‘Hundreds’ of Illegal Aliens Invaded Southern Arizona Military Base (Video)


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

How secure are U.S. military installations? You would think the answer is: very. But, as a reporter uncovered, one installation, in southern Arizona, has been overrun by illegal alien border crossers, and the problem is only getting worse.

Last month, TRN reported on a criminal illegal alien fugitive who managed to gain security clearance and access to an Arizona Air Force base. Now comes the story of  Fort Huachuca — only 15 miles north of the border with Mexico — which has been invaded by “hundreds” of illegal aliens over the past year. Or at least that is the number that were caught.

Fort Huachuca is home of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. Much of the work that goes on at Fort Huachuca is classified but, as News 4 Tucson Investigators learned, the Army seems to be unable to keep foreign nationals out.

And the number of illegals apprehended on the base has doubled in 2013 over the prior year.

Dave Stoddard, a former U.S. Border Patrol supervisor said, “I think the average American should be petrified.”

Stoddard knows the area well. He grew up in Cochise county, served in the U.S. Army, and has even testified before Congress about illegal immigration.

“That smuggling operation going through there is very very sophisticated. They’ve been getting by with it for years. They know the formula. They know the routine,” Stoddard says.

In fiscal year 2013, there were 331 illegal aliens apprehended on Fort Huachuca. In fiscal year 2012, that number was 112. There were 96 captured on-post in fiscal 2011.

Stoddard says the problems of illegal immigrants slipping onto the post isn’t a new one. “The military chooses to close its eyes and ignore it,” Stoddard says.

Officials at Fort Huachuca refused requests for an on-camera interview on the issue, saying “apprehending undocumented immigrants is a Department of Homeland Security mission and not a D.o.D. one.”

Passing the buck? That’s their answer to this security nightmare?

Incidentally, DHS did not respond to TRN’s requests for comment on this issue.

Stoddard says he worries about the possibility that weapons could also be coming across the border, and through Fort Huachuca.

“When you look at the photographs of these aliens coming through the border, and some coming through Fort Huachuca, with backpacks weighing 30 to 50 pounds, who knows what’s in there really?” Stoddard says.

Stoddard believes the solution is simple.

“Our immigration laws work, they’re just not enforced, and therein is the problem,” Stoddard says.


Brian Hayes is a former crime reporter in Tampa, FL. He now blogs about immigration issues.

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  • Uncialle

    I wonder if the reporter has ever been to Ft. Huachuca. He’s probably thinking of a platted, compact base with lots of paved roads and walls around it. Ft. Huachuca is basically a huge, wild area of steep mountains covered with thick trees, that has an apron of high grass and scrub mesquite, yucca, and cactus out from the mtns. Yes, there are guards at the road entrances, but most of Ft. Huachuca is guarded by a barbed-wire fence. You’d need a guard every 100 feet for many miles to prevent people going in.

    • Sandra

      Ya then put them on the damn border and obey the law and get them the hell out of America!!!!

    • MoBetter2

      It is still a U.S. military installation on U.S. soil, regardless of how it is configured. It should be protected by whatever means possible from ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN INVADERS! We seem to have sufficient resources by way of drones, the NSA, and all sorts of other government alphabet agencies to spy on American citizens, but not enough to deter an ongoing criminal invasion of people dangerous to our way of live!

      • David James Potts

        And they need to use those NSA and drones, and agencies to spy on American citizens, because, as you know, WE are the real problem….Some of us are not going along with the plan to bring America down and erase any borders, therefore we need to be watched, controlled, and possibly worse at some point if we do not get ‘re-educated’.

    • jtangren

      Cartels actually occupy hilltops within the fort. You’d think that if our officials weren’t on their payroll, our military would deploy drones like they do in the mid-east.

    • Debby Ward

      if you watched the video, the same words you just typed were spoken by the reporter..

    • Wanda K Grubbs

      wow Our Fort Mc Coy in Wisconsin has an awesome fence around it, like what you see at a Prison, why is it some bases are well protected and others are not? follow the money!

    • Tomcat58@gmail.com

      OK then station a Army training base there and let them train finding and expelling the invaders. Train army dogs there too. Let the dogs hunt them down in the thick forested mountains.

  • ted1478

    Can’t be, Janet has assured us the border is more secure than ever!

    • jtangren

      Her definition, not yours.

    • nmpher29

      Hasn’t she moved on to destroy higher education in California?

  • Rory Murray

    All semantics and political “correctness” aside, this is an invasion of our country. And any American Official, ether elected or appointed, that turns a blind eye or profits from this shameful security breach is guilty of Treason!

