illegal mob
As the Left is pushing amnesty like never before, and illegal aliens are staging regular protests at ICE locations, illegal aliens are also getting more brazen on our Southern border.
Attacks against our border agents are way up, but this weekend’s move was unprecedented, as Mexican illegals coordinated a violent confrontation against outmanned agents.

A crowd of more than 150 illegals pelted Border Patrol agents with rocks and bottles — injuring several agents — as they tried to cross into the U.S. illegally in the San Diego sector, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The incident happened Sunday in the Tijuana River channel, near the San Ysidro Port of Entry.

According to CBP, a Border Patrol agent ordered the Mexican nationals to stop, but they continued walking into the U.S.

Officials said the agent fired a PepperBall Launcher, but it did not deter the crowd.

“They had their phones out so this group was out to spark an incident. That’s what they wanted to do, “ Border Patrol Union representative Gabriel Pacheco said. Had cooler heads not prevailed it could have ended much worse, he said.

Even with reinforcements, agents were outnumbered, dodging threats, rocks and bottles.

The crowd struck several agents in the arms and legs with rocks; one agent was hit in the head with a filled bottle.  

According to CBP, after the agents used “intermediate use-of-force” devices, the group finally retreated back to the Mexican side of the border — which is where Mexican officials added insult to injury, as the mob was “permitted to disperse by Mexican authorities without being arrested or otherwise suffering any consequences for their brutal attacks on U.S. law enforcement“.

So now will amnesty pimp extraordinaire Mark Zuckerberg finally take up one Congressman’s offer to tour our ridiculously insecure Southern border?

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0 thoughts on “Mob of 150 Illegal Aliens Rush the Border, Attack Border Patrol Agents With Rocks and Bottles

  1. We, as a nation, are under attack on our very own border. It’s time for the military to man the border. Clearly, Obama has hamstrung our brave men and women of the US Border Patrol. We already lost one Border Patrol Agent. Must we lose more? SEAL THE SOUTHERN BORDER and protect it at ALL COSTS!!!

  2. Don’t even begin to think it is only Mexican nationals that are crossing. Many others intent on harming this country and its people are using this weakness to gain entry.

    1. “Native” Americans crossed the Bering land bridge from asia thousands of years ago, so we’ll leave right after you do.

      1. Native American’s crossed the Bering land bridge (There is still debate about whether all crossed or if some came by boat) somewhere between 28,000 and 60,000 years ago… The oldest archeological site found to date sets that particular site at 28,000 years ago (there are claims to older sites but those have not been 100% verified yet)… Europeans came here somewhere around the year 1492 (there is still a little debate there) which is just a little over 500 years ago… When the Native Americans arrived there were no ‘inhabitants’ to steal the land from, to murder, to spread disease to, to force into their beliefs, to steal the children from….. That is what the major difference is that Native Americans did not commit horrible and genocidal atrocities to obtain the land they lived on, they did not take it away from other people and force march them to infertile, almost impossible to farm lands… So sad how some people look at things…

        1. You are wrong, Wynema. Who we call “Native Americans” were not here first. According to more recent Smithsonian Institution researchers, settlers from EUROPE came here first, before the Indians.

          Also, it is laughable for you to assert that so-called Natives all sung “Kumbaya” and got along and didn’t “commit horrible and genocidal atrocities” on other Native tribes. Indian tribes committed horrible, unspeakable atrocities to wipe out other tribes, and of course the Aztecs’ cruelty and genocide were rivaled only by the Nazis.

