LAWLESS: Obama Now Funding Attorneys to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation


Above: Dozens of the 47,000 illegal alien “children” who have been detained crossing into the Rio Grande Valley since January, fill a Laredo, TX holding facility on Thursday.

by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

Yes, that headline is real. You have not gone insane, although we wouldn’t be surprised if you did, given the utter lawlessness of this administration.

Texas is being overrun by illegal aliens at the highest rates in U.S. history. More than 47,000 unaccompanied minors have been caught in the first five months of this year, a 92% increase over the same time period in 2013 . Obama is also dumping thousands of those illegals into Arizona, as payback for the crackdown on illegals by Gov. Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The Obama Administration is working hand-in-hand with Central American governments to engineer this deliberate, unprecedented invasion of illegal aliens. La Raza groups are spreading the word that Obama will sign administrative amnesty. And nations like El Salvador and Honduras are urging women and children to make the grueling trek to cross the U.S. border, because Obama will never deport them, and they can receive jobs and taxpayer-funded welfare for life.

Obama has requested $2 billionnot to deport the illegals from this unprecedented invasion — but to house, clothe and feed them, and even deliver them to relatives already here illegally, so they can stay here indefinitely.

And now Eric Holder, who is supposed to be the highest law enforcement official in America, is unleashing a new lawless program to actually provide taxpayer-funded lawyers to these invading illegals — to make sure they will never be deported by an immigration judge. And Holder is grabbing $2 million of a $315 million fund that is supposed to help secure the border, not make a mockery of border security.

From USAToday:

Attorney General Eric Holder on Friday announced a new program aimed at ensuring that illegal immigrant children who cross into the U.S. without a parent or guardian have legal representation in the United States.

Holder announced an initiative called “Justice AmeriCorps,” a grant program to fund lawyers and paralegals and provide legal services to these children. Holder said it’s a response to Congress’ request that the Justice Department “better serve vulnerable populations such as children and improve court efficiency through pilot efforts aimed at improving legal representation.”

Holder’s move was likely to be seen by Republicans as another possible incentive for more illegal children to try entering the country. One Republican aide reiterated past GOP complaints that the Obama administration often appears willing to help non-U.S. citizens more than it wants to help citizens.

“Why doesn’t the Obama administration hire lawyers for the American citizens who are losing their jobs?” he said.

But the Administration says they need to defend a “vulnerable” population from “discrimination” based on their immigration status.

This is treason, plain and simple. In a sane nation, Obama and Holder would be doing a perp walk right now on their way into a Federal courthouse. But as radio legend Mark Levin has described it, we are now living in a “post-Constitutional America“, and no one will dare stand up to this lawless president no matter what he does.

And time is running out. What Obama and Holder are doing will change the fabric of this nation, forever.

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  • pat

    We need a class action suit against the government breaking our laws and not protecting US citizens. LaRaza members are wide spread and their goal is to eliminate white people. Taxing us to provide for illegal aliens is breaking our laws.

    • lillapoyka

      We need a freaking revolution

      • Growing Up

        Let me know when am ready hahahahha

  • Kimo

    Why don’t they just put them all in a camp and have them sew soccer balls all day long? We can use the funds generated to help offset all the costs we incur because of illegals.

  • kevinh5

    This guy needs to go with the rest of the traitors to our country and borders!

  • Forums4Justice

    what others need to know about illegal immigration
    #p2 #tcot #NoAmnesty #NoLegalization
    help educate the voters

  • Forums4Justice

    unescorted children flooding across the border

    apprehensions are totaled by fiscal year; we are 8 months into FY2014; June is the 9th month

    Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector Apprehensions
    FY2014 est. 255,000
    FY2013 154,453 (exceeded May 24, 2014
    FY2012 97,762
    FY2011 59,243

    ——– Apprehends – Agents -.Apprehend Rate – Budget (billions)
    FY2014—-520,000 est………………………………….$3.xx
    FY2013—-420,789 —21,391………………………….$3.47
    FY2012—-364,768 —21,394……….1 out of 3……..$3.53
    FY2011—-340,252 —21,444…………………………..$3.55

  • Nugget

    How can we get these people out of office? Surely there is someone out there that will file charges against them.

  • Mark Muylaert

    And the left applauds this administrations lawlessness.

  • Chucky77

    Can’t Obama be impeached for this?
    Why do we even have the House of Representatives and the Senate?
    Are they on vacation? Asleep? Drugged out?

    • lndependent

      The House is just a bunch of RINOs for the most part and the Senate is a bunch of Democraps.

    • Betty4440

      I’LL GO WITH THE LATER. maybe obama is having a crack party.

      • Growing Up

        For 6 years??? OMG

    • vlad the impaler

      its racist to impeach a black president.

  • Sgt. EZ

    No Pat the time for the socialist courts are over it is now time for armed insurrection and the forcible removal of all these invaders and a trial by the people of Obama and all his cronies for treason.

    • Jakarta girl

      I am a LEGAL IMMIGRANT and you have no idea what legal immigrants had to do before they were admitted. I am so sick to see the difference between then and now. They are lawless and the government keeps helping them.

