73 Yr. Old Veteran Ordered to Remove His American Flag His Home – Here’s His EPIC Response


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

73-year-old Tony Cumberworth fought for our country in Vietnam and in his own words is a “proud veteran.”

But that didn’t stop a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) in his Georgia neighborhood from demanding that he remove his flag pole and U.S. flag from his yard.

This after Cumberworth’s flag and pole have been in his yard for 20 years, without a single complaint from a neighbor.

But this week the Association sent him a notice that if he didn’t remove his flag and flag pole he would be charged $50 a day in fines.


After receiving the notice, the veteran scoured the HOA’s written contract and said he could find no mention of flags or flag poles anywhere in it.

When Cumberland was asked by a local TV news station, this proud veteran said he refused to remove his flag. He also proudly said that he wouldn’t pay them a single penny for his flag, no matter how long it took to fight.

“They’re not going to take it away,” he promised.

When the local TV folks started asking members of the arrogant HOA board what they thought they were doing by harassing this decorated warrior — they hid like rats…

All but one were (not) surprisingly unavailable for comment, and the only one they were able to corner pretended he didn’t know anything about it.

But after the TV folks were done, they suddenly sent Cumberworth an email saying…

Please disregard the code violation notice. It was sent to your home in error.

We truly thank you for your service in Vietnam and your American flag can stay in your yard as long as you desire.

Um, sure. “A mistake.” Anyone believe that?

We want to thank Tony Cumberworth and his son for their service, and deeply respect his show of honor in refusing to take down his Stars and Stripes.

  • Jim. D.

    DON’T mess with a VETERAN. Don’t let the grey hair fool you.

  • MJ

    He’s a stud. The HOA ended up being a bunch of cowards. HOA’s can shove it up their a$$

  • Gordon Harvey

    And in other news, CAIR is filing a multi million dollar suit against the veteran for causing pain and suffering to Muslims in the local area due to the American Flag…

    • Terry

      What!! Hope it cost these muslims big for leaching BS then deport them as radicals.

    • Swtlorraine

      Gimme a break

    • Sam Draper

      Bring those muslims around I’ll show them what ‘pain and suffering’ is really all about.

  • IndyJames

    I was getting ready to write a letter to that HOA!

  • Nancycarol

    Proud of this dear man who stood up for the rights of Americans to fly their own country’s flag. HOA’s are getting far too controlling in these kind of things. By standing for his and American’s rights, he has inspired many of us to stand for our rights as well. As one veteran to another, I salute you sir, and thank you for your service to our country!

  • joe

    So they are also going to pay him $50 a day for each day they let pass after the letter was sent?

  • Silvergryphon

    And this is why I won’t live in a Communist (HOA) neighborhood.

  • kathin9

    Hid like rats.” one will find mostly with the home owners associations that they are rife with Yankees, liberal Yankees who love the south, the simple and beautiful way the people live and once they show up their only goal is to change it. Good for

  • Terry Moyer


  • mlmullen

    Proud american, thank you for your service.

  • KellyCurtis

    Liberal progressive scumbags. Keep pushing your anti US agenda so we can single you out.

    • Carl Tim

      …did you say sight you in???

    • mike reynold

      Thats easy one democommies mostly in the dimocrap

  • fistfulofrain

    God bless this proud veteran and God bless this proud country, the United States of America!


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    • BuckTard

      Flag there so they can be banned

  • William Stearns

    As A veteran I stand with this man and his position. No HOA is going to make me take down my flag in fact they will pry it from my cold dead fingers

    • Paul MacKay

      …after they clean the pizza grease off of it. Did you serve in Call of duty or Medal of honor?

      • William Stearns

        Those are nice games which I don’t bother to play. I did my service in the lovely state of Georgia at Fort Benning as part of the range cadre. I also serve with the First battalion of the 168th Infantry as a combat infantryman. I notice your hiding behind the stars and bars while you snipe at those who served to give you the very freedom to snipe. Just because all you know about patriotism and service comes from a video game doesn’t mean that is where everyone else got their experience.

        • Tim Baker

          Paul MacKay, that was a stupid thing to say. Comments like that can get a feller kilt. Thanks Will.

        • lstarr55

          I don’t enter these discussions often, but I would like to commend you on your integrity and thank you for your service. Not only did you not enter into a discussion with someone who could not hold a candle to your intelligence, you also spoke your mind, letting him know how you felt without being completely insulting as was his intent (to be insulting to you). Great job! And again, thank you for your service to our great country!

