.Not

    One curious thing I found when I compared the text of Mike’s post on FB to the text here.
    Facebook offers no “Bold” text feature.

    This means the version here has been MODIFIED. I found no citation from the site that the Bold was added.

    Although Mike (and I) would probably agree with the modified text, is it ethical? Similar question to plagiarism.

    TRN should lead the ethics parade!

  • That Guy

    I really like Mike Rowe. However, how come (according to FBI statistics) that although blacks only make up, oh say less than 20% of the population, they are responsible for well over 60% of the crime? Per captia… thats volatile.

    • Jennifer Lynne Salins

      It’s not as simple as race. It also has a lot to do with socioeconomic status. Minorities (all kinds) tend to be concentrated in inner city areas, where there are less job opportunities, more crime, less education, less property owners to pay property taxes to fund local programs, and even less grocery stores to sell healthy cheaper food versus the convenience store on the corner. This set up contributes to a future of crime being the likely choice of career. If you take any of these minorities out of these surroundings and raise them in a different setting, the outcome is different. In the nature vs. nurture debate, this comes down to nurture. It’s not a black thing. It’s a crappy neighborhood thing.

      • imyourshadow

        Please!! Now we have a “crappy neighborhood card” to pull when we fail at getting a job, educating our kids and ohh yea not enough government programs to better raise our little munchkins. Please, I live in a low income white neighborhood. We don’t have that crap. We live better and want better for our kids. Sell drugs on my street and you find out. We call the police. Blacks should do the same instead they demonize police and blame the world for their failures. Their setting their self up for generational failure. Its their own fault. No education and hate the man. That may play well in the hood but not worth a pluged nickle in the real world.

        • Jennifer Lynne Salins

          I, myself, have also lived in low-income neighborhoods. I did not mean to imply that neighborhood alone is the sole reason for crime. What I’m saying is that this isn’t simply a racial issue. There are other variables besides race that account for the higher crime rate among black citizens versus others. I learned a lot about this during classes for my degree, and was honestly pretty shocked. I was raised (apparently like you) to live better, want better, and call the police if there is trouble. We never demonized police as we had police officers in our own family. Just saying that merely being a minority does not equate with being a criminal, and there are a lot of problems in inner city areas that contribute to becoming involved in a life of crime.

      • chopper

        When my children were small, I, as a white single mother, lived in the “poor side” of town. In my case there were Mexican minorities. I still raised my children to respect the police and showed by example that hard work (going to college and working) will help us out of the wrong side of the tracks. I also taught them that there is no shame in where you live if you keep up your home and get your bills paid. If these two men had done that,obeyed the law and respected police, we would not be having this discussion. No card, just parenting, no matter where you live.
        I also want to add that many minorities from any part of town are good people and only want the best for their children, sadly we don’t talk about these people. The ones huddled and terrified in their homes while the others “burned this bitch down!”.

        • afftongrown

          Really, this whole fiasco is about LACKof respect for authority, something the parents should have started instilling in their children from the time of birth!

        • afftongrown

          Many ofthe protesters stated that they were from other parts of the US,and the government had paid their way to Ferguson, and paid them to protest!

          • chopper

            Yes, I had heard that many if not most of the protesters were bused in and camped there waiting for the verdict. I do not know who got them there, I was under the impression it was Sharpton and his ilk. However they got there, it is horrible what they did and they should all go to prison, let them riot there.!

      • Peggy Main

        Well, they did not make their neighborhood any better by turning it into a war zone and destroying property. Now, business owners in their neighborhood don’t want to do business there – good luck next time they want to go to the corner store for a soda

    • imyourshadow

      Please don’t confuse us with facts. The truth is to shocking.

  • Gary

    The one point Mike, or any of his party guests failed to bring up, is the militarized mindset of alot of these ex-military police officers, and the other roided up cops out there with chips on their shoulders that are just looking for any borderline reason to beat someone down, and then ruin their lives with charges and jail time. we don’t need police who view civilians as the “enemy.”

    • Corey Lampert

      I think they fall under the “bad cop” title Mike talked about.

    • kelly

      I know many military members as my husband is a Navy vet and none of them think civies are the enemy. They take an oath when they join the military and most of them live by the oath.

