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If you’re on a desktop computer:

1. Click on your profile picture from your Facebook page.

2. Right click on the large image of your profile picture that appears.

3. Click “Copy Image URL”.

If you’re on a mobile device:

1. Open your Facebook profile page in your phone’s browser.

2. Tap your profile picture to open it.

3. On the next screen that shows your profile picture, tap the small text below it that says “View Full Size”.

4. Copy the web address of the page that loads.

Once you’ve gotten your profile picture URL, merely paste the URL into the box above and click “Go!”. NOTE: IT MAY TAKE MULTIPLE CLICKS ON “Go!” TO WORK!

Once the image is generated, right click on the image and select “Save Image As”. From a mobile device you can tap and hold the image to bring up the save option. Note that from some mobile devices you may have to take a screenshot, if you’re unable to save it.

Once the image is saved to your computer, upload it to Facebook as your new profile picture.

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