MUST SEE: Citizens Rise Up – The Real Nevada Story the Media Won’t Show You (Video)


Nevada Standoff: April 12th – A historic day when the people rose up and forced tyrants to retreat.


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The media’s version of the end of the Bundy Ranch siege is that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) simply “left” the ranch and “returned” the cattle out of the goodness of their hearts. CBS News even outrageously reported that the BLM “released the cattle to help restore order and avoid violence“! This despite widely-seen video of BLM thugs tasing Bundy’s son and shoving a pregnant woman to the ground. And the protesters never threatened violence in any way during the nearly one-week siege.

The real story was that the BLM refused to give back the cattle, and would not leave the property or disarm, to which they had agreed. The result was an epic standoff that reporter David Knight described as being like “something out of a movie.”

Supporters of Bundy advanced on a position held by BLM agents despite threats that they would be shot at, eventually forcing BLM feds to release 100 cattle that had been stolen from Bundy as part of a land grab dispute that threatened to escalate into a Waco-style confrontation.

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h/t InfoWars

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  • Debra Hamer


    • Nicholas Guerra

      God bless America

    • WellReally

      Good ole Cliven is nothing but a low life thug. Pay what you owe, loser! I can’t stand takers like him. And look at these people. Do they not work?

      • Joel

        Debra REALLY? Are we to believe you are that unimformed ? perhaps educating your self on the constitution and federal government is in order. YES these people work for a living, We grow your food you buy at the grocery store, Raise the cattle for meat you put on your table, Your chicken breast thighs and all the food you stuff your face with from the grocery store, we ship it from our farms and ranches to your table, some of us drive the trucks, people from all walks of life with all kinds of back grounds, and jobs. your grocery store doesnt whip it up in the back room, it doesnt magically appear from no where. Cliven Bundy doesnt owe the federal government any grazing fee’s as the federal government doesnt own the land, WE THE PEOPLE DO!!! READ YOUR CONSTITUTION !!!

  • Scott Irwin

    An excellent show of strength in numbers by some fine fellow Americans! Way to go ladies and gentlemen! You’ve made our forefathers very proud indeed!

  • Anita Warren-Hendrix

    Amen!! United we stand.

  • Annette Burns

    Thank you David Knight for letting us see and hear the REAL truth about this. Although you won’t get a Pulitzer from the main stream media, you have won the “We the People” Award. There is no money, but you have our undying gratitude.

  • Anne McCormack

    dont believe them , they are watching you with the drones…

    • libssukkalot

      Let them…I’d rather die standing, than on my knees…sucking some bureaucrats ass!

      • kidcat24

        Your bureaucrat was your hero Reagan and executive order 12548.

        • libssukkalot

          …and yours must be Reid then, eh?

      • Chris Squire

        Ironic twist on Che Guevarra’s words.

  • mikejafo1

    These “progressives” never give up, look at the first two times the healthcare bill didn’t pas, it finally did and now we’re stuck with it, no matter what the cost. Stay alert and never give up on trying to slow the destruction of this nation!

    • Patricia Bates

      This is why we are forced to fight wars..greed and power hunger never give up until they way or the other!

  • Russell Holding

    wish I could be with yall, just know I stand with you .

  • nwyfzguy

    You Patriots should be proud of yourselves, you did a outstanding job!!

  • chrisq

    God bless the people of Nevada. This is a proud day for WE THE PEOPLE!

    • francoamerian

      Yes, God bless the people of Nevada. Now they can do something even better. They need to vote out Harry Reid from office.

      • Athena Marler Creamer

        Could Harry Reid be impeached?

        • Carole Naro

          No he can’t Athena because he doesn’t come up for re-election til 2016. He CAN be recalled by Nevada residents, but the chances of that happening is very close to Nil.

          • francoamerian

            Maybe with a little luck old age can catch with him. He already is at the senile age and stage.

          • Patricia Bates

            That’s a shame..Especially after the truth coming out about this incident. It would be a real coup for the American people if Nevada residents DID recall Harry Reid!

  • KaylaKane69

    I love my country the way it was when my grandpa WW-1 Uncles WW-2 & father Korea (I’m a Vet also) for it so much I would give me life 1000x for it But our government is destroying the greatest nation the world has ever known This made me so proud I actually cried

    • For My Liberty

      I did too….

      • Betty4440

        looks like it is starting again just listening to Fox news 7:10 and they are having a up date. got to watch this.

      • Kevin Cross


    • kidcat24

      Your Grandpa and your Uncles saw a great country in the 50’s and 60’s, you know “the good ol days” you know a time of “traditional values”. Well, that was when the tax rate on the top earners was 91% and 35% of the workers belonged to a union.

      • Abir Mandal

        That was because Europe was even worse. Not because that situation was awesome. Moron.

        • kidcat24

          Sure Einstein

          • Paul Godward

            you do realize that the US prospered during that time because we possessed the only modern manufacturing base because the wars destroyed the manufacturing base in europe… friggen dumbass

          • Dan Marshall

            Right, a war started by Nationalistic Socialists (Fascists).

      • Paul Godward

        Kid, you clearly didnt do your homework… I’ll tell you what… I’ll support the increase to 91% as long as the entire tax code is reverted as well as the social spending…

        BTW, talk to Hostess about the benefits of unions.

        • Your MAMA


          • Dan Marshall

            Yeah, bad ideas like “men are not free unless gov’t is limited”. The only only thing we hate is tyranny.

          • Your MAMA

            The only thing you hate is a black President..

          • shan

            mmm – black isn’t what makes him an idiot.

          • Your MAMA

            Yep, only idiots can get into Harvard!!

          • ronl11

            only person to get into Harvard with help from the Saudi govt……Obozo as a foreign exchange student

          • Your MAMA

            Are you really so stupid that you don’t get an April fools joke……….In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny “WHAT A MAROON!!”
            The article is datelined “April 1, 2009″ and tagged “AP,” supposedly signifying it came from the Associated Press news agency. The date is a giveaway to the hoax (it’s April Fool’s Day), and the text of the article does not at all fit the standard Associated Press stylebook guidelines.

            There was no such group as “Americans for Freedom of Information” at the time this article began circulating (although someone has since registered a site using that domain name); in fact, a web site for the then-faux organization was established to poke fun at those who believed it did: Read these tiny words very closely: the group Americans for Freedom of Information does not exist, just like the supposed “AP article” you keep cutting and pasting into e-mails to your irritated family does not exist, just like the “Daily Mail article” referenced in the fake “AP article” does not exist. They’re all fabrications. Fakes. Hoaxes. Ask yourself why you’re so eager to believe these obvious fakes. No, really. Really, really ask yourself.

            Barack Obama attended Occidental College in California for two years as an undergraduate from 1979-81 under the name Obama, not Soetoro (the latter is the surname of his Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro): Occidental has no record of a “Barry Soetoro” ever attending [Occidental], nor was there ever any such court order [requiring the school to turn over his transcripts], said Jim Tranquada, Occidental College’s communications director, who personally answers the inquiries, demands and pleas of people looking for proof that the president is not who he claims to be.

            Tranquada said: “Contemporary public documents, such as the 1979-80 freshman ‘Lookbook’ [a guide distributed to incoming freshman] published at the beginning of President Obama’s first year at Occidental, list him as Barack Obama. All of the Occidental alumni I have spoken to from that era (1979-81) who knew him, knew him as Barry Obama.”

            If Barack Obama were an Indonesian citizen, he couldn’t possibly have “received financial aid” or “been awarded a fellowship for foreign students” from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program while attending Occidental as an undergraduate. Fulbright scholarships for foreign students of Indonesian citizenship are coordinated through the American Indonesian Exchange Foundation (AMINEF), which does not fund Indonesians for undergraduate study in the United States (only for master’s or doctorate programs).

            Barack Obama’s student records from Occidental College remain unreleased. He has not chosen to make them public, nor has any court ordered the school to release them.


          • Chris Squire

            lmao… triple burn!

          • Manuel Override

            how many prior crooked sorry low life politicians went to Harvard? I know he aint the first definately aint gonna be the last. then he again he just may be the last.

          • Robo

            And apply for aid as a foreign student. Hmmmmm.

          • Manuel Override

            must suck to have so much self hate and self disgust that blind u to the point u would just try and use any angle u could to attempt to get one over on some body else. so 70% of the nation hate OBama because he is black. How the hell did he get in office, was he not black when he was elected 2 damn times. Let me ask u this, How many blacks did Obama put in his staff, working the white house and the other hundred different jobs around him? hell he even chose a white vp. must suck getting screwed by those u choose to align urself with and to busy wanting to suck him off to realize his dick is buried in ur ass, and to be so confused that when someone tries to have it removed u make sure he keeps it buried in u.

          • jlm

            He’s half white, half black, just saying

          • Ace Allen

            Typical liberals, chanting the mantra, “You’re a racist!” It’s a sure sign you’ve won your argument against them.

          • Matt Dickinson

            it still works though

          • Matt Dickinson

            because hating democratic presidents started with the current one.

          • Robo

            We hate him for his ideas and policy not his color. I’d have voted for Alan Keyes in a heartbeat.

          • Your MAMA

            Koch Bros. tyranny??

          • Gerald Martinez

            All you do is rant and generalize. I was part of the 2007 tea party and it had nothing to do with the Koch bros. It was the Ron Paul Revolution. In 2006 there was a tea party too about 9/11 truth.

          • Your MAMA

            The party is bought and paid for by oil billionaires….You are puppets & stooges!!

          • Manuel Override

            who the hell u do think is paying ur beloved members of office? big bird and cookie monster? the damn problem aint who is paying who, thats what u dont get. the problem is that more or less all the parties are being bought and paid for by one tycoon or the other.

          • capers2

            How about a list of who owns the Democratic Party? The Democratic Party “bought and paid for” list:

            A) George Soros (who makes the Koch Brothers wealth look like chump change)
            B) Bill Gates (same as above)
            C) Unions (Whose forced contributions make all of the above look paltry)

            There’s many more but I don’t want to spoil the fun for everyone else. Let’s see if you can handle the truth…There are “puppets and stooges” on both sides of the fence…

          • John Dashner III

            What party ISN’T?

          • Bob Richardson

            barry and his “handler”!!

          • Bob Richardson

            Georgie Boy and his boy toy!!

          • Robo

            Koch Bros are Libertarian. Planning to take over the world and leave us alone. You sound like a statist bootlicker. Probably being paid by the government to post.

          • Scooter McHeadshot

            LOL, more butthurt from the liberal left whackjobs.

          • Your MAMA

            Conservative ass wipes………

          • giturfaxstr8b4utalk

            and a Liberal is a man with two perfectly good legs who has never learned to WORK for a living.

          • Incognito

            Yet your supporting a liberal cowboy in Bundy who thinks he can get away without paying his depts.

          • Robo

            None of us owe the fedgov a god damn dime. Where do they get off claiming they “own” 74% of any state???

          • Incognito

            Be…cause…they do?!?
            Not sure what your point is. The government owns the land, you can’t just move in on a piece of land and claim it’s yours from that day forth and not pay taxes or fees for using that land.
            Even a person who buys land still owes “property taxes” on that land.
            Those are facts, not an opinion.
            I’m sure if you own a house or land, you get charged “property tax” like the rest of Americans.

          • David Hummel

            He’ll pay them to the State, not to the government that would in turn give it to people like you for nothing.

          • Incognito

            If they gave it to people like me for nothing, wouldn’t that be just like Bundy using the land for nothing? Freeloading Bundy!

          • Chris Squire

            And an anarchist is having a good laugh pissing in your gas tank, smoking a joint, and living free while conservatives and liberals have political rap battles.

          • Steve Kelley

            And a Democrat is a man who falls for anything and stands for nothing!!!

          • David Hummel

            FDR, Another part of the problem

          • Your MAMA

            Silly teabillies….

          • GarryMoss

            Notice that all the left has is ridicule along with the rest of their arsenal of logical fallacies.

          • Chris Squire

            Monkey see monkey do.

          • Kevin A

            Hows your buddy Soros doing? Is he pulling your strings today Mr. Puppet.

          • Manuel Override

            i guess ur democratic heroes are dirt poor? thats ur big problem huh how much money someone else has? guess u never wanted to be rich. or successful. hell pay attention to those u redicule, then look at those u dont, they all playing the same game. u just like to be the hate mongering side of the board.

          • Mark Shields

            The founders are dead, but the Constitution remains steadfast, and that’s what the Tea Party believes in, we’re not going anywhere!

          • Joan

            I’m not with the Tea Party, but reading the comments, it seems you show the most hatred and “gutter-isms” of anyone. Just an observance.

          • Manuel Override

            who the hell are u to try and label someone with word hate, u rank of it, senseless rhetoric and obscene comments defines u, not to mention ur name, really thats the most creative and relevant name u could think of huh. I see why u want the govt. to take care of u, guess what its not the govt thats doing it. its those Tea Party folk, and the republicans that are.Even a filthy dog knows not to bite the hands that feed him, so just how stupid are u?

          • John Dashner III

            Dude, seriously? Your spelling,grammar and punctuation are so bad that it was hard to comprehend your post. You should fix this before tagging someone else as ‘stupid’.

          • WebsterCat

            You are a fool.

          • Matt Dickinson

            you’re the hateful one

      • Carl Mayo

        Maybe if the unions hadn’t gotten so greedy, we would still have manufacturing in America.

        • John Dashner III

          Agreed. There was an expose on a news show a while ago that showed two of the top dogs from the UAW clocking each other in and out while doing non work-related things.

    • Thomas R

      You cried because somebody is too backwards to pay their debts or recognize the law?

    • Chris Squire

      How would you know what it was like? Are you that old?

  • barry soetoro


    • bruse willlis

      So commies ride horses now …

      • Joe McNamara

        Some (Putin) do, so I’ll give you partial credit on that one. Trouble is, these riders in the pic represent the opposite of communism. Probably the exact opposite of you, too.

        • bruse willlis

          They rep klu klux cliven too !!!

          So you can add racist …

      • Richard Connolly

        I don’t think there’s any commies in this pic, what I see are real Americans, that will say hell no you aint gonna walk all over me

      • lyndabrown

        Nooooo. They are the cowboys. The communists were in the trucks.

        • Robert Brumley

          The commies are the loser bully’s in their truck that like to taser people and sick dogs on them for the hell of it until they were out numbered and out gunned and ran away like all commies do with their tails up between their legs and crying all the way. Pussy’s just like our government and all democraps, PUSSY’s

          • bruse willlis

            klu klux cliven was a pussy too …

          • Joel

            Why dont you travel on down to Bunkerville Nevada, and say it to his face? or come on to my house and say it to me I was one of those people at that ranch, supporting our freedom from a Tyrranical government, come call me and Mr. Bundy pussies to our face, and I will show you what happens to Communist progressive vegetarian freeloaders like your self, who try to trample on the constitution I swore to uphold!! PUSSY!

          • John Dashner III

            What’s all this anger towards vegetarians? I’m a vegetarian and work two jobs, and wanted to see the truth about what was going on at the ranch without the media spin on it.

          • Chris Squire

            because Bunkerville, Nevada is a shithole, cultural void, full of shitty rednecks. But I welcome any of you to come to Sunny San Diego and for two dollars I’ll call you pussies to your faces til the cows get impounded.

      • Meghan Kathleen Schuler

        It was a comment like we use to play the game (before political correctness) cowboys and Indians. Have none of you heard of that?

    • Your MAMA

      “For the rightwinging, gunslinging Libertarian-leaning mob defending freeloading Arizona rancher Cliven Bundy, it was YOUR Patron Saint, Ronald Reagan who should be incurring your wrath. Not President Obama. Note: They are using this open/c…losed case of a Nevada rancher who grazes on public lands but won’t pay his fees, as a cause célèbre to create another Waco and ignite the next American Revolution so they can “take their country back.””

      • Scooter McHeadshot

        Actually if you read the executive order, it really just affirms the regulations set out by congress in the Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978, so nice try there bonehead, but it was still congress that set the baseline for rangeland grazing fees.

        • Your MAMA

          You’re a funny guy!!
          Brainwashed but funny!!

          • David Hummel

            Judging by your picture looks like you’ll be burning in hell soon, so your no more than a pot stir

        • GarryMoss

          Yeah, the commies are always ready trying to slip one of their tricks past the rest of us.

        • Dave Herrington

          This is actually a pretty interesting take you have there Scooter. It’s not really Reagan’s fault he was just extending, and permanently I might add, an EO written by a democratic president. Yet you guys are all bent calling Obama a communist because he has enhanced the Patriot Act that was written by your man Bush. Doesn’t that smack of hypocrisy on your part?

      • TheSotSays

        Hey Psycho, show us a photo of Barry and Rahm having a ballet lesson together.

        • Your MAMA

          Ok, but first I will need a pic of you making barnyard love to your sheepish girlfriend!!!!

          • TheSotSays

            I can do better than that. I can show you a photo taken yesterday afternoon of Harry Reid being screwed by one of his desert tortoises.

          • Your MAMA


          • TheSotSays

            Thanks, that’s the first clean stink finger I’ve ever seen on a Harry Reid Democrat.

          • Kimberly Clark Heckler

            I’ll bet you’re using your Obama phone to post your comment. Another vegetarian libtard just want’s to get his IQ posted, we would have figured it out without the illustration.

          • Your MAMA

            Watch for the SHORT BUS so you’re not late for tard school!!

          • saudimedic

            You are showing your stupidity, GWB Signed into law the use of cellphones for poor people. It was done for landlines for years, when Cell phones became cheaper than landlines, he signed the bill as recommended by the FCC to save money. Those phones had nothing to do with Obama, they are Bush phones.

          • Barbra Crane

            Bull we go again, blame Bush.

          • Dave Herrington

            You can say it isn’t true all you want Barbara Crane or you could look it up for yourself and prove him wrong, unless you’re afraid he’s right. You blame Obama for everything wrong in this country, yet when someone does the same thing with Bush all of a sudden it’s playing the blame game. Notice I’m not picking sides here, just making a few points.