    • Badger

      Gary, 1.) The vast majority of law enforcement are not former military; 2) The vast majority of those who are prior military are not looking to engage in combat; 3) The vast majority of law enforcement do not use steroids or abuse any other pharmaceuticals; 4) The vast majority of law enforcement are not looking to beat anyone down. They joined law enforcement because they wanted to do something meaningful to help their communities. Now, you may legitimately ask, “how does he know this?” The answer is that I completed a 31-year career in law enforcement, part of that career was spent working recruitment and internal affairs. Yes, there are some bad cops, but I did my part to weed out the few who made it through an imperfect, but pretty rigorous hiring process. I also was fortunate to have had assignments that brought me in contact with other law enforcement agencies and officers from around the country and came away with confidence that they were of the same mindset that bad cops can not be tolerated and demean what is a proud profession. I don’t know what experience you may have had that resulted in your opinion regarding cops, but I can tell you that it is not reflective of the people with whom I had the great honor to serve.

  • Wiggle D

    If people don’t want to get profiled, don’t get caught with contraband. High School through College, I dressed like a punk with lots leather and spikes. I got pulled over one day from college heading home. Claimed that there were quite a bit of robberies going on in the neighborhood. When he only found books and school supplies in my bag, they apologized and left me the f*ck alone from then on. Not rocket science.

  • debbiebaldockcunningham

    Well said, Mike! I like the way you think; logically, and with your brain.

  • Kimberley Skr-Cev

    Beautiful response!!

  • wyrosjr

    Mike Rowe for president!!!

  • Pat Hollingsworth

    great response.

  • gatekeeper96740

    This is not some grass roots movement they are PAID political Agitators/ Agent Provocateurs.
    Many have Pre- Printed signs and t-shirts with group affiliations printed on them.

    Some of the other organizations fomenting unrest in Ferguson (and around the country):
    1) CAIR -Council on American Islamic Relations, St. Louis
    2) Revolution Club of Chicago (Communist group),
    3) The New Black Panthers,
    4)The Palestine Contingent,
    5) Revolutionary Socialists,
    6)FIST (Communist youth organization whose acronym stands for Fight Imperialism Stand Together),
    7) Peoples Power Assemblies(Communist group),
    8) The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP),
    9)Organization for Black Struggle,
    10) U.S. Palestinian Community Network,
    11) Muslims for Ferguson,
    12) US Campaign to End theIsraeli Occupation,
    13) St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee,
    14) Palestinian BDS National Committee,
    15) National Students for Justice in Palestine,
    16) Palestinian Youth Movement,
    17)American Muslims for Palestine,
    18) African Americans for Justice in the Middle East and North Africa,
    19) Occupy Wall Street and other anarchist groups.
    Add in the usual race baiters like Jackson, Sharpton, and Farrakhan, plus a generous helping of the SEIU and ACORN bunch.

    • genann59

      You are so correct. And more needs to get out about who those protestors are and why they are really protesting – to destroy our nation. Has very little to do with the two men who died resisting arrest or the fact they were black. Opportunistic use of those two facts to cause more division and hatred within our nation. Really, really sad state of affairs.

  • Guest

    This video articulates each step in subverting a country.We are far down that road, including the polarizing the left and right..

    Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)


  • gatekeeper96740

    Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)


  • Edwrad D Salk

    Funny that at the end of the day cops will have more justifiable reasons to racially profile blacks…

  • Cedric Ian Anthony

    Well said.

  • Rupert Bauer

    Exactly what I have been saying.. OK, Not exactly. It’s worded a lot better.

  • BetseeRoss

    Who is footing the bill for these continued protests? Just look at the “leaders” out in front, egging them on. Don’t those people have families and bills to take care of? Are they using public assistance to subsidize the bill? They obviously don’t have jobs. The students even think they should have their exams delayed or waived so they can participate! Professional Protesters should be locked up and their “employers” made responsible for all the damage that they do. Those on assistance should lose it if they aren’t using it as it was meant. It isn’t meant to allow them to destroy someone else’s neighborhood with their violence and looting. Tax payers shouldn’t have to enable this behavior!
    Maybe if these “good, caring citizens” stayed home and taught their kids to obey the law, treat EVERYONE with respect and work* to better themselves, these incidents would end.
    *A person who doesn’t have a job has plenty of free time to use the FREE Public Library to improve their knowledge. (Thank Benjamin Franklin, one of those hated Founding Fathers for free libraries in this country). Knowledge is power available to everyone in America.

    • frick rack

      Uhh…peaceful protest is a protected right in the US and most of the civilized world. I do not believe that most prople protesting these days are on any type of assistance AT ALL. A few people I know own businesses and decided to attend and participate in the rallies to start dialogue and raise awareness.

      • chopper

        Yes, it is a right, however it is not an excuse to not work or attend classes. It needs to be done on their free time. No employer or school should let them miss for this and still be paid or passed through the class. It is not up to their employers to pay extra hours or schools to re-give a test to someone. It is called being responsible. I wonder what they are raising awareness of? Stupidity?