          1. I will answer both of your postings in a single post…
            First off… Wow, you found information that dated Europeans as being in America 18 to 26 thousand years ago… You forget to mention that the oldest ‘known’ dig site in America dates to 28,000 years ago and that it is Native American artifacts that have been found there….. Any way you look at it, there is honestly no way to know what happened so very, very long ago… About the only thing we really know is that YES the Native Americans were here a minimum of 28,000 years prior to the wave
            of Europeans that came just over 500 years ago and violently forced the natives to follow their rules, laws, beliefs etc…
            Secondly… I never said that Native Americans were all peaceful and never used the word ‘Kumbaya”… Yes, the tribes fought between one another for land, for hunting areas, for brides, for a variety of other reasons… Why you bring the Aztec’s into the discussion I am unsure as we were discussing Northern American Native Americans but… whatever… Now, John Urban, I am unsure of why you felt the need to insult me but I guess some people are just like that… I stated some facts as to what happened to the Native Americans when the Europeans came to colonize America 500+ years ago… Can you show me where THESE facts are wrong??? Can you show me that the land they were living on was not stolen from them??? Can you show me that the Europeans did not bring disease and possibly even purposefully expose the natives to smallpox??? Can you show me that the Europeans did not take the natives faith away from them and force Christianity upon them??? Can you show me that native children were not forcibly removed (kidnapped) from their families and force fed European culture and beliefs??? Can you show me that natives were not force marched across many states and taken from fertile areas where hunting and farming were excellent and forced to live where hunting was sparse and farming close to impossible with the technology of the day??? Can you tell me that natives were not forced to give up their own languages and learn how to speak as
            Europeans do??? Can you tell me that natives were not forced to assimilate into the European way of life??? Can you tell me any of these things??? I sincerely and honestly do not think that you can…..
            THIS is what I was talking about!

    2. Pale face provided everything you use today! EVERYTHING! Central heating & air conditioning wouldn’t work to well in a TeePee now would it! And thats exactly where you’d be if it were not for “pale face” you douche face!

      1. Hey you inane ignoramus… Pale face didn’t have central heat or air conditioning when they came here either… ALL Native Americans did not live in Teepee’s… Dang!!! Why don’t you do some research before you make yourself look so idiotic!!! “Pale Face” didn’t provide us with SHYTE!!!!! They stole Indian land, murdered Indians by thousands, brought disease, stole Indian children, took away Indian beliefs and faith and forced Indians into the ‘Loving Christian” model of imperfection!!! So….. “you douche face!” STFU until you actually have some knowledge about Native American Society and how things worked…. ARGH!!!!!!

        1. How can something belong to a people whose culture had no concept of ownership? Either way,whining about things done that nobody alive today had a part in is obscenely pointless.

          1. Jason… If that was so, why did YOU become involved??? I did not ‘argue’ I simply pointed out some real facts in response to what was a very inane comment… So basically what you are saying is that history is “pointless” Do NOT say we had no concept of ownership, Not all tribes were wanderers… Many had permanent villages set up where the tribe lived year round, many traded with other tribes for what they needed, many had excursions to hunt and forage but even among the wandering tribes there was a set path where they would settle in the same place/area at the same of year….. If you do not know history than I can understand why you might feel that it is ‘pointless’ to argue about it, BUT if you are going to make a blanket statement it might be a good idea to have actually cracked a book or two or to have done a search and make sure your facts are correct…

        2. THIS…I’ll agree with you on. Funny how “Americans”, these days are trying to emulate “Green” farming and other Native American Indian culture…lol

      2. Just another note to dan3333333333….. It is actually Tipi’s in most Native American cultures that used them… ALSO… Native Americans built many different types of homes because they lived in different climates and didn’t have the same building materials. Some groups built large houses with many rooms where many families could stay together, others had small dwellings in which only very few people lived. The Inuit of Canada/Alaska built snow houses during the winter and in summer they lived in tents made of animal hides. In some parts of America, Indians built wigwams that were covered with leaves. Some tribes built houses into the earth that they covered with leaves and grass. Native Americans of in the Great Plains built tepees/teepees/tipi’s made of buffalo skin. The Pueblo Indians of the south-western part of America used sun-dried bricks to make houses. So as I said, go out and educate yourself before being such an insulting arse… That “Central heating & air conditioning” you mention…. Could have been used in most of these dwellings IF it had been invented (as you mean it) in that time-frame….. Without Native Americans ‘pale face’ would have had a heck of a time living here… Natives taught the usurpers so very much… UGH!!! I know I am talking to a locked mind so I don’t know why I am even trying…