    • jtangren

      Correct, and what’s your point? The America people have been tolerating this treasonous hope and change for five years now. Basically we have a large sector of our nation that hates its motherland.

    • Tomcat58@gmail.com

      The number one offender to this invasion of “Illegal Aliens” is our POS president. Get rid of him and things will improve ten fold over night !

      PS… Political Correctness is the enemy of the truth and I will no longer live a lie…. So sue me LOL

  • Chris Slaubaugh

    Mr.Hayes must have his “Bases” confused. Fort Huachua is an Army Post, and after talking to several friends stationed there, they tell me this is complete BS! There have been only 4 illegal immigrants caught on the Post in the last six months! Now, don’t get me wrong, that is 4 too many, but FAR less than the “Hundreds” that Mr.Hayes is reporting.
    I am an advocate for tougher and stronger border control! I believe that we need to round up ALL illegal immigrants, and deport them back to their respective Country of origin! Hell, I think the U.S. Government should staple a bill to each one of them, demanding THEIR Government to pay us the expenses back for the support we gave them! BUT in order for ANYTHING to get done, BOTH sides need to quit lying and exaggerating the statistics! It does no one any good!!

    • Gaffer7

      Chris, the reporter is right – Fort Huachuca is no longer an ARMY POST – I was there @ that post – 1959 -1961 — It is now an Air Force Intelligence Post — The lies that the American people are falling for tells me that our Govt. is Guilty of Covering up much more than we are aware of, and this matter needs farther investigation.

      • Sully

        No Gaff….it’s Army. I just retired from there last year. It’s the US Army “Intelligence Center of Excellence” (commonly referred to as USAICoE”. It’s also the home as NETCOM too, as he correctly stated.

        • Gaffer7

          Thank you SULLY – I stand corrected – had been told it was now Air Force – was there in the olden days – when they had the Barak type hospital – that burned, and once later to see their new hospital — great community there in the olden days!

      • Guest

        Sully is 100% correct, Ft Huachuca is an US ARMY post, there might be a few of other components of the military stationed here, but this is a TRADOC post, US ARMY.

      • Mark Dahl

        Gaffer7 I followed you on twitter. According to some of the things you’ve said, I think you’ll find what I have to say extremely interesting.

    • Kathryn Ojerio

      I work at Fort Huachuca and I can assure you that the article is correct.

    • Sully

      I just retired from there last year, and I think his account on the numbers was far too generous. My wife and I hiked the Huachuca’s (Miller & Carr Canyons) every single weekend, and we’d see the very “fresh” evidence of massive border incursions every couple of miles. Then from Monday-Friday, my job in the military had me stationed out on Site Maverick where I’d physically see dozens of people moving north towards Tucson on practically a weekly basis. These stats aren’t exaggerated…far from it.

      • Gaffer7

        Sully, I envisioned you, and your wife hiking those Canyon’s – and remembered caring for someone who was in my care with a SNAKE BiTE (leg packed with ice – and the Venom withdrawn) — We had the Best Medical Staff in the whole world @ that BARRACH HOSPITAL – and our staff on the Obstetric ward received a letter of appreciation from the Commanding General for the care we gave to one high risk Mother – when her husband was in Vietnam – I can remember that in this letter, the commanding general saying -“IN this day, and age when the INDIVIDUAL WAS NO LONGER IMPORTANT – that he wanted to thank us for our dedicated care — In the good old days, we Nurses followed the Hippocratic Oath -“DO NO HARM” -we were taught Holistic care (MIND – BODY -SPIRIT) — This nurse is now an OCTOGENARIAN , and your post brought to mind – The good old days! …………. And almost forgot — this barrack hospital had their Surgery department in full gear, and saved the lives of men – when a howitzer backfired.– God Bless FORT HUACHUCKA, and all who are serving our country.

    • Kevin Duncan

      I was stationed at Huachuca from 2002-2005. We had a serious illegal Alien problem then as well. 100’s a month is not an exaggeration at all.

      I can only imagine it being worse now since back then we called them what they were, illegals, and the Border Patrol was actually allowed to do their job. I bet the flood gates are open now.

    • Kath O’Barr

      The numbers are accurate. We live between the border and ft. huachuca and while DHS is doing the best with what little they’re given, the drug mules are everywhere down here. Ft Huachuca is based on the edge of the mountain range – illegals come up the west side of the range where the terrain is rough and cross over onto base.

    • jtangren

      The Fort is on one of the main smuggling roads through the Southwest. If it is only four, the someone is definitely falling down on the job.