          • John Dashner III

            Ironic that you call someone a ‘vegetarian libtard’ while using an apostrophe to make a word plural. Apostrophes signify possession, they NEVER make words plural. From a vegetarian.

          • Joseph Ross Nonemaker

            What’s that? Your age or your IQ?

      • Karen Wagner

        It shows the ranch as being on the Arizona/Nevada border right on the 15 highway. This is pretty far north of the area BLM determined for solar development, south where the 93 meets the 15.
        I doubt his cattle are roaming that far to graze. The plot thickens…

      • Trudie Hickey

        Generations of his family have had the rights to that graze land. Thank goodness it’s a country that believe in free speech so idiots like this commie can say what he wants, when he wants. Lets’ all just hand our weapons in, get our chips implanted and go on the government dole so we can make toads like the above feel better about “His/Her” America!

        • Jill Downhour Gideon

          he may have had the rights to graze, but he doesnt own the land. It would be different if he actually owned it and the government took it. that is not the case he was just using it. If you owned it and decided to use it for something else and he refused to leave then pulled a gun on you I suppose that would be ok. It doesnt matter what it is going to be used for or who, it is not his land.

          • Your MAMA

            He’s a no-nothing Joe the Plumber in a cowboy hat.

            Also, there’s one question that doesn’t seem to have come up in the coverage of that story. Bundy claims that he doesn’t owe the gubmint anything because he inherited that land from his ancestors, who were there before the BLM existed–which, of course, it total nonsense. But even if that weren’t the case, wouldn’t that mean that instead of owing 20 years worth of grazing fees he’d owe 150 years worth of property taxes?

        • Your MAMA

          It’s about MONEY, plain and simple. Bundy has refused to pay what he owes the Federal Government. He’s refused to pay what he owes to ME, and to YOU. He’s shown America about as much respect as he would by going to Mt. Rushmore, climbing on top or Washington’s Forehead and relieving himself. This man is No. Patriot.

          Let’s face it, the reason the Militia is ginned up about this isn’t because of ‘Merica, or ‘FREEDUM’, it has to do with decades long case of affluenza. Bundy is a 1 Percenter, so he’s admired for his thieving from the public coffers, while Wilma would rot in H.E. Double Hockey Sticks after being riddled with 12 gauge buckshot.

          It doesn’t matter if some people feel that Bundy is “justified” in his path because of Harry Reid’s alleged Chinese/Solar Power Deal or whether the Koch Bros AFP are using this dispute to attack the BLM and gobble up more and more public land for Oil Drilling and Fracking. The former maybe a totally bogus excuse ginned up to accomplish the later – but it doesn’t matter.


          • Rick Kuhn

            I have a question, All you democrats talk about is the rich people that control the Tea party and the republicians. With their big contributioan to to this party.My question is this, where do the democrats get all the money they raise to run for office? Who funds their campaigns and elections. You know its funny, Rahm’s personal friend and campaign contributor owns a company for speed cameras, all of a sudden Chicago is safe enough without these speed cameras, and a new law goes into place, and speed cameras pop up all over the city….HMMMMM???

          • Rick Kuhn

            I can look in my wallet and tell you I am a working man, and I am tired of endless taxes we pay out of our check. Obama said he would not raise taxes, only because he knew, he would not renew the Bush tax cuts, which not only affected the super wealthy like you dumbos preach, but it affected all the working class.

            If your so stupid you think that the Republicans are only for the rich, your an idiot. The Republicans protect the working families of this country. Yes it use to be the democrats that protected us, but it is no longer.

            Corruption, is the back bone of the democratic party. Look at Chicago, look at IL, look at Detroit, look at California, all going bankrupt because of the democrats.

          • Dave Herrington

            In todays history lesson boys and girls who uttered these now infamous words during his presidential campaign? “Read my lips, no new taxes”. here’s a hint, it wasn’t a democrat.

        • Dave Herrington

          What about the generations of Native Americans that lived on that land before the Bundy’s had grazing rights? Oh, that’s right, our gov’t that he doesn’t recognize took it away and gave it to his ancestors so they could run the wild mustangs and burros off to the slaughter houses so they wouldn’t compete with the cattle for grazing.

      • Clint Lien

        Don’t confuse the issue with facts!!

      • alex from Fl

        Yo momma so fat even Bill Gates couldn’t pay for her liposuction!

      • Laura Donelle

        Your MAMA, Kiss it.

        • Robert Foertsch

          Wow!There is just something about The Truth! Thanks for articulating the Truth! This is a part of the cosmic chess match…

        • Your MAMA

          No thanks…You’re too damned ugly!!

        • Your MAMA

          Cliven Bundy, the Tea Party poster boy, is just a high plains moocher

        • Your MAMA

          Sit on it!!

      • Denise GK

        I didn’t know harry reid was president :)

      • Joel

        WOW, your really educated, LMAO do more research, read your constitution, it’s eye opening, your so gullable I think I’ll send you a bill for living in your house, I dont own it or have any rights to it but hey you’ll most likely pay me if I claim unjustly it’s mine. because you believe the lame ass media bullcrap, SHEEP!!

  • barry soetoro

    Smart kid.

    • Betty4440

      I just had to frame this one. 8 x 10 om the wall as soon as it dries. way to go Nevada GOD BLESS.

      • Your MAMA

        Frame this…..

        • Scooter McHeadshot

          Awww… feel the butthurt from the libtard because his fascist enviro-nazi sentiments are being defeated. Boo hoo.

          • Your MAMA

            Turn on the radio, your missing pill popping Rush!!

          • Guest

            Haven’t you heard? He hasn’t popped pills in decades…It sure sounds like you’re popping them though…

          • capers2

            Haven’t heard that one since you fell off your dinosaur…He hasn’t abused pills in decades…It sounds like you’re on something though…

          • Your MAMA

            Well, one thing is for sure….I’m not taking a dose of MYTHS every Sunday.

          • capers2

            Neither am I…So what’s the BFD? You’re as big an @-S-S hat as some of those you accuse…

          • Your MAMA

            I’m glad to know I’m only as stupid as SOME of these sheep lovers11

          • Cadiz

            Are you sure that it wasn’t the other way around??? You could not figure out how to extract your head from there? It seems that you have lived for so long with it up there you have forgotten how it was to be otherwise.

          • Your MAMA

            Your MAMA says “YOUR MAMA!!”

          • Matt Dickinson

            This isn’t about Republicans!!

          • Chris Squire

            No longer a junkie, but still an asshole.

          • ronl11

            how about coke snorting Obozo, and the mayor of DC Marion Barry, or criminals like Jefferson from La, with cold cash in his freezer, or jailbird jackson

          • Peggy Reimer

            Bwahaha!! (You forgot misogynistic asshat in your description of Rush!)

          • Your MAMA

            Hell, he loves women so much that he flies to Dominican Republic (Famous for whore houses) with bottle of Viagra to party with Hos & Prostitutes….So much for “FAMILY VALUES!!”

          • Chris Squire

            Can one be a liberal and a fascist? At least you can spell fascist.

        • Rodney

          Burn in hell you atheist, commie POS. Your mama, is a Satan’s disciple and should be destroyed.

          • Your MAMA

            Well isn’t that just like a teabilly Christian…..Go suck off your imaginary friend!!

          • Scooter McHeadshot

            Funny how retards like feed on MSNBC’s tit, and never once bother to find out for yourself what the Tea Party actually is asking for, which is less government intrusion in our lives. Being that you probably cried like a little girl over Edward Snowden and the NSA reading your creepy emails, I find it surprising that you would label someone in such a negative way when all they are asking for is the restoration of our constitutional freedoms, But you keep going with your hate speech all the while thinking that you are the tolerant one. Liberals are the ultimate masters of the double-standard.

          • Your MAMA

            Sorry, I don’t watch MSNBC or Fox and I don’t worship pill popping lard asses (AKA Rush)…Keep drinking the poison tea……….

          • athynz1

            Take a look at the net worth of all of the Hollywood stars who support the democrats. Also do the same with every single member of congress on both sides of the fence. I’m willing to bet that the net worth of those who are on the side of the liberal progressive party is higher than those who are on the side of the GOP. And how many of those “1%ers” are liberal progressives?

          • SiegHeil AZ Vagos

            1%ers… lmmfvao. 0 are

          • athynz1

            Go look again. ALL of the “Hollywood Elite” liberal progressives are, so is Oprah. Take a good hard look at Congress. Or are you so hypocritical that you believe that the 1%ers are all republican?

          • Your MAMA

            Go blow the Koch Bros., if you even know who they are…..Minimum wage teabilly!!

          • Chris Squire

            Your MAMA, what are you trying to accomplish here, exactly? This is a serious question. Can you provide a serious answer?

          • Your MAMA

            I’m trying to show you the error of your ways, but since that will never work I’m just having fun with teabillies!!

          • Chris Squire

            “Me” the “error of my ways?” What are “my ways”?

          • Your MAMA

            Sorry…I thought you were a tea drinker!!

          • Chris Squire
          • Chris Squire

            I’m questioning your tactics and the motivation behind them. I agree with a lot of your views, but I doubt your winning anyone over with your approach.

          • Your MAMA

            Chris, It’s impossible to reason with these unevolved monkeys but it is fun screwing with them!!

          • Chris Squire

            Don’t stoop.

          • athynz1

            “Your MAMA Chris Squire • 43 minutes ago

            Chris, It’s impossible to reason with these unevolved monkeys but it is fun screwing with them!!”

            How about trying to do so without the insults. Just state the facts and back them up with hard evidence – not just memes off of the internet. In other words act like a reasoning and reasonable human being. I have a feeling that you would rather skip the reasoning part and go straight to trolling those who disagree with you. Not the way to get people to see your point of view.

          • Your MAMA

            Blind sheep can’t see!!

          • athynz1

            So either you can help open my eyes with verifiable facts so I can see your side of things or you can keep right on with the insults. The former I’ll take seriously and will discuss in a reasonable adult manner, the latter I’ll dismiss as the antics of someone who is misinformed and/or willfully ignorant. Sad thing is that it’s very likely you and I have some form of common ground in some of our beliefs – just not on this particular issue as of yet and may never have on this issue. So if you have a perspective that outweighs mine enlighten me, otherwise have a good evening.

          • TheSotSays

            Well you’re just a homo pussy sitting around in mommy’s basement cutting the seat out of the spandex tights you got for your birthday.

            Climb on your bicycle Tinky Winks and drop over. I’d like to see what my horse thinks of you.

          • youMADbro

            Simply juvenile. You post comment after comment showing the “error” of their ways yet make yourself look like an ass in the process. If you get entertainment out of trolling people i feel sorry for you. You might want to get mental help and I’m saying this out of genuine concern.
            Here’s a website for you. I’m sure there are some great resources you can use….

          • athynz1

            Wow, such hate and intolerance from a member of the party that preaches – nay shoves in one’s face – the concepts of peace, love, and tolerance. So without knowing anything at all about me other than I dared to put your liberal progressive idols to question you tell me to engage in homosexual acts, question my knowledge, and then call me names. That is of course the first defense of a liberal progressive without a leg to stand on – insults and deflections. You say you are here to show us “the error of our ways” then tell me HOW I was wrong? Is Oprah not a billionaire who is liberal progressive? Are the Hollywood elites not multimillionaires who are liberal progressives? Is the net worth of those individuals plus the liberal progressives in congress not more than the net worth of the GOP members of Congress? Are they in fact not part of the 1%? How am I wrong in this?

          • Your MAMA

            Your conservative hero……..

          • athynz1

            So you decided to keep on with the insults and posting of memes with no real relevant facts. I can’t say I’m surprised. Disappointed but not surprised. I like how you dodged my questions though. Posting a meme of Reagan does not answer the questions I posed. Nor did I mention anything about Reagan until this post so how is it you infer that he is my hero?

          • Your MAMA

            A special present from Your Mama!!

          • athynz1

            Of course. Typical trolling progressive liberal – has no leg to stand on, has every opportunity to rationally explain their point of view and still insists on insults and being willfully ignorant. Enjoy wallowing in your ignorance.

            As for your pic – right back at you twice. Doubles, I win.

            Drops the mike.

          • George Griffin

            they are against minimum wage they would rather steal it from the rest of the working people

          • Incognito

            Yet you support this Hippy Bundy dude looking for a freebie from the government.
            Seems hypocritical to me.

          • Hoodoo H


          • Greg Roth

            You’re a HATE CRIME looking for a place to happen. Your vitriol is abdominal.

          • Your MAMA

            Come get me, BIG BOY!!

          • Jamie Garton

            Your MAMA…you are NOT proving your point with all the hate and viciousness that you are spewing right now. You are only proving the rest of us right. I would tell you to hush up, but you won’t. Hatred is all you have left. No love, no joy… just hatred. It’s sad, really. I pity you.

          • Your MAMA

            Well, we have something in common…We pity each other. No one can reason with a brainwashed teabilly, but it sure is fun screwing with them!!

          • Jamie Garton

            See? Your crass behavior shows your true colors…keep talking. Shows you for who you really are. Sad and pathetic.

          • Greg Roth

            I have a name. Obviously, you are too ashamed of your to post your real identity. That means that you are nothing but a fool who has something to lose if your real name was posted. Intolerance seems to fit your persona extremely well. I ask myself, why am I typing this to someone that is not my time. Go find yourself a good book that you can read and come back after a while with some rational thought.

          • Your MAMA

            Sticks & stones…..A teabilly’s opinion is of no importance!! They think the word is 6,000 years old, that bushes, snakes and jackasses talk, and people rise from the dead and fly away…nough said!!

          • Your MAMA

            [ víttree ṑl ]
            bitter criticism: extreme bitterness and hatred toward somebody or something, or an expression of this feeling in speech or writing……..Sounds like a teabilly has a dictionary and thinks he has smarts!!

          • Greg Roth

            I am so glad to got some practice in learning how to turn the pages of a dictionary. Can you say anything positive or is it MSNBC talking through you? Your behavior through words sounds just like Rudolf Hess. I am sure he is very proud of your hate filled heart. Do you have a soft spot anywhere?.

          • Your MAMA

            Well, It’s not MSNBC and it certainly isn’t the FAUX PROPAGANDA channel and everyone knows the teabagger party was formed on hate and Koch Bros. GREED!!

          • Your MAMA

            Sorry…I don’t believe in a fictional devil, or the easter bunny either!! Grow up!!

          • Chris Squire

            Hey leave the Easter Bunny out of this! He was great in that Mad Hatter flick… on shrooms.

          • Hoodoo H

            You know that one (1) turd in the toilet that just won’t flush and rises to the top for all to see its stink???
            Well, seems to be the clown (your MAMA) giving all a hard time for standing tall on this one. Just ignore them and they’ll go away.
            Thanks for standing tall, Rodney.

          • capers2

            Google JTRIG…MAMA fits the description/profile to a tee.

          • Chris Squire

            I googled that. Really? lol are we feeling a bit paranoid today?

          • Hoodoo H

            ..but, sounds like something the Libs would do…
            Gotta admit…

          • capers2

            You know Chris, I’m an Independent. I am a member of the Sierra Club, and links to the Huff Post, Wash, Post, NY Times as well as Conservative sites. The truth always is somewhere in between. When I see someone, such as MAMA, taking that extra special effort to stir up the dust, and there’s feathers, webbed, feet, a bill, and it quacks…I call it as I see it. Feeling paranoid Chris?

          • Chris Squire

            I know you are… but what am…I?

          • capers2

            lol…Just looking for answers like the rest of us…

          • Hoodoo H


          • Your MAMA

            You can’t stand tall when you are on your knees blowing the Koch Bros….

          • Hoodoo H

            So get outta the barrel and stand up.

          • capers2

            …yep. MAMA’s boy looks more like a jtrig stooge with every post he makes.

        • Rosangela Jucker Azevedo

          I despise a man who was born free but choose to lick the boots of the tyrants. Such man is not worth the dirt he stands upon.

          • Your MAMA

            You must be looking in the mirror while listening to Rush….

          • Chris Squire


        • TheLongVersion

          Your comments and memes show your IQ, your character, and who likely signs your paycheck. You don’t deserve the freedom you use to spread your sorry failed ideology, but you have it, and I’ll continue to fight to allow you to keep it.

          • Your MAMA

            I’ll match smarts with any toothless teabilly!! You’re a programed robot!!

          • Clint Unruh

            Actaully some of those fact are completly wrong. ESSPECIALLY about the african americans. Back in the early 1900’s republicans tried to push through the EXACT SAME BILL that would allow african americans to be free and before that during the civil war all the southern states were strong democarats

        • Chris Squire

          It’s missing a donkey on the other side performing a spitroast.

      • Chris Squire

        No, frame this!

    • bruse willlis

      Moron parents …

      • Joe McNamara

        …said the idiot.

        • John Dusek

          Well said, Joe!

      • linreis

        bruse, you “up voted” your own post??? that’s crude and a bit hoosier

        • bruse willlis

          i voted it up cuz it was a great post too !!!

      • daisypony

        I bet you’re okay with moms dragging their kids to proabortion rallies.

        • bruse willlis

          i’d ride that daisypony ….

          So how do you like you klu klux cliven now ???

    • Richard Connolly

      Well said, I love it, you guys got to make a poster of this, that’s a money maker poster that any real American would buy OORAH

      • john fragale

        To Richard Connolly: well put! & yes l’d buy that poster that shows Obama as the zero we all know him to be

    • InfidelNumberOne

      So Obama attacked Nevada and lost to some American cowboys.

      • George Griffin

        they aren’t Americans or cowboys…They are criminals….

    • Taihair Djehuty

      Yeah cause Obama made the call to the BLM…….

      • Jack Deth

        More like Harry Reid. Since he and his son had hoped to push Bundy off his land. While negotiating with the Chinese and use Bundy’s ranch as a solar and wind power plant.

        Basically, Solyndra Redux. While the taxpayers get hosed… Again!

    • Your MAMA

      Your god………..

      • saudimedic

        executive order, he must of been a communist like Obama. Learn your history fools. Regan backed the Brady bill and the first Assault weapons ban. He was a good president, but he was no god, as you people try to make him out to be.