    3. Halito, as a Chatha Ohoyo I Anukfoka where you are coming from… Amba the tohbi hattack will not… To lament over the past atrocities forced upon the tribes is a waste of time… The tohbi hattak are the Impashilup’s… Times will change for tohbi’s eventually and they will see, on day, the horrors they heaped upon others 🙁

      1. Jason, my lineage has been proven to have been in this country for 1,700 years and stories passed down through hundreds of generations have shown us to be here for over 20,000 years… So your less than 100 years just does not seem like a big deal to me 🙂 Now, why you feel the need to become an insulting ignoramus… That is a different story… Why did you need to become a name calling dunce??? (yes, I realize I am calling names in your mind but what I am actually doing is calling a spade a spade… You reacted like an ignoramus and your comment was that of a dunce… ERGO: The description I give of your actions is doubly appropriate… ( Just in case you do not understand what an ignoramus is, here is the official definition… (from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)
        ig·no·ra·mus noun ˌig-nə-ˈrā-məs also -ˈra-
        : a person who does not know much : an ignorant or stupid person
        plural ig·no·ra·mus·es also ig·no·ra·mi
        Full Definition of IGNORAMUS
        : an utterly ignorant person : dunce

          1. Are you really that ignorant??? My name is Wynema, it means “Woman Chief” it is Native American… I MARRIED an AMERICAN man with a Polish name HAHAHAHAHAH How silly can someone be??? At least I have the fortitude to use my REAL name instead of hiding behind some idiotic misnomer like you do….. OH MY!!! I am LAUGHING so hard my eyes are watering HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. WYNEMA GONZAGOWSKI, Obviously you have no clue as to the impact these illegals invaders are having on this country! We have laws in this country and everyone is expected to abide by them regardless of your lineage! If someone wants to come here to live they need to do it the “legal” way! We already have a path to citizenship and they need to get on it!!

          1. rwright1188, Can you show me a SINGLE place where I have said a SINGLE word regarding illegal aliens??? Just ONE will do… NO??? I didn’t think you could!!! I am so anti-illegal it is almost ridiculous… However I am also anti-sheeple… There are too many people in this country that don’t know the laws and rules and regulations regarding illegals and just go with the flow of what everyone else is saying and doing instead of learning the realities for themselves. Now, that said… There are way too many ways to come the this country legally for illegals to be allowed amnesty and/or whatever other program they might be offered. Illegals, and yes, their children should be sent back to their country of origin. For a child to be a citizen makes no sense to me unless the parents are citizens… So get off your high-horse and KNOW what you are talking about instead of ASSuming you can read my mind and/or know something that has not been said in a SINGLE post involving this ENTIRE subject!!!!!

        2. Hi!! You clearly misunderstood my intent. Suffice it to say,get over yourself! Live in the now instead of going on this incessant,pseudo-intellectual whining.

          1. HAHAHAHAHAH you are funny… You said to Nick “:Hey douchebag,my lineage has been over here since shortly after WWI. Stuff a sock in it you bigoted defacate.” So I tell you my lineage and you respond for me to get over myself and say I am whining??? Now wow! If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black… I love it when someone does a thing and when someone else does something similar the first person acts like an idiot UGH!!!

    1. Ummmm hahahahah Ok, HOW are “8 billion” people trying to rush the border from a country with a population of under 125 million????? And only around 7 billion in the world itself… Do you exaggerate so much on a regular basis???

  3. Shameful. Why don’t we see this story in the mainstream media?
    Better proof that the left owns the media and that they’re pooping in their pants for amnesty we could not buy. Mexico is in ruins because of the people who live there and we do not want those monsters setting up a franchise here. We can drink our water.