  • Don & Cristina Smith

    They are NOT “Undocumented Immigrants!” They ARE “Illegal aliens!”
    Can’t you reporters EVER get it right?

  • Tread7

    obama is a failure period !

  • Jim N Kim London

    If our borders were 100% closed by manpower or fencing to actually make it secure it would be harmful to the govt agencies involved. If there was not a need for Homeland Security also called US customs, US border patrol and or US immigration services, then they would all shrivel by more than half in manpower size once it was shown the closed borders was in effect. Our govt has never closed a department let alone cut one by half or more….

  • Nancy Patterson

    We obviously cannot control their entrance. So, let’s just make a flat tax upon purchase of goods and services in the U.S. Then everybody is paying the same amount based on purchases whether they’re rich, poor, illegal, …

  • Tread7

    Disqus will not allow you to repost this info…they block you!

  • Picha Negra

    “as News 4 Tucson
    Investigators learned, the Army seems to be unable to keep foreign nationals

    What the eff do the News 4 team know about this? They provide the given
    captured numbers, so where are the non-captured numbers? Where is the evidence,
    how do you measure this? Show us how you know that we are not keeping the
    illegals out here.

    “Stoddard says the problems of illegal immigrants slipping onto the post
    isn’t a new one. “The military chooses to close its eyes and ignore it,”
    Stoddard says. ”

    BS, total BS, no one here is closing their eyes and ignoring it, if the post
    were ignoring the problem then how do you account for the captured numbers,
    this guy contradicts himself. I don’t care if the guy grew up here and was in
    the Army, until you are stationed here and work full time here for a good long
    time you have no idea what’s going on.

    ” Officials at Fort Huachuca refused requests for an on-camera interview
    on the issue, saying “apprehending undocumented immigrants is a Department of
    Homeland Security mission and not a D.o.D. one.” ”

    Again Total BS, provide the names of the officials who said this; who was it? The
    statement is partly true; the apprehending of illegals is the DHS main mission,
    not Ft Huachuca’s. However, even if it’s not our main mission, how come we
    still capture them? Look at the numbers they provided, that’s a sh*tload of
    illegals captured here on Post by Post personnel. Why would the officials make
    a statement like that if we are in fact apprehending the damn illegals?

    I agree with some of the points of the article; however, Brian Hayes is trying
    to portray Ft Huachuca, the Army and the Soldiers stationed here as a totally
    uncaring, uninterested aloof bunch. Making us look as totally incompetent
    Bettle Bailey type of Unit.

    I agree with most of the comments here. Sh*t like this should not be taking
    place, more should be done to counter this issue, and Ft Huachuca IS doing
    everything we can about these b@st@rds coming into post and our land illegally.
    We do it with the very few resources we have, which are very limited (we are a
    small TRADOC post, not a FORSCOM one) One question that should be posed to
    Stoddard is; What is DHS and the Border patrol doing to help Ft Huachuca in our
    efforts to eradicate the invasive menace?

    Also we would like to see the
    numbers of apprehended illegals by the Border Patrol? What about the illegals
    that don’t get caught and get pass through their turf? Huh? We do admire the
    Border patrol and the efficient work they provide with the very limited
    resources they have, just like us. We have nothing but respect for them but
    don’t go bad mouthing us and exaggerating facts to make us look bad. We all
    need to provide support to each other and work together to keep our country

    This article should be a lesson
    about not blindly believing what you see and hear in the news, always conduct
    your own research and arrive to the TRUTH by yourself in the end.

    Combat Soldier with 21 years

  • dp

    They invaded the White House too. It isn’t safe anywhere anymore.

  • ridgemeister

    Several years ago my family was visiting in the area on vacation and learned that Fort Huachuca has a small museum dedicated to, among other things, the “Buffalo Soldiers” who served in the cavalry during the Apache “wars.” We decided to visit and went to the main gate, explained our intent, and was asked to fill out several forms and provide our ID’s, vehicle license, and insurance certificate. OK, no problem with that. The problem came about when they compared our front (California) license plate and back license plate – unbeknownst to us, they were different! The civilian guards at the gate requested military police, who finally came and did the same thing. My wife and I were laughing as they went through all of the law enforcement/Homeland Security databases, since we knew we were clean (we’re both retired L.E.) but my young teenage son was sort of freaking out figuring we would be arrested. Basically, after about 3 1/2 hours of detainment, with no one there able to make a decision (it was Friday afternoon on a three day weekend) we asked if we could just turn around and leave, since by that time the museum was only going to be open for about 35 minutes. They allowed us to turn around and leave. After we got back home we had to file a license plate “Lost or stolen” report and get new license plates, which we made sure to triple check for accuracy! Maybe we should have jumped the fence; we would have easily fit in with other personnel on the base!