      • Sgt. EZ

        Actually JG I do know! How can you be so presumptuous as to say what I know and don’t Know ! my x wife is Italian and we started her path to citizen ship while still living in Italy it took 3 years instead of five because she wished to serve her adoptive country by joining the Army.

        • Jakarta girl

          Sorry you took it that way. That “You have no idea” was a general statement to point out the difference between then and now. I replied to you because I agreed with your posting.

  • Noctis Wolf

    Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  • Mary Brown

    Holder can be impeached, a lot easier than Obama too.

    • Numb3rTech

      Holder has said that he planned on leaving office before Obama’s term is over. I am quite certain Obama will grant amnesty for Holder. There needs to be articles of treason with the impeachment procedures against both that actually stick or it is all fairy dust.

    • Numb3rTech

      Holder has said that he planned on leaving office before Obama’s term is over. I am quite certain Obama will grant amnesty for Holder. There needs to be articles of treason with the impeachment procedures against both that actually stick or it is all fairy dust.

  • Mike Cozy

    Whitehouse or Woodpile, is there a difference ?

  • L B

    Someone wrote in comments that possibly this was human smuggling with ICE [under orders from our gov. ] the last group involved to get them to their designated areas. Since many had relatives here and they knew just where to take them, it makes one wonder? *Special interest groups and our government seem to be working hand and hand on immigration policies at the White House? I read that the President said he delayed using THE EXECUTIVE PEN because they asked him to? So, if Pres. writes what *they want him to/when they want him to, WHO is in control of THE PEN/?

    • lndependent

      Valerie Jarrett!

  • Richard O’Connell


    • lndependent

      Neither will posting on here. We need millions to call everyday. There are millions of us against this crap so that shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Jakarta girl

      Richard, I have been doing that all day long, write, call, sign petitions etc. etc. Seems that nobody reads nor listens to anything anymore.

      • Barbara Larsen

        I personally talked to my senator the other day and made the same requests. Sometimes it takes a lot of us to do this

  • Tracy Bryant Fisher

    I volunteer at our churches food pantry and about a quarter of our clients are Mexican citizens, with Mexican ID’s with US addresses on them and they don’t speak a word of English. They ALL claim to have 8-10 people in their home, so with that, we must verify each person actually lives there… as verification they almost always whip out a Medicaid card for all of their children. So now we have ILLEGALS going from one food pantry to another getting free food, going from one church to another to get their utility bills paid and getting free medical care from state sponsored insurance… no wonder they keep coming…. they can’t get that in Mexico and neither could an American that ILLEGALLY went to Mexico… an American that ILLEGALLY entered Mexico would be thrown in jail awaiting deportation… just ask the US Marine that has been rotting in jail for accidentally crossing the border.

    • lndependent

      I hate to say it but churches are a huge part of the problem.

      • Betty4440

        I agree I am a christian and I do not go for lying. and the churches to day are helping these people to break the law. and they will answer to GOD for this. I don’t care if they do have an AMERICAN address. stop helping them break the law.if nothing else just help those in your church. that you know need your help. these people are not poor they are using the system. and sending money back home. I have heard them on t.v. saying what they do. other than that they want no part of AMERICA. they like obama they are running the biggest scam ever on AMERICAN people and obama is aiding in it. PEOPLE TRUE AMERICANS PLEASE WAKE UP FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR CHILDREN. GOD HAS REALLY BLESSED THIS COUNTRY IN THE PAST HOW MUCH LONGER DO YOU THINK HE WILL WATCH YOU HELP BREAK THE LAW AND TURNING YOUR BACK ON HIM?

        • papatre

          If you are truly christian you know that gods law and mans law are different showing kindness and helping others is 100% by the law of god no matter who they are and where they are from not to mention. Most of of these illegal immigrants are themselves christian not helping someone because they are not from here thats purely a man made concept dont use god in your prejudices against foreigners its not right

          • DonMann

            We can help them in their own countries. NOT here!! STOP The Invasion!! You try telling this drivel to the 5,000 American citizens that die at the hand of these 3rd world invaders.

          • willsk8sjax

            We should choose to help them then, not the government forcing us to help with our tax dollars. If we weren’t sucked dry by the federal government, then maybe we would help on our own and have less resentment.

          • Growing Up

            Read carefully what he is saying dude!

          • James Holloway

            HE wasn’t showing prejudice but a common sense about people illegally stealing from us. That’s right, they are stealing our services, our schools our medical and propping up slavery through our government. They simply need to go home and that is not here. IF they want to go through the hoops of becoming citizen then fine but NOT THIS WAY!

          • nancyetanner52@

            Lawlessness us a sin.

          • vlad the impaler

            christianity was born from murder and cruelty,go cry to someone else.

      • Growing Up


    • Larry ‘n Betty Loop

      All this while we hardworking Americans work supporting ourselves AND THEM! Obama and Holder are trying to destroy America.