      1. Exactly. Anyone who supports amnesty should take a tour of the immigrant neighborhood in any major central California valley city. You’ll find trash, diapers, feral children, stray dogs, etc. Is that the future we want? An infusion and invitation of 11 million people whose culture embraces living in a garbage dump?

          1. Go spend some time in a Mexican neighborhood and you’ll see what I mean.. the quincineras also double as baby showers.

          2. What a bigoted comment… Obviously you believe you are above ‘Mexican’ people… I am Native American, look as white as white can be and am living in a predominantly ‘Mexican’ neighborhood… In fact we are the only white looking family around and there are only 2 black families… It is a clean and quiet neighborhood except for the sounds of clean, well supervised and polite children playing outside… That is ever since they got rid of the skin heads across the street… I have lived in some trashy white neighborhoods where the noise is close to unlivable and the children run around with no supervision… I have lived in predominantly black neighborhoods… In all honesty out of both of them I would rather live in a ‘Mexican’ neighborhood… BTW, I have never been to a Quinceanera where the girl coming of age is pregnant… That is also a bigoted comment…

          3. Don’t be silly. Everyone is familiar with the term “white flight” when primarily affluent Caucasian families move out of a neighborhood when blacks and mexicans move in. That happens for a reason. Yes, I am above mexican culture. I am above any culture that teaches it’s boys to act as if they are little kings and their girls that their only purpose in life is to make babies and serve the little kings. Your story about a quiet Mexican neighborhood is a bald face lie. There is no such thing as a clean mexican neighborhood. Hell, they’ve ruined an entire country. You can’t drink the water in mexico for a reason. You are clearly biased. Anyone who has lived around those animals can testify that being successful in life means living in a neighborhood with as few mexicans as possible. I don’t care that they have brown skin or any other superficiality; I hate mexicans based on their disgusting culture and believe they will ruin our country like they ruined mexico.

          4. WOW, what a silly man you are… Your ‘white flight’ is primarily racism, the oh no, a black, oh no a Mexican, we better move….. Your superior and bigoted attitude is the same one many others have and makes me sad and disgusted… As for the neighborhood I talk about, you are quite wrong because the neighborhood I referred to is the one I currently live in… We see a cop so rarely it is ridiculous, no gunshots, driveways are swept almost daily, yards are weeded, trash that blows in off the street, well, whoever sees it first generally picks it up and tosses it and the only things you ever see on the ground are toys and sometimes a sweater or jacket a child has gotten too hot to wear while playing… As far as the water in Mexico, I just did some research about that and yes, their water is not what Americans would call potable. HOWEVER this mostly has to do with the fact that they are a poor country and their water filtration systems are not updated to the ‘American standard”. It has nothing to do with the actual people but in the water transportation and filtration systems and this is true for most poor and/or third world countries, not just Mexico… You are calling ME ‘biased’ HAHAHAHAH one just has to read your postings to show where true bias and additionally bigotry are located. Now all this said, I believe that amnesty is a joke! there are too many ways to come to this country legally for illegals from ANY country to be allowed to stay and I am sorry if this bother some of you but this includes their children. Just because a child is born in the United States should not make them automatically a citizen, They should only be a citizen if 1. Their parent/s are citizens or 2. Their parent/s are on a legal path to citizenry. I am sorry you cannot understand that their are good people in this country that are of Mexican ancestry and that a predominantly Mexican neighborhood can be a good place to live. I am sorry that you are so biased you are not even willing to open your eyes and see that not all neighborhoods are the same… But I can assure you that MY neighborhood is just as I described it because I have lived in bad neighborhoods and when I discover they are bad I MOVE!!! I have been here almost 2 years and am still quite content.