  • disqus_lOxu4l2Nap

    Governor Jan Brewer, the solution to this problem is simple, activate the National Guard, on State Active Duty, put them along the border, and give them orders to drop anyone caught crossing into your state and our nation’s border, and if DHS tries to intervene, arrest them and put them on trial for treason against the State of Arizona.

    • Joyce Marie

      I’m thinking all those military that are coming home for “downsizing” should keep their jobs and do them at the border.

      • Real_GA_Conservative

        No, we need to stop the downsizing, and take the National Guard out of Combat Operations outside of North America, and put the National Guard on duty as just that the National Guard. Have them guard our borders to protect the homeland (with lethal force authorization) from the continued invasion by illegal aliens and the drug cartels, have them go and round up the existing invaders and escort them out of our sovereign land; and then support our communities in times of natural disasters.

  • jtangren

    This has been a known story for years. The fort is in rugged, and rather spectacular country. From what I understand the cartels actually occupy several hilltops inside the fort boundaries from which they can spy out the surrounding terrain.

  • jag1957

    New bombing range?

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    ‘undocumented immigrants’..friggin really? These are illegal aliens PERIOD! Call it what it is! AND…handle it as it demands!! Idiots! Saying that this invasion is not a DoD issue is like saying that fighting cancer is not a healthcare issue. What a bunch of idiots!

  • Steve Thompson

    Interesting. I was there last spring and tried to go visit the museum there. they wouldn’t let me on because I was on a motorcycle and didn’t have a high vis vest. Maybe I should have told them I was illegal. I wonder whose fault it will be if some heavily armed terrorist decide that they want to make an example of our strength?

    • Jason Haggard

      Steve, you should have been given the option to acquire one there, in the future if you go to a military installation please inquire about that if you don’t have one with you.

      • Steve Thompson

        The DoD will not provide that. They have Rent-a Cops for main gate security who don’t really care.

        • Jason Haggard

          I would have to assume that you didn’t inquire about it then. At Ft. Campbell it wasn’t a big issue, they would escort people to a location on base where they could purchase one.

          • Steve Thompson

            Well, I didn’t ask and they didn’t offer. My wife did have reflective riding gear on and I had full leathers. They were pretty quick about telling us where the Walmart was at to buy a cheap vest. We would have taken the vest had they been offered.

          • Jason Haggard

            That’s why I was letting you know, never be afraid to ask even if they don’t mention it.

  • Diane Crouse

    We have got to get rid of all the enablers in our Government and get this mess cleaned up.

  • Combat Survivor

    Do you think anything in the USA is secure with OSAMA BIN LADEN OBAMA RUNNING IT ?

  • Bette Gilbertson Zimmerman

    We need to come up with a plan to get rid of them. It makes me sick what they are doing and getting by with. I think open season would do it…

  • Mark Krieg

    Whiskey Bravos if u ask me.

  • Mauricio Carvallan

    We NEED TO OPEN FIRE! All Of Us, The Whole Country, We ve had enough!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dis guss

    I know how to fix this. I’ve got two words for you: Land Mines. Get them and spread them all throughout the edges of the border and the areas that the Mexicans are coming from. Drop them from drones or remote controlled weather balloons and disguise other IEDs as water bottles from the mexican prez if you have to. The ones that aren’t stepped on will be deliberately activated by the illegals when they touch them or try to inspect them to drink water or steal something they think is of value or from their treasonous gov trying to help them ruin ours.

    That’s just one of the ways this can be fixed, and it can be done with surplus equipment from Kosovo, Desert Storm, and recent escapades in Libya and Saudi Arabia. There should be enough left over to donate to Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio to get rid of these bastards out there.

    When you have a roach problem, you fix it by getting rid of the roaches. If you can’t blast the whole place to smithereens, then you can instead set traps close range to their nests so when they crawl through the area, they die.

  • Mark Dahl

    I found this most amazing book on the Bible that tells why this is going on! Let me know what you guys think.


  • Mark Dahl

    I found this most amazing book on the Bible that tells why this INVASION is occurring. Please google The Christian Mythbuster Series and the book will be the first link.

  • Terry Kirkpatrick

    The west end of the base lies in a major smuggling area. It has been a corridor for thirty years and nothing has been done to stop it.

  • watcheronthewall

    ILLEGAL ALIENS!!! Not damn undocumented immigrants!

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