  • Michael K

    If an American parent dropped their children off in a barren terrain, alone, unsupervised, and unattended, with instructions to illigally cross into another country void of any means for survival, … that parent would be arrested and prosecuted for child abuse, endangering the life of a minor, and child abandonment.
    And yet, our administration encourages, condones, and support these actions in the interest of legalized slavery, exploitation, and votes !

    • Serena Fizzay Miller

      Yes, but these mothers are getting their children out of danger! They’re escaping gangs, violence, drug cartels, and death. The mothers are doing what they feel would be best for their children, by trying to get them out of a dangerous situation. Don’t complain about things you clearly cannot comprehend. If my child were in danger of being murdered, I would find a safer place for him to go, too.

      • Fed Up in Missouri

        Maybe, but the gangs, drugs and violence are coming in too!

      • vlad the impaler

        oh yeah,come crying to whitey for help,while hating our guts,fuk them and their rat assed kids.obama is a traitor and you are a gullible moron,why would they come to america looking to escape gangs and violence?????give me a break,its in every american city thanks to colored you want more of them to get a free college education,and welfare for life?i think a padded cell would be nice and safe for you.

  • Hoosier100

    All opponents of holder and bummernumbnuts are afraid of being classified as racist except for trey

  • JB Sellars1

    time for some trials in DC

  • JimBob

    Congress, please impeach this man!!!

  • Hussein Obama

    “This is treason, plain and simple.”

    That says it all.

  • dallasorf

    The House of Reps has the power of the purse to defund this. Call your rep folks!

    • mudguy1

      Yes but they are afraid to use the power they have.

  • Nicholas Giafes

    What children? They all look a shade lighter than the Somali kids carrying AK-47’s.

  • BoydSharp

    We need grown ups to do something. Round up members of Congress and put them on trial before a military tribunal. Then start with the White House. Collect a few members of the media along the way. Words ain’t gonna do us any good.

  • Richard StJohn

    What did you expect. This is the Democratic power play. They believe they have an unbeatable majority with these illegals. They don’t mind making the country weaker. They want to implement socialism and it appears they will be successful. There is no need for martial law or any of the other predicted horrors. They are indoctrinating kids in school. They are in control of healthcare. I bet party supporters get needed procedures while those who do not support it are left to die. In thirty years there won’t be any conservatives left to whine about Constitutional rights. Private firearms ownership will be a thing of the past and the face of America will change into something none of us would imagine. But that’s what we can expect from an A.G. who claims white people haven’t suffered enough. A president who thinks he is King. And a congress that couldn’t care less about the principle that founded this nation. Racism and class warfare they create will be fixed as we are all made equal in result regardless of effort. Remove ambition, the reward of achievement, the concept of self determination and you have a bunch of people who think one world government is great idea.

  • George Stevens

    oboma cant find money for vets that are homeless or to help the unemployed but can find money for illegals

  • L B

    Nearly 200 murderers, over 400 rapists, and 300 kidnappers in the U.S. illegally were released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement while awaiting deportation proceedings, according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

    A total of 36,007 criminal illegal immigrants that were being processed for deportation were freed in 2013. Together, they committed nearly 88,000 crimes, according to the report, published Monday.

  • flicker66

    Why should my high taxes go to subsidizing illegal children invading my country illegally? We have Duds like Obama and Holder who have proven time after time that they ignore the laws of America. This is an affront to all Americans who must support these illegal blood suckers

  • Debbie

    Lord Help Us!

    • Growing Up

      We all gonna need God with this problem

  • drperry

    I thought that we might, maybe, have until the 2016 election to save our nation, but it is now clear, that we can only, if lucky, absorb the damage that he and his sociopath fellow travelers are inflicting, until the mid term election.

    We (Conservatives) have to get the senate back – or…. our nation will be destroyed from within, and the innocent will die while he golfs… with this guy, it is no exaggeration.

    This is ‘in-your-face stuff’ – The lies are legion, and brazen.

    Have never seen anything like this in my life, and I am absolutely incredulous that there is no one that is even trying to stop him!?

  • Robert Babcock

    Charge Holder with theft of taxpayer funds and Treason. Arrest him and put him in jail where he belongs. Impeachment is not necessary when committing acts of Treason.

  • Barbara’s Political Rantings

    Hell aint hot enough for this president.

  • user z

    Congress needs to defund Eric Holder. STOP HIS PAYCHECKS.

  • Jack

    If you all are an example of common Americans, what the hell is worth saving. Forget all of you.

  • catalizatoare

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  • Serena Fizzay Miller

    These children are escaping from death and violence and gangs, and all we care about is the fact that they are “illegal” immigrants? Seriously? Yes, I know two billion dollars is a lot of money to be spent on anything, but that is far less money than it took to bail out the banks. But never mind. Not that anyone would care about that. God forbid we help children. Whatever.

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  • EmpressL

    They are NOT entitled for legal representation on CIVIL matters. It is Unconstitutional to fund them. They will have to change the CONSTITUTION to give them funding for civil maters and US CITIZENS don’t even get legal representation of civil maters by the government. Charge the government for your divorce!

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