          5. HAHAHAHAHA yeah…. UMMMMM NOT!!! Honestly, I could not even begin to see he/she and I able to carry on a civil conversation 🙁 Which is really sad because I love a good discussion, I always hope and look forward to hearing new things or viewpoints…

          6. DrAnon, you are an insulting, bigoted and inane ignoramus… I have an IQ of 149 so I actually am a genius, a 3,49 GPA (this time around in college, a 4.0 last time), have raised 7 children and am grandmother to 12 wonderful and intelligent grandchildren! I am the family member that everyone goes to when they need research done or help with something and while yes, that does, upon occasion utterly frustrate me… I am FAR from mentally unbalanced! Racism and bigotry such as you exhibit on a regular basis are signs of a sick mind!!! You have no idea where I live or what I do in life and yet you seem determined to denigrate me with your every negative and nasty response to my posts… I did not say all Mexican, Black, White, Asian etc neighborhood are good or perfect I said that GOOD MEXICAN dominant neighborhoods exist because I happen to live in one… Now YOU decided it was a good thing to actually call me a liar which is one of the most idiotic moves someone can make… Yes, children run around unsupervised in many neighborhoods, I pointed out that this happens in ALL races not just Mexican and you call me “mentally unstable”… Do many Mexican girls get pregnant at younger ages than white children, yes they do as do black girls… This does not mean that they are less civil, less responsible or beneath YOU!!! To the average Mexican family is the most important thing, They tend to be family centered much more so that your average Caucasian family… Almost every word out of your mouth is bigoted and berating to myself and to Mexican peoples in general. This to me is a major sign of a severely disturbed mind and my dear, I sincerely believe you should seek professional help before you end up severely harming someone!!! BTW before you decide I am Mexican, I am a Choctaw tribal member, I love this land and country like you would never understand… I don’t believe in amnesty for illegals or their children for that matter, there are too many legal roads into this country for amnesty to even be an option BUT that said, judging an entire race/entity on those members of their culture that break the law is just plain uncomprehensible to me!!!!!

          7. Any sane, rational person would not spend the time or energy creating such a rambling diatribe to someone they perceive to be such a terrible person. Watch this: here is me ignoring a genius (anyone who is a genius does not need to inject that into the conversation to support their points, by the way).

          8. You are the one that brought up genius ‘doh… Have a wonderful life DrAnon… Obviously your mind is closed to any reality but your own…

          9. My reality is the only thing that I know truly exists. I’m also especially proud of the fact I can make my own judgments based on my own experiences without bending to external pressure and thinking what others want me to think. Maybe someday you could also learn to live without that type of external validation.

          10. DrAnon, actually you seem to be going along with the sheeple and not doing any true research. You call people liars because they do not agree with you, which is another sheeple move… My reality IS MY existence, I have been in 3 serious relationships, the first was with a bigot and racist who was xenophobic and nasty to anyone who was not Caucasian and if you became friends with anyone who was not Caucasian you were just trash and worthless… The second was an abusive man who was controlling and if you disagreed with him he did things which many people would believe were unspeakable and detestable… This last one I am currently in for 15 years now, this one I am not afraid of speaking my mind, I am not afraid of having my own opinion, of discovering things for myself… I don’t give one little cent what you or anyone else thinks of me and my experiences and my beliefs… I am often insulted and ridiculed for not going along with the rest of the sheeple and just parroting what they say… External pressure has NOWHERE in my life!!! Recently I had a lovely discussion with my Political Sciences Professor… He wanted us students to respond to the question” What is the greatest thing about America being founded under a Democracy” During the discussion everyone parroted each other, how we have this and we have that and the other because our founding fathers developed a Democratic system of government… I ended up with a low grade for this discussion because my response to the Professor and the rest of the class was “I don’t understand why you are all saying that America was founded under a Democratic system and based on Democracy… America was founded under a Constitutional Republic and while that has some similar aspects as a Democracy they are really two entirely different things” The Professor proceeded to tell me that I was wrong and we are a Democracy not a Republic… ERGO my low grad for that particular assignment… I question EVERYTHING and take NOTHING at face value… Now you SAY that you are a proponent for people making their own judgments but your perpetrating a falsehod… The reason I believe you are lying is that you still manage to throw insults at me by saying ” Maybe someday you could also learn to live without that type of external validation” AND you say this because I said you were wrong and that not all Mexican neighborhoods are as you describe… Because I said I live in a good Mexican neighborhood, a clean one with well behaved people… You outright called me a liar in another post in this thread… For a proponent of people making their own judgments your awfully fast to insult someone who DOES make their own decisions and judgments instead of blindly following and believing what YOU say….. Perhaps you should look into your soul and see yourself through someone elses eyes, it might do you some good…