        • Holly McCulloch

          more should recognize reagan as the mild beginning of this military state, bush as its horrible unfortunately unforgettable climax. if there were a god, he wouldnt be in riduculously priced suit with an american flag behind him.

          • Your MAMA

            AMEN SISTER!!

      • GarryMoss

        See Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978 (Jimmy Carter)

      • capers2

        It’s becoming more obvious you’re a Jtrig operative. Why else would you spend so much time here? In fact, it looks as if there’s a few of you working in tandem.

        • Your MAMA

          Paranoid teabilly!!

        • Chris Squire

          What’s a Jtrig operative?

    • Holly McCulloch

      poor kid..looks as pathetic as one of those religious phelps children…where is dhr ?? oh..thats right! harrassing potheads, while these “parents” openly violate human rights and common love of humanity..wonder if they have camps designed to breed the republican hatred out of them.

    • Russell Martin

      WRONG….get your FACTS straight.

    • Chris Squire

      This is weak. Let children be children. This kid should be playing ball or riding a skateboard.

    • Chris Squire


  • barry soetoro

    WHO is Barry Soetoro?

  • barry soetoro

    A picture is worth a thousand moslems.

    • calical26


    • bruse willlis

      Its GW Bush’s son !!!

      • Joe McNamara

        Shut up, ya stupid troll.

        • Your MAMA

          GFYS Teabilly!!

    • Chris Squire

      A little off topic aren’t we? How does this have ANYTHING to do with Muslims?

  • ken

    don’t let your guard down, they aren’t done yet.

  • Carole Naro

    The West has now been won. FOR NOW!!!!! Let’s see what those wily, corrupt, politicians do next behnd closed doors. Keep your guard up Ranchers.

    • For My Liberty

      Not won yet. The Feds are doing the SAME THING in NM and Tx to other Ranchers as we SPEAK.

    • pete838

      Next time they’ll come back with 1000 agents and those MRAP’s the military has been offloading. Get ready.

      • edoyle7

        Hope your wrong but it won’t be pretty.

      • Carole Naro

        As I mentioned/commented before, this is what the government wants to call for Martial Law If that happens, Obama can stay in office This is also a water grab too and what better States to do it in but the Western States whose ranchers and farmers rely on water for their crops and livestock. I just hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, like I said above, Obama will stay in office when his term ends.

        • Ronald W. Mann

          If he tries he will see far larger numbers in front of the White House with tar and feathers

        • afftongrown

          Believe that was the plan all along!

      • Robo

        Anyone else see the video of a Molotov making short work of an MRAP in the Ukraine?

    • afftongrown

      You know there will be a back lash! I’m sure they’re licking their wounds and devising ways to get “even”!

    • Incognito

      Maybe they will take Bundy back to court to try and get him to pay the 1 million dollars he owes? that seems fair. We all pay our fees/ rent/ mortgage/ license tabs/ business licenses, why does Bundy think he gets a free pass?

      • Robo

        Bet they don’t have a contract where he agreed to pay anything for what his family has been doing for 150 years.

  • Brent WhoDat Liles


  • Amanda Gonzales

    So happy for our AMERICAN people! and the BUNDY family! NOW help texas!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Brent WhoDat Liles


  • slmkenn

    So, so proud of how this was done!

  • Sherry Minnix Hefner

    This is amazingly awesome. I love this! People of this great nation are so tired of our Government talking our land, possessions and freedoms. This Government is of us, by us and for us. They are in Washington to help us not bully us.

    • francoamerian

      The problem is that they are not are government.

  • Lisa Ryan

    I’m so proud of our patriots & cowboys & cowgirls!Awesome support for our fellow Americans & our rights!God Bless the people of America!Don’t tread on US!!!

  • Jodie Leah

    This is OUTSTANDING GREAT JOB !!!!!!!

  • mikelodeon777

    sad to see that some of the BLM “agent” are like former soldiers. the way they don their weapons and gear. these are not regular “agents”..for money, these former operators are willing to turn their guns against fellow americans.

    • Ericja

      Nah they are Blackwater/Xi all the way. That said however, much of Blackwater is comprised of formal soldiers…

      • Tanith Bobo Lambi

        Much of their current police force is comprised of them as well, which explains the rise in police brutality. That, married with the fact that they actually lowered the passing level to get into the police academy.. It’s no wonder their police force is the way it is. Full of people who wont question & trigger happy mofos..

      • afftongrown

        Someone explain to me exactly who these ” government agents” were please/

        • barrioslim

          afftongrown, the 2 posts above yours sum it up more than adequately about who they are.

      • anointedsword

        Huh? Stop speaking out of the side of your mouth. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • OneShot

      Listen, I am in full support of what happened and that BLM was wrong in there approach, but as a retired Marine, contractor, and trainer now in Afghanistan training Afghans to make a better life for themselves, I do not like your comment. To say that these are soldiers, Marines, etc… with no knowledge is pure speculation on your part. Many officers are highly trained today, and because they carry a weapon in a particular way doesn’t mean the are operators, or military. The part about they will do anything for pay is the wrong answer, if you have really knew about their pay, you would know that many military personnel are on welfare, and that they (Reid and his posse) want to cut our pay even more.. Let me educate you on one thing real quick, if it was not for those servicemen, you damn sure wouldn’t be riding horses right now, and speaking English. Please don’t assume what you don’t know, I have seen too many of my friends die, or bleed to death, for them to be put down. Lastly don’t ruin a good cause by starting another one based on ignorance.

      • mikelodeon777

        it may sound rude but what I said is not far-fetched. truth is, some vets do get jobs from gov’t agencies to “escape” the issues you stated. it’s not speculation. if you watch the video again, the agent talking to the cowboys is highly probable to be a former operator. no regular agent of a government agency grow a beard like that. sounds stupid but most probable. another fact, not all former soldiers, marines or operators have the zeal like you have. be proud of it. thank you for the lesson but your far, too-assuming education is wrong. I don’t owe my capacity to speak English or riding a horse to any serviceman who fought a war a few years back, I owe it to a generation of veterans way ahead of them. having said that, I give it back to you. Do not assume what you do not know. And the reason why I’m following the situation over there in Nevada is because I want information. Having information is not to be ignorant. And you, sir should not be too sensitive to accept the facts.

      • mikelodeon777
  • Lee L

    WOW !!!!!! brings tears my eyes !

  • Cathy Quessenberry

    I loved how when the “fed cop” told him to have the people back away and the cowboy said, “No, you leave.”

  • Carol Shelton Montgomery

    Hooray for the “common” AMERICAN people. Now if only we could take back American from Obama and HIS Terrorists!!!

  • rthomp8363

    This one ended peacefully, but i believe soon there will be some that wont. Obama thinks his law is supreme but will find out it is the people that have the final say, be peaceful or not.

    I back their stance and many more to come.

    • Nthis

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to steal his land through legal wrangling. Specifically his home and included property (not included in the ‘grazing lands’), including the cattle. They’ll do anything to try and seal a deal with whoever (China?) they’re trying to sell this grazing land to.

      • gypsyrose1

        The EPA is trying to pass a regulation now that would give them control over all land that ever gets wet. That means everything but Death Valley, and I might be wrong about that. They are trying to change the wording of the Clean Water Act from “navigable” waters to “ALL” waters. This includes puddles after a rainfall.

        • val61259 .

          welcome to AGENDA 21

          • gypsyrose1

            Exactly! They are trying to create a wildlife corridor from the Yukon to the Yucatan.

      • Robert Brumley

        Not unless they are willing to die. They’ve (the feds) have said they will not go back out there but will go through the judicial system.

  • CMSgt (Ret.)

    The opening of a new American’s revolution?

    • Robert Brumley

      This is only the beginning.

      • Campaigner1

        Nope. The feds could have crushed the sad-ass delusional “militia” anytime they wanted. They decided not to give right-wingers a photo op of a bunch of pot bellied wheezy wanna-bees getting dispersed, beaten, and arrested. I feel sorry for those dupes. Clive Bundy conned them into doing his dirty work and endangering themselves and others, potentially being investigated and charged with crimes, all because he’s a deadbeat and freeloader who has used public grazing pastures without paying a cent for twenty years.

        • EOlson

          Why should the ranchers pay the BLM, they are a do nothing agency, just collecting revenue and doing nothing but selling OUR public land to foreign interests. Our country is at the boiling point and have had enough of cronyism and BIG government.

          • Campaigner1

            The federal government maintains the grazing land, including rounding up and culling wild horses and fighting brush fires. Everyone who uses the lands pay grazing permit fees-except the Bundys, because they are special people, who get to decide what laws, court decisions, and regulations they follow, unlike everyone else. They get to use public resources without contributing anything, can threaten law enforcement officers with impunity, and can lie and con other people into endangering themselves and others so the Bundys can go on mooching.

            No one is selling public land to foreign interests. A Chinese company wanted to lease COUNTY land 200 miles away, but that project was cancelled.

            You’re a smart person. Expand your sources of information. Our country is not at a “boiling point” and there is not going to be any secession, uprising, or civil war. BTW: Ronald Reagan authorized the collection of grazing fees by the BLM.

            The Bundys are just crooks and chiselers.

  • Nthis

    The left-wingers are going nuts boiling with hatred for these people. Government is their mother, father and god and they obviously can’t take it when the government is in the wrong and backs away. Just like children who protect their parents’ names when someone insults them. Leftists are childish and mentally poor-developed.

  • Paul Lissona

    This is great.

  • PIC

    its apauling to see what americans have to put up with …GOVERMENT HAS GOT TO GO

    • Val Holladay

      I understand what you’re saying but a government is necessary but not obama, reid, and pelosi’s government. We need to restore the government that was designed by God, and implemented by men in 1776.

    • psteved

      Much like your spelling! Although I agree with the sentiment

  • burned_out

    Thankfully this was resolved peacefully. I personally would rather every one of those federal officer had his brains spread all over the ground. Those men had better fear for their lives.
    I would have burned them. NORK style. Progressives better understand, we the quite ones are getting tired of your misanthropy.

    • Robert Brumley

      Actually it wasn’t peacefully. In the beginning the feds used tasers, dogs and physical man handling on peaceful demonstrators.

      • burned_out

        I am being careful so as not to be censored. The pigs with the Tasers will get their due in time. See how Iran handles its criminals. Cranes and slip knots.

  • susan slater

    Blaming Obama is stupid, when BUSH created this, in 2005, w/o due process & funded this at 63 million a year forever,since signing the Conrad Burns Amendment , that funds itself yearly automatically, it’s all about gas fracking. First it was murdering Wild Horses next cattle next, killing off people with poisoned by fracking water tables. Give credit where credit is really due.

    • LibertyDwells

      Obama is the face of leftism today and it’s leftism that created this over the past 50 years. Doesn’t matter what Party label you attach or what your own partisan preference is. The root evil here, and the consistent thread, is leftism. Blaming Obama as the current figurehead at least puts a face on the enemy.

    • Ken Prehart

      Obama is an idiot anyway you cut it

  • robwin

    We won a victory this time but what happens after the crowds leave? Don’t be surprised to see a fed invasion of Bundy property using choppers and whatever else is available. I pray to God it does not happen but the forces of Leviathan under the control of Obama simply cannot be trusted. It saddens me to say that about our own government but it’s true.

  • Lee Miller

    Obama was told NOW is not the time for “total social control”… they are waiting for the socialist revolution to take hold. It is the timing… nothing to do with them backing down. They will be back after the November elections. They will find a new method, one less in the media.

  • carlton goodson

    The ones that drove off paid in Chinese money, in trucks paid for with Chinese money will be back maybe this time with Chinese troops there in our country now look it up. All I can say is don’t back down, and don’t give in. Get our country back be for its to late.

    • CornellUG1993

      The “Chinese Solar project” was cancelled 10 months ago, and both the County and ENN have gone on to pursue other opportunities.

      • carlton goodson

        The point china pays to run our GOV .

      • carlton goodson

        Here it is. do the deed then take the land. Good cover?

        • CornellUG1993

          What? The deal was cancelled 10 months ago, and a lot of local politicians took flak for it being cancelled, because the project was politically popular in the county. I highly doubt the government expected backlash for executing a court order to remove cattle from land it owns because a guy who hasn’t paid to use it in 20 years was mad. That’s particularly true considering the rehabilitation of the area is also popular, and the cattle have impeded efforts to do that.

          • carlton goodson

            Who is the government? Last I had ben told it was we the people’ yet we the people cant use or enter our own land. And we pay a fee to use our own land’ DUH. We are a bunch of twits or some of us are. As I see it the government don’t own squat! So the rancher should cut the price of beef to pay his grazing fees.

          • CornellUG1993

            “As I see it the government don’t own squat!”

            So is the Constitution just crazy when it says “the Congress shall have power to dispose of and make all needful Rules
            and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to
            the United States”?? I mean, if the government can’t own squat, what “territory or other property belonging to the United States” is the Constitution talking about?

            Or do you just reject the Constitution?

          • carlton goodson

            We the people are the government!!!!!

  • CornellUG1993

    It’s fine to claim that Bundy has some moral claim to use of the Gold Butte area, but arguing he has a constitutional claim to the land is just ignorant. The United States government acquired the land in 1848 through the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Under Article IV Sec 3 Cl 2 of the Constitution, only Congress may regulate or dispose of “territory or other property belonging to the United States.” At no time has Congress disposed of this territory, save for the 160 acre homestead ranch that Bundy owns outright and that the feds didn’t go on. In Nevada’s enabling act, Congress conditioned statehood on respect for the prior federal title. At no point has Congress disposed of this property, which means title has never transferred to anyone else.

    • Ken Prehart


  • LibertyDwells

    They will be back. Likely in the dark of night. Their apologists will be armed with better excuses as well.

  • GenJohnStarkReturns

    There will be blood. Feds never back down. Compliance through violence is ALL they know. Expect a 2am raid after the people go back into their slumber.

    • helensimon

      True, Gen John…think we Patriots will back down?…no more. The web has made all the difference since the truth can be transmitted by every American w a phone…they can’t stop it. Glory to God.

      • Tim R.

        sure they can, they’ve already gotten the paperwork thru courts to shut down all cellular towers in the area for “National Security Reasons”. More like “keep control over the media”. Anyways, unless someone has a satellite phone with camera, this will quiet down real quickly. Sadly our government will win, they’ll just send in the drones and wipe out the protesters. They’re standing against the government, hence now “Enemies of the State” ie Terrorists, and thus legally can be “Erased” w/o probable cause.

        • helensimon

          Looks like that didn’t happen. God arose, exposed the wickedness, and gave US the victory. Seeing reid call us terrorists and Heller call us patriots last night said it all. Hallelujah!

    • Robert Brumley

      If you have kept up with the story, the Feds said they will not return but take up matters through the judicial system. The spent more money on this operation than the money they claim he owes.

      • pete838

        That’s never been a problem for them before. How much did the Parks Dept. spend to close the monuments during the ‘shutdown’ a few months ago? Something like 5x what it would have cost to leave them open.

      • CrazyAuntJane

        However they go about it they WON’T let this go! They will have to make an example of Bundy! He may even be charged with some kind of trumped-up charge. And next time the cell phones and the web won’t work. Hope I’m wrong!

  • Kandi Gaines

    This is what me PROUD to be an American!!!!!!

    • DonnaTxx

      I’m proud and i’m not even American! Good to see people resisting tyranny!

  • Elizabeth Ann

    Way to go! This is what the Constitution is all about. Defending ourselves against an out of control gov’t. I’m not a pessimist but I’m wondering now what Harry Reid’s next move in this will be. I can’t see him giving up this easily. The Militia we saw here should not get too relaxed with what happened here. They need to stand ready to go again because I doubt this is over.

  • Dave Stratton
  • Jarrod Hasty

    Ummmmm threw the cancer survivor down and threatened the pregnant woman with the dog. Watch the video. Not disagreeing just fixing facts

  • DonnaTxx

    Well done the Americans!

  • GinnyLee

    Great filming! This is a great day!
    Has the war been won? Not yet. But one glorious battle has been.

    Just watching the poor BLM boys wiggle out backwards like a snake was fun to watch.

    Me, I’d quit and get a real job, if I were in the employ of such tyrannical, unconstitutional American-people-pushers.

  • GinnyLee

    Great filming! This is a great day!
    Has the war been won? Not yet. But one glorious battle has been.

    Just watching the poor BLM boys wiggle out backwards like a snake was fun to watch.

    Me, I’d quit and get a real job, if I were in the employ of such tyrannical, unconstitutional American-people-pushers.

  • Jonathan Tolin

    Just tried to post this video to face book. It will not let me… Ad facebook censors us!

  • Dave Stratton
    • Dave Stratton

      The Feds will be back!

  • Christina

    Now that’s how you stand up for your rights!!!

  • Adrian
  • Kate

    Real truth or just part of it. This “rancher” still didn’t pay his grazing fees! He signed the contract and knew what it said. Hope you all feel like paying him to graze his cows on your land for free!

    • silverdart

      So let them graze!! They’re not hurting anything!!

    • Ken Prehart

      Hell..your government just put up a 400 thousand dollar camel statue in afghanistan…and that you dont care about……freegrazing been goin on since the settlers moved across the country…all about your money hungry goverment

    • Betty4440

      he said he would pay the fee but not to the federal government but to the stat because it is state owned land. he tried to pay the state. heard some where along the line the state turned down the money. bad on the states part looks like to me.

      • Campaigner1

        It is not state owned land. Nevada ceded ultimate control of all unoccupied lands to the federal govt at the time the state constitution was drafted. Check that for yourself. The state relinquishing land management and fee collection to the feds twenty years ago; that’s when Clive Bundy “conveniently” decided he didn’t have to pay anymore-his claims about being willing to pay the state is a trumped-up lie because he knows Nevada has no legal authority to collect the fees anymore. He’s just a lying freeloader who has threatened law officers and duped gullible people into endangering themselves and others with his claims of “tyranny”.

  • Jason Morris

    Facebook will NOT allow me to share the video link, ”

    The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:

    Please remove this link to continue.”