        • April

          Good. Paul is flying a traitor flag anyway

        • john doe

          where did paul go????lol

          • CE Vaughn

            he crawled back under his rock

        • scooter

          Well stated.

      • Chris

        CONGRATULATIONS!!! You once again are the winner of the “Douche Bag of the Day” award! As a matter of fact, you’ve managed to win it every day of your life!!!

      • John

        you look straight up stupid and bitter paul….

      • Camilo Olmeda

        Well , Why are you still Crying , Because We , The real Americans , Kick your loser Confederate A$$ , loser , and We will still Kicking your loser A$$ any time , loser

      • BobL

        I’ve seen you before Paul MacKay. Your photo is in the dictionary, right next to the definition of “asshole”.

      • LowHand1954


        • tnmccoy

          I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with that. Disrespect the flag? …into the shadow of what wall? And why? If you’re going to write a comment, think it through and explain your intent better. And knock off the yelling [all caps], and maybe that will help.

      • Darrell Huber

        Paul Macay, while it seems you are another arm chair hero and launch attacks from your computer but as one having put in my 20 years Army and deployment to Iraq, never question the service of another unless you can back your up with a more impressive service record. 37th Infantry along with many other proud units and Bn to have served with.

    • Mike Cazer

      Thanks for your servicne William, served in the Navy myself. No-one will ever force me to take my Red White and Blue down.

  • Rose

    1. If you are offended by the United States Flag, than guess what go back from what ever country you came from.
    2. If you are offended by the American Way of life here, guess what Go Home.

    3. If you are offended by the Pledge of Allegiance, guess what, you
    can go back to whatever rock you crawled out of in your home country.

    4. If you think that because you came here of your own free will you
    have the right to change the American Way or lifestyle, go back from
    where you came from.

    forced you to come here. If your ways and standards of living are so
    great than go back to your country of Origin. My ancestor’s not only
    did all they could to be an American and want the lifestyle and way of
    things that were here , they actually joined the armed forces for this
    Country and were willing to die for their new found Country.

    PS I
    know many people who come to this country today and are proud of it and
    can’t wait to be citizen’s. Why can’t the rest of you follow their

    • Sean

      Guess what, the American Way of life allows others to be offended. It is their right, just as it is yours.

      • Aunt Lynn

        Fine, they can be offended. And I am offended that they are offended by using the very freedoms our country allows, to complain about those very same freedoms. Why did they even bother to leave their home country and come here?

      • ac¤dc

        I am offended by the way this punk down the street dresses. Does that give me the right to make him change the way he dresses? I don’t think so

      • Dale Morris Russom

        It is still is anti American. Why are people here who obviously don’t like it here. Why live in a country that you obviously hate. Go back to the wonderful country you just escaped from.

        • Sean

          How can it be “UnAmerican” when that is what our country was founded on?
          Do you think it is American to just sit on our laurels and take crap that we don’t think we should be taking?
          If your train of thought was used by the founding fathers, there would be no USA. Why do you not realize this?

    • Cedric Ian Anthony

      borrowing Thanks.

  • Mark Muylaert

    When the local TV folks started asking members of the arrogant HOA board
    what they thought they were doing by harassing this decorated warrior —
    they hid like rats…

    They must have been democrats.

  • BuckTard

    This why we need to call out these rats. They turn into the pussies that they are when faced with opposition. Dont be afraid to stand up people. We own this country.

  • Marlys Rausch

    The ignorance of some people never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for your service, Mr. Cumberworth…

  • W Dawes

    Commie rats got exposed and didn’t like it LOL

  • Carl Tim

    Bully…not just for physical kids anymore!

  • Terry

    Good for this veteran where do they get off. Veteran or not every American citizen has that right,
    What are the HOA planning on selling to some Muslims?

  • Paul MacKay

    It’s his property.If he or his father and son fought for the country is irrelevant. It’s a dirty shame though. It’s not an offensive thing. It’s likely a non-story.

  • Swtlorraine

    I hate HOA’S …I honor you sir for you service to this country.

  • Paul MacKay

    That said if it’s a city ordinance those are real fines and he could be jailed if he doesn’t pay them. That’s a time honored way of raising revenue in the southern states.