          11. By the way, judging an entire race on the merits of it’s culture is the exact opposite of racism. Mexican culture is disgusting and I have every right to think that.

          12. After a bit more research, what you are doing is actually called “ethnocentrism” some information for you… “The term ethnocentrism was created by William G. Sumner, upon observing the tendency for people to differentiate between the in-group and others. He defined it as “the technical name for the view of things in which one’s own group is the center of everything, and all others are scaled and rated with reference to it.”He further characterized it as often leading to pride, vanity, beliefs of one’s own group’s superiority, and contempt of outsiders. Robert K. Merton comments that Sumner’s additional characterization robbed the concept of some analytical power because, Merton argues, centrality and
            superiority are often correlated, but need to be kept analytically distinct.
            The Merriam-Webster defines it as:
            eth·no·cen·tric adjective ˌeth-nō-ˈsen-trik
            1: having or based on the idea that your own group or culture is better or more important than others
            2: characterized by or based on the attitude that one’s own group is superior
            You believe that you are superior….. sad really…

          13. America is superior. The whites who settled it made it the greatest country the world has seen in centuries. Then what happened? Mexicans moved in without restraint and are busy turning it into a country that cannot provide itself with even the most basic of sanitation needs (ie Mexico). Are you really seeing how much you are typing to me? I stand by my original diagnosis: you are mentally unstable. I will stop riling you up now; I imagine it is not good for your mental health.

          14. I understand your argument, but I believe their is a more realistic approach than extreme xenophobia. Remember we are not so far removed from World War 2. Any backlash will not be pretty for everyone involved, I suggest social investment.
            Not blindly of course, but we must remember where we are coming from and where we want our society to be. DrAnon, do you dislike differing skin tones or do you believe in the preservation of the American identity.
            These are two different debates entirely, I am sure you are a proud citizen who has a high sense of ownership and civic duty. Immigrants who have come from a repressed economy and colonial background will undoubtedly not adhere to the same social norms at the same level.
            In order to accelerate naturalization there needs to be a higher degree of civic commitment, period. It should be the hurdle that new citizens should overcome.

          15. Again, I am free to express my opinions as you are free to ignore them. I do not derive my sense of worth from external validation. My opinions are derived from my experiences with your twisted, disgusting culture. I do not care what color your skin is; I do care that you breed young girls to pop out as many children as possible and the men to act like little kings. There is no denying Mexican culture embraces some very backwards ideals. I’m sorry you are so offended by someone bringing that to light, but if you assimilate to the country you live in, you can really make something of yourself.

          16. Wynema, Just because your “book smart” doesn’t mean your automatically “people smart” open your eyes and look around

          17. I have had many jobs in many different walks of life, I love people and the fact that the only thing you can really expect from people is that every single one of them is different and generally unpredictable… I have taught both children and adults… I am a mother, a grandmother, a student and a wife… Believe me my dear, my eyes have been wide open for a very long time… I can generally spend less than 5 minutes with a person and tell you if they are sincere or full of bull and I can usually spot a fraud right away… But sadly in this type of forum you do not see the person, their expressions, the way the talk, the way they hold themselves and this is a major way of reading people and being ‘people smart’ … Ahhhhh well, You will likely not believe me anyways but, I did not get to my age by being blind.. Living in some of the neighborhoods I have lived in you must be people smart… You must be able to read them and know who you can and cannot trust… AAhhhhh well, it is almost 6AM here, time to go take a nap before the running around starts for the day…