  • zcoupeman

    Harry Reid is a useless sack of s**t. Hardworking Americas, trying to make a living on some “scrub” land, feeding America, and this guy is no where to be found. You think since Nevada put him in office he would at least make a showing in support, like most people in DC, useless and has a second agenda, it’s called “Lookout out Harry”. Just glad it tuned out without blood shed, but if it didn’t what would Reid do, stick his head in the sand or pull his head out of his butt.

    • Betty4440

      Reids son and old Harry is behind this so China can have this land for a solar plant.

      • Campaigner1

        Nope. The Chinese company canceled the project a year ago. And the land they were looking at was 200 miles away. Try again. Clive Bundy is just a freeloader who has been using public lands without paying maintenance fees or buying permits for twenty years. And every court has upheld the fines.

  • cojar

    That brought a tear to my eye. These people are heros and are the spirit of America! Our founding fathers must be applauding from heaven. God Bless You!

  • jacqui8411

    Watch and learn!!!

  • Crystal Locke

    KEEP STANDING UP AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • justapatriot

    I am so heartened by the fine men and women who stood up to the tyranny. I thank the Bundy family for standing their ground long enough for the rest of us to wake up. We will remain at the ready as this is probably not over. Count on us.

  • I Want My Country Back!

    Ahhhh, I’m soooo VERY PROUD of the REAL Americans who stood with them!!! I only wish I lived closer so I could participate!! Be diligent though … they may try this again, and if they do, they’ll be in bigger numbers and come in more stealth-like. Be ready! Be ready to double or quadruple the numbers for support of this family on THEIR land!! If they do try this again, I may have to find a way to get there to help!! And putting out a call any and all people and their horses to Stand Strong. They work for US … NOT the other way around! They need to be Reminded of this!

    • Robert Brumley

      Agree with you 100%. Will do everything in my power to be there too.

  • lanslot

    You think the media would have reported this with more enthusiasm if say, a republican was president? The video of the tasings would be wall to wall and the pregnant lady would be known worldwide by now! Media is just as corrupt as the whole Obama administration is!

    • BajaDreamer

      HA! You know it would have!!!

    • Josef Roesler

      What makes you think the media will stop being liberal socialists just because the president does?

    • kerston

      Wasn’t it a woman that was recovering from cancer that got shoved? 57 I think. A police dog just kinda got near a pregnant lady. She wasn’t pushed down. Clivens son was tazed. Just trying to keep the facts straight.

  • Ken Prehart

    Dam feds had their weopons pointed at them…….pieces of shit… do they get away with that….they can point their guns at you yet you cant point your guns at them…..

  • Bob Bowser

    Do we REALLY want the WIFE of a PRESIDENT responsible for actions similar to this at Waco Texas to become President?

  • Maggie

    The BLM needs to be charged with cattle rustling!

  • Val Holladay

    Does anyone know if there are any still pictures of this? I need a new desktop picture.

  • usaok59

    This was never about cattle. Harry Reid’s son is a representative for a Chinese energy company and they have a multi-million dollar solar plant planned for that land. The US gov is taking hold of all the land they can grab.

    • CrazyAuntJane

      And Reid’s son, Royce is married to Chelsea Clinton I understand!

      • usaok59

        No, actually she married her long-time school boyfriend. Forgot his name but it’s not someone from the Reid family.

  • Vincent Landolina


  • pilot


  • francoamerian

    Watching this gives me chills up and down my spine. It is true American patriots standing up to storm troopers from a tyrannical Federal government in Washington. SCREW HARRY REID and his Chinese friends. This may be a preview of things to come.

  • nobamamustgo

    This is just a warm up for the real Americans who are simply fed up by a tyrannical government. Be ready people because the feds are coming for all they can get. The bundy situation isn’t over yet. The feds are testing the resolve of the people to see how far they’ll go to protect their freedom. Round 1 goes to the people

  • Dawn

    Did they return the other cattle they stole?

  • Jimmy Sanders

    Amen for our loyal patroits. Awesome.

  • Athena Marler Creamer

    It touched me to see the calves running home..

  • curt

    this is the first step, and a great one, I am agin starting to feel prowd to be an American, great job mr. bundy and all you patriots who stood up aginst the government forces, all of us god fearing, constitutional, bill of rights loving americans are indebted to all of you brave heroes…..thank you!!!!

  • nosocialism29

    All those soldiers / Police should be ashamed of themselves. They didn’t take oaths to the Government, they took them to the Constitution. Defend against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC !!!!

  • Athena Marler Creamer

    I think Cliven and his son would have been arrested if they had gone through the gate.

  • m sfiorare

    bundy is just a freeloader

    • NymRod

      And you’re an idiot.

    • Betty4440

      and your point is? we have a lot of free loaders in AMERICA. and I will not say the Bundy”s are because they do work. more than I can say about the ones obama has coming in this country they are being paid to come here the way I see it. all that money going to those jihadist . between obama and his muslims bed partners they are destroying this country. I had rather have an AMERICAN FREE LOADER THAN THOSE OTHERS. what is your choice?

  • ICBM904

    Exactly how do you grab land you already own?

  • Don Clark

    you know those government folks following Obama are just going to keep on trying to do what they wanted to do to Mr. Bundy until the citizens of this country rise up and kick their butt like it was done during the revolutionary war and then maybe the country our forefathers created will get back to being an honest govt that cares about the people and listens to the citizens which they do not do now or Obama care would never have made it.

  • bruse willlis

    Well, had they open fire it would have been the law breaker fault … love it or LEAVE it !!!

    • Micky Baker

      It would have been the BLM’s fault if there was any violence. Obama would be personally responsible as President as well.

  • Jimmy

    Facebook has blocked the video


      Just watched it.


    It is really a sad sight. Law Enforcement should not be made to back down because we depend on them. However, this all happened because of their superiors in command who apparently have no idea what is going on. All they see from their plush and cushy Offices is paper. Reality of life they have no clue on.They have no idea what it takes for people like the Bundy’s to make a living and put food on the table. They don’t know what it takes to help your neighbor in need or to rejoice in their happiness. Right now those superiors are plotting the next move.I read about Ruby Ridge in depth today. Chaos ensues when Agencies share no information about issues at hand. All they know is that they have POWER from the Feds who back them.Govt is out of control,way too big and corrupted.

    • AlphaGirl

      Did you know that the head of the BLM is Harry Reid’s former chief adviser and the federal court that twice ruled against Clive Bundy is the 9th Circuit?

    • Micky Baker

      The government should have had to back off, and the people behind this should be arrested. Harry Reid is one of them.

    • Rodney

      Gosh Josue, “Law Enforcement should not be made to back down because we depend on them.”
      WHERE did you pick up THAT bit of propaganda? Government-run Publik Skool I’d bet!


        Didn’t you read the rest of my comment? Implication is made that if the Govt did not always try to run over us,this shouldn’t be necessary. The people are the Govt, but a few powerful individuals have taken over.Time to show them by whatever means necessary. I am not one to advocate violence in any way but the Feds would in a heartbeat. I may not have been too clear when I wrote that, I was angry at how BLM and NPS were going about treating the Bundy family and their cattle. Still am.

  • Pat Anthony Incharlotte

    Pat Anthony/Charlotte Examiner

  • gksnana

    Way to go. Next step is to confront Harry Reid and son. They should not be allowed to walk away without knowing that everyone knows they were behind the whole fiasco.

    • AlphaGirl

      Follow the money, Mark Levin.
      Clive Bundy is Exhibit A why we need a Convention of the States as the U.S. Constitution provides

      BTW, it was the 9th circuit that twice ruled against Clive Bundy and his 150 years old rights to graze his cattle in Gold Butte. Geez!

    • Campaigner1

      No, they were not. Rory Reid is an attorney at the firm that was representing a Chinese energy company, but that project fell through a year ago, and the land that was being considered was 200 miles away from the grazing pastures. Please check your facts.

      • Dan Kimble

        What’s the matter, Pajama Boy? Your leftist democrat bosses needed you to come over and do some damage control? How much are you paid, kid?

        It doesn’t look so good for Dirty Harry Reid and his little pajama boy son, does it?

        • Campaigner1

          Actually I normally wear boxers and t-shirts to bed, thanks, so if you must engage in attempts at lack-witted insults you can call me Calvin Klein boy. I don’t have “leftist democrat bosses” since I don’t work for any political organizations, though that would likely be easier money than my actual job, so I’ll take that under consideration.

          I imagine Harry Reid and his son will be just fine, since neither had anything to do with this situation, as even a cursory investigation into the facts of the matter would reveal. See, the internet can be used to look things like that up, not just post drunken selfies and play PC solitaire. Toddle off and try harder now.

          • Disco Obama

            Paid troll.

  • danielle

    does anyone else have a problem viewing the video? I can hear the sound but it just stays on one picture and doesn’t change.

  • Bullshiot Repellant

    Facebook has the video blocked:

    “You can’t post this because it has a blocked link
    The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:

    Please remove this link to continue.

    If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.”

  • Freddie Beard

    I shed a tear at the beautiful solidarity among the Patriots! And I salute you each and every one for your bravery and stand in that encroachment of this family and really and of our God given rights.

  • Ashley

    Apparently this was a test to see how the citizenry would react. They backed down for now, but will probably regroup. If they continue this illegal activity, i don’t think they have any concept of what they will be starting or how the American people will really react. We need leaders who can stop this thievery before it escalates to this point.

  • kidcat24

    All because their hero Ronnie Reagan called for executive order 12548. They can’t even hold up Ronnie’s law.

  • Jason Schiebelhut

    Whoot Whoot

  • AlphaGirl

    God bless you, ranchers and friends of freedom! You make me proud!

  • kaffy4x4

    So what is happening is this rancher uses Federal land at tax payer’s expense. I thought the whole idea behind being “free” was to pay your own way.

    • kidcat24

      Personal responsibility only when it’s for someone else.

      • Micky Baker

        Give up all your deductibles and exemptions right now then.

        • kidcat24

          What deductibles and exemptions?

          • Micky Baker

            Wait, you don’t file a tax return? Everyone who files an individual tax return has standard deductions and exemptions. Of course, you don’t really have to be that smart to know this, but you have to be really stupid not to know it.

    • Liquid55

      Expense? What expense? Surely you don’t think that the government pays for the grass that grows on the land, do you?

      • casey

        The land has desert turtles using some of the canyons as mating and egg laying grounds. (Specifically one of the canyons this guy runs his cattle through) The EPA has been sued for allowing the guy to keep going for over a million dollars. On top of that he has not paid his fees in 20 years, and that’s an additional million or so. So THOSE fee’s.

        • Disco Obama

          Go f*** libtard.

        • Liquid55

          The tortoises have been there for a very long time, and so have the cattle. If the cattle are so dangerous, why are the tortoises still around?

          Further, if they are truly endangered, why are the authorities discussing euthanizing a bunch of them?

      • kaffy4x4

        Everyone else who uses state or Federal land for grazing pays a fee for doing so. My family has ranched for generations. This guy hasn’t payed a dam dime since 1998, over 20 yrs of free loading off the tax payers. Why should we pay to fatten his cows?

        • Liquid55

          I agree that everyone should be treated the same. My point is that taxpayers at large are not out any money for this. There is a disparity in fairness regarding the fees – no doubt.

          • kaffy4x4

            If I follow your reasoning, “taxpayers at large are not out any money for this”, then it would be fine if anyone who decides to stop paying fees or fines would be allowed to do so because it doesn’t harm the taxpayer at large. I wasn’t aware that laws could be ignored to benefit ones personal pocket that way.

          • Liquid55

            No, I was merely replying to your claim that the cattle were being grazed at taxpayer expense. There is no expense. It’s grass. The government is not claiming that the grass is not plentiful. If it were an overgrazing situation, I could understand that, but the government is running these cattle off ostensibly because of a tortoise. It is absurd.

          • kaffy4x4

            Well, for now he has a free ride. At least until he can afford to buy some land of his own using the savings he’s made from not paying any fees.

    • Micky Baker

      He is paying his own way. The government does NOT pay its own way.

      • kaffy4x4

        He hasn’t paid grazing rights since 1998. It’s not his private property, it’s public land that belongs to everyone who pays Federal taxes.

        • Micky Baker

          Wait, the law that made him pay for grazing was an ex post facto law in the first place. So, Bundy is right again.

          • kaffy4x4

            ex post facto? If that were the case, why had he paid the fees up to that time? What caused him to stop?

          • Micky Baker

            You’re not really all that up with this thing called literacy are you? The cattle were grazing there long before the BLM was ever established. It was an Ex Post Facto law. That is what “preemptive rights” means.

          • kaffy4x4

            I’m not going to be as condescending as you seem to be toward me. I’m sure cows grazed there in the pass but not this mans cows, not for free. He was paying grazing fees and then stopped. Freeloading for the last 15 or 20 years.

          • Micky Baker

            The man’s father’s cows did graze there for free, and his grand father’s cows did graze there for free before the BLM was ever in existence. Since 1887. There were no fees from 1887 through 1934. Then the dumb socialist FDR said he was trying to do “the right thing” by forcing them to pay a fee where it cost the federal government nothing in the first in the place). All the while, the people were blaming FDR’s predecessor even though this was during the Dust Bowl ERA. There are many ranchers that survived it, but the government didn’t help them. They actually made it more difficult. The BLM did NOT exist in 1887 when this man’s family was grazing cattle on that very same land. That is “preemptive”. No ex post facto laws. No Bill of Attainder. Neither of these are allowed. They targeted a group of people, and that is also unconstitutional.

          • kaffy4x4

            Again, as I said, I’m sure that was the case, as you clearly pointed out to me, but not this mans cows. Times change, nothing stays exactly the same way. There are new laws everyday. My ancestors owned slaves, doesn’t give me the right to own them today. My GG Grandfather didn’t need a license to drive a buggy, or my G Grandfather a car. Yet today we do.

    • denny

      @Kaffy, this is NOT federal land, the constitution provides for the Feds to own land for forts bases and other military needs only. This is STATE land and fees have been paid to the appropriate state agency. Can you see the Central planners in action, the Obama commies?

      • kidcat24

        Reagan executive order 12548

      • casey

        The land was purchased by the US federal government from Mexico over 100 years ago and was never sold. The feds have actually owned it since BEFORE Nevada was a state. So they still own it simple as that. Or do you think they should just hand it out free of charge?

        • denny

          Who are these Feds you speak of. And whose money did they use to acquire the land

      • kaffy4x4

        Everything I’ve read says it’s the DLM jurisdiction, isn’t that Fed? Everything I’ve read has stated that he hadn’t paid grazing rights fees sense 1998. State or Fed, does it matter. He has been given court orders to remove the cattle, twice in 20 yrs. He’s been a free loader for long enough.

        • denny

          Public Land, what part of public confuses you

          • kaffy4x4

            So all public land can be used by anyone in the general public to pad their pockets? Is that your point. Here that folks, start that planting, building and drilling today! Pick a public park, and park, grand canyon, Yellow Stone, even you local library lawn.

  • Tammy Gaudreault

    Got me in tears of joy, proud of y’all! Wish I could’ve been there despite being Canadian.

  • englishsunset

    Yes, I am of course aware they are Americans, but seeing the flag of The United States of America was such a prideful reminder of America and what she stands for that the emotion was overwhelming. This weekend was a test, I know but We The People gave a strong showing about who and what we are. I haven’t been so proud in a long time. God Bless those who were there and may God continue to bless The United States of America. Amen!.

    • joxertheboxer

      I felt the same way

    • Bruce

      Now the question is this, can I run some cattle on that land for free as well?

  • David Smith

    VICTORY is ours !!! Show your defiance…and your support with this T-Shirt

  • Mike Emmans

    reminds me of an old beatles song

  • Campaigner1

    Clive Bundy is just a freeloader on public land; he used to pay the permit fees to the state of Nevada but when the state turned management over to the BLM twenty years ago, he conveniently decided he “had no contract with the federal government” and refused to pay. He has lost every court hearing and no owes a million in fees and fines. To make matters worse, he has threatened violence against law enforcement officers if they try to collect the legal debts and has taken to overgrazing the pastures, which also defines EPA regulations.

    And please-no nonsense about this being some sort of Harry Reid instigated conspiracy-the Chinese company that was seeking land for a solar project gave that plan up a year ago, and the land they sought was 200 miles away.

    Time for Clive Bundy and his family to pay up or go to jail, just like every other ordinary person.They don’t get to decide what laws and court decisions to abide by on their lonesome.

    • eaglechick

      Why not, Obama and illegals pick and choose which laws to follow.

    • MissSterious

      The courts? Bwahahhahaha! Are the courts infallible? If they were there would NEVER EVER be a 5-4 decision on the 2nd Amendment!!!

      • Campaigner1

        So anyone can ignore court decisions and threaten violence against law enforcement officers when legal decisions don’t go their way? Yes, that’s the very definition of patriotism and good citizenship. Strange how other people pay the for the permits and fees to graze on public lands, but Clive Bundy and his family are special people because, y’know, freedom and stuff.

        By the way, the Bundy family has lost EVERY court decision over the past twenty years. The law has been incredibly lenient in collecting the debt he owes.

        • Roxanne

          Had the Bundys lost every court decision over the last 20 years, they would have been long ago gone.

          • Campaigner1

            Look it up yourself. That’s how he ended up owing over a million in late penalties and fines. Every decision in twenty years. He should have been arrested and forced to pay up long ago. He’s a rich moocher who’s played you people for suckers.

    • Roxanne

      So, you must be Harry’s campaigner in chief? Moron.

      • Campaigner1

        Harry Reid has nothing to do with the situation at all. Go learn the real facts, local newspaper accounts are available online. I won’t name call you in return, but you need to go and eat a new breakfast.

        • Roxanne

          His papers? His news outlets? City news? Sure.

    • Disco Obama

      The feds need to get out of the state and get off of state land. This land is owned by the people and not by anyone else. This is an abuse of power. Our tax dollars spent on this para-military operation far exceeds any supposed grazing fees due. Why is that you may ask? It’s time to send the feds packing off of state lands. You’re fired!

  • dan690

    Turns out Obama and Harry Reid are behind this and wanted the Chinese to have this land.