    • Dale Morris Russom

      You didn’t read it. It is an HOA, not a city. I read another one like this in a Northern city and one out west. They stated that, because they were already flying an American flag at the entrance to the HOA, tjhe homeowner didn’t need a flg in his yard. They stated that the flag pole was too hard to mow around. The flag pole was in a flower bed and the grass around it could easily be cut with a weed eater. I guess the lawn service was too lazy to get off the mower.

  • Arrow Bay II

    hope his neighbors are not from mid-east,..

  • David

    Here’s another thank you to Mr. Cumberworth from another veteran. Without the tv news and articles like this, he still would have won – but I am glad his message and honor have reached so far. Now I need to get a flag for my fellow veterans, be they around the world or my father and family.

    • Dale Morris Russom

      Every American shoud display an American flag on their property or on their vehicle.

  • Guest

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  • Craig Hemphill

    I just don’t understand the push against the American Flag, it must be that people from other countries are allowed to come in so fast that they don’t feel they are in a different country, I would really like to know the origins of the HOA board in this case

  • Kittymae57

    We KNOW it was a mistake…Sheesh, can’t you come up with a better excuse than that?

  • copywriter111

    It’s not enough. He has been damaged. He needs reparations…About a $1 million might be close to the figure I feel is justified.

  • Anton

    He probably fought at Bien Hoa, so that HOA didn’t even phase him.

  • Dennis Morgan

    You don’t have to be a veteran to fly the flag, all you have to do is understand that the flag i a symbol of freedom an honors all those who have fought for this country. I hope it makes all the moslems so ill that they have to leave this country.

  • Dennis

    It makes a person wonder who the snake in the wood pile was and why they went into hiding when the news got ahold of the story. I believe that a lot of people don’t realize how socialistic HOA are and how often one or two people will take over control of the organization.

  • RHaav

    Before you ever buy a house check the HOA out real good, they are like dictators over your property and can actually foreclose on your house of you don’t do as they say.

    • CraxyD

      He’s been there for 20 years w/o a complaint and he did go over the contract after getting the notice. It says nothing about flags and flag poles apparently.

      • RHaav

        My comment was for the unsuspecting people who don’t know the power that a HOA has.

  • George Murrey

    More and more HOAs must be run by dems and anit Americans. They are the problem and we, as a collective group, can solve it. Stay strong, stay firm and give them hell!

  • Sam Massengill

    Show their faces..

  • HDRider123

    Way to go Brother!!

  • abaton7

    Go getum Tony!

  • Jay Grumpybeary

    hell no sir, you keep that flag flying. Ty for your service, stand proud sir and stand your ground

  • Paul Kmf Tubbs

    As contractor I absolutely hate when I’m called to work in a neighborhood that has a HOA.
    The first thing I do is jack up the price 20%, not to punish the customer mind you, it’s just I know I’ll have to deal with a bunch of idiots who stroke themselves while gloating over their own perceived power.

  • Raul

    We The People, get up off our knees, stop looking the other way, use every vehicle at your disposal. Repost, demand a response from any injustice at the source, schools, home owners assoc, goverment officials, businesses. Contact your elected officials, regularly, boycott products and businesses, send emails. There have been some monumental reverses of flagrant injustice lately, but only when we act. Stop being silent. Posting on sites is not enough. Share it.
    Bless this Veteran. Another small victory.

  • HarryTheCat

    HOAs and condo boards always seem to attract this type of douchenozzle. They would have been right at home in 1939 Germany, or perhaps in the Obama administration.

  • whatisanoath?

    They should be embarrassed. He should be commended. The PC police were caught ignoring his rights and he acted as he should have.

  • Scotty P

    Guy fights for his country, wants to proudly display his patriotism in the form of an American flag, and some douche-bag Millennials want him to remove it, as to not “offend” anyone else. While hiding like a bunch of bitches behind HOA guidelines.

  • Bobinms

    The problem is that it’s mostly the old grey haired that will stand up for our constitutional rights.

  • Cpl Larry

    Look for muslims in the neighborhood being behind it.
    Semper Fi Jarhead !!

  • FJ


  • Debbie Harris

    Fly it high and proud

  • Ed Woodson

    Thank you for your service. You can probably be sure that there was a complain from a family of illegal Mexican/South American immigrants of from your neighborhood muslims.

  • bilwildo

    AMEN: BROTHER Stand Strong, dont give a inch. we with you..(1st Cav. Korea)

  • KennyD

    Screw HOA’s … I’d NEVER live in one … they are like little governments unto themselves and usually; they do get their way …. Thank heavens this VETERAN was able to stand up to them ….