          18. UMM here in Jacksonville Florida I just moved from a predominantly Illegal immigrant neighborhood there are normal houses with 10 to 15 lean to structures behind them. One thing is true they keep to themselves they do not bother anyone but their own, the problem is this: They sell drugs among each other and do drive by shootings on each others houses (3 houses down in either direction of where I was) not to mention the drunk drivers and not to mention the hit and runs in the area that go uninvestigated by the police

          19. Wynema, Those are more educated, those are hispanics. I Iive in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood ( I’ve lived in the same house for 20 years and they kinds moved in around me) There is hispanics and mexicans and there is a difference

          20. Your right, there is a difference but I do not think we will look at it the same way 🙁
            Mexican is a nationality – of or deriving from Mexico. It may describe a person or a meal.
            Latino and Hispanic both refer to ethnicity, genealogy, and geography. These terms are technically synonymous but Latino is, for some, the preferred term, with Hispanic coming to have a connotation of a description that is clinical and imposed. Both terms refer to an ethnogenetic heritage tracing back to Spain, but also encompassing the rich mix of Incan, Aztec, Mayan, other Indian, African, and now Asian components that inform the political, historical, and cultural world that is “Latino”.
            A Mexican is Latino/Hispanic, but a Latino or Hispanic person may or may not be Mexican.

          21. Your genius is showing, I don’t know where you live but I live in Houston ( the distrubution center for alot of mexicans) They are referred to as mexicans because they are coming into this illegal and alot of them don’t speak English

          22. come into this country ilegal and alot of them don’t speak English, bottom line mexicans are uneducated and illgeal and have no repect and most hispanics are here legally speak English and doesn’t expect everyone to bend over backwards for them. Go to your nearest Home Depot and (at least here in houston) see all the mexicans standing outside waiting for work. The cops don’t say anything to them but if it were a bunch of white or black people standing around the cops would make us leave because they would say we’re

          23. I live in Albuquerque and my dear, Texas with its extremely long border is obviously has a much greater distance in which illegals can cross…
            So it makes sense you would see more new illegals than I do right now… Our Latino/Mexican population is 44%, Houston’s averages just over 43%. We both have a lot of the same populations. Curiosity of
            mine is… WHY do you feel the need to insult when someone disagrees with you??? I mean really… That is quite a sad reaction… As for how your cops are treating races differently, sounds like you should possibly do something along the lines of organize a rebuttal of their behavior… And one more point, just because someone cannot speak English does not make them uneducated…

          24. I believe it…really…pushing their many babies up and down the highrway in walmart shopping carts, with little stairsteps running along side them

          25. DEFINITION:
            feral child
            feral child is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact
            from a very young age, and has no experience of human care, loving or
            social behavior, and crucially, of human language. …
            Feral Children
            Lost or abandoned children raised in extreme social isolation,
            either surviving in the wild through their own efforts or “adopted” by
            The term “feral” means wild or undomesticated. Psychologists have studied feral children—children reared in complete or nearly complete isolation from human contact—Feral Children
            A feral child is a human child who has
            lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no (or
            little) experience of human care, loving or social behavior, and,
            crucially, of human language
            Some feral children have been confined in isolation by other people, usually their own parents
            Feral Child
            a neglected child who engages in lawless or anti-social behavior…
            I don’t think you or DrAnon has any idea what you are talking about… Obviously they are caring for the child if the child is with them, in their home, under their roof… Have I seen children running around a neighborhood??? Why yes, yes I have…IN ALL walks of life and ALL races!!! Bigotry is a sad disease of the mind!!!

          26. You are clearly mentally unbalanced. It doesn’t take a genius to observe the average Mexican immigrant family and note the girls become pregnant at a young age, and the feral children are left to run around and play at all hours of the day or night with no supervision. You know you’re in one of those “hoods” when you hear kids playing at midnight without an adult in sight.

