‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Launches Their Own Line of Guns (Video)


The family-owned business at the center of the hit TV-show “Duck Dynasty” has launched its own line of guns.

The gunmaker Mossberg has teamed with Duck Commander, the company owned by “Duck Dynasty’s” Robertson clan, to release nine different shotguns, as well as two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol.

Mossberg has begun shipping some of the shotguns to distributors, according to spokeswoman Linda Powell. She declined to name specific retailers that will carry them.

Duck Commander was founded 40 years ago by Phil Robertson, the family patriarch who was recently suspended — and then reinstated — by A&E after speaking his religious values about homosexuality. He and his sons are featured prominently in four video ads for the new guns on Mossberg’s web site. Phil narrates one of the spots saying, “Do you know what makes me happy ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off.”

Mossberg says the Duck Commander guns will come in a “waterfowl pattern” camouflage design, though not all of them are intended for duck hunting.

The pistol and one of the rifles have military-style designs with large capacity magazines holding at least 25 rounds.

Mossberg’s Web site says its .22-caliber pistol is “perfect for small game, plinking, target shooting — or clearing cottonmouths out of your duck blind.” The firearms will all come with an American flag bandana, as worn by Willie Robertson.

UPDATE: THE MOSSBERG WEBSITE IS OVERLOADED by demand for these products. Another brilliant marketing coup from the Robertsons!

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ Winston Blake

    Michelangelo’s “Phil Robertson.”

  • http://www.nitrolm.com/blog Mr. Dave


  • william

    please, please ,please. ship to Canada too

  • RightWingLeftyGolfer

    LMAO lefties – absolutely brilliant marketing! Now who’s having the last laugh?

  • thatdigiguy


  • catb55

    Strange … I can’t get on the website .. couldn’t be too much traffic could it? ;-)

    • http://TopRightNews.com/ John Urban

      Top Right News has a huge audience. We have brought down weak servers before. Surprised to see us take down Mossberg, however. Give them 10-15 minutes or so. –J Urban, Editor

      • catb55

        There is also a link from The Blaze on this story .. and probably others too .. so I think gun lovers from all over the country are trying to view .. it makes me happy happy happy.

  • Steve Bragg

    Mossberg will sell thousands of these. I’d love to have that AR pistol, myself. Perfect truck guns, they are.

  • Temujin

    I recently purchased a Mossberg T715, found it was manufactered in China. First time at the range it jammed consistently. The bolt was polished only on the side you see, and the receiver housing looked like it had been chiseled out. I have worked it over until it fires well. My Advice? Stick with a Ruger 10/22 for a plinking rifle.

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  • JohnnyZ77

    Violence and death loving pigs.

  • Kit Fritters

    Made in China junk. That’s REAL ‘Merican rite dere.