  • jm

    HOA = POS

  • texashorseman

    why is it that HOA’s, POA’s and many other associations go after the elderly and veterans. Haven’t they figured out these people do not back down.

  • hillcoguy

    We truly thank you for your service in Vietnam and your American flag can stay in your yard as long as you desire.
    The arrogant A-Wholes are STILL “granting” him permission to fly HIS flag on HIS property

  • Joe

    You no need to be a veteran to love Star and Strips,,,,this is crazy,,,,,what hapens???,,,,,A judge supose to take action,,,,agains this morons,,,,,God bless America,,,,,,

  • Oingo Boingo

    Lietards, vote them out.

  • stan25

    Is there ocean front property for sale in Arizona?

  • jlenoreb

    Veterans have more patriotism in their little fingers than a WHOLE CONVENTION OF DEMONCRATS! (You remember them, the ones who boo’d God?)

  • Murphy’s Mom

    So exactly who are these people anyway. Looks like they could use a little “outing” themselves.

  • dohfugwimee


  • Fastmover

    Hey Tony, they give you any more guff, just put the word out. I wounder how they would like their neighborhood full of about 1500 bikers!!!

  • I love the smell of the toasted liberals in the morning. It smells like VICTORY!

  • Allan Standfield

    As a Vietnam vet to an other Vietnam vet I salute you sir for standing your ground like a proud soldier you are.

  • Camilo Olmeda

    Revels , Confederate ignorant and Nazis and NON Americans are the one that want The US Flag Down

  • Coldheartt

    OK< I am a Marine Vet AND a long time member of our HOA in Arizona, not all HOA's are bad, we/our HOA board members are respectful of Veterans, and always respect all community members right to fly the AMERICAN flag, we even promote displaying them.

  • enrique

    Iam a 70 year old veteran too and would not remove our flag neither. Semper fi

  • Allen Kincade

    I will stand with this vet come what may. WARNING

  • Jamie Krasnoo

    I’d like to know who each and every individual who is on that HOA, what their background is and why they wanted the flag removed. I’d like to know why they were offended by the flag and they should be made to answer.

  • BobL

    If I were a resident in Mr. Cumberworth’s neighborhood, I would do everything in my power to kick these anti-American bastards out of the neighborhood.

  • Wylie Hoggatt

    Don’t like the american flag,leave the country

  • Carla Sacco

    I fly my flags (small), in my flower garden everyday, and dare anyone to bitch.
    I rent in an area, that is somewhat like the HOA.

  • SaraLouTrueBlue

    Good for him!!

  • jeanette zobjeck

    My Flag, — My Country — Freedom ( even to form a HOA ) iss something I out my klfe on the line for in vietnam just as Tom did. (Or would you prefer to read your HOA agreements in vietnamese ?,, or German, Or Korean, or ….. GET THE DRIFT ? )

  • SoniaFern

    AMEN!! God Bless him.. Every AMERICAN should stand proud and tall when outsiders want to change OUR AMERICAN WAYS!!

  • jcalex

    Those that wanted him to take down his flag are still there.Who are they? What are their names? Post Pictures of them here ant there..Expose them.

  • Bikerbill

    If I had the information, I would post the names and addresses of the board members.

  • Guest

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  • canamm

    I will NEVER buy a home in an HOA!

  • Byron Shutt

    The rats are everywhere and are gnawing away at our fundamental values fought for by brave vets like this. This is the ‘Fundamental transformation of America’ Obama promised. Isn’t it grand (sarc).

  • tomp93

    Of course it can stay. It was going to anyway !!!

  • US Veteran

    This is happening all over our country. I am not talking just about our US Flag. Think about all the freedoms we have lost over the years. One that really lights my fire is :The Pledge of Alligence to Our Flag” I as a Veteran are making sure my children & grandchildren know the words. Also making sure they know what means & stands for.

  • Gary Rinaldi

    Why do people buy a house that are part of a HOA ? I do not agree with the mooks from the HOA , but some one made the rules and someone voted for them .

  • Michael Milici

    Screwed up!!!

  • Guest

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  • Carolyn Johansen

    Homeowner Associations are run by power mad idiots. I would never live in one; I’d choose an alley first.

  • Darrell Huber

    Guess they forgot about the Federal law that states you can fly old glory, now he may have to go by their rules about display, but they cannot stop him from flying it. This is one reason I will never live in a HOA.


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