    • casey

      news flash dan believes everything he reads on the internet even when blatantly false. So how many french models are you dating over the net exactly?

      • dan690

        Obama and Reid are anti-American so it is true.

  • Micky Baker

    Attention to the BLM officers. Resign your positions and help disband the Bureau of Land Management. You had not right to be there, and you know it.

  • Micky Baker

    There are two ways to resolve this matter now. 1. The BLM is abolished and not replaced. 2. The BLM provides the services they agreed to provide in return for the fees that they expect to be paid by those leasing the land. There are no other options. The government doesn’t get to violate the terms of the contract IT MADE.

  • Russell Miller


  • Muhammad el Bacon

    If you like your cows you can keep them … F’ an A !!

  • lyndabrown

    I saw a post recently that said the BLM is not actually American owned. Anybody else see that? Wish I had saved the article.

    • Bruce

      You actually saw a post that said the Bureau of Land Management was not American owned? Well, if it was on the internet it must be true. I, by the way, am a French model.

  • Charles Mitchell

    Considering there’s not much in Nevada (Reno & Las Vegas being the exception), Harry Reid needs to remember there’s probably a lot of ranchers out there that will be VOTING come next election!!!!

  • 5_hearing5

    It wasn’t so long ago that fine fellow Americans were slaughtering the American Indians along with Buffalo in a massive land grab

    • Disco Obama

      The so-called Indians lost against a much larger tribe. It’s called the spoils of war, look it up and stop with your politically correct bs.

  • Erin King

    I’m glad that the people stood up to help Mr. Bundy! I’d be there to help him, too, if I could!

  • George Mercado


    • Roxanne

      Just keep trying.

  • Robin Crumpton

    WAY TO GO!!!!

  • afftongrown

    Was our military used by the government in the takeover of the ranch?

    • Worried

      just the Gestapo BLM and rangers

  • Ken

    Funny, Youtube and Facebook blocked this video from being shared… Controlling cowards… lol.. We still know how to communicate without resources! God gave me a voice to speak, a brain to think and a heart that knows right from wrong! Try to hush us!

    • casey

      …a brain to think you say? Perhaps you should use it and do a bit of research on the land in question before you buy the idiotic story above as true.

      • Ken

        So your research led you to believe your Nazi Government is in the right? No one owns land, everything is borrowed from nature! Go stick your head back in a hole, out of sight, out of mind!

      • Disco Obama


  • Mari Soares Alvarez

    As a retired cop (k9) I’m embarrassed for these guys. There comes a time, even as police officers, you have to say enough is enough with the heavy-handed, overkill tactics. I’d like to know, as a Las Vegan, just WHO ordered this nonsense and then who called it off as soon as dingy-Harry’s chinese deal was uncovered. Reid and his son Rory are major slimeballs!

    • casey

      The Chinese deal was about land 200 miles away, and is completely unrelated to the issue with the rancher. As for the Rancher he has lost every court case over the last 20 years, and is being fined over a million dollars for missing fee’s. So tell me again why these are “heavy-handed, overkill tactics” considering how long the issue has gone on? How big do the fines have to be, and how long should he be allowed to ignore court orders before the government is allowed to do something?

  • Marty Torrez

    And that fellow Americans is how to overcome Tyrants!

  • Anon Merc

    this was a test… they could be back or not… either way they have a plan for the next event/false flag/psy op

  • dktne

    weirdest backwards walk away LOL why are they military armed against unarmed citizens sooo tyrannical

    • Disco Obama

      Since when do they send in snipers and the military for past due fees? They spent more on this operation than what is owed, sounds like they have another agenda besides past due grazing fees.

  • Lise Nanette Key Smith

    Only way to back down a bully is to show him no fear. Way to go, my fellow patriot Americans!

  • Toni Segarra

    With all due respect to those affected. It seems that everything is an impossible romantic game. Like when the Aboriginal Indians of America asked them to European whites that not stolen them their land.

  • reshas1

    Leave it to the cowboys to stand up to the tyranny..

  • casey

    Having done some investigation on the land rights in this case. This whole thing is ridiculous to the extreme. The Federal government purchased this land from Mexico, and have never sold it. They have however had a few different organizations operate it over the years. Up until about 20 years ago it was being run by the county on behalf of the federal government. However That agreement ended (i am unsure why) It was about this time that some other issues popped up.

    One of which being the presence of desert turtles using some of the canyons. They are an endangered species, and as such receive certain protections. An environmental group discovered that they had a nest area in one of the canyons. They have put pressure on the federal government to protect the area. This included limited grazing on the land, and off limits areas including one of the canyons to run cattle up.

    The rancher in this case did not want to be inconvenienced to follow the rules, and has continued to run his cattle through these areas. The damage this has caused is unknown, but it has been going on for 20+ years. On top of this because of the dispute the guy has nearly stopped paying anything for the grazing rights. (he still makes county payments despite to my knowledge not needing to) The total amount for missing fees over the last 20 years is close to a million dollars possibly more by now.

    On top of all of this even if this guy wins his suit (because he is suing on the basis that the federal government can not own the land.) He will end up screwing EVERYONE over because the land would revert to it’s previous owner. In this case Mexico. So him along with everyone else will have to start paying Mexico for grazing rights.

    I for one think they should let the guy win though, and then revoke his citizenship. Since he was born in the area, and it would technically be the property of Mexico. Then that makes him a Mexican, and not a US citizen.

    • Dan Kimble

      Go home little pajama boy.

      We’re kicking your buddies, the leftist democrats out of office.

      This time it will be permanent.

      You jerks will become a minority party with no power. We are taking back America.

      • Campaigner1

        I see you still haven’t learned a new insult. And that one’s not even original, you just cribbed it from whatever generic right-wing AM radio blowhard tickles your fancy the most. While electoral odds favor the Republicans making gains and potentially even gaining a one-seat majority in the Senate, they face disaster in 2016 when their number of Senate seats at risk far outnumber that of the Democrats, not to mention the electoral college is stacked against them nationally in the race of President. Demographics are killing your party in everything but off-year races. The next President will be a Democrat (likely Hillary or Liz Warren) and will have a liberal Democratic Senate to boot. By then the aging Scalia, Thomas, and Kennedy will be near retirement, and will be replaced during the first female Democratic President’s eight years.

        But enjoy your parallel world reality. Is it the same one where death panels were a real thing and Mitt Romney was winning in a landslide? Oh wait-no, it’s the fantasy world where George W was a war hero and Iraq planned the 9-11 attacks, is that it? Get back to me on that, wouldja?

  • Teressa BluesBabe Brewer

    YES they did! Yes we did! I am so proud of my countrymen and women who stood for this family and those who helped us to expose Harry Reid and his son Rory’s corruption within this entire mess. UNITED WE STAND and WE WILL NOT BE DIVIDED BY CORRUPT TERRORISTS/POLITICIANS for businesses in the US Government. BRAVO!

  • Mario Robert Guerra

    there is still hope for America. I am proud that the people stood up for themselves. wonder where the politicians were??? I find it amazing tat the US government wont secure the borders but have time to go after law abiding citizens

  • kidd

    anyone else think it’s B.S. that the federal gov controls “public” land and taxes us to upkeep it, then charges us a fee to enter those same areas?

    • casey

      Not B.S. At all as partial owner in those public lands. I feel that a minimal fee to cover management costs, conservation protection, and any others costs are perfectly fine. To be honest you should feel the same way as it keeps tax’s down. The costs associated with these lands would have to come from tax’s without those fee’s.

      So the real question you should be asking yourself is. Do you think you should have to pay higher tax’s for these lands? Or should there be fee’s paid by the people actualy using those lands to of set those tax’s?

      • loadnabox

        The real questions are

        “why do the feds need to own 80% of the land in Nevada and most of the other western states?”

        “If it’s so expensive to upkeep it wouldn’t it make more sense to sell the land to private owners instead?”

      • kidd

        If those fees were used for the reasons being collected, sure. But the y werent. I have lots of experience with Nevada and Harry (I got rich off shady land deals and nepotism) Reid to know this isn’t about fees or a damn reptile. I worked alongside the BLM for 17 years. Think about this: those cows have been there over 150 years and are still there. The tortoises have been there that entire time, and are still there. No mention of removing the wild horses and burros….

  • Gary C. Huggins

    “The original American patriots were those individuals brave enough to resist with force the oppressive power of King George. I accept the definition of patriotism as that effort to resist oppressive state power.

    The true patriot is motivated by a sense of responsibility and out of self-interest for himself, his family, and the future of his country to resist government abuse of power. He rejects the notion that patriotism means obedience to the state. Resistance need not be violent, but the civil disobedience that might be required involves confrontation with the state and invites possible imprisonment.

    Peaceful, nonviolent revolutions against tyranny have been every bit as successful as those involving military confrontation. Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., achieved great political successes by practicing nonviolence, and yet they suffered physically at the hands of the state. But whether the resistance against government tyrants is nonviolent or physically violent, the effort to overthrow state oppression qualifies as true patriotism.” ~ Patriotism, Ron Paul, 22 May 2007

  • Kisha Deann Majors

    That’s right, you get off OUR land! This is the land of the free! Go back to your hole!

  • Azsteve53

    It figures, no matter what the issue, the media constructs a narrative favorable to the government and its actions. The government actions are shameful, the media equally so,

  • Guest

    BLM has caught a very nasty case of man-ginas. It’s most likely communicable as Obama gave it ti Reid who spread it to the BLM, no wonddr Russia laughs at Obama, He’s got what Michael, dorru Michelle wishes she was born with.

  • Robert Elrod

    BLM has caught a very nasty case of man-ginas. It’s most likely communicable as Obama must have gave it to Reid who obviously spread it to the BLM, no wonder Russia laughs at Obama, He’s got what Michael, sorry, Michelle wishes she was born with. 

  • Johnny Empire

    You’re welcome.

  • gregkliebigsr


  • gregkliebigsr





  • Dan Kimble

    Time for the democrat leftists to be kicked to the curb…permanently!

  • saintbillybob

    This is what happens when a US Department has it’s own army. They don’t want to negotiate. Unfortunately the Feds will now try and use the FBI and IRS to harass anyone who participated. Mark my words. This is just the first battle.

  • radioflyer911

    The news media didn’t show images like this. What we got from the news media amounts to images of upstanding federal agents and screen images of hillbillies taken from ‘Deliverance’ with dulling banjos.

  • kitsober

    It is most likely that the current occupant of the Oval Office and his Nevada Senate Majority Leader have only temporarily retreated, and will ramp up the PR until they are able to convince enough people to believe that the Bundy Ranch personnel are wicked and worthy of death and that the Bundy Ranch supporters are gullible, vicious, and dangerous tea party members and Republicans. Then they will return and slaughter people as well as cattle (as they have at other times and places) and confiscate the land (which is their goal). And Executive Order has given them the authority. (The private property of a whole town was stolen from people and given to a tribal government only a few months ago.) The concepts of right to defend ourselves and private property are not part of the new order. Most certainly this event will inspire further Executive Order(s) that will further restrict the rights we have enjoyed. I hope I am wrong here.

  • Gemma Trask

    Love it!!! This is incredible!!!

  • John Burney Sr

    Looks like you guys won that battle.. Hope it’s over!! God Bless Yall

  • parrotenchantress

    It is ONLY through grass roots people standing together that will save us from the tyranny of the BLM who has never and will never do anything right.

  • ski

    Warming, Warming, do not let your guard down!
    Their withdrawal is only a ploy and not for real. Corporate money and political payoffs are on the move in our Country.
    Remember what is happening now and in the past when you go to the polls this year and in 2016. Vote only for those who honor The United States Constitution and the American Ideals.
    Do not rationalized your vote away. Check each candidate beliefs and actions in the past.
    Insist on voter ID’s be required and do not vote for anyone who opposes proper ID’s and or supports illegal aliens and a free pass to citizenship. Unless you are an American Indian your family had to come to this country legally.

  • Blion

    The difference between the Ukraine and Nevada:

    The Ukraine people had allowed themselves to be disarmed with US & NATO assent back in 1996. Even worse, their “disarmed defense” was dependent on a “sold out” Europe, and a spineless Obama Administration that had trusted Putin in the first place.

    The Nevada Ranchers had the Constitution, the 2d Amendment, and plenty of heavily armed fellow citizen patriots enroute to re-enforce their position against the Fascist Regulatory Agencies masquerading as, and stealing authority from, the duly elected branch of the American Republic.

  • Hawks Briareos

    Good job on the PEACEFUL resolution. Glad nobody had to die. The poor police officers and BlackWater troops that were TOLD to be there left without killing anybody, or brutally attacking someone and dropping blood.

    • Disco Obama

      Too many cameras, too many people. If they could get away with it they would.

  • Mike Eaton

    Clive had best be nervous now…things will simmer down…then either the feds will raid his ranch..or he’ll fall victim to a mysterious “accident”

  • JohnSvengali

    This is just the beginning. Real Americans must take back this country from the leftists and end Cultural Marxism. Every leftist in power at any level of government or wearing black robes has got to go. Every corrupt institution, whether academia or media, has to be purged of leftists. They are like a cancer in our body politic and culture. Leftists never stop on their own; they have to be stopped before their totalitarian tendencies are fulfilled.

    • bogidu

      For that to happen, “Real Americans” need to become politically involved. The majority CAN create a third party taking the social agenda of the democrats and the fiscal agenda of the republicans and not basing decisions on the extreme points of view of those two parties.

  • Ryan McQuary

    I’M SO PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!! WE ARE THE WORLDS GREATEST PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THIS!!!! It is far from over and the Government will be back but they have been defeated once and they will be defeated again. However I disagree about one thing…this would NOT be a waco style confrontation….this would be like Custer’s last stand with Custer being the Federal Government…they don’t have the manpower to fight us >:) “Behind every blade of grass is a gun with a man holding it. The costs would be too great for an invasion.” -High Admiral Yamamoto about Japans plans of invading the US mainland

  • jimharper1968

    Does anyone have video of the pregnant woman getting pushed to the ground

  • Robert Frazier

    But it is not over by a long shot…these feds have other motives that are not going to stop until they have thi9s land for the chinese and reid…to collect from the minerals and vast amounts of oil products within this land mass…watch for more to follow…!

  • Mike Bigmike

    Debra, I agree as well this makes me very proud to be an American sticking up for whats right. We need to work daily to arm our fellow patriots get them trained and educated whats going on today. No more infringements on our rights. Its up to each and everyone last one of us to get and stay involved period!

  • daisypony

    THIS is why the 2nd Amendment is essential an why Washington wants us disarmed. More reason to keep plenty of ammunition folks.

  • Julie Herring

    proud of you guys ,its a bad day when law enforcement becomes the enemy

  • Dem274

    “Hale v. Henkel was decided by the united States Supreme Court . The opinion of the court states:”

    “The “individual” may stand upon “his Constitutional Rights” as a
    CITIZEN. He is entitled to carry on his “private” business in his own
    way. “His power to contract is unlimited.” He owes no duty to the State
    or to his neighbors to divulge his business, or to open his doors to an
    investigation, so far as it may tend to incriminate him. He owes no duty
    to the State, since he receives nothing there from, beyond the
    protection of his life and property. “His rights” are such as “existed”
    by the Law of the Land (Common Law)”long antecedent” to the organization
    of the State”, and can only be taken from him by “due process of law”,
    and “in accordance with the Constitution.” “He owes nothing” to the
    public so long as he does not trespass upon their rights.” “Upon the
    other hand, the corporation is a creature of the state. It is presumed
    to be incorporated for the benefit of the public. It receives certain
    special privileges and franchises, and holds them subject to the laws of
    the state and the limitations of its charter. Its rights to act as a
    corporation are only preserved to it so long as it obeys the laws of its
    creation. There is a reserved right in the legislature to investigate
    its contracts and find out whether it has exceeded its powers. It would
    be a strange anomaly to hold that the State, having chartered a
    corporation to make use of certain franchises, could not in exercise of
    its sovereignty inquire how those franchises had been employed, and
    whether they had been abused, and demand the production of corporate
    books and papers for that purpose”

    Spooner v. McConnell, 22 F 939 @ 943 [3]:

    “The sovereignty of a state does not reside in the persons who fill the
    different departments of its government, but in the People, from whom
    the government emanated; and they may change it at their discretion.
    Sovereignty, then in this country, abides with the constituency, and not
    with the agent; and this remark is true, both in reference to the
    federal and state government.”

    US Supreme Court in Julliard v. Greenman: 110 US 421 [9]:

    “There is no such thing as a power of inherent sovereignty in the
    government of the United States …. In this country sovereignty resides
    in the people, and Congress can exercise no power which they have not,
    by their Constitution entrusted to it: All else is withheld.”

    US Supreme Court in Luther v. Borden, 48 US 1, 12 L Ed 581 [7]:

    “… The governments are but trustees acting under derived authority and
    have no power to delegate what is not delegated to them. But the people,
    as the original fountain might take away what they have delegated and
    intrust to whom they please. …The sovereignty in every state resides in
    the people of the state and they may alter and change their form of
    government at their own pleasure.”

    “Where rights secured by the
    Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation
    which would abrogate them.” (Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 US 436 p.491.)

    “An Unconstitutional Act is not law; it confers no rights: it imposes
    no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal
    contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
    (Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 p.442)

    In the 1935 Supreme
    Court case of Perry v. US (294 US 330) the Supreme Court [15] found
    that “In United States, sovereignty resides in people… the Congress
    cannot invoke the sovereign power of the People to override their will
    as thus declared.”

    People v Herkimer, 4 Cowen (NY) 345, 348

    “The people or sovereign are not bound by general word in statutes,
    restrictive of prerogative right, title or interest, unless expressly
    named. Acts of limitation do not bind the King or the people. The people
    have been ceded all the rights of the King, the former
    sovereign,…..It is a maxim of the common law, that when an act is made
    for the common good and to prevent injury, the King shall be bound,
    though not named, but when a statute is general and prerogative right
    would be divested or taken from the King (or the people) he shall not be

    Clerafield Trust Co. v. United States (318 U.S. 363-371).
    The Clerafield Doctrine states,

    “Governments descend to the level of a mere corporation and take on the
    characteristics of a mere private citizen… where private corporate
    commercial paper [Federal Reserve Paper Debt Notes] and securities
    [checks] are concerned…”

  • T.