      • BetseeRoss

        Tell that to Ferguson. I don’t think they will consider those protests “peaceful” and some of the same players were seen in NY.

  • Joe Kimmes
  • Joe Kimmes

    Profane, but true. I follow these tips, and I’m an old, fat white guy. But I like to drive a little too fast and sometimes get a reminder that I shouldn’t. It’s my fault.

  • b-ri

    Mike Brown was a punk and obviously acting the fool with his behavior and over the top resistance after a vicious attack on a store owner. Eric Garner was simply a man selling cigarettes, yes illegally, but we’re talking CIGARETTES. I would be upset too if I were being harassesd like he was. I guess all other crime is under control in NY so that police can crack down on these petty offenses. Maybe he shouldn’t have resisted but let up when the man says he can’t breathe.

    • imyourshadow

      !) how many times when a cop handcuffs a person they start to complain “your hurting me” or “I wasn’t doing anything”. Im sure they’d heard that before. If the man was so unhealthy why did he resist. I guess the first 30 arrests failed to convince him not to break the law again.

  • adam

    The way minorities interact with police and the reason why this “resisting arrest” argument is problematic is because of the history of minority communities and how they have been treated by the lawmaking majority. It may be hard to expect a group of classically oppressed people to change their behavior in relation to police without long and exacting attempts to foster trust between authority and citizen. Not saying it can’t be done but criminal activity, response to police presence, how police respond to minorities and this very discourse are all related.

  • mlee952
  • mrbeverage

    and by the way, it is the friendly fascism of liberalism, controlling every aspect of our lives, that is leading to the police state.

  • Jack Aubrey

    I’m a Constitutional Conservative and I think black lives matter just as much as any other life, including a police officers. Brown died because he assaulted an officer, amen. The other guy died because he resisted an arrest that shouldn’t have happened. The cops were wrong and probably should have been charged on that one. Probably? I wasn’t there and I don’t know all the facts. Amen. Cops are given a tremendous amount of power and authority. Along with that goes a tremendous amount of responsibility. Bad cops deserve all the punishment the law allows and good cops should not tolerate bad ones. I’m all for resolving that issue. On the other hand, cops are protected. Thou shalt not touch a cop under any circumstance. That’s what the courts are for. To me, “What do we want? Dead cops!” sounds a lot like “Fire! Fire!” and those people along with many of our leaders share responsibility for the assassination of those two New York cops. Advocating the dead of anyone is not “Free Speech” it’s “Hate Speech”.

  • Chuck Hawes

    Mr Rowe seems to have forgotten that MB attacked that police officer. Twice. That’s a bit worse than resisting arrest. He struggled to get his gun during the first attack. What was he to do during the second after he already went for the gun the first time? Talk to him? Reason with him? Run? What is your answer to that Rowe ?

  • Dee

    I argued with a coworker, he black, I white…I said it wasn’t about race He argued it was…that it was racial because the “stereotype” had been earned therefore making it about race. He seemed to believe that in the state we live in, there is no real discrimination. Law enforcement treats all law breakers equally, however, nationally,there is a reason to assume certain peoples may have “earned” the response.

  • Dummass Dumbos

    Pretty clear…

  • Lynn Michele Walters

    nice Mike my thought exactly..

  • tkayvegas

    All this has absolutely nothing to do with logic or truth. It’s organized to destroy the civil society. They are protesting against things that didn’t even happen. Giving these people a platform is like negotiating with terrorists…

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. People who become comfortable suckling on the teet of federal and local governments are often easily led into submission. They find an excuse to justify everything, including killing in the name of…

  • Stevens R. Miller

    Mr. Rowe is wearing blinders. Resisting arrest is a crime, and any amount of force necessary to effect an arrest is justified under the law. But why is that the law? Why does the cop have on-the-spot authority to deprive a person of his liberty and, having made that unilateral decision, why then does the cop have the legal right to use unlimited force to do so? “He was resisting arrest” is a convenient way to avoid the question of why the cop had the legal right to arrest Garner, whose crime was selling a cigarette.

    If an arrest can become the legal justification for killing a man, then no arrest should be legal when the crime is selling a cigarette.

    • Stevens R. Miller

      Oh, and that picture he is holding is from 2013, unrelated to the events he’s talking about. Google the phrase on the sign in the picture.

  • Phillip Coffey

    The one comment that came from Ferguson that I just cannot wrap my mind around was the one where the burned out merchants were told to come back and rebuild “or else”… Everything else aside, how would you feel if you owned a store in Ferguson and it was burned to the ground only to hear the very folks who burned it down threaten you and tell you to come back and rebuild or else? There is a total breakdown in rational thought here. No one in their right mind would even consider coming back.

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