          1. that is the number they tell us, the real number is closer to 33 million and it is predicted that it will be even greater if all of those still coming day and night are amnestied.

        1. I know what some new housing developments in south jersey look like with illegal day workers: they throw their trash everywhere and don’t use garbage cans, when it is windy it just blows everywhere, boiled egg shells, plastic bags, forks, Styrofoam cup and containers, dirty tissues, bottles, cans…they just don’t care…Obama wants them here to funk it up…

        2. DrAnon
          It is important to understand that their are several contributing factors and we could mitigate the problem by creating a “social” condition of improvement.
          My parents were immigrants from a mountainous desert reach of Mexico Zacatecas and came here with excellent foundations, however not everyone is readily adaptable, therefore discrepancies arise. The American model is efficient at allowing free-riders which eventually become exploited.
          I suggest a greater initiative to educate all our young children. A greater social investment of our capital resources in educating our youth to think as an individual first and then their common shared interests’ with others and whammo! Community.

          1. Until Mexicans move here and become Americans, they will bring all the problems that plague Mexico. So yes, you are right, education is the key. My great grandparents were sent to school a year early to stand in the back of the classroom to learn English. Now, we are educating children in Spanish? That only sets those young people up to be leaf blowers when they grow up.
            I agree with you in principle, but we also need to be careful not to drag down our already overburdened public schools with a massive amount of immigrants who will subtract from the learning in the classroom. I have seen this first hand in schools heavy with minorities… the native born English speaker’s education suffers as a result.

          2. Ah, very true.
            I agree with you in principle, but we also need to be careful not to drag down our already overburdened public schools with a massive amount of immigrants who will subtract from the learning in the classroom. I have seen this first hand in schools heavy with minorities… the native born English speaker’s education suffers as a result.
            Given the said state of affairs, would you forsake a bright child to wallow between cracks and have no true hope of normalcy in the only place they’ve called home?
            I am not disgusting. Culture? That’s a thing of small minded people, borders, and patriots. In fact, I am probably to far above you tell you what to do.

          3. I would never ask a Mexican what to do. Your country and culture cannot even collectively manage to obtain clean drinking water. That is disgusting, and you are a part of it.

    1. it is an assault on our country’s sovereignty and then they demand amnesty, and the fools on capital hill want to give them their demands…so, who makes our immigration laws, who rewrites our immigration laws, I wish it were us…

  4. Over 25 million have already invaded and nobody’s going to do a damn
    thing about it. You can thank Democrats and Republicans for that.
    Republicans want them here for the cheap labor and Democrats for the
    votes. The US is f****d!

    1. Just the “Republicans”, huh? So, we can assume, based on your logic, that there are NO rich Democrats? And I’m not defending either party…they’re BOTH corrupted!

  5. These savages are the future Amnesty winner under the Obama regime and future neighbors living between us. My curiosity; Who will be the next group coming through the border? Extremist terrorists?

  6. Democrats and Republicans are playing the cat and mouse game. Ron Paul said it better both Parties are one Party system. Both supports the same things. The only difference is that the Republican Party has more true Conservatives than crooks. John Boehner the speaker of the house is holding back the Impeachment of Obama.

  7. the mexican govt will not do anything to deter them, they don’t care, they were probably laughing at what was going on…we need guns at the border , and we need to stop financing them annually w/millions of American $$$, You and I would not give anything to someone throwing rocks at us except what they really deserve…Zkberg is too much of a punk and too light on his toes to go to the border…Obama will never build a fence, will never close that border, will never do anything in the interest of America, never!
    What would happen if Americans threw rock across that same border…just a thought…

    1. I am not an Obamite I just find it hilarious how he is managing to get so much blame for a fence not being built on the border when NO other President has done so either…

      1. Umm…if they’re SO “poor” , why would they even have one? Oh, that’s right…Oblamo gives them out for every vote they cast for him….

  8. I have described this action as an “Invasion” for years…. And our POS POTUS just keeps on encouraging it to continue AND get Worse!!!

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