    This is what needs to happen across America. This is what We the people have the power to do!

  • Your MAMA

    We shall see who wins in the end and it won’t be deadbeat Bundy!!

    • Disco Obama

      Go to hell.

      • Your MAMA

        Blow that ass wipe, BUNDY, and don’t forget to swallow, damn teabilly!!

      • Your MAMA

        Really original!!

      • Your MAMA


  • Noonespecial

    Amazing that this is the state that Harry Reid represents. When will they get rid of that clown?

  • jacque sawyer

    Who owns this land? I keep getting two different stories. One that Bundy has refused to pay his grazing fees since 1999 and the other,the Fox version, that the government wants to steal the land and sell it to a Chinese corporation. Who owns this land?

    • Disco Obama

      The federal government doesn’t own any state land. The land belongs to the people.

  • ste8875

    I never thought I would see American police geared up like they are in Iraq facing their own citizens. I am very disappointed in them. This is what America has come to under our current government and that includes Republicans. Both parties are equally to blame for the giant government taking away state and citizens rights.

    • bogidu

      True that. Unfortunately the Centrist party can’t seem to get a foothold, you’ve got the pubs on one side and the crats on the other and the majority of the people are too lazy, apathetic or jaded to get involved and toss these extremists out of office.

  • Disco Obama

    Feds need to get off of our state lands. Hit the road jack!

  • 1Finngal

    BLM employees are working for a criminal organization.

  • another_engineer

    Now that it is out that the reason for the attempted land grab was Harry Reid’s trying to sell it off to the chinese for a solar array — are the people going to throw that old communist out of office ?

  • Heidi Sinclair-Thomas

    This made me proud to be an American! GO COWBOYS!

  • Carl Ervin

    The “operator” standing at the fence talking to the civilians most certainly is NOT a BLM employee…he is former military and should be tried for TREASON! People who are in Law Enforcement and follow through with these kinds of actions should be held accountable…they are NOT upholding the Constitution of the United States of America that they swore to uphold when they took office…

    • bogidu

      That’s what I’ve been saying for years . . . . the government is comprised of individuals and they are responsible and should be held accountable for their actions. Because they aren’t, they have reached this point where they are untouchable and above the rest of us.

      Two great examples are Sheriff Gillespie deferring his authority to the feds, and that mouthy bastard Commissioner Collins who speaks for the people of Clark County. If these two are still employed in government by this time next year then it’s pretty apparent what kind of people live in that county and that the actually want these two representing them.

  • Carter_Burger67

    and you wonder why the federal government is trying to disarm us? THIS is why they don’t want the citizenry armed.

  • Kenny Kimler

    Won this one, BUT we all better understand this is just the beginning of situations like this that America is going to face as long as we allow the socialist (and I mean Dem’s, RINO’s, Obama types and his czar’s) to be elected.

    • Andrew

      few in texas right now if anyone wants to jump on that bandwagon against the BLM

  • MrBillinTX

    ALL of you people seem to be perfectly willing to accept the fact that the BLM has not only gas guzzling SUVs but SWAT teams armed to the teeth!!! And YOU all paid for all of this crap!!!
    What in the name of all that is Holy is the reason for BLM para-military organizations?!?!?!? They need SWAT teams delivered by huge SUVs to protect turtles?!?!?!
    The chains of slavery are not only now being forged in Washington DC but also on the open ranges of Utah!!!
    If you believe the Government backed off to save lives, you are ALL fools!!! This was simply reconnaissance!!!
    How much more will the true Americans stand for?!?!?

    • beauevil

      No. I don’t believe that this was test. The final result was totally unexpected. The federal government never expected to fail in ANY power play, no matter how outragious. The U.S. government is PREVENTED from using the military against citizens. But, look at the video and imagine that this was made anywhere else in the world. This was a military confrontation! And, the feds blinked! I hope that the feds are humbled after this. If not, they will learn to come at us with true military force… IF they can find enough idiots to play warring soldiers against innocent civilians.

  • Micky Baker

    People, there are more than just a couple of reasons that the government is wrong. 1. Allowing people go graze cattle on the land is NOT A SERVICE. The government gave part of the land they ran other farmers off to Harry Reid donor(explain that leftists). 2. Cattle were grazing on the land long before they started charging a fee. It costs NOTHING for the cattle to be there. Bundy himself PAID his own money to drill the water wells and install the watering facilities that are beneficial to the wildlife there, not harmful. 3. The government is to PROVIDE the service of maintaining the roads and the infrastructure on that land, and they stopped doing that in 1993, so they were no longer entitled to collecting a fee. It’s the terms the government wrote, not the terms Bundy wrote. The government violated its own terms. Of course, it has always done that.

    If the government would have fulfilled it’s end of the deal, it would have never happened. The government is not above the laws of this nation, but it acted like it was and learned that there are people who aren’t going to let it happen.

  • Wyoming Bullrider
  • cristo52

    So where can you get the T-shirt? Up the Cowboys.

  • Lucille Grassi Martinez


  • Eben Osgood

    Move to China and serve your master their, the real Americans are coming.

    • Chris Squire

      Their what?

  • Sonshine

    This is not over! The second summer of discontent has started. Rise up America!

  • DRoberts001

    Bundy is using publicly owned land without paying for it. He should pay, just like anyone else. Period.

    • beauevil

      “Publicaly owned land”? Who bought it and from whom? His family ranched that same land since 1870, long before the BLM even existed. Squatters rights! Also, how can the fees be so steep that the price of a whole cow can’t cover the cost of it’s grazing?! Something is amiss here.

      • Dawn

        It’s not steep at all. 1.35 per unit month per cow. It is a hell of a lot cheaper then buying alfalfa. My husband’s boss bought over 500 acres of grazing land with water rights and the blm harassed him for years, here in NV. They finally gave up when he wouldn’t cave. They have too much power and need to worry more about preservation of land, then bullying hard working Americans and taking what they think they should own. Nevada won’t stand for it and we need to take back what is ours. This man stood up for what is right when all the others bent over and took it in the ass. We need more like him in our country.

      • zmfeawhfwa58fiewaewaifeaw

        diaff thx.

    • TheSotSays

      You’re nothing but a toothless, American hating, Bolshevik flake from Thunder Bay Ontario and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      • DRoberts001

        It doesn’t matter where I live or what you think. Bundy, like all other citizens, should pay for any services he receives. Otherwise, he’s just another welfare bum.

        • TheSotSays

          So tell us this you pathetic communist b*st*rd, who kicked your teeth in?

  • leahasevedo

    I am so proud of all of you patriots :) i’m sure its not over, but if they bring more then we will bring more. they are expecting everyone to forget about this and relax. They said they are going to take care of this through bureaucracy. which means they are going to fine you, tax you, and harass you like never before.

  • Jeanne Doyle

    Way to go Nevada residents!!!

  • sam

    Good for the American people for standing up to this jack booted ,goose stepping government. It has pushed the American people to the breaking point. Better be careful how far you push, an angry American public is a dangerous one. Just ask the British.

  • Dale

    MOB RULE??

  • natalien555

    That’s what it’s all about!!!! The people!!!

  • beauevil

    Why was Rand Paul silent during all this?!

  • alflorida

    Ignore and do not reply to Your Mama, an obvious brain-dead troll who has no other outlet but to spew hatred on the net. One thing that trolls just can’t deal with is total indifference and disregard.

  • Michael Demeule-Calella

    there is nothing to be proud about here nor is this some romantic cowboy movie is a clear cut case of contempt of court with violations going back to 1998.The current pres. admin has nothing to do with this..its just a ploy by right wingers to get air time while encouraging a criminal to break the law.

    • Jay F

      And what about when courts ruled the return of slaves to the slave owners? When courts ruled Stacey Anthony walk? Or when courts rule every day in the favor of eminent domain? Doesn’t always make it right.
      Judges have ruled in favor of teachers who had sex with 14 year old students.
      Judges have received bribes by the private, for profit prison industry.

      So what about in these situation? Should the public just passively stand by and accept one persons decision as the law of the land, simply because of his title job title?

    • birdbrained2000

      That’s the dumbest thing I have heard all day. Really? You’re going to use the dreaded right wing conspiracy? Of course right wingers planned this entire thing and carried out. It would be laughable if you weren’t so pathetic.

  • Pookie

    I will support these cowboys anyday. Wonderful to see them stand their ground in support of Mr. Bundy, and protect our constitution against this tyroneus government. I do believe we are going to see more of this happening as our country continue to struggle with this “new” government that we are all struggling with.

  • The Emperor

    Now the government has a bigger issue. They have proven the people can beat them. So, let’s not stop with Nevada. Let’s start taking back the freedoms that are supposed to be ours.

  • Dannie

    I dont know that I would go so far as to say ppl hate Obama…and it has nothing to do with the fact he black…or rather Kenyon….he isnt an American and he sidesteps the constitution on a regular basis…and there are sooooo many liberals that feel he is doing a great job….so in reality who are the brainwashed ones?? I am happy with the result in is important that Americans stand up to a government that is up to some sneaky stuff….put a stop to it before we are living in a real life “Red Dawn”

  • Nicole

    The woman that was shoved to the ground was not pregnant. She was in her 50s. She spoke at a city council meeting that has been posted to You Tube.

  • scotthudson

    Everyone needs to read this book, The Contract On The Government. It is the book that the feds DO NOT want you reading. Find out more about the book here:

  • Rosangela Jucker Azevedo

    I am proud of our men and women !!!!!! Now you know how much we can accomplish. We can clean this country. We can make this country operate under the Constitution as in 1779, especially the 10th Amendment.

  • SiegHeil AZ Vagos

    greatjobAmericansnexttime weneedalotmorepeopletheir toshowatruestandoffagainst
    government. withoutinjurylife

  • Lisa Delaurenti

    We sure didn’t see THIS on the news! What a rush that must have been to be on the back of a horse, giving stinkeye to the feds!

  • Sylvia Rodriguez

    US law states, a contract is a contract. If there’s no contract, then why is anyone saying to pay anything to anybody if there’s no contract stating that? Wheres the signatures? When was it signed? Where is the documentation?

  • Rosangela Jucker Azevedo

    To All LIBTARDS, I tell you this:Nothing is more despicable than a man born in freedom but choosing to lick the boot of a tyrant. Such man is not worth the dirt he stands upon. No other words can describe you better.

  • Altreg01

    I want free gubiment stuffs too

  • Altreg01

    I wants free stuffs from the gubiments too!!

    • Chris Squire

      They heard you the first time.

  • Lynn
  • Russell Martin

    The real story is that the Bundy family has been breaking a law that was issued by Ronald Reagan by executive order, so do NOT point the finger at Obama, because he has nothing to do with this. It is the BLM trying to inforce a law that these law breakers have been breaking for decades. The Bundy family has been using land that does not belong to them and refuses to pay the legal fines that have been issued, so the BLM comes in to inforce the LAW and all these people run to the defense of criminals.

    • Charles Anderson

      that’s because the asshole federal gvt cancelled his grazing rights permit back in ’94 for no apparent reason.

      • Incognito

        He’s had this long to figure out his sh’t and hasn’t done so yet?

        • Charles Anderson

          they wouldn’t renew his permit! damn dude. don’t u have a brain?

          • Incognito

            “The Bundy family’s battle with the federal government–now playing out in international news coverage—began in 1993 with the listing of a native tortoise incorporated under the Endangered Species Act. As a result, the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) informed grazing permit holders like Bundy that cattle counts would need to be reduced to 150 head. That same year, the Bundy permit was eligible for renewal but was not executed. The permit was later revoked in 1994 by the BLM for nonpayment on the renewal, according to federal court records.”

          • Incognito

            Search for this article.
            The saga of Bundy Ranch –Federal power, Rule of Law and Averting Bloodshed.

            It explains that Bundy did not pay to extended his permit in 1993 leading to his permit being revoke.
            This happens with any permits, business licensees, etc. If you don’t pay, it gets revoked. pretty simple actually.

          • Incognito

            Seems that when i post anything that contradicts this article it gets deleted. I’ve attached civil lawsuit and appeals, motions and junctions and it all gets deleted. Maybe my comment below will stay on long enough for you to be able to read the article and understand where I’m coming from .

        • Charles Anderson

          Reagan only issued an executive order to CONTINUE to the formula for calculating the grazing fee established by Congress in 1978. the law requiring Grazing fees have been around ALOT longer.

        • Charles Anderson
      • Incognito

        They cancelled it for non-payment. It’s public information. you can research it if you’d like.

    • DoomAndGloom

      Source please. The EPA didn’t declare the Desert Tortise a pritected species until the 1990’s reagan was not in office in the 90’s Bill Clinton was. Not saying you are wrong, but you offer nothing to validate your claim.

  • Maxx Traxx

    That was great, Fire the liberal and the socialist obama government. This is America, Take America back!

    • Iceman4u

      back to the 50’s?

      • DoomAndGloom

        No the 70’s. The 1770’s.

  • Donna


  • lISA


    • Incognito

      As a republican I would also suspect you be interested in knowing who’s going to cover the $1 million of grazing fees that bundy owes the government.

  • Rob MacGregor

    So many paid left wing trolls. What’s especially entertaining is when they think that people give a sh!t about their viewpoint and start spouting all of their talking points. Here’s a clue to “your mama” (and all other blowhards)… no one cares at all about how you feel.

    U mad now, bro?

    • cigol

      All the more reason to visit.

  • Chris Squire

    These comments are really sad. I get branded a “liberal” for a lot of my opinions by so called “conservatives” even though I am very sympathetic to a great deal of conservative view points, which makes me wonder how many of my “liberal” friends would agree with this prognosis. I don’t consider myself liberal or conservative. I am an objective free thinker and I call it like I see it. I’m very pleased with how this turned out so far for Mr. Bundy and I am thrilled to witness this outpouring of support and true patriotism these people have shown in their brave stand against the tyranny of the federal government. Events of this magnitude are the kind of thing that unifies and empowers the common people. And yet, in the wake of this victory, many of you regress into arrogant laurels and tired rhetoric. Does anyone else find it amusing that conservatives relish in portraying the word “progressive” as somehow negative? And to see Americans calling other Americans “pinkos” is quite a hoot as well. NEWS FLASH: This is 2014, there is no more communist threat. I love how, sparing no opportunity to mock Obama, the same conservatives who are still living with cold war mentalities, almost put Putin on a pedestal like some teen idol, a “real man” or like some macho sports figure (perhaps because at least Putin’s white?) compared to sad, weak, Barrack. Then you have the uber-condescending left wing troll “Your Mama”, determined to show the right wing neanderthals the superior intellect of liberals, preaching to the un-convertable, fanning the flames of divisiveness, and accomplishing nothing more than another flame war notch for his armchair debate belt. Americans, we will never stand a chance at overcoming the oppressive agenda of the Federal Government, President Obama, and all the presidents that will follow him, be they Republican or Democrat, unless we cease acting like children in schoolyard squabbles, and start to address each other with courtesy, respect, dignity, and tolerance for our differences of opinion. Left, Right, conservative, liberal, this is a tired model that needs to be retired. Live Free Or Die.

    • mrs. anderson

      The only thing I’m branding you as is a lunatic. Lol what are you doing lurking in a conservative thread? Is this the only way you get to talk to people? Dude, go outside…or at least go to a thread that is for liberals. Seriously.. are you a closet conservative? Or do you actually believe that coming on here talking down to people is going to make them agree with you? You need to realize that you aren’t exactly making people want to give libs a chance. You make libs look like even bigger douche bags than they already look. You make yourself sound like a self righteous psycho

      • cigol

        I have never been here before, and long time since I have seen the likes of this bunch. But followed a link and here I am.

        You are extremists. Many of you give conservatives a bad name.

    • shawn

      I actually agreed with your narrative until “perhaps because at least Putin’s white?”. You lost me there. If you think the majority of conservatives have a problem with his black half, instead of the entirety of his ideals, you’re a fool.

  • Karl Hungus

    A good government is one that truly understands that it is outnumbered and outgunned at all times, and that takes this simple truism into account every time it hands down some edict. In a just society, government, if it doesn’t outright fear the people, maintains a healthy respect for them and for the notion that it governs only by their consent, and that that consent can be revoked.

    • cigol

      Right…right…fear is the answer.


  • DAVE


    • Chris Squire

      Believe in spelling, grammar.

      • mrs. anderson

        Wow…you really don’t have anything else going on in your life, do you? Lmao I’m guessing you spend a pathetic amount of time doing this daily.

  • Chris Squire

    Senator Reid is a wake up call to democrats: Guess what? Your party sucks. Well, guess what republicans, yours sucks too.

  • Matt Adele Harris

    Daniel 2:42-44

    42 As the toes were partly iron and partly clay, so this kingdom will be partly strong and partly brittle. 43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.

    44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.

    • Chris Squire

      It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden
      base, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Empire.

      During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to
      the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEATH STAR, an armored space station
      with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

      Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Princess Leia races home
      aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her
      people and restore freedom to the galaxy….

      • mrs. anderson

        I think you may have hit your head or something…or did your mother drop you a lot when you were a baby? Wow, what a retard. Just for reference, I’m not a Christian or religious in any way. Just thought that was the most retarded post I’ve seen today…and that’s really saying something.

      • Matt Adele Harris

        Hey, just because you didn’t get it – doesn’t mean you need to make fun, OK?



  • Incognito

    Bundy has over $1 million in unpaid grazing fees. I’m pretty sure I’d be in jail for way less than that.

    • mrs. anderson

      It is our duty as Americans to refuse to bow to unjust laws. Go ahead and listen to the left wing version of this story that is full of straight up lies. Seriously, do your own reading before you decide anything. Don’t let a biased writer tell you what to think. Use your brain!

      • Incognito

        Did you not just read the article above? that is the epitome of biased news.
        A law was passed back in 1994 and the Bundy’s have been accumulating fines and fees since then to the amount of $1 million dollars.
        You want the government to protect your rights but when those rights don’t agree with your belief then you say eff the government? What about the rights of all those other farmers who pay their fees on time? what about the rights of those school districts who could have used that $1million to keep teachers employed? Or the $1 million that could have been spent on pot holes/ lights to better improve your commute to work? Maybe next time you call the police for help they will reply “Sorry, we recently had to fire half of our force because we were short $1 million, we can’t help you till Thursday, please leave a message”

        • DoomAndGloom

          It was never about the fees for the govt. It was about getting his cattle off the land. A million dollars? The govt spent more than that flying the Obama’s to vacation on separate planes.

          • cigol


          • Incognito

            What does Obama’s trip have to do with ranchers? You’re just making up stuff for “shock and awe” effect. Obviously you don’t know much since even flying two planes around the world would not cost 1 million dollars.

      • Incognito

        Since when is paying your bills unjust? I pay my bills, and I hope that everyone else does as well. Specially when your bill is 1 Million dollars. That money reinvested into the community can do a lot of good.

        • DoomAndGloom

          The fees were just a means to make it to expensive for ranchers to run their cattle, so that the Feds could have complete control over the land.. As Bundy said, They were just trying to run him out of business, so why should he pay them for that? The feds ran every other rancher in the area but him out of business, with their “fees”.

  • Patti O’Z

    This made my day. Unfortunately I feel that the Government will now bleed he and his family dry via the Courts.

    • Incognito

      Well, the Bundy’s owe the government 1 million dollars.
      If they owed you that much wouldn’t you want to collect?
      It’s not like the government is going to take that money and go on a trip. They reinvest that money right back into the community in forms of shools, roads, police and fire forces, etc. If I have to pay my bills, I sure hope so does everyone else.

      • carlton goodson

        Obama will!!!!!!!!!!

      • Patti O’Z

        No, they don’t. It’s on County land and the County and the State have said that the Bundy ranch isn’t in debt to them. Read up on this rather than getting your information from MSNBS. This will be my last post to you because I am tired of the ignorance of people like you.

        • Incognito

          The Bundy family’s battle with the federal government–now playing out in international news coverage—began in 1993 with the listing of a native tortoise incorporated under the Endangered Species Act. As a result, the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) informed grazing permit holders like Bundy that cattle counts would need to be reduced to 150 head. That same year, the Bundy permit was eligible for renewal but was not executed. The permit was later revoked in 1994 by the BLM for nonpayment on the renewal, according to federal court records.

          Claiming that the Bundy family continued to graze livestock on their old Bunkerville Allotment without permit, the BLM sought an injunction in federal court to correct the “trespass” in 1998. The court ordered the Bundy family remove all non-permitted livestock by November 30, 1998 or face fines of $200 per head, per day. The family appealed to the 9th Circuit Court—only to be denied in May 1999.

          Throughout the period of 2000 to 2011–spanning both Bush and Obama Administrations–the BLM performed a series of investigations with a variety of reconnaissance tactics to track the alleged trespass of cattle owned by the Bundy family. According to court records, federal agents noted increasing herd sizes on the land formerly allotted and adjacent tracts which were never permitted to private parties. Investigators noted that “more than half” of the cattle did not bear any brand but were confirmed to be the property of Bundy “in correspondence,” according to filings.

        • Incognito

          Oh, did you just go back to watching FOX? lol. clown!

        • Incognito

          www dot

        • Incognito

          “The Bundy family’s battle with the federal government–now playing out in international news coverage—began in 1993 with the listing of a native tortoise incorporated under the Endangered Species Act. As a result, the U.S. Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) informed grazing permit holders like Bundy that cattle counts would need to be reduced to 150 head. That same year, the Bundy permit was eligible for renewal but was not executed. The permit was later revoked in 1994 by the BLM for nonpayment on the renewal, according to federal court records.

          Claiming that the Bundy family continued to graze livestock on their old Bunkerville Allotment without permit, the BLM sought an injunction in federal court to correct the “trespass” in 1998. The court ordered the Bundy family remove all non-permitted livestock by November 30, 1998 or face fines of $200 per head, per day. The family appealed to the 9th Circuit Court—only to be denied in May 1999.”

        • Incognito

          Search the article below, you may be missing a lot of information about this case.

          The saga of Bundy Ranch –Federal power, Rule of Law and Averting Bloodshed.

      • remmett70

        The problem is a FEE like this is supposed to go to pay for the costs directly caused by the grazing. Not for paying other things. I don’t see where the additional cost is to justify the fee.

        • Incognito

          If you don’t pay your credit car on time, there is a late fee. Same Idea. Why should this guy get away without paying the fee that other ranchers in the same are all pay? Bundy was using the land without paying his grazing fee, which then was revoked and after years of investigations other fees were being applied for using land that is not his.

      • frippo

        Freedom, freeloading, whatever. Today, Bundy has stood up for a word beginning with “free-.”

      • DoomAndGloom

        Reinvest? They waste that money on green energy boondoggles like Solandrya(sp). They spend it on union paybacks. Most of the 700 billion “stimulus’ went to govtworkers and unions. very little of it went to shovel ready jobs.

        • Incognito

          Who do you think pays for your roads? Schools? Fire department? police department? etc… Sarah Pailin?
          I’ve personally seen a lot of that stimulus money go to shovel ready jobs in the form of new freeway expansions, bridges, government construction jobs for “shovel ready jobs” that in turn created work for me and other private sections workers.

  • Mary Floeck

    They have been very brave, but I am afraid for them because I don’t believe for one minute that the feds will quietly go away. Money is at stake. But I am on Mr. Bundy’s side and on the side of what is right.

  • edward zipman

    Gang bangers are not even ignorant enough to screw with a cattle rancher. Last time I checked cattlerustling was still a hangable offense.

  • David Burke

    theyll get it out of his tax returns.

  • Teruby

    Kudos to Bundy and all those people for standing up for this!!! This situation got out of hand. Leave this man and his cattle alone. The land looks so dry anyway, doesn’t look like they are taking too much so what is the fuss all about.

  • Your MAMA

    But you probably see the problem: it’s unsustainable to think a group of well-armed extremists can simply block the enforcement of American laws in the United States. It’s perfectly understandable that the Bureau of Land Management saw a crisis unfolding and pulled back to prevent bloodshed, but there’s an obvious problem with establishing a radical precedent: you, too, can ignore the law and disregard court rulings you don’t like, just so long as you have well-armed friends pointing guns at Americans. To put it mildly, that’s not how the American system works. Indeed, that’s not how any system of government can ever work. Tensions eased over the weekend, but it seems likely that this story isn’t over yet.

    • athynz1

      Wow, tell a libtard to explain themselves and they go off the deep end with made up memes, no facts, lots of deflections and strawmen arguments, and of course loads of insults and trolling. Mama libtard you have opened my eyes… now I’m just gonna troll you for my own amusement.

      “but there’s an obvious problem with establishing a radical precedent: you, too, can ignore the law and disregard court rulings you don’t like, just so long as you have well-armed friends pointing guns at Americans.”

      Just like Obama. Except he can also sign executive orders bypassing congress.

    • HoopoeGirl

      The only reason liberals are defending the BLM is because Obama’s government can do no wrong. If the feds went in and told a liberal to give up his yard or land for a locust , they would do so with pleasure or even with glee. This is because they are under some sort of weird spell cast by this dark force called Obama. It confounds me!

  • Your MAMA


  • Your MAMA

    Libertarian and tea party members are not interested in finding solutions or fixing anything and have no interest in compromise…….What they want is another civil war and destruction of our society……They are looking for an incident that would spark an insurrection similar to the John Brown raid on Harper’s Ferry……They are nothing more than armed thugs who are hell bent on destroying my country and must be stopped and prosecuted!!

    • athynz1

      And liberal progressives – hereafter referred to as libtards – insist on not working with anyone or explaining themselves. This is what led to the government shutdown not that long ago – the inability of the typical libtard to actually embrace the BS they spew (that of peace and tolerance) to open their minds enough to be rational.

      Yup, I can be a troll too mama libtard.

  • Your MAMA


    • cigol

      Talk about a freeloader…

  • Janik Litalien

    Call me paranoid but I’m sure they’ve microchipped the cows or something…

  • Your MAMA

    These ranchers don’t run cattle on just their ‘own land’. They buy ‘grazing leases’ to BLM and other Federal lands. They also agree to abide by the terms of the lease, which means they have to do what BLM wants done (reducing herds to avoid overgrazing land in drought conditions, for example). If they don’t abide by it, then they lose their lease, as was done in this case.
    It happens all the tim…e. But this rancher hasn’t paid in 21 years now, so he is losing his herd the hard way,

    Just remember, This person is grazing on PUBLIC LANDS, not on his own lands, without PAYING ANY FEES.
    If he was grazing his cattle on his neighbor’s land, under the same terms, it wouldn’t have taken 21 years to get his herd off the land.

    • DoomAndGloom

      He was grazing his cattle on that land before there was ever a BLM. He was not charged a grazing fee before 1993. He NEVER paid the fee once they implemented it, because he doesn’t think the federal govt should be able to charge him to run cattle where his family ran it for 100 years without paying a fee.

      • cigol

        That’s fine. But he’s wrong.

  • Joshua Gonzales

    what i have to say is not about this video or stand-off but you people who just send out the most outlandish bullshit i have ever read. to all you hard nose straight down the party line loons out there(left and right both). realize that we all need to stand as one. we will never agree on everything and compromise is the key. the bill of rights and constitution is being pissed on and it needs to stop. we have the power to put who ever we want into any office. insults and slandering your fellow brothers and sisters is just appalling. all because you disagree with them. before you all try and call me out ill tell you what i believe… i’m a communist,a socialist,a democrat,a republican,a tea party-er, a liberal,a libertarian, i am everything and nothing. i just stand for what is right. i think what is best for everyone not just myself. we have become a nation of “me’s” when we should be a nation of us.

  • DJSetay
  • Fedupofficer


  • Mark Durham

    i choked up on the sight of real Americans standing together thank you one and ALL for restoring a little hope to the rest off us

  • Badron

    Yes, we won this battle, but we’re going to lose the war. Sad.

  • uuberdude

    The BLM derives its authority under administrative law. Statute law
    does not, yes, always spell out particulars. Government agencies are
    granted legitimate powers to promulgate rules to accomplish the job they
    are sworn to do (

    Further, the Nevada State Constitution provides that all land unapportioned at
    the time of its signing would remain under the management of the federal
    government. “That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that
    they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public
    lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain
    at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.”

    If we want to go to who is the rightful owner of the land, shall we count
    Native Americans? Oh yeah. Nineteenth century westward expansion and
    cattle grazing and genocide. I almost forgot. Think Sand Creek in 1864,
    where cattlemen were instrumental in fomenting the cutting out of Indian
    womens’ girl parts and looping them on saddle bows and over hats and
    other unspeakable mutilations, even extending to children and infants.
    Think Washita River in 1868. Then there is Little High Rock Canyon in
    Nevada. Even today many ranchers have an extreme and racist bias against them. Shall we grandfather them?

    Who in hell do these people think they are?

  • HoopoeGirl

    The only reason liberals are defending the BLM is because Obama’s government can do no wrong. If the feds went in and told a liberal to give up his yard or land for a locust , they would do so with pleasure or even with glee. This is because they are under some sort of weird spell cast by this dark force called Obama. It confounds me!

    • Incognito

      The BLM has been investigating Bundy during a period spanning both Bush’s and Obama’s Administration. I’m not sure how anyone can put blame on Obama for this.
      Seems like a real reach to do so.

    • uuberdude

      When all you have are ad hominem attacks and insults you really have nothing. Why am I not surprised?

      Tea hee

  • al

    Whose land is it? Do the Feds have jurisdiction? How does the Federal government acquire land? Here is a quote from an old piece of paper…it is in Article 1 Section 8 :To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such
    District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of
    particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of
    the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over
    all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in
    which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals,
    dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;
    Now, as you no doubt noticed, the Feds have no land within the States except that which was given by a state for Washington DC….And that land the Feds BOUGHT from the states with the approval of the state legislatures. When Nevada, a territory, became a state and was GRANTED statehood, along with that came title to all the land within those borders. Since the Feds never bought land in Nevada with the approval of the legislature of that state, The FEDS do NOT own any land in that state….or any other state. So the rancher is right…it is not the Feds to lease or collect fees on.

    • uuberdude

      Again, per the Nevada State Constitution, approved by the voters on the first Wednesday of Septembert and becoming effective Oct. 31st, 1864, : “… the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.”

      Please get your facts straight. The United States Government has had jurisdiction over these lands for 150 years. Bundy has refused to pay his bills and has been feeding at the government trough to feed his thirteen kids. This is another welfare queen whose childish friends have guns and like to play cowboy. It’s hysterical to watch them ride their horses and fly their flags, taking their lowbrow fun from Cliven’s fantasy and criminality. These people are unamerican.

  • CSSP

    This is NOTHING like WACO regardless of those who try to compare the two. Why? Because here, even the state – Governor and Sheriffs – were telling the feds to get off state land and stand down. How is it that the feds can act like this against Americans and not hold the line on illegals? Its because the priorities are totally and completely screwed.

  • Robert Foertsch

    This is simply a move in the cosmic chess match, this is far from over!

  • Your MAMA

    I mean, if you really look at the facts of the case at the heart of his dispute with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing fees he’s refused to pay for the last 20 years – Cliven Bundy has long enjoyed the benefit of Federal Resources without actually meeting the requirements for access to those resources.

    The issue has been litigated in court, more than once, and Bundy has lost each time on the merits of his case. He is NOT ENTITLED to access to this land. It doesn’t belong to him. In fact that land Belongs to ME and to every other citizen of the United States. That’s MY Land that his cows have been grazing on for 20 years and he OWES ME and the rest of the American People for it.

    Cliven Bundy is a God Damn [Corporate] Benefits Dead Beat and a THEIF. He’s a Moocher! A Lazy Taker!. He should pay the frack up, or else face jail. I mean isn’t that how all those good Americans on Fox News like Eric Bolling are constantly telling us about people who Improperly take Federal Benefits!

  • Your MAMA


    What Bundy hasn’t paid to the Feds is exactly the same a stealing. What he hasn’t paid for using Federal Property has gone into his pocket after being snatched from the pocket of every tax payer. The same is true of private companies that refuse to pay for public lands for drilling, that refuse to pay for the use of public facilities for their for-profit charter schools, and that park their assets overseas to avoid paying their fair share of taxes to America where they made their money in the first place. They’re ALL Thieves and Corporate Welfare Cheats. They either skirt the laws, or they manipulate and deform them to their own selfish benefit, causing the rest of us to pay instead.

  • Your MAMA

    I mean, if you really look at the facts of the case at the heart of his dispute with the Bureau of Land Management over grazing fees he’s refused to pay for the last 20 years – Cliven Bundy has long enjoyed the benefit of Federal Resources without actually meeting the requirements for access to those resources.

    The issue has been litigated in court, more than once, and Bundy has lost each time on the merits of his case. He is NOT ENTITLED to access to this land. It doesn’t belong to him. In fact that land Belongs to ME and to every other citizen of the United States. That’s MY Land that his cows have been grazing on for 20 years and he OWES ME and the rest of the American People for it.

    Cliven Bundy is a God Damn [Corporate] Benefits Dead Beat and a THEIF. He’s a Moocher! A Lazy Taker!. He should pay the frack up, or else face jail. I mean isn’t that how all those good Americans on Fox News like Eric Bolling are constantly telling us about people who Improperly take Federal Benefits!

    • Micky Baker

      He didn’t take any benefits. In fact, the government wanted him to keep paying the same amount to have fewer cattle on 1200 square miles(which there is less than 1 per square mile now), but the government didn’t want to uphold the promise the government itself made in return for those fees. You see, you pay rent, it is up to the landlord to maintain it(NOT THE TENANT).

      Since you’re making this argument, I’m sure you’d be okay paying rent and paying to maintain property you don’t own at the same time. Tell your landlord you’re okay with that, and sign that contract with them since this seems to be your expectation. Time for the landlord called the government to be held to the same standard as private property landlords right?

  • Your MAMA

    It’s about MONEY, plain and simple. Bundy has refused to pay what he owes the Federal Government. He’s refused to pay what he owes to ME, and to YOU. He’s shown America about as much respect as he would by going to Mt. Rushmore, climbing on top or Washington’s Forehead and relieving himself. This man is No. Patriot.

    Let’s face it, the reason the Militia is ginned up about this isn’t because of ‘Merica, or ‘FREEDUM’, it has to do with decades long case of affluenza. Bundy is a 1 Percenter, so he’s admired for his thieving from the public coffers, while Wilma would rot in H.E. Double Hockey Sticks after being riddled with 12 gauge buckshot.

    It doesn’t matter if some people feel that Bundy is “justified” in his path because of Harry Reid’s alleged Chinese/Solar Power Deal or whether the Koch Bros AFP are using this dispute to attack the BLM and gobble up more and more public land for Oil Drilling and Fracking. The former maybe a totally bogus excuse ginned up to accomplish the later – but it doesn’t matter.


    • Micky Baker

      No, he doesn’t owe anything. That money is supposed to go to the county. That is who the government was giving it to. This is a result of tree hugging fascists influencing unethical behavior in DC.

      • Your MAMA

        He’s a cry baby freeloader….

        • Micky Baker

          It’s rich when a leftist who whines about not getting paid a “living wage” for flipping burgers is calling someone else a cry baby.

  • glenn

    This is just the beginning of a war that will be around for a long long time.If the military turns on it’s own people it’s going to get real ugly fast. And the military WILL LOSE.We The People have God on our side and as long as we trust in the Lord We will be delivered out of this mess.

    • b4youb4me

      The military won’t turn on its own citizenry. They lean conservative, they vowed to defend the constitution, and the left in this country hates the military. The military knows which side their bread is buttered on. Think about it. You’re going to send the army in to fire on their brothers, sisters, moms and dads. Under orders from a government that looks at our military like their trailer trash. AND as soon as our soldiers are finished fighting and dying for the politicians, and they leave the military, they are relegated to the junk heaps and homeless shelters. The military is not our enemy. The government is.

  • Your MAMA

    Yeah Buddy…

    • b4youb4me

      I can tell by all your posts, that you are sh!tting your pants over what you’ve been seeing. Rightly so, you know your butt buddy Obama is tanking. And the public is awakening. Looking forward to reading more of your posts. The urine smell in your basement, where you blog, must be getting pretty pungent.

  • Joann Hinton

    The Government owns the land, I am confused the government is for the people, the land was purchased with our tax dollars. Does this not mean that the land is owned by the United States of America and the citizens of this country? It is not owned by Obama or Reid. Is our government not there to represent the citizens of this country? What right does our government have to turn control of the land owned by this country over to a private organization? Power is a strange thing when given to a person who is not willing to except the power they have and wants more power and is willing to get this power any way the can. It is time our government start representing the citizens of this country?

  • Jennifer Barrett

    That is awesome! Thank you men and women that stood up for freedom!

    • Incognito

      If that was your land and Bundy had been using it for the last 20 years without paying you your lawfully deserved fees…would you stand up for him or collect your 1 million dollars? would you let him continue to use it without paying you?

      • Micky Baker

        You’re spamming now.

        • Dave Herrington

          So are you Micky and you’re still wrong.

          • Micky Baker

            I’m right, I don’t spam, and I’m not a whiny little pinko commie like you are.

          • Dave Herrington

            You did/are doing the same exact posting that Incognito is doing, just from the opposite side of the debate. I was going to reply to all of your posts but then I got this one which clearly identifies you as the typical Teabagger who isn’t interested in an intelligent discussion, because as soon as you run out of your usual ignorant parroting of something Rush Limbaugh said you resort to name calling. People have called me a lot of things from the safety of their keyboard, but I must say as a former Sgt. in the Marine Corps and a DAV, I’ve never been called a whiny little pinko commie before, so I must commend you on your ability to read someones character you know nothing about.

          • Micky Baker

            Shut up Dave. Your preconceived notion of “typical teabagger” shows you’re not genuine. You don’t know anyone in the tea party you RINO piece of crap. You don’t have the guts to take stance. You’re afraid you’ll be called a “tea bagger”. I’m not afraid of what you say.

        • Incognito

          And you are as dumb as they come. Wow, after reading all your responses to me I’m amazed that you can live life like a normal person.

  • Michelle Allen

    This is what needs to happen all over this country we need to stand up for ALL our rights against “our government” What happened to “for the people by the people” etc.??????

  • IMHO

    If we would stand together and stand-down so much of the BS that the government tries to spoon feed us, we might be a better nation.

    • Incognito

      What if that was your land and someone else had been using it for the last 20 years without paying you the fees you determined back in 1993? Would you still sit here and not collect the money that is lawfully yours? would you still let the her graze on your land?

      • Micky Baker

        You see, in the private sector, it doesn’t take 20 years to get a resolution to it. The money isn’t what the government cares about. It is what they can use that land for and in particular, stealing the water rights of Bundy that they want, but they don’t want to pay “Just Compensation” for, and that is a Constitutional Requirement in the Fifth Amendment.

        • Dave Herrington

          Who’s idea of just compensation? The buyer and seller usually disagree and when someone finds out the gov’t. wants their ground, well it’s the lotto now, which isn’t a bad thing, but still needs to be within reason..

          • Micky Baker

            What the water rights are worth, not what the government wants to pay for them which is a fraction of what its worth. The government wants those water rights but they don’t want to pay for them.

        • Incognito

          Aside from the fact that the 5th Amendment has nothing to do with this case and bringing it up just shows how ignorant you really are,
          there are rules in place that don’t allow the “upstream” property owner to deny access, or to dump “unclean” substances into the water system. I deal with this exact thing daily. So you argument, even though somewhat well presented, is still not valid.

          • Micky Baker

            The 5th Amendment does have everything to do with this. Those water rights under that land is owned by Bundy. The government has to pay him JUST COMPENSATION if they want to use that for public purposes or for him to give it up. The government offered him money for it, and he said no and he has a right to say no. He doesn’t have to sell it.

          • Micky Baker

            You also need to remember this argument you’re making next time OWS tries to occupy public property or private property without rent or paying for the permits to have a demonstration, or setting up camps in violation of the law that is punishable by fines that OWS has never paid. Remember that. You don’t get to decide that one is exempt and another isn’t, of course, unless you’re a fascist.

  • Karen Zmitrovitch

    We must resist any effort of the fed government to enforce by military force….we have courts and lawful process. So glad there were so many Americans there to stand up and cameras don’t hurt either. It is sad for me to see comments here disintegrating into political confrontations of left vs right. When we as citizens allow the debate to degenerate we are falling into the political trap that threatens to divide rather than unite us. I am sure there were people of all parties involved on both sides of this situation. United we stand, divided we fall. Raise your level of thinking above the politics. Our constitution does not endorse either party, but was written for all citizens.

    • Incognito

      Um…they have tried thru the courts since 1993. Multiple lawsuits and investigations. That is long enough. Bundy has been freeloading for 20 years now. The government or even if it were joe blow, should have the right to move that cattle out of their land if no fees are paid to them in the last 20 years.

      • Karen Zmitrovitch

        There is a right way and wrong way to seek legal redress. If he owes fines he can have his accounts frozen or seized. I don’t want to see our country begin using martial law tactics against citizens, it endangers all of us.

        • Incognito

          They have seeked legal redress in various civil lawsuits against Bundy in the court of laws. Now they want Bundy to get out of their land.
          What else is there to do?
          You don’t pay your rent, you get evicted. Bundy hasn’t paid his grazing fees and overdue fees and court fees and civil lawsuit fees. What else should one do?

          • Micky Baker

            When you pay rent, the landlord has to provide you a service in return. The government breached that contract.

          • Dave Herrington

            The landlord has to provide a service, occupying the land was that service. A couple of different people have given what appears to be a well rounded argument against Mr. Bundy, yet you refuse to face the facts that he was wrong.

          • Micky Baker

            No, you don’t just occupy an apartment and have the responsibility to maintain and keep the infrastructure of it up. It is the landlord’s responsibility. Your argument has been defeated.

          • Incognito

            Bundy didn’t pay “rent” and still used the services. How did the government breach the contract genius?

          • Micky Baker

            No, the government does not provide the maintenance to the land that they’re supposed to provide. They were before 1993 though. That is why Bundy stopped paying. Go tell your landlord that he/she no longer has to maintain the property you rent from them and see what happens.

          • Incognito

            Say that slowly “Maintenance to the land”… What maintenance are you talking about? It’s bare land.
            Government: Here guys, lets rack this dirt.
            Government: Can you please trim that wild bush over there? thanks!

          • Micky Baker

            You know, build the fences for grazing for example. One of the services that was provided when the money was going to the state and county instead of the federal government who has spent itself into 17 trillion in debt.

            The roads on the property that they are supposed to maintain under the original agreement and haven’t since 1993 when they stopped doing it before he stopped paying.

            The use of the water rights under that land that is owned by Bundy. The federal government has to pay for that.

            The watering facilities that have been beneficial for the wildlife in the area in addition to the cattle that the government didn’t pay for.

            There are many ways the federal government is in violation.

            Read the Fifth Amendment, the part about “Just Compensation”.

            People buy real estate on federal land all the time, and they get a deed to the property. Bundy has the deed to the land where his house and facilities are. The government has to PAY FOR THAT. The government refuses to and want to force him off that land, and not to save a turtle.

            There are millions of dollars the BLM has lost because they can’t run him off, and the BLM offered to buy Bundy out in 1993, but he said no. He has a right to say no. The government already admitted that they have to pay Just Compensation when they offered to buy him out and when they bought out the 52 other ranchers that were also using that land before 1993.

            Bundy is right, Federal Government is wrong. It’s really easy to notice.

          • Incognito

            That made no sense. Specially since Bundy was using the governments land for grazing… Not sure how you tie together Bundy buying his own property to Bundy using someone else property and not paying for it.
            Logic is not one of your strong suits I guess.

        • Micky Baker

          No, they can’t freeze his accounts or seize his property. The government would have done that already if the government hadn’t violated his rights at the very beginning of this in 1993. They’re trying to use politically loaded judges to get what they want.

      • Micky Baker

        The reason they had to take it to the courts the first time, they offered him a tiny fraction of what his operation is worth and that wasn’t “Just Compensation”. If the government would have just offered him what it was worth, we wouldn’t be talking about this. The government was trying to bully him to give up his water rights.

  • Incognito

    Bundy is a freeloading hippy!

    • Micky Baker

      You mean, you’re a freeloading a hippie?

      • Incognito

        Bundy doesn’t pay his bills and I’m the hippy. How that’s that make any sense genius?

        • Micky Baker

          Sure, Bundy does pay his bills. The government isn’t paying theirs.

  • Phil

    So, get a bunch of others, and steal, yes, steal grazing from federal lands. What a great example! This Rancher was stealing from the American Public by not paying the required grazing fees, which fellow ranchers were doing, and bitching about how the Federal Government was refusing his so-called “right” to graze his cattle wherever he wanted? That, and the group that assisted him are BULLIES! Pure and simple.

  • Richard Collett

    I think most of you people are plain nuts. All this backslapping about the victory at the Bundy Ranch. We’ve now reached the the point where all you “Patriots” have lost your minds.People think they can use the excuse of being “Patriots” or protecting the constitution as a defense for pointing guns at police officers. Dress it up however you wish, you’re nothing but extremist thug criminals. There is no excuse for the militia people taking guns there. NONE.

    • Micky Baker

      Yes, there is.

    • Justin Craft

      They weren’t pointing guns at police officers, they were pointing them at dolled up park rangers. Why did they bring their guns? Afraid a old rancher and unarmed protesters would be too much? When people see their loved ones trampled on by park rangers who are unnecessarily armed to the teeth, what do you expect to come of that? If there is no excuse for militia taking their guns can you tell me what excuse the park rangers had?

      • Dave Herrington

        Even though you called them dolled up park rangers, these people are still law enforcement and are always armed. The people showing up armed was a clear escalation.

        • Micky Baker

          No, they’re not always armed with M16s pointed at protestors like they were. The government knows it was wrong that they were there in the first place. If they wanted to arrest him, which obviously they didn’t have a warrant to do that or they could have, they could have done that. However, they know the law that they’re using against this guy is not a just law.

          • Incognito

            They were not pointed at the protesters. Every phone video shown on youtube shows the men carrying the M16’s were at a distance and not part of the main confrontation. Try again Micky.

          • Micky Baker

            At a distance on that bridge or hiding behind the vehicles at the ends of the bridge? Dude, stop smoking crack. That’s why they can use you so easily.

          • Incognito

            “They” where the ranchers using their own camera phones to video this.

          • Micky Baker

            There weren’t any ranchers pointing their guns at the police in this video or any other one that has been posted. This is also not just one video. There are many others for you to see if you want to, but you don’t want to do you?

          • Incognito

            I never once said ranchers were pointing guns at anything or anyone…Let me quote myself ”

            “They” where the ranchers using their own camera phones to video this.

            It seems like your comprehension skills are lacking. I hope this will clear up any questions you may still have.

      • Richard Collett

        Justin, your reply demonstrate your entire disconnect from reality. I completely agree in peaceful “unarmed” protest. But, there’s an element of trash in this country that are trouble makers. the tea party militia trash that showed up armed only escalated an already tense standoff. I change my mind. In your case, I encourage you. Grab your gun and go point it at a cop now. Please, do it now.

    • uuberdude

      I am confident that Bundy will be put in jail, along with others who pointed loaded firearms at federal agents. These people are criminals. Those who support them are unamerican fools.

  • CO

    Washington DC has become a modern day Rome. Where citizens have become sport for the Senators and politician games. Nero on the throne crying those damn Christians did it ! NATO empire is crumbling under years of poor leadership .Mongol Hordes are at the gate and we put out tea and crumpets for them. It cost twice as much for the Federal government to run something than a State or local government. Transportation cost per-diem cost mobilization and support personnel. Everyone should vote on how we want America run.

  • 1janicebeaty5


    • Incognito

      What are you trying to accomplish? You’re supporting a guy who has been freeloading since 1994. Good job!

      • David Poirier

        Get it right. I believe he has been freeloading since the 1800’s. That’s right, ranchers were allowed to freely graze on public land. Then the BLM happened to notice him. They never gave him a bill, only fines. He disagrees with paying fines for land that should be constitutionally under the state’s control. A great amount of land was once used for ranchers to graze cattle on. They changed the rules and never billed him, they just rolled up and fined him while telling him to reshape his century old business overnight. I say give the guy a 10 year lease and grant him the time to adjust his ranch to a smaller footprint. Why can’t we be courteous and work it out? Why does the the BLM even have a tactical team?

        • Incognito

          What you suggest is exactly what they did back in 1994.
          Instead of adjusting his grazing area to the footprint agreed on he remained where he was and expanded into park areas as well. All without paying any grazing fees.
          Here is a great article that shows all the facts and court records about this case.
          google search:

  • der spud

    Mr Bundy does not own the land in question nor has he paid usage fees even though the case has been thru the courts on several occasions. He is stealing from you and me. The fees grazing fees are routinely paid by several thousand ranchers.

    • Micky Baker

      He’s not stealing from you and me. It is interesting that the leftists would never state this about an illegal immigrant that is running illegal arms and drugs through national parks every single day, but the leftists want their votes so they give them a pass. Leftists are all frauds!

      • Incognito

        Illegal immigrants don’t get a vote. way to stretch the truth.

        • Micky Baker

          Sure, they do. Fraudulent ones.

    • Pam

      I prefer to support his cattle rather than all the illegals stealing from you and me…. Let’s talk trespassing grazers…

  • Guest

  • Incognito

    Here is a great article that shows all the facts and court records about this case.
    google search:

    • Micky Baker

      Actually, it doesn’t show all the facts. If it did, then we’d know how fascist the entire left wing is.

  • Frank DeMartini

    Listen, I’m a libertarian, but let’s be honest. This video is so edited there is no way anyone can tell what is real and what is cut in a specific way to prove a point.

  • Mark

    This made me feel like we all did after 9/11…we the people of the United States shall stand as one and not back down.

  • Christopher Virzi

    Bottom line, this fool has been “free grazing” on “our” (taxpayers) land and now doesn’t want to pay for all the years he’s been stealing from us. Screw him, I don’t care how many of his lame ass “want a be” (not real cowboy) asshat’s friends follow him bottom line is; he owes and just like you and I needs to pay up and take his reenactment BS down the road no one cares …

  • Micky Baker

    OWS tried to seize a private church’s property for its camp, never paid rent. OWS left behind trash, the stunk the places up, people died in those camps in Oklahoma City, Denton, TX, Salt Lake City and several others. In NYC, people were raped in those camps. And these leftist want to lecture us about “not paying fines or not abiding by the law”? Really? You think we forgot?

  • Micky Baker

    Obama refuses to enforce Obamacare as it is written, and the reason is to try to get past an election or enough elections so that people will forget about its roll out and its negative effects on the economy. I don’t want any leftist whining about “not following the law”.

    Remember Bill Ayers? Setting bombs off at the Pentagon and NYC Police Headquarter is ILLEGAL, yet he got away with it. He confessed to it and got away with it.

    The left is the enemy of the Constitution that members of congress swear to defend it from. Every state is guaranteed by the Constitution a Republican Form of government, not this “majority rules” kind of government the left is trying to ram down America’s throat.

    Article IV refers to Territories, not States. States make the laws within their own borders, not the federal government except for on military bases, the post office, and “other needful” buildings. This land in Nevada is not needed by the Federal Government.

  • uuberdude

    This clown posse is ludicrous.

  • Hummingbird Shaman

    Absolutely AWESOME!!!!! Democracy at last – the PEOPLE leading the people. Government of the people for the people by the people. I hope there is a few hundred militia like this turn up EVERY time the FEDs try to bully and plunder. You go guys. I’m not American, but I’m right behind you. Well done.

  • MR_A_H

    It all looked pretty staged to me. They are certainly up to something else. This was merely a distraction. For what? I don’t know. But it all went way too smooth and easy. It’s like a friggin reality show. What a joke. Not even one percent of the pressure needed to spark a real revolution. And if at any point the feds wanted, they could have just started rounding people up and trucking them off to jail for trespassing. How many were there? About 150-200? Would be an easy roundup. If they wanted to round them up. But they didn’t. And not because people showed up with some little guns. It’s because they’re up to something else. What it is will be revealed soon. They must first finish all the infrastructure, while fencing everyone in. We don’t notice this stuff because, just like wild hogs, we’re all too busy going after the corn. They now have the cage close to complete. Soon they will install the gates and lock it. And no one will even notice. They will be too busy occupying and peaceably protesting bullshit smoke screens which are placed strategically. But hey, ya gotta hand to these guys. It takes some serious balls to go face off with the feds, knowing you are out gunned.

  • GenvoaItay

    “The truth shall set you free”.Good work fellow Patriots…..

  • William Haburne

    Don’t you wish the Citizens of Nevada would launch a Recall vote against Senator Harry Reid?

  • Sherry333

    Thank you Americans for supporting the downtrodden by taking on the useful idiots who take their marching orders from the One World System BLM

  • bruse willlis

    So how do you like you klu klux cliven now ???

  • bruse willlis

    What do you call a 100 whites on horses with guns led by klu klux cliven ???

    A KLAN meeting … !!!

  • rtknight

    Wait, land grab? Is everyone not aware that this is federal land? That he has been grazing his cattle here illegally for years, and then when he was told that he had to pay a fine he refused? This is not a noble man standing up for the American way, this is an anarchist who wants to undermine the federal government because he cannot act within the law. Plain and simple, and I’m sorry but anyone that supports this man does not “Love their country”, they simply want to do things their way, without any penalty.

  • Zeke

    I don’t understand why so many people are behind this guy. He broke federal law for 20 years, which is why the cattle were taken from him. Bundy is crazy; he doesn’t even acknowledge that the United States exists. The fact that he’s got his cattle back is very much a failure.

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